Day 6 – Lion Rescue and more Wine Tasting

Holly and Spencer woke up feeling better, but they both thought that drinking wine at 10 am may not be the best way to test their recovery. We decided to start the day by going to the Drakenstein Lion Park. This is a place that cares for lions that were abused and cannot be put in the wild. Many of them were in zoos or circuses. This is the only time I saw a full grown male lion while I was in South Africa. It only takes about an hour, but if you need something non-wine related to do in the area I would suggest it.

After the park we made our way to the sparkling wine king of the region, J.C Le Roux. It’s big, formal, and really nice. You get to taste 5 wines. I don’t have my notes on them, but I preferred their dryer wines, which were their least commercially popular wines. The attendant made a comment about the sweeter wines being made for the South African pallette. I heard a hint of condescension in that explanation, but maybe I was looking for it due to my submersion in modern South African history.

We had a delicious lunch at Clos Malverne Wine Farm. I cannot remember it very well, because I left J.C Le Roux bordering on drunk and Clos Malverne had a lot of good wine. Each course was paired with a specific type of wine. I ordered:

  • Lightly smoked sea bass With sweet pea aioli, saffron aioli, pea shoots, lime dressing, salmon eggs, crispy capers and a red pepper coulis Served with Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc
  • Oaked Smoked Beef and Mushroom Beef Carpaccio with mushroom dust, shimiji mushrooms, hummus, sundried tomato strips, dried olives, grana padano and vinaigrette Served with Clos Malverne Cab/Merlot
  • Boboti spiced Springbok Loin with whole grain mustard pickled baby onions, butternut and feta risotto and a red wine jus Served with Clos Malverne Pinotage reserve

We took a taxi back into Cape Town and called it a night. We had an early flight to Zimbabwe, so we stayed at a hotel by the airport.

Days 7 and 8 take us to Zimbabwe.

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