Canceled Puerto Rico

I am supposed to be waking up in Puerto Rico this morning. I was going to the wedding of some colleagues and then spending a few extra days relaxing and enjoying the island. However, I woke up in chilly overcast Philadelphia, to the death of Fidel Castro, and the dried blood of my cat on the floor.

How did I get here?

My cat Josephine is very sick. Cancer has made it into the bone of her jaw, and now she has a permanent open wound in her mouth. She bleeds as she drools and it is all over the house. When she cleans herself, she coats herself in her own blood, making her beautiful mane look like something from a horror film.77631-10475051_1447635288827892_560881605_n

We decided to cancel the trip to Puerto Rico on Tuesday night. At that point she had not eaten in 48 hours and we were expecting the end to be close. Instead of leaving her with the cat sitter, we called Paola and explained that we were canceling. Honestly, we did not know if she would even make it to Friday night.

On Wednesday afternoon I thought that she might have eaten a little. There was food missing from the plate, but it was a small amount and I couldn’t be certain. I called the vet and made an appointment for the evening. I readied myself to discuss euthanasia. It seemed like were going in that direction. It was a chilly night, and I carried her in her carrier the four blocks to our vet.

Sam met me there and I started giving a history of the last few days. The vet suggested we offer her some food, which I thought was hopeless. I had bought 15 different types of soft food and offered them all. Additionally, I gave her dry food in every possible variation and everything had been refused.

She ate the entire plate. $160 so that she can eat normal cat food at the vet. Well played darling.

Now it is Saturday. Josephine is eating, though it seems pretty difficult.  She is still quite sick. The bleeding from her mouth has increased; she sleeps more, and continues to lose weight. We thought she may not make it through the weekend, but we are no longer that pessimistic.

What are our plans in lieu of a tropical beach vacation? Things are undetermined, but I just administered her pain medication and steroids. Now we are enjoying a coffee while listening to the Buena Vista Social Club and I am going to enjoy every minute we have together.

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