Day 2 in Hawaii

Sam started his conference on our second day so I had the morning to myself. I dropped a blanket on the beach at the hotel and dug into Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell. I am enjoying it a lot.

We decided to go to Ono Hawaiian Foods. It’s Hawaiin food and it is totally off the beaten path. We heard about in on Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Hawaii. We split the sampler platter and ate: kalua pig, pork lau lau, pipikaula, lomi salmon, haupia, and of course poi. My favorite was the kalua pig, it was really tasty.  Poi is not as bad as people say, it just boring.   Pork dipped in hot sauce, dipped in poi is pretty good.

After lunch we headed for the Koko Crater Railway Trail. This is where we went the day before, only to turn around because of the gun range next to it. When we arrived we were expecting not to hear any guns. I had checked the website and the shooting range was supposed to be closed. When we arrived we heard gunfire. It wasn’t like the day before; it was a single shooter, but still nerve racking. We pressed on.

It took us over an hour to walk up the 1050 steps to the top of crater. When we arrived, it was well worth it. It was a really beautiful view and I am so glad that I did it. I was really exhausted on the walk up there. I was a little ashamed with how out of shape I am, but I did it, so whatever. The walk down was easier, but still pretty damn terrifying. There is a bridge with bees all over it that seems like something out of a movie.

When we made it back to the car, we decided to treat ourselves to ice cream in the nearby shopping plaza. I was standing outside drinking my milkshake when I realized I was standing in front of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s office! Ha. Small world. Fuck that racist guy.

It was already 5 o’clock by the time we went looking for a beach. We considered the beach at Hanauma Bay, but decided to turn back toward Waikiki. We were looking for Queens Beach, but found ourselves at the Sans Souci State Recreational Park. It was getting to be dusk so there was no one in the water. I went to change into my swimming suit and guess what? Yours truly forget them in the hotel. I stripped to my underwear and jumped in. The water was beautiful. It was translucent and blue, but it was rocky.

We headed back to the hotel to shower up. We decided to walk through Waikiki to find a drink. It’s a fairly obnoxious consumer mecca, so neither of us found it interesting. We had a drink at the Royal Hawaiian hotel (It seems lovely), and headed back to the room for an early night.  After a beer on the balcony, it was time for bed.

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