Random memory from my time in Ecuador

I was watching old Conan clips today and for some reason, the one at the end of this post made me think of a memory from my time in Ecuador. I was a school teacher for 2 school years, which means you see foreign teachers come and go during that time. Many work on 2-3 year contract. During my second year a newer teacher told me they heard about me during their recruitment interview.

A lot of times there are international teaching recruitment fairs where teachers meet with with representatives from international private schools. My school had been to one to meet some teachers during my first year.

“Oh really? What’d they say?” I asked.

“It’s funny, they said you’re the elementary teacher that talks to students like they are adults.”

“What? Really? Seriously?”

“Totally and I just saw you do that, which made me think of it. I hadn’t remembered it until now.”

I always liked the fact that was my reputation and I thought it was funny that behavior stood out to the school administration. It was a totally unintentional approach to working with kids, but I never really saw the point in talking down to them. I’m not a teacher these days, so it’s probably not a long term strategy for success as a school teacher.

Any ways, I thought about it today when I saw Conan jamming with these kids for a bit.

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