Day 5 – Biking in Stellenbosch

Problem day. Holly and Spencer woke up sick and could not go on the bike trip. We decided to meet them at the hotel in Stellenbosch. Samer and I did the Full Day Adventure Ride with Bikes ‘n Wines.

It was really hot that day. The heat plus the sandy trails made for some difficult riding. I am used to riding on the road every day, so this short 13 mile route was challenging. It never put anyone in the mood to taste wine. The wine I enjoyed the most that day was a chenin blanc chardonnay blend by a vineyard called Thandi. The vineyard is worker owned and the first fair trade wine maker in South Africa. I had a rose from a vineyard called Skilpadvlei that was not as dry as I like, but refreshing for a super hot day. We ended the trip at vineyard Asara. I did not care for anything there, and I found them to be a bit obnoxious.

It was so hot that day that people started dropping out.  First a woman fainted right in front of us at the second vineyard.   By the end of that tasting 2 german women gave up on the ride.   At one point, my bike broke down and I had to take the second guide’s bike.   We were all happy for it to be over.

When we found Holly and Spencer they were still sick. We decided to walk around the town for a little bit and we stopped by a hip craft beer place called Craft Wheat & Hops. Samer and I were hungry and normally Spencer is keen on eating bar food, so we ordered a bunch of food. Spencer’s stomach couldn’t take it, so Samer and I were left to eat a lot of very unhealthy food. Most of it was uninteresting, but we did have Skilpadjies. The dish is lamb’s liver wrapped in the fatty membrane that surrounds the kidneys. They are very rich and you can only eat one for fear of a heart attack.

There is more wine on day 6.

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