Day 2 – The Cape Peninsula and Jazz

We hired Lynnette Wilms from Exquisite Cape Tours and Hikes to give us a half day tour of the Cape Peninsula. She was very good at describing the Cape, many of the towns we drove through, and giving us time to be on our own. I liked her tour very much. We ended at a great Fish and Chips place called the Salty Sea Dog. They serve 3 types of fish (fried or grilled): snoek, hake, and kingklip. I had the the fried hake and it was delicious. The chips were good, but not great. A $5 bottle of unlabeled chenin blanc was a fantastic addition.

In the evening we hired a company called Coffeebeans Routes to take us to 2 homes for a night of concerts. There were 9 people in our group. The first was this guy Hilton Schilder. His wife made us an incredible meal of curry chicken, rice, and lentils. They served us beer and he had a piano recital for us. He plays original work, and it is a very intimate experience.

The second house was the home of a trumpeter named Ta Blaques. I didn’t like his music as much, but it was a bit groovier than the piano concert. He was accompanied by his brother on bass guitar who was also a very good musician. We sat in his living room and listened for about 45 minutes. It was great.

Onward to day 3.

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