Carl Williams ¡Presente!

Last week one of my best friends over the past two years died. His name was Carl Williams and we met in Ecuador. I met Carl in August of 2007 and him and I became very good friends. He was smart, super funny, and knew more about music than anyone I had met. One of the first trips I had in Ecuador was with him and I made him and his wife stay in this terrible hostel in Sua. There were bugs, it was hot, and the neighbors played Spanish Christian Rock super loud. It was pretty insane indeed.

Carl and I traveled a lot together (along with Lydia and Michele) and he was my best friend for two years. He taught me great things like when it comes to making margaritas it is not about the quality of the tequila, but about the quality of the cointreau. When I heard he died in Ecuador away from his family I was saddened beyond imagination. In light of all of this, one beautiful note is the fact that, his first granddaughter was born this Saturday.

The word we give to all fallen comrades I speak to you now sir. Carl Williams  ¡Presente!

One thought on “Carl Williams ¡Presente!

  1. What a nice tribute to Carl. I just found out about his passing this week, and was very saddened by the news. He was a fine man, and young at heart. On the squash court he was an absolute gentleman and fun to compete with. He really was a good player. We shared many a laugh when halfway through a match I’d remember he was a lefty and I’d stand there and poke fun at him for being sneaky about it. Although I will miss him, I’m glad that I and so many others have good memories of him.

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