Things I Miss

People ask me a lot, what I miss about the United States.  I of course miss my family and friends, but the subtracting that I do not miss too much.   Most of the things are luxury (and by luxury I mean all of the food that made me fat) items, that I have adjusted to not having.

I miss philly cheaseteaks (the kind from a street vendor), breakfast sandwiches, good martinis, Olga’s pizzeria and luncheonette, and just walking or riding my bike around.  I also miss lots of stuff in NYC, like eating in Chinatown, going to fun artsy ENGLISH movie theaters, and cooking with my own pots and pans.  Oh and Vietnamese food!

Oh and I of course miss my beautiful cat Jezabel.  However, other than that I do not miss too much.   I get annoyed by the pollution of Quito, and just the inefficiency of life at times, but that is not really that bad once you are used to it.


2 thoughts on “Things I Miss

  1. When I moved to Fort Worth I missed the good theatre that was so easily available to me in Pittsburgh. Of course there are places with better theatre than Pittsburgh. I also miss the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The Fort Worth Public Library just doesn’t compare very well. Having easy access to whatever book I might want to read is something I value. I wouldn’t want to live in a place that didn’t have really good internet access that I could afford. I miss what for me was a relatively liberal atmosphere in Pittsburgh, compared to what I see in Fort Worth. I miss not living in a city that has a gay pride parade. I feel more religiously oppressed living in Fort Worth, in the sense that religion seems to matter more to people here. I hear it used as a rationale more often and discussed as fact more often. I like having wonderful art museums accessible to me, and I do have that in Fort Worth. I think a city should have a great symphony and opera. The presence of great universities is also something I value, because they often host events open to the public. I like living where a wide variety of foods is available on store shelves. In short, I prefer to live in a place where lots of what is called culture is readily available; in a place that appeals to the intellect of educated people.

  2. Josh, you say you miss your family and friends, you miss having a wide variety of good food, you miss movie theaters, you miss riding your bike, and you miss your cat. That seems like quite a lot! For most people, family and friends are the most important things in life.

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