Vegan February: Day 1

I started Vegan February today.  Things are going well.  Here is what I ate.


  • Potatoes
  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh Fruit


  • Banana and Apple
  • Gretzels
  • Granola Bar


We went to Vedge and pigged out.  Everything here is vegan and it is all incredible.  Here are the dishes that we split.

  • Scarlet Turnip “Home Fries” – black kale, whipped sesame
  • Sweet Potato “Fondue” – roasted purples & hammons, grilled bread
  • Nebrodini Mushroom “Fazzoletti” – roasted grape tomato, olive oil, basil
  • Roasted maitake mushroom – celery root fritter, smoked leek remoulade
  • Grilled seitan – creamy parsnips, red wine onions, mustard crumbs, green olive
  • Funky kimchee stew – charred broccoli, pickled tofu, togarashi
  • Winter squash pierogies –  hedgehog mushrooms, madeira, hazelnut picada
  • Cheesecake – meyer lemon marmalade, clementine juice, hazelnuts
  • Turnovers – whipped candied sweet potato, sweet kraut & cream

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