WF ED 572, 002, FA19 – Blog Reflection 3

What work do you hope to do with OD? What career goals, if any, do you have for OD?

I am trying to make a career change, so I am using this course as a way to see if OD is a field I would like to dig into. Immediately, I would like to use some of the OD things I have learned in this course in my job. I’ve already volunteered to consult on an internal change project at my workplace.   My career goals are undefined, but I want to be OD trained enough to help my workplace change for the better.

What do you want to do at the end of this course?

Honestly, I would like to find an OD consultant that would let me apprentice with them on a part-time basis. I would like to see what it looks like to have your own business, get clients, do the work, and move on. I will not be leaving my job, but I would love to find an apprenticeship. I will keep reading materials and I will consultant on a change project in my workplace.

I’d really like to do a t-group. I have looked at courses at NTL and they are a bit expensive.

Do you plan to be in the online MPS in Organization Development and Change (MPS in ODC) degree program?

I do not think I will go into the online MPS program. I have a masters degree already, so I am not super enthusiastic about taking on additional graduate school debt. I am considering applying to a certificate in Organizational Consulting & Change Leadership at Georgetown. I’ve known a few people who’ve completed it and enjoy the cohort structure. I am also considering applying to the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance at American University

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