Cartagena Restaraunt Reviews

La Vitrola – This was probably the best overall meal I had in Cartagena. The beef carpaccio was so smooth it felt like you were eating spoons of butter. I also tried some of of the fried calamari, which was excellent. Calamari can be tough but this was so tender. Michele had the ropa vieja and I had seafood spaghetti. I preferred mine to hers, but she had have a side of the best black beans I have ever tried. The dessert was a sesame pie that had the consistency of pumpkin pie. Super Yum! The night was filled my great ambience and live music.   

Restaurante Vegetariano Girasoles – This was a super cheap and wonderful local dining spot in Cartagena. We had a fixed price lunch which included: fresh juice, Vegetarian Paella, Setan in a red cream sauce, and salad. We got all of this for $4 a person. I consider this the best food I ate while I was in Colombia.

Pasta y Pizza (Santo De Ayos Del Coliseo Dolores) – Pretty good pizza. I thought the crust was a little bland. It was kind of expensive, but for Latin America (not a land of the delectable savory pie), I would return.

Fusion (Playa de la Artilleris y Vicaria Santa) – Way over priced! I do not recommend. I ordered a seafood pasta made with coconut sauce and I got seafood fettucini alfredo. The Seafood was overcooked and a bit tough. I will say the Fresh spring roll with a prawn was very good, but at $5 a roll a little too expensive.

Crepes y Waffles – As always, lovely. I had never been for Sunday brunch before.

Juan Valdez – Starbucks in latin america. Fucking brilliant. Burn in hell Nescafe!

Il Bistro – They made very nice chicken sandwiches to go, so I would not be subjected to eating the swill in the airports. I wish I would have done the same for when I want to Playa Blanca.

Pastries and Empanadas – This is not a store, a just a general piece of street food and bakery culture. I loved them much more than michele did. Really really good. Especially the place across the street from the Juan Valdez.


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