The cicadas are here.

I set an intention to focus on mindfulness and (re)start my practice.  This morning I woke up and sat for a 10-minute meditation in the backyard.   It was a simple breathing meditation.  There was no counting or body exploration, just 10 minutes with my breath.  While I was in it, the cicadas living in my neighbor’s vine starting to hum.   It was a low hum, that I don’t usually notice and it crescendoed into an incredible peak.   The peak is probably what I normally notice, but to let the build wash over me was very delightful.

After the first rush of cicada hum, it started again from my other neighbor’s tree.   The city can be loud with cars, trains, people, etc.   Mother earth provided a lovely white noise sound bath this morning.   I stuck to my breath as best as I could and I think the cicadas were good allies.  It’s nice to hear nature’s symphony cut through the din of the city.

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