The Second Part of the Story

I took Michele’s dad to a neighboring hotel, checked him in and ran back to our street. It is a dead end street and the military and police had restricted access. I started talking to a few neighbors and they warned me of the potential looting.

There were about 200 people behind the police barricade and I only recognized about 10 faces of the people who lived on the street. I stood at the front of the police tape for about 4 hours fearing the cops would just cut it and everyone would run in. I had nothing I really needed to save, but I was going to try to save all of the passports. The crowd was pretty civil until the President showed up. I have no doubt that he was genuinely concerned for the military guys who were killed, but it is also an election year, so it sort of looked like a photo op.

The police chief called all of us over around 9:30 PM and told us they would not let us in until the next morning at 7 AM. They promised us we would have military escorts the next morning and that the building was cordoned off until then.

I went to a hotel, grabbed some dinner, and tried to sleep. At 5:45 AM I rolled out of bed and Michele and I went down to the police line. They let us through but would not let us in the building that was hit. The cop told me we could not get in until noon. I was really pissed.

More story in a bit.


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