Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

Now we have a vice presidential candidate. I am a little shocked that it was Joe Biden, and I admittedly do not understand the logic that made him the top choice. I really do not believe he brings anything to the table to win Presidency. Yes I keep hearing that he has Foreign Policy experience in spades, but I cannot imagine that it’ll help Obama win. Sure it will help him govern, but first we have to win.

Today the polls are saying Obama has 269 electoral votes and McCain has 256 (there are 13 Ties sitting in Virginia.) This time last year Kerry had 286 and Bush had 233. What does that tell me? We are losing, woe is me, we are losing. Admittedly I am doing nothing to fight the big fight. I am school teaching in South American, while my comrades struggle with this election. Do I want pity? No, I do not, but I am feeling a bit of remorse for stepping out of politics before this season.

I am not giving up, not by any means, but this election is ours to lose, and I feel we are getting very close to that outcome.


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