Thank you Josephine.

Our cat Josephine passed away. In October we noticed something was wrong with her mouth.  Weeks later we discovered a cancer had started to take her jaw bone and things worsened from that point. She could not keep herself clean from the amount of blood in her mouth.img_0960

In the past week she stopped eating and started to rapidly lose weight. In consultation with our veterinarian, we decided to end her pain.  I held her in my lap with Samer by my side and the veterinarian gave her the injections.  It was quick and I am told, quite painless for her.

She was a fabulous cat that was a real lover of life. We never needed an alarm clock, because she woke us up every morning. That first morning meow was sonorous and commanding. She loved food.  She was defiant and full of personality.   She would bully cats twice her size, make herself the center of any party, and she hated those birds outside of our third floor window.

She liked to hang in the garden and relax inside the raspberry bush. Josephine was Samer’s first pet, and though not my first, she was one that made a mighty impression. We will love and miss her immensely. My time with her is an important chapter in my life.  I owe so much to her and our time together.

img_1247Thank you old friend.

Here are some photos of her:

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