Driving through Italy is a roller coaster

We checked out of Masseria Stomato and headed up to Castroregio one last time. Cathy left mass and we jumped in the car for Sorrento. The GPS told us that we should drive through Parco Nazionale del Pollino. This is a beautiful drive that was nothing but small  winding roads. This made the ride an absolute hell for my mom and Cathy. Motion sickness was their enemy for at least 90 minutes. This was the first vomit spell of the trip (first? You ask. Sorry, spoilers.) We should have driven south from Castroregio to Amendolara and drove the highway to Sorrento, but we did not do that. If anyone on you trip suffers from motion sickness do not follow our path.

We eventually made it to Sorrento and went straight to our AirBnB home. It is called Casa Peach and it is owned by a generous man named Gennaro Iaccarino. The view from the home is breath taking. It looks at Mt. Vesuvius and overlooks the Bay of Naples. It sits on small Roman road that leads to Marina di Puolo. The property has lemon and plum trees, 3 bed rooms, a roof deck and plenty of chairs.


The view of Mount Vesuvius from my AirBnb.

We walked down the hill for 10 minutes to get to the beach. It’s a small, clean, public beach. We swam for an hour and then had an early dinner. We ended up at La Tavernetta Sorrento by the beach. I had a perfectly cooked sea bream, Glenda had a really nice pizza with arugula and prosciutto, and Cathy had a mediocre steak. The mediocrity of the steak was very disappointing as this dinner was Cathy’s gift from Anje & Dennis for her 60th birthday. The bruschetta was excellent and my marinated fish appetizer was lovely. We schlepped up the hill and went to bed with the sound of a breeze coming off of the sea.

Next: A speed boat to Capri

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