We’ve joined the WordPress Family

For many of you this post will mean absolutely nothing, but I wanted to write about the change in appearance in the blog.   I was a devout user of Movable Type for quite a while.  It was a robust, complicated, and designed for a power blogger.   Something I am not.   I thought about it, realized, all I wanted to really do was write and decided to move.  I am no longer paying $70 a year for a hosted site, and now I am using wordpress.com with a domain redirect.   This only costs me $10, so I am saving money.

I do loose some abilities that I had always planned to use, but never did.   I no longer have subdomains for use with my Google Apps account.   My email still works with google apps, but now the URL http://calendar.joshferris.com, no longer goes to my hosted gcal, but redirects to my blog.    I am hoping that they have subdomain support in the future.

I wanted to point out that I am using a provided template, but the banner picture is a shot from  la montaña Illiniza Sur.  A mountain near Quito, that totally kicked my ass one Sunday.   But hey, that photo is not stock, totally the real thing!

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