WF ED 572, 002, FA19 – Blog Reflection 5

What do you believe you do best? Why do you believe as you do? What are your key strengths, and what leads you to believe that they are strengths?

I am good at making people feel at ease. A strength in my professional and personal life is that I am personable and approachable. Why do I believe my extroverted and affable personality is a strength? Well, like it or not, we have a society that rewards extroverts and those who can build networks.   I can float between many situations and genuinely enjoy myself.   When I engage with others I am authentically interested in learning about them.

A few years ago at work, I took a leadership style assessment.  The test identified me as someone who is naturally adaptive.  I think that is very true and is one of my strengths.   I am able to plan a situation and as changes occur, I often imagine some of the outcomes that the changes may create. I am extremely results-focused as it pertains to the situation at hand, so when I am thinking about finishing a project I do not freeze when something changes.   I figure out how to reroute or enjoy the new outcome.

Here are 2 examples of what I am talking about.  Once I planned a 10-day hike in the Alps.   My husband and I realized we made a mistake and booked a hotel one night of the hike a day earlier than needed.  OK, we could lose the prepaid night, find a new hotel, and now recalibrate the remaining part of the trip (6 more nights) or we could hike twice as much that day, get to the hotel and enjoy a free day.  It was not what I expected for that day, but it worked out wonderfully as I got a day to relax in Italy. A professional example of being adaptive is when I first started at my job and I realized I was accomplishing my work in much less time than anyone anticipated.  I used that free time to create a staff development program for technologists.  The importance of staff development for campaign technologists was never considered something of value.   Now we think of it as a priority.

Another strength I  have is empathy.  I think a lot about the people around me in a given situation.  I try extremely hard to see where people are coming from and considering how other people’s behavior (including mine) can affect them.  I am mindful of this strength because sometimes being too empathetic can be paralyzing.

My strengths tend to orbit around being: personable, adaptive, and empathetic.   These strengths work well together as the let me work really well with people.    In an earlier blog post about strengths, I mentioned that I am a good team member.   I still think that is the case, and I believe I do so well on a team because I am personable, adaptive, and empathetic.

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