Lebanon – Day 9: Good-bye Lebanon

Our last morning in Lebanon lent itself to packing and teary goodbyes.  Our flight was around 1 PM, so we got to enjoy the morning with Chafica.    We stopped by Samer’s sister’s house to say goodbye to her and the kids.    The kids were as ridiculously adorable as they were the first day.

There was a little traffic on the way to the airport, but we made it with plenty of times.  We checked into the Cedars lounge, which is a very nice lounge.  They have some ancient artifacts in glass cases, comfortable chairs, and a good coffee machine.

After that, we returned to Amman and then back to NYC.   Goodbye Lebanon.   Without a doubt, I will return. I have friends, family, and memories in this weird little country on the Mediterranean.   It’s not a home for me, but I hold it quite close.

The last time I visited was Maria and Edward’s wedding.  An opulent event cast in the shadow of Samir’s illness.  It was a weird week.  I don’t want to give the impression, I didn’t enjoy myself.  I really did.  It was amazing, but on that trip, I was not there to visit Lebanon.

This trip was very different.  I was here to see Lebanon and enjoy myself. This time, I did both of those things more than I could have imagined.

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