Flying Back

I am sitting on my plane on a runway in Panama at the moment. We were told some antiskid braking mechanism was not functioning while we were in midflight. Then to top it off they said we were to heavy to land in Panama and that we had to burn some fuel. The pilot put the landing gear down to create more drag and we had to hear that for an hour.

We were originally told that we were going to change planes, but after we landed they told us that they would just try to fix it so we did not need to get off the plane. That is how the current part of my story is unfolding.

At the moment a guy from the U.S. is talking to me. He is crazy as bat shit. He moved to Ecuador permanently because he couldn’t take the political climate of the United States. He is seventy-one years young. He has informed me that a one-world government has taken over the United States and if it gets any worse we will suffer under the strong hand of a dictatorship. He then reassured me that it was obviously not getting any better.


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