My Thelma and Louise meets Under The Tuscan Sun vacation.

Did I tell you that I am on an Italian adventure? I am currently in Italy with my mom and good friend Cathy Brady. How does this group of travelers get together? The short story is Cathy wanted to visit her ancestral homeland with some long lost cousins, I am always looking for a reason to travel, and I’ve been wanting to take my mom on a trip abroad for a couple of years.

The trip started off on a very nice foot as my mom and I decided to fly business class from Philadelphia to Rome.    I must admit that I’ve developed a taste for sleeping beds and nice meals when flying abroad.   Bad habit? Good habit?  Who cares.  It was nice.

The trip has 2 parts. We are starting off in a small town in rural Italy called Castroregio. At the end of the weekend, we are going to Sorrento for the final days. Sorrento will be the base for exploring Capri, Naples, and Pompeii. Cathy has never been to Italy and my mom has never been to Europe. I’ve been to Italy twice before, but neither of these places. My goals are to eat well and decompress from a busy summer at work.

Next: Let’s drive to Castroreggio

One thought on “My Thelma and Louise meets Under The Tuscan Sun vacation.

  1. Our stops will be Rome, Monte Cassino, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri, Pietrelcina, San Giovanni Rotundo, Monte Sant’Angelo, Lanciano, Bagnoreigo. So excited!

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