Glass Menagerie at the Booth Theater

I saw the Glass Menagerie at the Booth Theater in NYC on Sunday. I thought it was really great. I have never seen it before, and so I found it to be extremely captivating. My celebrity crush on Zachary Quinto probably made me a little biased toward his performance, but he was incredible. He played it the way I imagine Tennessee Williams was in life. I thought Celia Keenan-Bolger performance as Laura was wonderful. She played a charming, scared, and ultimately sick character that I had so much empathy for that it made me hurt while watching her. She really stole the show for me.

Brian Smith was good, even if his accent fluctuated throughout the performance. It took me about 5 minutes to realize “oh shit, he’s the sex bomb from Stargate Universe!” I had a similar moment when I figured out that Cherry Jones played a President on 24. It’s a wonderful ensemble and I could easily watch the performance again. There is something about that play that is absolutely wrenching. Tennessee Williams writes in way that makes you chuckle about uncared for mental health, manipulation, and abandonment. Then you question your own shallowness half me through the laugh.

If you can, I totally think everyone should see it. I was thinking and processing emotions during and well after, and for me that is a sign of a tremendous job well done.


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