A Wheel Deliver Dinner Party

Recently a good friend of mine (a journalist in our fair city) turned me on to the Lynn Cullen podcast. I am delighted every time I turn it on. Recently, I just got back from two weeks of working in Mexico for my temporary job with CMU and I was exhausted. I just moved into a new apartment, and the very same friend that turned me on to the Lynn Cullen show decided to come over to my place. We decided to have a Wheel Deliver dinner party! For those people who are not Lynn Cullen listeners (you should be) you need to understand that Wheel Deliver is one of the show’s sponsors and Lynn does not just pay them lip service. She seems to be joyously addicted.

IMG_0677 We were very impressed with the service. However, there are a few kinks. We wanted to order online so we could take advantage of the free delivery learned about on the show. We found that we could only order from one restaurant online, and not multiple different places. This was not a big deal as we were both excited about ordering from Spice Island. I love Spice Island, but I never eat there as walking down Atwood Street in South Oakland sounds about as appetizing as seaweed chips.

We ran into one more hitch. We typed Lynn in the promo code box and it did not work.



However, we called and the good people at Wheel Deliver fixed our order in two seconds.

IMG_0680 IMG_0681

In less than an hour the driver was at my door with piping hot food from Spice Island Tea House. We were sitting around chatting and then my cell phone rang. We jumped up and found out the delivery guy was also a manager!


I was able to spend time with my friend and have good food without having to trudge through the miserable student ghetto that is South Oakland. However, beware of the chili squid. It is delicious, but very very HOT. I had just come from Mexico and that food seemed like eating a cup of yogurt compared to this dish. Deliciously dangerous.


Well this is my first experience with Wheel Deliver. I liked the service a lot, and I would use them again. However, they need to get some web people to help out with the site. It’s behind the times for 2010 and that is only going to hold them back. Thanks for the recommendation Lynn!


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