Friday Night Bike Ride

Last night I headed to Philadelphia First Fridays and walked all around old cities looking at street art. No galleries for me last night. I met a dreamy ACLU canvasser who convinced me to donate $20. I am fucking unemployed. What was I thinking? Did I say he was dreamy, wowser. He even called me a pinko commie. Talk about knowing the way to my heart. Swoon.

After that, I rode down to south street, grabbed a slice of pizza from some Greeks and went to see a play called Destination Summer for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. It was not a great play. I liked the video inserts into the play, and some of the characters were wonderful, but the actors (teenagers) were mediocre. There were a few actors that stood out and I hope they go on and continue to act, but most were too hammy.

When the play was over I took a ride through downtown and back home. I decided to skip the bars, as I was convinced I had a spot on my shirt from the slice a pizza I bought. It was for the best, as I clearly spent my drinking money on the ACLU!

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