Day 5 – Courmayeur – Hotel Lavachey

We started the day by walking up a road exiting Courmayeur. The day had a lot of rolling hills, but nothing too strenuous. It was a nice way to get back into the swing of things after a break day. We walked to the foot of Rifugio Walter Bonatti, but went down the hill for an hour rather than go up. This was a departure from the official TMB route.

Up would have taken us to the TMB’s newest refuge, but we had a reservation at a hotel on the base of the mountain. It was an hour walk down the hill and the path was rocky, but we finally made it to the base and walked to the hotel.

Hotel Lavachey is the most modest of the hotels we stayed in. There were no bathrooms in the rooms, and its bedrooms on the second floor had an almost sanitarium feel to them. I did not mind, but others in the group were a little less enthusiastic.

The hotel is in a small fishing area, so there is only one other place to do anything. We stopped in for a beer and my last aperitivo in Italy and then took a nap.

This dinner was a real favorite of mine. There was nothing fancy about it, but I loved it. It was cold outside, and we were not near anything. I got a delicious bowl of pasta, roast turkey, and some pretty good table wine. It was a lovely day for any traveler.


Talk to the hotel attendant when you arrive about a bus for the following day.  In the next section you will understand why this is important.

If you use a luggage transfer you must stay here, there are not other options.


Hotel Lavachey


Hotel Lavachey


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