Lebanon – Day 8: Free Day

We had a bit of a late start because we didn’t get in from Music Hall until 3 AM.   I wasn’t hungover, but I was definitely tired.   We decided to explore Broumanna a little bit before lunch.   We returned to the Unicorn Coffe House.   I had the same order as the day before, a Greek frappe. It is the best way to consume instant coffee.

We returned to the local chocolatier, Le Noir Atelier Du Chocolat. Chef Pierre Abi Haila made us taste a tremendous amount of chocolate.  It was all quite delicious, and we basically bought most of the chocolate they had in the display case.   Le Noir is moving locations (near Unicorn)  because it is currently in this seemingly abandoned shopping mall called Centre Rizk Plaza.   Functional abandoned buildings near active construction are one of the Lebanese things that just never makes sense to me.

Back, to the chocolate. In the United States, Le Noir would be a very high-end chocolate shop that I could barely afford to visit with any regularity.  Pierre is an impressive host who is extremely proud of his craft.   I think he should work with Suraya and sell his chocolate through them in the United States.  That act will single-handedly destroy any of my fitness goals, but Philadelphia would thank me for it.

After lunch, I took a nap and Samer visited Beirut with Annie and Greg. I finally found some time to do some reading, and I started Being Arab by Samir Kassir. Coincidentally, I walked past a site that memorializes him in downtown Beirut at the beginning of the week. Kassir was assassinated in 2005 (probably by the exiting Syria security personnel).

For our last night in Lebanon, Chafica made a tremendous amount of food and Maria made us delicious beef tongue.  It was a great meal that we enjoyed on the balcony with lots of family and friends.

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