John Waters: Indecent Exposure

Yesterday I went to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see the John Waters exhibit called Indecent Exposure.  I really enjoyed it.  I discovered John Waters in college when I first saw Desperate Living.  It totally blew my mind.  Since then, I’ve watched most of his filmography, but Desperate remains my favorite.

Indecent Exposure made me laugh out loud a number of times.   The pieces are weird and enjoyable.   Whether it is magazine covers addressed to unlikely subscribers (ie Barbara Bush getting Jet magazine), a baby stroller emblazed with sex club logos,  children reading the script of Pink Flamingoes, or a collage of old gay erotica novels that contain the word chicken (Poultry) everything made me happy.   I laughed out loud a lot.  Waters narrates that audio guide which makes it all the more fantastic.

JOHN WATERS, Bill’s Stroller, 2014

The thing I like about Waters is that his art calls us all out for being too serious.   The world is a wacky, vulgar, and nonsensical place.   It’s good to laugh at ourselves and enjoy our time on this planet. One piece is 308 notecards in which he kept his daily to-do list.   He saved them all put them together like a quilt.   I noticed a recurring 10 digit number and decided to call it.    I hung up when it went to voicemail, but the voice sounded like John Waters.   I think I called his phone.  #crazy

You may think he is vulgar, but vulgarity is truly in the eyes of the beholder.   On my drive to Baltimore yesterday, I listened to Jeremy Scahill’s episode on George HW Bush.   Americans falling over one another to praise George HW Bush, a man who’s responsible for an uncountable number of deaths, is far more revolting than the John Water’s piece called 12 Assholes and a Dirty Foot.  Indeed, it is 12 photos of rectums and a foot.

But hey, that’s me.

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