Jungle Adventure

I am writing this from an Internet Cafe in Coca, Ecuador. Actually it is called Francisco de Orellana, but they all say Coca.  I am keeping a daily travel journal, which I will transcribe in the future for all of you, but my trip to the jungle has been a bit disappointing.   I have not yet camped, found a group to go the jungle or really done much of anything.    I am wondering if I should return to Quito, wait it out her, or just venture farther south.  This town is pretty gross, and traveling on the cheap is not too much of an option.   I will stay here to the end of the day, and I may seriously return to the Quito.   At least there I will be able to relax in my own bed.


One thought on “Jungle Adventure

  1. Wait! Don’t go back to Quito! Last week was Holy Week and with Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Glorious Saturday, and then the lessor holiday Easter- it’s no wonder it was hard to find a group or something. Today looks much better!

    have you tried:
    Yarina Biological Reserve
    Av. Amazonas N24-236
    593 2 2504037
    $68 a night

    The Lodge is strategically located in an area of forest that counts on the highest diversity of micro-habitats in the Napo area.

    The YARINA BIOLOGICAL RESERVE, is a privately owned rainforest reserve (550 has); locate on the Napo river only 60 minutes by covered motorized canoes from Puerto Francisco de Orellana (EL COCA), near of the Yasuni National Park, in the cultural reserved zone, set aside for indigenous Quichuas, Amazonian peoples; in a primary upper rainforest.

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