Do people still blog?

I just started reading Nasri Atallah’s book “Our Man in Beirut.” It’s the print version of his blog from 7 or 8 years ago. It’s making me laugh a lot.  Every time I finish a chapter, I think “I really enjoy writing my feelings and opinions. Why don’t I?”

Is blogging passé? I started keeping a written online presence in 2002, and I opening this blog in 2004. I’ve ignored it in recent years, which is silly because a lot has happened to me.  Here are some highlights you may have missed:

  • I lived abroad and did a poor job of documenting that adventure.
  • I went to graduate school.
  • I went back to working as staff at the union, made peace with that career choice and continue to work hard at it.
  • I met a man, fell in love, proposed, and married him.
  • Continued to travel (ok, that I have always written about).
  • Worked on political campaigns. Lost some (big ones) and won some.
  • Discovered Doctor Who.
  • Joined a gym (maybe the confession I am most embarrassed about.)

A lot has happened and I did not document much of it. Most of it was out of shear laziness, but much was from ego and self-esteem. Whenever I sit down to write I think, “I don’t want people to think of my writing as vapid or mundane,” “I should write a book and not a blog,” “there are better writers, who is going to read this drivel?”

I do write a lot for work, so when I get home, I tend to want to read the wikia Sontaran entry rather than write more, but I want to stop that. Well, not true, I want to do both of these things. I’m not going to write for you. I am going to write for myself. My hopes are that people enjoy it, but if you don’t like it, oh well. Feel free to google any other topic you can imagine. The internet is big.


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