Day 9 – A Night in Johannesburg

We did not get to be tourists in Johannesburg. By the time we had landed, we were only a few hours away from everything closing, so we decided to take it easy. We took the Gautrain from the airport to Rosebank, where we asked the hotel to pick us up. This is easy and really convenient. Don’t waste your money on a full cab fare from the airport to your hotel.

We decided to use the afternoon to do so some shopping so we made our way to the Rosebank Art & Craft Market. It’s a great place to pick up souvenirs. Sam and I bought 2 portraits that are now hanging in our living room. I think they look really nice. After shopping, everything started to shut down, so we got to a grocery store where I bought my weight in biltong. Then we relaxed with sangria and ice cream before we headed to dinner.

We ended up eating at this place called the Foundry. It was a pub and it was delicious. Samer had some mussels that were made in coconut milk and green curry that were fantastic. Spencer and I both had pizzas that were way too big, and really good. They had a lot of craft beer and a good wine selection. I am totally recommending this place to everyone.

Next are days 10 – 13.

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