Day 7 of Hawaii

Our last day in Hawaii was bitter sweet. It was a great vacation. We started the day with our last açaí bowl and coffee. Sam went out to the beach while I wrote before we checked out of our AirBNB. We got in the car and made our way west out of Haleiwa. We stopped by a farmers market at the local sugar mill. It is also filled with a few boutiques, but we didn’t buy anything. We took the road as far west as we could to a rocky beach. I am not sure what the beach was called, but we felt like we were officially in rural Hawaii. We reached the edge and turned back.

We headed northeast trying to finish our circumnavigation of Island’s perimeter. We went in the direction of the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, but did not stop by and see what it had to offer. At some point I started to feel terrible. It felt like the flu, but Sam diagnosed it as the sunburn from the previous day. I really started to feel like  I was sick.

We stopped by a scenic point called Laie Point State Wayside. After a few photos we decided to find some lunch at Sweet Home Waimanalo. A colleague of Sam’s had recommended it. Maybe, because I was sick, but I was not that impressed. Sam had cooked poke which was not at all appetizing to me. Also, half way into the meal I discovered Guy Fieri had been there as well. Ugh.

We stopped by the Kualoa Regional Park for photos and the then went in search for sand. We headed for a beach, but we didn’t go in it. There was a warning to watch out for jellyfish, so we decided to head back to Sandy Beach. When we got there we officially had completed the Oahu perimeter!

The waves in Sandy Beach were just too crazy for swimming, so we went to Waikiki to watch sunset at Queen beach. Sam went swimming and I relaxed on the shore with my book. I still felt bad, but there is nothing better than a sunset over the pacific.

When it got dark we headed for our last meal in Hawaii. We wanted to go to a place called Lucky Belly, but they did not have any room. We ended up in a place called Livestock Tavern. I think the restaurant was good, but I was not really hungry and I was still sick. I appreciate their burger was on a Kaiser bun and not a goddamned brioche bun. I hate brioche.

And a few hours later we were on a long flight back to Philadelphia.


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