Hawaii Day 3

I started the day with a short walk to the Hawaiian Hiking café. It’s a cute little coffee shop in Waikiki that doubles as hiking guide agency. They have a good coffee and the breakfast burrito was excellent, so if you are in Waikiki waiting on someone then I would totally suggest you go there.

When Samer was done with the conference for the day we decided that we were going to eat poke. We end up at a place that is called Fresh Catch. We ordered ahi limu poke, firecracker poke, a salmon poke, and a bowl of seaweed salad. It was all really tasty. While we were sitting at the picnic table I see on the wall that Guy Fieri had been here before. Gross. I hate that beast. However, the son of bitch does know where to eat.

After lunch we headed for the Manoa Falls. It’s an easy little hike that ends at a beautfil waterfall. Sam was underwhelmed, but I thought it was very pretty. Even though the hike was easy, we could still feel the ache in our legs from yesterday.

We had planned on looking for the Kaniakapupu ruins, but decided that we wanted to spend some more time on the beach. We cut through the center of the island rather than the coast for the Lanikai beach. At the last minute I see the Kaneohe bay sandbar has five stars on yelp and decide to reroute us. Big mistake. We make it to Kaneohe, but all we really see is a sleepy fishing village. We stopped by a community park where kids were practicing archery to get our bearings, and then we headed south for Lanikai beach. It added about an hour to our trip.

The beach iss beautiful and sandy. The sun was already behind the mountain, but it was still light out. We could see the moon and it was utterly breathtaking to swim in the Pacific while looking at the moon in daylight. We put our towels on the beach and started to walk into the water.

Then I stepped on a bee. A bee! Bees hate water, and this fucker is hanging out on the beach like it is on vacation. Sam stops to make sure the stinger is not still in my foot, but my foot really started to ache. I pressed on and we hung out in the water for a while. The waves were really nice and it was a beautiful area to be in.

When we got back to the car we realized we had overstayed our welcome. The beach closed at 6 and it was 6:10. We jumped in the car, and went looking for some dinner. Sam finds a place called Uahi Island Grill.

On the drive to the restaurant, my foot starts to ache even more, and Sam starts to read me headlines about the massacre of the democrats on the mainland. One pain did not make me forget the other.

We got to the restaurant and ordered beers from the Maui Brewing company. Much better than the Kona stuff I drank earlier in the week. Then I looked up and saw a Guy Fieri had been here marking. What the fucking hell? I stopped feeling the pain in my foot for a minute while I seethed about that asshole.

We ordered kalua pig French fries, garlic chicken, and Thai spiced shrimp. It was delicious. I mean it was really good. The French fries were basically Hawaiian poutine. All of the meals here have been so high in protein. I really need to find some vegetables soon. My body is not used to eating like this.

After dinner we looked at my foot, confirmed it was swollen, and made our may back to Waikiki.


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