Galápagos Islands – Day 6

Today we ended up on Isla Fernandina.  Landing on Fernandina was the first time we had access to a pier.  We walked along the beach looking at animals.  We found hawks that day and discovered a nursery for sea lions.   We snorkeled after the hike. This is when Spencer took this great picture of me with a sea turtle. These turtles are angelic in the way they move through the water.  That is me in the photo (I always had a yellow pair of fins when snorkeling.)

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Me with a sea turtle.

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After lunch, we returned to Isla Isabela.    We snorkeled in Caleta Tagus and hiked up some stairs to see a great view of the island and Darwin’s lake.  You may be surprised, but there are a lot of things named after Charles Darwin in the Galápagos Islands.  We looked for whales in Bolivar channel but came up empty-handed.   It was lovely to sit on the deck and enjoy the sea.   This was one of the days the captain used the front sail in addition to the motor.   It was wonderful and relaxing.

The Nemo III crossed the equator twice that night.  I did attempt to floss (the hip new dance, not the crucial dental hygiene treatment) while we crossed the equator.  Why? Because I can say I flossed across the equator.  Can you?

This is also the day Holly officially declared that she hated the marine iguanas.  They are gross and their abunance only exacerbates their grossness.

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