Should I switch from .com to .org?

Warning. This post is nerd talk. My blog is hosted for free at (this is free). I was thinking about moving to (this would cost me money), so that I could install a more interesting theme and a few plugins. I spoke to a friend at Sequal Consulting in Pittsburgh, PA and he told how easy it was to use a WordPress by Bitnami on Amazon Web Services. I tried it out, and it seemed to work really well. I then tried it on Google Cloud Services and it worked well on there, but I had some hiccups with the import function. I briefly looked at bluehost, but the AWS solution was the easiest and cheapest of the pay options.

I decided to pull back and reevaluate. Why do I want to do this? Do I care more about writing or the tech the writing goes into? Am I going down this path just to distract myself from doing the hard thing I want to do and actually write a little bit every day? Should I spend money on something I have been doing for free?

I seem to be ok with the limitations this free version of wordpress offers, though there are some cute modern themes I like a lot. Can you think of a good reason I should be moving to from


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