The Fury of a Plane Crash

I got home from work around 4:30 and was sitting on my couch for about an hour watching TV. In Quito we hear planes going overhead all of the time so it is nothing new to hear one sound like it is coming close.

I was sitting on my couch in front of a giant window when I heard the worst sound of my life. The top floor of my neighbor’s building exploded into a fireball. Here is a picture from about where I was to the crash.

What had happened was a small military plane clipped the building in the picture and then wheeled around into the building on the other side. It then fell between the buildings where everyone in it died.

My neighbor ran into my department screaming where I told her to get the kids together and call the fire department. I ran outside to see the top of the building begin to be engulfed in flames.

Michele’s parents had been renting an apartment in that building, but I had thought they were all out in shopping. I ran into our street where I saw Michele’s dad. He had been in the apartment when the plane hit. He had just gotten up from a nap two floors down. He heard/felt the hit, saw a fireball, and ran out of the house.

There was a woman hanging pleading for her life from a window. Black smoke was rolling out around her. Someone told me there was a kid in the first building so I ran in and up the stairs. I met two guys who help me kick in the doors where we made it to the top floor. It was an inferno that would have only made Dante proud. I have never seen anything like it. I ran to get water and started wetting the floors. The two guys ran the path and found the kid. They wrapped him in a blanket and took him out to the ambulance.

I was standing on the street with all my neighbors watching the buildings burn, when a propane tank exploded. It was like a movie, it was huge. We all ran up about a half a block away.

I’ll write more a little later. I am exhausted.


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