Let’s all go to Vietnam

I just finished a two week vacation in Vietnam and loved the trip. This was the first time I traveled to Asia. I’ll use the next few posts to describe what I did, but let me get to the conclusion. I am recommending Vietnam to everyone.

A few logistic notes. We flew flew China Southern from JFK though Guangzhou, China. It’s a mediocre airline, but we splurged for business class seats. Being able to lie flat in a bed for 15 hours made the journey much easier. The addition of shower facilities in the lounges also made that time in the air a bit less painful.

I flew:
JFK → Guangzhou (15+ hours)
Guangzhou → Ho Chi Minh City (2+ hours)
Hanoi → Guangzhou (1.5 hours)
Guangzhou → JFK (15+ hours)

I watched:

  • The Kingsmen 2 (I think I liked it better than the first one.)
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (Great.)
  • A Bad Mom’s Christmas (Terrible.)
  • Blade Runner 2049 (I liked it. It was very pretty.)
  • The Darkest Hour (Good, but kind of boring.)
  • Geostorm (Terrible in a way that makes it fun to watch.)

I read:

  • Ernesto by Umberto Saba (Very good read about discovering sex and desire)
  • Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck (I’m working through some professional malaise)

Next: Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City, though some still say Saigon.


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