Blog Reflection 1 : WF ED 572

How do you feel about change in organizational settings? Why do you feel as you do?

Change is any organization is inevitable.  There is no way any organization cannot change.  The world is constantly changing around it and all organizations need to adapt to those changes. Our planet, technology, and society change every minute of the day and it is preposterous to believe any successful organization is immune from these currents. As Dylan said,  “The Times They Are A-Changin'”.

That inevitable change can be structured and focused to make sure the organization is successful, or it can be slapdash, unsponsored, and completed unintegrated into the success strategy of the organization.  I’ve seen organizations reactively change and I’ve organizations proactively change.  A proactive change plan is not always successful but more successful than a reactive one.

Change in an organizational setting can be extremely difficult. It requires openness, sponsorship, and some knowledge of a strong methodology to implement the change.   I believe organizations should institutionalize their change methodology, a methodology both distinct and respectful of the organizational culture.

I’ve been a part of the change work in my organization.   Some people fought it.  Some people embraced it, but I had a committee of sponsors that pushed the work forward every day.  We acknowledged that the work was going to be hard and take time.   This frame put all of us on a good footing to know what we had to do to make a big change in the organization.

Organizations should assume change and rejecting stagnation must be a value of any corporate/organizational culture.    I do think it is important to note, that organizations shouldn’t change for the sake of changing.   On the contrary, they should change to maintain or increase their current ability to be successful in an ever-changing world.

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