Peru 2016 – Day 6

Day 6

We woke up in Cusco and went out for breakfast. Today we were flying back to Lima, so we were relaxing a little bit. We ended up at a small restaurant called “Museo del cafe”. There was an exhibit about coffee which was interesting, but the food was very good and the coffee was exquisite. Sam fell in love with the tomato jam that they served with toast and Spencer chickened out on the “American” breakfast. It seemed glutinous by any standard.

We flew back to Lima around lunch time and stayed in the neighborhood of Miraflores. The agency had someone pick us up and drive us to the hotel. In reality, we really only needed the driver. The guide was nice, but we were fully capable of checking into our hotel on our own.

We stayed at the Hotel Estelar in Miraflores. It was a perfectly nice hotel, and the top floor had a bar and a dining room. We enjoyed a complimentary pisco sour when we first arrived and then made our way out to to explore.

Miraflores is a wealthy Latin American neighborhood, that tourists will feel comfortable walking around in. We walked around and found Parque Kennedy. This park has hundreds of cats walking around! They do not look like beat up old strays. Locals are sitting on benches and the grass playing with the cats. It was a pretty wild scene.

We had drinks at a nice restaurant called Saqra and then dinner at a place called Haiti. I really liked Haiti. The food wasn’t spectacular, but it was good and we sat outside to watch the city. It was a fun night.

After dinner, we took a taxi to Barranco to listen to some music. We ended up at a bar called La Noche. The music had not started and none of us felt like paying the cover, so we sat in the bar. Enjoyed a beer and headed back to the hotel for some early sleep.

Onward to day 7.

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