Sandy Hersh, Presente!

In 2006, most of you know I worked on a campaign that beat the living shit out of me. I was working in Boston, Mass. and living between an extended stay and the house of a good friend. My friend Adam (spouse of a super close friend Dawn) lives in the rural part of Massachusetts. His mom owned a cabin up there and I would stay with Sandy sometimes.

Sandy was a very awesome middle aged jewish real estate agent. When I would be stressed out about the campaign I would inevitably be able to unwind with her in front of some sort home makeover reality show. She would tell me (in not a few words) about he housing market these foolish shows participated in.

I always had a great time with Sandy and even helped clean out her basement one time, so Adam and Dawn could claim a corner.

Sandy died the other day.   Leukemia releaved her of her mortal coil. She was diagnosed after I had left the cabin and only saw her one time after I had left. When people die I prefer to mourn by thinking of great stories concerning them. I have told you about watching reality TV home makeovers, there was also the occasional House, MD, but lets talk about cooking.

Sandy did not have a cooking gene in her body. She remarried well, because Larry is pretty good at it. Adam and Dawn are foodies, so Sandy was well taken care of by the cooks around her. However the last day I ever saw Sandy she decided to make a brunch for us and the neighbors.

She rustled a breakfast casserole recipe from some magazine that has hopefully went out of business. If I recall she planned for this recipe for almost 2 days in advance and was preparing different parts of it the night before the actual brunch. That casserole was nothing short of terrible, and I hope she took the recipe to the grave with her.

Sandy thanks for everything, you will be terribly missed. If anyone of you have a buck or two the family has asked for donations to be sent to the following organizations.

The Cam Neely Foundation (

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (

American Red Cross (

Sandy Hersh, Presente!


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