Cafe for All!

When I moved to South America, I made a lot of assumption about what it was going to be like.   One of the assumptions was that coffee would be at every turn and it would be delicious.  I mean, Columbia is  stones throw away from Ecuador, we should have the best coffee in the word.  Then I found the truth.

Ecuadorians drink instant coffee.  Yeap, no brewing, no pressing, just a spoonful of Nescafe in a cup of water, and boy oh boy, yummy coffee.   I really hate instant coffee, and when I was unable to locate  a french press when I first arrived I bought a drip machine and started looking through the few brands of ground coffee.   Really nothing was all that great.  I brought some starbucks back from the states, but it quickly ran out.  Maybe it was time to kick the coffee habit.

Then a friend sent me info on Cafe Velez.   Really this place is great.   They deliver me 2 bags of coffee after I email them, sometimes that very same day, and then I send transfer $8 to their account via our bank’s website.  

Highly recommended for anyone living in Quito, who is looking for some excellent coffee!


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