Day 9 – Trient – Tre-le-champ

It was time to get the hell out of Switzerland. We woke up early and started making our way out of town. We ran into the old Israeli guys we met out of Hotel Lavachey, and we walked together to the base of the first ascent. The one guy said he was too tired, and turned around. It was nice to see a 65 year old man who had been hiking for a week come to the same conclusion I did on day 2.

I was not very fond of my time in Switzerland, but I will say that I thought their trails were very nice. There were a few historical plaques along this trail and some carved benches and tables. It was very nice.

The refuge at the Swiss and French border was a dump. Instant coffee and boring little jam pies. The breakfast at the hotel was not memorable, so I wish we would have bought a snack at Col De La Forclaz. I rested for a few minutes and then descended into France. I think this day was one of the prettiest days we experienced. We were back to facing Mont Blanc, and the ridges we were walking gave us some superb 360 degree views. On our right was a very large dam.

We arrived at Le gîte refuge la Boerne late in the afternoon. I was ready to have some wine and read my book. Samer wanted to visit the nearby town of Argentière, but I was not going to do any more walking than I needed to do.

I stayed in the smallest room I have ever paid for while traveling. The desk I am writing on right now is bigger. Only one person could stand in the room at a time, and yet it had bed space for 3 people. After the dormitory the night before the privacy was well worth it. We had dinner with a few retired U.S. couples from the west coast, and called it an early night.


The wine at Le gîte refuge la Boerne is good and cheap. Enjoy. Also, dinner had a cheese option that I thought was really good.


Le gîte refuge la Boerne


Le gîte refuge la Boerne


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