Day 5 in Hawaii – Heading North!

Yesterday was Sam’s final day at his conference. He was done by 10:30, so we checked out of our hotel and started our trek north. Before leaving Honolulu I wanted to stop at Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts to see if it would be possible to find a Hawaiian short that I liked. This store has thousands of Hawaiian shirts. Some are used, some are new, but it is beyond expansive. There are thousands of shirts! I found a long sleeved one that I loved, so you may be seeing me in it soon.

We drove north along the western shore to a restaurant we read about called MonkeyPod. It had good reviews. It was completely uninteresting. It reminded me of a nice Cosi. It was in this weird little vacation resort called Ko Olina, Oahu. I do not recommend anyone wasting their time going to it.

After lunch we drove north to the Ka’ena Point State Park. It was a wonderful beach. I have never experienced waves like these waves. They were powerful without being violent. I would frequently get pulled into the surf, only to be tossed back on the shore. There was a professional photo shoot happening while we were there, and when Sam asked to buy water form them the caterer said to just take it. Seconds later, the security officer told him to give it back, and we were left with out water.

We made our way to our apartment we found through airbnb. It is in the sleepy little town of Haleiwa. When we arrived, we met our host Betsy, and she orinted us to the place. It’s a 1 minute walk to the beach. She told us about a famers market that was happening in the Waimea Valley. We drove along the coast to check it out. We’d been eating out so much, that we thought it’d be nice to stay in and eat. We bought supplies and had a meal of green papaya salad, taro root bread with mango salsa, and baked hawaiin sweet potatoes. Also there was some wine to make for an end to an enjoyable day.

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