Learning how to row

In 2018 I learned a few new things and I forgot to write about them.  In August, Sam and I decided to learn how to row.   In order to do it, we had to join a rowing club in Philadelphia. A friend recommended checking out the Bachelors Barge Club.  We went to a meeting at the club and decided to join.   We had lessons in the fall, but it got too cold so we had to stop until the spring.

I admit, that I’ve already fallen in the river one time.    That part was not too great.   I lost my sunglasses to the Schuylkill River and the coach lost his metal cane.   I did precisely what he told me to do and then fell right out of the boat.  My

I really enjoy rowing on the river and am excited to be able to take a boat out on my own. It’s a nice workout and you get access to some nature.  I am not interested in competing, but using it as a way to work out and get some personal reflection time.

As soon as it is warm enough, I’ll be back on the river.  Until then, I am trying to do a little bit of rowing in the gym each week.   I can’t take a boat out until the coach tells me it is ok, but I think I should be ok with another 5 or 6 lessons.

Rowing has a lot of unknown vocabulary for me.  I learned that rowing is actually called sculling.  Weird.


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