I have a facebook app!

Follow this blog from your facebook account. Just install the app!Rarely Pure & Never Simple Facebook ApplicationI won a contest at TechCrunch.com that gave me lifetime service from blogfuse. BlogFuse makes apps out of RSS feeds for facebook. They asked people to post why they should be given a free account.I was response #37 with:

Why wouldn’t you give me a shot at this is a much better question? I think it would be fun to have my own facebook application, because I am just a typical human sitting behind a computer. I am not a designer, programmer, or intelligent commentator. I am just a guy, and who doesn’t like to hear from the ramblings of the average man?Now if you think average is boring, and commentary on life is even more boring, I can grant you the fact that my story may interest some people. For example, I am an American living in Quito, teaching technology to preschool Jewish kids. Perked your interest? The stories I come back with are pretty zany, and I think people would like to hear more from this serial.Other reasons why you should give it to me? I would buy you a drink if I knew you, and your blog is read 100% by me (via Google Reader.)I am also sure there are things we agree on. Things like Nazis are evil, computers are neat, and reading boring rambling commentary makes our own lives seem less depressing.Oh yeah, PLEASE, give me one.

Satire wins!


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