25 random things

1. I want to be buried in a mausoleum.
2. If I could I would wear a three piece suit every day.
3. I love gaudy chandeliers.
4. I am a book hoarder and own a huge amount I have never read.
5. I would prefer to stop drinking than smoking.
6. I can name all of the US President’s and most of the state capitols.
7. I almost constantly lie at art openings/shows. I am never brave enough to say that I hate certain things.
8. I want to love scotch, but have trouble with the taste.
9. I consider people who let the utensils touch their teeth to be incredibly uncouth. Approaching savagery.
10. I love mustard.
11. I asked my family once to charge admission to my funeral. I wanted them to give all of the money to the local school. I now add the caveat that I want the money earmarked for studies in sexuality & gender.
12. I felt like a wuss leaving my last job, because I could not cut it. I ended up hating most everyone there.
13. I am a good cook and know it.
14. I have never understood how to develop short term strategies. Especially in instances like chess. I constantly shoot from the hip in these situations.
15. I am arrogant.
16. When I was a kid I wanted to be a lawyer from Harvard.
17. One of the first books I can remember incredibly well was a biography of Malcolm X I read in elementary school. I got it through the book order sheet.
18. I once saw the governor of Pennsylvania eat a very large bag of McDonalds food for a snack.
19. I hate meringue.
20. Once my dad cut down a scraggly old tree and I got so upset that I sat in the fallen branches until it was too cold and too dark to stay.
21. Listening to opera is one of my favorite past times.
22. I really like ska music.
23. The first dish I ever made was terrible. I named it Liberace stew, and my dad said it was one of the most disgusting things he has ever had.
24. I skipped my great-grandmother’s funeral when I was a kid and I still regret it.
25. I do not like to contact people by phone, because I am always nervous what questions they will ask.


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