Peru 2016 – Day 2

Day 2

We woke up the next day, skipped the hotel breakfast and walked across the street to the airport. Our flight was running late, so they booked us on an earlier flight. We loaded up on water and Coca gum and flew to Cusco. Andean Treks met us at the Cusco airport with driver and escort and took us to our hotel. Casa Andina Plaza was one of my favorite hotels during the trip. It had a modern layout on the inside, an old colonial look on the outside, and it had a nice view of the Catedral del Cuzco.

We decided to explore on our own for a few hours. It was election day in Peru that day, so there were a lot of people on the streets. We started to follow a crowd of people, because we thought they were going to something of interest. In ended up being the polling location, which was pretty boring for us. We did grab a couple of tamales from a vendor and then went back to Plaza de Armas for some photos.

Across from our hotel we discovered a little dessert and juice place, that I cannot remember what is was named. It was on the Plazoleta Comandante Ladislao Espina. Delicious and highly recommended.

We met our guide at our hotel. His name was Cesar. He and the driver took us to the Incan ruins of Saqsaywaman, Tambomachay, and Puka Pukara.  We were supposed to go into the Cathedral and the Sun temple, but it closed early because of the election.

We finished the day at Cusco’s nicest restaurant. We celebrated my birthday and totally did not follow the advice of our guide who said “have a lite dinner.” Did we over order? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. We split a dish called “Tubers and Granos” that was made with cheese, cream kapchi and cream rocoto. Rocoto is a red pepper that I really loved. My main course was a Cuscenian adobo. It came with a rocoto pepper in it. The adobo was not spicey until I cracked the pepper. Wonderful.

Here is a video of the dessert that was a chocolate globe.

Tomorrow is day 3.

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