The semester is coming to an end

My first semester of graduate work is coming to an end. I am pretty tired, but have enjoyed myself a lot. Probably because I am not working, but enjoyment prevailed none the less. Today I must finish statistics homework (four problems on simple linear regression), write two healthcare policy memos, and a 3 page essay for my course in globalization.

My last exam is on the 6th of August and then I am leaving for a train trip to Portland, OR a few days later. I am super excited, except that my camera is not working and I do not think I can get it repaired before I go.   

I am really enjoying being back in Pittsburgh. It is sort of sad to think that the sort of work I want to do will probably not allow me to stay here after next May. Lots of my friends are here and I really enjoy the town. Just another adventure to be had I guess.

Listened to: Sun Will Set from the album “One Cello x 16: Natoma” by Zoë Keating

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