Joseph Ferris (1638) part.1

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This is a compilation of information from printed and individual sources. I have made no attempt to verify the information received from individual sources. All sources are listed at the end of the chapter. Jim



born September 20, 1638 Greenwich (or June 20, 1635 at Watertown MA.) (or September 20, 1635) (if the birth date of 1635 is correct, then Joseph would the second born of Jeffrey’s children) and died between June 9 and July 24, 1699, (Greenwich) (Horseneck); probably buried at Stamford. He may have been a farmer and was a Puritan (Congregationalist); was one of the original patentees named in the patent granted to the Town of Greenwich by the General As­sembly May 1665. Joseph was an influential citizen of Greenwich; in 1672 he is recorded as one of the 27 proprietors and in 1688 as one of the 52 landowners. The frequent land transactions in which he was involved are indicative of increasing prosperity, which is further verified by the tax rate of 1697, his assessment at that time being second in the town. He married November (September) 20, 1657 in Stamford, Ruth Knapp (AFN: 8S9K-8K) {daughter of Nicholas and Eleanor (maiden name unk) Knapp} born ­January 6, 1640/1 Watertown, Mass., and died c1702 Stamford (Greenwich?) CT [Ruth’s date of death is in question – according to a reference she sold her property rights to her son, Joshua, in 1711.][There are those who also contend that she remarried after Joseph’s death.]; 1681-82 Joseph was a representative to the General Court. There is conflicting information on where they resided after they married; in Stamford and/or Greenwich; it is said that they moved to Stamford 1699. All of their children were either born in Greenwich or Stamford. [Jim – Their children are not in sequence by birth; there is conflicting information as to birth dates.] Born to them were:


(3.1) JOHN FERRIS (AFN: 8RLK-GG) born c1658 Stamford (Greenwich?) and died c1741 Greenwich; married April 13 (December 13), 1695 at Stamford (LDS says they married at Norwalk) (December 13, 1695 at Greenwich as per Greenwich Vital Records, Volume LR1, page 447), his cousin (?), Abigail Hait (Haight/Hoyt)(Hoight) (*) of Norwalk born February 2 (19?), 1675 Norwalk and died date unk probably at Greenwich [dau of Zerubbabel and Hannah (Knapp) Hoyt] [Zerubbabel’s father was Walter whose father was Simon, supposedly.]; married by Captain Umstead (Olmsted). They resided in Greenwich and possibly, Stamford. John was a Congregationalist. Born to them, probably at Greenwich, were:

(3.1.1) JOHN FERRIS, JR., (AFN: 8RKF-ZD) (Captain) born c1695/96 (April 25, 1696) Greenwich [Jim-since his parents were married in April, 1695, 1696 is probably the correct year of birth.] and died there 1766; commissioned Lieutenant of the Stanwich Militia Company 1738 and Captain 1742; served in the King George’s War 1744-1748; also Justice of the Peace and often called ‘Esquire’; married February 27, 1722/23 at Greenwich, Sarah/Mariah Mead (AFN: 8RKD-3R) [daughter of Benjamin (1666-1746) and Sarah (Waterbury) (1677-1700) Mead] born June 3, 1702 Greenwich and died there September 13, 1778 [Sarah’s brother, Benjamin, married Martha Ferris (3.5.5)] ; married by Rev. Sacet; 1729 Sarah was a member of the Second Congregational Church of Greenwich, which John joined in 1733. Born to them were:

( JOHN FERRIS (8RLL-MG) born November 7, 1723 Greenwich and died c1787 Stanwich CT; married c1746 Hannah Mead born c1725 [dau of Elisha Mead – sister of Joshua and Moses]. Circa 1759 they were living in Phillips Patent, Westchester County, but they were in Dutchess County when their son Enoch born in 1762. Two years later the family moved back to Stanwich Parish, Greenwich where in 1770/1, John and Hannah were among the first to be baptized in the Baptist Church in Greenwich. They moved again, because in 1777 they were living in Canaan Township, then part of Albany County NY. Born to them were:

( AMY FERRIS born c1745-48 and died c1838 at age 93; married 1st a Mr. Stephens; resided in Columbia Township OH; and born them was:

( JOHN STEPHENS (REV.) who resided in Columbia Township, Hamilton Co OH in 1820; a Baptist minister and died in Kentucky not far from the river above Columbia.

Amy married 2d before 1789, Jonah Reynolds; with her second husband and children, they were in the first party of settlers of Columbia Township and charter members of the Baptist Church there.

( PHEBE FERRIS born November 23, 1751 and died February 5, 1811 Northeast, Dutchess, NY; married February 6, 1777 Rev. Simon Dakin [son of Rev. Simon & Rebecca (Perry) Dakin] born September 16, 1757 Northeast, Dutchess, NY and died there July 12, 1830. After Phebe’s death, Simon married c1815 Martha Moore (c1768-1825). Simon was a farmer at Spencer’s Corners in Northeast and served in the Rev. War. Born to them were:

( SARAH DAKIN born November 16, 1777 and died August 12, 1788

( ELEAZER KING DAKIN (Ebenezer) born August 12, 1779 Northeast NY and died January 12, 1809. He married Clarissa Keeler and born to them were:

( THEODORE DAKIN married Dorothea Staples and born to them was:

( FRANK DAKIN born December 16, 1843 Nyack NY








( FRANK AUSTIN DAKIN married Marie {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( HERSHEY DAKIN born February 10, 1781 Northeast NY; married Polly S. Rudd and they had 5 children.

( JAMES DAKIN born January 12, 1783 Northeast NY and died January 20, 1819 New Orleans LA; married June 2, 1805 in Dutchess County NY, Lucy Harrison [dau of Benjamin & Anne (Carter) Harrison] born c1726. Born to them were:

( JAMES HARRISON DAKIN born August 24, 1806 Northeast NY and died May 10, 1852 Baton Rouge LA; married 1829 Joanna Belcher Collard born November 18, 1796 Norwich CT. Born to them were:

( JULIA A. DAKIN (twin) born October 6, 1833 NYC and died June 25, 1842 New Orleans LA

( MARY CAROLINE DAKIN (twin) born October 6, 1833 NYC

( CHARLES HARRISON DAKIN (1834-) married Julia Granville Chase born in January 1841 New Jersey NY (?). Born to them were:

( MARY ELLEN HARRISON DAKIN born September 23, 1869 New Orleans LA; married December 29, 1886 in New Orleans, John Gilbert Lowe born in May 1862 MS

( LEON DAKIN born in October 1878 New Orleans LA

( FRANK DAKIN born in May 1882 New Orleans LA

( FLORENCE DAKIN born in March 1887 New Orleans LA

( JULIUS DAKIN (1842-)


( CHARLES DAKIN born c1708-18 Dutchess County NY

( RUTH DAKIN born September 8, 1784 Northeast NY and died January 10, 1852; married Ethan Lord (1775-) and they had 4 children, 1 of which was:

( OLIVA LORD born 1815 and died December 2, 1824

( HOMER DAKIN born January 10, 1786 Northeast NY and died February 14, 1855, Boardman OH; married October 21, 1811 Susan Crane [dau of Stephen & Hannah (Baldwin) Crane] born December 8, 1793 and died March 29, 1863; and born to them were:

( HARRIETTE ANN DAKIN born September 19, 1816 Ellsworth OH (Dutchess Co NY) and died there February 24, 1892; married October 8, 1834 at Boardman OH, Moses Spaulding [son of Philo & Amanda (Bingham) Spaulding] born December 21, 1811 Norfolk CT and died August 17, 1901 Sharon PA; and born to them were (unusual 1st child born 5y after marriage):

( CAROLINE SPAULDING (Caroline Eliza) born December 11, 1839 Ellsworth OH; married December 25, 1861 Martin Martin Kibler; resided Cleveland OH; and born to them were:

( ALICE MAY KIBLER born May 11, 1863 OH

( HATTI MARIE KIBLER born August 6, 1864 OH and died 1904; married July 4, 1888 Samuel Weaver

( MIRIAM JERUSHA KIBLER born February 22, 1866 OH; married John William Helsel and born to them was:

( LUCY MAUD HELSEL born April 4, 1890 Deerfield OH; married December 20, 1911 in Ravena OH, Franklin Grover Burkey born July 26, 1886 Berlin Center OH; and they had 2 kids

( FRED B KILBER born October 9, 1873 OH and died there October 22, 1873

( IRVIN MARTIN KIBLER born July 28, 1874 OH

( EMILY A SPAULDING born February 18, 1842 Ellsworth OH and died October 16, 1916 Lima OH; married September 25, 1862 Henry William Newton born September 26, 1840 Boardman OH and died March 18, 1903; resided Woodworth OH; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM TIMOTHY NEWTON born February 10, 1868

( MARY ROWENA NEWTON born October 5, 1869

( FRANCES ADELAIDE NEWTON born July 30, 1871

( GRACE CORA NEWTON born March 13, 1873

( SUSAN J SPAULDING born June 24, 1848 Ellsworth OH; married October 2, 1869 Mark Owens; resided Colebrook OH

( CHARLOTTE A SPAULDING born March 29, 1850 Ellsworth OH; married December 25, 1887 David Jeremiah; resided Sharon PA

( HORACE WILLIAM SPAULDING born November 27, 1852 Ellsworth, Mahoning, OH; farmer; married December 30, 1875 Eliza J Clay born March 5, 1855 and died December 8, 1942 Ellsworth; resided Ellsworth OH; and born to them were:

( LOTTIE BERTHA SPAULDING born September 24, 1876

( LULU MAUD SPAULDING born October 26, 1879

( INA CLAY SPAULDING born November 3, 1888

( ELLA HILL SPAULDING born October 2, 1854 Ellsworth OH and died October 28, 1937 Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA; married February 2, 1870 in Port Townsend, Daniel/David Howell Stutler born October 9, 1848 Berlin Center OH and died October 20, 1927; and born to them were:

( FLORA BELLE STUTLER born September 19, 1871 Ellsworth OH; married 1st September 19, 1888 George Austin Taylor born May 24, 1864 and died December 28, 1903 Victoria, B.C.; married 2d August 16, 1909 in Port Townsend WA, George W Thomas born December 28, 1857 Port Townsend and died there April 10, 1939; and born to her and George were 6 kids, 5 of which were:

( BERTRAND CHARLES TAYLOR born October 31, 1891 New Albany OH; married December 4, 1919 Francella Gertrude Woolaver and they had 2 kids

( AUBREY DANIEL TAYLOR born December 3, 1893 Ellsworth OH; married July 3, 1917 in Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA Nellie Ethelyn Lumsden born May 2, 1899 Junction WA; and they had 2 kids

( HUBERT FRANKLIN TAYLOR born December 10, 1895 Ellsworth OH; a locomotive fireman; married April 24, 1915 in Seattle WA, Etta Currier and they had 2 kids

( HELEN ELLA TAYLOR born May 25, 1898 Leland WA; married September 19, 1916 in Port Townsend, Steven Peter Coyne born June 20, 1883 Battle Creek MI; and they had a child

( VIVIAN ORA TAYLOR born August 12, 1900 Leland WA; married John Vaughn

( GERTRUDE E STUTLER born December 5, 1873 Berlin Center OH; married May 16, 1906 in Port Townsend, Bryson Paul Everett born December 3, 1870 and died March 14, 1927 McKeesport PA; offspring

( CHARLES FRANKLIN STUTLER born January 2, 1876 Berlin Center OH and died October 3, 1903 Port Townsend, Jefferson, WA; married May 1, 1897 Florence Smith born May 25, 1879 Latrobe PA and died June 6, 1921 New Castle PA; offspring

( EFFIE E STUTLER born June 3, 1879 Tipton IA

( D FRANKLIN STUTLER born October 5, 1881 Tipton IA; married May 28, 1907 Mamie A Ruehle born June 13, 1886

( LILLIAN IDA STUTLER born December 20, 1883 Tipton IA; married Hugh McIntyre Delanty; offspring

( CAROLINE RACHEL STUTLER born October 6, 1886 New Albany OH

( NELLIE M STUTLER born February 25, 1889 New Albany OH; married c1915 Murray Young (c1885-); offspring

( RUTH VERNA STUTLER born March 10, 1892 New Albany OH and died March 11, 1916

( IDA D SPAULDING born September 11, 1857 Ellsworth OH

( MARY S SPAULDING born February 15, 1861

( JULIA D SPAULDING born October 20, 1844 Ellsworth OH

( HOMER SPAULDING born May 2, 1846 Ellsworth OH

( CAROLINE DAKIN born December 25, 1818 Northeast, Dutchess, NY and died March 26, 1873; married June 8, 1853 John K. Stout born July 27, 1807 in Green Township, Adams Co OH; and born to them were:

( HOMER B. STOUT (c1855-) married Mollie Manker born December 31, 1855 and born to them was:

( EVA STOUT born March 25, 1880

( HENRY STOUT (c1857-)

( ALBERT DAKIN born October 22, 1822 Northeast NY and died February 25, 1901 Ellsworth OH; married 1st November 13, 1850 in Ellsworth, Jerusha Webb born May 16, 1825 and died March 14, 1860 Ellsworth; 2d May 2, 1861 in Canfield OH, Amelia Towe born June 7, 1830 Kingstown, England and died April 3, 1917 Ellsworth. Born to him and Jerusha were:

( ELVA A. DAKIN born June 14, 1851 Ellsworth OH

( ELLIS LOWELL DAKIN born August 20, 1853 Ellsworth OH

( WILLIAM LOUIS DAKIN born March 29, 1857 Ellsworth OH

( CHARLES ALBERT DAKIN born March 27, 1859

Born to Albert and his 2d wife, Amelia, were:

( EMMA JERUSHA DAKIN born January 30, 1864 Ellsworth OH

( NELLIE J. DAKIN (twin) born April 23, 1866 Ellsworth OH and died there May 10, 1912

( NETTIE ANN DAKIN (twin) born April 23, 1866 Ellsworth OH

( STEPHEN CRANE DAKIN born September 3, 1824 Northeast NY and died August 28, 1865 Brooklyn NY; married Adeliza Jane Porteous [dau of William & Mary (Stevenson) Porteous] born October 10, 1832 Montreal, Quebec and died July 3, 1898 Westmount, Quebec. Born to them were:

( FRANK ALEXANDER DAKIN born April 13, 1858 Ellsworth OH and died July 3, 1898 Westmount, Quebec – mother and son died on same day?

( MARY SUSAN ALICE DAKIN born January 4, 1860 Brooklyn NY and died July 13, 1878 Montreal, Quebec.

( FLORENCE AMELIA DAKIN born November 26, 1863 Brooklyn NY and died July 22, 1938 Calument, Quebec.

( LAURA SHERMAN DAKIN born September 6, 1826 Northeast NY and died August 9, 1860; married November 28, 1850 Fowler Bryan and born to them was:

( FLORENCE BRYAN born November 2, 1851 and died June 18, 1933; married August 2, 1880 William Crouch

( HORACE EDWIN DAKIN born January 1, 1831 Northeast NY and died December 23, 1904; married April 23, 1857 Elizabeth Tibbetts [dau of George B. & Tacy (Kellogg) Tibbetts] born May 19, 1833 and died December 2, 1868. Born to them were:



( HENRY MARTIN DAKIN born September 6, 1835 Boardman OH and died November 1, 1916 San Pedro CA; married August 16, 1861 in Cleveland OH, Harriet E. Stevens born September 15, 1840 Cleveland OH and died October 18, 1917 Riverside CA. Born to them were:

( CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH DAKIN born August 1, 1862 Cleveland OH

( GEORGE WILLIAM DAKIN born January 1, 1864 Cleveland OH

( EDWARD NILES DAKIN born November 14, 1866 Cleveland OH and died September 28, 1880

( HARRY EDGAR DAKIN born May 10, 1873 Cleveland OH and died there July 14, 1874

( WILLIAM STEPHEN DAKIN born September 17, 1875 Cleveland OH

( DAVID DAKIN born October 7, 1788 Northeast NY and died February 26, 1847 Pine Plains NY; married September 14, 1806 Ora Waldo and born to them were:

( JANE ELIZA DAKIN born September 14, 1807 and died in Poughkeepsie NY; married September 16, 1835 in Pine Plains NY, Abraham Dibble (1796-) [son of Isaiah & Jerusha (Hedges) Dibble] and born to them were:

( FRED DIBBLE born February 18, 1841 Pine Plains NY; married December 4, 1867 Cornwall-on-Hudson NY, Ellen C. Bloomer and born to them were:



( JULIA H. DIBBLE born January 19, 1844 Pine Plains NY; married November 19, 1868 in Lithgow NY, John A. Fitch [son of John & Clarissa (Sayer) Fitch] born November 1, 1827 Lithgow and died there March 2, 1904. Born to them was:

( JOHN DIBBLE FITCH born September 3, 1872 Lithgow NY and died there May 20, 1922; married June 29, 1912 in Lithgow, Sarah Swift born c1875 Chatham NY

( FRANK DIBBLE born October 23, 1846 Pine Plains NY; married November 13, 1872 in Stanford NY, Phoebe Conklin [dau of Mulford & Mary Elizabeth (Husted) Conklin] born April 22, 1851 Pine Plains NY and born to them was:

( CORA MAE DIBBLE born August 31, 1873 Pine Plains NY

( KATE DIBBLE born July 1, 1848 Pine Plains NY; married June 12, 1872 in Lithgow, Samuel Hunting and born to them were:

( HENRIETTA WALDO HUNTING born April 24, 1873 Poughkeepsie NY and died there November 26, 1937

( HARRY DIBBLE HUNTING born October 7, 1877 Poughkeepsie NY and died there January 23, 1878

( DEBORAH CLARK DAKIN born September 25, 1811 Pine Plains NY and died April 2, 1880 Poughkeepsie NY; married July 25, 1833 Emott Woodin born February 4, 1809 and died April 24, 1887 Poughkeepsie NY. Born to them was:

( WILLIAM RIPLEY WOODIN born June 26, 1839

( DAVID WALDO DAKIN born June 29, 1813 Pine Plains NY and died January 12, 1871; married August 24, 1849 in Cherry Valley NY, Claista Jane Walton [dau of John & Hannah (Stoddard) Walton] born April 27, 1827 Cherry Valley and born to them were:

( WILLIAM RIPLEY DAKIN born September 29, 1850 Alleghand City PA and died July 4, 1894

( MARY IDA DAKIN born November 3, 1855 Lakeville CT and died October 5, 1903

( CLARA MARIA DAKIN born October 30, 1866 Lakeville CT and died February 5, 1906; married April 3, 1901 James Ford Orton

( WILLIAM RIPLEY DAKIN born November 19, 1815 Pine Plains NY and died November 2, 1846; married c1845 Sally Ann Churchill (1829-1888) and born to them was:

( JULIA FRANCES DAKIN born January 29, 1846

( JULIA HARRISON DAKIN born March 25, 1818 Pine Plains NY

( HENRY BOSTWICK DAKIN born June 10, 1822 and died November 22, 1825

( HANNAH DAKIN born September 7, 1790 Northeast NY and died February 26, 1842; married Julius Ramsey.

( TALMAI DAKIN born February 24, 1794 Northeast NY and died February 9, 1835 Sharon CT; married September 14, 1817 Clarissa H. Yerrington born November 16, 1797 and died January 23, 1835; and born to them were:

( SPENCER DAKIN born December 9, 1818 and died January 8, 1853 Millerton NY

( MARY ANN DAKIN born December 22, 1820 and died July 5, 1908; married William Knibloe

( LUCY DAKIN born March 29, 1822; married 1st Franklin Dumbar; 2d Hiram Vanness

( SALLY DAKIN born October 9, 1827 and died 1866; married Edward Silver

( HIRAM DAKIN born July 6, 1830 and died September 21, 1874 Greenport NY; married Mary C. Rivers [dau of Jacob] born March 7, 1833 and born to them were:

( NEWMAN LORD DAKIN born June 4, 1855 Banford CT; married December 27, 1877 in Nassau County NY, Mary H. Welch [dau of George & Elizabeth (Tremper) Welch] born April 17, 1856 in Nassau County and born to them were:

( MINNIE DAKIN born October 18, 1789 Valatie NY

( FRANK DAKIN born November 11, 1882 Greenport NY

( ROY DAKIN born February 16, 1887 Hudson NY and died in October 1916 Schenectady NY; married June 1, 1912 Spencertown NY, Katherine E. Steuerwald born October 28, 1882 Harlemville NY


( ELIZABETH DAKIN born 1859 Clavarack NY and died October 23, 1899 Rondout NY; married Robert H. Cooper


( WILLIAM DAKIN born August 15, 1832; married Alice Nickerson

( CLARISSA DAKIN born January 13, 1835; married 1st Sylvester Derby; 2d George Ford

( PHEBE DAKIN born July 1, 1798 Northeast, Dutchess, NY and died February 18, 1861 Ithaca NY; married 1813 in Northeast, Herman Stoddard [son of Samuel & Martha (Moore) Stoddard] born October 13, 1786 Salisbury CT and died December 11, 1837 Hudson NY; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL STODDARD born September 27, 1814 Danby NY and died September 21, 1891 Ithaca, Tompkins, NY; married September 26, 1839 Ann Cecilia Hutchinson born November 2, 1821; and born to them were:

( SILAS EDWARD STODDARD born July 26, 1842 and died July 9, 1846

( MARY ELIZABETH STODDARD born December 2, 1845 and died July 3, 1854

( WILLIAM WISNER STODDARD born September 20, 1851 NY


( EDWARD STODDARD born October 2, 1816 Danby NY; married 1st September 2, 1841 Christina Maria Health born July 4, 1824 and died August 15, 1842 Hudson NY; married 2d June 1, 1847 Anna Eliza Schuyler born November 24, 1829 Ithaca NY; and born to him and Anna were:

( HERMAN GILLEY STODDARD born July 6, 1848 Ithaca NY; married November 5, 1868 Mary Van Vleck and born to them were:

( HARRY VAN RENSSELAER STODDARD born September 13, 1870 Ithaca NY

( HERRIT HERMAN STODDARD born April 13, 1872 Candor NY

( ADA MCCLAIN STODDARD born February 23, 1851 Ithaca NY

( ALBERT RUGGLES STODDARD born December 20, 1852 Ithaca NY and died there December 21, 1854

( EDWARD SCHUYLER STODDARD born March 22, 1865 Ithaca NY

( EVELINE STODDARD born February 3, 1824 Hudson NY; married October 1847 at Ithaca, David R Curran

( MARTHA STODDARD born April 1825 Hudson NY and died April 1830

( HANNAH FERRIS born c1748 and died July 5, 1818 Carmel NY; married Abraham Hill born c1747 and died May 11, 1817 Carmel, Putnam County NY; both buried there, presumably at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church Burying Ground; farmer; and born to them were:

( AMY HILL born May 16, 1769

( ELIZABETH HILL born April 24, 1771

( FERRIS HILL born July 8, 1774 NY and died September 21, 1863 Lewis Corners, Oswego, NY; married Mary Barstow born April/May 9, 1722 NY and died August 22, 1854 Granby, Oswego, NY; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL HILL born January 20, 1795 and died April 24, 1874

( HARSEY HILL born December 11, 1797 Patterson, Putnam, NY and died February 10, 1855 Wayne NY; married Mary Rogers [dau of Amos & Betsy] born c1810 and died c1865; and born to them were:

( HARMON W. HILL born March 8, 1821 Putnam Co NY and died July 13, 1899 Corning NY





( HARSEY HILL, JR., born April 17, 1831 and died December 23, 1831

( ELIZABETH ANN HILL born March 3, 1832 and died April 7, 1921

( RICHARD L. HILL born December 25, 1832 Wayne NY and died April 25, 1902 Corning NY; married March 16, 1863 in Corning NY, Julia Havens [dau of William Pomeroy & Sabrina (Tracey) Havens] born June 26, 1840 Dresden NY and died August 30, 1930 Corning NY; and born to them were:

( RICHARD L. HILL II born April 2, 1864 Corning NY and died June 30, 1947; married Emily Knox White born June 3, 1864 Knoxville PA and died January 6, 1941 Corning NY; and born to them was:

( RICHARD L. HILL III born May 19, 1894 Corning NY and died there November 11, 1955; married December 5, 1916 in Corning, Ella Mae McIlwain [dau of Warren Seymour & Nelly Lorene (Pierce) McIlwain] born August 7, 1899 Leolyn PA and died 1972 Geneva NY; and born to them were:

( NETTY LORENE HILL born November 24, 1920 Corning NY and died there

( RICHARD L. HILL IV born January 23, 1925 Corning NY; married September 23, 1944 in Corning, Mary Catherine Flynn [dau of Michael Aloysius & Mildred (Tomb) Flynn] born April 26, 1926 Corning and died there August 8, 1992; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL RICHARD HILL born March 6, 1946 Corning NY

( BRIAN JOSEPH HILL born February 26, 1947 Corning NY

( FRANCIS XAVIER HILL born March 6, 1951 Corning NY

( PAULA MARIE HILL born September 5, 1952 Corning NY

( PATRICIA ANN HILL born March 23, 1954 Corning NY

( RICHARD L. HILL V born November 27, 1956 Corning NY; employed as a Senior Engineering Technician, Dresser-Rand Company, 1978- present (2000), Painted Post NY; married September 4, 1982 in Savona NY, Robin Claire Barkley [dau of Clinton Dewaine & Donna (Polmanteer) Barkley] born November 14, 1958 Urbana NY. Richard is the provider of the information for this ‘twig’ of the Tree – thanks, Richard! Resides in Savona NY; and born to them were:

( RICHARD L. HILL VI born May 21, 1976 Corning NY

( EMILY BETH HILL born April 29, 1984 Urbana NY

( EVAN BARKLEY HILL born October 13, 1988 Urbana NY

( CHRISTOPHER JOHN HILL born February 22, 1958 Corning NY; and born to him were:

( JON LEE HILL born April 14, 1980 Goldsboro NC

( TODD CHRISTIAN HILL born March 23, 1990 Goldsboro NC

( THOMAS FLYNN HILL born April 27, 1959 Corning NY

( KATHERINE MARY HILL born October 25, 1961 Corning NY

( VINCENT GERARD HILL born September 25, 1963 Corning NY

( PAUL FRANK HILL born May 4, 1928 Corning NY

( ALICE MAY HILL born September 1, 1865 Corning NY

( WILLIAM FERRIS HILL born March 14, 1867 Corning NY and died 1940

( JOSEPH A. HILL born March 14, 1870 Corning NY and died c1931

( AMOS W.HILL born October 10, 1878 Corning NY and died there March 15, 1887

( HELEN MARTHA HILL born June 16, 1878 Corning NY and died April 8, 1968

( AMOS W.HILL born November 20, 1837 Wayne, Steuben, NY and died September 20, 1920 Tyrone, Schuyler, NY; married Mary Sunderlin born June 6, 1846 and died January 1, 1899 Tyrone NY; and born to them were:


( LELA HILL born c1873 and died 1930 Penn Yan, Yates, NY; married in Penn Yan, Nelson A Darmouth born 1866 and died October 24, 1944 Tyrone NY

( EMMA L HILL born June 13, 1877

( GEORGE HILL born December 6, 1839 Wayne, Steuben, NY and died December 5, 1907 Tyrone, Schuyler, NY; married Martha Crosby [dau of Selah Fay & Fanny (Wortman) Crosby] born March 7, 1841 and died October 26, 1893; and born to them were:

( GEORGIA I HILL born January 7, 1867 and died August 6, 1892; married a Mr Hungate

( H LAVERNE HILL born 1869 and died March 8, 1940 Tyrone NY; married Myrtle Ballard (1878-1956); offspring

( SARA F HILL born June 22, 1873 and died March 22, 1887 Wayne NY

( ABRAHAM HILL born October 13, 1798 and died December 23, 1883

( ENOCH HILL born August 4, 1800 and died July 28, 1867

( ASEPH KING HILL (Asaph) born September 22, 1802 Washington Co NY and died November 7, 1883 Scriba NY; married 1st Maria Briggs born March 29, 1807 Easton, Washington, NY and died March 21, 1871; married 2d Sarah E Clark born c1811 NY and died after 1880; and born to him and Maria were:

( GEORGE HILL born c1829 NY

( HANNAH E HILL born c1834 NY

( JOHN HENRY HILL born c1836 NY and died after 1880; married Lydia Margaret Roberts and born to them was:

( MARIA SOPHIA HILL married Franklin Crouch and born to them was:


( STEPHEN FRANCIS HILL born May 13, 1844 NY (or 1845) and died May 29, 1907 Volney NY (or May 2, 1907 Minetto NY); married Mary Elizabeth Lamb born October 13, 1850 NY (1852, c1855) and died after 1930; and born to them were:

( MINNIE ADELE HILL born January 7, 1871 Volney NY (or April 1873 NY) and died January 19, 1932 Minetto NY; married Walter Worden Perry born January 21, 1867 (or 1867 Fulton NY or April 10, 1867 Minetto NY or January 1871) and died December 29, 1947 Oswego NY; and born to them were:

( AMANDA PERRY born March 14, 1891 Minetto NY and died July 1929; married John Edmond Kennedy born 1890 Granby NY and died July 1969; and born to them were:

( MARGARET LOUISE KENNEDY married 1st Calvin Hall; married 2d James Herbert born November 3, 1914 and died February 6, 1979

( KATHLEEN VIRGINIA KENNEDY born February 11, 1918 and died 1988; married William Edward Laurin

( MARTHA ADELE KENNEDY married Paul Dowling

( HARRIET LOUISE PERRY born October 9, 1893 Minetto, Oswego, NY and died October 26, 1971 New Haven CT; graduate of Oswego State Normal School, Oswego; taught in the Greenwich school system for 25y; nurse; married Harold William Setley born May 9, 1896 Easton PA and died November 11, 1960 Coral Gables FL; and born to them were:

( HAROLD WILLIAM SETLEY Jr born February 16, 1917 Greenwich CT and died March 4, 1986 Ft Lauderdale FL; married Charlotte Kathryn Gray born January 3, 1918 Stamford CT and died September 16, 1988 Plantation FL – – info provide by David & Judith (Setley) Wright – thanks folks!!!

( MARY JANE SETLEY born December 11, 1923 Minetto NY and died August 21, 1992 Stamford CT; married Bernard Aaron Murphy

( ELLA MAY HILL born May 19, 1872 NY and died May 24, 1927; married William S Dumas; and born to them were:

( LEON ROSSLYN DUMAS born June 10, 1892?; married Nina Harding

( FRANK EDWIN DUMAS born August 3, 1897

( ROBERT ARNOLD DUMAS born December 13, 1900; married Gertrude Danio

( CHARLES FRANCIS DUMAS born July 13, 1906; married Viola Haresign

( HAZEL ELIZABETH DUMAS married Joseph Anesko

( FRANK HILL born February 7, 1874 and died after 1909; married Lois Richards; and born to them were:

( KIRKLAND FRANCIS HILL born September 7, 1904?

( LYNN LEROY HILL born April 1, 1909

( THERESA M HILL born November 26, 1875 NY and died after 1942; married Charles Davis Bothwell born c1871 NY and died after 1930; and born to them were:

( LESTER J BOTHWELL born July 21, 1909 and died July 30, 1909

( JAMES ALTHOUSE born c1917 NY and died after 1930

( ASA KING HILL born February 9, 1880 NY and died after 1907; married Matilda Jane Perry

( THEODA M HILL born c1848 NY

( HENRIETTA HILL born c1838 NY

( MARTHA HILL born c1841 NY

( HARRIETT A HILL born c1843 NY

( JOHN FERRIS HILL born September 5, 1804 and died November 27, 1861 Lewis Corners, Oswego, NY; married Hannah {maiden name unk} born January 16, 1807 and died March 5, 1862 Lewis Corners; resided in Roxbury, Delaware, NY for a while; and born to them were (all 3 kids buried Dimmick Cemetery, Middletown NY):

( JOHN B HILL died June 6, 1847

( ZALMON HILL born October 17, 1833 and died January 21, 1855 Roxbury NY

( ANGELINE HILL born 1839 and died September 14, 1840 Roxbury NY

( EPPENETUS HILL born November 24, 1806 NY and died February 9, 1882; married Lois {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:

( GERMAN HILL born c1838 NY

( MARY A HILL born c1844 NY

( ALANSON HILL born November 21, 1808

( ORRIN HILL born March 12, 1811

( MYRON HILL born March 4, 1814

( HANNAH ELIZA HILL born April 13, 1817

( AMY HILL born May 16, 1769

( ELIZABETH HILL born April 24, 1771

( ANNIE HILL born July 10, 1779 Carmel, Putnam, NY

( SAMUEL HILL born October 2, 1781

( JOHN FERRIS, JR. born c1757 and died September 23, 1800 at age 43y; originally buried on the Ferris Family Farm in Sycamore Township; moved to Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH 1931; DAR marker for Rev. War Veteran. [He is referred to as Senior on cemetery records.] This John must have been the John Ferris, Jr., (?) in the Albany Co militia in the Revolution, as his father was the only other known John Ferris in that county at that time; also served in the Indian warfare in Ohio, where he was on the payroll of Captain Richard Greaton’s Company, First Sub-Legion of the United States Army, for a little over two months in 1793. John’s cousin Ezra stated that John was a Lieutenant of the first military company organized in that area and served under General Anthony Wayne in his campaign, which ended in 1795. John and his wife are said to have moved directly to Columbia, although they may have landed on the Kentucky shore first until cabins were built in the new settlement at the mouth of the Little Miami River in 1789. They were charter members of the Baptist Church at Columbia in 1790, but were dismissed in 1792, probably to the church at Duck Creek. Family tradition has him leaving Albany, NY and sailing down the Hudson to join the party migrating to Ohio. John and his wife were buried in the cemetery on the original Ferris farm in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, OH, but about 1931 their remains were removed to the Mount Carmel Cemetery in the same township. John married Betsy (Elizabeth) Denton [dau of Solomon and Lydia (Husted) Denton.] who died March 2, 1814 at age 55y; buried at Sycamore Township Cemetery. Born to them were:

( SARAH FERRIS born c1777 probably in Albany Co NY and died January 15, 1815, age 37y; married 1796 Nicolas Johnston, a native of Dumfries, Scotland, born 1764 and died December 24, 1821; both buried Carpenters Run Pioneer Cemetery, Plainville, Hamilton, OH; photo of tombstone; and born to them was (and probably others):

( WILLIAM JOHNSTON (1809-1869) married 1830 Margaret Fenton Karr (1810-1899) and born to them were:

( SARAH JOHNSTON born February 20, 1833 Hamilton Co OH and died September 9, 1893 Branch Hill, Clermont, OH; married February 12, 1854 Samuel N. Price [son of Peter Smith Price] born May 18, 1821 Sharonville, Hamilton, OH and died April 29, 1887 Branch Hill, Clermont, OH; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, Miamiville, Clermont, OH; he is listed as a carpenter in the 1860 and 1870 census; and born to them were:

( MARGARET PRICE (Maggie) born December 1857 IL and died in/after 1930 where she is listed as living as a lodger in Miami Township, Clermont Co, OH

( EMMA A PRICE born November 1859

( IRWIN NATHANIEL SHEPARD PRICE (N.S.) (Noah) born 1861 OH and died before 1930; buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery OH there are several Mt Pleasant Cemeteries in OH, but there is one in Clermont Co, right one?); married c1883 Anna J Wendt [dau of Heinrich & Louisa (Weichert) Wendt] born June 6, 1854 Campbell Co KY and died January 11, 1937 Clermont Co OH; buried there Evergreen Cemetery; and born to them were:

( IRWIN PRICE born April 1884 OH; married Florence Madden born 1884 IN; and born to them were:

( FANNIE MAY PRICE born c1902 Cincinnati OH

( CLARENCE NEVEL PRICE born July 17, 1885 KY and died February 10, 1938 Clermont Co OH; buried there Evergreen Cemetery; photographer; also worked as a clerk in the railroad ticket office; married 1st 1908 Henrietta Smith (Noni) (Etta) [dau of Eugene & Henrietta (Nehring) Smith] born December 1, 1890 Toledo OH and died November 12, 1956 Pasadena CA; buried Forest Lawn Memorial Hill Cemetery, Burbank CA – divorced; she was Court Reporter for the Superior Court in Tiffin OH 1928-44; also Court Reporter for the Juvenile Court in Los Angeles; married 2d 1915 Anna{maiden name unk} (1898-); and born to him and Henrietta were:

( HELEN LOUISE PRICE (Photo) born May 5, 1909 Madisonville OH and died August 27, 1994 Fort Lauderdale FL; buried Fairmont Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, OH (Photo); married 1st January 8, 1929 in Philadelphia PA, Frank John Gentile (Frank DuMont- stage name) [son of Gaitano & Jennieve (Mozzacchio) Gentile] born December 7,. 1903 Philadelphia and died April 22, 1975 Atlantic City NJ; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Mays Landing NJ – both in vaudeville as part of the Martha Kaye Review – divorced 1935 and took back her maiden name; married 2d December 31, 1943 Oren A Heyman born August 9, 1900 and died May 1984 Tiffin OH; buried with Helen; and born to her and Frank was:

( JOHN FRANKLYN PRICE (John Franklyn Gentile) (Photo) born February 29, 1932 Tiffin OH; after graduating from Tiffin Columbian High School OH, he moved to Glendale CA to live with his grandmother; attended Occidental College in Los Angeles where he received a B.A. in Geology; drafted into the Army 1954 and served in Germany; upon his discharge from the Army he did post-graduate work in geology; 1959-63 work private industry in California; 1963-1995 federal civil service with the Library of Congress; married July 11, 1959 in Hollywood CA, Marjorie Mae Kaup [dau of Alphonse & Alma (Meister) Kaup] born February 19, 1939 West Point NE; John has provided the info for this twig AND has read the entire Ferris Tree, seeking and finding errors – thanks John; and born to them were:

( KERI LISA PRICE (1960-) graduated from Bowie Senior High School, Bowie MD; B.A. in history from Frostburg State College, Frostburg MD; worked at the Library of Congress and received Master’s Degree in Library Science, U of Maryland

( TAMI ALISON PRICE born July 14, 1962 Hawthorne CA; B.A. in Education from Salisbury State College, Salisbury MD; worked at the Library of Congress before becoming a Prince George County MD Police Officer; married August 6, 1988 in Bowie MD, Robert Liberati Jr born December 30, 1961; he is a Captain with the Prince George Co Police, Assistant Commander at the District I, Hyattsville Station; and they had 2 kids

( SCOTT CAMERON PRICE (1964-) (Photo) graduated from Bowie Senior High School, Bowie MD; received a B.A. in Business from Bowie State College, Bowie MD; Army Vet; married October 21, 2006 at Nags Head SC, Trisha Brady

Born to Helen and her 2d husband, Oren, was:

( J-ANNA SUE HEYMAN born April 21, 1945 Tiffin OH; married 1st Walter Lawrence; 2d Jimmy Hoffman – no offspring

( DOROTHY PRICE born May 22, 1911 Madisonville OH and died April 10, 1993 Central Point OR; married 1st Edward Butler; 2d 1949 in Glendale CA, Frank Van Horn (1910-1985); and Dorothy and Frank adopted 2 boys – Dorothy and Frank are both buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Burbank CA

( ROY L PRICE born June 1888 KY; married c1907 Florence {maiden name unk}; apparently they divorced or Florence died, as Roy had remarried in 1920, May {maiden name unk}; and born to him and Florence was:

( UNK PRICE (1908-) died young

( ALICE L PRICE born July 24, 1892 OH and died February 1985 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH; married 1914 Jacob J Bernhardt born November 19, 1886 and died May 1978 Cincinnati; and born to them were:

( CHESTER BERNHARDT born July 18, 1918 and died April 6, 1999 Maysville KY


( IRA EDGAR PRICE (Rev) born June 4, 1863 Clermont Co OH and died there April 19, 1924; married c1889 Luella Stemler [dau of Charles] born November 1863 Newport, Campbell, KY and died after September 1900; and born to them were:


( JOSEPHINE PRICE (Josie) born July 28, 1891 and died February 4, 1978 Berkeley CA; married c1918 Harvey Lewis Morton (c1897-); and born to them were:

( HARVEY LEWIS MORTON JR (c1920-) married a Miss Edland

( WILLIAM MORTON (c1924-) married Mary Burnham (c1925-)

( ALVION JOHNSTON PRICE born August 12, 1893 and died September 9, 1970; married Janet Parson

( LLEWELLAH STEMLER PRICE born October 22, 1895 OH and died May 29, 1979 Marin Co CA (resided Novato, Marin Co); married September 22, 1916 Maynard Robert Buckles born April 28, 1883 IN and died August 26, 1978 CA (not listed in California Death Records); and born to them were:

( ROBERT E BUCKLES born c1917 IN

( BETTY JOSEPHINE BUCKLES born January 12, 1921 NM; married 1st July 12, 1942 Thorp Byrd Walker born May 9, 1919 and died June 41, 196*; married 2d 1969 Herman L. Coplen born July 16, 1915. In 1977, Betty resided in Novato CA. Born to Betty and Thorp was:

( SUSAN CLAIR WALKER married James H. Edwards, Jr


( EVALINE PRICE (Eva) born April 1872; married c1908 John C Troyanek born 1881 Germany; and born to them was:

( DOROTHY TROYANEK born after 1910

( DAVID L. JOHNSTON born in May 1836 and died June 28, 1836; married Juliana T. Edwards

( AUGUSTUS JOHNSTON born in 1841 and died August 26, 1841

( NANCY JOHNSTON born in 1846 and died September 17, 1847

( PHEBE JOHNSTON born in 1847 and died June 7, 1849


( JOHN FERRIS born December 5, 1781 Albany Co NY and died September 30, 1855/35?; buried at the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH [see note and photographs at end of this chapter relative to this cemetery]; married 1st c1803 Elizabeth Thompson born March 11, 1785 NJ and died 1824; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery; married 2d February 1, 1825 Margaret Emmons who died 1826 probably from childbirth complications; buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery; married 3d 1827 Elizabeth Cosbey [dau of Samuel, Sr. & Margaret] (1803-1856) (tombstone photo). Born to John and his 1st wife Elizabeth, were:

( ENOCH FERRIS born March 22, 1804 and died April 9, 1842; married December 2, 1830 Lydia Hosbrook (Hasbrook) [dau of Daniel & Eunice (Torbet) Hasbrook] born June 9, 1809 and died May 20, 1845/47; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; and born to them were:

( MARY JANE FERRIS born November 19, 1832 and died February 17, 1866; unmarried

( DANIEL FERRIS born December 29, 1834 and died March 6, 1874; married October 3, 1862 Irene Johnston born January 1, 1846; and born to them were:

( BENTON FERRIS born November 3, 1863 and died October 6, 1867

( LYDIA FERRIS born August 31, 1867 and died June 4, 1890

( IRA FERRIS born May 9, 1869 and died January 25, 1914

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born December 20, 1836 and died March 22, 1898; married December 6, 1859 Moses K. Fatout born November 28, 1836

( JOHN ENOCH FERRIS born June 20, 1839 and died September 5, 1873; unmarried

( EUNICE FERRIS born June 6, 1842 and died December 5, 1899; married November 3, 1870 Simpson Alexander Frazier (1846-1918); Simpson was educated at Butler University; a lawyer and public official, Centralia IL. Born to them were:

( EDITH FRAZIER born July 31, 1871 Centralia IL; married March 8, 1899 Charles Edward Hudson born October 23, 1866 Pine Bluff AR and died November 29, 1926; Charles was a 1887 graduate of the US Naval Academy; and born to them were:


( GENEVIEVE EUNICE HUDSON born July 9, 1906; graduated Mt. Holyoke College 1928

( CHARLES EDWARD HUDSON, JR., born April 19, 1908; graduate of A&M College 1930

( ALLEGRA FRAZIER born September 16, 1874; Radcliffe, A.B., 1905; Columbia, A.M., 1919; U of London, England; Professor of English at U of Arizona

( GENEVIEVE FRAZIER (1877-1967) married June 19, 1896, William Schuyler Perrine (1862-1940) [son of George Hanson Perrine]. He was educated at the old U of Chicago and Boston U.; president of Illinois State Horticulture Society; member of advisory board for the U of Illinois. Born to them were:

( SCHUYLER ALDEN PERRINE born August 16, 1897; married Vera Irene Joy

( DAVID BATES PERRINE born October 22, 1899; married Fanny French

( GEORGE HOSBROOK PERRINE (George Hanson) born April 23, 1905 Centralia IL; U of Illinois, A.M., 1928; Ph.D., 1935; taught French and German at Columbia and U of Illinois; radio lecturer; resided at Centralia IL and Clinton NY; married 1st August 10, 1927 Mary Carolyn Hale born November 14, 1906 Bloomfield IL; and 2d in 1942 Rosemary Lawler (1906-); and born to them was:

( BEATRICE PERRINE born June 24, 1929 Champaign IL

( CAROLYN MAYNARD PERRINE (1911-1996) married Thanksgiving Day 1935 in Centralia IL, Vadime Vadime Netchvolodoff (1910-1998). He born in Imperial Russia and immigrated to the US in 1917, after the collapse of Imperial Russia, with his father Vadime Platon Netchvolodoff (who died February 13, 1972 at 87y in St. Louis) and his mother, Blanche who was actually a member of French aristocracy. The Netchvolodoff family was part of the Russian aristocracy. Vadime went to Cornell (Class of ’32) (Phi Kappa Tau) (ME) where he met Carolyn. He was the Vice President of Valley Steel Products Division, Valley Industries, and consulting engineer. Born to them were:

( ALEXANDER VADIME NETCHVOLODOFF (Photo) born September 7, 1936 St Louis MO; married January 28, 1961 in St Louis, Carol Beulah Shilkett. He is Senior Vice President of Public Policy, Cox Enterprises; chief administrator in the Office of Missouri Attorney General 1968-1976; chief of staff to Sen. Danforth (MO) 1976-91; Member of Board of Trustees of The Media Institute; Board Member of the College of Preachers; former senior Warden of St. Alban’s, Washington, D.C. There are numerous ‘Net hits regarding his testimonies before congressional committees. Carol is an expert bridge player. Born to them were:

( NICHOLAS ALEXANDER NETCHVOLODOFF born October 16, 1961 St Louis MO; married May 3, 1997 in Washington, D.C., Catherine Ellen Livingston; he has an A.B. in Mathematical Economics from Brown and a Masters in Professional Accounting from the U. of Hartford; Vice President and Product Manager of Research, Precursor Group. Nick has provided this updated info on this interesting “twig” of the Ferris Treethanks Nick! He has also provided the following interesting information regarding the naming of children: “Russian children traditionally have middle names that refer to their fathers. A father’s first name becomes the child’s middle name. My grandfather’s name was Vadime Vadime (my great-grandfather was Vadime Platon, hence the double Vadime Vadime.) My father’s name is Alexander Vadime. My name is Nicholas Alexander. My son is Peter Nicholas. My authentic Russian name would be Nicolas Alexandrovich. It translates Nicholas, son of Alexander. My son would be Peter Nicolaiovich had we kept to strict tradition. It may seem somewhat exotic but is also common in Western Europe where Johnsons, Petersons, and Carlsons are products of the same concept. Russian girls middle names have slightly different endings. A daughter of Alexander is Alexandrovna.” Born to them were:

( PETER NICHOLAS NETCHVOLODOFF born July 13, 1999 Washington, D.C ( LUCY SARAH NETCHVOLODOFF born September 9, 2002 Washington, D.C

( CAROLINE ALEXANDRA NETCHVOLODOFF born April 23, 1963 St. Louis MO; married February 2, 1991 William Dudley McCall; and born to them were:

( NICHOLAS COOPER MCCALL born January 15, 1993 New York City

( PETER NETCHVOLODOFF MCCALL (twin) born June 24, 1994 New York City

( ALEXANDER ADAMS MCCALL (twin) born June 24, 1994 New York City

( HENRY DAVID MCCALL born August 17, 1999 Atlanta GA

( CATHERINE VADIME NETCHVOLODOFF, M.D., (Photo) born February 2, 1946 St. Louis MO; a gastroenterologist in Little Rock AR; numerous references on the ‘Net to her medical papers

( ANNA FERRIS born December 22, 1805; [Pure speculation – there was an Anna Ferris married, March 5, 1857, in Tuscarawas County OH, William Feller; probably not the same one.]

( AARON FERRIS born October 14, 1807 OH; married 1830 in Clermont Co OH, Julia Ann Anderson born c1813 NJ; 1850-60 finds them in Salem Township, Warren Co OH; and born to them were:

( JERUSHA FERRIS born c1835 OH and died before 1880; married 1860 in Warren Co OH, James Harvey Clinton [son of Archibald & Sarah]; 1850-1880 James was living in Salem Township, Warren Co OH; and born to them was:

( ELLIS CLINTON – his father was living with in 1880

( MARTHA J FERRIS born March 1837 OH and died between 1900-10 IN; married July 7, 1859 in Warren Co OH, George Carson [son of John & Martha (Simonton) Carson] born September 8, 1834 OH and died April 19, 1872 Warren Co OH; buried there Crosson Cemetery (Photo); 1900 resided Center Township, Jennings Co IN; and born to them were:

( MARION CARSON born December 1862 OH; married c1903 Maud S {maiden name unk}; 1910-1930 resided Center Township, Jennings Co IN; and born to them were:


( NADINE M CARSON born March 12, 1908 IN and died July 16, 1989; married 1935 in Jennings Co IN, George Amos Grinstead born March 24, 1900 Jennings Co IN and died there May 16, 1960


( EDWIN CARSON born July 30, 1867 OH; resided Jackson, Jackson, IN 1930; married November 26, 1891 in Jennings Co IN, Jennie Eva Holsclaw [dau of William T & Almira (King) Holsclaw] born March 1866 Jennings Co; and born to them were:

( HAZEL LAVONNE CARSON born September 21, 1892 IN

( ETHEL GRACE CARSON born September 20, 1894 IN and died April 5, 1988 Seymour IN

( LIZZIE CARSON born December 28, 1898 IN and died February 6, 1900

( EDWINA JUNE CARSON born June 13, 1903 IN and died June 21, 1990; married July 19, 1957 Louis R Geyer

( HELEN JEANNETTE CARSON born August 15, 1907 Jackson Co IN and died June 2, 2003 Goshen, Elkhart, IN; married January 23, 1932 in Salem IN, Charles Alan Linke [son of Thomas Frank & Cora M (Coffey) Linke] born September 2, 1904 Clifford, Barthololmew, IN and died November 2, 1979 Seymour, Jackson, IN; both buried there Riverview Cemetery (Photo); and they had 3 kids



( MOSES S FERRIS born c1846 OH; 1880 Campbell, Jennings, IN; 1900 Decatur Co IN; constable; married Mary Elizabeth {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:


( STELLA FERRIS born February 1877 IN


( EMMETT FERRIS born June 1882 IN



( NANCY FERRIS born October 25, 1809 and died July 25, 1838 [Jim – pure speculation – there was a Nancy Ferris who married a Hardy H. Ferris, January 23, 1834 in Orange County IN.]

( RHODA FERRIS born June 15, 1811

( ALFRED FERRIS born April 4, 1814 [Jim – pure speculation – there was an Alfred Ferris who married, April 11, 1839 in Shelby County IN, Polly Ann Smallwood.]

( CYNTHEANA FERRIS born April 9, 1816

( NANCY O. (C.?) FERRIS born May 25, 1818

( DAVID T. FERRIS born September 9, 1820; married Mary E. Cregar and born to them were:








( RHODA MAY FERRIS born September 9, 1866; married March 6, 1884 William Rosecrants born January 27, 1863; and born to them was:

( MAY FLORENCE ROSENCRANTS married George Sedgwick; no offspring

( DAVID T. FERRIS, JR. married, lady’s name unk, but born to them were:



Born to John and his second wife, Margaret was:

( JOHN FERRIS born December 17, 1825 and died in infancy

Born to John and his third wife, Elizabeth were:

( MARGARET COSBEY FERRIS born March 20, 1828/29 and died 1899; born Margaretta; married 1st 1854 Harrison B. Hall; 2d 1864 Peter Service

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born February 14, 1830 and died 1899; married 1st 1859 John Peter Klein (Cline) Sr. (1818-1867); 2d 1868 John Betchen

( JOHN C. FERRIS [JOHN FERRIS III] born December 15, 1832 and died March 5, 1908; married November 3, 1859 Angelina FERRIS ( Born to them were:

( WILLIAM EZRA FERRIS born July 28, 1860 and died February 1944; married June 7, 1883, widow Sarah (Varbar/Yarbary) Service [widow of James F. Service] born October 8, 1863 (October 18, 1858) and died 1946. Sarah brought with her to his marriage, a son, George Walter Service. Born to them were:

( CLARENCE FERRIS born October 25, 1884 and died October 3, 1886; buried Sycamore Townshipment Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born March 20, 1887 and died 1967; married July 10, 1912 Daniel P. Miller born February 26, 1884 and died June 25, 1965

( ALISON ELLSWORTH FERRIS born April 12/15, 1862 and died September 3, 1948; married June 20, 1888 Elizabeth “Lizzie” Ann Hetzler [dau of Wesley] born June 25, 1869 and died April 8, 1949. Born to them were:

( CLYDE WESLEY FERRIS born August 2, 1889 and died July 3, 1890

( NINA MAY FERRIS born July 18, 1891 and died April 18, 1923; married Claude Garbey

( CASSELL HOWARD FERRIS born September 29, 1894; married April 9, 1917 Anna Feimer

( LAWRENCE ELLSWORTH FERRIS born July 4, 1897; married June 2, 1919 Marie Elizabeth Bick born April 24, 1897 and died February 22, 1945

( IRA ELLIS FERRIS born October 7, 1899 and died 1986; married May 24, 1919 Edna Mabel Perry born May 19, 1901; and born to them were:

( IRA HERBERT FERRIS (1921-) married 1941 Nancy Fabian; and born to them were:

( CHARLOTTE ELLEN FERRIS (1942-) married Thomas F. Kilcoyne and born to them were:



( STEVEN IRA FERRIS (1949-) married Patricia Roth and born to them was:



( MABEL ELIZABETH FERRIS born June 17, 1903 and died May 17, 1947; married October 3, 1923 Charles Wagner born February 13, 1903; and born to them were:

( DOROTHY VIRGINIA WAGNER born February 14, 1924

( CHARLES ROBERT WAGNER born February 4, 1926

( DORA HENRIETTA FERRIS born July 25, 1906 and died September 23, 1908

( JOHN STEVENS FERRIS (Johnie) born August 3, 1864 and died August 9, 1875; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( GEORGE ELLIS (ELIS) FERRIS born August 31, 1868 and died 1939; unmarried; buried Sycamore Townshipment Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (tombstone photo)

( ELIZA JANE FERRIS born December 19, 1870/1 and died August 17, 1875

( CHARLES BENTLEY FERRIS (Little Charlie) born June 6, 1875 and died November 7, 1878; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( FLORA MAGNOLIA FERRIS born November 15, 1872, Munice IN (adopted).

( ELEANOR C. FERRIS born January 3, 1835 and died 1837

( JANE B. FERRIS born October 10, 1841 and died as an infant

( SUSANNAH FERRIS born c1778, NY – in the 1850 census she was listed as 72 years old; married Benajah Ayers [son of Richard & Mary (Miller) Ayers] born May 30, 1774 and died October 30, 1848 Miami Co OH; aged 74 years 5 months; buried Garbry Cemetery, Springcreek Township. Susannah and Benajah’s parents were pioneer settlers of Blue Ash, Syramore Township, Hamilton Co OH. Benajah and Susannah along with their family members moved to Springcreek Township, Miami County OH in 1831 buying 159 acres. Born to them were:

( DARIUS AYERS born April 15, 1800 Hamilton Co OH and died December 2, 1839 Miami Co OH; married August 26, 1824 in Hamilton Co OH, Orpah Rosebrough born October 13, 1804 KY and died February 19, 1892 Mt. Pulaski, Logan, IL. Born to them were:

( RICHARD FERRIS AYERS born May 18, 1825 Hamilton Co OH and died April 30, 1882 Chestnut IL; Sheriff of Logan County IL and Supervisor of Aetna Township

( MARY AYERS born May 18, 1827 Hamilton Co OH and died July 17, 1855 Miami Co OH; married October 21, 1847 in Miami Co OH, Joseph C. Webster

( ALFRED AYERS born January 25, 1829 Hamilton Co OH; resided in DeWitt County IL; farmer

( JOHN ROSEBROUGH AYERS born March 13, 1831 Miami Co OH and died March 7, 1912 Mt. Pulaski, Logan, IL; Civil War Veteran served with Company E., 106th Illinois Volunteers for 3 years. Note: 106th Illinois Infantry Regiment was organized at Lincoln IL and mustered in September 18, 1862 (his residence was Salt Creek) – regiment assigned provost duty at Jackson TN and as railroad guard along Mobile & Ohio R.R. until March, 1863; repulse of Forest’s attack on Jackson December 20, 1862; moved to Bolivar TN March 1863; thence to Vicksburg MS, May 31st; Siege of Vicksburg MS, June 9 – July 4; ordered to Helena AR, July 29; thence to Clarendon AR Augsut 13th and to Duvall’s Bluff, August 22d; Steele’s Expedition against Little Rock AR, September 1-10; Bayou Fourche and capture of Little Rock, September 10; duty there until October 26; pursuit of Marmaduke’s forces October 26 – November 1; duty at Little Rock, Duvall’s Bluff, Hot Springs, Lewisburg, St. Charles, Dardanelles and Brownsville AR until July, 1865; mustered out July 12 and discharged at Springfield IL, July 24, 1865 as a Corporal. He married February 5, 1871 Mrs. Eliza (Clark) Shupe [dau of Rev. Richard W. Clark] born November 9, 1841 McDonough Co IL and died March 5, 1882 Mt. Pulaski, Logan, IL; both buried Mt Pulaski Cemetery, Mt Pulaski, Logan, IL; and born to them was:

( LENA ADELE AYERS born April 6, 1873 Mt Pulaski, Logan, IL and died February 7, 1932; married in Logan Co Frank Benjamin Synder [son of Charles & Caroline (Vendevender) Snyder] born November 29, 1871 IL and died January 30, 1938; both buried Mt Pulaski Cemetery, Mt Pulaski, Logan, IL; and born to them was:

( WILLARD AYERS SNYDER born January 5, 1898 Logan Co IL and died November 21, 1967; buried Mt Pulaski Cemetery

( SUSAN AYERS born November 30, 1832 Piqua, Miami, OH and died August 6, 1907 Olympia WA; married December 27, 1855 in Mt Pulsaki IL, Thomas Stout Clark (related to sister-in-law?) [son of David Ward & Hannah (Stout) Clark] born February 13, 1832 Springfield IL and died October 13, 1917 Olympia WA; both buried Masonic Cemetery, (Tumwater) Turnwater, Thurston, WA; apparented moved from IL to NE between 1868-71; and born to them were:

( HENRY CLARK born 1855 Logan Co IL

( CLARENCE WELLINGTON CLARK born November 19, 1856 Logan Co IL

( THEDA ELLEN CLARK born June 7, 1858 Mt Pulsaki, Logan, IL and died December 1, 1947 Zenith, King, WA; married September 24, 1876 in Polk NE, Edward Morrison McClintic [son of Nathaniel & Eliza Bolinda (Sloan) McClinticborn September 13, 1853 Stephenson IL and died December 21, 1939 Olympia WA; both buried Masonic Memorial Cemetery, Turnwater, Thruston, WA; and born to them were:

( WINNIE MAY MCCLINTIC born June 24, 1877 Rock Springs, Sweetwater, WY

( MYRTLE MCCLINTIC born January 12, 1879 Clarks Station, Merrick, NE and died in Lehi, Utah, UT; buried Fairview Cemetery, Clarks, Merrick, NE

( CLARENE MAUD MCCLINTIC born July 18, 1886 Lehi Junction, Utah, UT and died September 28, 1942 Olympia WA; married November 20, 1904 in Vancouver WA, John Stokes [son of Samuel Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth (Dunagin) Stokes] born December 6, 1871 Avoca, Benton, AR and died May 14, 1945 Orting, Pierce, WA; both buried Masonic Memorial Park, Turnwater WA; and born to them were:

( RAY STOKES born April 23, 1906 Vancouver, Clark, WA and died June 28, 1957 Oakland, Alameda, CA; married Edna Drewry (Neo) born December 21, 1907 Olympia WA and died July 7, 1994 Tenino WA; both buried Masonic Memorial Park, Turnwater WA; and born to them was:

( WARREN EDWARD STOKES born May 8, 1932 Olympia WA and died there January 7, 1971

( THEDA ELIZABETH STOKES born April 1, 1908 Olympia WA and died there January 22, 1969; married June 1, 1932 Everett Lee Holmes born September 29, 1901 Olympia WA and January 22, 1969 Yakima WA; both buried Masonic Memorial Park, Turnwater WA; and they had 2 kids

( CARRIE VIOLA MCCLINTIC born June 4, 1888 Evanston, Uinta, WY; married 1908 Leroy Rea French born 1848 Evanston WY and died September 15, 1911 Vancouver WA; buried Masonic Cemetery, Olympia WA; and they had a child

( LENA CLARK born 1859 Logan Co IL

( MARTHA LESLINE CLARK born August 8, 1860 Logan Co IL

( LYMAN R CLARK born August 8, 1860 Logan Co IL

( ROBERT JASON CLARK born April 7, 1866 Logan Co IL

( REBECCA FLORENCE CLARK born June 2, 1868 Logan Co IL

( MERTIS KATE CLARK born June 23, 1871 Polk NE

( DARIAS WARD CLARK born September 27, 1873 Polk NE

( JAMES AYERS born November 15, 1834 Miami County OH and died January 10, 1904 Mt. Pulaski, Logan, IL; married 1883 Christina C. (Warner) Webster [dau of Henry I. & Margaret (Becker) Warner] born in Schoharie Co NY

( REBECCA AYERS born March 5, 1840 Miami Co OH and died August 24, 1884 Mt. Pulaski, Logan, IL; married J. H. Dement

( JOHN F. AYERS born c1801 Hamilton Co OH and died July 1849 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH at age 48y; death due to cholera

( HANNAH AYERS born 1804 Hamilton Co OH and died June 1883 Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co IL; married William Rosebrough born November 11, 1799 KY and died March 28, 1876 at 76y – related to his sister-in-law? Born to them were:

( BENAJAH AYERS ROSEBROUGH born April 16, 1832 Champaign Co OH and died Mason County IL; married Maria Tomlin born August 27, 1837 and died March 4, 1873; and born to them were:

( CORA ELLEN ROSENBROUGH born November 17, 1866 and died June 25, 1913; married George Drake Coon born 1857 and died August 22, 1926 at 69y; and born to them was:

( MARY ELLEN COON born 1904 Clinton MO; married 1925 in Columbia MO, Fred McClaskey; 1958 they resided in LaGrange IL

( SEMANTHA AYERS died after 1879; married November 4, 1831 in Miami Co OH, Henry Line who died March 2, 1879; and born to them was:


( SQUIRE LITTLE AYERS born August 21, 1810 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH and died September 13, 1849 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH; married 1st November 6, 1833 in Hamilton Co OH, Jane Goldtrap [dau of John & Ann (Voorhees) Goldtrap] born November 14, 1812 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH and died November 17, 1838 Miami Co OH; married 2d April 22, 1841 in Miami Co OH, Rebecca Dill born November 18, 1820 and died August 5, 1841; and married 3d June 25, 1843 in Miami Co OH, Elsy Ann (Manning) Drake born July 23, 1821 and died after September 1855; and born to Squire and Jane were:

( MARY ANN AYERS born September 10, 1834 Miami Co OH and died September 21, 1835

( RACHEL OLGER ANN AYERS born May 20, 1836 Miami Co OH and died 1907 Milford, Hamilton, OH (?); married December 30, 1857 in Hamilton Co OH, Christopher C. Clark who died after 1907; and born to them was:

( GENIAH COVALT CLARK born 1871 and died at less than one year of age

( JOHN GOLDTRAP AYERS born August 24, 1838 and died September 16, 1839 Born to Squire and his third wife, Elsy Ann, were:

( PHOEBE AYERS (Phoebe A) born November 17, 1844 and died December 1919; married January 5, 1865 in Brown Township, Miami Co OH, William M Lane [son of Issac & Sabina (McKnight) Lane] born October 14, 1841 Fletcher OH and died there April 27, 1919

( MANNING AYERS born April 28, 1847 and died September 4, 1848

( ORPHAH AYERS born August 1, 1849

( PHOEBE AYERS born March 4, 1813 Hamilton Co OH and died March 24, 1899 Miami Co OH; buried Rapier Chapel Cemetery, Miami OH; married September 26, 1833 in Miami Co OH, Samuel Winans [son of John & Mary (Woodruff) Winans] born November 21, 1805 (Rahway) Elizabethtown NJ and died February 29, 1872. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH WINANS born 1834 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died the same year

( JOHN C. WINANS born August 14, 1835 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died October 14, 1859; never married

( DARIUS WINANS born May 14, 1838 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died January 12, 1839

( DRUCILLA WINANS born April 8, 1843 Miami Co OH and died January 26, 1926 Piqua, Miami, OH; married November 14, 1861 Willliam R. Gearhart [son of Daniel & Mary (Beatty) Gearhart] born September 8, 1836 and died July 11, 1864 Fort Ethan Allen VA of typhoid fever while serving with Company K., 147th Ohio Infantry – Civil War. Born to them were:

( ELIZA LENORA GEARHART ‘Node’ born November 8, 1862 Miami Co OH and died February 1944 Piqua, Miami, OH; married October 11, 1881 in Miami Co, Edmond Hamilton Cox born August 31, 1860 Miami Co and died January 31, 1953 Piqua, Miami, OH; and born to them was:

( ETHEL COX born August 10, 1892 Piqua, Miami, OH and died there June 1, 1976; married June 9, 1912 in Piqua, James Dulies Finfrock [son of Henry Ellsworth & Alpharetta (Plessinger) Finfrock] born July 26, 1889 Piqua and died there June 20, 1960; and born to them were:

( MILDRED MAY FINFROCK born May 25, 1913 Piqua, Miami, OH and died April 30, 1922 Sidney, Shelby, OH; married June 16, 1935 in Richmond IN, Jesse W. Elliott [son of Clarence W. & Alice (English) Elliott] born December 17, 1912 Sidney OH and died June 21, 1979 Drake Co OH; and born to them were:

( JANE ANN ELLIOTT born July 2, 1936 Sidney, Shelby, OH; married October 20, 1956 at Milton FL, Frederick Hige Evans [son of Harold A. & Norma Matilda (Wizenhafer) Evans] born August 11, 1933; and born to them were:

( DAVID MICHAEL EVANS born October 15, 1957; married September 20, 1981 Nancy Ruth Hamilton born December 13, 1958 – divorced 1986; married 2d Bobbi Kelly – divorced 1989; and born to David and Nancy were:

( JULIE ANN EVANS born November 19, 1981

( MICHAEL ELLIOTT EVANS born September 21, 1983

( BRIAN JAY EVANS born December 2, 1985

Born to David and his second wife, Bobbi, was:

( CASEY MIRAGE EVANS born December 1, 1986

( DONNA MARIE EVANS born May 12, 1959; married April 18, 1981 Robert K McLean [son of Richard & Diane] born May 18, 1962; and born to them were:

( ROBERT CURTIS MCLEAN born January 25, 1982

( TYELER MARIE MCLEAN born September 2, 1986

( JORDAN SAMANTHA MCLEAN born November 10, 1991

( ROBERT JAMES EVANS born August 8, 1961; married Penny Louis Compton [dau of Gene & Louise] born February 10, 1963 – divorced 1996; married 2d June 19, 1999 Stacy Wooten born October 17, 1977; and born to Robert and Penny were:

( ROBERT DAVID EVANS born November 21, 1980

( CHRISTOPHER SHAWN EVANS born April 11, 1982

( LONI KRISTEN EVANS born April 19, 1987

( NANCY CAROL EVANS born July 1, 1964; married October 15, 1988 Mason Stanton Dunn [son of Walter H. & Gennevee (Gardner) Dunn] born August 15, 1967; and born to them were:

( GARRETT STANTON DUNN born June 29, 1989

( WADE HUNTER DUNN born January 8, 1992

( AUSTIN TYLER DUNN born July 15, 1993

( SUE ANN EVANS born April 18, 1967; married August 31, 1986 Vincent Salvator Mazzurco [son of Joseph & Mary] born November 1959; and born to them were:



( JULIANO DAVID MAZZURCO born April 12, 1994

( NICHOLAS ALEXANDER MAZZURCO born September 22, 1995

( SIBYL LOIS ELLIOTT born June 14, 1938 Sidney, Shelby, OH and died December 3, 1973 Dayton OH; married 1st June 30, 1955 John Fedor, Jr. [son of John & Mae (Whelan) Fedor] born April 10, 1937 – divorced; married 2d Kenneth England; and born to Sibyl and John were:

( JOHN JESSE FEDOR born January 4, 1956

( CLARICE IRENE FEDOR ‘Clarkie’ born September 13, 1958; married July 1, 1984 John Paul Lambert born January 23, 1952 – divorced; and born to them was:

( SIBYL STACY LAMBERT born September 15, 1989

( LORI ANN FEDOR born June 24, 1964; married June 22, 1984 David Jay Ringland born December 23, 1958; and born to them were:

( PAUL DAVID RAY RINGLAND born August 24, 1985


( LUCILE VIRGINIA FINFROCK born October 30, 1914 Piqua, Miami, OH; married August 30, 1935 in Piqua, Joseph Edward Meyer [son of August Edward & Louisa (Frenzer) Meyer] born February 8, 1913 Sidney, Shelby, OH and died September 22, 1985 St. Marys, Auglaize, OH; and born to them were:

( JOSEPH EDWARD MEYER, JR., ‘Butch’ born July 4, 1938 Middletown, Butler, OH; married August 15, 1959 in Sidney OH, Judith Lee Neese [dau of Cyril Russell & Jennie Francene (Baker) Neese] born January 30, 1939 Sidney OH. Joe is the provider of the information for this ‘twig’ – thanks, Joe. Born to them were:

( JULIE KATHLEEN MEYER born March 17, 1960; married August 27, 1983 John Kishler born July 9, 1955 – divorced 1997; and born to them was:

( TRISHA BETH (KISHLER) born March 6, 1977 and adopted by John in 1984

( JESSICA NICOLE KISHLER born March 30, 1984

( NICHOLAS JAMES MEYER born December 21, 1961; married 1st December 27, 1980 Denise Bebee – divorced; married 2d October 12, 1985 Mary Helen Coldiron born September 25, 1967 – divorced; married 3d October 21, 1989 Christine (Huffman) Ziegler born December 19, 1961 – divorced – Nicholas adopted Christine’s daughter from her previous marriage; Rachel Briann Meyer born November 1, 1988; married 4th April 25, 1998 Tamara Lynn (Tullis) Stewart born May 15, 1971; and born to Nicholas and Mary were:

( BRITTNEY LEE MEYER born April 21, 1986

Born to Nicholas and his third wife, Christine, was:

( NICHOLAS JAMES MEYER II born November 2, 1990

( LAURIE MARIE MEYER born January 22, 1963; married 1st October 28, 1989 Jeffrey Keckler – divorced; married 2d in 1992 Michael Amato born September 12, 1957 – divorced; and born to Lauri and Michael were:

( SARA MICHELE AMATO born April 22, 1993

( LUCAS MICHAEL AMATO born July 5, 1996

( ELIZABETH ELLEN MEYER born January 4, 1964; married July 2, 1983 Daniel Ray Noneman [son of Charles Norbert & Carl Rae (Heymann) Noneman] born January 13, 1962; and born to them were:

( DUSTIN ANDREW NONEMAN born November 22, 1983

( ERICA LYNN NONEMAN born September 7, 1988

( MICHAEL JAMES MEYER born February 10, 1941 Middletown, Butler, OH; married June 21, 1969 in New Bremen, Auglaize, OH, Drusilla Adeline Luedeke [dau of Arnold August & Norma Rose (Heinfield) Luedeke] born May 27, 1948 Celina, Mercer, OH; and born to them were:

( KRISTINA NORMA MEYER born February 20, 1971; married October 10, 1998 Jeffrey Lee Kuck [son of Darrell Lee & Mary E. (Hoelscher) Kuck] born December 7, 1966; and born to them was:

( JEREMY MICHAEL KUCK born September 23, 1999

( JENNIFER J. LUCILE MEYER born June 24, 1976 St. Marys, Auglaize, OH; married September 5, 1998 Michael Frederick Lance born March 30, 1976

( CARRIE ROSINA MEYER born April 28, 1981 St. Marys, Auglaize, OH

( THOMAS AUGUST MEYER born February 10, 1941 Middletown, Butler, OH; a member of the religious congregation of The Society of the Divine Savior

( DORIS ELINOR FINFROCK born August 16, 1916 Piqua, Miami, OH and died October 21, 1989 Dayton, Montgomery, OH; married January 18, 1941 in Piqua, John Starling Baker [son of Nicholas & Marie Antoinette (Moore) Baker] born February 21, 1914 Champaign Co OH and died August 17, 1989 Sidney, Shelby, OH; no offspring

( HENRIETTA HELEN FINFROCK born January 27, 1918 Piqua, Miami, OH; married December 21, 1940 in Georgetown KY, Murray Alexander Young [son of George K. & Mary Beatrice (Fox) Young] born May 26, 1906 Ft Recovery, Mercer, OH and died April 26, 1970 Hamilton, Butler, OH; and born to them were:

( GEORGE HENRY YOUNG born December 21, 1942 and died October 29, 1944

( MURRAY ALEXANDER YOUNG, Jr., born March 14, 1945; married April 2, 1966 Nelda Layne Harris [dau of Sam S. & F. Eunice (McCord) Harris] born June 14, 1942; and born to them was:

( KELLI ALEXANDRIA YOUNG born March 6, 1970; married October 22, 1988 Shelby Runnels and born to them was:


( WILLIAM ALLEN YOUNG born August 23, 1946 – unmarried

( DAVID JAMES YOUNG born November 10, 1950 – unmarried

( LISA MARIE YOUNG born July 4, 1952; married October 22, 1969 Ronald Lee Mondello [son of Charles & Helen Marie (Dill) Mondello] born September 12, 1950; and born to them were:

( ANTHONY LEE MONDELLO born May 17, 1970

( SEAN MICHAEL MONDELLO born January 25, 1974

( SIBYL IRENE FINFROCK born January 9, 1921 Piqua, Miami, OH and died April 5, 1922 Miami Co OH; married June 16, 1948 in Piqua, John Frederick Yeager [son of Philip & Nellie (DeHaven) Yeager] born October 28, 1925 Sidney, Shelby, OH; and born to them was:

( JOHN PHILIP YEAGER born April 13, 1950; married 1978 Wendy Peters – divorced; and born to them was:

( UKIAH MARIE YEAGER born May 14, 1978

( This twig has been deleted at the family’s request

( JENNIE LORETTA GEARHART ‘Etta’ born August 6, 1964 Miami Co OH and died there December 17, 1921; married September 19, 1888 in Miami Co, Charles Elmer DeWeese [son of Lewis Saban & Mahala (Webb) DeWeese] born January 1, 1865 Casstown, Lost Creek Township, Miami Co OH and died February 17, 1933 Piqua, Miami, OH. Born to them were:

( WILBUR GEARHART DEWEESE born August 23, 1889 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH and died there February 3, 1916 – no offspring

( FREDERIC LLOYD DEWEESE born July 16, 1898 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH and died January 15, 1986 Piqua, Miami, OH; married June 2, 1921 in Miami Co, Lulu Caroline Free [dau of Clinton Daniel & Maggie (Sayers) Free] born September 23, 1897 Lost Creek Township, Miami Co OH and died May 5, 1983 Piqua, Miami, OH. Born to them were:

( INFANT DEWEESE born January 7, 1925 and died the next day

( MARGARET JEANETTE DEWEESE born October 16, 1927 Miami Co OH; married August 6, 1948 in Miami Co OH, Howard Leroy Coffing born April 24, 1924 Miami Co OH and died there August 18, 1998; and born to them were:

( NANCY JOANNE COFFING born June 1, 1951; married September 6, 1975 Woodford Gregory Rowland born August 7, 1952 – divorced; and born to them were:

( JENNIFER ERIN ROWLAND born February 26, 1982

( ELIZABETH ANN ROWLAND born May 29, 1984

( LARRY DEAN COFFING born April 1, 1953; married March 19, 1980 Barbara Ann DeMange born July 6, 1955; and born to them were:

( JONATHAN RYAN COFFING born October 12, 1982


( DAVID LEROY COFFING born July 14, 1958; married 1st June 6, 1981 Robin Sue Carey born November 21, 1959 – divorced; married 2d June 18, 1999 at Bardstown KY, Carla Diane (Ferry) Vaughn [dau of E.B. & Edna]

( MAURICE DEWEESE born and died November 15, 1930

( MYRON DEWEESE born November 15, 1930 and died the next day

( PAUL LLOYD DEWEESE born April 30, 1933 Miami Co OH; married March 19, 1955 in Covington, Miami, OH, Mary Louise Mutzner [dau of Charles & Ruth (Bodenmiller) Mutzner] born 1933; and born to them were:

( ELLEN KAY DEWEESE born March 31, 1957; married May 17, 1987 John W. Knudsen, Jr [son of John W. & Katherine (Enz) Knudsen]

( DOUGLAS LLOYD DEWEESE born March 27, 1958; married June 17, 1978 Linda Suzann Keiser [dau of Robert B. & Beverly (Agenbroad) Keiser] and born to them were:

( KEVIN DOUGLAS DEWEESE born September 16, 1982


( DONALD DUANE DEWEESE born September 18, 1934 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH; married September 18, 1960 in Wayne Township, Ashtabula Co OH, Kay Eileen Littler [dau of Marion Ralph & Mildred Lena (Noxon) Littler] born October 3, 1937 Colebrook Township, Ashtabula Co OH; and brn to them were:

( KENNETH ALAN DEWEESE born March 26, 1962; married August 26, 1995 Marsha Ann Roeth [dau of Melvyn & Marilyn (Smith) Roeth] born June 29, 1968. Ken has provided corrected info on this twig – thanks, Ken!!! Born to them was:

( JUSTIN GRANT DEWEESE born April 7, 1999

( DONNA KAY DEWEESE born January 19, 1964; married September 28, 1991 Kenneth John Szymanski [son of Stanley S. & Jean (Dennett) Szymanski] born May 29, 1966; and born to them were:

( SKYLER JOSEPH SZYMANSKI born July 22, 1993

( NATHAN DONALD SZYMANSKI born December 2, 1996

( BENJAMIN JOHN SZYMANSKI born August 29, 1999

( BETHANY ANN DEWEESE born July 16, 1965; married December 7, 1991 Mark Wayne Metcalf [son of Roger & Kathleen (Robinson) Metcalf] born March 7, 1962; and born to them were:

( TYLER DALE METCALF born May 20, 1995

( SYDNEY MARIE METCALF born October 13, 1997

( JAMES WINANS born November 27, 1844 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died there December 24, 1844

( MARY C. WINANS born April 22, 1849 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died there November 26, 1855

( JASON WINANS born January 3, 1853 (Hamilton) Miami Co OH and died there November 5, 1879; unmarried

( BETSEY S. AYERS born 1814 Hamilton Co OH and died January 20, 1840 Springcreek Township, Miami Co OH; unmarried

( RHODA AYERS born June 26, 1820 Hamilton Co OH and died November 3, 1827 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH

( BETSEY or ELIZABETH FERRIS born July (August) 28, 1788 and died September 10, 1834; buried Pioneer Cemetery, Columbia Township, Hamilton Co OH; married March 5, 1806, as his 2d wife, Hezekiah Stites [son of Benjamin & Rachel Walden Mills (Kitchell) Stites] born August 31, 1761 Scotch Plains NJ and died December 8, 1842, Bath Township, Franklin Co IN, age 81 years 3 months 25 days; from his stone marker, a pioneer of the West who landed in Columbia, Hamilton Co OH 1788. In previous times he ventured forth to subdue the forest and till the earth. Revolutionary Service – Sergeant in New Jersey Line; [Hezekiah’s first wife was Deborah FERRIS ( See her for their offspring.]. Born to Elizabeth and Hezekiah were:


( ATHAN F. STITES (Ethan) born October 17, 1810; buried Columbus Baptist Cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery, Columbia Township), Hamilton Co OH; married November 29, 1835 Mary/Catherine Hart who died August 31, 1877 at age 65y 3m 28d; buried with husband. Born to them was (and probably others):

( MARY C. STITES born September 9, 1836 and died January 11, 1863 at age 26y 4m 2d; buried at Columbus Baptist Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (Pioneer)

( JOHN NEWTON STITES (1812-) – is this the John Newton Stites, of Springfield IN, who married, name unk, and had Martin Van Buren Stites born January 29, 1837



( GEORGE WASHINGTON STITES (1818-) married Abigail Cory Stites [dau of John Gano & Martha (Cory) Stites] born December 17, 1820 OH and died September 19, 1902 Spencer Co IN

( RHODA STITES (1820-)

( ELIZABETH STITES died March 11, 1822 at age 4m 10d; buried Columbus Baptist Cemetery ‘Pioneer’ in Hamilton Co OH [this Elizabeth is not listed by Chaplain Ferris]

( SUSAN STITES (Susanna) (1822-)

( PRISCILLA STITES died March 3, 1825 at age 11m 16d; buried Columbus Baptist Cemetery ‘Pioneer’ in Hamilton Co OH

( BETSEY STITES born 1827 and probably died young

( ELIZABETH STITES died March 18, 1838; buried at the Pioneer Cemetery.


( PHEBE FERRIS married William Terry

( RACHEL FERRIS born May 10, 1794 (1791) New Jersey and died May 30, 1844 Champaign Co OH; married April 16, 1818 William Riker [son of Frederick] born November 15, 1787 Lancaqster Co PA and died July 1, 1869 St Paris, Champaign, OH; they lived near present Norwood OH until 1830, when they moved north. Much of this information has come from David L Paal and his site on //, thanks, David!; and born to them were:

( SARAH CATHERINE RIKER born February 15, 1819 Hamilton Co OH and died July 13, 1885 (Adams) Champaign Co OH; married October 13, 1842 in Champaign Co, Allen Pence [son of Isaac and Sarah Catharine (Wiant) Pence] born January 29, 1820 Champaign Co OH and died there October 29, 1895; both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris, Champaign, OH; and born to them were:

( MARY MELVIN PENCE born 1843 Champaign Co OH and died 1915 St Paris OH; married 1869 in Champaign Co, James Dasney Wiant, of Virginia; both buried at Mt. Moriah Methodist Cemetery, White Hall, Albemarle, VA (Photo); and born to them were [may have also been daughters]:




( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PENCE born July 17, 1845 Champaign Co OH and died July 9, 1920 Jackson, Jackson, OH; married June 12, 867 Josephine R Hill born June 12, 1848 Conover, Miami, OH and died June 20, 1928 Champaign Co OH; both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris OH; lived in Jackson Township, Champaign Co OH; and born to them were:

( GEORGIA PENCE born May 13, 1870 Jackson, Jackson, OH and died October 22, 1951 St Paris, Champaign, OH; married George Cox (1865-); and born to them was:

( AUDREY GEORGIA COX born November 24, 1892 Miami Co OH and killed January 10, 1960 in a train accident near Cleveland OH, where she was buried; accountant

( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PENCE JR born and died November 30, 1872 Champaign Co OH

( BLANCE E PENCE born January 24, 1875 Champaign Co OH and died there October 1957; married 1927 Robert Stockton (1886-1964); both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris OH

( GEORGE W. PENCE born January 1848 Champaign Co OH and died there January 26, 1935; married March 1, 1874 in Champaign Co, Minerva C Lung born December 1853 Champaign Co and died there August 13, 1934; lived in Jackson Township, Champaign Co; and born to them were:

( CORY LEE PENCE born July 1874 Champaign Co OH and died June 14, 1959 Springfield, Clark, OH; married January 7, 1896 in Champaign Co OH, Jane Irene Dove Ward born January 26, 1876 Champaign Co and died there May 20, 1935; and born to them were:

( GRACE LUCILLE PENCE, R. N., born November 13, 1896 Jackson, Jackson, OH and died June 6, 1967 Champaign Co OH; of Columbus OH

( HAROLD WARD PENCE born July 18, 1898 Champaign Co OH and died there August 3, 1973

( OTTIE N PENCE born May 1876 Champaign Co OH; married Ira E Hance (1875-); lived Englewood OH; and born to them was:


( JOHN WINFIELD SCOTT PENCE born March 1850 and died 1918 PA; married September 17, 1874 in Champaign Co Lilliam Margaret Grafton born 1853 Champaign Co; later lived in Charlottesville VA; in Maryland and in Dayton OH. Born to them were:

( ALLEN WOODS PENCE born 1876; lived in Detroit MI.


( EDWARD HARRISON PENCE born August 1879; lived in Chicago IL

( ELNORA CLAIR PENCE born December 23, 1852 Champaign Co OH and died there October 12, 1910; married May 24, 1882 in Champaign Co, as his 2d wife, Thomas Price Kite born November 1846 Champaign Co and died there September 23, 1911; and born to them was:


( ELIZABETH ATHENS PENCE born 1854; married in December 1876, James C. Martin; lived in Dayton OH; and born to them were:

( MARY MILDRED MARTIN married William F. Carter; lived in Charlottesville VA



( AMANDA RIKER PENCE born May 24, 1857 St Pais, Champaign, OH and died January 9, 1926 Columbus OH; married July 1, 1896 in St Paris, George Lear Smith born March 11, 1847 Doylestown PA and died August 20, 1916 Champaign Co; and born to them were:

( ALLEN SWAIN SMITH born May 1897 St Paris OH and died 1906

( CARROLL LEAR SMITH born 1900 St Paris OH and died May 7, 1963 Champaign Co OH; married in 1925 V. Louise Smith born 1900 and died March 16, 1978

( CHARLOTTE MARION PENCE (Lottie) born November 1858 Champaign Co OH and died there August 14, 1935; married October 25, 1882 at Champaign Co OH, Wilson Marion Baker born February 27, 1846 and died May 26, 1924 Champaign Co; both buried Spring Grove Cemetery, St. Paris OH; and born to them was:

( WENDELL H. BAKER born July 1883 Champaign Co OH and died December 30, 1966 Bellefontaine OH; buried Oakdale Cemetery, Urbana OH; married 1st October 26, 1916 in Urbana OH, Bessie Virginia Swimley (1887-)-divorced; and married 2d Marie Decker; and born to Wendell and Besse was:

( VIRGINIA SWIMLEY BAKER died c1981; married John Saxbe

Born to Wendell and his second wife, Marie, were:

( ELAINE BAKER born April 19, 1922; married August 26, 1944 Robert F. Kern born June 2, 1923; in 1983, they lived in Urbana OH; and born to them were:

( GREGORY ALLAN KERN born November 9, 1950; married January 7, 1975 Wendy Sue Koch born August 10, 1951; and born to them was:

( BRENDAN ROBERT KERN born December 14, 1981

( THEODORE ROBERT KERN born May 6, 1958; married September 11, 1982 Wendy Lee Cherry

( ROBERTA ELAINE KERN born April 25, 1960; married December 31, 1982 Robert Andrew Arnold born February 2, 1961

( ALLAN BAKER born December 27, 1923 and died September 15, 1945; married Eileen Scott; and born to them was:

( ALLAN DOUGLAS BAKER born October 11, 1945; married June 10, 1967 Sharon Storts born August 13, 1944; and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS BAKER born April 29, 1968

( DEBORAH BAKER born November 27, 1969

( JOSEPH BAKER born December 26, 1976

( JANICE BAKER born September 9, 1978

( KEITH BAKER born November 30, 1981

( CATHERINE RIKER born February 5, 1821 OH and died September 20, 1900 Champaign Co OH; married April 30, 1840 Peter Groves

( ELIZABETH RIKER born September 10, 1822 Champaign Co OH and died there January 8, 1854; married October 20, 1842 William Daniel Pence born September 21, 1816 Champaign Co OH and died there January 10, 1900; and born to them were:

( AMY RIKER PENCE (Photographs) born August 7, 1843 two miles east of Millerstown, Champaign, OH and died there December 9, 1917 on the farm where she lived for more than 50 years; buried at the Rosedale Cemetery, Adams Township, Champaign Co, with her husband. Amy was a devoted member of the Carysville Christian Church, which she joined in 1876. Amy married June 9, 1864 in Champaign Co, Lewis C. (L. C.) Clem born December 16, 1838 Champaign Co and January 14, 1922 Lima, Allen, OH. L. C. taught school for fifteen years in Johnson and Adams Townships; he was also the Township Treasurer for Adams Township, 1877-97; he owned 20 acres in Johnson Township, along Licklider Road and State Route 235; 140 acres in Adams Township. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM ELSWORTH CLEM (Photograph) born March 12, 1865 Champaign Co OH and died there December 18, 1920; buried at Rosedale Cemetery; an active member of the Carysville Christian Church; married December 31, 1887 in Champaign Co, Emma Elenora Bodey born June 1867 Champaign Co and died there March 31, 1903; buried with her husband; resided Rosewood OH; and born to them were:

( GROVER ELWOOD CLEM born April 15, 1888 Champaign Co OH and died June 1, 1968 Rocky Ford, Otero, CO, where he had made his home since 1914; buried there Hillcrest Cemetery; a Veteran of WWI, member of First Christian Church and Knights of Pythias; married 1st Edith Marie [maiden name unk] born September 15, 1897 and died June 24, 1962 Rocky Ford; married 2d Edna Scott

( ERMA JANETTA CLEM born March 7, 1890 Champaign Co OH and died June 22, 1933 Ohio; married August 18, 1911 in Champaign Co, Charles Jackson born August 18, 1884 Ohio and died February 24, 1942 Shelby Co OH; both buried Cedar Point Cemetery, Pasco, Shelby, OH; and born to them were:

( BUELAH PAULINE JACKSON born June 3, 1912

( CHARLES JACKSON, JR., born June 5, 1917

( HAZEL GRACE CLEM born November 14, 1892 Spring Hills, Champaign, OH and died there June 1, 1978; married November 15 in Champaign Co, Alba Runkle who died July 19, 1948 Columbus OH, at the age of 59y; both buried at Rosedale Cemetery; and born to them were:


( EMERSON RUNKLE married Gladys {maiden name unk}; resided in Thackery

( MELVIN RUNKLE born January 27, 1917 Champaign Co OH and died April 1978 Ohio; resided near Conover; married Myrtle Neeld and born to them were:

( MILDRED RUNKLE married Charles Cook

( MARILYN RUNKLE married Okey Lawson

( MARGARET RUNKLE married Donald Leiss

( MOLLY RUNKLE married Curtis Gibson





( EMMA RUNKLE married Henry Meeker; resided in St. Paris; and born to them were:


( CHARLOTTE MEEKER married a Mr. Long

( SHIRLEY MEEKER married a Mr. Hild

( LINDA MEEKER married a Mr. Piper

( EDITH RUNKLE born January 10, 1911 Athens Co OH and died May 1977 Ohio; buried Oakdale Cemetery, Urbana OH; married Norman Morris; resided near Urbana; and born to them were:

( CAROLYN MORRIS married Thomas Circle

( NANCY MORRIS married a Mr. Levering


( MARY GRACE RUNKLE married Harrison Howard; resided in Springfield


( ICY MAE CLEM born February 16, 1895 Rosewood, Champaign, OH and died July 13, 1970 Fostoria OH; buried at the Riverview Cemetery; resided in Port Clinton OH for 44y; married April 21, 1915 in Champaign Co, Clifford Stephenson; and born to them was:

( MAX STEPHENSON graduated from Port Clinton High School; served in the US Navy for 2 ½y; a member of the Rotary; married Helen K. Polley and they had 3 kids

( SUSIE PAULINE CLEM born January 21, 1898 Champaign Co OH and died June 1, 1972 at the Urbana Care Center, Bellefontaine; buried at Highland Memory Gardens; married 1st January 22, 1916 in Champaign Co, Harry Vane Williams (Photograph), a farmer, born December 12, 1891 Champaign Co and died March 3, 1986 Urbana OH – divorced; married 2d November 19, 1957 Frederick Paul Kauffman born December 7, 1898 Ohio and died June 9, 1970 Bellefontaine OH. Harry was employed for many years with the Troyer Lynn Funeral Home in West Liberty OH and was later self-employed as a carpenter and cabinetmaker; a lifetime member of Bellefontaine Eagles Lodge 2166. Susie married 2d Frederick Paul Kauffman born December 7, 1898 in Ohio and died June 9, 1970 Bellefontaine OH; a carpenter and WWII Veteran; member of the Masonic Madriver Lodge # 161 of West Liberty; and born to Susie and Harry were:

( CARL CLEM WILLIAMS (Photograph) born November 3, 1916 Urbana, Champaign, OH and died April 24, 1997 San Antonio TX; buried there in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Photos). Carl graduated from West Liberty High School 1935; a meat cutter in Lakeview until he was drafted into the Army June 25, 1941; served during WWII with the 90th Infantry Division as First Sergeant of Company C, 358th Infantry Regiment; he also participated in the Normandy invasion, landing at Utah Beach on June 8, 1944; served in five major battle campaigns including the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Oak Life Cluster for heroic action, Army Commendation Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and the Combat Infantry Badge; discharged from the Army October 1945 and went back to meat cutting in Springfield. However, he reenlisted in the Army, December 1948 and served until August 1968 when he retired with the rank of Command Sergeant Major. Carl then served in Civil Service for the Department of Defense, 1968-1977. Upon retiring from Civil Service in 1977, he and Maxine moved from Topeka KS to San Antonio TX; married 1st Fay Anderson and 2d Hannelore Dzuik and 3d Mary Maxine Moore; and born to Carl and Hannelore were:

( LINDA JEAN WILLIAMS born September 21, 1953; an executive with SPRINT in Kansas City; resides Prairie Village KS; married Larry McGurn and born to them was:


( PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS born November 21, 1958; a CPA in Kansas; resides Salina KS; married Kevin Steele and born to them were:



( CLIFFORD MARSHALL WILLIAMS (‘Kick’) (‘Ike’) (Photograph) born January 13, 1919 Champaign Co OH and died August 9, 1991 West Liberty OH; buried at Fairview Cemetery; a carpenter; a WWII Veteran. On October 23, 1945, from Munich, Germany, ‘Kick’ wrote his parents: “Dear Folks, Received your letter of October 6th, very glad to hear from you and to hear that Carl has finally made it home. Maybe it won’t be too long before all of us boys will be back again. George should be home most anytime now, but I don’t think I will make it before sometime in December. I don’t know about Stubby, I wonder how he stands for points. I guess he will be getting out before long though. The days and weeks are long for me now, since I have nothing to do except sit around and wait to come home. If I wanted to work I could make a good rating now, but I told them I hadn’t worked since the day the war was over and I didn’t expect to start now. So I don’t do anything. Ask Carl if he wasn’t stationed here somewhere near Munich? I’m sure he was here in S. Germany. Ask him if he was ever to the Dachau concentration camp. I am stationed about a mile down the road from there. You have probably read and heard a lot about the camp. And maybe its hard to believe, but after you once see how they murdered all the people and still see some of the bodies they are digging up, there’s not much question about it. There was supposed to have been 3000 prisoners killed by medical experiments and 5000 Jews died from hanging, gas, and firing squads. I expect Carl has told you about it. Have you been having squirrel to eat? It will soon be time for rabbits and bird too. I hope I can make it home in time to do a little hunting, but don’t believe I will. We have hunting trips down here, mostly for deer, there’s lots of them over here, but their only about 1/3 as big as those in the States. I haven’t been on any of the trips yet. Well heres hoping that you are all well. And that I can see you by Xmas at least. Bye Bye Love to All, Kick.” Clifford married October 12, 1939 at Greenup KY, Joan McClain born August 1, 1923 Champaign Co OH. In 1955, Clifford operated a sand pit on his farm near Russells Point in Logans County OH and in the process of quarry operations, uncovered 80-90 skeletons of Indians. The site was visited by archaeologists from the Ohio Historical Society and the Indiana Historical Society and a group of students from Ohio State University. The following was prepared by Clifford’s children [they all put their heads together, but Nancy wrote it] and was read at his funeral by Nancy: “Special Memories of Dad, August 13, 1991: We have many memories of Dad. We went through hard times and good times, but it’s the good times we choose to remember and share. He had a lot of different names, Ike, Ikey, Kick, Cliff, Uncle Ike, Dad, Grandpa, PaPa, PaPa Ike – most people called him Ike. We called him Dad. Life was difficult for him. He was hard to know – to really know. He was an artisan – a talented finish carpenter. He expressed himself in his work. Many homes in Logan and Champaign counties are more beautiful because of his creative ability with wood. When he was no longer able to work he continued to create items of wood for his family. We will always have the beautiful nativity mangers, the shelves, the banks, the picture frames, the doll cradle, the stools. He was disappointed when his hands grew too numb to continue his work. His favorite times were family gatherings. We will always remember that no one could fix the Christmas ham or even slice it, but Dad; that he had the final say on the Christmas tree and had to put the lights on, and it amazed us that a man who couldn’t cook could make such jummy peanut brittle at Christmas. He enjoyed nature and taught us about clouds and bugs, turtles and trees, and gardening. Glads were his favorite flower. He was a strong swimmer and we remember the swim rides on his back way out to the stump, to what we thought was the middle of Indian Lake. We remember watching him chop a hole in the pond ice before we could venture out on it and then build a fire to keep us warm. He came closest to being himself when he was with his grandchildren and entertained them with his tall tales about two snakes that swallowed each other and how he used to tie cats together by their tails and hang them over the clothes line. He had a sense of humor and a quick wit and was merciless in using it on us. He didn’t like to lose. Anyone who ever played a game of euchre, pinochle or canasta with him knows he didn’t like to lose. In fact, he would keep a game going, trying every possible way to win and usually did win against the odds. Even when he lost, he made you think he had won. True to character, he didn’t like losing this summer’s battle with health. He fought hard and with Mom’s help kept going, trying every possible way to win as he had done so often before. He did win, because this time winning meant coming home to Mom and us, his chair, and the breeze on the front porch”. Born to Clifford and Joan were:

( BARBARA SUE WILLIAMS (Photograph) born February 17, 1940 Bellafontaine OH; taught pre-school for many years in Fort Wayne; married James Garold Mast born September 21, 1930 Logan County OH; Jim graduated from Ohio State U with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and works for Magnavox, Fort Wayne; and born to them were:

( MARCIA ANN MAST born July 8, 1960 Fort Wayne IN; graduated magna cum laude from Indiana University where she received a B. S. Degree in Nursing; on the staff of the intensive care unit at Parkview Memorial Hospital, Fort Wayne; married August 14, 1982 Matthew Lynn Day born in Fort Wayne; Matthew is a graduate of Indiana U; an industrial photographer for Magnavox; reside Fort Wayne; and born to them were:

( MELANIE ELISABETH DAY born April 22, 1989 Fort Wayne IN

( MICHAEL ANTHONY DAY born February 22, 1992 Fort Wayne IN

( LAURA LYNN MAST born July 23, 1963 Ypsilanti MI; a graduate of Harding High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Purdue U, where she majored in horticulture business management; was employed at Kare-Free Florist, Sycamore IL; married June 1, 1985 Philip Laine Devillez born Evansville IN; Philip is a graduate of Reitz High School, Evansville and has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Purdue U; he worked for Lifaco Company, Kirkland IL; reside in Pine Village IN; and born to them were:

( JASON KEITH DEVILLEZ born December 30, 1987 DeKalb IL

( ANNA EILEEN DEVILLEZ born May 9, 1990 DeKalb IL

( NATHAN PHILIP DEVILLEZ born September 6, 1994 West Lafayette IN

( JENNIFER SUE MAST born July 15, 1965 Fort Wayne IN; graduated from Purdue with a B.S. in Medical Technology; married June 4, 1988 in Fort Wayne, Scott Goeglein born there; Scott has a B. S. in Chemistry and they live in South Bend IN; and born to them were:

( ZACHARY JAMES GOEGLEIN born September 28, 1991 South Bend IN

( DEREK SCOTT GOEGLEIN born January 29, 1994 South Bend IN

( NANCY JEAN WILLIAMS (Photograph) born July 1, 1942 Bellefontaine OH; graduated with a B. S., Nursing, from Ohio State U and a Masters from the U of Dayton; Superintendent of Ohio Hi-Point Joint Vocational School District; married David Paul Knight born February 23, 1943 Logan Co OH; David graduated from Ohio State with a B.S. in Business; is an executive with NAVISTAR in Springfield OH; reside outside of DeGraff OH and also raise beef cattle; and born to them were:

( BRIAN PAUL KNIGHT born April 8, 1969 Springfield OH; a member of the National Honor Society in High School; attended Columbus Technical School, Columbus OH; married Stephanie Barber born February 1, 1971 Ohio

( KEVIN PAUL KNIGHT born November 3, 1971 Springfield OH; a hurdler on the Riverside High School track team, Bellefontaine; graduated from Ohio State U with a B. S., Agriculture

( KELLY JEAN KNIGHT born January 19, 1975 Springfield OH; was highlighted as the Senior of the Month, Riverside High School, November 1992; was judged the winner of the Quincy VFW Auxiliary’s Voice of Democracy speech contest; attended Ohio State University

( KAREN JANE WILLIAMS (Photograph) born March 20, 1949 Bellefontaine OH; graduated from Bluffton with a B.A. in English and from Wright State U with a Masters in Education; teaches at Benjamin Logan Junior High School; married Ross ‘Jud’ Warren Nelson, Jr., born December 21, 1945 Bellefontaine; a Viet Nam Veteran and self-employed as a builder, specializing in Timber Frame Homes; and born to them were:

( JONELL LEE NELSON born June 2, 1985 Bellefontaine

( ROSS CHRISTOPHER NELSON born August 7, 1987 Bellefontaine

( CLINTON MAX WILLIAMS (Photograph) born June 8, 1951 Bellefontaine OH; the provider of this ‘twig’ of information on Rachel and William Riker – thanks Clint. Clint lives in Washington, D. C., and works at George Washington University in the Academic Scheduling office. He is the author of Some Ancestors and Descendants of Harry Vane Williams and Susie Pauline Clem, from which all of this information has been extracted. His three loves are: genealogy, square dancing and collecting antique Halloween decorations.

( HELEN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS (Photograph) born December 20, 1920 Eris OH; married Herbert Don ‘Stubby’ McClain, Sr., born March 14, 1918 West Liberty OH and died June 2, 1997 at his home in West Liberty OH [brother of Joan McClain Williams above]; a WWII Navy Veteran; and born to them were:

( HERBERT DON MCCLAIN, JR., born November 19, 1940 Logan Co OH; ‘Sonny’ is also a genealogist and owns Salt Creek Cattle Company in Quaker City OH; also a wood worker; married Linda Hogan born Logan Co; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL MCCLAIN born May 20, 1961 Ohio; married Carla Cochran and born to them were:



( ANGELA MCCLAIN born 1963 Ohio; married Kirk Wells

( MARGARET LOU MCCLAIN born November 17, 1942 Logan Co OH; married Terry VanBuskirk and born to them were:

( DIANA LYNN VANBUSKIRK (1963-) married Steve Pettay and born to them were:



( CHERI VANBUSKIRK (1965-) married John Rose and born to them were:

( KYLEIGH ROSE (1989-)



( MARY KATHRYN WILLIAMS born February 4, 1923 Logan Co OH; married 1st George Smith born January 23, 1913 Dayton OH and died November 15, 1978 Logan Co; married 2d Roland Halker; and born to Mary and George were:

( JACK ELDON SMITH born January 12, 1942 Bellefontaine OH; married Nikki Minor and born to them were:

( JODI SMITH married a Mr. Oakley and born to them were:



( KACI SMITH married a Mr. Wright and born to them were:



( ROBERT JAY SMITH born November 20, 1947 Bellefontaine OH; married Candace Chamberlain and born to them were:





( SARA JANE SMITH born December 13, 1949 Bellefontaine OH; married Lewis Tracey; Lewis is involved with the Indian Lake Fish and Game Association and releasing ring-necked pheasants at various sites; and born to them were:



( LUCY MAY WILLIAMS (Photograph) born February 22, 1925 Logan Co OH; married June 29, 1942 Earl Earick born December 7, 1919 Bellefontaine OH; and born to them were:

( MAX CARLTON EARICK born October 14, 1942 Bellefontaine OH; married Marilyn Sue Tillman and born to them were:

( SCOTT A. EARICK born March 22, 1962; served in the Navy aboard the U.S.S. Guadalcanal, home ported in Norfolk VA

( STEPHEN EARICK born November 23, 1964

( MAX EARICK born January 12, 1970

( CHARLES ROLAND EARICK born September 24, 1944 Bellefontaine OH; in the Army and took his Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood MO and had a tour of duty in Germany; 1991 became President, Citizens Federal Savings and Loan, Bellefontaine OH; member of the Kiwanis; married Choyce Jenkins and born to them were:

( LESLI C. EARICK born December 12, 1969; graduated from Bellefontaine High School 1988; 1991 while a senior at Ohio State U, Lesli was honored by The Ohio State University College of Business with her selection as a 1991 Pace Setter and as a member of the scholastic honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma; finance major

( LEAH EARICK born July 10, 1974

( SUSAN DIANE EARICK born March 17, 1946 Bellefontaine OH; married 1st Fred Slabach who died December 1971; married 2d William Tinsley, Jr; and born to Susan and Fred was:

( KELLY SLABACH born August 5, 1964; married Michael Smith and born to them were:




( STEVEN EUGENE EARICK born July 28, 1947 Bellefontaine OH; married 1st Shirley Davis; married 2d Vickie Fairchild – divorced; and born to Steven and Shirley was:

( BRIAN EARICK born September 5, 1970

Adopted by Steve; children of his second wife, Vickie, were (for info only):

( HEATHER EARICK born March 26, 1969; attending medical school in New Mexico

( HOLLI EARICK born March 5, 1971; a flight attendant

Born to Steven and his second wife, Vickie, were:

( HAYLEY EARICK born May 3, 1975

( DELPHA LOUISE WILLIAMS born February 17, 1927 Logan Co OH; both Delpha and her husband are graduates of Lakeview High School; married February 18, 1946 Paul Minnich who was a dairy farmer on Nine Mile Road, southwest of West Liberty; he farmed approximately 1,000 acres in Champaign Co; and born to them were:

( JOYCE ANN MINNICH born November 5, 1948 Bellefontaine OH; graduate of Graham High School and attended Miami University; a member of the Display Advertising Department of the Bellefontaine Examiner; active in school, community and church affairs; past president of the Northeastern Elementary School and Bellefontaine Middle School Parent-Teacher Organizations; president of the Rake and Hoe Garden Club; member of the Downtown Beautification Committee and past administrative board secretary at the First Methodist Church; married 1st Jack Makemson; married 2d Kenneth Yoder who was the President, Mid-West Racquetball Distributing, Inc; reside on a Champaign Co farm near West Liberty; and born to Joyce and Jack was:

( SCOTT CHRISTOPHER MAKEMSOM, M. D., graduated from Bellefontaine High School, 1987; magna cum laude from Case Western Reserve University, May 17, 1991, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry; and graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; did his residency in OB-GYN in Cincinnati

Born to Joyce and her second husband, Kenneth, was:

( JUSTIN YODER student at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science

( DARRELL BENSON MINNICH born March 28, 1951 Bellefontaine OH; ‘Ben’ graduated from Ohio State with a B.S. in agriculture 1973; married Cecilia Lokai born April 20, 1952 Champaign Co OH

( RANDALL PAUL MINNICH born August 21, 1956 Bellefontaine OH; after graduating from high school, Randy was an auto mechanic and sold insurance, before making woodworking a career; married Lori Jo Shearer and born to them were:

( ANDREA ELIZABETH MINNICH born December 24, 1986

( JOSHUA P. MINNICH born July 23, 1990

( JENNIE PAULINE WILLIAMS born August 21, 1929 Logan Co OH; married Paul Evilsizor [Jim – interesting name – of German origins] who died March 18, 1997 Hortonville WI; and born to them were:

( KENNETH PAUL EVILSIZOR born January 21, 1947; married Sandra Herron and born to them were:

( CHRISTIE EVILSIZOR married Jeff Coyle and born to them were:




( JEANNE EVILSIZOR married Ki Kim and born to them was:



( JEANNE EVILSIZOR born May 2, 1949; married Steven Scholzen and born to them were:



( DONNA EVILSIZOR born April 26, 1951; married 1st David Danielson; married 2d Thomas Ferg; and born to Donna and David were:




Born to Donna and her second husband, Thomas, were:


( JEFFREY FERG (1985-)

( DIANE EVILSIZOR born September 6, 1954; married Borchardt and born to them were:




( JEFFREY EVILSIZOR born April 28, 1962; married Sherri Hanson

( JOAN WILLIAMS born January 15, 1932 Logan Co OH; married George Milton Lones, Sr., and born to them were:

( KATHRYN LOUISE LONES born December 20, 1949 Bellefontaine OH; married Ronald Johnson and born to them were:



( PATRICIA JOAN LONES born February 3, 1952 Bellefontaine OH; married Edwin Whitmore and born to them were:

( ERIKA LEANN WHITMORE married Shawn Roberts


( GEORGI ANN LONES born November 1953 Bellefontaine OH; married 1st Archie Van Wilpe; married 2d Don Wisen; Georgi and Don operate Blackbeard Sailing Charters, at Destin Harbor FL; and born to Georgi and Archie were:



( JACQULYN SUE LONES born April 6, 1956 Bellefontaine OH; married Harroll Castle

( GEORGE MILTON LONES, JR., born October 3, 1958 Bellefontaine OH

( SUSIE JEAN WILLIAMS born February 15, 1934 Logan County OH; married Ross Hamburger who died February 24, 1998 Lima OH; and born to them were:

( ROBERT R. HAMBURGER born July 6, 1953 Hampton VA and died August 17, 1986 Lakeview OH; buried Walnut Hills Cemetery near New Hampshire; employed at Airstream Corporation; married October 7, 1978 Fatina I. Cavender and born to them were:

( STEPHANIE MARIE HAMBURGER stillborn July 26, 1979

( ROBERT E. HAMBURGER born May 30, 1982

( WILLIAM P. HAMBURGER born June 27, 1984

( PAMELA HAMBURGER born March 25, 1955 Bellefontaine OH; married Steve Stiles and born to them were:

( SCOTT ALAN STILES born March 9, 1976

( KYLIE NICOLE STILES born October 14, 1978

( MELISSA SUE STILES born June 14, 1981

( JOEL LEE HAMBURGER born September 4, 1956 Bellefontaine OH; married Robin Chasteen and born to them were:

( CHRISTY LEE HAMBURGER born July 1, 1974

( THOMAS ROSS HAMBURGER born May 18, 1978

( JESSE JOE HAMBURGER born January 11, 1981

( MICHAEL EDWARD HAMBURGER born August 28, 1959 Bellefontaine OH

( DEBBIE HAMBURGER born August 9, 1962 Bellefontaine OH; married James Alspaugh and born to them were:

( AMANDA SUE ALSPAUGH born July 2, 1987

( JAMES MERRIT ALSPAUGH born July 29, 1990

( DENNIS PAUL HAMBURGER born December 3, 1963 Bellefontaine OH and died August 30, 1980 in a fire at his rural Auglaize Co OH home; buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery; he was a Waynesfield-Goshen High School freshman

( FOREST FOSTER CLEM born November 7, 1900 Champaign Co OH and died October 18, 1966 Logan Co OH; married 1st December 13, 1924 in Champaign Co, Alice Gillespie; 2d February 26, 1928 in Champaign Co, Anna May ‘Annie’ Wilkinson; and born to Forest and Alice were:





Born to Forest and his second wife, Annie, was:


( IRA FREEMAN CLEM (Photograph) born 1868 Champaign Co OH and died Allen Co OH, date unk; resided Lima OH; married Rosabell Pears and born to them were:



( JOSEPH A. CLEM (Photograph) born January 6, 1869 Champaign Co OH and died 1955 Shelby Co OH; resided Sidney OH; married September 19, 1892/3 in Champaign Co, Pearl R. Hensler born May 9, 1896 Champaign Co and died April 28, 1950 Shelby Co OH; both buried Rosedale Cemetery, Adams Township, Champaign Co OH; and born to them were:

( CECIL VERL CLEM born October 20, 1894 Champaign Co OH and died there March 22, 1895; buried Rosedale Cemetery

( LUCILLE CLEM born November 21, 1896; unmarried

( HELEN CLEM born June 5, 1902 Ohio and died there February 10, 1960; married George Bouguot; and born to them were:

( JO ANN BOUQUOT born September 10, 1926; married Stanley Wishniowski and born to them was:

( EVELYN WISHNIOWSKI born August 16, 1948; married Robert Janos and born to them was:

( KELLY LYNN JANOS born October 11, 1975

( MARY LOU BOUQUOT born November 7, 1927; married Joseph P. Martin

( FRANCIS JEAN BOUQUOT born August 27, 1929 and died January 2, 1957; married William Custenborder and born to them were:



( DONALD C. BOUQUOT born April 3, 1937

( EMMA REBECCA CLEM (Photograph) born April 7, 1871 Champaign Co OH and died there June 2, 1949; married September 22, 1889 Charles Mahan born February 2, 1868 Champaign Co and died January 24, 1930 Franklin Co OH; resided in Rosewood OH; both buried Rosedale Cemetery; and born to them were:

( WALLACE CLEM MAHAN born April 27, 1890 Champaign Co OH and died there October 31, 1930; married December 8, 1910 Estella Emily Chambers [dau of John Manlove & Elizabeth Katherine (Russell) Chambers] born October 31, 1891 Champaign Co and died there February 1, 1973; buried Rosedale Cemetery, Adams Township, Champaign Co OH; and born to them were:

( RUTH OMA MAHAN born October 7, 1911 Johnson Township, Champaign Co OH; married 1933 in Kentucky, Deward R. Bails born March 3, 1905 WVA and died August 31, 1957 Champaign Co OH; and born to them was:

( RICHARD RAY BAILS born July 12, 1937 Champaign Co OH; married February 8, 1959 Harlene Leasure – divorced 1969; and born to them were:

( TONY BAILS born January 13, 1960 Champaign Co OH

( KELLY SCOTT BAILS born March 14, 1961 Champaign Co OH

( MICHAEL TODD BAILS born March 13, 1962 Champaign Co

( KIMBERLY SUE BAILS born August 12, 1964 Champaign Co

( EDWARD R. MAHAN born January 24, 1913 and died January 29, 1913; buried Rosedale Cemetery, Adams Township, Champaign Co OH

( RALPH BUNCE MAHAN born July 15, 1914; married September 7, 1938 Marguertie Poorman and born to them were:

( KAREN ARLEEN MAHAN born January 24, 1943 Champaign Co OH; married March 3, 1967 Neil Stevens born December 23, 1943 and born to them were:

( AMANDA KAY STEVENS born October 22, 1970

( SARA STEVENS born September 8, 1982

( GERALD LEE MAHAN born July 12, 1945 Champaign Co; married May 20, 1967 Judith Barnard and born to them were:

( JEFFERY DAVID MAHAN born August 24, 1970

( JAMES MAHAN born March 1974

( JASON BARNARD MAHAN born August 11, 1977

( CAROL ANN MAHAN born April 27, 1949 Champaign Co; married August 26, 1972 John R. Shank and born to them was:

( JOHN MYLES SHANK born October 2, 1977 Dayton OH

( DOROTHY MAE MAHAN born and died June 18, 1916 Johnson Township; buried Rosedale Cemetery

( AMY FRANCES MAHAN born October 4, 1917 Johnson Township, Champaign Co OH; married October 5, 1935 in Champaign Co, Charles Samuel Hamilton born February 23, 1911 Champaign Co; and born to them were:

( BARBARA ELLEN HAMILTON born March 17, 1937 Champaign Co; married December 28, 1956 Daryl Henderson born April 25, 1937 Dayton OH; and born to them were:

( DARYL EUGENE HENDERSON born October 11, 1957 Germany

( JAMES LEE HENDERSON born August 30, 1960 Champaign Co

( NADEEN KAY HENDERSON born March 12, 1965 Champaign Co

( JUDITH ANN HAMILTON born August 14, 1938 Champaign Co; married October 15, 1960 Charles E. Calloway, Jr., born October 3, 1935 and born to them were:

( CHARLES BRIAN CALLOWAY born August 28, 1960

( AMY MARIE CALLOWAY born June 29, 1964; married

( SAMUEL LJOE HAMILTON born July 25, 1949 Champaign Co; married Shauna McKee born July 7, 1949 Portsmouth OH; and born to them were:

( JASON SAMUEL HAMILTON born November 17, 1974 Champaign Co

( CASEY HAMILTON born November-December 1982 Champaign Co

( THURMAN KEITH MAHAN born May 7, 1919 Johnson Township, Champaign Co OH and died November 28, 1978 Ethel WA; cremated and ashes spread on Paradise Mountain, Mt. Ranier WA; married 1st June 25, 1941 in Shelby Co OH, Maxine Adele Russell born January 3, 1923 – they divorced 1974; and born to them were:

( RONALD LEE MAHAN born July 13, 1942 Champaign Co; married September 7, 1943 Roberta ‘Birdie’ Ann Huston born November 20, 1942 and born to them were:

( JEFFERY ALLEN MAHAN born June 17, 1964

( HEATH ERIC MAHAN born July 15, 1971 Franklin Co OH and died August 20, 1974 Washington; buried Houston Cemetery, Houston, Shelby, OH (Photo)

( KRISTEN NICOLE MAHAN born January 30, 1973 Franklin Co OH and died there February 17, 1973; buried Houston Cemetery, Houston OH

( MICHAEL KEITH MAHAN born February 15, 1947 Shelby Co OH; married August 27, 1968 Shelby Co, Cynthia Sue Cotterman born August 23, 1949 Shelby Co; and born to them were:

( JENNIFER MICHELLE MAHAN born April 10, 1977 Shelby Co

( STACY LYNN MAHAN born June 24, 1977 Shelby Co

( CONNIE SUE MAHAN born February 7, 1949 in Shelby Co; married September 23, 1967 Timothy Michael Colbert born October 1946; and born to them was:

( TRENA LYNN COLBERT born May 2, 1968 Franklin Co OH

( HERBERT C. MAHAN born October 13, 1921 Champaign Co OH; married January 26, 1946 in Shelby Co, Mary Carolyn Bartel born March 5, 1921 Shelby Co OH; and born to them were:

( DENISE KAY MAHAN born December 5, 1946 Miami Co OH; married 1st June 27, 1964 in Champaign Co, Danny Carl Adrian – divorced November 16, 1968; married 2d May 15, 1975 in Brevard Co FL Ernest Eugene Moore born March 18, 1938 Lake Providence LA

( TIM C. MAHAN born March 20, 1950 Miami Co OH; married August 30, 1969 in Champaign Co, Bernice Marie Clark born March 23, 1950 Champaign Co

( MARK B. MAHAN born March 6, 1954 Miami Co OH; married February 26, 1977 Champaign Co, Susan Elaine Pence born May 7, 1958; and born to them were:

( JENNIFER MARIE MAHAN born July 22, 1980 Miami Co OH

( DUSTIN PATRICK MAHAN born August 7, 1981 Miami Co OH

( WILMA ROSE MAHAN born June 18, 1924 Johnson Township, Champaign Co OH; married December 8, 1943 in Champaign Co, William Robert Allebach – they reside in Hollywood FL; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM ROBERT ALLEBACH born August 20, 1944 Champaign Co; married twice, names unk, but born to them were:



( JENNIE SUE ALLEBACH born September 20, 1946 OH; married Robert L. Norman and born to them was:


( BUDDY RAY ALLEBACH born April 3, 1951 OH; married Michelle Luppanicci of Hollywood FL and a daughter born to them in 1973

( RICKY LEE ALLEBACH born July 24, 1953 OH

( JOHN EUGENE ALLEBACH born May 15, 1956 OH

( MELINDA KAY ALLEBACH born July 8, 1961 Logan Co OH

( HARLEY JASON MAHAN born March 22, 1894 Johnson Township, Champaign Co OH and died December 6, 1970 Champaign Co; married December 14, 1916 Ola Faye Bodey born Champaign Co and died July 20, 1954; both buried at Rosedale Cemetery; and born to them were:

( CECIL RAY MAHAN born September 9, 1917; married March 10, 1950 Eleanor Ward and born to them were:

( MICHAEL MAHAN born August 1, 1951 Champaign Co; married August 6, 1972 Toby Bair

( STEPHEN H. MAHAN born December 12, 1952 Champaign Co; married June 14, 1975 at Lehigh Acres FL, Janet E. McCrary

( ROGER JASON MAHAN born September 16, 1922 Champaign Co OH; married April 25, 1943 at Champaign Co, Marcella Massie born April 7, 1922 Clark Co OH; and born to them were:

( SHERYL LEE MAHAN born December 3, 1945 Champaign Co; married November 24, 1967 Jerry Lee born May 26, 1945

( DAVID MAHAN born November 4, 1948 Champaign Co; married February 11, 1967 in Champaign Co, Marjorie E. Berry born July 1, 1948 and born to them were:

( JAMIE MAHAN born September 5, 1968

( KRISTY MAHAN born August 25, 1970

( BETTY JEAN MAHAN born October 21, 1927 Champaign Co; married September 18, 1948 Champaign Co, Max Warren Moore born December 22, 1925 Shelby Co OH; and born to them were:

( REBECCA LYNN MOORE born June 14, 1949; married June 13, 1971 Kenneth J. Lehman and born to them were:

( KURT JEASON LEHMAN born August 14, 1972

( KERRIE JO LEHMAN born November 2, 1973

( RANDALL WARREN MOORE born July 27, 1952

( ROBIN JO MOORE born March 31, 1956; married March 20, 1976 Robert E. Turner

( KYM WAYNE MOORE born September 25, 1959

( EDITH FAYE MAHAN born March 25, 1896 and died February 25, 1982; buried Rosedale Cemetery, Champaign Co OH; married June 9, 1919 Henry Rowland Evans born February 5, 1894 and died January 3, 1986; and born to them were:

( HERMAN CLAY EVANS born October 31, 1920 Champaign Co OH; married April 13, 1941 Helen Hines born May 7, 1921 and born to them were:

( FREDERICK DEAN EVANS born February 22, 1942; married Jeanne Zook and born to them were:

( GAY LYNN EVANS born April 26, 1967

( BRANDON WARREN EVANS born February 18, 1970

( DONALD CLAY EVANS born May 25, 1947 and died May 6, 1953; buried Rosedale Cemetery

( SUE ANN EVANS born April 15, 1952; married August 21, 1971 Thomas Eugene Geuy born December 18, 1947; and born to them was:

( MICHELLE RENEE GEUY born February 24, 1976

( ROBERT RAY EVANS born May 2, 1955; married January 14, 1983 Rebecca Martin Batdorf

( NANCY JOANNE EVANS born March 26, 1958

( PHYLLIS ANN EVANS born September 25, 1924; married August 31, 1952 Roger Alan Bollinger born January 31, 1926; and born to them were:

( ROGER ALAN BOLLINGER born January 26, 1954; married Jane Hannah and born to them were:

( MARK ALAN BOLLINGER born July 21, 1984

( MATTHEW AARON BOLLINGER born August 16, 1987

( DAVID DEAN BOLLINGER born December 17, 1956; married Theresa Becker and born to them was:

( KYLE ROBERT BOLLINGER born March 6, 1991

( THOMAS J. BOLLINGER born October 3, 1959

( EMMETT E. CLEM (Photograph) born September 15, 1873 Champaign Co OH and died Allen Co OH, date unk; resided Lima OH; married Edna Black; and born to them were:



( MARTHA CLEM born September 5, 1914

( OMA CLEM (Photograph) born February 21, 1885 Champaign Co OH and died February 10, 1977 Toledo OH; resided Millerstown OH; married Claude Neal

( IRA A. PENCE born 1844 Champaign Co OH and died there 1864

( JASPER PENCE born April 1851 Champaign Co OH and died there 1929; married Louisa Jane Apple born 1851 Champaign Co and died there 1940; and born to them were:

( CHARLES R. PENCE born August 27, 1873 Champaign Co OH and died there March 1948; married Mattie M. Fisher

( LAURA MAY PENCE born November 1, 1877 Champaign Co OH; married George Franklin Barger

( CORY NEWTON PENCE born January 16, 1885 Champaign Co OH and died there May 1935; married Mary Anna Barger

( SARAH ELIZABETH PENCE born June 27, 1886 Champaign Co OH; married John Merle Bascore

( AMY R RIKER born October 22, 1824 OH and died April 14, 1905 Champaign Co OH; married February 3, 1852 in Champaign Co, John McMorran born October 5, 1815 and died June 21, 1889; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, St. Paris, Champaign, OH; and born to them were:

( MARY MCMORRAN born January 12, 1853 and died November 20, 1939; married 1st William Henry Jones born October 30, 1845 and died April 22, 1888; married 2d George Shidler; and born to Mary and William were:


( ANNA JONES born September 3, 1875 St Paris OH and died July 31, 1959 Columbus, Franklin, OH; owner of the community’s leading millinery store; married September 17, 1902 in St Paris, Lloyd Eugene Brown (Gene) [son of Andrew & Sarah (Jackson) Brown] born October 11, 1873 St Paris and died August 11, 1951 Columbus OH; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, St Paris, Champaign, OH; prepared himself for teaching, but did not follow that vocation, instead taking a position as a clerk in a grocery store and drug store in St Paris until 1901; he was publisher of the weekly newspaper, the St Paris News-Dispatch; he and Walter Wiant bought it in 1909 and Gene became the sole owner in 1920 then sold it in 1933; he was the first president of the St Paris Library when it opened in 1936 and remained in that office for 14y; and born to them was:

( GENEVIEVE ARCEVILLE BROWN born May 22, 1905 St Paris OH and died July 10, 1993 Richmond VA; married January 1, 1930 in Sharon PA, Frank Heald Ross born April 17, 1901 Bartlett OH and died January 17, 1984 Richmond; 1983 resided Richmond VA; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, St Paris; and born to them was:


( GARNARD JONES married Mary [maiden name unk] – no offspring

( ELIZABETH JONES (Aunt Lib) married Frank Zea – no offspring

Born to Mary and her second husband, George, were:

( NAOMI SHIDLER married a Mr. Beltz; and born to them were:

( MARY BELTZ married John McGee, whose father lived in Cherokee KS; 1983 resided Portland OR; and born to them was:


( MARILYN BELTZ ELIZA MCMORRAN (Eliza Alice) born July 30, 1855 and died August 1, 1926 St. Paris OH; married June 3, 1878 at St Paris, Flavious Josephus Gearhart [son of Wesley Cutler & Mahala (Loudenback) Gearhart] born November 7, 1854 OH and died July 4, 1888 Champaign Co OH; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, St. Paris OH; and born to them were:

( J. MACK GEARHART born August 2, 1879 St. Paris OH and died January 19, 1927 Piqua OH; buried Evergreen Cemetery, St Paris; married 1st April 7, 1910 in Champaign Co OH, Grace E Apple – no offspring; married 2d Caroline (Carrie) Detrick and born to them was:

( HELENDENE ADELLA GEARHART born July 6, 1915 Miami Co OH and died November 1969 Piqua OH; married 1st George Usserman and 2d Wilbur Baker; buried Evergreen Cemetery, St. Paris OH; and born to Helendene and George were:

( GEORGE EDWARD USSERMAN born October 9, 1937 Piqua OH; married June 9, 1962 at the Catholic Church, Troy OH, Barbara Louise Thompson born April 13, 1943; 1983 resided Troy OH; and born to them were:

( EDWARD JOSEPH USSERMAN born June 7, 1963

( RICHARD GEORGE USSERMAN born September 7, 1965

( DAVID WILLIAM USSERMAN born June 8, 1967

( CAROLYN LOUISE USSERMAN ‘Sue’ born February 10, 1939 Piqua OH; married January 13, 1968 Edgar Howard Mills, Jr., born June 24, 1944; 1983 resided at Piqua; and born to them was:

( TONY LEE MILLS born June 26, 1968

( JAMES MAC USSERMAN born January 20, 1943 Piqua OH; married 1st October 22, 1966 at Piqua, Becky Ann Brubaker – no offspring; married 2d December 4, 1970 Connie Sue Evans born April 8, 1950; and born to them were:


( THOMAS ALLEN USSERMAN born March 16, 1973

( JULIE ANN USSERMAN born April 9, 1975

Born to Helendene and her second husband, Wilbur, were:

( ROSALYN BAKER born October 19, 1946; married November 12, 1971 Zane Rae Krug born August 5, 1935; this was apparently Zane’s second marriage and he brought to the marriage a son, Timothy

( RAYMOND DALE BAKER born February 26, 1950; married June 15, 1968 Nancy Arthur born July 12, 1950; and born to them were:

( ROBIN DEAN BAKER born April 14, 1972

( TERESA DAWN BAKER born October 9, 1975

( BECKY ANN BAKER born June 8, 1952; married November 1973 Robert Eugene Millet born October 1, 1948; and born to them were:

( JACKLYN MARIE MILLET stillborn 1975

( ROBERT EUGENE MILLET, JR., born November 18, 1978

( JUDITH KAY BAKER born October 11, 1954; married July 1972 Von Monroe Cantrell; and born to them were:

( ERIC WAYNE CANTRELL born January 13, 1973

( MELISSA KAY CANTRELL (twin) born February 10, 1974

( MICHELLE GAY CANTRELL (twin) born February 10, 1974

( MARY JO BAKER born October 27, 1959 Piqua OH

( ESTA GEARHART born February 13, 1881 St. Paris OH and died February 12, 1969 Latham Nursing Home, Bellefontaine OH; buried Evergreen Cemetery, St. Paris; married October 14, 1914 Clifford Kenton Showers [son of John & Catherine (Pence) Showers] born January 14, 1883 Jackson Township, Champaign Co OH and died July 9, 1957 Champaign Co; buried Evergreen Cemetery; and born to them were:

( SARAH MARTHA SHOWERS born May 24, 1918 Mad River Township, Champaign Co OH; married September 20, 1947 at the Urbana Methodist Church, Delmar Wesley Hesselgesser [son of Chester Phillip & Retta Mae] born August 12, 1920 Concord Township, Champaign Co; and born to them were:

( JOHN EARL HESSELGESSER born June 14, 1953 at the Mercy Memorial Hospital, Urbana OH; married March 17, 1983 at Xenia OH, Sandra Gail Fraley born August 6, 1956; 1983 resided Xenia OH

( MARK KENTON HESSELGESSER born May 29, 1956 at Mercy Memorial Hospital, Urbana OH; 1983 resided Dayton OH

( KENTON GEARHART SHOWERS born June 12, 1921 and died June 25, 1926 Columbus OH; buried Evergreen Cemetery, St. Paris OH

( ALTON GEARHART (Flavious Alton) born June 1, 1882 St. Paris OH and died October 14, 1932 Champaign Co; buried Evergreen Cemetery, St. Paris; not married

( ERNEST GEARHART (Earnest S) born December 4, 1883 St. Paris OH and died November 20, 1965 Champaign Co OH; buried at Evergreen Cemetery; married 1st December 9, 1908 Odie/Ota Apple; married 2d February 3, 1928 Mary Jane Coe born January 9, 1896 Edgar Co IL and died April 30, 1975; and born to Ernest and Odie were:

( FRANCES GEARHART (Frances M) lived 6 months

( MARGARET GEARHART (Margaret E) born 1911; married a Mr. Helvie; no offspring

Born to Ernest and his second wife, Mary Jane, were:

( INFANT SON (stillborn) born 1929

( MARY CATHERINE GEARHART born December 4, 1925; married 1st Clarence Randolph born June 23, 1934; married 2d January 26, 1980 Thomas E. Diehl; 1983 resided Lake Luzerne NY; and born to Mary and Clarence were:

( LISA KENTON RANDOLPH born April 29, 1961

( PAUL SHELDON RANDOLPH born November 14, 1963

( JOHN FERRIS RIKER (Photographs) born October 1, 1828 Hamilton Co OH and died April 7, 1909 St Paris, Champaign, OH; Civil War Vet, Captain in Company E, 113th Ohio Infantry Regiment mustering in November 20, 1862 for 2 years, discharged because of physical indisposition; the first mayor of St. Paris OH in 1858 at the time of the incorporation of town, again elected to that office in 1892; Gold Rush participant along with his brothers and others, made the trip by wagon train returning in 1854 after an absence of about two years; his connection with the Church dates frolm 1851, when he united with the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church; later he was one of the founders of the Saint Paris Baptist Church, with which he was actively idenfitied until his death; aside from his Church relations, he has been intimately associated with Sunday School work, holding at different times the positions of teacher and superintendent; married November 30, 1854 in St. Paris, Eliza Ann Lickliter/Lichlider/Licklider born October 21, 1832 Shenandoah Valley VA and January 29, 1931 St Paris; buried Evergreen Cemetery; she taught a Sunday School class for about 80y, having attended at one time for 10y without missing a Sunday; and born to them were:

( FREEMAN ELWOOD RIKER (Photo) born February 11, 1857 St. Paris OH and died April 1, 1940 Indianapolis IN; blacksmith by trade in St Paris in Henry Saylor’s carriage shop; 1881 with partner Will Walborn, started sign painting and carriage repair business; volunteer fireman; Republican county committeeman; strong Baptists in their church; liked to smoke cigars; co-owner of the Walborn-Riker Co; see; married October 8, 1882 in Piqua OH, Mary Jane Dann (Minnie) [dau of Jonathan & Sarah (Jones) Dann] born August 30, 1958 Sidney OH (New Haven CT) and died 1931; buried Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis; she attended Denison U in Granville OH; came to St. Paris to teach in thehigh school and there they met; she was the only woman of her generation in the St Paris who possessed a college degree; and born to them were:

( JAY DANN RIKER born July 1883 St Paris OH; buried March 6, 1930 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis IN

( LEAH GERTRUDE RIKER born June 1885 St Paris OH and died 1915

( FLORENCE EMMA RIKER born December 1, 1886 St Paris OH and died there February 16, 1887; buried Evergreen Cemetery, St Paris

( BENJAMIN HARRISON RIKER (Ben) (Photos) born January 1889 St Paris OH and died 1962 Indianapolis IN; graduated Ohio State U 1911; taught English at Shawnee OK High School for a year, then was advertising writer for Prest-O-Lite Corp of Indianapolis 1912-19; WWI Vet; married Alice Lenox (1881-1967); he was author of Pony Wagon Town 1948, a book about his life with his father in the 1890s, and his father’s pony wagon factory; entered the book retail business as owner of a store in Des Moines IA; 1926 became manager of the J G Sheehan bookstore in Detroit MI and in 1932 went to Ayres where he was manager of the book department retiring in 1954; chairman of the publications committee of the Indiana Historical Society; also a longtime member of the publications committee of the Indianapolis Art Association; active member of the Indianapolis Literary Club for 25y, serving as its president 1947-48; both buried Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis; and born to them was:

( WILLIAM HARRISON RIKER JR (Bill) (Photo) born September 22, 1920 Des Moines IA and died June 26, 1993 Rochester NY; married 1943 Mary Elizabeth Lewis born June 30, 1920 and died March 14, 2002; both buried Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis IN

BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS National Academy of Sciences

William Harrison Riker

September 22, 1920 – June 26, 1993

By Bruce Bueno De Mesquita and Kenneth Shepsle

"WILLIAM RIKER WAS A visionary scholar, institution builder, and intellect who developed methods for applying athematical reasoning to the study of politics. By introducing the precepts of game theory and social choice theory to political science he constructed a theoretical base for political analysis. This theoretical foundation, which he called "positive political theory," proved crucial in the development of political theories based on axiomatic logic and amenable to predictive tests and experimental, historical, and statistical verification. Through his research, writing, and teaching he transformed important parts of political studies from civics and wisdom to science. Positive political theory now is a mainstream approach to political science. In no small measure this is because of Riker’s research. It is also a consequence of his superb teaching–he trained and influenced many students and colleagues who, in turn, helped spread the approach to universities beyond his intellectual home at the University of Rochester."


"Bill, as he was known to his friends, was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on September 22, 1920. He was the much-cherished only son of Ben and Alice Riker. Ben, after whom Bill would later name one of his own sons, owned a bookstore in Des Moines. The father’s love of books was shared with his son, who was taught to read at the age of three. Bill’s ability to learn, precociously revealed, continued with him until his last breath. In a pre-Depression depression in Iowa the Riker family bookstore failed in 1925. Facing hard times, the family moved to Battle Creek, Michigan, and then on to Detroit. Bill’s favorite recollection from his Michigan years was that he was given an air rifle for perfect attendance at Baptist Sunday School. The family’s fortunes improved following a move to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1932. There Ben Riker established a fine bookstore at L. S. Ayres, the well-known and innovative Indianapolis department store. Presaging his son’s later prominence and intellectual rigor, Ben Riker himself became a highly influential book dealer. When John Bartlow Martin, a well-known journalist, later speechwriter for Adlai Stevenson, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and George McGovern, and

ambassador to the Dominican Republic, wrote a personal history of Indiana, Alfred Knopf, Sr., consulted Ben Riker for advice on the book’s merits. Bill’s father disliked the manuscript, noting that Martin allowed his judgment to be influenced by his "political, social, and economic prejudices." He went on to note that "Most literate Hoosiers–who are the only ones who buy books and in whom I am chiefly interested–will not accept the book as a true picture of Indiana. . . ." ( The father’s passion for even-handed objectivity seems to have been inherited by his son. Just such dispassionate even-handedness and analytic objectivity were the driving passions of Bill Riker’s intellectual life. Following graduation from Shortridge High School in 1938, Bill went to DePauw University, from which he graduated in 1942. Bill worked for RCA following his graduation. There he learned to understand something about how complex organizations function, a subject that continued to fascinate him during his years as a Ph.D. student at Harvard (1944-48), where he wrote a dissertation on the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Bill married Mary Elizabeth Lewis (M. E.) in 1943, a loving union that lasted for 50 years until Bill’s death. M. E. and Bill had four children: two daughters and two sons. One son, Ben, died tragically in an automobile accident in the summer of 1973 while returning with friends from a vacation in Hudson’s Bay. This tragedy made even stronger the deep ties of affection that made and make the Riker family such a wonderful group of people. Bill’s merits in no small part are due to the support and encouragement he had at home. That encouragement was tempered as well by M. E.’s ability to keep Bill’s feet firmly rooted to the ground. On one occasion, for instance, one of us (B.B.dM.) vividly recalls sitting in the Riker living room as Bill explained that he had kept track of his score in over 250,000 games of Solitaire because he was interested in whether randomness really existed. M. E. quickly pointed out that Bill was too cheap to replace the deck of cards (this was before computer Solitaire), so that the cards stuck together when he shuffled, facilitating patterns across games. Alas, he had to admit it was true. During his years at Harvard, Bill established himself as an independent-minded, innovative intellect. Richard L. Park, a classmate at Harvard, recalled that the other graduate students thought Bill both brilliant and extremely odd. Indeed, he was odd. At a time when other political scientists were absorbed with descriptive case studies Bill was struggling with how to study politics more analytically. He was searching for a method that would serve as the platform upon which to build a science of politics. That method was to begin to take shape in his mind a few years later. Following completion of his doctorate in 1948 Bill became an assistant professor at Lawrence University (then Lawrence College) in Appleton, Wisconsin. He remained at Lawrence until 1962, having risen to the rank of professor. Bill maintained close ties with friends at Lawrence and sustained a deep affection for the opportunity Lawrence gave him to explore his ideas about politics. Lawrence University returned the admiration and affection, awarding Riker an honorary doctorate in 1975. While at Lawrence, Bill studied a 1954 paper by L. S. Shapely and Martin Shubik in which they developed a mathematical argument for what they called a "power index." The power index offered a mathematical formula expressing a legislator’s power as a function of his ability to swing decisions by turning a losing coalition into a winning coalition. It exemplified a new vein of literature that addressed political processes in the language of mathematics, including the work of John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern, Duncan Black, Kenneth Arrow, and Anthony Downs. Riker rapidly introduced this work into his curriculum at Lawrence and used it as the basis for his new science of politics. He had the vision to see how these strands of research, derived mostly from economics but ironically with little impact in that discipline at the time, could be put to powerful use in building a science of politics. The remainder of his professional life was devoted to developing this science through research, teaching, and institution building."


"In the mid-1950s Riker adopted and built upon a significant array of approaches to the study of political phenomena, including methodological individualism, an emphasis on micro-foundations, game theory, spatial models, axiomatic set-theoretic treatments of rational action, and generalized Condorcet results, questioning the validity of processes for collective decision making. Between 1957 and 1959 Riker wrote three formal papers that indicated his initial steps toward his eventual theoretical synthesis. Two papers drew on Shapely and Shubik’s formulation of the power index and a third paper set about determining whether Arrow’s Possibility Theorem, which predicted that n-person voting procedures for more than two outcomes should demonstrate an inherent instability, pertained to actual voting practices (1957, 1958, 1959). Whereas these papers were mathematical and attempted to draw generalized conclusions by combining theoretical deduction with empirical tests, they did not as yet put together the pieces that would later characterize positive political theory. Notably, even though Riker was engaging in experiments in coalition formation using a game-theoretic structure, neither game theory nor an explicit "rational action" model was relevant to these early papers. Riker also wrote two papers published in philosophy journals before the close of the decade. These papers discuss the importance of carefully circumscribing the events defining a scientific study and the need to base science on "descriptive generalizations" (1957, 1958). In these articles Riker challenged the standard view in political science that promoted the study of the idiosyncratic details of rare and influential events. This challenge to the case study method and to so-called thick description remains at the core of methodological debates today. By 1959, when he was selected as a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Riker had a clear and explicit vision of the theoretical approach he was to pioneer. In his application to the Center he wrote, "I describe the field in which I expect to be working at the Center as ‘formal, positive, political theory.’" He elaborates, "By Formal, I mean the expression of the theory in algebraic rather than verbal symbols. By positive, I mean the expression of descriptive rather than normative propositions." This document is telling of Riker’s own sense of intellectual development, and his reflective and unabashed program for political science. He states, I visualize the growth in political science of a body of theory somewhat similar to . . . the neoclassical theory of value in economics. It seems to be that a number of propositions from the mathematical theory of games can perhaps be woven into a theory of politics. Hence, my main interest at present is attempting to use game theory for the construction of political theory. Riker spent the 1960-61 academic year at the Center. In this fertile year away from the responsibilities of teaching he wrote The Theory of Political Coalitions (1962), which served as a transforming study in political science. In The Theory of Political Coalitions, Riker deduced the size principle, introducing the idea of minimal winning coalitions in the study of electoral and legislative politics as an alternative to the view of vote maximization expressed in Downs (1957). The size principle states that in n-person, zerosum games, where side-payments are permitted, where players are rational, and where they have perfect information, only minimum winning coalitions occur. Downs argued that politicians are primarily office seekers rather than policy makers or allocators of resources. As such, they maximize electoral support and, therefore, forge coalitions as large as possible. Riker’s decision makers make authoritative allocation decisions and so seek to minimize the number of claimants on the distribution of resources. A vast literature on coalition formation and government stability has grown out of the debate between Riker and Downs. The Downsian model indicates that on unidimensional issues and in winner-take-all elections, politicians adopt (usually centrist) policy positions in order to maximize their vote share. Downs’s politicians care only about winning office. They do not concern themselves with the policy or private goods concessions they must make to others in order to win. Riker, in contrast, argued that maximizing votes is costly. Voters are attracted to a candidate by promises about personal benefits. Candidates have preferences of their own about the distribution of scarce resources in the form of private goods to their backers and leftover resources for their own use. To attract votes, politicians must pay a cost by sacrificing some personal interests or granting private side-payments to prospective supporters in an effort to avoid alienating potential voters. Riker argued that rational politicians, motivated primarily by a desire to control resources, seek to attract just enough votes to win and no more, subject to variation above minimal winning size only because of uncertainty about the preferences of voters or their loyalty. By forming minimal winning coalitions politicians make as few concessions as possible, while still controlling sufficient support to maintain governmental authority and pass legislation. Riker’s theory of political behavior marked a sharp departure from standard political science views and an equally sharp departure from views

standard in economics. Political scientists at the time frequently wrote normative treatises on governance or attributed political decisions to psychological forces and attitudinal factors. For economists concerned with exchange in the marketplace collective outcomes were seen as a fairly mechanical adding machine equating supply and demand, with neither the marginal buyer nor marginal seller able to influence the market price. Riker drew a fundamental distinction between collective outcomes in economics and in politics. He saw collective outcomes in politics as the product of conscious strategic processes. This is a crucial distinction because the rational actor in political arenas intentionally calculates how to achieve aims in a strategic environment with other strategically acting agents, making game theory the central analytic tool for modeling political processes. When The Theory of Political Coalitions was published, the book created a significant stir precisely because Riker not only exhorted the discipline to become more scientific, but because he showed how to do it. As one reviewer noted, "Although Riker’s particular approach is not the answer to all of the discipline’s woes, he has certainly succeeded in challenging us by example. Those who would accept the challenge had better come prepared with a well sharpened kit of tools. For, either to emulate or attack, nothing less will suffice" (Fagen 1963, pp. 446-47). Riker was the first political scientist, and indeed the first non-RAND theoretician, to recognize the potential of game theory to understand political interactions. It was Riker who bestowed upon game theory the promise of a new life after RAND defense strategists concluded the theory was of little merit for studying warfare and after economists rejected the hopes and promises of von Neumann and Morgenstern. A later generation of economists grasped its promise for grounding a new mathematics of the market, launching the "non-cooperative revolution" in economics."


"The year 1962 marked a major turning point in Bill’s life and in the future of political science. Not only was The Theory of Political Coalitions published, but the Riker family moved to Rochester, New York, where Bill became chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Rochester. The University of Rochester hired Riker with the understanding that he would have the resources and freedom to build a program modeled after his intellectual vision. Rochester was true to its word, forging a loyalty to the university on Bill’s part that was the stuff of legend. Whenever a colleague was tempted by an offer elsewhere, Bill, as department chair from 1962 to 1977, simply could not imagine how anyone could prefer to be anywhere else. Apparently he was right. Hardly anyone left. The cold, long winters of Rochester were no problem given the lively, intellectually stimulating, entertaining, and engaging informal daily exchanges between faculty and graduate students–all treated and feeling absolutely as equals–over bag lunches. Immediately upon his arrival in Rochester, Riker set about outlining a strategy for building the Rochester political science department. His strategy emphasized both behavioral methods and positive theory. The result was 14 new courses and seminars, an entirely new curriculum unlike those found anywhere else at the time. The new Ph.D. requirements stressed quantification and formal analysis. He shifted the emphasis common in other programs from the literature to his focus on developing the tools necessary to do rigorous research into the theoretical properties and empirical laws of politics. The effort succeeded. One decade later, the unranked department Bill inherited was ranked fourteenth in the country, despite never having a faculty larger than 13 during those years (Roose and Andersen, 1970). Another decade later, the department, still small by comparison with its competitors, was ranked among the top 10 and placed its students at the most prestigious universities, in the meantime helping to build sister centers of positive political theory at such institutions as Caltech, Washington University, and Carnegie-Mellon. Riker’s efforts on behalf of positive political theory extended beyond the confines of his home department at the University of Rochester. He maintained an active publication record, contributing so many articles to the flagship journal of political science, the American Political Science Review, that its editor wrote to him, "There is some danger of turning this journal into the ‘William H. Riker Review." Among the more distinguished was a paper on power (1964), several on experimental methods (1967, 1970)–the latter with his student William Zavoina–and his seminal and controversial theory of the calculus of voting with another of his students Peter Ordeshook (1968). In addition to his major contributions of original research during this period Riker sought to further establish his method through co-authorship with Peter Ordeshook of a textbook that elucidated the parameters of positive political theory. This text, entitled An Introduction to Positive Political Theory (1973), was aimed at advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students, and was an important step in defining positive political theory for a widespread audience. It introduced the assumption of rationality and the formal account of preference orderings, and it demonstrated the positive approach to political science through its application to such political problems as political participation, voting and majority rule, public goods, public policy, and electoral competition. The text also contained discussions on formal theory and deductive results from formal theory including n-person and two-person game theory, the power index, and the size principle. Riker did not limit his efforts to the development of positive political theory at Rochester or to the impact of his own research. Together with other like-minded scholars, Bill formed a community that fostered the rise of rational choice theory as a cross-disciplinary phenomenon. In the early 1960s a meeting of minds occurred, resulting in the founding of the Public Choice Society. Researchers active in these early meetings included subsequent Nobelists Herbert Simon (economics and public administration), John Harsanyi (game theory), and James Buchanan (public finance), as well as Gordon Tullock (public finance), Mancur Olson (economics), John Rawls (philosophy), James Coleman (sociology), and of course, William Riker. The Public Choice Society is noteworthy for helping to generate the critical mass required to establish the rational choice approach as an academy-wide method of inquiry. In founding the society, members ensured that their newly wrought discipline would benefit from an active network of similar-minded intellects. To further this end, the society held annual meetings and initiated an enduring journal, Public Choice."


"Riker personally met with career successes and external honors that established his intellectual legacy and served as community recognition of the significant role he played in remaking political science. In 1974 Riker was elected to the

National Academy of Sciences and thus was among the first political scientists to be inducted into this community. Soon other Rochesterians were in his midst, including Fenno, Shepsle, McKelvey, and Fiorina, as well as "fellow travelers" like John Ferejohn. Riker was elected to the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences in 1975 and in 1983 was chosen to serve as president of the American Political Science Association. Additionally, he was honored, as mentioned earlier, by Lawrence University with an honorary degree. DePauw University, his undergraduate school, likewise honored him in 1979, as did the State University of New York, Stony Brook, in 1986. In 1977 Upsala University in Sweden chose Bill for an honorary doctorate as part of the university’s five-hundredth-anniversary celebration. Bill also was the recipient of numerous distinguished fellowships and awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1983, National Science Foundation grants from 1967 to 1973 and again for 1985-87. He was the Fairchild fellow at Caltech in 1973-74, a visiting professor at Washington University in 1983-84, and the recipient of three teaching awards: one at Lawrence (in 1962) and two at Rochester (in 1988 for undergraduate teaching and in 1991 for graduate teaching). After leaving the department chairmanship, Bill went on to serve as dean of graduate studies at Rochester from 1978 to 1983 and continued to teach an overload even after becoming professor emeritus."


"At the time Bill became president of the American Political Science Association, his research interests were drawn to the role political institutions and political campaigns play in shaping outcomes. His seminal work, Liberalism Against Populism (1982), laid out a fresh and controversial theory of democracy. In it Bill used strategic logic to challenge the idea that democracy leads to especially good and representative public policy, suggesting instead that it had little advantage over other forms of governance on that dimension. Democracy’s great advantage lay in the ease with which one could throw the rascals out. This naturally led him to inquire into what politicians do to avoid such a result. A series of papers followed exploring democracy, two-party competition, and the nature of representative government. In 1984 he focused the attention of the discipline on these issues in his article "The Heresthetics of Constitution Making." Here, coining the term "heresthetics" to refer to the manipulation of the structure of issues for political advantage, Bill undertook research that occupied the remainder of his life. He built a theory of how politicians use issues and linkages across issues for strategic advantage. This led him to inquire into how and why campaigns matter. An easily accessible first approximation of an answer was provided in his book The Art of Political Manipulation (1986). His final treatments of issue formation and the rhetoric of campaigning were the centerpieces of his last two books. The first, an edited volume entitled Agenda Formation (1993), was published only days before Riker died. The collection of essays examined how agenda control, political institutions, and political structure induce equilibria to avert chaos in public policy. In his last book, the posthumously published The Strategy of Rhetoric (1996), Riker brought together his concern for heresthetic maneuvering with his concern for political persuasion. He examined the campaign to ratify the U.S. Constitution, using innovative statistical techniques to test his new theory of political persuasion. Most rational choice scholarship takes the institutional structure in which preferences are aggregated as a given in the model. Riker, however, drew attention to the significance of the proactive role of politicians in structuring the environment in which preferences are coordinated into a collective outcome. Thus, Riker contrasted heresthetics with rhetoric. Whereas rhetoric involves persuasion, heresthetics involves strategic manipulation of the setting in which political outcomes are reached; it is in essence a strategy of rhetoric. The Strategy of Rhetoric is a monumental work. It provides an entirely new way to think about strategic uses of rhetoric and campaigning that is defining there search agendas of scholars across the various sub-specialties of political science."


"William Riker’s intellectual accomplishments were prodigious. He served as an academic exemplar for anyone who knew him. He was a brilliant and highly productive scholar. He was a dedicated and committed teacher of undergraduates and graduate students. He was a remarkable administrator and institution builder. But above all, he was an astounding human being. We cannot end without speaking of the man beyond the scholar. We have mentioned Bill’s loyalty to Rochester and his abiding affection for Lawrence. Bill remained in touch with virtually every Ph.D. student with whom he had worked. He regularly purchased stock through a former student who became a broker. He traveled the world to assist his students in building programs wherever they were. On his seventieth birthday, the political science department at Rochester threw a party and two-thirds of the students who had ever received a Ph.D. from the department came to participate in the celebration. They came at their own expense from places as far away as India, Korea, and Europe. Bill Riker inspired such devotion because he himself was so devoted. As an individual his multidimensional creativity was apparent and permeated well beyond his specialization in the social sciences. He had a photographic memory, recalling precise details from newspaper articles from his childhood or specific paragraphs in books he had read 50 years earlier. His creativity, however, extended beyond this remarkable ability. A simple example illustrates the point. Everyone is familiar with the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Bill, bored with hearing the song on his car radio (he eventually decided he didn’t need a radio in his car), but never one to turn away from an analytical or interpretive puzzle, thought about the song, solved the gift-giving algorithm, and discovered that 364 gifts are given, one for each day of the year, except Christmas day, which presumably already had the gift of Christ. An easy enough problem, but only someone of distinct creativity in everything would think to question the meaning of this seemingly trivial song. Consider this second illustration, developed more fully in Riker’s The Art of Political Manipulation. Bill had always regarded C. P. Snow’s The Masters as one of the great political novels (ranking it second only to Robert Graves’s I, Claudius). Nominally, it is a story about the campaign and election of an Oxbridge college master, a contest pitting a humanist against a scientist and thus a vehicle freighted with that very same symbolism and ideological clash found in any national campaign between Tory and Labour or Democrat and Republican. Most readers assume that Eliot, a relatively junior tutor in the college–as much observer as participant in the unfolding political drama and the disinterested narrator of the tale–is the voice of Snow himself. One of the more senior residents of the college, Chrystal (all are identified only by surnames), is the personification of the political insider and most important of all is pivotal to the outcome; he will make the next master according to how he ultimately decides. In the final scene each elector in the college rises, first announcing his own full name and then declaring for whom he supports with his vote. Chrystal rises and declares himself Charles Percy Chrystal. Or, as Riker notes, C. P. Chrystal–a small play on the author’s own name, C. P. Snow. It is Chrystal, not Eliot, who is the voice of the author! Snow, whether consciously or not, fancies himself the insider, the pivot, the maker and breaker of leaders, not the mere observer and narrator. The novel is a truly exciting story of political intrigue; that in itself is sufficient unto the day for most of us interested in politics. Bill Riker went deeper than most of us with the insight that behind the drama of politics is introspection, calculation, personal ambition, even hubris. This may not be powerful literary criticism, but it is first-rate political intuition. It is the product of an uncommon mind. Bill’s skills as an administrator included the great subtlety with which he managed his department. Bill often dropped into the offices of his colleagues to chat, frequently taking them for walks in parkland owned by the University of Rochester (the trustees’ garden). Naturally, assistant professors were especially flattered by the attention, even more so when, as it happened with one of us (B.B.dM.), it resulted in a jointly written article. Years later, when that former assistant professor became department chair, he asked Bill what the chair does. Bill replied that the chair drops in causally on junior faculty, chats with them, takes them out occasionally, and that way knows whether they are on a good path toward tenure. The chair helps steer junior colleagues so that they do the best they can. That is, even in the most informal moments part of him was thinking about how to help others succeed. On his deathbed, Bill Riker continued his devotion to helping others. Hospitalized, knowing that his death was imminent, he asked a colleague to let a student know that he had read her paper and thought it was excellent.

Remarkably, he apologized that he was unable to give her written comments. At 10 p.m. on the night he died in a hospice, Bill, extremely weak and barely audible, reminded one of us (B.B.dM.) of advancements and honors he desired for a former student and long-time colleague at Rochester. He died a few hours later. His last three days, when he knew he would not survive the weekend, were lived with as much grace and generosity of spirit as any of us could hope for in a lifetime. Bill Riker was a once-in-a-century man."

And born to them were:




( BEN RIKER (-1972)

( HELEN MARIE RIKER born December 18, 1892 St Paris OH and died June 28, 1980 Indianapolis IN; buried there Crown Hill Cemetery

( MARY JEANETTE RIKER born October 7, 1894 St Paris OH and died April 2, 1981 Indianpolis IN; buried there Crown Hill Cemetery

( CARRIE BELL RIKER (Photo) born October 21, 1860 St Paris OH and died there February 3, 1949; married December 9, 1885 in St. Paris, Frank B Frazier born March 24, 1857 and died November 26, 1912; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, St. Paris OH; and born to them was:

( LUCILLE FRAZIER (Photo) born December 9, 1886 St Paris OH and died August 4, 1959 Dayton OH – unmarried

( MARY RIKER (Emma) (Photographs) born October 29, 1868 St. Paris OH and died February 11, 1930 Columbus OH; married October 6, 1889 in St Paris, Charles B Brown [son of Levi & Mariah (Miller) Brown] born October 8, 1864 St Paris and died there September 15, 1926; buried there Evergreen Cemetery; he worked as a blacksmith in the Walborn-Riker Co, it is said that every wheel and axle first passed through Charley Brown’s forge before it became a finished pony wagon cart; these carts sold all over the world and single-handedly put St. Paris OH on the map back in the late 1800s; he was for many years a member of the St Paris Knights of Pythias Lodge #344; spent several years in road construction; engaged in grocery business with his brother-in-law; and born to them were:

( RACHEL RUTH BROWN born August 20, 1893 St Paris OH and died August 24, 1952 Columbus OH; married June 2, 1917 in St Paris, Wilbur Henry Whiston born August 5, 1892 Sistersville WVA and died February 6, 1965 Columbus OH; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, St Paris; and born to them were:

( JEAN WHISTON born March 25, 1918 and died June 10, 1918

( RICHARD RIKER WHISTON born March 4, 1920; married Martha Maria Wolfe and they had 2 kids

( DONALD HERDMAN WHISTON born January 24, 1924 Columbus OH and died October 9, 2000 South Bend IN; married Doris Ellen Stahl (Pat) and they had 2 kids

( HERBERT FERRIS BROWN born August 23, 1897 Piqua OH and died April 19, 1969 St Paris; degree from Ohio State U; a dentist in St. Paris; a bee-keeper; active in Boy Scouts; charter member of the Lion’s Club and American Legion; was a Private First Class working in the Evacuation Hospital in France, WWI; married May 4, 1920 in St Paris, Kathleen Kite [dau of Franklin & Daisy (Cutler) Kite] born July 19, 1897 Mad River Township, Champaign Co OH and died March 22, 1988 Covington OH; both buried Evergreen Cemetery, St Paris; she was a member of the St Paris Methodist Church, the St Paris Antique Study Club, and a lifetime member of the Diamond Chapter #84, Order of the Easter Star and born to them was:

( ROBERT MYRON BROWN (Bob) born March 4, 1922; married Jeanne L Carnes

( AARON D. RIKER (Photos) born July 19, 1830 OH and died July 25, 1914; Civil War Vet; who mustered in October 11, 1861, as a Private, in Company E, 66th Ohio Infantry Regiment for a 3y term; January 1, 1863 he was promoted to Sergeant; April 12, 1865 promoted to Lieutenant; mustered out July 15, 1865 near Louisville KY; after the war ran a successful lumber business and was postmaster of St. Paris; married 1st October 17, 1854 in Champaign Co OH, Clara Henderson who died c1867; married 2d Catherine Williams [dau of William & Mary] born February 1, 1836 Champaign Co OH and died April 11, 1885 St Paris OH [The marriages may be reversed.]; and born to Aaron and Catherine were:

( CLARA RIKER born August 8, 1855 OH; married a Mr. Henderson (October 17, 1878 in St Paris, William Anderson born DeGraff OH) and born to them was:


( ORA RIKER (Orie M) born May 5/7, 1860 MO and died September 11, 1904; married a Miss Magovern

( ESTELLA RIKER born September 20, 1862 St. Paris OH; married a Mr. Fromme and they lived in California; and born to them were:




( ELIZABETH RIKER (Lizzie) born August 5, 1867/68 St. Paris OH and died July 18, 1940; married John Snapp [son of Daniel & Julia (Burger) Snapp] born March 27, 1869 and died June 30, 1956; and they lived near St. Marys OH; and born to them were:

( EDGAR SNAPP married Emma Heyst and they had a child

( HAZEL SNAPP married William Geiger and they had 2 kids

( PAULINE SNAPP married Paul Bolick and they had 2 kids

( WILLIE RIKER born February 7, 1869 and died February 25, 1869; buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Champaign Co OH

( SOLOMON RIKER born October 14, 1832 OH and died November 7, 1907; married 1st Delinda {maiden name unk} born c1837 and died c1877 (August 17, 1851 in Champaign Co, Barbara Maggert); married 2d April 8, 1877 Sarah Belle Overton who died February 27, 1899; and born to Solomon and presumably, Sarah, were:

( FRANK RIKER born St. Paris OH and lived in California; unmarried

( ELVIRA RIKER (twin) born St. Paris OH; married a Mr. Hussy


( WILLIAM J. RIKER born October 7, 1835 Champaign Co OH and died February 16, 1873/5 Champaign Co OH (Hartford, Lyon, KS); served as a Private, Company G., 66th Infantry (OH?) for three years during the Civil War; a carpenter by trade; married Susanna Custenborder and in 1870, they moved to Kansas where he took up a government claim near Hartford, Coffee Co KS; and born to them were:

( NELSON P. RIKER was a resident of Elevation, Shawnee Co KS; a farmer; married

( AMY V. RIKER married L. K. Apple and lived in Hartford, Lyon Co KS

( CHARLES RIKER (Charles A or Charles H) born 1866 Logan Co OH; connected with Riker and Ferris Families, early settlers of Ohio near Cincinnati; 1879 he returned to Ohio, from Kansas, and lived with relatives for 3y; got his education and then returned to Kansas; 1889 moved to Shawnee Co KS; 1902 purchased the Old Antrim Homestead 4 miles west of Elmont; 1906 came to Topeka and bought 10 acres; married 1888 Effie D. ‘Delle’ Long [dau of Dr. Long of Coffee Co KS]; both Charles and Delle died in Topeka

( ANN BELL RIKER died at an early age


( MAUD RIKER died in infancy

( SOLOMON FERRIS (AFN: 14F8-9S8) born March 16, 1796 Blue Ash, Hamilton, OH and died December 18, 1867, 71y, 9m, 2d; married July 9, 1818 in Hamilton Co, Mary Stites ( Solomon is described as one of the earliest and most successful settlers of Hamilton Co OH; both buried at the Sycamore Township Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH [photograph of cemetery]; and born to them were:

( DEBORAH FERRIS (1819-1881) married January 7, 1841 John L. Hosbrook [son of Daniel & Eunice (Bates) – Daniel was Hamilton Co OH Surveyor and member of State Legislature] born November 15, 1817 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH (5th born of 10); a brother of Lydia, Enoch’s wife above; early learned the principles of hard labor, at the same time receiving a liberal education at the common schools; afterwards improving himself by reading and teaching; age of 18 he began life as a carpenter, and remained at that occupation for about one year; then became a surveyor, and at the same time superintending his farm and taking contracts for building; elected Hamiliton Co Surveyor 1842 and held that office for 6 years and he was also county engineer for several terms; for many years connected officially with the School Board, and has always been actively interested in educational matters; a Democrat; a prominent member of the Methodist Church, having united with it when quite young; manner was quick and resolute; in private life, he was pleasant and affable, winning many friends; and born to them were:

( DANEIL S. HOSBROOK born 1844 near Madeira OH; studied at College Hill; married 1867 Viola M. Karr [dau of Harvey]; he served in the capacity of Hamilton Co surveyor and county engineer 1873-1879; employed as an engineer by the St. Bernard & Reading Corp

( J. ASAPH HOSBROOK born 1850 near Madeira OH; educated at Delaware OH; married 1871 Alice A. Fowler [dau of Leonard]; moved 1872 to Indianapolis, where he served as assistant county engineer for several years; 1878 he returned to Medeira, to accept a position as a special engineer for the county; also was the engineer for the village of Madisonville and was a member of Medeira board of education

( MARY HOSBROOK was an artist; won a medal at the Cincinnati School of Design; also the organist for the Methodist Episopal Church at Madeira

( ELIZABETH FERRIS died March 1, 1822 age 1y 1m and 13d; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( HEZEKIAH FERRIS (1822-1892) married Martha Black

( ISAIAH FERRIS (1825-1872) married Harriet Logan

( JOHN FERRIS (1827-1905) married Elizabeth Gregory

( BENJAMIN FERRIS (1829-1898) married Mary Esther Jones [dau of Jonathan C & Nancy (Cochran) Jones] born c1834 Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH; 1860 census finds them in Ford Co IL; and born to them were:

( ALBANUS LEMUEL FERRIS born June 4, 1857 IL and died December 27, 1932 Paxton, Ford, IL; married 1st Kate Evans and 2d Flora Viola Fatout

( SKILMAN ALGER DOUGLAS FERRIS married Nellie Davies and born to them were:



( ALLEN FERRIS born Sept 1859 IL

( RACHEL FERRIS (1831-1915) married Skilman Alger; she is buried at the Sycamore Township Cemetery; and born to them were:

( MARY SOPHIA ALGER born June 6, 1867; unmarried

( CHARLES ALGER born January 4, 1869; married Eva Conklin

( JOHN WILLIAM FERRIS born 1834; married Sarah Gregory [related to Elizabeth?]

( ANDREW JACKSON FERRIS born 1838 Hamilton County OH; 6′ 1" tall with a florid complexion, black eyes and hair; a farmer; enlisted [for which he received a bounty of $25.], at age 24y, Cincinnati, September 4, 1862 and served with Company A., 4th Ohio Volunteer Calvary Regiment, Civil War; promoted to Corporal, October 1, 1862 and joined his company, October 23d at Lebanon KY, in the field; promoted to Quarter Master Sergeant, January 1, 1863; killed-in-action near Lovejoy Station GA, August 20, 1864

( SOLOMON FERRIS, JR., born July 14, 1843 and died November 21, 1919; married September 1, 1864 Sarah Jane Karr born October 12, 1841 and died May 28, 1918; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (headstone photos). Born to them were:

( ANDREW JACKSON FERRIS born August 16, 1865 and died 1936; married twice; 1st lady’s name unk [probably Essie born February 26, 1866 and died August 19, 1893; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH]; 2d marriage in 1896 Nettie Blair born June 12, 1865 and died 1940 [dau of William and Clarissa (Addison) Blair]; and born to Andrew and his first wife were:

( JAMES S. FERRIS [possibly – (1889-1920)] [photograph of tombstone]


Born to Andrew and Nettie were:

( EDYTHE FERRIS born January 1898; married Walter Blaney – no offspring

( CLARISSA FERRIS born October 29, 1899; married Earl Holwadel and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS HOLWADEL (1931-) married Eleanor Sampson

( KENT HOLWADEL (1932-) married Marlene Meyer

( JANE HOLWADEL (1938-) married Richard Heiser

( WILLIAM FERRIS born September 17, 1904; married lady’s name unk but born to them were:



( BENJAMIN RIKER FERRIS (1867-1936) married Alice Miller

( MARTHA FERRIS (1868-1875) buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( WARREN K. FERRIS (1869-1939) married Margaret Strohmenger; and born to them were:

( EARAL FERRIS died in his 20’s

( MILES FERRIS married Edith Parrot

( EDNA FERRIS (1897-1987) married Howard Gardner

( LILLIAN FERRIS born 1899; married 1924 Allen Smethurst

( HAROLD FERRIS “Bud” (1902-) married Alice Gunderson

( MARGUERITE FERRIS (twin) (1903-) married 1st Ernest Davis and 2d Mr. Stover

( MARJORIE FERRIS (twin) (1903-) married Howard Van Pelt

( MARY LOUISE FERRIS died 1987; married Monroe Lumley


( PERRY S. FERRIS (1871-1932) died California; unmarried

( FRANK FENTON FERRIS, M.D. born December 22, 1872 Blue Ash OH and died 1972; WWI Vet served overseas August 22, 1918 to July 19, 1919 (Photo)

( STANLEY FERRIS born August 2, 1874 and died August 13, 1874; buried Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( WILLIAM BEAN FERRIS born December 7, 1875 and died 1969; married February 21, 1901 Bertha Moran born February 9, 1884; and born to them were:


( DOROTHY LEE FERRIS, M.D., born 1905; a former member of the Blue Ash Presbyterian Church, served for 35y (1936-71) as a medical missionary to Frances Newton Hospital in Firozpur, India; when she arrived there were 50 beds and 20 nurses; when she left she had expanded the hospital to include 300 beds, 17 doctors and 160 students in the well-established School of Nursing.

( FRANK FENTON FERRIS II born 1907; a lawyer and the first Mayor of Blue Ash OH – “His vision and dedication to community planning helped make Blue Ash one of Hamilton County’s premier communities; served as mayor from 1955-57 and then from 1960-65. He also served on the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission from 1956-86”. The Frank F. Ferris Award is presented annually by the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission to a public or private business, group, municipality or township in Hamilton County for a project that demonstrates planning excellence and civic, economic, aesthetic or environmental significance. He married Caroline Elizabeth Taylor (1908-1993). Caroline attended the Cincinnati Art Academy and the Conservatory of Music; she was a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, 1929. She was a board member of the Blue Ash Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony women’s committee, Blue Ash Historical Society and the Cystic Fibrosis Society; an elder and choir member at Blue Ash Presbyterian Church; and a member of the YMCA Board. She was honored, in 1988, during Cincinnati’s Bicentennial celebration for her volunteer work. At age 58, she obtained her pilot’s licence and became a member of the International 99. Born to them were (birth order unknown):

( CAROLINE FERRIS married a Mr. Michaels – resided Sharonville 1993

( ANN FERRIS married a Mr. Staley – resided Atlanta GA 1993

( JANE FERRIS married a Mr. Weislogel -resided Worthington OH 1993

( FRANK FENTON FERRIS III resided Maineville 1993

( LADELL HUMBERT FERRIS (1909-1989) married Ruth Clark



( HOLTON KARR FERRIS (1914-) married Mary Grace Price

( PHILIP MARTIN FERRIS born July 21, 1916; married Bea Meacham

( PAUL CECIL FERRIS (1918-) married Rose Marie Roberts; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM DOUGLAS FERRIS born July 13, 1964 Georgetown OH; graduated from Georgetown High School 1982 with highest honors in Vo-Ag; an over-the-road trucker 1986-96; 1996 accepted a management position with Miller Transfer and Rigging Co, Cincinnati; 1999 became Cincinnati Machinery Terminal Manager, Ace Doran Hauling and Rigging Co; raises, trains, and sells coonhounds; also operates Poorboys’ Tractor Services; married 1st 1985 Tammy Kay Mormom; married 2d April 1994 Anniebelle Sipes Maness, of Dyes AR; married 3d June 2000 Dorothy May Fithen Lange, of Georgetown OH; Doug has provided this updated info – thanks Doug!; and born to Doug and Tammy was:

( NICHOLE RENEE FERRIS born February 20, 1987; graduated Lebanon High School, Lebanon OH 2005; attending Tusculm College, Greenville TN on a soccer scholarship


( LOIS ANN FERRIS (1920-) married Frank Rose

( JOHN PERKINS FERRIS (1928-) married Patricia Morris

( MARY A. FERRIS (1877-1968)

( THOMAS C. FERRIS (1879-1956) moved to Montana

( BEULAH J. FERRIS (1881-1958) married Frank Armstrong of Madeira

( LOUISA C. FERRIS (1883-1926) married John Schneider, a farmer

( ERNEST FERRIS (1887-1964) moved to Lebanon OH

( INFANT CHILD based on stone at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH (tombstone photo)

( ENOCH FERRIS (Rev.) born May 10, 1762 Poundridge, Dutchess, NY and died October 6, 1830. When Enoch was two years old, his family moved back to Stanwich CT and later to Canaan, which was then Albany County but is now Columbia County NY. While in Canaan, Enoch joined the Baptist Church in the adjoining town of New Lebanon, and there he was married and his first two children were born. Between 1784-87, the family moved back to Dutchess County, to the town of Southeast, which was then included in Frederickstown. Here in 1787, Enoch was ordained as a Baptist minister. He preached at Salem and Phillipstown in Westchester Co until he was called to Nassau, Rensselaer County. He was sent in 1816, by the Baptist’s Missionary Society, to Oswego Co. NY and while living in Mexico and Richland he ministered a large part of the county. As the pioneers whom he served as pastor were very poor and the stipend paid by the Society very small for such a large circuit, he labored in great poverty much of the time. The First Baptist Church of Palermo in Oswego County NY was organized in 1817 with Elder Enoch Ferris as the pastor. He became the first pastor the Baptist Church of South Richland October 11, 1817 and officiated in that capacity during a number of years. In 1828, he was the pastor of the First Baptist Church at Richland, Oswego County NY. In 1826, Enoch inherited $1500.00 from his uncle, the Rev. Ebenezer Ferris, however, Enoch chose to continue his missionary labors in spite of increasing infirmities, making his last trip into the southern part of the county in August and preaching his last sermon about three weeks before his death in October. The little real estate he owned, he transferred to his sons Ebezener and Enoch M., shortly before his death. He married, November 2/9, 1780, Rebecca Reynolds born April 6, 1765 and died December 11, 1841.



By g-g-g-granddaughter Esther Rancier

The first official record of the Jeffery Ferris family has been found in the Colonial Records at Boston, MA 6 May 1635. By 1642 Jeffery and his wife Mary had a son James Ferris born 1642/43 in Stamford, CT. The Ferris family was one of the founders of Stamford.

Jeffery’s son Joseph, born 20 September 1635, became a founding settler of Greenwich, CT. He married Ruth Knapp, daughter of Nicholas and Elinor Knapp. Joseph’s oldest son was John born ca. 1658 in Greenwich. John married Abigail Hoyt/Haight 13 December 1695 in Norwalk, CT. John’s oldest son was another John, born 25 April 1696 at Greenwich. This John married Sarah Mead. Their oldest son was yet another John, born 7 November 1723 at Greenwich.

This 6th generation John Ferris married Hannah Mead, daughter of Elisha Mead. John and his wife were two of the earliest converts to the Baptist Church of Greenwich. The earlier family members worshipped at the Second Congregational Church at Greenwich where the family records still exist.

John6 moved from Greenwich into New York State first to Albany County which at that time encompassed a huge area. John probably lived for a time somewhere in what is now Rensselaer County. By 1762 John and Hannah were living in Pound Ridge, Westchester Co., NY. Enoch, the youngest child, born there 10 May 1762.

About 1764 they returned to Stanwich Parish, Greenwich. By 1777 they returned to the Hudson River Valley at Canaan, NY which at that time was part of Albany County. Now Canaan is in Columbia County. Just down the Flat Brook Road in Canaan was New Lebanon, NY where Enoch joined the church. On 9 November 1780 he married Rebecca Reynolds there.

Rebecca was probably the daughter of Moses Reynolds who was on the Tax List of Canaan in 1779 living a couple of houses away from John Ferris and John Ferris, Jr. Moses, like the Ferrises, came from Stanwich Parish in Greenwich. He was baptized into the Baptist faith in 1770. By 6 November 1773 the Baptists had organized their church which included Moses Reynolds, Rebecca Reynolds, John Ferris and Hannah Ferris. It is believed that this same Moses lived in 1790 at Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY.

Between 1784 and 1787 Enoch and Rebecca removed to Dutchess Co. at Southeast which at that time was part of Fredericksontown. In 1787 Enoch was ordained a Baptist minister. He preached at Salem and Phillipstown in Westchester Co. until he was called to Nassau, Rensselear Co. before 1800. In 1800 he was listed as living at Stephentown, several doors away from Moses Reynolds.

Very little is known about the events of Enoch’s life while he was in Rensselaer Co., but some documents remain. On 18 August 1801 Enoch and Cabot Brown each leased part of the farm of James McWade and Jacob Crandall at Stephentown. Enoch was named executor of Marcus Dimond’s will which was written 4 May 1803 at Stephentown. Nicolas Husted had Enoch witness his will written 29 August 1814 at Nassau.

In 1816 Ferris was sent by the Baptist Missionary Society to Oswego Co., NY. He lived both in Mexico and Richland. He was a supply pastor at various new Baptist churches which were being established as the population grew. So tiny were the first congregations that they didn’t always hold services every Sunday. Enoch would alternate where he gave his sermons. Sometimes he shared the pulpit with another pastor. Church buildings were not yet erected, so many preachings took place in private homes. The worshippers probably preferred the homes as they were likely to be heated. It was not the custom to warm a formal church. Colonial Christians believed that one could not have fire in a house of worship. Oswego County had long, hard, cold winters because of the wind whipped snow off Lake Ontario. At some point stoves were installed in churches, but this occurred long after Enoch’s day.

On 7 October 1817 the Baptist Church of South Richland was organized. Enoch Ferris became the first pastor on 11 October 1817. He stayed a number of years, until about 1828. All these services took place in private homes.

In the same fall of 1817 Enoch and others ministered to a small band as the Baptist Church of Fulton. But the group failed to grow so the church became the First Baptist Church of Palermo since most of the congregants lived there. Again these sermons were in intimate settings of private residences.

After 1821 Enoch became the second pastor of the Colosse Baptist Church. In 1828 he was pastor at the First Baptist Church at Richland. He was one of the delegates who helped to found this church on 17 May 1828 in a meeting held at the courthouse in Pulaski, NY.

Very little is known of his theology beyond his beliefs in standard Baptist dogma which differ most markedly from other Protestant religious groups in their views on baptism. Baptists never baptize infants. In order to receive the sacrament of baptism, a person must voluntarily choose this rite. Normally only persons over 14 are baptized.

Enoch did also believe in temperance which today is strongly practiced by Baptists. In Enoch’s time temperance was not widely practiced. Early Americans consumed vast amounts of beer. Even children drank some. Public drunkenness was common. Churches rarely spoke from the pulpit on the subject so widely was drunken behavior accepted.

On 20 June 1829 110 members of Enoch’s flock, “Voted unanimously that this church do hereby resolved that each and every member refrain from the use of ardent spirits in any case except as medicine.”

Historian Crisfield Johnson called the Reverend “of unimpeachable character.” John Churchill, another Oswego County writer, noted, “Rev. Enoch Ferris, an old fashioned preacher of Richland.”

Because of the Rev. Enoch’s many years as pastor of the Baptist church at South Richland, he was well known to the Holmes family who pioneered the area. In the long memoir about this family published 1900-1902 by Rev. Jesse H. Jones there are these comments: “The church was founded in 1817 with five members, but the names can not be learned. Probably John Holmes was one. The church was gathered by the labors of Elder Enoch Ferris, then a missionary in the county. Elder Jesseniah Holmes joined that same year. Elder Ferris joined in 1819, and together they supplied the church.”

Years later Rev. Enoch’s daughter-in-law Mrs. Elizabeth (Douglas) Ferris

wrote, “I became a resident of South Richland in 1824 when I united with that church by letter from Whitesboro. The church was small, consisting mostly of elderly people. I think I was the youngest member. Rev. Enoch Ferris, the father of my husband, E. M. Ferris, was the pastor. I never heard of them having a previous pastor. As he was a former missionary for that county, it seems natural to suppose that he was the one who assisted in forming the church….

“I can mention some of the early members, but can not tell whether they were the first, though I think they were. They were Rev. Enoch Ferris, his wife and daughter, Elizabeth; Deacon Bangs, Deacon Bump and their wives; John Homes, clerk; Mrs. (Roxy) Dewey and Mrs. Hiel Richards later.”

Being a pastor kept Rev. Enoch in poverty. His only land record in Oswego Co. happened in 1819. Enoch and his son, Silvester took a mortgage of $245 on the west half of small lot 3 in Parish. On 8 November 1820 Enoch and Silvester paid $264.67 principal plus interest to the holder of the mortgage, Simon Adams. The men failed to register this payment,

a common event. Silvester was requested by the court to do so on 18 July 1836 to clear title on the land for Joseph Bloomfield.

In 1825/26 a relative, Rev. Ebenezer Ferris died. He left his nephew Enoch $1500 which was sufficient to cover his needs until he died.

As Enoch became increasingly infirm he chose to continue preaching in the southern part of the state. In August 1830 he left Oswego Co. His last sermon was three weeks before his death on 6 October 1830. Author Harriet Scofield believed he owned land in Orange Co., NY which went to sons Ebenezer and Enoch M. before his death. Enoch and Rebecca were buried in the Willis Cemetery at Richland.

Enoch and Rebecca’s children were:

1.        Marilda b. 26 July 1781; m. (1) 9 November 1797 James E. Lockwood who d. 1812; (2) Stephen Congdon who d. ca.1829; d. 12 December 1859.

2.        Silvester/Sylvester b. 18 November 1784 Canaan, NY; m. 5 September 1807 Rhoda King who d. 1 August 1857; d. 10 August 1869 in Versailes, IN.

3.        Samantha b. 16 March 1788 Southeast, NY; m. 16 September 1808 Alanson Ingham; d. 1 June 1844 in Mexico.

4.        Elizabeth Wilcox/West b. 5 October 1792; d. 2 August 1864. Unmar.

5.        Ebenezer b. 1 December 1794; m. Susan Gardner; d. 26 November 1849 in Mexico. He was buried at Willis Cemetery, Richland.

6.        Rebecca b. 20 June 1799; m. 13 November 1828 at Greenwich, CT. Job Kelsey Belding; d. 3 April 1875 in Mexico. Both are buried in Willis Cemetery, Richland.

7.        Enoch Mead b. 16 May 1801; m. (1) 19 May 1833 Mary Ann Nye

who d. 25 April 1838; (2) 5 September 1839 Catherine Burgett who d. 17 April 1840; (3) 24 January 1842 Elizabeth Douglass; d. 4 October 1882.

8.        Nancy Melvina b. 21 May 1806; m. 1822 in Richland Joel Wilson Nye 1802-1870; d. 7 May 1885.

According to the probate file of Ebenezer Ferris dated 2 February

1850 his heirs were Susan Ferris, widow; brother Enoch M. Ferris; sister Elizabeth Ferris of Richland; sister Rebecca Belding, wife of Job K. Belding of Richland; sister Marilda Congdon of Scriba, NY; sister Nancy M. Nye, wife of Joel Wilson Nye of Stockbridge, Madison Co., NY; brother Silvester Ferris of Delaware Township, Riley Co., IN; the children of sister Samantha Ingham, deceased, viz. Ruth Sibley, wife of Comfort Sibley of Palermo, NY and Samuel Ingham of Oswego. Ebenezer’s wife and brother Enoch M. were executors.

Marilda and James Lockwood, son of Jeremiah and Abigail (Smith) Lockwood had at least 5 children: Ambrose K., Marilla, Daniel H., Sylvan F., Alanson I., and possibly Sylvester(?). They lived in Scriba, NY. Stephen Congdon, Marilda’s second husband died before 20 Ooctober 1829 as an application for Letters of Administration was filed then with the Oswego Co. Surrogate Court. In the 1850 census Marilda lived with Sylvester Lockwood, his wife Angeline and five children.

Rev. Silvester Ferris and Rhoda King had 7 children. Rhoda died 1 August 1857. Daughters Samantha Ferris married GeorgeWood; Laura Betsey Ferris married Benjamin King; Lydia Louise Ferris married Asa Cook; Susannah Rebecca Ferris married Lyman F. Smith; Diantha McIvina Ferris married David Ellis; and Jane Melicent Ferris married William L.H. Given. Son Edwin Palmer Ferris wed Sibyl Foster Stevens.

Samantha and Alanson Ingham had two children: Ruth and Samuel. Alanson was the son of Joseph and Mehitabel (Brown) Ingham of Durham, CT. Ruth born 1809. She married Comfort Sibley, son of Abner, but by 1850 he was deceased. They lived in Palermo, NY. According to the 1850 census their children were Charlotte 21; Elvira 18; Lucretia 17; Charles 15; Samuel 13; James 10; and Jane 6. Also in the household was Abner 77. These Sibley youths were some of the grandchildren of Rev. Enoch.

Rebecca Ferris and Job K. Belding resided in Richland. They had four children but only two had heirs. Martha A. Belding married Hiram Norton and resided in Albion, NY. Elvira Van Dressen Belding married Charles Henry Davis and lived in Mexico, NY.

Joel Wilson Nye, born 29 January 1802 in Eaton, Madison Co., NY, son of Bonum Nye and Anna Recard of Plymouth, MA, married in 1834 Nancy Melvina Ferris in Oswego Co. They had two children: Sophia Payne Nye and Enoch Randolph Nye. Enoch R. born 17 May 1834 in Mexico. Sophia born 1836/37 in Attica, Wyoming Co., NY.

Although persons named Ferris remained in Oswego County, they were not descendants of Rev. Enoch. The last one bearing the family name was Enoch Mead Ferris. A house painter, he was financially more secure than his father. Nonetheless he took a mortgage on 9 February 1844 from Charles S. Webb on lot #122 in Richland. Enoch M. agreed to pay Webb $180 plus interest annually. This mortgage was cancelled 27 December 1844.

By his first wife, Mary Ann Nye he had a son, Enoch born 4 April 1838. This child died after 1850 for no more is recorded about him.

By 1850 Enoch M. lived in Mexico with his wife, Elizabeth, worshipping at the First Baptist Church of Mexico. Enoch M. often held church meetings in his home. He was a great friend of the Charles Herring Davis, Samuel C. J. Greene, Mrs. Abby Morton, Hiram Norton and their families. His great niece, May (Davis) Greene often wrote about him and his wife in her diary.

On September 2, 1882 his great niece put in her diary, “Pa [Charles H. Davis] called at Uncle Enoch’s this morning. Thinks he is pretty badly off. Will not live very long at the most.”

Through September the diary recorded various family members going to assist Uncle Enoch and Aunt Eliza. Enoch M. died 4 October 1882 in Mexico.

His niece recorded, “Uncle Enoch died Wednesday night about 10 o’clock. The funeral is today [October 6] at 2…. Papa Greene [Samuel C.J.] came over after us. Uncle H’s [Hiram Norton] people were all there, but Cora, Alice, Charlie & Clarence [Norton children]. Nora [Davis] did not go over to the burying ground. Pa [Charles H. Davis] carried Virgil Douglass and his daughter. Aunt Eliza [Ferris], Mother Greene [Lucena (Smith) Greene], Lula [Davis] rode with Lyme [Lyman Beecher Smith] and came back with Dear Theodore [Greene].” [The reference to the burying ground likely meant the Mexico Village Cemetery.]

Elizabeth, his third wife, lived to 24 September 1902 into her 100th year. She was much beloved, the oldest member of the church when she died which seemed to mark a fitting end for Rev. Enoch’s personal mission in life.


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Born to them were:

( MARILDA FERRIS born July 26, 1781 Canaan, Albany, NY and died December 11/12, 1850/54/59; married 1st November 9, 1797 at Lebanon NY, Captain James K. Lockwood ( who died 1812; married 2d James Congdon and they resided at Scriba NY; see Mr. Lockwood for their offspring

( SILVESTER FERRIS (Rev.) (Sylvester) born November 18, 1784 Canaan, Columbia, NY and died August 10, 1869 Versailles, IN; ordained 1844 Baptist minister; wrote several letters, which provided background information for Ms. Scofield’s research on this branch of the Ferris family; married September 5, 1807 Rhoda King born 1789 NY and died August 1, 1857 [dau of Herman and Susanna King]. The family moved to Chillocothe OH 1835 and the following year, they moved to Hogan Hill, Dearborn Co IN and resided there until 1846 when they moved to Delaware Township, Ripley Co and located about 7 miles from the county seat; and born to them were:

( SAMANTHA FERRIS married George Wood

( LAURA BETSEY FERRIS married Benjamin Harvey (Benjamin King)

( LYDIA LOUISE FERRIS born c1812 NY; married February 17, 1839 in Dearborn Co IN, Asa C Cook [son of Hezekiah & Sarah (Whitney) Cook] born c1809 ME; shoemaker 1850; and born to them were:


( JOHN COOK born c1841 IN

( JANE COOK born c1843 IN – wonder if she died young

( SARAH JANE COOK born September 25, 1843 Dearborn Co IN and died September 23, 1916 LaHarpe, Allen, KS

( SYLVESTER COOK born c1846 IN

( SANFORD COOK born c1854 IL

( MELVINA L COOK born c1857 IL; married January 13, 1877 in LaSalle Co IL, John William Neer born c1852 MD; and born to them was:

( DAISY NEER born c1879 NE

( SUSANNAH REBECCA FERRIS born 1815 NY and died September 18, 1869 IL; married as his 2d wife, July 1, 1847 in Dearborn Co, Indiana, Lyman T. Smith born January 11, 1801 Vermont and died September 18, 1869 Illinois; buried at the Old Stonington Cemetery, Stonington in Christian Co IL; Mr. Smith’s first wife was Sarah Hinds and they had 7 children born in Indiana; his 3d wife was Lucinda Hume whom he married July 14, 1859; Lyman owned several parcels of land in Dearborn Co IN; about 1830 he erected and operated a sawmill on North Hogan Creek in Manchester Township. He and Susannah were early members of the Old School Baptist society, which was organized about 1848 in Manchester Township. Lymon was one of the early masters of the first schoolhouse in the area; and born to Susannah and Lyman were:

( HAMIT A. SMITH (1849-)

( HARVEY DOUGLAS SMITH born July 26, 1851 Dearborn Co IN and died October 14, 1920 of heart trouble at Madison, Greenwood, KS; buried there at the Blakely Cemetery; a farmer; married November 30, 1873 at Taylorville, Christian Co, IL Josephine Huffman born October 10, 1850 Wheeling WVA and died October 8, 1929 at the home of her daughter in Madison KS; buried with her husband; 1870 both Harvey and Josephine lived near Stonington IL; Harvey lived with James Schyler, a farmer and helped him on the farm; Josephine lived on a farm with the Peabodys, as a servant. They lived in Illinois until their children were in their early teens; then they moved to Edgerton KS, near Kansas City in the spring of 1881. Harvey worked in Kansas City; they moved to Matfield Green KS and later to a farm east of Madison KS. In 1895, Harvey was a farmer with a farm valued at $2,000; had 240 acres all under fence; farmed 80 acres while the other 160 acres was in pasture. Harvey was called ‘Mad Dog Smith’ because a dog had bitten part of his ear off. Josephine’s life was one of great endeavor and physical exertion. For years she, her husband and children lived on a piece of school land, 18 miles northwest of Madison in Chase County. This land was raw prairie and not the best for agricultural purposes, but it was a homestead, a cover from the torrid heat of mid-summer and a protection from the bleak, raw, wind-swept prairie of winter. She had all the attributes of her German ancestry, God-fearing, carrying the highest regard for honor and womanly virtue. Born to them were:

( ASA WILLIAM SMITH born January 6, 1875 Taylorville IL and died October 30, 1946 at his home in Wichita KS; buried at Matfield Green Cemetery, Matfield Green, Chase KS; married 1st Louise {maiden name unk} who presumably died prior to 1910, as in 1910, he married 2d Clara Belle Drury (Barrett)(Dilley) born November 17, 1872 Louisville KY and died 1963. She moved to the Matfield Green Community in 1889 and married, Dr. A. E. Barrett in 1896, who died in 1902; she married, second, Charles Dilley in 1906. Clara always had a longing to write poetry; she wrote for a trade paper for three years; wrote skits for weddings, births, flower gardens and various activities. Born to them were:

( HERBERT I. SMITH (1911-) was a car repair man; married Crystal Swift born in 1917 and born to them were:



( DARREL H. SMITH (1946-1991) born to Darrel and his unk wife was:


( CECIL E. SMITH (1915-) was a U. S. Army Vet; played the guitar at the Douglas Avenue Assembly of God in Wichita; married Junita Nelson and they had two daughters

( IDA MAE SMITH born September 28, 1876 Stonington, Christian, IL and died May 30, 1961 Emporia, Lyon, KS; buried at Blakely Cemetery, Madison KS; a Jehovah Witness and would go door-to-door selling books and records; married 1st February 6, 1896 at Madison KS, Rufus H. Ronk born in 1871 and died June 10, 1921 at the state hospital, Norman OK; married 2d Theodore ‘Dee’ Grooms (1866-1949). After Rufus and Ida were married, they lived northeast of Madison KS in a community called Lena Valley; in 1897 they moved to a farm three miles west of Cushing, Payne County OK where Rufus grew cotton on the farm; the oil boom came in the late 1900-1910 era and replaced the cotton fields. In 1908, Rufus moved his family back to Madison KS. He was committed to the Central State Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman OK, September 6, 1913 as insane and discharged October 29, 1914. Rufus was re-committed to the hospital in Norman, October 19, 1917 and was a patient there until his death. Born to Ida and Rufus were:

( JOSEPH RONK (1896-)

( BERNICE ALOICE RONK (Photographs) born November 16, 1897 Shell Rock Township, Greenwood Co, Madison KS and died June 4, 1965; married March 24, 1915 at McPherson KS Virgil Robert Armstrong born March 8, 1899 five miles east of Matfield Green KS and died 1986; shortly after their wedding, they moved to a farm near Sioux City IA where they farmed for several years. By May 1919 they were living in Pisgah IA where they lived until 1925, when they next moved to the Madison area, where Virgil worked and lived in various leases. Virgil started working, part-time, as a roust-a-bout, and then in 1932 was hired by the Phillips Petroleum Company in the engineering department, from which he retired in 1957. Virgil had only completed the 4th grade, so the daily reports he had to make every morning were beyond him, even though he was a smart person; so he provided the numbers to Bernice who completed the daily reports for him. It was custom for everyone to gather at the Armstrong house for Sunday dinner. In 1942, Bernice and Virgil bought a farm near Lebo KS for their retirement years. It had an old house built in the 1800s and they spent many weekends remodeling the house. After Bernice’s death, Virgil couldn’t live on the farm they had shared for so many years, so he sold it and bought another five miles west of Emporia KS, where he lived for the rest of his life, except for the last 6-7 months he was in the nursing home. Virgil married Ruth Wiggins (Cannon) who had attended school with Bernice and had been friends with them for years. Born to Bernice and Virgil were:

( LAWRENCE RUFUS ARMSTRONG born December 21, 1915 Madison KS and died February 22, 1984 Center Hill FL; buried at Cheyenne WY; married 1st March 6, 1936 at Madison KS, Fern Finicle; married 2d November 5, 1947 Marie Antoinette ‘Anette’ Caron (Flood) born June 8, 1911 and died in Arizona; lived on a farm in Wellington CO; after he retired as a bus driver for the Greyhound Bus Company, they bought a place in Florida; they would spend the summers in Colorado and the winters in Florida

( OPAL ROSETTA ARMSTRONG born June 29, 1917 Wichita KS and died August 13, 1985 Cornelia GA; buried at the Maplewood Cemetery, Emporia, Sedgwick, KS; married 1st February 14, 1936 at Emporia KS, Ross Robinson born September 28, 1914 Hartford KS; married 2d December 1958 Paul Bailey; Paul worked for the FAA; they lived in Goodland KS, Lincoln NE and Des Moines, IA where Paul retired; Paul died July 5, 1983 Des Moines; buried with Opal. After Paul’s death, Opal moved to Cornelia to be near her son

( VIRGIE BERENICE ARMSTRONG born July 14, 1919 Pisgah, Harrison, IA and died January 30, 1921; buried at the Little Sioux Cemetery, Little Sioux IA

( DORIS BLANCE ARMSTRONG born March 12, 1921 Pisgah IA; by the time Doris was in the third grade, her family had moved to Madison KS; married 1st March 29, 1939 at Emporia KS, Curtis St. Clair Abbey born July 24, 1912 Stone County MO and died 1992; they lived with his parents until they bought a farm near Lebo KS in 1939; around 1945, they moved to an 80 acre hilly farm north of Birkett KS; in 1947, Curtis bought a farm two and a half miles west of Burlington KS, which was good bottom land for farming. Doris divorced Curtis in 1958 and she lived in Emporia until she married, in 1959, Ivan Thompson; after this marriage, they lived in Lebo and Doria attended beauty school in Topeka. After she completed the school, she opened a beauty salon in Waverly KS. On January 1, 1964, Ivan was killed in an auto accident and Doris had her ankles crushed; she was unable to work for over a year, so she sold her salon. She married Willis Baker and they lived in Emporia, Olpe and Hartford. Doris moved to Wichita, 1974. Born to Doris and Curtis was:

( BRENDA KATHLEEN ABBEY (Photograph) born June 1, 1940 Lebo, Keywest Township, Coffey Co KS; married July 10, 1959 in Emporia KS, Thomas Ray Robertson born August 25, 1940 Oxford, Sumner, KS (they presently reside in Wichita, Kansas); Tom is employed with Raytheon Aircraft; Brenda is an antique dealer and is involved in e-bay auction on the Internet. [Brenda is the source of much of this information on Susannah Ferris/Lyman Smith – Thanks, Brenda.] Born to them were:

( VICKY LYNN ROBERTSON (Photograph) born August 29, 1966, Wichita, Sedgwick, KS; married 1st August 24, 1985 at Wichita KS, Michael Shawn Cobal – divorced 1986; married 2d June 20, 1998 in Excelsior Springs MO, Steven Eugene Creason born October 16, 1956 Excelsior Springs; and born to Vicky and Michael was:

( CARISSA ROSE COBAL born January 26, 1986 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS and died there March 2, 1986

( MICHAEL RAY ROBERTSON (Photograph) born July 26, 1968 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS; married 1st September 8, 1995 in Aloran, Phillipines, Emilyn Serino Perocho born March 22, 1973 Banisilon, Phillipines – divorced 1997; married 2d February 14, 1998 in Wichita KS, Doris Alicia Guevara born January 8, 1974 Honduras – divorced 1999

( LISA KATHLEEN ROBERTSON (Photograph) born June 26, 1972 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS; married February 20, 1993 at Wichita, Ernest Charles Hall born January 3, 1970 Lackland AFB TX

( VIRGINIA MABEL ARMSTRONG born February 26, 1923 Pisgah, Harrison, IA and died October 1970 Cheyenne WY as a result of a fall down a flight of stairs and spinal cord severage; ‘Ginny’ married Elwood Short and they lived near Burlington KS and then north to Hamilton KS in an oil field housing development; they divorced and Virginia moved to Pueblo CO around the mid-1950s; she married in the 1960s, Philip ‘Bill’ Foster and lived in Cheyenne WY, where they had enough land to keep their horses

( BERTHA DOREEN ARMSTRONG born September 29, 1924; her first two husbands were Dan Long and Harry Porter. When Bertha was dating Dan Long, her sister Ginny was married to Elwood Short. They would make jokes about the names Short and Long; that was the Long and Short of it. Bertha married, third, Mickey Milford VanNatta in Wichita KS; in the mid-1950s, she left Mickey and moved to California, where she married Joe Radic and they lived in Torrance. In 1993, Bertha came back to Emporia KS and lived with Marilyn for a year; then she moved to Oregon to live with her daughter there

( LOUISE JOANNA ARMSTRONG born December 1, 1926 Madison KS; after she graduated from high school, she went to work at Forbes Air Force Base, Topeka KS; she met there and married August 17, 1946 Donald Neal Ryan born December 29, 1924 Finlayson, Pine, MN; 1951 they were living near Burlington KS and returned to Minnesota by 1956; Don was a prison guard and also taught the prisoners cabinet and woodworking; after Don retired, they moved to Arizona

( LYRA LORRINE ARMSTRONG born March 25, 1928; married 1st John Swanson and they lived in the Madison and Emporia KS areas – divorced; married 2d Fred Nigles

( WILBERT NORMAN ARMSTRONG born July 26, 1930 Madison KS and died 1931 at the age of 9m, Emporia KS; accidently smothered under bed clothing

( MARY LOU ARMSTRONG (twin) born April 8, 1932 Emporia KS and died of whooping cough April 19, 1931 Madison KS; buried there at Blakely Cemetery

( MARILYN RUTH ARMSTRONG (twin) born April 8, 1932 Emporia KS; married March 3, 1947 in Madison KS, Lawrence Norman Ray born February 1, 1932 Madison KS; they bought a farm southwest of Emporia where they raised horses. Norman died of a heart attack March 23, 1980 in Emporia; buried at the Blakely Cemetery, Madison. Marilyn sold the farm to her son and bought a house in Emporia. Like many of her sisters, Marilyn was an artist and could draw and paint.

( ROBERT DON ARMSTRONG born May 11, 1933 near Madison KS; ‘Sonny’ played football in high school and graduated from Madison High School; married May 20, 1951 at Madison, Joy Colleen Carol born May 11, 1933 Missouri; Joy’s father was a minister of The Assembly of God Church and she did much work for the church and played the piano for services every Sunday. While her boys were small she gave piano lessons in her home. She retired from Kock Industries as a bookkeeper. After their marriage, Sonny worked for a packing plant south of Emporia KS. In 1954, he joined the Army and was in the Signal Corps; stationed in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and California. In 1956, Sonny joined the Kansas Highway Patrol Department and worked his way up through the ranks to a Captain. He was stationed in several towns and retired in May 1987 as a Captain and Commander of the Kansas Turnpike. He then worked for the Kansas Lottery until 1992. Joy died of Cancer, November 12, 1993 in Wichita; buried there, at the Resthaven Cemetery. Sonny married, second, July 1, 1994, in Wichita, Marrylee Reihm Duggins born February 18, 1941.

( DONNA RAE ARMSTRONG born October 29, 1935 Emporia KS; like the rest of her sisters, Donna attended a country school until she reach high school; married 1st April 17, 1952 at Madison, Max Kimberlin born January 25, 1926; Max worked with his father in the trucking business, hauling oil field supplies; Donna married 2d December 17, 1969 Verland O’Neal born February 17, 1934; they lived in Emporia, Amerius, Wellsville and Cottonwood Falls KS. Donna also inherited the artist talent and took drawing, painting and flower arranging lessons.

( LINDA KAY ARMSTRONG born December 4, 1939 Emporia KS; her 1st husband was Raymond Ormsby and they lived in the Emporia area; married 2d Dick Loomis and they lived near Grainsville MO; Linda is a Nurse in a hospital in Missouri

( MINA BEATRICE RONK (1900-1987) married Richard Grooms born February 7, 1893 Elmo MO and died 1960 at the Winter Veterans Hospital in Topeka KS; Dick was a WWI veteran having served in the European Theater; he worked on the railroad; and born to them were:

( MARVIN GROOMS (1922-) served in the Air Force and was stationed in Montgomery AL in 1960

( WILMA GROOMS (1924-) married Allen Covington

( DELORES GROOMS (1928-) married Paul Lane

( ILA GROOMS (1931-) married Harold Lamoureux

( PRESTON RONK (1902-)

( RENA MAY RONK (1904-1905)

( HENRY EDWIN RONK (1906-1939) married Lyria Edna Hoopel. He worked for the Sauder Oil Company in Madison KS. Born to them were:






( ELSIE IRENE RONK born 1922 [her father was a patient in the mental hospital in Norman OK from 1917 until his death in 1921.] and died September 24, 1988 Texas; 1976 they moved to Emeral Bay TX and supposed returned to Dallas later because of Bill’s health; married June 19, 1937 Texas, William K. (C.) Wheelis and born to them was:

( PATRICIA WHEELIS ‘Pat ‘Tish’ born October 29, 1938 Texas; artist; 1986 lived in Dallas; married Curt Kochon and born to them were:

( CURT KOCHON born June 13, 1963; 1986 worked for E-Systems in Dallas and was unmarried

( CHRISTY KOCHON born June 22, 1967; 1986 she was a sophomore at Tulane U., at New Orleans

Born to Ida Mae Smith and her second husband, T.D. Grooms were:

( LULA MAY GROOMS (1915-) married Bert Miller (1917-1989); Bert worked for Phillips 66 and was transferred to Oklahoma where he walked the pipelines; and born to them were:

( DARLENE MILLER (1936-) married Carl Galloway

( PAM MILLER (1938-)

( TED MILLER (1947-)


( BEULAH FAY GROOMS (1915-1993) married Russel E. Fann (1911-1990); Russ graduated from Burlington High School, Burlington KS 1930; he would load hay for 25 cents a ton and maybe make $3-4. When he played at dances, he made $1.00-1.50 per dance; he and Bert Miller would play in bands and Lula and Beulah loved to dance. Russ sold cookware and many other items during the depression to make money; and born to them were:

( BONITA LYNNE FANN (1931-) married a Mr. Jackson and born to them was:


( LARRY FANN (1940-)

( EVA EMILY SMITH born August 3, 1878 Stonington IL and died March 21, 1956; buried at Blakely Cemetery, Madison KS; married June 8, 1898 at Eureka, Greenwood, KS Loton Lowell Culver (1874-1953); they lived on a farm west of Madison KS for most of their lives; and born to them were:

( HARVEY EDWIN CULVER (1899-1987) (died at Olathe KS) married 1st lady’s name unk who died 1926; married 2d Marie Fitch (1911-); Harvey retired as a superintendent for Robert K. Butcher Oil Company; he was a member of the United Methodist Church in Madison KS and a 25-year member of the Masonic Lodge there. He lived most of his life around Madison, moving to Olathe in 1981. Born to Harvey and his first wife was:


Born to Harvey and his second wife, Marie, were:

( MAURICE EDWIN CULVER (Rev.) (1931-) married Lois Henry (1931-); 1987 resided Roseland Park; and born to them were:


( STEPHEN MAURICE CULVER (1964?-) married 1984 Collette Bender (1962-) and born to them was:


( JOY ELAINE CULVER (1962-) married Dan Rochia (1960-)

( MARGARET ANN CULVER (1933-) married 1953 Donald Tannahill (1931-) – divorced; resided Olathe 1987; and born to them were:


( KATHLEEN MARIE TANNAHILL (1956-) married Kirk Alan Johnson (1957-); and born to them were:



( CYNTHIA JEAN TANNAHILL (1959-) married Bradney Mawhiney (1958-) and born to them were:





( JANET KAY CULVER (1947-) married William Allen Wikle (1947-); resided Shawnee KS 1987; and born to them were:



( CLARENCE EVERETT CULVER (1901-1983) ‘Cotton’ married Erma Wescott (1902-1981); lived most of his life in Madison KS; a formerly employee of Cities Service Oil Company; retired in the early 1960’s and moved to Emporia 1968; and born to them was:

( HAROLD LEON CULVER (1931-) resided Chanute KS 1981; married Majorie Sauder and born to them were:

( RICKY DEAN CULVER (1953-) married Twila Ball (1956-) and born to them were:


( JULIE CULVER (1981-)


( TERRY CULVER (1956-) married Raymond Leo Davis (1954-) and born to them were:

( ANGELA DAVIS (1981-)

( AARON DAVIS (1984-)

( HOWARD DOUGLAS CULVER (1904-1968) married Hazel Sanders (1911-) and born to them were:

( RONALD DEAN CULVER (1941-) married Lenna {maiden name unk} (1940-) and born to them were:

( BRADLEY CULVER (1966-) married Kelli McGee (1966-)

( BRENTLEY CULVER (1966-) married Danielle Bernard (1965-)

( DONALD CULVER (1943-) married Glenda (1945-) and born to them were:

( KARA LU CULVER (1966-)


( HORANCE WILLIAM CULVER (1904-1971) ‘Fuz’ married Anna May Coffman (1910-); lived in the Madison KS area until 1942, when he was transferred to Lueders TX; he worked for the T. K. Simmons Oil Company; and born to them were:

( ROBERT CULVER (1938-) married Johnna {maiden name unk} (1940-) and born to them were:



( ROSE MARIE CULVER (1939-) married Richard Bennett (1939-) and born to them were:

( BRENTON LEWIS BENNETT (1963-) married Jennifer Thurman



( WILLIAM CULVER (1945-) married 1967 Stephany Dow and born to them were:



( MABEL IRENE CULVER (1907-) married Chester Nichol (1911-1982) and born to them were:

( CHESTER E. NICHOL (1935-) married Nancy Simms (1935-) and born to them were:

( ROBERTA SUE NICHOL (1957-) married Ricky Joe Lutjen (1957-) and born to them were:




( ROBIN LYNN NICHOL (1957-) married Randal Dean Shaffer (1958-) and born to them were:



( CAROLYN ELLEN NICHOL (1964-) married Jon Mark Fullerton (1960-) and born to them was:


( DAVID LEE NICHOL (1940-) married Betty Farmer (1943-) and born to them were:


( KEVIN SCOTT NICHOL (1966-) married Jennifer (1968-) and born to them was:


( DIANE DEE NICHOL (1940-) married Vernon Odell Hall (1937-) and born to them were:



( LARRY DALE NICHOL (1943-) married Cathy Bailey (1947-) and born to them was:

( LAURA NICHOL (1977-)

( ROLLA MELVIN CULVER born March 13, 1910; married February 13, 1954 Doris Garrett born September 23, 1907

( FLOYD DWIGHT CULVER born 1919 and died November 21, 1994; married 1944 Mildred Opal Gull; 1943 he was in the Army and stationed in the Medical Detachment at Camp Ellis IL; a field supervisor for Phillips Petroleum Company; and born to them were:

( ALAN DALE CULVER (1945-) resided Klamath Falls OR 1994

( KEITH LYNN CULVER (1947-) resided Houston TX 1994

( PAUL EDWIN CULVER (1949-) married Sheila Ruth Sipple (1947-); resided Arvada CO 1994

( RITA SUE CULVER married David Christian Young (1962-); resided Loveland CO 1994

( LAURA SMITH (1854-)

( DIANTHA MELVINA FERRIS (Melvine) born c1820 NY and died before 1870: married as his 2d wife, September 16, 1841 in Dearborn Co IN David Ellis [son of John & Abigail (Silvester) Ellis] born March 10, 1808 ME; he also had 6 kids with his 1st wife; and born to them were:

( RHODA ELLIS born c1844 IN; married February 18, 1863 in Dearborn Co IN Amor W Rumsey [son of John & Rosanna (Bruce) Rumsey] born c1840 IN; and born to them were:




( ALVIRA ELLIS born c1846 IN

( CAROLINE S ELLIS born May 12, 1848 IN and died December 16, 1879; married December 25, 1867 in Dearborn Co IN, Isaac Sylvester Platt [son of Richard & Emiline (Clark) Platt] born September 28, 1845 Dearborn Co IN and died April 29, 1927 Johnson Co NE; and born to them was:


( WILLIAM ELLIS born c1852 IN

( IDA M ELLIS born c1854 IN; married December 29, 1875 in Dearborn Co IN, George E Givan (; her 1st cousin; see him for offspring

( LUELLA ELLIS born c1857 IN


( HOLT ELLIS born c1861 IN

( JANE MELICENT FERRIS died July 20, 1862; a devoted Christian and an earnest worker in the church, having united with it before her marriage; married October 19, 1843 in Dearborn Co IN, William L.H.Givan [son of Joshua & Henrieta (Davis) Givan] born April 22, 1820 in Maryland. William grew to manhood under the austere influences of a pioneer life, a true helper of his father in his arduous labors, obtaining but a limited education in the rude schoolhouse of that day. William continued as a resident on his father’s first purchase, where he erected good buildings and improvements, constituting a pleasant home. He, like his father before him, was an active member and supporter of the Baptist Church, becoming a member in 1842. Born to them were:

( CORNELIA JANE GIVAN born November 21, 1844 IN and died June 20, 1920; married April 11, 1867 in IN, Martin V Bruce born February 18, 1841 Hogan Township, Dearborn Co IN and died February 17, 1923 Indianapolis IN; buried Mount Sinai Cemetery (there are 3 cemeteries by this name in IN, don’t know which one is/they are buried in); farmer; and born to them were:

( EUGENE ELLIOT BRUCE born 1869 IN; 1900 resided Washington Township, Adams Co IN, farmer; 1920 police officer, lived Indianapolis; married Christina Amdor [dau of Edward R & Sarah Frances (Cochran) Amdor] born May 1876 IA; and born to them were:

( ROLLA BRUCE born October 6, 1895 IA and died July 1978

( GLADYS M BRUCE born October 15, 1901 MN and died September 30, 1994; married John Gainey

( JENNIE L BRUCE born September 1873 IN; married Tilden Smith and born to them were:




( ALMA LAURA BRUCE born 1885 IN and died February 15, 1915; married George Morris; and born to them were:




( HEMAN GIVAN (Herman K) born July 1850

( GEORGE E GIVAN born June 1852 IN; married December 29, 1875 in Dearborn Co IN, Ida M Ellis (; and born to them were:

( MALVINA M GIVAN born November 1876 IN

( INDIANA J GIVAN born c1877 IN

( RHODA H GIVAN born November 16, 1854 and died June 19, 1885 Adams Co IA; buried Quincy Cemetery (South); married December 24, 1873 in Dearborn Co IN, as his 1st wife, Franklin Pierce Amdor [son of Johann Bernhart Nikolaus & Sophronia (Manley) Amdor] born c1850 IN and died March 28, 1926 Garfield Co MT; physician; and born to them was:

( WILLIAM FRANKLIN AMDOR born April 12, 1875 Adams Co IN and died May 10, 1951 Los Angeles Co CA



( EDWIN PALMER FERRIS born July 13, 1829 Little Falls, Herkimer, NY; came with his parents and family to Ripley County IN where he helped his father clear a small farm, and during the winter attended the common schools. At about the time he became of age be went to the county seat to attend the county seminary, but in a short time was promoted to be one of the teachers; afterward attended a Commercial College and received a diploma therefrom; also began attending Franklin College where he remained until 1854; during the same year he was elected County Surveyor of Ripley County, serving two years; married December 31, 1854 in Versailles, Sibyl Foster Stevens [dau of Jefferson & Harriet F (Hill) Stevens] born February 22, 1833 OH. After his term as Surveyor had expired and while working on the farm he spent all his spare time studying law; began the practice thereof in 1858 in partnership with Hon. A. C. Downey, of Rising Sun, locating his office at Versailles; soon secured a good practice; 1862 he was elected representative in the State Legislature; 1878 he moved from Versailles to Shelbyville where he resided. He and Sibyl were members of the Presbyterian Church and politically he was a Democrat. As a lawyer, he was a hard student and faithful to his client; a fluent, fair argumentative speaker, never digressing from his case for the sake of oratorical display. He always discouraged a multiplicity of suits, advising many clients to a private settlement of their cases instead of resorting to the law, thereby often losing a prospective fee. He was one of the most charitable lawyers to opposing witnesses, covering with the mantle of charity, contradictions in their testimony, which makes a friend of one who might otherwise be an enemy. His long professional experience and practice before the Supreme Court made him familiar with decisions of that tribunal of justice, which generally helped him in his every day practice. Moved to Shelbyville and was referred to as Judge; and born to them were 8 kids; 2 of which were:

( CARRIE S FERRIS born April 22, 1861 and died April 27, 1865; buried Cliff Hill Cemetery, Ripley Co IN

( BERTIE FERRIS died August 21, 1871 age 10m 22d; buried Cliff Hill Cemetery, Ripley Co IN

( SARAH ANN FERRIS – not listed in all sources – born c1826 NY and died December 2, 1891 Holman IN; married Rufus Rice [son of Rufus & Mary (Silvester) Rice] born November 22, 1825 ME and died December 13, 1900; and born to them were:

( CHARLES RICE born c1848 IN; married Eliza {mnu} born c1858 IN; and born to them were:

( EDITH M RICE born c1875 IN

( HATTIE RICE born c1877 IN

( JOHN R RICE born c1879 IN

( FLORENCE RICE born c1857 IN

( GEORGE RICE born c1860 IN

( SAMANTHA FERRIS born March 16, 1788 Southeast, Dutchess, NY and died June 1, 1844 Mexico NY; married September 16, 1808 Alanson Ingham [son of Joseph and Mehitable (Brown) Ingham of Durham CT] born January 15, 1785 Richmond, Berkshire, MA and died July 20, 1873 MI; and born to them were:

( RUTH INGHAM born July 16, 1809 Little Falls, Herkimer, NY and died December 5, 1893 Anderson, Shasta, CA; married February 11, 1827 in South Richland, Oswego, NY Comfort Sibley born June 21, 1801 Saratoga Springs NY and died July 8, 1867 Woodland, Yolo, CA [son of Abner and Sarah (Smith) Sibley]; and born to them were:

( CHARLES SIBLEY (1827-1829)

( CHARLOTTE SIBLEY (1829-1920) married C. P. Sprague (1823-1908); and born to them were:

( FRANK SPRAGUE (1861-1930)

( ELLEN SPRAGUE (1867-1915)

( FRED SPRAGUE (1869-1963) married Julie Granice and born to them were:

( SIBYL SPRAGUE (1906-1975) married N. Couzins (1905-); and born to them were:



( EVERETT SPRAGUE (1905-) married lady’s name unk but born to them were:



( BRUCE SPRAGUE (1936-1971)


( ELVIRA SIBLEY (1832-c1852)

( LUCRETIA SIBLEY (1833-1860)

( CHARLES S. SIBLEY (1835-1863)

( SAMUEL INGHAM SIBLEY (1837-1909) married Wilhelmina Barr (1851-1912); and born to them were:

( CHARLES C. SIBLEY (1871-1953) married Ida Gald (1880-1968) and born to them were:


( NADINE SIBLEY (1909-1975)


( MARK H. SIBLEY (1874-1958) married Justina Toews (1891-) and born to them were:



( ROBERT D. SIBLEY (1911-)

( EUGENE N. SIBLEY (1923-)

( RUTH SIBLEY (1880-1958) married Roy Carter (1877-1957) and born to them was:


( ANNA SIBLEY (c1890-1954) married B. T. White

( JAMES FERRIS SIBLEY (1839-1922) married Susan Giddings (1846-1939) and born to them were:

( NELLIE SIBLEY (1867-1954) married Frank Bacon and born to them was:

( MARIE BACON (c1900-)

( ELMER SIBLEY (1871-1854) married Mamie Kirkpatrick (1879-1970) and born to them were:

( STANLEY E. SIBLEY (Elmer?) (1905-)


( ROY SIBLEY married Grace Turner

( JANE SIBLEY (1843-1865) (Jennie) married John Copeland Weston (1834-1921) and born to them was:

( EUGENE WESTON (1861-1964) married Margaret Fegan (1859-1943) and born to them were:

( JOHN CHARLES WESTON (1887-c1958) married lady’s name unk but born to them were:


( PHILIP H. WESTON (1932-)

( RUTH WESTON (1890-1979)

( JOSEPH WESTON (1893-1963) married lady’s name unk but born to them were:


( ROBERT WESTON (1920-1975)

( LOIS WESTON (1922-)

( EUGENE WESTON (1896-1969) married lady’s name unk but born to them were:



( JANE E. WESTON (1934-)


( SAMUEL INGHAM resided Oswego NY

( ELIZABETH WEST FERRIS (Elizabeth Wilcox Ferris) born October 8, 1792 and died August 2, 1864 Mexico NY; at one time resided Richland NY; unmarried

( EBENEZER FERRIS born December 1, 1794 and died (d.s.p.) November 26, 1849 Mexico NY; buried Willis Cemetery, Richland, Oswego, NY (Photo); married Susan Gardner – no offspring

( REBECCA FERRIS born June 20/24, 1799 and died April 3, 1875 Mexico NY; married November 13, 1828 Job Kelsy Belding [son of Job & Martha (Dean) Belding] born November 24, 1795 and died March 19, 1872; both buried Willis Cemetery, Richland; at one time they resided Richland and Canaan NY; and born to them were:

( MARTHA A. BELDING born April 1, 1830 and died August 2, 1916; married May 22, 1850 as his 2d wife, Hiram Norton; and born to them were:

( M. CORNELIA NORTON born April 15, 1851; married August 11, 1880 D. A. Richardson; and born to them were:

( LEATA BELLE RICHARDSON born May 15, 1882 and died November 1969

( PERCY LYNN RICHARDSON born August 19, 1886 and died January 1887

( NORTON DELOS RICHARDSON born January 13, 1888 and died October 19, 1968

( CORA MAY RICHARDSON born June 10, 1889 and died December 28, 1889


( MARY S. NORTON born May 3, 1853 and died April 1890; married July 3, 1873 Lyman Beecher Smith [son of Isaac T. & Annis (Frost) Smith] born June 15, 1845 Peekskill NY and died February 15, 1902 Richland NY; after Mary’s death, he married her sister, Julia; no offspring

( CLARENCE H. NORTON born February 10, 1855 and died August 25, 1928; married June 17, 1885 Alice Halsey; and born to them were:

( CLARENCE GLEN NORTON born May 10, 1886 and died August 1, 1887

( EARL HALSEY NORTON born May 31, 1891 and died January 1894

( MARIAN ALICE NORTON born September 17, 1897

( CORA E. NORTON born April 3, 1857 and died September 1930; married November 26, 1896 Ichabod Allen; no offspring

( ALICE F. NORTON born May 6, 1859 and died January 17, 1911; married July 1, 1897 H. E. Jackson; no offspring

( JULIA E. NORTON born August 26, 1863 Albion NY and died May 12, 1947; married July 1, 1891 Lyman Beecher Smith [her brother-in-law]; and born to them were:

( CLARENCE LYMAN SMITH born May 5, 1892

( ELTON FERRIS SMITH born September 27, 1893 and died October 19, 1952

( DEWITT FROST SMITH born February 14, 1896

( CHARLES B. NORTON born December 7, 1866 and died April 7, 1941 Altmar NY; a farmer, but also served as assessor of Albion NY; married May 1, 1902 Nettie A. Jackson; and born to them were:

( HAROLD JACKSON NORTON born April 21, 1903 and died October 5, 1978 Pulaski NY; married Myrtle M. Morrison and born to them was:

( CHARLES H. NORTON born August 26, 1942 – resides in Syracuse NY – and has two kids.

( ELSIE IRENE NORTON born June 2, 1906; married John Stetcher Peay originally from Richmond VA – they had 3 kids

( EBENESER FERRIS BELDING born April 1, 1832 and died July 21, 1836

( ELVIRA VAN DRESSEN BELDING born November 25, 1835 and died September 7, 1886 Mexico NY; married October 5, 1857, as his1st wife, Charles Henry Davis [son of William Augustus & Lucy (Sampson) Davis] born November 20, 1831; and born to them were:

( LEONORA ALTHEA (NORA) DAVIS born June 18, 1860 Mexico NY and died March 25, 1931; married 1st September 4, 1888 M. F. Sayles – no offspring; married 2d October 25, 1893 Percy Weeden Lyons – no offspring

( MAY THERESA DAVIS born March 14, 1863 and died April 1914; married February 7, 1883 Theodore Ray Greene born March 21, 1858 and died December 9, 1941 Syracuse NY; and born to them were:

( HENRY RAY GREENE born November 29, 1883 Mexico NY and died January 1, 1962 Lansing MI; married 1st Lena Belle Auringer – no offspring; married 2d Gertrude A. Hess – no offspring; Henry worked for Sears & Roebuck in Lansing.

( CLARENCE DAVIS GREENE born July 27, 1885 Mexico NY; married Rose Fogg Vincent born May 16, 1876 Pulaski NY and died May 30, 1965; and born to them were:


( GLENN NEWELL GREENE (GREEN) born February 21, 1911; married 1st Leah Hulburt; 2d December 23, 1941 Beth Cross born January 1, 1914; 3d Mary T. McDonald; and married 4th Carol Dutton; after years of residence in New York State he retired to Tarpon Springs FL; Glenn dropped the final ‘e’ on the name; and born to Glenn and Leah was:

( LEATA GREEN born February 1, 1931; married Elmer Holmes and born to them were:

( CHRISTOPHER HOLMES born March 21, 1958

( GERALDINE HOLMES born June 17, 1959

( RUSTY HOLMES born March 6, 1961


Born to Glenn and his second wife, Beth, were:

( RICHARD GREEN born June 22, 1943; married 1st 1964 Elizabeth Erwin; married 2d April 28, 1973 Mary Lynch; and born to Richard and Elizabeth were:

( BRIAN GREEN born June 2, 1965

( ANDREW GREEN born July 15, 1968

( KIMBERLY GREEN born August 15, 1970

Born to Richard and his second wife, Mary, was:

( SHANNON GREEN born September 22, 1976

( DAVID GREEN born February 14, 1945; married December 7, 1969 Barbara Hammond and born to them were:

( CYNTHIA GREEN born December 12, 1970

( CATHY GREEN born July 14, 1973

Born to Glenn and his third wife, Mary, were:

( LINDA GREEN born August 29, 1954; married Patrick Covich and born to them were:

( KELLY JEAN COVICH born November 23, 1974; married with children

( TRACY LYNN COVICH born December 9, 1976; married with children

( PATRICIA J. COVICH born September 30, 1978; married with children


( ROSE MARIE GREEN born February 22, 1958; married 1st John Bell; 2d a Mr. Nolan; and born to Rose and John was:

( MICHAEL G. BELL born November 30, 1974

Born to Rose and her second husband, Mr. Nolan, was:

( WILLIAM NOLAN born in September 1978

( GEORGIANNA MAY (DOLLY) GREENE born March 1913; married four times: 1st May 5, 1933 Harold Bellinger; 2d October 19, 1957 Harrison Coager; 3d Ralph Lasher born December 29, 1907 and died July 25, 1970; and 4th Charles Winblad born July 16, 1914 and died January, 1998; and born to Dolly and Harold was:

( GORDEN S. BELLINGER born December 25, 1933; married 1st June 10, 1955 Patricia Price; married 2d Audrey Younger; married 3d Mary Ann Albricht; and born to Gorden and Patricia were:

( GORDEN S. BELLINGER, JR., born July 11, 1956; married Mary Beth Hollingsworth born January 15, 1958

( CHERYL L. BELLINGER (twin) born May 22, 1958; married Ronald Parsons born October 11, 1958; and born to them was:

( HEATHER J. PARSONS born July 1, 1978

( GARY BELLINGER (twin) born May 22, 1958 and died in November 1958

Born to Gorden and his second wife, Audrey, were:

( EARL A. BELLINGER born February 14, 1960

( JAMES A. BELLINGER born March 10, 1961

( KEITH A. BELLINGER born May 12, 1962

( LYLE BELLINGER born December 19, 1963

Born to Gorden and his third wife, Mary Ann, was:

( STEPHANIE BELLINGER born January 20, 1968

( GLEN GREENE born May 28, 1897 Mexico NY and died August 1, 1901; scalded by hot water after falling into a laundry tub

( HELEN MAY GREENE born February 9, 1901 Mexico NY; married June 10, 1930 Almond Rancier [son of Seth & Esther (Watson) Rancier] born August 2, 1886 Bradford PA and died April 27, 1948; buried in the Village of Mexico Centry, Mexico NY; Almond was a jeweler; this family also lived in Lowville NY and Tampa FL; and born to them was:

( ESTHER MAY RANCIER born February 19, 1935 Oswego NY; a librarian by profession and has provided the information for this ‘twig’ – thanks Esther!; resides Carson CA

( FLORENCE ELVIRA GREENE born July 19, 1903 and died 1964; married September 1923 in Syracuse NY, George Conrad Roulstin of Syracuse NY, born November 24, 1902 and died 1961; he worked for Solvay Process; last address was in Marcellus NY; and born to them were:

( SHIRLEY MAY ROULSTIN born August 20, 1924 and died May 18, 1965; married Donald E. Camp and they lived in East Syracuse NY; and born to them were:

( DONNA CAMP born December 10, 1946; married November 8, 1969 Donald Neill – divorced – no offspring

( KENNETH BRUCE CAMP born October 28, 1948; Air Force Vet; married Ru Velva and born to them were:

( VALERIA DEANN CAMP born January 11, 1973



( GEORGE LOREN ROULSTIN born April 7, 1927; married 1st Joan Monroe of Central Square NY; married 2d Jeannie Sterling; and born to George and Joan was:

( GEORGE THOMAS ROULSTIN born 1948 Syracuse NY

Born to George and his second wife, Jeannie, were:



( RHEA HELEN ROULSTIN born November 9, 1932 Syracuse NY; married Perry Loomis, Jr., born October 10, 1930 Marcellus NY; lived in Syracuse NY, Daytona Beach FL and Exton PA; and born to them were:

( GREGORY MARK LOOMIS born June 30, 1958 Syracuse NY

( PAMELA SUE LOOMIS born August 8, 1959 Syracuse NY

( JEFFERY SCOTT LOOMIS born August 6, 1962 Syracuse NY

( STEVEN PATRICK LOOMIS born March 17, 1964 Daytona Beach FL

( JULIE ANN LOOMIS born April 14, 1967 West Chester PA

( DEBRA LYNN LOOMIS born December 17, 1968 West Chester PA

( LULU REBECCA DAVIS born October 13, 1865 and died April 14, 1934 Syracuse NY; married 1st May 31, 1899 Alfred G. Burlingham – no offspring; married 2d March 14, 1914 John Litzendorf – no offspring

( SAMANTHA CATHERINE BELDING born December 16, 1837 and died December 27, 1898; married January 6, 1879 Lewis Samson

( ENOCH MEAD FERRIS, Deacon, born March 16, 1801 Rensselear Co NY and died October 4, 1881/83 Mexico NY; married 1st May 19, 1833/35 Mary Ann Nye who died April 25, 1838; married 2d September 5, 1839 Catherine Burgett who died April 17, 1840; buried South Richland Cemetery, Pulaski, Oswego, NY (Cemetery Photo); and married 3d January 24, 1842 Elizabeth Douglass born August 23, 1803 Westmoreland NY and died September 24, 1902. In her 97th year, Elizabeth wrote: “I became a resident of South Richland (Oswego County NY) in 1824, when I united with that church by letter from Whitesboro. The church was small, consisting mostly of elderly people. I think I was the youngest member, Rev. Enoch Ferris, the father of my husband, E.M. Ferris, was the pastor. I never heard of their having any previous pastor. As he was a former missionary for that county, it seems natural to suppose that he was the one who assisted in forming the church. I was a member of the church several years before my brother Colonel John Douglass, was converted and united with it. I can mention some of the early members, but cannot tell whether they were the first, though I think likely they were. They were Rev. Enoch Ferris, his wife and daughter Elizabeth; Deacon Bangs, Deacon Bumpus, and their wives; John Holmes, clerk; Mrs. (Roxy) Dewey; and Mrs. Hiel Richards later.” Elizabeth was gifted and educated, a successful teacher in her maiden years.

( NANCY MELICENT FERRIS (Nancy Melvina) born May 21, 1806 Stephentown, Rensselear, NY and died May 7, 1885 New London CT; married in 1832/34 at Richland (Oswego County) NY, as his second wife, Rev. Joel Wilson Nye [son of Bonum & Anna (Recard) Nye] born January 29, 1802 Eaton, Madison, NY and died February 19, 1858(1870), Hawleyville IA. Joel graduated from Hamilton College and was ordained a minister in the Baptist Church; he preached at Lawrenceville IN, until 1855, when he went to Peoria IL and later to Hawleyville IA. At one time, they resided at Stockbridge NY. He bought 3 kids from his first marriage with him. Born to Nancy and Joel were:

( ENOCH RANDOLPH NYE born May 17, 1834 Mexico, Oswego, NY and died 1907 Twin Bridges, Madison, MT; [LDS has a different date and place of birth.] married September 1, 1855 in Groveland, Tazewell, IL Didamia Lucinda Davidson [dau of Squire R. Davidson] born 1838 NY and died in Madison Co MT. He served as a Private in Company H, 77th Illinois Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. After the War, they moved to Arkansas, Iowa and finally settled in Twin Bridges MT, where prior to the arrival of the Great Northern Railroad, he hauled freight using several wagons and a six-horse jerk-line team. Born to them were:

( JOEL E. NYE born 1857 IL

( WILL FERRIS NYE born July 21, 1860 Minonk, Woodford, IL and died June 1916 Montana; married August 13, 1894 in Minonk, Amy Louisa Page born July 25, 1874 MN and died November 3, 1959 Lake Co MT; and born to them were:

( HARRY R. NYE born January 19, 1898 Pagerville MT and died December 2, 1979 Twin Bridges, Madison, MT; married name unk

( GRACE LILLIAN NYE born June 3, 1902 MT and died February 20, 1998 Alder, Madison, MT; married after 1930 in MT, Claud A. Butts born May 9, 1892 and died February 28, 1980 Gallatin Co MT

( JENNIE ROSALIE NYE born 1863 Minonk, Woodford, IL and died 1950

( JAMES MILTON NYE born July 20, 1866 Minonk, Woodford, IL and died November 231, 1948 Portland OR; married Katherine Comfort born August 24, 1872 Onionta NY and died January 28, 1966 Beaverhead Co MT; and they had 4 kids, 3 of which were:


( JAMES WATROUS NYE born May 12, 1900 Beaverhead Co MT and died there February 2, 1970

( PHILIP EARL NYE born May 12, 1906 Beaverhead Co MT and died March 1976 Santa Clara CA

( HARRY E. NYE born 1869 IA and died 1958; married in Iowa, Ida {maiden name unk} born 1872 IN

( SOPHIA PAYNE NYE (Nancy Sophia Payne Nye) born in 1836/37/38 Attica, Wyoming, NY and died February 1874 Chicago IL; married January 12, 1861 in Livingston Co IL, Christopher Columbia Pogue [son of Loudy J. [Pollock] & Rebecca (Kirby) Pogue] born 1825 Jefferson, Greene, PA and died December 24, 1871, Fairbury IL. Christopher enlisted February 10, 1863 at Peoria IL in Company C., 14th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, CivilWar; declared missing-in-action August 3, 1864 at Mulberry River GA; he was captured that date at Sunshine Hill and sent to Andersonville Prison where he remained until he was paroled at Jacksonville FL, April 28, 1865; and was discharged August 11, 1865 as a Private. He died a few short years later, due to complications of that confinement. After he died, Sophia left the children with her sister-in-law, Phoebe India (Pogue) Evans, and went to Chicago to work. She got ill and died there. The Evans’ kept the children to raise with their own and eventually ended up in Nebraska. Born to them were:

( FRANK POGUE born May 18, 1862 Fairbury, Livingston County IL and died November 23, 1930, NV; married c1892/93 in Omaha NE, Cora Louise born 1871 IL; and born to them were:

( HELEN E. POGUE born September 17, 1893 NE and died June 17, 1977 Laguna Hills, Orange, CA


( JENNIE REBECCA POGUE ‘Jane” born March 31, 1864 Fairbury, Livingston, IL and died August 3, 1954, Hutchinson, Reno County KS; services at First Nazarene Church; buried Osborne Cemetery KS; married, June 22, 1889 at Tecumseh, Johnson County NE, George William McReynolds [son of George Isiac & Miranda Adeline (Scott) McReynolds] born September 19, 1862, Last Chance IA and died July 11, 1936, near Laton (Woodston), Rooks County KS; buried Osborne Cemetery. They settled in Osborne County KS. George was a contract thresher, alfalfa huller and corn sheller and covered a large territory. Born to them were:

( ESTA ADALINE MCREYNOLDS born October 2, 1889 Tecumseh NE and died August 26, 1973, Springfield, Lane, OR; buried Crystal Lake Masonic Cemetery, Corvallis, Benton, OR; taught school for 6 years in Kansas (one job was September 4, 1911 to March 29, 1912 at Riverside School, Osborne Co KS, 34 students.); moved to OR 1912 and taught school 2 years at Danebo School in northwest Eugene. She was the only one of her large family to leave Kansas and seek adventure and work elsewhere; married October 14, 1914 at Bloomington, Osborne, KS, Arthur Julius Bier [son of John M. & Sophia (Forstner) Bier] born November 25, 1880 Salem OR and died October 5, 1970 Springfield OR; buried with Esta; they lived for 20 years Corvallis OR; they lived 9 years Wolf Creek, south of Crow, where they had a mink and fox farm; they then moved to Springfield where they lived for 28 years. Esta was an active member of many organizations: Juanita Rebeka Lodge; Royal Neighbors of America; Helmetta Temple Pythia Sisters; Oregon Lewis & Clark DAR; Martha Bamford Tent Daughters of Union Veterans; and WRC of Eugene; member of Ebbert Memorial Methodist Church of Springfield; and born to them was an only child:

( BLANCHE LOUISE BIER born August 15, 1915 Corvallis, Benton, OR and died March 1, 1974 Eugene, Lane, OR; buried there Sunset Hills Cemetery; married September 16, 1937 at Eugene, Raymond Louis Sears [son of Samuel Edward & Petronella Erma (Symons) Sears] born March 18, 1916 Grass Valley CA and died September 28, 1998 Eugene OR; gravestone at Sunset Hills Cemetery, but ashes spread at Unity Lake OR. After Blanche’s death, Raymond remarried in 1977. Born to them were:

( JERRY DALE SEARS born March 26, 1939 Corvallis OR; married January 4, 1960 at Reno NV, Janice McElroy

( DONNA RAE SEARS born May 7, 1940 Corvallis, Benton, OR; married February 5, 1966 at Eugene OR, Barry E. Chernick [son of Jacob Lawrence & Beatrice (Schulman) Chernick] born March 31, 1939 NYC; reside in Bellevue WA, the same house for nearly 30 years. Donna belongs to the Church of LDS and is active in genealogy. Barry is first generation American in his Jewish family. When he retired from Boeing after 30+ years, he was a Manager of Flight Testing there; he has a Masters degree in Engineering. Barry is a bike rider, marathon runner and an environmentalist. [Jim – Donna has provided the information for this ‘twig’ – Thanks, Donna.] Born to them were:

( ALLEN BENJAMIN CHERNICK born June 10, 1966 Seattle WA

( BRYAN ARTHUR CHERNICK born July 3, 1967 Seattle WA; married September 23, 1995 at Portland OR Lori Lin Bulletset

( DARREN ROBERT CHERNICK born June 26, 1969 Seattle WA; married August 20, 1995 at Mercer Island WA, Meredith Ann Rosenfeld

( DAVID LEROY SEARS born May 27, 1943 Eugene OR; married June 28, 1965 at Salt Lake City UT, Linda Lucile Best

( BERTHA MCREYNOLDS born March 1, 1891 Mt. Clare, Nuckolls, NE and died March 7, 1963 KS

( NELLIE ANGELINE MCREYNOLDS born March 13, 1893 Mt. Clare NE and died November 2, 1986 KS

( LOTTIE MAY MCREYNOLDS born October 6, 1894 Mt. Clare NE and died August 1990 Boise ID; buried in MO; married April 15, 1912 Osborne Co KS, Raymond Burdett Dey born September 29, 1886 Alton, Osborne, KS and died September 28, 1962 Oak Grove, Jackson, MO; and they had 8 kids

( HARLAN BENJAMIN MCREYNOLDS born August 25, 1896 Mt. Clare NE and died July 7, 1958 Plainville, Rooks, KS; married May 24, 1916 Osborne Co KS, Effie Lamm born January 8, 1898 Alton, Osborne, KS and died July 11, 1982 Pleasant Plains, Rooks, KS; and they had 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( EMERY LEROY MCREYNOLDS born November 22, 1920 Rooks Co KS and died June 26, 1971 Oklahoma City OK; married a Miss Wiman

( HARRY AMERICUS MCREYNOLDS born March 5, 1898 Mt. Clare NE and died April 7, 1958, Wilson, Ellsworth, KS; married, June 28, 1922 at Covert, Osborne, KS Guela Louise Westphall born January 14, 1904 Osborne Co KS and died October 8, 1987 Salina KS; and they 10 kids, 5 of which were:

( CARL EUGENE MCREYNOLDS born December 20, 1924 Osborne Co KS and died December 17, 1930 KS

( VELDA MARIE MCREYNOLDS born April 13, 1926 Osborne Co KS and died March 31, 1987 El Dorado, Butler, KS; married a Mr. Brooks

( BETTY LEE MCREYNOLDS born October 2, 1927 Russell, Russell, KS and died November 25, 1987 Great Bend, Barton, KS; married a Mr. Duryee

( HARRY MCREYNOLDS, JR born and died November 2, 1931 Wilson, Ellsworth, KS

( RALPH WILLIAM MCREYNOLDS born December 20, 1936 Wilson, Ellsworth, KS and died March 20, 1938 KS

( JESSE JENNINGS MCREYNOLDS born February 12, 1900 Mt. Clare NE and died June 8, 1989, Osborne, Osborne, KS; married June 7, 1922 at Covert KS, Goldie Viola Swander born June 2, 1902 Osborne Co KS and died there October 19, 1999; both buried there Osborne Cemetery (Photo); and they had 4 kids

( CORA BELL MCREYNOLDS born March 16, 1902 Portis, Osborne, NE and died there November 19, 1902

( ALFRED CLINTON MCREYNOLDS born December 9, 1903 Osborne, Osborne KS and died there August 30, 1988; buried Osborne Cemetery; married August 25, 1927 at Smith Center KS, Bessie Asenath Porter born December 10, 1907 Bloomington, Osborne, KS and died July 24, 1994 Osborne KS;

and they had 6 kids, 2 of which were:

( PORTER CLINTON MCREYNOLDS born August 19, 1928 Natoma, Osborne, KS and died November 29, 1956 Hutchinson, Reno, KS; married a Miss Ganoung

( CHESTER WILLIAM MCREYNOLDS born June 13, 1932 Natoma, Osborne, KS and died there January 26, 1999; buried there; married June 30, 1957 Frieda Jane Albrett born January 10, 1934 Hays, Ellis, KS and died March 8, 1995

( FLOYD LEROY MCREYNOLDS born August 2, 1906 Bloomington, Osborne County KS and died August 9, 1966, Hutchinson, Reno, KS; buried there Eastside Cemetery (Photo); married December 18, 1932 at Hutchinson, Loma Bertha Wimmer born March 31, 1909 Liberal, Seward, KS and died November 20, 1971 Hutchinson KS; buried with Floyd; and they had 7 kids, 1 of which was:

( MARGARET MAY MCREYNOLDS born December 6, 1933 Osborne Co KS and died December 16, 1969 Hutchinson KS; buried there; married May 27, 1956 in Juarez, Mexico, Herbert Dale French born May 27, 1927 KS and died May 1982

( ELMER DALE MCREYNOLDS born March 29, 1910 Bloomington KS and died August 25, 1994 Brunswick GA; buried Hutchinson KS; married 1st June 5, 1932 at Hutchinson, Alberta Wimmer born March 29, 1910 and died December 14, 1970 Hutchinson KS; married 2d Miss Pick; and married 3d Rhea Stevenson which was annulled. Elmer and Alberta had 2 kids

( MARY DE ETTA POGUE born September 8, 1867, Fairbury, Livingston, IL and died 1952 Springfield OR; [Some family members give her birth date as December 25, 1866 and death date as August 8, 1944.] married 1st, 1887 at Baker OR, Decatur/Dick Blakeney – divorced; married 2d a Mr. Smith. Born to her and Dick were:


( EMMA DE ETTA BLAKENEY born Baker, Baker OR; married Mr. Hunsaker


( HAZEL BETH BLAKENEY married (Mr. Snook) Robert Melvin Hicks born January 23, 1888 Spring Hill IA and died January 23, 1976 Fallon NV; and they had a child


( FLORENCE MAY BLAKENEY born Baker, Baker, OR; married Mr. Bliss

( KATHERINE PHOEBA POGUE (Kate) born March 30, 1869/70 Fairbury, Livingston County IL and died January 20, 1917 Cook NE; married January 21, 1887 in Cook Section, Johnson Co, NE Henry J. Carmine [son of George W. & Abigail (Kays) Carmine] born June 12, 1861 Galva, Henry, IL and died April 16, 1935 Tecumseh NE; buried there Grandview Cemetery; and born to them were:

( LEROY CARMINE born January 17, 1905 Johnson Co NE and died November 1961 NE; married Alma {maiden name unk} born December 30, 1908 NE and died April 1981 Tecumseh NE


( WESLEY KAYS CARMINE born November 15, 1890 Tecumseh, Johnson, NE and died April 7, 1967 Elk Creek, Johnson, NE; married January 21, 1915 in Tecumseh, Lennorah Jane Cody


( NELLIE CARMINE born March 16, 1900 and died February 27, 1920(?) Burlington; married September 19, 1920 Ralph F. Schmidt



( PARK C. CARMINE born July 31, 1896 and died March 26, 1968





( STEPHEN POGUE born 1869 Livingston Co IL

( MARY FERRIS born April 5, 1756 [Ms. Scofield does not list Mary, but she is listed in another source – will leave here for now.] [This Mary has the same birth date as Mary (, dau of John, which is where she probably belongs – will still leave here pending…..]

( JOSIAH FERRIS (8RLL-NM) born July 12, 1725/26 Greenwich and died probably in New York January 14, 1802(?)(December 16, 1764?); an apple farmer and in his younger days, he followed a seafaring life; he was a Captain of a vessel for many years. Landowner; said to have accumulated a considerable estate; married 1st July 7, 1752 Abigail, widow of Jeremiah Fer­ris (?3.6.1?)), died December 16, 1760; married 2d November 3, 1762 Mary Peck ( Born to Josiah and Abigail were:

( OLIVER FERRIS born November 22, 1753 Greenwich and died August 17, 1825 Tarrytown, Westchester, NY; buried there with his wife in the Sleepy Hollow Churchyard Cemetery; served in the Revolution as Captain of the Third Company, Fifth Regiment, Connecticut Militia, Colonel Waterbury commanding, from May to December 1775 in the Canadian Campaign, under Montgomery; and again, in 1776-77 in the Ninth Regiment. In 1778 he was Quartermaster under Colonel Mead and the following year was appointed by Major General Putnam as Commander of the vessel Wakeman and the whaler Ranger. In 1781 and 1782, he was a Lieutenant of the Coast Guards. In 1802, he moved from CT to NY and purchased the Van Tassel estate, then known as Wolfert’s Roost, later renamed ‘Sunnyside’ by Washington Irving, to whom Benson Ferris sold it in 1835. Here Irving was to write his humorous stories concerning the Dutch of the Hudson River valley. Today the house and estate are not only a literary shrine but also a historic site. Oliver married February 10, 1778 Abigail Lockwood (; married by Rev. Burrit. Abigail applied for and received Oliver’s pension (W16254) in 1837. Born to Oliver and Abigail were:

( SARAH FERRIS born July (June) 8, 1779 Greenwich (Woofer Roosts, Westchester, NY) and died October 27, 1855 Stamford; married 1st April 2, 1803 Joseph Smith Scofield born September 14, 1779 Stamford; 2d (November 28, 1813) January 2, 1814 at Greenwich, Aaron Close (1780-1815). Aaron was the widower of Sarah’s sister Elizabeth. [Aaron was the 13th child born to Solomon and Prewy (Peck) Close.] Born to Sarah and Joseph were:

( ALEXANDER SCOFIELD born January 8, 1804 Stamford CT


( ELIZABETH FERRIS born February 1/6, 1781 Greenwich and died there February 12/28, 1812; buried Tomac Avenue Cemetery, Old Greenwich; married as his 1st wife c1802 Aaron Close (1780-1815) (DAR #33650,Helen J. Whiting Graham). After Elizabeth’s death, Aaron married her sister Sarah. Born to Elizabeth and Aaron were:

( ELIZABETH F. CLOSE born c1803 and died June 23, 1885; married Isaac M. LeForgy/Furgy born March 29, 1796 and died September 7, 1867


( ELIZA CLOSE (c1807-)

( ABIGAIL FERRIS born February 24, 1785 and died January 6, 1854; buried Old Dutch Burying Ground of Sleepy Hollow NY; married June 27, 1803 Daniel Dutcher [son of William & Catrina (Conklin) Dutcher] born September 15, 1785 Irvington NY and died December 25, 1861. Born to them were:

( NELLY DUTCHER born September 26, 1804

( CHARLOTTE DUTCHER born December 17, 1806; married 1823 Hiram Adams

( DANIEL BENSON DUTCHER born April 20, 1809

( OLIVER FERRIS DUTCHER born April 20, 1809; married Mary P. Warner

( WILLIAM DUTCHER born November 10, 1813

( ABIGAIL DUTCHER born January 30, 1816

( MARTHA LOCKWOOD DUTCHER born August 12, 1818

( MARY FERRIS DUTCHER born August 14, 1822

( ABSOLOM DUTCHER born April 15, 1824

( MARTHA LOCKWOOD FERRIS born October 27, 1785/6 Greenwich and died May 4, 1835 Tarrytown NY; buried Old Dutch Burying Ground, Sleepy Hollow NY; tombstone reads: “Afflictions sore I oft times bore; Physicians were in vain; Till death did cease & God did please To ease me of my pain”; married November 11, 1807 John Jewell, Jr. [son of John & Elizabeth (Lawrence) Jewell] born February 2/3, 1785 and died May 28, 1851 Tarrytown; and born to them were:

( THOMAS LAWRENCE JEWELL born April 25, 1809 and died September 28, 1879 Sleepy Hollow, Westchester, NY; married Margaret {maiden name unk} born August 11, 1810 and born to them was:

( GEORGE ARTHUR JEWELL born January 22, 1833 Irvington, Westchester, NY and died March 13, 1901 Stamford CT; married Sarah Anne Westerfield and born to them was:

( THOMAS LAWRENCE JEWELL born March 6, 1859 Yonkers, Westchester, NY; married Gertrude Amelia Crane born March 27, 1860 Brooklyn NY and born to them were:

( FREDERICK ETHELBERT JEWELL born May 11, 1881 White Plains, Westchester, NY; married Mary Hayte

( SARAH ELIZABETH JEWELL born March 16, 1882 White Plains, Westchester, NY; married 1st Thomas Jordan; 2d Frederick G. Cockroft; and 3d Joseph Newcombe

( THOMAS LAWRENCE JEWELL born June 21, 1883 White Plains, Westchester, NY; married Margaret Prentice

( AMY LOUISE JEWELL born May 21, 1886 Stamford CT; married Charles McDevett

( RAYMOND ASLAN JEWELL born May 26, 1887 Stamford CT; married Isabell Prentice

( STEPHEN SQUIRE JEWELL born August 17, 1889; married Florence Hannah Candlish and born to them were:

( WILLIAM EDGAR JEWELL born March 30, 1915 Talcottville, Tolland, CT and died June 21, 1994 Carbondale, Lackawanna, PA; married and had 1 child

( BERTHA MAY JEWELL born December 3, 1890 Stamford CT; married Thomas Corbett

( GERTRUDE JEWELL born September 28, 1893 Stamford CT; married 1st before 1909 Nathaniel Tipton; 2d Lafayette Calvert born April 9, 1891 Hayes Center, Hayes, NV

( GEORGE ARTHUR JEWELL born September 29, 1894 Stamford CT; married Gladys Lowsberry

( ADA GRACE JEWELL born October 30, 1895 Stamford CT; married Howard Brush Haviland

( DAUGHTER JEWELL born c1896 Stamford CT; married Claude or Don Corbett





( JOHN JEWELL (1819-)


( AARON JEWELL born December 28, 1822 Irvington NY and died October 11, 1904 East Orange NJ; married Louisa Baldwin who died July 12, 1906 East Orange NJ; and born to them was (and probably others):

( ELLEN JEWELL born December 1842 and died January 14, 1930 East Orange NJ; married Henry W. Culberson, Jr., born December 26, 1840 East Orange NJ and died there March 21, 1917; and born to them was (and probably others):

( MARTHA LINCOLN CULBERSON born March 4, 1867 East Orange NJ and died there November 12, 1956; married November 17, 1887 Charles Burt Clark [son of Charles Walter and Sarah Robbin (Burt) Clark] born December 16, 1864 Westfield MA and died September 25, 1935 East Orange NJ; and born to them was (and probably others):

( ESTELLE CLARK born July 9, 1896 East Orange NJ and died December 24, 1973 Hartford CT; married May 8, 1918 Arthur N. Eagles, Jr., born July 25, 1894 Madison NJ and died November 6, 1984 Hartford CT; and born to them was (and probably others):




( MARY A. JEWELL (1829-) married Ezra Whiting

( LETTY FERRIS (Lettia) (Arletta) (Letta) born April 16, 1792 Greenwich and died July 18, 1883 age 91y 3m 2d; married 1808/9 Daniel Ackerman [son of David & Mary (Stockholm) Ackerman] born March 4, 1787 and died January 18, 1869 age 81y 10m 22d; both buried in Rifton Burial Ground, Esopus, Ulster, NY; and born to them were:

( DAVID A. ACKERMAN born May 24, 1809 Phillipsburg NY and died June 1, 1883; buried Teerpenning Family Ground, Esopus, Ulster, NY; married 1830 Elizabeth Jane Perrine (Eliza, Elvina) [dau of James W. & Catherine (Freer) Perrine] born September 14, 1812 Ulster Co NY and died January 5, 1880; and born to them were:

( CATHARINE M. ACKERMAN born September 24, 1831 and died June 11, 1833 Esopus, Ulster, NY; buried there Teerpenning Cemetery

( DANIEL BENSON ACKERMAN born January 15, 1835 Esopus NY

( AMANDA JANE ACKERMAN born September 1836 and died August 27, 1837; buried Terpenning Cemetery, Ulster Park NY

( JMEC PERRINE ACKERMAN born July 20, 1838 Ulster Park NY

( SARAH ELIZABETH ACKERMAN (1816-1897) (Photo) married October 20, 1832 Samuel S. Le Fever and born to them was (may be more):

( ALETTA LE FEVER born Rosendale NY and married Moses S. Hobson; her DAR # is 66417

( MARTHA LE FEVER born Rosendale NY; married Charles N. Schermerhorn; her DAR # is 66418

( BENSON D. LE FEVER (1849-1886) married 1871 Jane Bedford (1854-1883) and born to them was (may be more):

( CORA ESTER LE FEVER born Rosendale NY and married Oscar Leight Harrington; her DAR# is 156686

( OLIVER ACKERMAN born 1817 and died January 18, 1862 age 44y 2m 2d; and married Jane DeGroff (1818-1901) (cemetery records say Jane A Decker born September 27, 1816 and died April 6, 1900); both buried Teerpenning Family Ground, Esopus, Ulster, NY; and born to them was (may be more):

( JESSE ACKERMAN (1849-1907) married 1873 Mary A. Faulkner (1853-) and born to them was (may be more):

( JENNIE M. ACKERMAN born Ulster County NY

( MARTHA JANE ACKERMAN born March 27, 1823 and died August 22, 1901 Lloyd NY; married July 8, 1843 in New Paltz NY, George D. Freer [son of Hugo & Jane (Deyo) Freer] born December 12, 1821 (1820) New Paltz NY and died there April 6, 1902; and born to them were:

( SARAH ELIZABETH FREER married Noah Wolven and born to them was (may be more):

( ELLA WOLVEN born Ulster County NY and married a Mr. England; Ella’s DAR# is 67754

( CATHARINE J. FREER born New Paltz NY and married Norman A. Burr; Catharine’s DAR# is 87413

( IRA FREER born September 23, 1847 New Paltz NY and died there April 11, 1900; married Katherine B. {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( MARTHA K. FREER born 1881 New Paltz NY and died before 1927 Canton OH; married 1900 in Canton, Williard Palmer and born to them was:

( KATHLEEN LOUISE PALMER born 1912 Canton OH and died there 1936; married 1932 in Canton, Victor Carlyle Huckles born 1911 Canton and born to them were 2 kids

( BENSON FERRIS born March 21, 1794 Greenwich and died July 11, 1882 Tarrytown NY; married January 23, 1822 Maria Acker born February 27, 1797 and died March 14, 1881; 1879 Mr. Benson Ferris became president of the Tarrytown National Bank; ancestors of Mr. Ferris were an old New England family who settled in Greenwich, Conn; his grandfather, Oliver Ferris, was an officer in the Revolution, and served under General Montgomery in the invasion of Canada and was present in 1775, at the siege and capture of St. Johns. At the time he was quartermaster of his regiment, with the rank of lieutenant, but was afterwards promoted to a captaincy. In the spring of 1802 Oliver Ferris removed from Greenwich to Westchester County, and purchased from Major Jacob Van Tassel the farm on the banks of the Hudson which, through the genius of Washington Irving, has become famous as "Wolfert’s Roost." Oliver Ferris married Abigail, daughter of Joha Lockwood, of Greenwich, Conn. Their children were Elizabeth, wife of Aaron Close; Abigail, wife of Daniel Dutcher; Martha, wife of John Jewell; Letty, wife of Daniel Ackerman; Sarah, wife of Smith Scofield; Benson; and Mary, wife of Jacob Storms. Benson Ferris born March 21, 1794, and came with his father from his native town in Connecticut. He early acquired the rudiments of a good English education, and was for some years under the tuition of the Rev. Thomas Gibson Smith, pastor of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow. Under him he commenced the study of Latin, in which he became proficient, and was especially fond of Virgil, to whose writings he frequently referred. On January 23, 1822, he married Maria (February 27, 1797‑March 14, 1881), daughter of Captain Abraham Acker (a lineal descendant of Wolfert Acker, the founder of Wolfert’s Roost), and continued to live at the old homestead, "Wolfert’s Roost," until 1835, when he sold the house and land adjoining to Washington Irving, who has given it an immortal fame. See He then built a new house on the west side of Broadway, a little north of Sunnyside Lane. In 1856 he sold this place and removed to Tarrytown, where he died July 11, 1882. During his life he held nearly all the offices of the town of Greenburgh, and was for twenty years a justice of the peace, and in this office used all the weight of his influence to prevent rather than to promote litigation. He was a prominent member of the Old Dutch Church and of the Second Reformed Church, in which he was an elder for many years. He was universally es­teemed in the community as a man of exemplary Christian life and distinguished usefulness. Mr. Ferris left four children ‑ Wil­liam A., Benson, Jemima and Oliver. Of these children, Benson (, the second son, and the subject of this sketch, born at the old homestead, July 16, 1825. His early educa­tion was obtained at the old school‑house, a relic of the olden time, which stood on the road running east from Sunnyside Lane to the Saw‑Mill River, about one hundred yards east of Broadway. He afterwards attended the Tarrytown Institute, which was then under the able care of Professor William G. Weston, A.M. After leav­ing this institution he was assistant for two years at the Pauld­ing Institute, of which Professor Weston was also principal, and was for some time teacher in the old school‑house, which he first attended. He then started a store at Irvington, which was the first one opened at that place, then known as "Dearman". In 1856 he removed to Tarrytown, which has since been his home, and three years later become engaged in the hardware business, in which he continued till 1861. He has been, during the whole of his busi­ness life, closely connected with the public affairs of the town and county. While living at Irvington he was a member of the board of education, and has held the same position at Tarrytown. In 1866 William H. Robertson, then county judge, appointed him school commissioner for the second Dis­trict of Westchester County. In 1879 he was elected a trustee of the village of Tar­rytown. In 1865 he was elected trustee of the Westchester County Savings‑Bank, and has held the offices of secretary, vice‑president and president, in which last position he still remains. He was one of the originators of the Tarrytown National Bank, and has been a director since its organization. In 1855 he was one of sixteen who organized the Republican Party in Westchester County, and was appointed, in 1858, one of the executive com­mittee of the party, at a county convention presided over by Horace Greeley, who was his friend and confidant. This position he held for many years. Mr. Ferris married, in 1875, Mrs. Mary P. Dutcher, of Providence, R.I. In 1879 he was elected a trustee of the village of Tar­rytown. There are few men who have been more actively employed in promoting the public and social interests of Tarrytown. He was one of the original incorporators of the Young Men’s Lyceum, in 1869, and has served as one of its directors until the present time. He became a director of the Tarrytown and Irvington Union Gas‑Light Company in 1864, and has been secretary, vice‑president, and president. He is a member of the Westchester His­torical Society. In 1861 a committee was appointed by the citizens of Tar­rytown to assist the families of soldiers who had volunteered for the war. Of this committee Mr. Ferris was an active member, and many thousands of dollars were raised and distributed under this direction and that of his associates.

Additional information on Sleepy Hollow and Wolfert’s Roost from the History of Westchester County. Later on this seat of empire of the wizard sachem came into the possession of Wolfert Acker, one of the privy counselors of Peter Stuyvesant. Afterwards it became the keep or stronghold of Jacob Van Tassel, a valiant Dutchman of old stock of Van Tassels, who abound in Westchester County. It was in his time, during the Revolutionary War, a rallying place for the patriots of Tar­rytown, Petticoat Lane and Sleepy Hollow, who formed a brother­hood for mutual defense and safety. Jacob was a leader in all-daring enterprises, and, as Mr. Irving says, was ready to take a part in any scout or scrimmage by land or water. The portentous bang of his great goose gun carried terror to the heart of the marauding foe. Up to the time of the Revolution the place had formed a part of the old Manor of Philipsburgh, and was occupied by Jacob Van Tassel as a tenant under his feudal lord, Frederick Philipse, but when the latter went over to the King the land was forfeited to the State, and on December 6, 1785, the place was conveyed to Jacob in fee‑simple by the Commissioners of Forfei­tures. The following is a copy of the original deed, now the property of Benson Ferris, Esq., president of the Westchester County Savings Bank:

THIS INDENTURE made the Sixth Day of December in the Tenth Year of the Independence of the State of New York, and in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty‑Five, be­tween Isaac Stoutenburgh and Philip Van Cortlandt, Esquires, Com­missioners of Forfeitures for the Southern District of said State, appointed in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature of the said State, entitled An Act for the Speedy Sale of the confis­cated and forfeited Estates within this State, and for other pur­poses therein mentioned, pass the Twelfth Day of May, One thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty‑four, of the one Part, and Jacob Van Tassel, of the County of West Chester, Farmer, of the other part, WITNESSETH, That the said Isaac Stoutenburgh and Philip Van Cortlandt Commissioners as aforesaid, by Virtue of the Power and authority to them in and by the said Act granted; and for and in consideration of the sum of Five Hundred Pounds, Lawful money of the said State, to them in hand paid by the said Jacob Van Tassel, the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have granted, bargained, sold, Enfeoffed and confirmed, and by these Presents DO Grant, Bargain, Sell, Enfeoff, and confirm unto the said Jacob Van Tassel and to his Heirs and Assigns, ALL that equal half part of the same is now in the possession of the said Jacob Vantassel, of That certain Farm of land situate, lying and being in the Manor of Philipsburgh and County of West Chester BOUNDED Northerly by Land now or late in the possession of Glode Requa, Easterly by land now or late in the possession of Cor­nelius Van Tassel, Southerly by Land now or late in the posses­sion of Abraham Acker, and westerly by Hudson River, CONTAINING One hundred and eighty‑five Acres More of less, FORFEITED to the people of the said State by the Attainder of Frederick Phillips, late of the said County, Esquire; And all and singular, the Es­tate, Right, Title and Interest, whether in Possession, Revers­ion, or Remainder of, in or to the said Premises, which, in Con­sequence of any Conviction or Attainder is become forfeited, or attached to, or vested in the People of the said State, TO HAVE and TO HOLD all and singular the said Premises hereby Granted, Bargained, Sold, Enfeoffed and Confirmed, with the Appurtenances, unto the said Jacob Van Tassel and to his Heirs and Assigns to the only proper Use, Benefit and Behoof of the said Jacob Van Tassel and his Heirs and Assigns forever. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties to these Presents have hereunto interchangeably set their Hands and Seals, the Date and Year first above written.


Sealed and Delivered ISAAC STOUTENBURGH (seal)

in the Presence of us,




The place remained in Jacob Van Tassel’s possession until March 31, 1802, when it was conveyed by deed, together with another parcel of land near by, to Oliver Ferris of Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut, the whole containing one hundred and fifty acres of land, for the sum of five thousand dollars. Oliver Ferris was the father of the Benson Ferris, at one time clerk of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, who assisted the dominie by reading the Scriptures and giving out the hymns in public worship, and who afterwards was for many years an honored elder in the Second Reformed Church of Tarrytown.


Born to them were:

( WILLIAM DUTCHER AKER FERRIS born January 22, 1823

( BENSON FERRIS, JR. (1825-1899) (subject of above paper with photograph); married widow Mary P. Dutcher in 1875 [her maiden name unk]

( JEMIMA AKER FERRIS born May 26, 1828

( OLIVER FERRIS was baptized September 15, 1832 and died 1902; President, Tarrytown National Bank

( MARY FERRIS born August 24, 1802 Greenburgh NY (?); married Captain Jacob Storms and born to them was:

( ABIGAIL MARY STORMS born September 2, 1825 and died March 3, 1847 NY; married December 29, 1842 in Tarrytown NY at her parents’ house, Captain George Comb See born August 24, 1818 NYC and died November 12, 1873 St Louis MO; buried Ottumwa IA; he was a mason and architect; after Abigail’s death, George married twice and had offspring from each marriage; and born to Abigail and George were:

( JOHN JACOB SEE born October 23, 1843 Tarrytown NY and died April 28, 1934 Sautelle CA; brick contractor and builder; married 1st April 7, 1868 Ellen Grace Hill born in Brooklyn NY and died March 28, 1924 Skagit City WA; married 2d September 18, 1918 Ida May Wing born July 9, 1880 and died September 6, 1934 Los Angeles CA; and born to him and Ellen were:

( ALBERT GEIGER SEE born March 24, 1869 Springfield MO and died February 28, 1941 Mt Vernon WA; 1910 brick mason

( ANNIE ABIGAIL SEE born October 17, 1873 Springfield MO; 1910 professional nurse

( NORA GRACE SEE born August 15, 1877 Waco TX and died September 27, 1969 Anacortes WA; married January 31, 1904 in Whatcom WA, James Walter Hastie, farmer [son of Thomas Pier & Clara Taylor (Scott) Hastie – both born in England] and born to them were:




( MARY ELIZABETH SEE born July 14, 1846 and died June 25, 1847

( SARAH FERRIS born March 3, 1756 and died December 29, 1759 Greenwich

Born to Josiah and his second wife, Mary, were:

( SARAH FERRIS (Sally) born July 10, 1764; married July 28, 1791 as his 2d wife, Noah Waring [son of Jonathan & Mary (Richards) Waring] born July 29, 1757 Stamford CT and died on or prior to February 1799; a Private in Captain Charles Smith’s Company, 9th Militia Regiment, under Colonel John Mead, serving from November 10, 1776 to January 11, 1777; born July 29, 1757 and died February 5, 1799; Sally was made administratix of his estate, at Stamford; and born to Sally and Noah were:

( BETSY WARING born May 24, 1792 Stamford CT

( MARILDA WARING (Matilda) born June 18, 1794 Stamford CT – in 1810 David Tupper was appointed as Marilda’s guardian

( NOAH WARING born May 4, 1796 Stamford CT – in 1810 David Tupper was appointed as Noah’s guardian – died c1824 Stamford.

( NANCY WARING born c1798 and must have died as an infant because she is not listed in the letters of administration of her father’s estate when he died in February 1799

( ABSALOM FERRIS (Absolom) born October 4, 1793 and died May 22, 1835/55 Philipstown NY; buried Cold Spring Cemetery, Putnam Co NY; served in the War of 1812; married Phebe Nelson [dau of Justus and Letitia (Horton) Nelson] born August 4, 1805 and died February 1, 1872; and born to them were [Absalom was survived by the following – there may have been more who died before their father]:

( SYLVANUS FERRIS born c1822 Cold Spring, Putnam, NY and died before 1880 since he is not listed in the 1880 census; married Permelia (Amelia) (Pamella) Warren born May 1836 and died after 1900; Sylvanus and Permelia are listed in the 1860 Census in Cold Spring – he was a carpenter; in the 1870 Census they were in Philipstown and she is listed as Amelia; in the 1880 census she was living in Nelsonville; in the 1900 census, she was living in Nelsonville with her son James. From the Centennial 1870-1970 of the United Methodist Church, Cold Spring NY: Lightning struck twice during a violent electric storm on the night of July 7, 1938. One bolt damaged steeple of the historic North Highlands Methodist Church, while another bolt hit a flagpole on the property of Mrs. Elizabeth Ferris in Rock Street, Cold Spring. Only the fast work of the Nelsonville and Cold Spring Fire Departments saved the church from destruction. It was an odd coincidence that both the church and the flagpole were struck, since the former had been erected by the late Sylvanus Ferris, Sr., building contractor with William LaDue, and the flagpole had been put up by his son, the late Sylvanus W. Ferris, Jr. The pole had been brought to Cold Spring from Constitution Island many years before. Born to them were purported nine kids; three of which are:

( SYLVANUS WARREN FERRIS, JR. born November 19, 1861 Phillipstown, Putnam, NY and died March 9, 1925 (Engineer’s Hospital, West Point NY) Cold Spring, Putnam, NY; buried Ferris Plot, Cold Spring Cemetery, Philipstown NY; at one time resided Cold Spring NY; married c1881 Elizabeth Emma Cuslee [dau of Benjamin & Adelia (Jones) Cuslee] born July 26, 1861 West Hurley, Ulster, NY and died July 9, 1952; buried with Sylvanus. Note: Through the Cuslee connection, this line also connects to the (1) John Ferris line. Listed in the 1870 Census with his parents as being 8 years old; listed in the 1880 census as being 18 years old and an apprentice in foundry; listed in the 1900 census as being 39 year old pattern maker who owned a mortgaged house, married 9 years, wife entitled ‘Lizzie’ who is listed as a mother of 3, 2 living; 1910 census lists Sylvanus as 49 year old carpenter in foundry residing in Cold Spring Railroad Ave.; 1920 census lists Sylvanus as 58 years owning free house, residing Cold Spring Village Rock Street. From the Centennial 1870-1970 of the United Methodist Church, Cold Spring NY: ‘A river tragedy occurred on Monday morning, March 9, 1925. Shortly after 6 o’clock Sylvanus Ferris and Row Merante started to row across the Hudson to their carpentry jobs at West Point. The river was practically free of ice when they started from this side. Nearing Constitution Island, according to reports, they probably realized that an approaching floe of ice would overtake them, so they head for the island. Believing that they had reached their destination in time, observers paid no further heed. Some minutes later the boat was seen floating alone with the ice but with no occupants. A general alarm was then sent out, and the enlisted men assembled on the shore of West Point noticed that one man was clinging to the boat. After nearly three hours of careful paddling through the floating ice, four enlisted men in two canoes found Mr. Ferris tied to the boat. The unconscious Mr. Ferris was rushed to Engineer’s Hospital but he died at 10:45. There was no trace of Mr. Merante. He had lived on Garden Street and was survived by a widow and three small children. Mr. Ferris, living in what had once been the Rock Street School, was survived by his widow, his son Warren, his daughter Mrs. Roger Free (Thompson), and a brother James F. Ferris. Though not given to much talking, Sylvanus was always ready to discuss local history. He was a member of the Putnam County Historical Society and of Martelaer’s Rock Association (reorganized as the Constitution Island Association in 1925). Born to them were:

( MILDRED VALENTINE FERRIS born May 16, 1893 NY and died January (16) 22, 1988; buried Cold Spring Cemetery, Philipstown NY; married 1st before March 9, 1925 Andreanus Roderick Free ‘Roger’ born c1900; married 2d after 1945 William Arthur Mitchell (1876-1954); and married 3d September 12, 1956 at Cold Spring, James W. Thompson; no offspring to any of the three marriages

( WARREN CUSLEE FERRIS born August 1895 (1899) NY and died May 30, 1954; in the 1920 census, he resided with his parents in Cold Spring; unmarried. From the Beacon News, October 6, 1936: Warren Ferris Runs for Putnam County Treasurer. Warren Cuslee Ferris, who is seeking the office of Putnam County Treasurer on the Democratic ticket, is a banker. He holds a position with the Chase National Bank in New York City. A descendant of the Warren, Nelson, Davenport, and Garrison families who were among Philipstown’s first settlers, Mr. Ferris lives in Cold Spring. Mr. Ferris has a wide acquaintenance throughout Putnam County because of his active interest in veteran affairs. He has served as Commander of the George A. Casey Post, American Legion, Cold Spring, and as adjutant of the Putnam County American Legion. A member of the United States Aviation Corps, he served in France during the First World War, and is a member of the national veteran organization known as the Forty and Eight. Mr. Ferris is a former secretary of the Methodist Sunday school in Cold Spring and is a member of various other organizations. Reuben Ferris, one of the candidate’s illustrious ancestors, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Seventh Dutchess Company in the Revolutionary War. Mr. Ferris’ grandfather, Sylvanus Ferris, an outstanding contractor in his day, was the builder of the St. Mary’s Church in the Highlands in Cold Spring. Sylvanias Warren Ferris, Mr. Ferris’ father, also was a carpenter and builder. His mother, Elizabeth Cuslee Ferris is descended from the famous Jones family in Long Island.


( LILLIAN FERRIS born April 1869; married Charles T. Valentine and they resided in Pawling NY; listed in the 1870 census with her parents as being one year old; listed in the 1880 census as being 11 years old; 1900 census she is listed as 31 years of age having been married 7 years to Charles – a proofreader – and they were childless

( JAMES F. FERRIS born November 1867/70; at one time resided at Cold Spring NY; not listed in the 1870 census with his parents so he may have been born after the census, which would make the 1870 birthdate more reasonable, but he was listed in the 1880 census as being 12 years old, so, apparently he born in the 1868 timeframe; 1900 census he was listed as a 32-year-old stationary engineer; married Mary {maiden name unk}

( MARY FERRIS born July 27, 1824 and died November 22, 1885; married Alza Hill and born to them were:

( NANCY HILL born May 11, 1844; married March 18, 1897 John Smith; no offspring

( PHEBE JANE HILL born February 23, 1846 and died August 30, 1903; unmarried

( FERRIS HILL born December 3, 1848

( ELIZA JANE HILL born June 15, 1852; married George H. Speedling

( WILLIAM HILL born December 10, 1854; unmarried

( ATHALINDA HILL (twin) born March 26, 1859; unmarried

( SARAH C. HILL (twin) born March 26, 1859; married George Merritt

( ALZA A. HILL born July 16, 1861

( MARY L. HILL born January 15, 1865

( JOSEPH N. HILL born April 27, 1868

( ATHALINDA FERRIS born June 22, 1830 and died January 8, 1858; buried Cold Spring Cemetery; married a Mr. Mosher


( WALTER FERRIS died unmarried Tarrytown NY

( RICHARD FERRIS [perhaps the Richard Ferrys who witness will of Constant King of Roxbury NJ June 20, 1778]

( RANDOLPH FERRIS born February 22, 1779 and died November 21 (1), 1856 Madison NJ; age 77y 9m; married November 17/18, 1797 Amy Sherwood born December 1, 1778 Connecticut and died October 6, 1848; age 69y 10m; there is disagreement among Randolph’s descendants to the number of children he and Amy had. The following are listed as known and supposed [it is noted that one source has this twig, spelled Farris]:

( HICKFORD FERRIS born May 7th, 1799; this marriage and subsequent offspring is speculation (see Note beginning of chapter); married May 4, 1819 Maria Stiles [dau of Moses & Hannah (Weaver) Stiles]; and born to them were:

( HANNAH STILES died unmarried Newark NJ

( MARIA STILES resided Newark NJ 1886

( SALLY ANN STILES married a Mr. Gosgrove; had several children, all of whom died young, except one, who married and moved to New Haven CT

( FLOYD FERRIS born May 7, 1801

( RACHEL FERRIS born August 28, 1803

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born December 14, 1805

( EMILY MATILDA FERRIS (supposed) born July 5, 1806; married Rev. James C. Richards and they were members of the Morristown Presbyterian Church

( MASON FERRIS born January 5, 1808 and died November 1899 Madison NJ; married January 8, 1833 Elizabeth C Lindsley (1809-1880); resided in Chatham and Madison NJ; and born to them were:

( JOHN DENNIS FERRIS born 1835 [The LDS has a John Dennis Ferris married to Delia Francis Harris and having a son John Dennis Ferris being born March 21, 1862 at Union Hill. – don’t know if this is the same one.]


( EZEKIEL ARCHER FERRIS born May 15, 1810 and baptized June 7, 1829 Morristown NJ Presbyterian Church

( CHARLES A. FERRIS (supposed) born April 23, 1812; married January 18, 1833 Ann Cherry; members of the Morristown Presbyterian Church

( WILLIAM H. FERRIS born September 1, 1814; ?married Mariah Clark Hand?

( JOHN WISNER FERRIS born January 3, 1817 and died November 26, 1897; age 79y 11m; married Sarah E. Pierson (Photograph) born May 8, 1824 and died October 31, 1919; John was in the beaver-hat making business; and born to them was (and maybe more):

( JESSE EVERETT FERRIS married Elizabeth Cockefaire; resided Glen Ridge NJ; Newark NJ; he was a cabin-boy at age 15 in the Union Army; was a workman in the building of the Erie Railroad and finally ran a cartage business – mainly unloading and distributing Irish linens to wholesalers in New York City; continued this business until in the 1930s, he had only one horse and wagon and a driver. The expense of trying to stable a horse in NYC and trucks closed out that business. Born to them were:

( JESSIE FERRIS (DAR) born Newark NJ; taught piano and was the organist for a Presbyterian Church on Market Street in Newark; married Robert Walsh, a jeweler; lived on Third Avenue in Newark, next door to her father, where they both died. Born to them were:



( HARRY ELMO FERRIS (Photograph) born 1873 Newark NJ and died 1962 (1972?) Minneapolis MN; buried in the Roales plot, Newark; married Christiana Roales [dau of Andrew] born January 10, 1873 and died February 14, 1935; buried in the Roales plot, Newark. Harry did not have a secondary school education. He worked for a Mr. Close who owned the N.J. Pipe & Tube Company in Newark, as a bookkeeper. Having been a traveling salesman, he was impressed with the prosperity of the hotel business and invested almost exclusively in several hotels, which failed during the 1929 depression; lost his investment. Born to them was (and maybe more):

( HARRISON VAN HOUTEN FERRIS born May 13, 1911 Newark NJ and died December 25, 1996; attended Eliot Street School, Newark; East Junior High School, Warren; and graduated 1928 from Montclar High; Wharton School, U. Of Penn., BS, Economics 1932; became associate manager with Prudential Insurance Company; involved in the Hoover Commission investigating the disability claim work of Veterans Administration of NYC; retired in 1971; married Audis Naomi Mason born July 15, 1910 and died July 11, 1991 Boonville, Cooper, MO; both buried there Walnut Grove Cemetery; resided in Montclair NJ; Bernardsville NJ; moved to Minneapolis MN 1953; Minnetonka MN 1962; moved to Boonville MO 1972. Harrison was drafted during WWII but was deferred pending the birth of Margaret; he had notice to report for duty in 1945, but was released from that when the government exempted those at age 35. [Note: it is from Harrison’s hand written notes that much of this family information comes from.] Born to them were:

( JOAN BARBARA FERRIS born June 22, 1938 Montclair NJ; married David Torgerson – of Hill City MN; Joan works as a cook and David works for a trailer factory; and born to them was:

( JOEL TORGERSON born November 22, 1968; High School Graduate; U.S. Air Force Veteran of 4 years; married 1st name unk; and married 2d 1999 Yolanda Nelson; had 3 daughters from first marriage

( MARGARET NANCY FERRIS born April 1, 1944 Montclair NJ; McCallester College MN, B.S.; major in History; minor in Spanish – spent a year as exchange student in Mexico – then a year working for VISTA in Laredo TX – bilingual kindergarten teacher in Dallas; married George Gharis born August 7, 1938 – of Garland TX; and born to them were:

( HEATHER GHARIS has a Masters Degree in Business Administration; married Kirby Jones


( RICHARD MASON FERRIS (Photographs) born September 1, 1936 Montclair NJ; married September 3, 1960 Carmen Bonilla; Richard grew up in New Jersey and after completing high school, he attended the University of Minnesota, and received his undergraduate degree; he then moved to Chicago to attend the McCormick Theological Seminary where he received his formal pastoral education. He has been Associate Pastor for Parish Life and Counseling at the Poland Presbyterian Church; serves as moderator of the Campus Ministry Committee of Eastminister; is on the Board of Directors of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program; and is a Synod representative to the Ohio Council of Churches; pastor of Struthers Presbyterian Church. They currently reside in Poland OH and Carmen has provided the information to update this ‘twig’ to include Harrison’s hand written notes – thanks Carmen! Carmen was a Psychiatric Social Worker at Trumbull Memorial Hospital, Warren OH, but retired in February 1999. Born to them were:

( ARTHUR FERRIS born July 24, 1961 Chicago IL; Air Force Veteran of 4 years – air traffic controller; employed by Mitsubishi – resides Cincinnati; married Cary {maiden name unk}; and born to them were:






( PAUL FERRIS born March 3, 1963 Dixon IL; Mechanical Engineer Degree from Youngstown State U.; employed by Borgware, a German-owed computer company; married Lisa {maiden name unk} and she works part-time for the YMCA; reside Louisville OH; and born to them was:


( DANIEL JUAN FERRIS born March 4, 1965 Dixon IL; 1983 graduate of Helias High School and a 1988 graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Computer Science Degree, and is employed at Indiana Rail Road Company, Indianapolis; married June 22, ** Denise Kay Branaman [dau of Newton O. Branaman] – a 1986 graduate of Terre Haute South High School and a 1990 graduate of Ball State U.; resides Indianapolis IN; and born to them was:


( WALLACE E. FERRIS born Newark NJ; married Sadie {maiden name unk}

( FRANK FERRIS born Newark NJ; married Helen {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( HARRIET FERRIS born November 23, 1818

( CHARLOTTE B. FERRIS (supposed) born September 18, 1819 and died May 19, 1878; married March 18, 1835 Charles Morris Johnson born March 15, 1817 and died November 19, 1871 Evansville IN

( HENRY FERRIS born December 7, 1820 and died in January 1849; age 29y 1m

( EZRA FERRIS born November 1, 1823



( CHARLOTTE FERRIS [a Charlotte Ferris married Charles Johnson, March 18, 1835 at Morristown NY Presbyterian Church – don’t know if this is the same one.]



( SARAH FERRIS (8RLL-PS) born May 7/9, 1728 Greenwich and died date unk Cross River Westchester, NY; married 1753 at Greenwich (probably) Nathaniel Reynolds, Jr. [son of Nathaniel and Ruth (Purdy) Reynolds] born December 8, 1729 Greenwich and died 1805 Cross River NY; Nathaniel remained in Greenwich for a short time but by 1750, he had joined the other members of the Reynolds family in Cross River, Westchester Co NY; built his house 1766 and the organizational meeting for the founding of the First Baptist Church in Cross River was probably held at his home. [Jim – thanks to Jane L. Fox for sharing this information on this branch.]; and born to them at Cross River, Westchester, NY were:

( NATHANIEL REYNOLDS, Jr., born February 22, 1754 Cross River, Westchester, NY and died there September 21, 1843; age 89y 6m 29d; farmer, tailor, and an auctioneer who was sometimes his own best customer; at an auction in February 1806, he bought, among other things, ‘Tooth Pullers’. As a tailor, he made coats for the British when they imprisoned him. Nathaniel was a Revolutionary War Veteran and was married while serving with General Morris’ Brigade; later he was in Captain Henry Slausen’s Company; then he enlisted as a Lieutenant in Captain Samuel Lawrence’s Company, an infantry unit of the Third Westchester Militia Regiment. His company was called to fill gaps in the lines of the Continental Army. They were also often assigned to stand guard duty. It was on one such duty, June 24, 1779, that he and his men were attacked by British soldiers near Crumppond (Katonah), taken prisoner and sent to the infamous Sugar House Prison in New York City. Most of the lower rank soldiers were released but Lieutenant Reynolds was held and later sent to a British prison, which had been set up on Long Island. He remained a prisoner for over two years, and was exchanged for British prisoners October 24, 1781. He always remained a soldier, even in peacetime. He was commissioned First Lieutenant in Captain Joseph Benedict’s Company, Westchester Militia, 1786. With all that, he spent years filing petitions for his military pension. Finally, in 1831, at age 77, he received his first pension check – $240.00 annually. He married, October 15, 1778, at the Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester Co NY, widow Hannah (Todd) Cooley [dau of Abraham & Lydia (Husted) Todd, of South Salem NY] [widow of Daniel Cooley and brought with her a son, Daniel Cooley, Jr.] born May 26, 1759 at Greenwich and died April 11, 1846 at Cross River; both buried at Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River, Westchester, NY (Photos). Hannah received an annual pension of $320.00 for Nathaniel’s Rev War service until her death. Born to Nathaniel and Hannah were:

( DEBORAH REYNOLDS born July 17, 1779 Goldens Bridge, Salem Co NY and died May 24, 1844 – conflicting info on spouses, but apparently she did marry Aaron Morehouse – see photo of her tombstone – thanks to Gail Finn!

( NATHANIEL REYNOLDS born August 7, 1782 Goldens Bridge, Salem, NY and died June 12, 1869; married Elizabeth Avery [dau of William & Ruth (Platt) Avery] and they settled on a farm near Chatham Corners, Newcastle, Westchester, NY; and born to them were:

( ABRAHAM REYNOLDS married Sarah Ann Wood

( WILLIAM REYNOLDS married Nancy Mead

( CHARLES REYNOLDS married 1st Mary Field and 2d Martha Mellows

( DANIEL COOLEY REYNOLDS born 1812 and died December 30, 1884; married Sarah Mead

( ALICE REYNOLDS married Henry Hunt; resided North Tarrytown NY

( LYDIA REYNOLDS born August 7, 1782 (August 28, 1784) Goldens Bridge, Salem, NY and died February 3, 1863; married 1st Colby Conklin and 2d Rev. Joshua Hobby, a Baptist minister

( BETSEY REYNOLDS born September 1, 1786 Cross River, Westchester, NY and died there June 12, 1830; married December 27, 1803 at Cross River, Gideon Reynolds who died 1783 at either Poundridge or Lewisboro NY. [He was the son of William and Mary (Polly) (Knapp) Reynolds.] He served in the War of 1812 from September 15 to October 14, 1812, with his cousins Andrew and Ambrose, in the Militia Company of Captain Horton Reynolds, also their cousin. Gideon was the owner and operator of a stage coach line which operated from Danbury CT to New York City, running through White Plains NY. In 1829, he built the splendid big red brick tavern at Cross River, which he operated as a halfway house for the stage run of about 75 miles. His descendants own the tavern. The Westchester County Historical Bulletin of October, 1953 reports: There seems to be no record as to the date of the establishment of this stage line or when it was discontinued. However, according to the stories handed down through the family, the coming of the Harlem Railroad in the late eighteen forties put it out of business. For years it was an important factor in transportation as notices bear witness. [Jim – this Bulletin contains additional information on the Brick House and other information on the stage coach line.] ‘Old Gid’, as he was called, kept relays of horses at White Plains and at the barn next the Brick House. At one time his son, Young Gid, drove the stage and was known as a furious driver. On Sundays, the family drove to church in the stagecoach, which delighted the village children. Born to Betsey and Gideon were:

( WILLIAM KNAPP REYNOLDS born June 2, 1805 Cross River, Westchester, NY and died December 21, 1883 Stamford CT; married Nancy Elizabeth Husted and they lived in Stamford; and born to them were:



( JANE REYNOLDS born September 3, 1807 Cross River NY and died March 17, 1896 Sacramento CA; married 1st William Barmore who died before 1846; married 2d William N. Brooks (1804-1890) of Massachusetts before 1846. They went to California in the Gold Rush of 1849, taking the sailing vessel to Panama and crossing the isthmus on donkey-back. They remained in California; no offspring from either marriage

( GIDEON TODD REYNOLDS ‘Young Gid’ born January 1, 1809 CrossRiver, Westchester, NY and died April 26, 1880 Greenwich CT; buried at the Episcopal Churchyard; married 1st Emily Louisa Smith (1816-1854) [dau of Jared & Rebecca (Wood) Smith] and 2d Eliza Higgins Ritch (1821-1872) [dau of Henry & Thirza (Hitchcock) Ritch]. Gideon ran the coach line begun by his father from Danbury CT to NYC; and born to Gideon and Emily were:



Born to Gideon and his second wife, Eliza, were:


( ALICE IDA REYNOLDS born July 15, 1863 Greenwich CT; married 1st February 8, 1882 Elmore Avery Selleck [son of Sands & Eliza Jane (Fowler) Selleck] born January 21, 1850 Darien CT and died December 25, 1886 Greenwich; buried Christ Episcopal Churchyard; married 2d, November 27, 1889 William Henry Teed born May 17, 1854 Katonah NY. Born to her and Elmore were:

( ELLA MAY SELLECK born January 3, 1883; married John Henry Worth, Jr., [son of John Henry & Harriet (Bonestead) Worth] born April 13, 1877 Cairo, Greene, NY

( CHARLES ELMORE SELLECK born August 25, 1884 Greenwich CT; resided in Milford CT; married October 27, 1911 in Greenwich, Lulu Adelaide Banks [dau of Samuel S. & Margaret I. (Boals) Banks] born March 6, 1884 Port Chester NY

( SANDS REYNOLDS SELLECK born October 30, 1886 Greenwich CT; resided in NYC; married November 23, 1907 in NYC, Eleanor Veronica Held [dau of George Washington & Clarissa Lockwood (Howard) Held] born October 30, 1887 Greenwich

( NATHANIEL REYNOLDS born c1810 Cross River NY and died there in infancy

( MARY ELIZA REYNOLDS born January (February) 13, 1815 (1818) Cross River NY and died December 11, 1886 White Plains NY; married November 22, 1836 at Cross River, the Honorable Alsop Hunt Lockwood ( – see him for offspring

( SARAH ANN REYNOLDS born September 23, 1817 Cross River NY and died July 12, 1902 Prescott, Pierce, WI; married Joseph Nash Todd of South Salem NY and born to them were:






( ELIZABETH REYNOLDS born December 31, 1820 Cross River NY and died there March 30, 1894; buried there, Reynolds Cemetery; married Cyrus Lawrence Todd, brother of her sister Sarah’s husband, Joseph; Cyrus owned the beautiful Seven Maples Farm at Cross River; and born to them were:



( CYRUS HITCHCOCK REYNOLDS born January 1, 1823 Cross River, Westchester, NY and died there September 3, 1887; married August 17, 1852 Julia Adeline Wood born November 12, 1833 and died March 12, 1908; both buried Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River; and born to them was:

( EVELYN JULIA REYNOLDS married William H. Russell and born to them was:

( CYRUS RUSSELL was honored by a dinner in 1970 for his contribution to Cross River; the Community House there is named in his honor; spent his life serving the town and was called by one political opponent, ‘Mr. Lewisboro’

( CAROLINE REYNOLDS born May 1, 1825 Cross River, Westchester, NY and died August 27, 1908 Bethel CT; buried at the Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River; married Harvey William Avery [son of Harvey & Nancy (Reynolds) Avery] born June 29, 1823 and born to them were:







( DEWITT CLINTON REYNOLDS born June 2, 1828 Cross River, Westchester, NY and died there March 17, 1889; married September 21, 1858 at Bedford NY, Joanna Emily Silkman born March 19, 1841 Cross River and died September 15, 1914 Goldens Bridge; both buried Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River NY; lived in Cross River and borne their children there. The house where their children were born was one of the homes destroyed during the building of the Cross River Dam. Joanna, at age 20, was one of the makers of a Quilt, which now resides at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City. Born to Dewitt and Joanna were:

( DEWITT CLINTON REYNOLDS (JR.?) born October 5, 1859 Cross River NY and died there November 22, 1859

( WILLIAM SILKMAN REYNOLDS born May 18, 1861 Cross River where he resided in 1924 and died December 26, 1933; a farmer; married September 3, 1893 Annie Betsey Fairchild of Sherman CT born March 20, 1863 and died August 24, 1931; both buried Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River; no offspring

( CECIL KEELER REYNOLDS born October 17, 1862 Cross River and died September 30, 1922 Jersey City NJ; buried at Reynolds Cemetery, (Cross River Burying Ground), Cross River, Westchester, NY; never married; he went to live with Ilda Gertie (Reynolds) Hornby after the death of her husband, Frank Alfred Hornby; 1914 Cecil was living in Stamford CT

( LISETTE BELLE REYNOLDS born July 2, 1864 Cross River and died April 5, 1927 Greenwich CT (one day after her second husband); buried at the Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River; married 1st June 29, 1884 Herbert Lawton Miller born October 30, 1864 and died July 5, 1897 Stamford CT; married 2d c1899 Charles Henry Schifferdecker born April 29, 1859 Germany and died April 4, 1927 Greenwich CT; Lisette was a member of the Christ’s Church of Greenwich; and born to Lisette and Herbert were:

( BERTHA ESTELLE MILLER born November 20, 1885 and died April 22, 1890; buried at Cross River

( DAVID DEWITT MILLER born February 11, 1887; married Lillian (Gilchrist) Mills

( DOUGLAS ALBERTIS MILLER born February 11, 1887 New York City; married February 5, 1912 Sarah Conroy Greene born March 7, 1891; lived in New York City c1912-17; New Haven CT, c1918-19; and later in Toms River NJ; and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS ALBERTIS MILLER, JR born July 16, 1913 New York City

( SARAH LOUISE MILLER born September 23, 1916 New York City

( HARRY HERBERT MILLER born December 29, 1919 New Haven CT

( DOROTHY BELLE MILLER born August 9, 1921 New Haven CT

( CLARENCE HERBERT MILLER born August 18, 1893

( LEONA BELLE MILLER born September 24, 1896; married February 17, 1916 Albert James Crichton born April 27, 1895; resided 357 Brook Ave., Passaic NJ and born to them was:

( ALBERT JAMES CRICHTON, JR., born April 29, 1918

Born to Lisette and her second husband, Charles, was:


( DELILAH SLAWSON REYNOLDS born January 24, 1866 Cross River and died there September 4, 1929; ‘Leida’ married April 30, 1908 Charles E. ‘Van’ Baker borb November 26, 1865 and died June 18, 1910; both buried at Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River; no offspring

( ILDA GERTIE REYNOLDS born March 23, 1869 Cross River and died August 17, 1938 Fanwood, Union, NJ; a schoolteacher in Cross River and/or New York City; married August 18, 1890 at New York City, Francis Alfred Hornby born January 13, 1864 Warwick, Orange, NY and died November 15, 1917 Jersey City NJ of complications following a bout with pneumonia; buried at the New York Bay View Cemetery; Francis was a weigher for the US Customs in New York City and when he died there was no pension fund and of course, no Social Security. After Francis died, Ilda worked as a teacher to keep the family together and all the children pulled together to keep the family going. Born to Ilda and Francis were:

( CLARICE BELLE HORNBY ‘TaTa’ born November 16, 1891 and died July 25, 1951; married October 28, 1891 Ernest J. Loehwing born August 9, 1894 and died October 16, 1973; after word was received that her son, Kenneth, had been shot down over France, Tata spend her remaining years searching for his remains. Her grief and the stress of the search finally killed her. Born to Clarine and Ernest were:

( ROBERT ERNEST LOEHWING born February 18, 1917; married October 14, 1939 Marie Julliette Liegeois born October 10, 1917 and born to them were:

( ELAINE MARIE LOEHWING born September 1, 1942; married July 10, 1965 John Gorman born October 19, 1940 and born to them were:

( TAMALA MARIE GORMAN born September 9, 1969

( LESLIE ELAINE GORMAN born November 26, 1973 and died December 1, 1973

( MARK JOHN GORMAN born August 21, 1975

( CAROL JUNE LOEHWING born February 24, 1945; married, May 1, 1965 Anthony J. Cuillo born January 1, 1943 and born to them was:

( STACY JOHANNA CUILLO born November 15, 1965; married May 20, 1989 Charles Cabot Waring (

( KENNETH ROBERT LOEHWING born May 21, 1954 and died February 15, 1990; married October 26, 1975 Gloria Elizabeth Volk born January 25, 1957 and born to them were:


( JANET MARIE LOEHWING born March 27, 1986

( KENNETH HOWARD LOEHWING born November 5, 1919 and died August 16, 1944; shot down over France in WW II; early in the 1950’s, his parents received his remains and he was finally put to rest

( ADELE TINA HORNBY ‘Dell’ born March 2, 1896 and died February 12, 1963 Los Angeles Co California; the same day her husband died; married February 26, 1923 John Danhardt born January 10, 1890 and died February 12, 1963, Los Angeles Co CA

( MILDRED VIRGINIA HORNBY born October 8, 1899 and died May 15, 1982 California; married January 10, 1922 at Stockton CA, Joseph Moryl born March 19, 1895 and died May 15, 1982 the same day Mildred died; killed as a result of a gas explosion in their home. Mildred was a member of the D.A.R. (#578230). Born to them were:

( JEANNE HELEN MORYL born November 8, 1922 and died in the 1965-70 time frame; married 1st 1948 Donald Tomblen born c1920; married 2d May 23, 1959 Ser Dolmans born May 1, 1924; and 3d Harold Bomer born October 19, 1920; and born to Jeanne and Ser was:

( MELANIE B. DOLMANS born May 16, 1960

( CECIL DOUGLAS MORYL born November 8, 1928; married August 11, 1951 Caryl Jo Phillips born April 29, 1929 and born to them were:

( JON DOUGLAS MORYL born August 24, 1954

( DANA WILLIAM MORYL born September 22, 1956

( JAMIE LYNN MORYL born April 30, 1959; married and has children

( CECIL REYNOLDS HORNBY born March 19, 1902 and died June 7, 1952; married July 5, 1930 Myra Lucille Hogan born October 21, 1903; and born to them was:

( ROBERT CECIL KENNETH HORNBY born March 21, 1936, of Stockton NJ; a lawyer; married May 6, 1972 Lucille McLoughlin born August 16, 1938 and born to them were:

( LUCILLE MYRA HORNBY born April 3, 1973; in Wuhan, China teaching conversational English to Chinese technicians, engineers, etc

( CATHERINE MARY HORNBY born December 30, 1974

( ROBERT MAURICE HORNBY born February 7, 1977

( EVELYN REYNOLDS HORNBY born August 29, 1906 Woodcliff Lakes NJ and died July 22, 1987; married October 17, 1931 Norman VanRiper Looker born March 27, 1909 and died December 26, 1984; and born to them were:

( GAIL JOANNA LOOKER born August 27, 1941, of Plainfield NJ; married August 15, 1964 Richard Eugene McKenna born December 25, 1939; a science teacher; and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS EUGENE MCKENNA born January 19, 1967

( JOANNA GAIL MCKENNA born December 27, 1969; married November 14, 1992 in New Jersey, David Lawrence Bartholomew born April 19, 1970 and born to them was:



( JOHN NORMAN LOOKER born October 9, 1945; married and divorced; lady’s name unk

( LEWIS ALFRED HORNBY born June 26, 1909 Woodcliff Lakes, Essex Co NJ; baptized in April 1939 First Presbyterian Church, Welch WV and died August 29, 1965 Welch WV; buried at the Iaeger Memorial Cemetery, Roderfield WV; worked from the time he was nine years old to help support the family. His high school years were not exemplary and in fact he liked to tell the story of the day that he graduated. He received his diploma and his mother remarked to him as soon as she could get near him, ‘Let’s get out of here before they change their minds’. Lewis spent the next few years working and traveling around New England and even headed west for a time. Lewis graduated from Cooper Union Institute, June 4, 1936, B.S., Civil Engineering. He won the Physics prize 3 years in a row. Working nights and attending classes during the day, he completed the 5-year course in 4 years, graduating with honors; of about 100 who began the course the first year, only 16 graduated. He worked for Semet-Solvey, a division of Allied Chemicals who sent him to Kingston WV. He moved to Welch in 1940 and later started his own civil, mining, construction and consulting engineering business there and served as City and County Engineer, McDowell County, a position he held until his death. Lewis was a well-respected businessman known throughout the State of West Virginia and into Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. He was licensed in West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky. There are many bridges in the area that he built on which his name is engraved. He was a member of the Lions Club. He married June 19, 1937 at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Ashland KY, Doris Louise Breen (Photograph) born December 10, 1911 Jersey City NJ; baptized there December 19, 1911 St. Mary’s Church. Doris was a singer, teacher and leader. She worked for New York Telephone and sang in the Bell Choir; studied piano with St. Mary’s Sisters of Charity, voice with Serafina Stralova (of the Met.), religion at St. Mary’s and St. Aloysius and later at Montreat NC, where she also studied early childhood education. She taught kindergarten for 16 years in Welch at the Presbyterian Church and conducted three choirs at the Anderson Memorial Church, Stewart Street, Welch WV. They owned a home at 403 Stewart Street, Welch and his children all grew up knowing his love and his fabulous sense of humor. Doris now lives in Pompano Beach FL where she has taken up the game of golf and has won several trophies in her league at Leisureville. Born to Lewis and Doris were:

( BARBARA ANN HORNBY born December 24, 1938 Charleston, Kanawha , WV; baptized April 1939 at the First Presbyterian Church, Welch WV; a teacher and writer; married July 6, 1965 at Welch WV, Hugh Fleece Halverstadt born January 26, 1939 Atlanta GA; he was a minister and teacher – divorced 1994; and born to them were:

( PETER BREEN HALVERSTADT born July 12, 1968 Richmond VA and baptized there January 1969; LLD from the U. of Tennessee 1994; summer of 1992, he was an aide to Senator Sassor, U.S. Senator from Tennessee

( DAVID ANDREWS HALVERSTADT born December 13, 1969 Richmond VA; baptized there June 1970

( JANE LYNN HORNBY (Photograph) born October 6, 1940 Charleston, Kanawha , WV; baptized at the Anderson Chapel in Welch; lists her occupation as a researcher. [Jim – Jane is the provider of most of this information on the descendants of Joseph and Ruth (Knapp) Ferris, particularly Reynolds and I cannot thank her enough for her sharing this information with us.] Jane married October 26, 1959 in the Presbyterian Church, Millerton NY, Richard Keith Fox born July 19, 1938 Flushing, Queens, NY; Richard is a Fund Raiser, by occupation. [Jim – I will let Jane tell her story as she wrote it; see separate paper at the end of this chapter.] Born to Jane and Richard were:

( RICHARD FREDERICK FOX (Photograph) born August 25, 1960 Berkeley CA; baptized December 25, 1960, 1st Presbyterian Church, Summit NJ; graduated Groton School 1979; Harvard 1986; Richard is an English Teacher at Eaglebrook School, Deerfield MA; also Dorm Master of Bains Hall, Football Coach, Golf Coach, Hockey Coach and is head of the Photography Department. Rich shot his first deer in December, 1991 and one day later shot his second deer, which was enjoyed by the Fox Family, as some of the best venison ever. He had the head and shoulders mounted and it hung, for a while, over his fireplace at Eagle’s Nest. It now resides in a new home in Cambridgeport VT, where Rich and Cindy have recently bought their ‘home away from home’; own over 80 acres in rural Vermont; married June 1, 1985 at the Catholic Church, Littleton MA, Cynthia Lee Norris born November 24, 1962 Groton MA; Cindy is the Secretary to the Assistant Headmaster and Travel Coordinator for the students; she gets them all to school and back home several times during the year, making sure everyone has their ticket, and if appropriate, passport. In the spring of 1995, Richard and Cynthia were honored by the Class of 1995 at Eaglebrook when they were chosen to be the persons to whom that class dedicated their yearbook. Born to Rich and Cindy were:

( HANNAH ELIZABETH PYSHER FOX (Photograph) born January 27, 1993 Northampton MA

( BRENDEN LEWIS FREDERICK FOX (Photograph) born March 22, 1996 Northampton MA

( CAROLE DENISE FOX (Carie) (Photograph) born January 8, 1962 Bellows Falls VT; baptized December 1969, Congregational Church, Plainfield NH; graduated from Groton School 1981; She has been given a task to endure that none of us would envy. When we found out that Grady was deaf, we all shed tears and tore our hair out trying to figure out why. Carie quickly went beyond the questions and instead persistently and diligently pursued her and his options in order to find solutions. She not only finds the track for him, she, at the same time, sees to it that Charlie and Hunter are challenged in accordance with their abilities. Carol married June 18, 1983 at Groton MA, Peter Hedden Congleton born October 8, 1959 at Ayer, Middlesex, MA; a fundraiser. Before moving to Groton in the summer of 1994, Carol and her family lived in Deerfield MA, the town of her ancestors, Daniel and Elizabeth (Foote) Belden, and Benjamin and Sarah (Belden) Burt, the captives. Carie joined the faculty at Groton School in September, 1994 where she became head of a dormitory of 17 girls ages about 14-18; in 1996, that headcount grew to 40 girls. She quickly gained a reputation for strictness and fairness with warmth and a wonderful sense of humor. Her extraordinary culinary skills have become well known through her ‘dorm feeds’. Peter graduated Groton School, 1978; Wesleyan, 1982. He served in the U.S. Navy, 1983-88 and the Navy Reserve, 1988-94; Lieutenant Commander, 1992. Peter joined the Alumni Office at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield MA in January 1992. On June 1, 1994, he became a member of the faculty at Groton School and the administrative offices of the Alumni/ae Affairs and Development. He works for his father-in-law and is learning the art of asking for gifts through alumni/ae estate planning. Born to Carol and Peter were:

( CHARLES FOX CONGLETON (Photograph) born September 26, 1984 Virginia Beach VA; baptized June 2, 1985 Groton School Chapel, Groton MA; a bright, engaging young man; loves baseball and football; attended the second and third grades at the Bement School, Old Deerfield MA; the Applewild School, Fitchburg MA; played soccer in the fall of 1994 and made the winning goals at some of the games. In the winter he was chosen as one of two students to represent his class in the National Geographic Geography Bee.

( HUNTER BREEN CONGLETON (Photograph) born October 19, 1987 Pensacola FL; baptized at the Groton School Chapel; a lovable, sweetheart guy; handsome, thoughtful, and caring; likes school, G.I. Joe toys and Transformers; attended kindergarten at The Bement School and is now at the Applewild School. Hunter has a quick mind and likes to memorize stories. He enjoys telling them to his friends and family. He delighted the campers at Kingsley Pines Camp (where his grandfather, Jake Congleton, is Director) with a recitation of The Big Toe and The Honey Hunt during the 1993 summer session.

( GRADY MACGREGOR CONGLETON (Photograph) born October 20, 1989 Brunswick ME; baptized at the Groton School Chapel; an extremely bright boy is a challenge to us all. “The early discovery that he was severely hearing impaired hit all of us like a ton of bricks. The tears we shed were not only for him, but also for us – and for the unanswerable questions. Grady attends the Clarke School for the Deaf in Northampton MA. ‘The tears are now of joy. To hear him speaking, to see him lip-read, to know that he understands us, is to know that God exists and answers prayers.”

( ROBERT KEITH FOX (Photograph) born May 3, 1968 Mary Hitch Memorial Hospital, Hanover NH; baptized in December, 1969, Congregational Church, Plainfield NH; graduated from Portsmouth Abbey School 1987; University of Maine, Bangor. Robert’s mother relays ‘He always used to play tricks on me. I remember especially the ceramic frog he put into the sugar bowl and waited patiently until I came upon it which was several days later. He used to hide from me whenever he could. Once he hid in cellar window well, he stayed there even though we were getting frantic. We nearly called the police that day to report a missing child. He finally appeared with an impish grin on his face, not knowing the state we were in. Robert married, October 3, 1992, at the United Church of Christ, Jackson ME, Barbara Ann Welch born October 11, 1967 at Alexandria VA – they divorced in 1995. Until March 1995, Robb lived in Bangor ME with his cats where he worked for ServiceMaster, a professional cleaning company that cleans office buildings. They are also contracted by insurance companies to clean up after fires, floods or other disasters. In March of 1995, Robb moved to Groton MA with Anton and Edgar, his two cats, and obtained a position with Sears Roebuck & Co. with their sales force. He has shown a natural propensity to the task and takes his responsibilities seriously, displaying the Fox trait for hard work and integrity. In 1996, Robb works for NYNEX.

( KENNETH LEWIS HORNBY born June 12, 1945 Welch WV; baptized there at the Presbyterian Church; a minister and a teacher; married August 17, 1974 at Mechanicsville VA, Mary Lou Baker born there July 21, 1947; and born to them were:

( BENJAMIN JOEL HORNBY born June 30, 1977 Richmond VA

( STEPHANIE NICOLE HORNBY born April 11, 1979 Richmond VA

( CATHERINE CORNELIA REYNOLDS born February 10, 1871 Cross River and was living 1924; married September 18, 1890 at New York City, John William Woodruff who died October 18, 1871 Danbury CT; married in a double wedding ceremony with Catherine’s sister Ilda and Francis Hornby. Catherine and John resided at 8 Cherry Street, Danbury CT; and born to them was:

( IRVING ROBERT WOODRUFF born July 6, 1892 Danbury CT; married August 22, 1910 Frances H. Haight born April 19, 1891 Danbury CT; resided at 8 Cherry Street, Danbury CT and born to them was:

( WELDON EDWARD WOODRUFF born November 15, 1911

( EMILY JOANNA REYNOLDS born June 22, 1872 Cross River and was living 1924; married 1st August 19, 1888 Henry Girard who died April 21, 1895 and married 2d Charles Girard, Henry’s brother. Emily and Charles lived at 914 Yorks Ave., Norristown PA. Born Emily and Henry were:

( IRVING SILKMAN GIRARD born November 22, 1889 and died December 21, 1917 Norristown PA; married Mary Hampton Michoner born March 29, 1891 Swedeland PA; resided at 47 E. 5th Street, Bridgeport PA and born to them were:

( MARGARET EMILY GIRARD born October 16, 1914

( RUTH HELEN GIRARD born June 4, 1917

( LELIA LEAH GIRARD born October 14, 1891 Cross River and died there January 6, 1966; never married; spent her life in Cross River; her home was across the street from the Reynolds Family Cemetery; had quite a reputation for her many cats she kept

( DENTON DEWITT REYNOLDS born February 16, 1875 Cross River and died October 8, 1942; married December 7, 1893 Lillian Augusta Ritch born October 21, 1874 Poughkeepsie NY and died March 5, 1955 Sanobel House, Middletown CT; lived in Ridgebury and Danbury CT; and born to them were:

( DEWITT CLINTON REYNOLDS born February 8, 1895; married Dorothy L. Brady born August 30, 1892 Brewster NY; lived in Ridgefield CT and born to them were:

( NINA HELEN REYNOLDS born March 20, 1916 Ridgefield CT

( DOROTHY LOUISE REYNOLDS born September 21, 1918 Ridgefield

( CLINTON REYNOLDS born October 7, 1922 Ridgefield

( GEORGE NELSON REYNOLDS born October 17, 1899

( LILLIAN MAY REYNOLDS born September 15, 1902 and died August 28, 1980; married 1st April 12, 1925 Christopher Raymond Cole born January 1, 1904 North Salem, Westchester, NY and died 1959; known as May and Ray and they lived in Purdys NY; married 2d John Kehoe of Croton Falls NY; and born to May and Ray was:

( CHRISTOPHER RAYMOND COLE, JR., born April 17, 1927 and was living 1984; graduated from Central High School, Purdys; attended LaSalle Military Academy in Long Island; NYU, B.A.; employed at Southeast Motor Company, Brewster; during WWII he was attached to the Army Finance Center at Fort Dix NJ; became the Croton Falls Postmaster, retiring from that position March 8, 1984; was a Lieutenant in the Croton Falls Volunteer Fire Department; a member of the North Salem Boy Scout Troop Committee and Secretary of North Salem Chamber of Commerce; married 1954 Elizabeth Shay born October 25, 1932; 1960 Elizabeth was the Democratic candidate for Receiver of Taxes in North Salem; and she is very active in Community Affairs; and born to them were:

( JOHN CHRISTOPHER COLE, ‘Jimmy’, born April 10, 1955 Mt. Kisco NY; baptized May 14, 1955 at St. Joseph Church, Groton Falls NY

( TERENCE JOHN COLE born May 10, 1956

( KATHERINE ANN COLE born June 13, 1957

( CHRISTOPHER JOHN COLE born May 21, 1959

( LAURIE COLE born March 16, 1961

( ELIZABETH AUGUSTA REYNOLDS born February 5, 1905; married Herbert Heiser of Danbury CT and born to them was:


( CHARLOTTA JOANNA REYNOLDS born December 23, 1910; married 1st a Mr. Waters and lived in Miami FL; 1980 she was married to a Mr. Davis and lived in Hollywood FL

( WILLIAM EARL REYNOLDS born November 24, 1912 and alive after November 24, 1958, when a newspaper article from Croton Falls relates of his birthday party; married wife’s name unk and born to them was:


( GIDEON WRIGHT REYNOLDS born April 11, 1877 Cross River and was living 1924; married July 4, 1911 Mrs. Ida (Reynolds) Oysterberg and they had three daughters, names unk

( CLARENCE IRVING REYNOLDS born April 29, 1879 Cross River and died there February 13, 1884 (tombstone has Clarence J.); buried Reynolds Cemetery, Cross River (Photo)

( EDITH AMELIA REYNOLDS – twin – born January 16, 1882 Cross River and died there April 30, 1889; buried there Reynolds Cemetery (photo)

( ETHEL ARMENIA REYNOLDS – twin – born January 16, 1882 Cross River and was living 1924; married April 29, 1899 Peter Van Colt Baker, of Brooklyn NY, who died 1944. Peter was the nephew of Charles E. Baker, Ethel’s sister Delilah’s husband. Born to Ethel and Peter were:

( ETHEL EVELINA BAKER born January 30, 1900 at Stamford CT and died July 10, 1907

( JEANNETTE BAKER born May 5, 1909 Stamford and died June 5, 1909

( LELIA LEAH REYNOLDS born December 12, 1884 Cross River and died there February 8, 1887; buried there Reynolds Cemetery

( ABRAHAM REYNOLDS born October 11, 1788 Goldens Bridge, Salem Co NY and died August 25, 1818 New Orleans LA; of yellow fever; unmarried

( SARAH REYNOLDS born September 17, 1790 Goldens Bridge NY and died October 8, 1876; married, apparently, a Mr. Reynolds and born to them was:

( MORRIS B. REYNOLDS who lived and died in Brooklyn; had two daughters

( HANNAH REYNOLDS born September 13, 1792 Goldens Bridge NY and died November 9, 1846; married Henry Avery {son of William and Ruth (Piatt) Avery} and they lived on a farm in Cross River NY

( ENOCH REYNOLDS born September 17, 1794 Goldens Bridge, Salem, NY and died May 5, 1876 Bedford, Westchester, NY; married March 20, 1817 at Salem NY, Lydia Cross Dixon (Dickinson?) born July 19, 1800 New York and died May 28, 1868; settled in Long Ridge, Bedford NY; and born to them were:

( SUSAN REYNOLDS (1818-1872) married 1st George Todd and 2d Amos Mead; and born to Susan and George was:

( EMELIE (EMMA) TODD married Edison Lawrence

( LYDIA ANN REYNOLDS born October 5, 1820; married Alanson D. Fancher who died in 1899; they had one child

( DEBORAH J. REYNOLDS born August 10, 1825 and died November 6, 1891; married Allen Mead and born to them was

( MARY ELIZA MEAD married Daniel Hunt; and born to them was:

( IRVING HUNT married name unk, but born to them were:






( ELIZA REYNOLDS born May 3, 1832 and died August 13, 1851; unmarried

( SAMANTHA BIGELOW REYNOLDS born March 17, 1828 Bedford, Westchester, NY and died November 24, 1907 Prescott, Pierce, WI; married December 31, 1850 at Bedford, John Miller born July 4, 1825 Bedford and died October 27, 1898 Prescott WI; and born to them was:

( ELIZA REYNOLDS MILLER born October 15, 1851 and died July 15, 1917; married June 25, 1873 Henry Silkman Miller born November 1, 1845 and died February 2, 1914; and born to them was:

( ELECTA SAMANTHA MILLER born October 25, 1888 Prescott, Pierce, WI and died March 26, 1967 Cincinnati OH; married November 7, 1906 at Prescott, George Edwin Hollister born there, April 10, 1884 and died March 10, 1965 Lakeland FL; and born to them was:

( MAJORY ETTA HOLLISTER born February 22, 1910 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN; married May 12, 1936 at Prescott WI, Ernst Henry Hovemeyer born July 28, 1907 Amsterdam, Montgomery, NY and died December 24, 1974 Prescott WI; and born to them was:

( ERIC ERNST HOVEMEYER born June 3, 1945 Erie, Erie, PA; author of The Descendants of Henry Miller; married April 23, 1983 at Loveland, Clermont, OH, Christine Marie Bieri born December 2, 1947 Alliance, Stark, OH and born to them was:

( MIRANDA ELIZABETH HOVEMEYER born January 4, 1986 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

( LOCKWOOD REYNOLDS married Mary V. Williams

( HANNAH A. REYNOLDS born September 18, 1834 and died March 31, 1837

( ALVAH REYNOLDS born September 23, 1796 Lewisboro, Westchester, NY and died May 6, 1881 Cross River NY; married Phoebe Ann Field and they lived in Cross River for 8-10 years; then moved to a farm in Scarsdale NY and later moved back to Cross River where they died; and born to them were:

( MARY ELIZABETH REYNOLDS born June 2, 1834; married 1851 John S. Wright

( ALMIRA C. REYNOLDS born October 19, 1835 and died April 20, 1916; married A. J. Allen

( THOMAS FIELD REYNOLDS born September 13, 1842 and died January 2, 1912; married 1st Emeline Minor and 2d Lulu Dutcher

( GEORGE W. REYNOLDS born March 27, 1845 Cross River NY; owned the family bible of his parents from which many dates were taken for the John of Watertown Genealogy. His home was next to the Cross River Cemetery where his Reynolds grandparents lived. He lived on the farm where he born. George married December 8, 1875 Helen Trowbridge and born to them were:

( LULU REYNOLDS born March 16, 1878 Cross River and died November 17, 1944; married May 6, 1903 at Goldens Bridge NY, Martin Todd Silkman born November 4, 1877 Cross River and died October 13, 1957; lived in Lewisboro NY; buried at Somers NY; and born to them were:

( MARTIN REYNOLDS SILKMAN born February 20, 1904 Cross River NY; married October 14, 1931 at Katonah NY, Gladys Prigge born March 22, 1907 White Plains NY and died February 26, 1986 Largo FL; lived in Katonah for 40 years and in Largo FL for 18 years. After Gladys died, Martin moved to Purdys NY. Born to them was:

( RICHARD PRIGGE SILKMAN born July 24, 1932; married August 23, 1959 at Mt. Kisco NY, Beatrice Anne Martinez and they lived on Todd Road, Katonah NY; and born to them was:

( JOSEPH RICHARD SILKMAN born September 28, 1960 Katonah NY; married August 12, 1989 at Waterbury CT, Patricia Ann Hack and they live Norwalk CT; and born to them was:

( DANIEL JOSEPH SILKMAN born December 8, 1992 Norwalk CT

( KENNETH SILKMAN born March 21, 1906 and died May 13, 1906

( THEODORE SILKMAN born May 5, 1907 and died May 16, 1907

( HELEN CORNELIA SILKMAN born July 14, 1909 Cross River and died August 12, 1987; buried at Ivandale(Ivandell) Cemetery, Somers, Westchester, NY; graduate of Drew Seminary in Carmel CA c1930; married Albert William Ritchie who died September 27, 1957; lived on Todd Road, Katonah NY and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS ALBERT RITCHIE born October 4, 1942 Katonah NY; Chemical Engineer; married September 26, 1970 at Proctor VT, Linda Ann Taranovich born September 1, 1947; and born to them were:

( SARAH JEAN RITCHIE born November 21, 1974

( TODD DOUGLAS RITCHIE born May 28, 1977

( DONALD TODD RITCHIE born May 17, 1946; married July 1, 1973 Susan Dean McRorie and lived Crandall GA

( MABEL TODD SILKMAN born April 7, 1916 Cross River; married September 24, 1944 at Katonah NY, George Vincent Austin, Jr., born September 15, 1916 Yonkers NY and died November 17, 1976; lived in Katonah and born to them were:

( JEAN ANN AUSTIN born December 24, 1948 Katonah NY; married May 18, 1974 Malte Breitlow born February 9, 1944 and died March 12, 1989; after their marriage, they moved to Phoenix AZ, then Tuscon; and born to them were:

( KARINANNE BREITLOW born February 15, 1976 – KarinAnne has provided corrected info – thanks KarinAnne!

( MALTE BREITLOW, JR., born August 27, 1980

( MARILYN TODD AUSTIN born December 3, 1952 Katonah NY; married October 12, 1980 Robert Blacker and born to them was:

( ROBERT BLACKER, JR., born January 26, 1982

( MARILYN TODD AUSTIN born December 3, 1952 **

( ALVAH REYNOLDS unmarried

( ROSE REYNOLDS unmarried 1923

( EDWIN REYNOLDS married Miriam Gick

( HARRISON F. REYNOLDS (1892-) married 1918 Mary A. Knapp and born to them were:



( GEORGE REYNOLDS (Deacon) born December 12, 1798 Goldens Bridge NY and died there December 30, 1884; unmarried

( MARIA REYNOLDS born March 11, 1801 Goldens Bridge NY and died January 3, 1846; married Enoch Reynolds and born to them were:





( ALVAH REYNOLDS published a genealogy of the Reynolds Family in 1916 and is one of the compilers of the John and Sarah Reynolds of Watertown genealogy (Pub. 1924)



( BENJAMIN REYNOLDS born August 19, 1803 Goldens Bridge NY and died January 8, 1891; married Mary Varian and they lived in New York City; and born to them was:


( JARED REYNOLDS born c1756 Lower Salem, Westchester, NY; married March 3, 1789 at Church of Christ, Salem NY, Huldah Cross; and born to them was:

( JARED L. REYNOLDS, JR., born July 4, 1802 Cross River NY and died December 29, 1852; married Jane Worden born October 15, 1803 and died December 14, 1845 Cross River NY; and born to them was:

( JANE ANNE REYNOLDS born February 16, 1838 Cross River NY and died October 6, 1919 Wellsville MI; her mother died when Jane was 7 and her father when she was 14 leaving her an orphan; nothing is known about her years between the time she was orphaned and she married; married December 24, 1857 Nathan (Kniffen) Ganong; and born to them were several kids, one of which was:

( NEWMAN GANUN (spelling change) married Ella Jones and born to them were 4 kids, one of which was:

( HELEN GANUN (1894-) married Edward Buettner whose parents came from Prussia in Germany. Born to them were:

( EDWARD BUETTNER (1922-) was in business in India and the family moved back to the US in the mid-1960s; and born to him and his wife were 2 daughters and:

( BROOK BUETTNER born in India; lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and 3 kids. Brook is the provider of this updated information – thanks Brook!


( BENJAMIN REYNOLDS born Lower Salem NY, date unk; married May 15, 1782 at the Church of Christ, Salem, Abigail Murphy; a farmer and a Revolutionary War Veteran, who was badly wounded when his right arm was fractured by a musket ball, October 26, 1781 while serving in Captain Lawrence’s Company, Colonel Drake’s Regiment of New York Troops. The 1790 census shows two females and a son under 16.

( FERRIS REYNOLDS born between 1762-66 Lower Salem NY and died March 8, 1838 Bedford, Westchester, NY; married September 7, 1786 at the Church of Christ, Salem, Lydia Avery. [He may have married, second, Lavinia, maiden name unk]; all were buried in Buxton Cemetery, Bedford NY. Ferris is thought to have had a son:

( LEWIS REYNOLDS (1795-1871) married Sarah, last name unk born October 6, 1797 and died February 15, 1861; buried in Buxton Cemetery, Bedford NY

( EZRA REYNOLDS born c1760 and died (1824?) 1854 New York City; a Revolutionary War Veteran serving as a Private in Captain Seeley’s Company of Colonel Drake’s Regiment; also possibly in Captain Delevan’s Company of Dragoons; married June 6, 1780 at the Church of Christ, Salem, Sarah Bush; and born to them was at least one son:


( SAMANTHA REYNOLDS (1763-) married October 15, 1778 A. Bigelow (another source has Samantha born c1772 and died August 1, 1834 Cummington, Hampshire, MA; married c1802 Aaron Bigelow [son of John & Mary] born April 30, 1779 Cummington and died there October 8, 1854); and born to them were:

( SAMUEL BIGELOW born and died July 7, 1803 Cummington, Hampshire, MA

( JANE RUTH BIGELOW born February 6, 1805 Cummington MA and died Wetumpka AL; married Seth P Storrs

( PORTEUS BIGELOW born and died January 31, 1807 Cummington MA

( JOHN REYNOLDS BIGELOW born April 25, 1808 Cummington, Hampshire, MA and died 1888 Washington, D.C.; Civil War Vet; 1880 physican and surgeon; married September 13,1836 at Palmer MA, Eunice Parks born May 20, 1817 Russell MA and died 1880 Washington, D.C.; and born to them were:

( JOHN PARKS BIGELOW born November 14, 1838 Palmer MA; resided London, England

( AARON SYLVESTER BIGELOW died November 26, 1842

( CHARLES EUGENE BIGELOW died March 5, 1848

( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BIGELOW born October 30, 1847 NYC and died May 15, 1910; banker and resided in Washington, D.C., 1880; married September 7, 1869 Manie L Burr [dau of Thomas S & Lizzie R] born c1846 Washington, D.C.; and born to them were:

( FRANK BURR BIGELOW married Flora Miller

( EDWIN HAZZARD BIGELOW bon June 1, 1873

( WILLIAM LINDSEY BIGELOW born February 12, 1875

( ELEANOR E BIGELOW – not listed in all sources

( ROYSTON M BIGELOW born September 27, 1879 Washington, D.C. and died August 19, 1954 San Mateo CA; married December 17, 1902 Jessie Howe [dau of Stephen Girard & Caroline (Kerrick) Howe] born December 30, 1879 Crawfordsville IN and died June 11, 1962 San Francisco CA; and born to them was:

( ROYSTON HOWE BIGELOW born July 17, 1905 Chicago IL and died October 1, 1981 Pebble Beach CA; married December 27, 1929 Florence Cicilia Bloom; offspring

( CHARLES A BIGELOW born September 10, 1882 and died October 24, 1960 San Franciso CA – not listed in all sources

( WILLIAM BIGELOW born 1850 NYC and died in infancy

( GEORGE STORRS BIGELOW born March 30, 1852 NYC; 1880 government clerk in Washington, D. C; married February 6, 1873 Kate Towers; resided Chicago IL

( BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BIGELOW born October 16, 1811 Cummington MA; resided in Alabama; unmarried

( CLARISSA ANN BIGELOW born February 17, 1814 Cummington MA; resided in Alabama; married James Trimble

( UNNAMED DAUGHTER REYNOLDS born c1765 and married possibly a Mead

( UNNAMED DAUGHTER REYNOLDS born c1766/67; lived with her brother Nathaniel and walked to Long Island with his wife, when he was imprisoned during the Revolution

( DEBORAH FERRIS (8RLL-Q0) born (May 7) April 14, 1728/30 Greenwich. [Chaplain Ferris has a note that either Sarah or Deborah probably married Benjamin Clapp – don’t think it was Sarah based on above info, so could have been Deborah.]

( REUBEN FERRIS (AFN: 8RLL-R5) born c1732 New York and died October 1, 1804 Morristown (near Elizabethtown) NJ; Sergeant, 8th Company, 4th Regiment, 1755; First Lieutenant, 5th Company, 4th Regiment, 1756; First Lieutenant, 6th Company, 1st Regiment, 1757 under Captain David Waterbury; and he served as a Lieutenant Colonel, 7th Regiment, New York Troops, in the Revolutionary War and was called Colonel Ferris thereafter. There was a Captain Reuben Ferris who had a company of Rangers at No. 4, 1757-58 – not sure if this is the same guy. Reuben married before 1760 Sarah Strong (AFN: 8RLM-B2) [daughter of Rev. Benjamin Strong who was Pastor of Stan­wich Congregational Church 1735‑1767]; resided in Greenwich until at least 1774 when they were listed as members of the Second Congregational there, but removed to Frederickstown, then part of Dutchess Co NY by 1777, when he was on the tax list; a farmer; bought 140 acres in Philipse Long Lot (No. 6) on the east side of the Lot, and running west to Mill river 140 acres, being the north part of the part on which Reuben lived 1791, from Mrs. Margaret Ogilvie. On June 27, 1796, he sold 140 acres in Phillips Long Lot, Dutchess County to Solomon Fowler, and it was probably about this time that he moved to New Jersey, where he died near Elizabethtown as the result of being thrown from a horse. He died intestate. Born to them were (may be more) (sequence not according to birth):

( ANDREW FERRIS (Deacon) born June 11/15/19, 1769 (2d born) and died June 15, 1837; buried in Baptist Churchyard, Carmel NY; married 1st Nancy {maiden name unk} who died 1797 at age 20y and was buried in the old Gilead burying ground; a year later, on June 18, 1798, he married 2d Anna (Avor) (Aner?) Kniffen (1775-1837) [dau of Captain Samuel Kniffen]; Andrew was a Justice of the Peace for many years and a staunch Baptist; at one time they resided at Southeast, Putnam Co NY; and born to Andrew and Anna were:

( NANCY FERRIS born January 30, 1799; married Solomon Mead (; they resided in Spencertown NY

( LOUISA (LOUISE) FERRIS born August 18, 1801 Patterson, Putnam, NY and died September 20, 1881 Carmel (Brewster) NY; married April 29, 1820 Coles Bloomer [son of Robert & Susannah (Angevine) Bloomer] born March 2, 1795 North Salem NY and died November 27, 1854 Binghamton, Broome, NY; buried Spring Forest Cemetery, Binghamton. Coles was commissioned Captain in the 61st Regiment of Infantry, November 19, 1825 with rank from June 30, 1825. They moved 1838 from Kent, Putnam Co to Binghamton arriving February 11, 1838. “Coles Bloomer was always called ‘Old Captain Bloomer’. He was a good looking man, had snow white hair and was the largest person in seven counties” A family history has it that Coles won a New York lottery, took the money and with his family started West. He traveled as far as Broome County and stayed there. Born to them were:

( JAMES FERRIS BLOOMER born June 22, 1821 presumably Putnam Co and died April 19, 1900 Binghamton; lawyer?; married 1st August 24, 1843 Mary Elizabeth Tyler and 2d 1881 Elizabeth Richards; and born to James and Mary was (and possibly more):

( ROBERT FRANK BLOOMER (1844‑1913) married 1876 Lue Leland (1853-) [dau of Robert Porter Leland]; and born to Robert and Lue were:


( MARY LELAND BLOOMER born San Francisco CA; married October 7, 1914 Howard Stelle Fitz Ran­dolph; they resided Bronxville NY


( HELENE ALVA BLOOMER married Adolph Ryder Dyer and born to them (may be more) was:

( CAROL RYDER DYER born January 12, 1924

( ROBERT BLOOMER born May 1, 1823 and died November 15, 1844 (1849); unmarried

( ELIZA ANN BLOOMER born October 18, 1824 and died December 15, 1858; married January 29, 1845 Solomon Aldridge; Eliza was of Union, when she married

( ALVA B. BLOOMER born April 18, 1827 and died November 24, 1891; married July 13, 1861 Julia Munsell; wholesale and dry goods merchant, Binghamton

( ELIJAH FOWLER BLOOMER born June 29, 1829 and died June 8, 1890; lawyer?; married March 1, 1853 Susan Emmeline Tyler

( ERASTUS ROOT BLOOMER born January 14, 1831 and died June 19, 1917; married October 5, 1864 Ann Houston

( JOHN WARREN BLOOMER born August 18, 1833 and died May 26, 1857; unmarried

( HELEN AUGUSTA BLOOMER born March 25, 1836 and died January 24, 1906; married May 25, 1856 Charles S. Mills of Newark NJ; Helen was ‘of Binghamton’ when she married

( HARRIET OPHELIA BLOOMER born June 1, 1838 and died October 12, 1873; married September 21, 1857 Lorenzo D. Platt (Latt) of NYC; Harriet of ‘of Binghamton’ when she married

( EDWARD MONTAGUE BLOOMER born November 27, 1841 and died July 1, 1917; married, Belle {maiden name unk} (Nevada M. Clark); served in Company G, 89th NYVI, Civil War; for Civil War history buffs: The Honorable Daniel S. Dickinson, the former Senator from the State of New York received authority on August 29th, 1861 to raise a regiment of infantry. This Regiment was organized under Col. Harrison Stiles Fairchild. The Regiment was raised in central New York, from Broome, Delaware, Livingston, Monroe, and Schuyler counties. The companies were recruited principally as follows: A, at Havana; B and H at Binghamton; C, at Mount Morris; D, at Rochester; E, at Norwich and Oxford: F, at Whitney Point; G, at Windsor; I, at Delhi; and K, at

Corbettsville. The 89th formally joined together at Elmira late in November, where they lived in barracks and where they were mustered into the service of the United States on Dec. 4th, 5th, and 6th of that 1861. The 89th, now formed and mustered, left promptly for Washington on Dec. 6, 1861. They became known as the Dickinson Guard. They traveled through Pennsylvania on two separate trains. One train was involved in an accident, but apparently without significant injury. Arriving in the vicinity of the Washington outskirts, the 89th was assigned to the Army of the Potomac in the defense of Washington. Those early days were spent establishing their camp, drilling in military fashion, and getting familiar with their weapons. They were issued muskets, not the hoped-for rifles. Most of the men had the opportunity to visit the nation’s capital and many had photographs taken to send to love ones. Disease, boredom and homesickness not war, were the problems the men faced at this juncture. The men were anxious to have news of the war and even more so to have news from home. Mail call and mustering for pay were the most longed-for events, and the only other thing coming close was hoping for or dreaming about a furlough. For the 89th, the first camp out of New York, which they called Camp Clay, was not to be home for long. They were soon to leave for further south. The 89th was assigned in January 1862 to Burnside’s Expedition to North Carolina. They traveled by transport from Virginia into the Atlantic to North Carolina. The journey took many of the New Yorkers on their first ocean voyages. They were nearly four weeks aboard ship, including time lying in harbor. They first were encamped near Hattaras Inlet, but late in February were ordered to move to Roanoke Island. There they established a rather comfortable camp that they called Camp Dickinson. From this base, they landed on the mainland and were engaged at the Battle of South Mills, North Carolina on April 19th. In this action there were 4 men wounded and 2 missing. After long marching in the spring conditions, including showers and a drizzling rain on their return, they arrived back in their camp feeling they were part of a victory. They remained at Camp Dickinson until July 10th when they left for Norfolk, Virginia, arriving on the 12th. This was after McClellan’s failed 1862 Peninsular Campaign, and the Union armies were left consolidating their strongholds near the coast. By mid August they were on the move again. The 89th, still part of the Ninth Corps moved to northern Virginia, and encamped near Fredericksburgh. Unknown to them, they were approaching the time of their most severe fighting. This was about the time that Lee was planning his first major invasion of the North. Lee’s army crossed the Potomac into Maryland in September, but readers may recall that his movements were known through the fortuitous find of the orders of movement. The 89th was among the units at the Battle of South Mountain. Here they attacked the invading Rebel Army. They had 2 killed and 18 wounded that September 14th, 1862. As the Union army followed slowly after the retreating Rebels, the 89th was along. Lee arranged his army near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and the Battle of Antietam there on September 17th resulted when McClellan finally attacked the confederate positions. This battle has the painful distinction of resulting in more American deaths and woundings in one day than ever had before or since occurred. The 89th was in the last assault of the day, and as all of the others had, it failed in the end. The 89th had losses of 18 killed, 77 wounded, and 8 missing. The following day, McClellan failed to press, Lee retreated, and the Maryland campaign was over. The 89th stayed in the vicinity, and camped near Harper’s Ferry, Maryland, recovered when the rebels retreated back to Virginia. In November, General Burnside replaced General McClellan, and the 89th, which had now been under the command of Burnside since January, found themselves moving with the Army of the Potomac into northern Virginia. By the end of November they were in the vicinity of Fredericksburgh, Virginia. There on December 13, 1863, a great battle was fought. The 89th was arrayed in the Third Division (General Getty), First Brigade (Col. Rush Hawkins), and was held mainly in reserve, but a seldom-discussed event occurred on Dec. 11th involving 100 men from the 89th, one of the many heroic efforts nearly lost in history. This part in the history of the 89th will be mentioned separately below. The Battle of Fredericksburgh largely fought on the 13th, but straggling in to the 15th of December produced frightful loss for the Union Army. In all, about 12,000 Union soldiers fell that day, about 9,000 of them attacking "the wall" at Marye’s Heights. The 89th had losses of 4 killed (two of these dying later from wounds), 25 wounded and 1 missing. General Burnside’s only major battle was a disaster in the eyes of historians. The Army of the Potomac could muster no further serious action that winter. Burnside was disgraced and replaced. In February of 1863, the 89th left northern Virginia and moved to the vicinity of Newport News, Virginia. They were out of tents again, this time in log barracks. They were in this area until moved against Suffolk, Virginia in March. Officially, the Siege of Suffolk took place April 11 through May 4, 1863, and the 89th was involved in many aspects of this action. This included the capture of a rather large battery, known as Battery Hugar on April 19th, and a successful attack on confederate positions on May 3rd at the Providence Church Road. In the siege, the 89th had 3 killed and 10 wounded. In June, the troops were on the move again, this time to a camp near Norfolk, Virginia. From here, they were part of the 1863 peninsular movements, mindful of the defeats in the same regions the year before. By late July there was talk of the drafted men coming to fill the depleted ranks, and camp life was again routine, then suddenly on July 31st, they found themselves on board ship again, this time in the Adalaide, and ended in Charleston Harbor region. From their base on Folly Island, the unit was involved in the support of the various actions against the installations in Charleston Harbor, including Battery Wagner and the recapture of Fort Sumpter. They were in the region until later April of 1864 when they were moved back to Virginia. The movement back to Virginia landed the 89th on the southeast peninsula again. They joined the Siege of Petersburg. Between May 5th and the fall of 1864, when most of the Regiment was mustered out, there was the construction of works and there were long stretches in the rifle pits with bullets flying overhead constantly. Artillery duels abounded, and this trench warfare presaged the later ones of WW I in Europe. One soldier of the 89th wrote in July of that 1864, "I do not know what to write. It is the same here one day and samer the next. All the difference I can see is I washed my shirt yesterday and write a letter today and tomorrow I can stick my fingers in my mouth and wait for it to come night. I hear the roar of cannon the crack of rifles and the whiz of ball every day till it has become like the roar of a dam to a miller. I do not know that it is going on only noticing it if it stops for a while." During this time, the 89th 6 wounded, of whom one died. They also were involved in the Battle of Cold Harbor in June of 1864, where they suffered 3 deaths, 15 men wounded, two of whom later died, and an additional 2 missing. By August, many of the men considered their three years to be up, and were itching to get to their long missed homes. Mustering out was delayed until November for most of the original three-year men. Muster records indicate that few of the men reenlisted despite the offer of a bounty for doing so. In Company I for instance only seven of the company re-upped. The Regiment officially although the character was much changed by the loss of the hardy veterans, continued in the service in Virginia. They were present at the final assault on Petersburg, and took part in the Appomattox Campaign in April of 1865. They were apparently present at the Appomattox Courthouse on April 9th when Lee surrendered to Grant. The unit was officially mustered out of service at Richmond, Virginia on August 3, 1865, bringing to an end almost four years of toil and death for these New Yorkers in the defense of their country. Theirs was a small part in the whole aspect of the war, but for these participants of the Eighty-Ninth New York Volunteer Infantry represented some of the most profound experiences of their lives. In the aggregate, the unit losses were as follows: Killed in action: 4 officers and 49 enlisted men. Died from wounds: 2 officers and 52 enlisted men. Died of disease and accident: 1 officer and 158 enlisted men. Of those who died, 13 were in the hands of the enemy at the time of death.

Crossing the Rappahannock – December 11, 1862. The Army of the Potomac, under the command of General Ambrose Burnsides was north of the Rappahannock River, with Lee’s army occupying the town and the heights just south of town. Rebel sharpshooters and artillery were arrayed to prevent the federals from crossing the river. Gen. Burnside planned to send his army across on three pontoon bridges, but laying the bridges was a formidable task for the engineers. Early on the morning of the 11th, Col. Fairchild received an order from Gen. Burnside to detail four officers and one hundred of his men to cross the river in boats, dislodge the rebels, and secure the area for the safety of the bridge construction. The four officers were: Captain Frank Burt of Company K, Captain James Hazley of Company B, Captain Seymour Judd of Company G and First Lieutenant Wellington Lewis of Company H. The men gallantly crossed the river in boats under covering fire of rifle and cannon, but facing the entrenched rebels on the southern shore. They succeeded in getting across, leaped out of their boats, and in short order captured the houses used by the sharpshooters. They captured 60 confederate soldiers and four officers in their raid. They secured the southern shore, allowing the bridge to be safely completed, and were among the earliest men occupying the town of Fredericksburgh. In the official reports, the action was highly commended. The report of General Wilcox, commanding the Ninth Corps, to which the 89th was attached, closed with the statement that the list of the 100 men involved was attached, but the attachment list has apparently never been found. A compilation was reconstructed after the war, but was never verified. Many of those who took part recalled later that Gen. Burnside promised medals to all who took part, and it is known that on the evening of Jan. 2, 1863, a letter was read to the Regiment from President Lincoln praising the conduct of the men, further fueling the talk of medals. There were, however, never any medals for these heroes.

( HENRIETTE BLOOMER born March 31, 1843 and died October 22, 1878; married October (November) 30, 1864 James P. Bigler – both of Binghamton

( MARY LOUISE BLOOMER born September 11, 1846 and died October 10, 1924 Brewster NY; married June 5, 1873 Coles Bloomer Fowler of Dykeans NY; Mary was ‘of Binghamton’ when she married

( ELIZA ANN FERRIS born May 2, 1800 Patterson, Putnam, NY and died November 4, 1838 Lake Owasco NY; buried there; married November 19, 1819 in Westchester Co NY, Alvin Fuller

( ANGELINE FERRIS born March 21, 1803 and died February 17, 1851; buried Baptist Churchyard, Carmel, Putnam, NY; unmarried

( LAURA FERRIS (Laurette) born September 27, 1804 and died March 27, 1851 Carmel , Putnam, NY; buried Baptist Churchyard, Carmel; unmarried

( ALVA FERRIS born November 7, 1806 and was killed by lightning August 9, 1825 Carmel NY; buried there Baptist Churchyard

( JANE FERRIS born June 24, 1808; married James Flower and they resided in Danbury CT

( AMANDA FERRIS born June 2, 1810 Carmel NY and died December 29, 1898 Cleveland OH; married 1st as his second wife, August 31, 1840 David Cole [son of Elisha & Rebecca Townsend (Hopkins) Cole] born December 5, 1808 and died July 9, 1844 Steuben OH; married 2d A Whitman. Born to Amanda and David were:

( EMILY COLE born May 1842 and died November 14, 1843

( DAVID ELLIOTT COLE born April 16, 1844; married Mary Rogers [dau of Thomas S & Margaret W (Ash) Rogers] born December 26, 1847 Harlem NY; and born to them was:

( MARY CONSTANCE COLE born July 7, 1871 and died May 5, 1904 Cleveland OH; married July 7, 1895 Jay Nellis Murray [son of Robert Maynard & Alice (Gray) Murray] born March 19, 1872 Painsville OH and they had a child

( SARAH ANN FERRIS born February 22, 1812 and died 1909; married 1838 Joseph Brundage Slote (1811-1884); both buried Vale Cemetery, Schenectady NY. Born to them were:

( ORIANA SLOTE (1840-)


( JOSEPHINE SLOTE born October 17, 1844 NYC; married Charles Hammer (c1840-) and born to them were:


( CARL HAMMER born July 13, 1877 Schenectady NY

( ERNST HAMMER born February 2, 1884 Schenectady NY

( GEORGE BENEDICT SLOTE born June 27, 1847 NY and died October 7, 1881 NY; married in NY, April 10, 1869 Joanna Hope Scott born December 31, 1848 in Scotland and died 1937; and born to them were:

( GEORGINA HOPE SLOT born May 1871 New York City and died May 8, 1950 Waltham MA; never married

( SARAH BEATRICE SLOT born September 1837 New York City and died August 17, 1954 Newtonville MA; her DAR# is 161167; never married

( JOAN MAUDE SLOTE born March 4, 1876 New York City and died September 28, 1967 Newtonville MA; married November 25, 1899 in MI, Winfield S. Smyth and they had 3 kids. A granddaughter, Joan Fraser, has graciously provided this updated info. Thanks, Joan.

( SAMUEL KNIFFEN FERRIS born October 17, 1813 Carmel NY and died there July 5, 1890; married 1st November 4, 1841 Mary Esther St. John [dau of Darius and Harriet (Comstock) St. John] born April 16, 1820 and died December 11, 1858; and 2d D. J. Knapp. Note: The St. John Genealogy has Mary Esther as the dau of William & Sally (Saunders) St. John. According to the history of Putnam Co NY, a Samuel Ferris, grandson of Reuben lived on the farm and homestead of Reuben Ferris on the north side of the road which runs to Drewville from the highway leading from Carmel to Croton Falls; this tract is in the town of Carmel, and is bounded by the original line between Lots 6 and 9. Interesting to note that it is said that Reuben sold the 140-acres to Solomon Fowler – is this in error or did Samuel buy the land? Born to Samuel and Mary was:

( WILLIAM ANDREW FERRIS born May 8, 1845 Carmel NY and living in Brewster NY 1903; married 1st November 28, 1867 Julia Frances Pinkney [dau of Israel and Anna (Baldwin) Pinckney] born November 24, 1844 and died April 25, 1884; and 2d June 15, 1859 Jenny M. Field [dau of Isaac and Martha (Knapp) Field] born March 4, 1866; and born to the first marriage was:


( BENJAMIN STRONG FERRIS (AFN: L18R-7V) (3d born) born c1771 and died after 1850 Ulysses Township, Seneca Co NY; married January 21, 1797 Hannah Levina Pelton [dau of Benjamin & Jane (Griffiths) Pelton] born November 12, 1780 and died October 8, 1880; he bought land 1801 Ovid NY which he sold in 1807; various deeds show he owned land in the towns of Hector and Scipio as well as Ovid, and he was in Ulysses at the time of the 1830 census; at one time he resided near Cayuga Lake NY; and born to them were:

( CHARLES FRANKLIN FERRIS [Ms. Scofield nor Chaplain Ferris lists Charles] who married Rebecca Turner Otto and born to them was (may be more) (birth sequence is unknown):

( HARRIETT ELIZA FERRIS born Farmers Valley PA and married as his 2d wife, George Addison Sisley [son of John]; her DAR# is 53410

( JUSTINA AGUSTA FERRIS born McKean Co PA and married John R. Droney; her DAR# is 53406

( GEORGE OTTO FERRIS married Jennie Ann Bisett and born to them was (may be more):

( JENNIE VICTORIA FERRIS born McKean Co PA; her DAR# is 53407

( ASAPH FERRIS transferred land to Lufanna Feris (Ferris), both being of Ulysses as of May 6, 1853

( CAROLINE FERRIS (Caroline C.?) born October 10, 1807 Ithaca, Topkins, NY and died November 3, 1895; married August 16, 1827 in the township of Spencer NY George W. Pelton [son of Richard Walcott & Jane (McDowell) Pelton] born December 22, 1804 Ithaca NY and died August 12, 1878 Farmer’s Valley; they moved to Farmer’s Valley, McKean Co PA 1831; he was a good man and brought up his children to obey the Golden Rule. In his early days at Farmer’s Valley he bought and sold large quantities of fur. In later years was engaged in the lumber business, and in looking up and selecting timberlands for speculation. He also did much work as land surveyor. From his obit: Mr. Pelton was one of the first settlers of McKean County, coming here when there was only a bridle path to Warren and Ridgeway and through Potter county to Wellsboro. He at one time, probably fifty years ago, sold goods in Smithport. He lived to see the county he chose for his home when a howling wilderness, transformed to a commercial emporium and become a network of railways, draining a most productive oil field. His probity of morals and integrity won for him the friendship and esteem of all who knew him, whose sympathies now go forth to and remain with his widow and relatives in this their time of bereavement. Born to them were:

( HENRIETTA MESTARE PELTON born May 3, 1828 Trumansburgh, Tompkins, NY and died October 16, 1862; married October 13, 1853 at Farmer’s Valley, McKean Co PA John Boyland [son of Daniel, of Elmira NY]

( JANE LAVINIA PELTON born June 2, 1830 Farmer’s Valley PA; married September 20, 1855 Farmer’s Valley, James H. Boyland [son of Daniel, – brother to John, above]; 1890 lived at Coleville, McKean, PA

( RICHARD WALCOTT PELTON born April 16, 1832; married July 10, 1853 Maria Burton

( WILLIAM LAWRENCE PELTON born June 10, 1834 and died September 1883; married June 14, 1859 Alziana F Griswold

( EMMA BEERS PELTON born June 22, 1837 Ridgeway, Elk, PA and died September 10, 1912 Coleville, McKean, PA; married January 22, 1869 at Sierra Ville CA, George Wallace of St. Louis MO; 1890 resided at Farmer’s Valley PA. Maybe this was her 2d marriage; another source has her marrying John Herzog born c1819 in Germany and born to them was a George Herzog

( JOHN MCDOWELL PELTON (John A. McDowell Pelton) born February 7, 1839 Farmer’s Valley PA; enlisted in Company H, 58th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, serving with honor until the latter part of 1863, when he was mustered out so that he could be mustered in again as Second Lieutenant of his company. As the company had not enough men to entitle it to two lieutenants, he was ordered home as a recruiting officer, until the company could be filled up. In 1864, Captain Cowles having been authorized to raise a company, Mr. Pelton was the first to enlist in it, and on its organization received a commission as the Second Lieutenant. He served with honor until on the death of his first lieutenant, he was promoted to the First Lieutenancy, after which he led h is company in all the in which it was engaged, until in his last battle on the heights of Petersburg VA, April 2, 1865, where he fell, at about 11 a.m., wounded in the right shoulder by a case-shot; taken that night 30 miles in an ambulance to the hospital at City Point, he here died April 14, 1865. His body reached home at Farmer’s Valley PA, April 23d, and was buried there in Fairmount Cemetery, April 26th, much regretted by all, a good soldier and a noble man.

( MARTHA LOUISE PELTON born May 18, 1841 Farmer’s Valley PA; married June 16, 1868 at Port Allegany PA, J. L. Stanton [son of Judge Stanton, of Kingwood PA] – in 1890 resided at Mount Jewett PA

( JULIA ANNA PELTON born 1843 Farmer’s Valley -resided there 1890

( EDMUND GENET PELTON born January 12, 1845 Farmer’s Valley PA; married April 1, 1880 at Farmer’s Valley, Mary A. Schoenman; a farmer; enlisted October 7, 1861 under Captain A. H. Cory, Company I., 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers, went to Huntington and Harrisburg, and thence to Philadelphia PA, where his regiment was consolidated with the 58th Pennsylvania Volunteers, becoming Company H of that Regiment. In the spring of 1862, the regiment was ordered to Fortress Monroe VA under General Wool, arriving there the day after the naval battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac. Next, after this, they took Norfolk VA, and thence went to Suffolk VA; then into General Peel’s command of the Army of the Potomac, to join General Foster’s 1st Brigade, 3d Division, 18th Army Corps, at Newbern NC, losing their colonel in their last battle there; thence to Washington. D.C., whence in March, 1864, the rebels drove them; thence up the coast in boats to Yorktown VA, and up James River to Bermuda Hundred, there joining General Butler’s forces, where in the attack on Fort Darling, they were badly repulsed. From here the 18th Corps was sent to General Grant, and with his army fought the battle of Cold Harbor, after which they returned to Petersburg. Having, while in Washington, D.C., re-enlisted for three years, he, June 26th, was taken out of the front at Petersburg and sent home with his company on furlough, returning to Bermuda Hundred VA in August 1864. Taken sick, he was sent to the US Hospital at Fortress Monroe VA, where he remained until he was honorably discharged, September 14, 1865, and thence returned to his home in Farmer’s Valley. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM EDMUND PELTON born April 2, 1881 Farmer’s Valley PA

( CAROLINE ANNA PELTON born April 17, 1882 Farmer’s Valley PA

( CATHERINE JANE PELTON (Kate) born March 3, 1885 Farmer’s Valley PA

( CHARLES WALTER PELTON born October 19, 1887 Farmer’s Valley PA

( JOHN MCDOWELL PELTON born April 6, 1889 Farmer’s Valley PA

( HELEN CAROLINE PELTON born December 9, 1847 Farmer’s Valley PA and died August 4, 1874 Plumnas CA; married June 2, 1872 at Reno NV, George Wilson of Quincy IL – one child

( GEORGE MADISON PELTON born February 9, 1849 Farmer’s Valley, McKean Co PA and died November 23, 1930; 1891 resided at Belmont, Allegany Co NY; a farmer; married May 31, 1876 at Chagrin Falls OH, Ella B. Bartlett [dau of D.B., of Chagrin Falls]; and born to them were:

( BLANCHE MARIAN PELTON born March 13, 1877 and died April 1, 1881

( ALICE ELNASA PELTON born September 9, 1880

( BENJAMIN FERRIS PELTON born July 15, 1851 Farmer’s Valley PA – was residing there in 1891; married 1st July 8, 1874 at Erie PA, Olive Alford [dau of Oliver, of Chapinville PA]; married 2d c1891-1892 Sarah Emeline Austin [dau of Edward O. & Amelia, of Austin, Potter County PA]. Born to Benjamin and presumably Olive, were:

( MAY EMMA PELTON born April 14, 1875 and died in May 1878

( EVA MARIAN PELTON born April 3, 1879

( VERA MAY PELTON born January 10, 1889

( INFANT SON born October 10, 1890 and died October 12, 1890

Born to Benjamin and his 2d wife, Sarah, were:

( LAURA AMELIA PELTON born c1892 and died January 29, 1935; married c1910 Laroy Betram Davis [son of Charles & Marietta (Stark) Davis] born April 28, 1882 and died November 9, 1959; both buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Smethport, McKean, PA; and born to them were:

( MARGARET ALIDA DAVIS born January 9, 1913; married 1st, name unk; 2d July 15, 1945 Wallace Creasy; married 3d May 9, 1961 Edward Robishaw

( ELAINE DAVIS born June 5, 1914 and died March 2, 1989 Smethport, McKean, PA; buried there Rose Hill Cemetery. She was born Violet Elaine Davis and changed her name on marriage; married June 15, 1933 Robert King Palmer [son of Willett Sheridan & Orra Hamlin (King) Palmer] born November 4, 1907 and died September 9, 1965 Shinglehouse PA; and they had 1 child


( JEAN MAXINE DAVIS born October 27, 1919; married November 10, 1939 Max Loy and they had 3 kids



( VERA MAY PELTON born January 10, 1889 Sylvania PA; married Charles Lyman Davis and born to them were:



( DONALD TREFIELD DAVIS born July 27, 1909 Mt. Jewell PA and died May 22, 1975 Reading CA; married Cornelia Fraser Smoot born June 19, 1910 Alexandria VA and died December 9, 1983 Colonial Beach VA; and born to them were 4 kids





( RICHARD P. FERRIS born 1814 and died 1870 Southport NY; age 36 living at home in the 1850 census; a boatman; married Charlotte {maiden name unk} and born to them, at least, were:



( HARRIET FERRIS was age 33y in the 1850 census

( LUFERNA FERRIS (Lufanna) was age 31y in the 1850 census

( EZRA FERRIS (Rev.) (1st born) born September 1, 1760 Greenwich CT and died November 5, 1833 Wyoming village, town of Middleburg, Genesee Co (now part of Wyoming County) NY; 1776 while living in Frederickstown, he enlisted for service in the Revolution, on which both he and his wife drew pensions. In his pension application, he stated that after the War he lived one year in Hillsdale, Columbia Co, then about eight years in Nassau, another eight years in Half Moon and fifteen years in Milton, Saratoga Co NY before going to Middleburg, where he died and was buried. As of 1832 he had been a ranting Methodist minister for about 30 years; at one time lived near Ballstown Spring NY; married October 29, 1779 at Frederickstown NY, Charity Firman born December 25, 1761 and died July 14, 1841; and born to them were:

( ARCHIBALD FERRIS born September 10, 1780 and died April 30, 1801 Morristown NJ; married May 10, 1800 at Morristown, Sally Mills [dau of Edward & Phoebe (Byram) Mills] born c1780 and died April 13, 1841 at age 61; after Archibald’s early death, Sally resided with her father, Edward. Born to them was:

( PHEBE FERRIS born September 27, 1801 [7 months after her father’s death] and died October 26, 1806

( RACHEL FERRIS born May 31, 1782; married a Mr. Hubbard and moved to Ohio

( ELIZABETH (BETSY) FERRIS born July 23, 1784

( PHEBE FERRIS born March 18, 1786; married Stephen Seaman

( REUBEN FERRIS born March 20, 1788 and died June 23, 1856 purportedly in Saratoga Springs NY, although buried in Wyoming NY, where his family resided; a merchant in Troy NY; married December 25, 1816 at Albany NY, Julia Redfield born February 25, 1796 Killingworth CT and died June 9, 1851; and born to them were:

( ANN JENETT FERRIS born 1807 and died April 22, 1836

( NANCY E. FERRIS born 1823 and died February 25, 1846 at age 22y 5m

( SARAH FERRIS born 1829 and died January 12, 1831

( HENRY C. FERRIS born c1841 and died December 25, 1861 at age 19

( SARAH FERRIS born April 9, 1790 and 1839 resided Ballston Spa NY; unmarried

( DEBORAH FERRIS born March 23, 1792; married a Mr. Fox

( JAMES C. FERRIS (James Covel or James Charles) (Photos) born March 14, 1794 Rensselaer Co NY and died January 13, 1872 Minneapolis MN; buried Warsaw NY; moved to Wyoming 1821 and established himself in the mercantile business. His was, it is believed, the second store kept in that place, and the first, which comprised a stock adequate to the wants of the people of that village and vicinity. After a large and prosperous trade there for nearly 34 years, he moved to Warsaw, in 1855, and became proprietor of the grist-mill in the village. He was for some time a partner in the Drug business in Warsaw; also the Dry Goods business. He was elected President of the Wyoming County Agricultural Society in 1843; 1866 (at the age 72!) James sold his dry goods store and gristmill in Warsaw and removed to Minneapolis, but he returned to Buffalo 1867 and 1868 returned to Warsaw where he purchased a residence on Buffalo Street; held for several years the office of Supervisor of the town of Middlebury; 1843 appointed Associate Judge of the County Court; married March 5, 1815/1818 at Albany NY, Alida Wyncoop (1801-1893) and born to them were:

( JAMES W. FERRIS married Emily Stoddard; resided Wyoming NY and had seven children

( ELIZABETH FERRIS died young November 7, 1822

( ANDREW J. FERRIS born 1824 and died November 3, 1849 Wyoming NY age 26y 7m; unmarried

( CHARLES EDWARD FERRIS (Photos) born August 27, 1826 Wyoming Co NY and died July 4, 1908 Los Angeles CA; married 1st Matilda Jane McNulty, of Elmira, born c1828 and died January 10, 1861; and 2d November 25, 1873 Helen Mary Folsom born November 28, 1851 Attica NY and died June 10, 1942 Pasadena CA; resided Attica until c1880-81 when he and Helen moved to Omaha NE, then 1886-87 on to southern California; following Charles’ death, Helen remarried; and born to Charles and Matilda were:


( FRED FERRIS born January 30, 1852 and died August 30, 1852

( MATILDA M. FERRIS born June 1860

Born to Charles and his second wife, Helen, were:

( JAMES CHARLES FERRIS (Photo) born 1874 Attica NY and died 1964 Los Angeles CA; married Beulah Adair George (1882-196-) and born to them were:

( CARL LORRAINE FERRIS (1904-1925) married Ruth Rebecah Relph (1904-196-) and born to them was:

( CHARLES RELPH FERRIS (1924-) married Ellen Marie Fallon (1926-). Charles is the provider of the updated information on this “twig” and has provided financial support to the Ferris Tree thanks, Chuck!; reside Merced CA; and born to them were:

( KATHLEEN MARIE FERRIS (1949-) married 1st Patrick Robert Child; 2d Norman Allen Trelatsky; and born to Kathleen and Patrick was:


Born to Kathleen and her 2d husband, Norman, was:

( ADAM ALLEN TRELATSKY (1984-) – provided correct spelling on his and his father’s name – thanks Adam!

( JO ELLEN FERRIS (1956-) married Steven Winder (1957-); and born to them were:




( KENNETH GEORGE FERRIS born July 4, 1909 and died c1948; married Helen Billings and born to them were:

( BARBARA LOUISE FERRIS (c1934-c1990) married Don Smith and born to them were:


( BEVERLY JUNE FERRIS (1936-) married 1st David Tarby, and 2d George Bryden; offspring from both marriages

( BENJAMIN FOLSOM FERRIS (Photo) born May 1877 Attica NY; married Eleanor Luby (1877-); and born to them was:

( FOLSOM FERRIS (1911-) (Photo) married 1935 Waldemar Wendt; and they adopted:

( PETER WENDT (c1939-)

( CLARA LOUISE FERRIS (Photos) born January 17, 1879 Attica NY and died December 2, 1963 Pasadena CA; married Jesse Oliver Smith born June 17, 1872 and died July 25, 1944; he was a prominent Los Angeles furniture dealer (1903) (Birch-Smith Furniture Co); and born to them were:

( FERRIS FOLSOM SMITH born October 24, 1905 Santa Monica CA and died September 4, 1979 Roseville CA; married 1st May 1931 Marian R Williams born October 5, 1909 and died September 15, 1967; married 2d 1972 Millie {maiden name unk}; and born to him and Marian was:

( TIMOTHY JON SMITH born May 21, 1934 Glendale CA; married 1976 Gilda Ann Armann; and born to them were:

( KYLE KEY SMITH born March 30, 1977

( MACKENZIE MARIE SMITH born January 3, 1980

( HUNTER FERRIS SMITH born July 5, 1981

( GRAEME CONLEE SMITH born April 6, 1909 Los Angeles CA and died April 6, 1997 Vista CA after a long career as a Congregational minister; married September 5, 1933 in Sierra Madre CA, Margaret Edith Moote born January 17, 1910 and died August 5, 1993; and born to them were:

( ROBERT BRUCE SMITH (Photo) born July 8, 1937 Philadelphia PA; spent his career as an university professor and executive; married August 21, 1959 in Phoenix AZ, Eileen Adele Petznick born November 1, 1937; Bob is the provider of this additional, updated information and the wonderful photographs– thanks Bob!; and born to them were:

( MONICA EILEEN SMITH born January 26, 1964 Las Vegas NV; married September 26, 1992 in Redwood City CA, Curtis Nobu Fukuda born April 11, 1951; and born to them was:

( RICHARD NOBU FUKUDA born December 11, 2001 Mountain View CA

( SARA KATHERINE SMITH born May 10, 1965 Las Vegas NV; married April 3, 1993 in Santa Ana CA, Michael Ray Nelson born August 6, 1961; and born to them were:

( EVAN GRAEME NELSON born January 7, 1997 Fountain Valley CA

( KYLE SCOTT NELSON born July 12, 200* Fountain Valley CA

( DOUGLAS ROBERT SMITH born April 25, 1970 Las Vegas NV; married May 25, 1997 in Redwood City CA, Hayley Frances Green

( DOROTHY PATRICIA SMITH born March 29, 1943 Portland OR; married December 30, 1967 in Vista CA, Arpad Michael Mihaly; and born to them were:

( MATTHEW MIHALY born June 21, 1972 Oshkosh WI

( PETER MIHALY born September 13, 1974 Oshkosh WI and died October 18, 1987 Ripon WI

( RICHARD GRAEME SMITH born March 15, 1945 Portland OR; followed in his father’s footsteps as a minister; married July 25, 1970 in Irving TX, Gail Lynn Poag; and born to them were:

( ANASTASIA GRACE SMITH born May 3, 1975 Ben Lomond CA; married June 20, 1998 in Bettendorf IA, John McAteer

( CHRISTAL LYNN SMITH born September 20, 1977 Davenport IA; married February 24, 2001 in Bettendorf IA, Craig Fendley; and born to them was:

( VALLARIE LYNN FENDLEY born June 30, 2005 Bettendorf IA

( JOSIAH DANIEL SMITH born May 12, 1980 Davenport IA; married April 24, 2004 Shannon Donbroski

( MARGARET ELIZABETH SMITH born January 5, 1954 Escondido CA; pursued a career in speech therapy; married 1st December 29, 1979 in Vista CA, Bogdan Mandzuik; married 2d July 8, 1990 in La Mesa CA, Donald Lee Morgan

( MERRILL ATHERTON SMITH (Photo) born February 1913 Los Angeles CA; finished career in the U.S. Department of Justice as Chief of Federal Probation System; 1999 was shown as Special Advisor to Federal Probabtion, A Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice; other ‘Net references; married September 9, 1937 in Deerfield NJ, Vera Crispin; and born to them were:

( KATHRYN LOUISE SMITH (1942-2002) was headmaster of private schools in California and Minnesota; married Jack Knapp; and born to them were:

( WARREN KNAPP marired Anne {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( GEORGE C KNAPP born February 25, 2004

( JESSE KNAPP married Karina {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( ELIZA KNAPP born May 14, 2004

( CHRISTINE SMITH married Peter Cushing; and born to them was:

( MARC CUSHING married Amanda {maiden name unk}

( BENJAMIN ERIC SMITH (Photo) born March 22, 1915 Los Angeles CA and died July 3, 2003 Carlsbad CA after a productive life as an Army officer, business entrepreneur, author and poet; married January 6, 1956 Donelle Ray Fitzgerald; and born to them was:

( DEIDRE SMITH married April 26, 1980 in Burbank CA, Gregory Martin Glaser; and born to them was:


( BRUCE OLIVER SMITH (Photo) born August 1917 Los Angeles CA; and after military service pursued a teaching career; married March 1944 Andrea Johnson; and born to them was:

( ERIC SMITH (1946-) married Martha Brock and born to them was:


( VIRGINIA SMITH married 1st August 10, 1968 in Monrovia CA, Tom B Talbott; married 2d William Clinton

( NANCY ALLISON SMITH born November 11, 1964; married Vincent Tubiolo; and born to them was:


( JEFF WILSON FERRIS (Photo) born 1882 Omaha NE; married Anne Murray (1891-); and born to them was:

( JEFF M FERRIS (1911-) (Photo) married 1935 Ruth {maiden name unk}; and born to them was:


( ANDREW FERRIS (1913-) (Photo) married with 2 kids

( VERENE FERRIS (1914-) (Photo) married with 4 kids – birth order and surname unk: Almona, Jean, Arthur, and Karen

( HELEN MARY FERRIS (Photo) born May 21, 1886 Omaha NE; married February 12, 1907 Armand Theodore Mercier (1881-) (Photo) [son of Dr. C. S Mercier]; native of New Orleans, educated there in the public schools, Rugby Academy and Tulane U, graduating 1903 as a civil engineer; became a Vice President of Southern Pacific Railroad (1938); and became President of the Southern Pacific Railroad (1942); more info on ‘Net in the 1942 Southern Pacific Bulletin; received honorary Doctor of Laws from Tulane, 1945; and born to them were:

( SIDNEY ARMAND MERCIER born February 20, 1909 and died 1928 Palo Alto CA; unmarried

( HELEN F MERCIER (1913-) married Robert Polhamus and born to them were:



( THEODORA MERCIER born May 7, 1920 Seattle WA; married William Paulman; and born to them were:



( ROBERT D. FERRIS married Justine B. Rathbone, of LeRoy NY; in the hardware business in NY; and born to them were:



( ELIZABETH FERRIS born January 8, 1832 and died January 19, 1862 Minneapolis MN; married Charles M. Tyrrell of Wyoming NY and they moved to Minneapolis MN; and born to them were three kids, one of which was:


( MARTIN V. B. FERRIS born 1834 and died 1916 Spencerport, Monroe, NY; unmarried Note: Also listed in the (1) John line – appears to be conflicting info on this line.

( MARY FERRIS married John I. Black; resided in Minneapolis MN and born to them were:



( THOMAS BLACK died at age 3


( ISABEL FERRIS unmarried; resided Warsaw NY

( ALIDA FERRIS died September 14, 1917 Hennepin Co MN; married 1st October 25, 1866 John Randolph Blodget born March 12, 1829; married 2d 1876 George R. Newell. John was an organist and music teacher; kept a music store in Buffalo NY, where they resided; he died when Louis was a small child and Alida married in 1876 George R. Newell [son of Hiram] of Minneapolis MN, adopted Louis as his own child and giving him his name. George born in Essex County NY July 31, 1845 and moved to Minneapolis 1866; died November 15, 1921 Hennepin Co MN. George took a warm interest in the welfare and development of Minneapolis, an advocate and helper of every good movement. As his business expanded he became connected with other enterprises, holding a place on the board of directors of the St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad and a similar position in the National Grocers’ Association. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH BLODGETT born 1867 and died August 15, 1868

( LOUIS BLODGETT (NEWELL) born January 11, 1871 Chicago IL and died September 5, 1966 Hennepin Co MN; obtained his education in Griswold College, Davenport IA then returned to Minneapolis to enter his step-father’s business in 1889, and in 1921 upon the death of his step-father, became president of the wholesale grocery house of George R. Newell & Company; married June 15, 1898 (1893) Helen Winston (dau of Fednall Gregory & Alice L. (Olmstead) Winston] born July 17, 1877 MN and died April 24, 1968 Hennepin Co MN; and born to them was:

( WINSTON BLODGETT NEWELL married Florence Hendrickson

( JANE FERRIS born February 8, 1796

( RICHARD JACOB FERRIS born August 26, 1798; married Gertrude {last name unk} and they resided Covington NY; died Wisconsin

( JOSEPH FERRIS born May 8, 1800 and died October 17, 1879; buried East Cleveland Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH; resided in LeRoy NY at the time of 1830 census but later moved to Collamer, now East Cleveland OH; married Lucinda {mnu}

( ANNA FERRIS born January 20, 1803 and died the next day

( ANN ELIZA FERRIS born November 27, 1804 and died September 18, 1805

( SARAH FERRIS (4th born) born April 6, 1762 Greenwich and died January 24, 1844 Shelton, Fairfield, CT; married Isaac Drew [son of Gilbert & Sarah (Hunt) Drew] born December 25, 1756 (1757) Cortland, Westchester, NY and died January 11, 1841 (1844 Kent NY), Shelton CT; both buried in the old Upper White Hills Cemetery next to the tiny White Hills Baptist Church on School Street, Shelton CT; the only Rev. War soldier buried there. Isaac enlisted and served a number of separate periods during the Rev. War. They resided in Frederickstown, Dutchess Co NY and Kent NY, but later moved to make their home with Ferris Drew, their son, in the White Hills region. Several of their children were presumably born in Frederickstown. Born to them were:

( HANNAH DREW born September 25, 1783 NY; married a Mr. Armstrong; no offspring

( JAMES DREW born October 29, 1785 NY and died 1873; married Charity Barrett and they had ten children; resided on Barn Hill

( SARAH DREW (Sally) born January 17, 1788 and died at age 102 (1890); married John Barrett and they had twelve children; resided at Peekskill Hollow; 1 child was:

( FANNY BARRETT born November 2, 1821 Carmel NY and died September 4, 1888; married Hiram M Cole [son of John & Mary (Smith) Cole] born June 25, 1811 and died June 5, 1888; both buried Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Carmel NY; and born to them were:

( ANNIE AUGUSTA COLE born November 1840 and died June 6, 1862; married October 26, 1859 as his 2d wife, Bryron E Hazen [son of Ansel & Eliza A (Hopkins) Hazen] born August 14, 1835 and died May 12, 1906 Mt Vernon NY

( CHARLES WILLIAM COLE born June 15, 1845 and died April 15, 1888 Carmel NY; married October 12, 1870 in Altay NY, Emma Frances Barrett [dau of Marcus & Viola (Cole) Barrett] born April 10, 1849 Wayne NY; both buried Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Carmel; and born to them were:

( HOMER E COLE born October 23, 1871 Carmel NY

( GRACE LORENA COLE born February 14, 1875 Carmel NY and died April 26, 1888; buried Old Baptist Church Cemetery, Carmel

( CASSIE BELLE COLE born February 4, 1881; married September 30, 1901 in Penn Yan NY, William Henry Armstrong [son of John & Lucy Ann (Shepard) Armstrong] born February 23, 1882 Milo NY

( RACHEL DREW born April 17, 1790 Putnam Co NY and died May 29, 1881 Jerusalem, Yates, NY; married 1st Rowland Van Scoy and 2d c1818 Lewis Burt Van Scoy born February 14, 1794 Ridgefield CT and died August 30, 1865 Jerusalem, Yates, NY. Born to Rachel and Rowland were:

( ROWLAND VAN SCOY who moved to Maple Rapids MI and was a banker



Born to Rachel and her 2d husband, Lewis Burt, were:

( CHARLES BURT born May 25, 1819 and presumably died young

( CHARLES BURT born August 22, 1821

( SARAH BURT born May 23, 1823

( DEBORAH ANN BURT born April 7, 1825

( FERRIS GRANT BURT born August 5, 1827 and died June 29, 1905 Yates Co NY; married June 22, 1853 at Bluffport, Steuben, NY, Susan Miller [dau of Thaddeus & Nancy] born March 4, 1826 Steuben Co NY and died February 20, 1881 Jerusalem NY. Born to them were:

( GRANT FERRIS BURT born July 18, 1864 Jerusalem, Yates, NY and died August 24, 1928 Detroit, Wayne, MI; married 1st August 17, 1890 in Penn Yen, Yates, NY as her 1st husband, Adda Mae Rarick [dau of Abel & Emily (Lake) Rarick] born December 24, 1873 Milo, Yates, NY and died November 14, 1956 Lapeer, Lapeer, MI; buried Pontiac MI; he married 2d in Detroit, Sophia Clutts; Born to them were:

( EDITH JULIA BURT (Edith Jewel Burt) born April 13, 1892 Penn Yan, Yates, NY and died December 13, 1969 Lapeer, Lapeer, MI; buried Hunter’s Creek Cemetery, Lapeer Co; married March 30, 1911 at Detroit MI, Omer Howard Snyder born August 7, 1892 Leeds Co, Ontario and died April 11, 1983 St. Joseph MI; and they had three sons, one of which was:

( HAROLD HOMER SNYDER born September 23, 1911 Detroit MI and died April 16, 1992 Watervliet MI; married September 7, 1936 at Skokie IL, Gertrude Mary Bischof born February 5, 1914 Chicago IL and died April 15, 1989 Watervliet MI. Born to them were three children, one being:

( ROBERT C. SNYDER (Rev.) pastor the Kenilworth Church of Christ, Buffalo NY. (Bob has provided much of this information on this twig of the family – thanks Bob!)

( RUTH AMANDA BURT born October 24, 1893 Milo, Yates, NY and died December 19, 1975 Waterford, Oakland, MI; married Norman Habel

( DOROTHY EMMA BURT born June 13, 1898 Montcalm Co MI and died Lapeer Co MI; married June 14, 1920 in South Bend IN Edward Steffes

( ANNA MAE BURT bor March 13, 1900 Gratiot Co MI and died March 23, 1982 CA; married Merle Knowles

( WILLIAM GRANT BURT born 1902 Gratiot Co MI and died 1918 Ft Bayard NM; buried Pontiac MI

( HELEN MILDRED BURT born October 12, 1904 Gratiot Co MI and died April 3, 1930 Attica, Lapeer, MI

( GEORGE BURT born May 6, 1830 Putnam Co NY

( ROBERT B. BURT born November 30, 1832 Putnam Co NY

( FERRIS DREW (Ferris T. Drew born September 26, 1795) born March 28, 1792 Frederickstown, Dutchess, NY (Putnam Co NY) and died May 13, 1849/56 (May 11, 1882) Huntington CT; buried White Hills Baptist Church Burying Ground; married August 5, 1813 Fannie Hazen [dau of Joshua and Elizabeth (McClean) Hazen] born September 26, 1793/5 and died May 11, 1882/87. They moved from Southeast NY to the White Hills region, Fairfield Co NY, 1836/37 and purchased 183 acres of land and a home. Born to them were:

( THERON DREW born November 12, 1814 Southeast NY (Kent NY) and died February 5, 1905; farmer in South Pulteney; married 1st June 10, 1835 in Southeast NY, Adillah Haines/Hains [dau of Horace & Jane (Youmans) Hains] born October 20, 1816 Southeast and died March 16, 1893 South Pulteney; and they had three children; married January 8, 1902 in Pulteney, Rachel (Hutton) Miller [dau of Lewis & Phebe (Catlin) Hutton] born April 10, 1820 Starkey NY – he remarried at age 88y and she 82y

( SAMUEL SARLES DREW born November 14, 1819 Kent NY and died November 28, 1899; married March 28, 1841 Lucy Ann Hubbell [dau of James & Eliza (Shelton) Hubbell] born October 29, 1821 Huntington CT and died December 25, 1894 Middlebush NJ; and they had three children

( ZILLAH DREW born June 1, 1825 Southeast NY and died August 6, 1843 Huntington CT

( RUTH ELIZA DREW born February 15, 1829 South Salem NY (Southeast NY) and died January 14/16, 1916; married June 7, 1846 in Huntington CT William Tomlinson [son of Charles & Anna (Pearce) Tomlinson] born May 7, 1821 Huntington CT; resided Woodbridge CT; and they had seven sons, 1 of which was:

( FRANK EMERSON TOMLINSON was a senator from the 8th District, South Dakota, 1889-90, the first years of statehood

( THEODORE DREW born January 13, 1832 Southeast NY and died January 12, 1913; married 1st August 7, 1853 in Huntington CT, Sarah Amanda Birdseye born December 16, 1832 Huntington CT and died July 12, 1870 Nora IL; married 2d March 5, 1871 in Huntington, Rosella Hubbell [dau of Philo & Eliza (Blackman) Hubbell] born July 24, 1842 Huntington CT and died January 23, 1902 Waterloo IA; and born to Theodore and Sarah were:

( FERRIS DREW born July 9, 1854 CT; married November 23, 1887 Blanche Warner

( RUTH DREW born November 20, 1856 CT and died in infancy

( JENNIE E. DREW born May 18, 1858 CT and died December 8, 1927; married December 25, 1882 Everett D. Warner

( FANNIE DREW born April 6, 1861 Nora IL and died July 4, 1936; married December 26, 1892 Elra E. Walsh

( FRED DREW born May 12, 1861 Nora IL and died July 25, 1945; married October 12, 1892 Edith Reynolds

( ISAAC DEWITT DREW born May 17, 1837 Huntington CT and died November 7, 1915; was in the coal business in Bridgeport and Meriden, and later lived in NY; married 1st January 6, 1857 in Birmingham CT, Fannie Marie Osborn [dau of John White & Susan H (Durand) Osborn] born January 12, 1836 Birmingham and died April 11, 1883 Meriden CT; and 2d October 25, 1888 in Bridgeport CT, (Libby) Elizabeth Washington Leonard [dau of Levi & Mary Jane] born February 22, 1861 Meriden CT; had 3 kids presumably by Fannie

( GILBERT DREW born February 22, 1794 Putnam Co NY; married August 20, 1865 widow Nancy Ann (Whitney) Owen born May 7, 1807; resided at Penn Yan NY

( DEBORAH DREW born May 18, 1781 Kent NY and died there August 4, 1834 (1839) [if either of these death dates are correct, then we have a problem with children below born after her death]; married in December 1800 [first child born in 1828 – sounds suspicious], as his 2d wife, John Hazen [son of John and Deborah (Drew) Hazen] [another source has his parents as Caleb & Sarah (Hamline) Hazen] born July 17, 1773 Hazen Hill, Carmel NY and died there (or Kent NY) February 11, 1823 [same thing, if this death date is correct, then we have a problem with all the children below born after his death date]; another marriage is listed to Robert Boyd. John was associated with his brother Joshua in the iron business; and they also cut wood and burned charcoal; he was supervisor for Kent, also Justice of the Peace; and just before his death was elected County Judge. He was appointed Ensign of Captain Kniffen’s Company, Light Infantry, Dutchess County Militia June 7, 1793 and Lieutenant of Captain Rowland’s Company 1797. Born to her and John were [I feel these kids are the wrong ones for this couple]:

( MARY HAZEN born October 26, 1828 and died July 16, 1853; buried Penn Yan NY; at the time of her death, she was engaged to marry Rev. C. C. Norton, who later married a sister of George Z. Noble, and who was for many years and until the time of his death, pastor of the Central Park Baptist Church on East 83d Street, New York City

( ANNA DEBORAH HAZEN born August 31, 1830 Carmel NY and died February 13, 1904 Elmira NY; buried Penn Yan NY; married October 10, 1855 George Z. Noble [son of Oliver Ellsworth Noble, M.D.] born December 27, 1833 Ninevah NY and died March 21, 1894 Elmira NY; George was a practicing physician for 30 years in Dundee NY and later in Elmira; and born to them were:

( MARY L. NOBLE born April 16, 1858 – living in Elmira NY 1912

( ELLSWORTH HAZEN NOBLE born June 21, 1865; graduate of New York College of Pharmacy, 1886; New York Homeopathic Medical College, 1890; and New York Ophthalmic, 1910 – living in Elmira 1912

( GEORGE HAZEN born August 21, 1832 and died October 20, 1857; buried Grand Rapids MI

( JOHN HAZEN born August 25, 1834 and died November 13, 1854; buried Penn Yan NY

( OSCAR HAZEN born November 5, 1838 and died April 2, 1839; buried Penn Yan NY

( HELEN HAZEN born February 26, 1841; married July 13, 1865 Professor John W. Stewart [son of Captain William Henry & Emeline (Merritt) Stewart] born August 1, 1837 and died January 22, 1889; and born to them were:


( WILLIAM HAZEN STEWART married Ella Loraine Doty [dau of Nathan and Emeline]

( ISAAC HAZEN born July 25, 1843 and died December 17, 1844; buried Penn Yan NY

( CALISTA LEMIRA HAZEN born September 5, 1845 Penn Yan NY and died October 21, 1869 Wappinger’s Falls NY; buried Penn Yan NY; married January 1, 1867 Rev. Edwin Pierson Brigham

( GERTRUDE HAZEN born November 15, 1847; unmarried living in Penn Yan 1910

( CHARLES HAZEN born January 5, 1850 and died May 23, 1875; buried Penn Yan NY; married July 4, 1873 Julia B. Wells

( WILLET HAZEN born June 24, 1853; married July 1885 Jessie Booth and born to them were:

( MARGURERITA G. HAZEN born July 29, 1886; married Charles Lemme of St. Helene CA. Note: a Charles R. Lemme b August 16, 1883 CA, died April 4, 1942 Marin Co CA – not sure this is the same guy

( UNA HAZEN born December 9, 1889; married B. W. Perrine of Oakland CA

( CALEB DUDLEY HAZEN born April 1888

( JOHN STEWART HAZEN born March 21, 1899

( OSCAR HAZEN born April 26, 1904

( JULIA HAZEN born July 5, 1836 and died December 25, 1840; buried Carmel NY

( ANNIS DREW born March 2, 1796 NY

( RACHEL FERRIS (5th born) born April 9, 1765 Stanwich (Stanton), Fairfield, CT and died January 25, 1845 Poughkeepsie (?), Dutchess Co NY; married October 31, 1784 Jacob Smith born September 18, 1762 Amawalk, Westchester, NY and died December 1, 1838 Newfield, Tompkins, NY (December 1, 1836, Cayuta, Chemung, NY); served in the Rev. War; on roll with 1st Regiment of the New York line commanded by Colonel Goose Van Schaick; private in Captain Jesse Truesdel’s company of LTC Thaddeus Crane’s regiment of Westchester County Militia; and born to them were:

( ANNA SMITH born April 20, 1785 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died December 14, 1846 Cayuta, Chemung, NY; unmarried

( HENRY SMITH born November 16, 1786 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died August 17, 1815; married June 27, 1812 in Poughkeepsie, Catharina Lieverse Fonda [dau of Johannes Hendrick & Altje (Lieverse) Fonda] born July 2, 1788 Albany NY; and born to them was:


( NATHAN SMITH born July 5, 1789 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died September 10, 1871

( ELIPHALET SMITH born September 13, 1791 (1795) Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died April 26, 1824 (1834)

( SAMUEL B. SMITH born October 27, 1793 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died January 21, 1876; married October 14, 1820 Anna Rhodes

( ALVIN B. SMITH born June 10, 1796 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY and died October 27, 1868 (1867) Beardstown, Cass, IL; married October 14, 1819 Cynthia Ammerman born September 30, 1803 NY and died February 4, 1865 Beardstown (Chandlerville, Cass County IL); both buried near Chandlerville IL, where they lived; Alvin Smith came to Beardstown IL 1833, on a flatboat with his family and belongings from Ithaca NY, came down the Allegheny River, up the Ohio River and Mississippi River, then Illinois River to Beardstown. Built a log house, one room, and lived there until he could do better. He was well educated for that time. He taught school in his own home for his children and other children that might come. He also preached. He was a Methodist. If any sick, he doctored them, anything to help people. His brother Samuel and family came the year before, and that winter they all lived in one room and a loft upstairs – sixteen in the two families. Wolves were plentiful and hounded around and tried to get into the house. Born to them were:

( ANNA SMITH born December 3, 1823 vicinity of Poughkeepsie NY and died September 9, 1906 Petersburg, Menard, IL; married January 5, 1845 in Menard Co IL, James Miles [son of George Uriah & Jane (McCoy)] born November 25, 1822 White Co IL and died February 11, 1913 Petersburg, Menard, IL; buried there Oakland Cemetery (Photo); a brother-in-law to William Herndon, Abraham Lincoln’s law partner; (1879) James Miles, farmer and stock-dealer; P.O. Petersburg. Son of George U. & Jane (McCoy) Miles, who were among the first settlers of Menard County; George U born in St. Mary’s Co., Md., March 20, 1796, and came with his parents to the Territory of Illinois in 1816; they first settled in what is now St. Clair C., where they remained for a time; thence to White Co., and there George U married Miss Jane McCoy in 1821; and November 25, 1822, James born. In 1825, they removed into what is now Logan Co., where they remained until 1836, when they removed into Sangamon Co.; thence, in 1840, to Petersburg, where James and his father have since lived. James’ mother having died Dec. 15, 1850 (she left three children), Oct. 21, 1851, his father married Mrs. Catherine Early, of Sangamon Co.; he still survives and now, at the ripe age of 74, resides with James, who is a prominent farmer and stock-dealer. His farm consists of 166 acres of fine land, adjoining the town of Petersburg. His wife was Miss Anna Smith, of this county; they were married Jan. 5, 1845, and have a family now living of five children. Mr. Miles is one of the well-to-do and enterprising farmers of Menard Co., always assisting in such matters as pertain to the welfare of the community. (1905) James Miles born in White county, Illinois on the 25th of November 1822, and is a son of George Uriah and Jane (McCoy) Miles. His father born March 20, 1796 in St. Mary county, Maryland, and on coming to Illinois in 1815 he settled in White county, where he married on the 18th of November, 1821 to Miss Jane McCoy. She born in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, November 11, 1796. In November 1825, George U. Miles removed to Sangamon County, Illinois, and settled on a farm six miles north of Springfield, where he engaged in farming and stock raising for a number of years. He often drove stock to Chicago, that being his nearest market. On one of these trips to Chicago, he was offered eighty acres of land in the swamp there for a horse, that tract being now in the very heart of the business part of the city. His wife died December 15, 1850, and he passed away at the home of his son James near Petersburg on the 19th of March 1882, lacking one day of being eighty-six years of age. Having removed with his parents to Sangamon county James Miles lived in that county until he was grown, and later removed to Menard County, where on the 5th of January 1845, he was joined in marriage to Miss Anna Smith, born in the state of New York, December 3, 1823. To this union were born six children, namely: Mrs. Mary Jane Hurd; Mrs. Lizzie N. Wood; a son who died in infancy; George Uriah, Jr.; James S., who married Nellie Purkapile; and Mrs. Katie A. Gray. Mrs. Hurd has one living daughter, Mrs. Iona A. Peterson, whose two-year-old son, Myron Dale, is Mr. Miles’ only great grandchildren. Mrs. Wood has two daughters and one son, and James S. Miles has a son and a daughter, those constituting the grandchildren of our subject. James Miles continues to reside on the old homestead one mile from Petersburg, where he has lived for forty-eight years. He and his wife, at the ages of eighty-two and eighty-one years respectively, are both hale and hearty, and in a few months they will have traveled the road of life together for sixty years. An industrious and temperate life has borne its fruit in a healthy and happy old age for both of them. Having acquired a competency in earlier life, they are spending a quiet and serene old age, enjoying the love and gratitude of their children and the respect and confidence of all who know them. Partial Obit: AThe venerable James Miles, one of Menard county’s oldest and most beloved citizens, passed from this life Tuesday, 11th instant, at 2:00 o’clock a.m., at the homestead one mile north of the city, which was his home for almost fifty-eight years. Uncle Jim, as he was affectionately called by almost the entire community, has passed his ninetieth year but his mind was clear and his eye undimmed and until within the last few weeks he was seen on the streets of Petersburg almost daily. We shall miss him.

"The Story of Anna Smith", written by Beulah M. Wood as a school assignment:

"In the days following our second war with England, when the young American republic was thrilled with the spirit of nationalization, and the test of that patriotic fervor was the glory of economic conquest through emigration, the subject of this paper Anna Smith, then a tiny child of eight years, moved with her parents from the center of life and culture of New York City into the territory of Illinois.

Anna’s father Alvin Smith was a college man; [his] mother was the daughter of Rheuben Ferris, pastor and leader of the noted Fairfield Conn. Baptist Church. Caught in the tide of the emigration movement the father decided to cast his fortune with it, and therewith took his family, and traveled by wagon route to the head waters of the Allegheny River near the present city of Olean to what was then a logging center known among the few whites and Indians as Painted-Post. Here the family lived for almost six months in camp while the father and brother, who by the way was a man with a family of equal proportion — a family of eight children, built a flatboat. Indians were no curiosity in those days. Anna Smith remembered long after and related the story to her grandchildren of one old Indian who sat on the banks of the river and watched the men build their boat. He was friendly to the men and tried to play with the little girl, but she was too shy to appreciate his best intentions and was quite content to allow him to fish and talk to her father. It was in the early spring when the boat was finished and the two families embarked on their long river journey. They floated down the Allegheny to the Ohio stopping here and there on the trip to look for suitable game or desirable land on which to make their homes. They depended almost entirely upon the game they killed for their supply of food. With a family of twenty mouths this part of the providing was by no means a part that was without its cares and difficulties. For weeks they floated down the river then they came to the Mississippi River and turned north because they had heard of the prairie soil of the Illinois territory and they wanted to look at it. They worked their way up the Mississippi and turned in at the Illinois River coming to the present site of Beardstown. They decided to stay here for by this time it was late fall and the snow was again falling. The two Smith brothers left their families at the landing in the care of a generous hearted family, and they hastened out into the open land out beneath the shelter of the bluffs and close to the trees, which grew along the river and set about building a rude log cabin. They were advised to build near the river for two reasons, the game kept close to water and then too the presence of the trees made a shelter from the wind and snow both of which the early settlers found to be their hardest elements to overcome since their housing conditions were crude at the best. After due time the cabin was completed and the families moved in — twenty strong. The cabin was about 14×15 feet square with a loft the access to which was a ladder. The first floor being too small to contain all twenty at one time with any degree of physical comfort the children were sent to bed with an early supper and the ladder was taken down to prevent their return to the cabin’s first floor. The little eight year old girl who later became an enthusiastic story teller to her grandchildren concerning these pioneer days said that many a time they used to peep through the hole in the floor to listen to the hunting stories of the grown up folk and many a time they were sent back to their beds for so doing. The snow often sifted through the roof and chinking and they found themselves covered with a new white counterpane in the morning.

There were no advantages for education so the father of Anna undertook to teach the children their lessons for it had been one great drawback toward their coming west when he and his wife thought of the loss of school advantages to their children. He set aside certain times in the day for study and recitation. Before long one of the neighbors came in and interrupted the recitation and when he went to leave he asked Alvan Smith to teach his children too. Mr. Smith already had a school as it was but he took in his friend’s children because he felt under obligation to him since he had assisted him to build the cabin when he most needed help. Then and there the trouble began. Other neighbors wanted in and after some arrangements the plans were at length completed. The work at first was without compensation but later they built a little room near the Smith cabin which was used for a shed to shelter the Smith tools and serve as a place to meet the pupils since the Smith cabin could scarcely contain its own brood with any comfort. The children brought meal and meat and all sorts of eatables to pay their tuition but the amount and the kind was altogether their own choosing. So far as is known this Alvan Smith is the first teacher in what is now Menard County. He was later pressed into service as a minister and used to make a circuit through what is now Cass and Menard Counties.

We cannot close this paper without a word as to the help his dainty little helpmate gave in this work. She was a thrifty, economic little woman in stature not five feet tall, but with a heart that was full of strong purpose. She had been reared to have many of the luxuries of life, one of which was soda. One may smile at this but nevertheless one of the luxuries of colonial housekeeping was soda. Now that she was removed from the center of life where she could get this she was determined to have it if she could. Therefore she used to save all the corncobs and from these she made her coveted soda and boasted to her family that the president’s wife could not make better soda biscuits than she. She used to sift the coarse mill corn meal and wheat meal through cheesecloth and then on Sundays she made a white loaf and had a Johnnycake for the children. She was gifted with a good singing voice and in the long evenings during the winter especially she sang, and taught her children to sing the songs she had learned in her life back east.

This couple took up land from the government made the most of their opportunities lived a life full of definite service to their community and at length died without an amassed fortune but they gave to their children a something that was better than land, they gave them a chance to see life in its fullest sense.@

Obit for Anna: "Mrs. Anna Miles, wife of James Miles, one of Menard county’s oldest citizens and one of its most lovable and beloved women, passed away at the family residence just north of this city, about seven o’clock last Sunday morning, 9th inst., at the advanced age of 82 years, 9 months and 6 days.

She was the daughter of Alvin and Cynthia Smith and born in Tompkins County, New York, December 3, 1823; nine years old she came with her parents to Illinois. January 5, 1845, in this county, she was united in marriage with James Miles. For several years they resided west of Petersburg, then lived in town for a time, removing to the farm north of town in the early part of 1856, where they lived happily together for more than fifty years. Six children were born to them. Five are living, and reside near Petersburg, namely: Mary, wife of A. G. Hurd; Lizzie, wife of H. A. Wood; George U. Miles; James S. Miles; and Kate A., wife of A. S. Gray, all of whom, with her aged companion, mourn the lost of a faithful, loving and devoted wife and mother.

When about fourteen years of age she united with the Methodist church, of which she was a faithful member until death. She was an ardent temperance worker and for some years was president of the local branch of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.

The funeral occurred from the home at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon, and was attended by many friends. The services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. Silas N. Wakefield, assisted by Elder W. M. Groves. The interment was made in Oakland Cemetery." (Petersburg IL)

Born to them were:

( MARY JANE MILES born March 19, 1848 and died January 22, 1917; buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL; married October 31, 1867 in Menard Co IL, Almon G. Hurd born March 13, 1838, Sunapee, Sullivan, NH

"Mary Jane Miles, daughter of James and Anna Miles, deceased, born in Petersburg, March 19, 1848. She was the oldest of six children, four of whom survive her, Mrs. Lizzie Wood, George and James Miles and Mrs. Kate Gray all of Petersburg.

She was married to Almond G. Hurd of Petersburg, October 31, 1867, who died December 5, 1908. To this union were born two children, Harvey Hurd, who died 15 years ago, and Iona Antle Hurd, now Mrs. H. S. Peterson.

Some forty odd years ago, during a meeting held in Petersburg by Elder D. R. Lucas, she confessed Christ as her Savior and was buried with him in baptism in the waters of the Sangamon River. She united with the Christian church of Petersburg, and held fast to her faith in her Lord until death.

Mrs. Hurd was for many years an active member of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Petersburg, also a member of the Rebecca lodge.

She died at her home just west of the city, where she had spent most of her life, on Monday morning, January 22, 1917, aged 68 years, 10 months and 3 days. Mrs. Hurd was the last one of the family. She leaves to mourn her departure her bereaved daughter, Mrs. Peterson, and her sisters and brothers, five grandchildren, other relatives and very many friends.

In her death the home, the church and the whole community have sustained a great loss.

The funeral services were held at the Christian church on Wednesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. S. E. Fisher, assisted by Elder C. E. Smoot. Interment at Oakland."

"[Almon G. Hurd], son of Hiram and Ester (Patten) Hurd, who are natives of New Hampshire. The former born June 3, 1800, and the latter Dec. 22, 1804. They were married Jan. 26, 1826. They have now lived together for over fifty-three years. They came west with their family in 1855. Almon is the only son and born in Sullivan Co., N. H., March 13, 1838, and has always resided with his parents, and, since their coming west, has superintended the affairs of his parents. He married Mary J., daughter of James Miles, a prominent pioneer of Menard Co. They were married Oct. 31, 1867. They have a son and a daughter. Mr. Hurd owns 160 acres."

"Almon G. Hurd, for fifty-four years a resident of Menard county and one of its prominent and most respected citizens, closed his eyes in death last Saturday evening, at his home just west of the city limits.

Mr. Hurd born near Concord, New Hampshire, March 13, 1838. His father, Hiram Hurd, moved west in 1854, settling on the farm, which afterward became the property of the son. In early manhood Almon engaged in teaching school, but the greater part of his life was spent in farming upon the old homestead. On October 31, 1867, he was united in marriage with Miss Mary J. Miles, a daughter of the venerable James Miles. Two children – a son and a daughter – were born to them, Harvey and Iona. The son died in August 1901. The daughter is the wife of Hardy S. Peterson, and with her husband has continued to live at the old home since her marriage.

Mr. Hurd became a member of Salem lodge of Odd Fellows more than forty years ago. In 1875 he joined the Christian church and was an active member thereof until his failing health no longer permitted him to go about. He was a companionable man, of strictest integrity, a good neighbor and sympathetic friend, and devoted to his family. In his death the community sustains the loss of one of its best citizens. He is survived by his wife, the daughter above named, and three grandchildren.

The funeral occurred from the residence at 1:30 o’clock Monday afternoon, Elder W. M. Groves conducting the services, after which the remains were conveyed to Oakland cemetery, where they were consigned to earth with the burial rites of the Odd Fellows order." Almon spent most of his adult years in agriculture and was also a partner of Horace Alanson Wood in their nursery business. During his early years, he taught school at Little Grove and Brush College, also at Tice and Little Brick.

Born to them were:

( HARVEY A. HURD born July 14, 1870 and died August 21, 1901; buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL; a traveling salesman for Thomas & Clarke, cracker manufacturer, Peoria IL

( IONA A HURD born February 13, 1874 and died December 26, 1970; married April 2, 1902 in Menard Co IL, Hardy S. Peterson born August 3, 1874 and died July 17, 1936; she graduated from Harris High School in Petersburg 1893; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg; stone photo

Dan Patch, "(foaled 1896), American harness racehorse (Standardbred), a nearly legendary horse in his time, who established in 1905 a world pacing record of 1:55 1/4 that endured for 33 years. (In 1906 he paced a mile in 1:55 flat–Billy Direct’s record-breaking time in 1938–but this feat was not officially recognized.) He paced a mile in 2 minutes or less on 30 occasions, a world record that was not surpassed until the 1960s (by Bret Hanover, with 31). Never defeated in a race, Dan Patch lost only two of 56 heats (divisions of a harness race) in his three years of competition (1900-02). Thereafter, until his retirement in 1909, he traveled around the United States in his own railroad car and raced against the clock in exhibitions that drew large crowds." Hardy Peterson owned Dan Patch.

Born to them were:

( MYRON DALE PETERSON born November 1, 1902 and died August 7, 1996; married August 15, 1932 in Springfield IL, Ruth Withrow born November 3, 1902, Loami IL and died August 31, 1991 Springfield IL; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg (stone photo); Myron was a graduate of Harris High School, Petersburg IL; Ruth graduated from University of Chicago 1924; she retired from Petersburg High School 1968 after 30 years of teaching; member of Central United Presbyterian Church; served on the board of the Petersburg Public Library; and born to them were:

( ANN PETERSON – residence Alexandria VA

( JUDITH PETERSON – residence Falls Church VA

( ESTHER I. PETERSON (1906-1975) married Eugene W. Eades (1913-1988); both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL

( MARY PETERSON (Mary D) born October 20, 1908 and died November 22, 2004; married William Messinger (1923-1998); both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL



( LIZZIE NEY MILES born March 14, 1850 Petersburg, Menard, IL and died there February 7, 1937; married December 21, 1869 in Menard Co IL, Horace Alanson Wood [son of Solomon & Ann (Shewman)] born June 30, 1842 Lyndon, Cattaraugus, NY and died October 12, 1913 Petersburg, Menard, IL; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL (headstones photo)

"Mrs. Lizzie Ney Miles Wood, widow of the late Horace Wood and a member of the pioneer Miles family, died at her home Sunday morning, February 7 at 1:40. While Mrs. Wood had suffered an attack of influenza in January, she had apparently entirely recovered and had been enjoying her many home interests when she was suddenly stricken with pneumonia, the resulting complications of which her unusual vigor was unable to overcome.

Mrs. Wood born in Petersburg on March 14, 1850, the daughter of James and Anna Smith Miles, pioneer settlers of Menard Co; her mother had made the trip west from New York on a flat boat at the early age of nine years, traversing the Allegheny, Ohio, Mississippi, Illinois and Sangamon Rivers to a point near Chandlerville where the family resided and the grandfather became not only one of the pioneer teachers of Cass county, but physician and pioneer preacher as well. Her father, James Miles, born in White county, Illinois, emigrating to Menard when it was first made a county.

Something of the native courage and natural philosophy of Mrs. Wood’s inheritance was an integral part of her life. When through an accidental fall she suffered a broken hip in September 1935, this courage and philosophy coupled with a fine sense of humor helped to accomplish a recovery that seemed incredible.

She grew into womanhood in this community. On December 21, 1869, she was married to Horace A. Wood of Cuba, New York. To them were born three children, Florence, the wife of Dr. G. W. Spears, Green Valley, Illinois, Beulah M. Wood, City Superintendent of Schools of Petersburg, and Harlington, Springfield attorney and Judge of the Sangamon County Court.

Mrs. Wood had an abiding interest in the work of her church. Together with her husband she was a charter member of the local Christian Church a fact very dear to her. She held membership in the Petersburg Woman’s Club for many years and was one of the charter members of Pierre Menard Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Her interest in current life was maintained to the last.

It was hard to realize that Mrs. Wood had reached the ripe age of nearly 87 years because of the fullness and completeness of her interests, but to her many friends and especially to her children she has left a rich heritage of the pattern of beautiful living.

Surviving are the three children named above, two grandchildren, Mrs. Anna Ney Spears Gidcombe of Green Valley, Harlington Wood Jr., Springfield, one great-grandson, John Spears Gidcombe, two brothers, George U. Miles and James S. Miles of this city. Two sisters, Mrs. Mary Miles Hurd and Mrs. Kate Miles Gray preceded her in death several years ago.

Funeral services were held at the First Christian Church at 10:30 Tuesday morning, conducted by Rev. Clark Walter Cummings, pastor of the First Christian Church of Springfield, Rev. L. R. Cronkhite, pastor of the church here, and Rev. W. M. Groves of Springfield, former pastor of the local church. Pallbearers were Judge V. O. Whipp, John M. Smoot, Fred R. Henninger, C. C. Juhl, Harry B. Apken and Powell Juhl. Burial was in the family lot in Oakland cemetery."

"(1879) H. A. WOOD, nursery, Petersburg; H. A. Wood is a specimen of the Yankees of the Empire State; born in Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., June 30, 1842; son of Solomon and Anna Shuman Wood; the Shumans are of German and the Woods of English descent; Horace’s father was a farmer, and reared H. A. to this business, after he had attained his manhood, was engaged several years as traveling salesman, and was successful in this direction, and, attracting the attention of Mr. Spaulding, of Springfield, he engaged his services and continued with him two years, with credit to himself and to the satisfaction of his employers. Dec. 29, 1869, married Lizzie Miles; born in Petersburg March 14, 1850; daughter of Maj. Miles; one child — Florence, born April 13, 1874. Since his marriage, he has been engaged in the nursery business on his own account; keeps a general assortment of fruit and shade trees, shrubbery and hardy plants; Mr. Wood’s long experience in the business enables him to give satisfaction to his customers, and from his upright and manly deportment, has secured the good will and liberal patronage of the people. Is a member of the Christian Church."

"(1905) Horace A. Wood, now living retired in Petersburg, was until recently engaged in the nursery business. He born on the 30th of June 1842, in Cattaraugus County, New York, a son of Solomon and Ann (Shewman) Wood.

Horace A. Wood began his education in the district schools of his native state and afterward continued his studies in an academy in Rushford, New York. Later he attended a private school and subsequently went to Poughkeepsie, where he entered Eastman’s Business College, completing his education by graduation from that institution. On putting aside his textbooks he began traveling for a nursery company, his territory being principally Illinois. Later he embarked in the nursery business in Menard County on his own account and grew nursery stock for seven years. He then dealt in nursery stock for a number of years and was at one time connected with a business of manufacturing bedsprings and mattresses, following that pursuit for about thirteen months. He owns seventy acres of land adjoining the corporation limits of Petersburg. In Menard county and this part of the state was known as an enterprising and reliable business man, and whatever success he achieved is due entirely to his own labors, for he started out in life on his own account with limited capital.

In 1869 was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Wood and Miss Lizzie Miles, a daughter of James Miles [refer to biographical sketch for James Miles], and unto them were born three children, two daughters and a son: Florence, born in 1874, is now the wife of Dr. George Spears, who is engaged in the practice of dentistry in Petersburg; Beulah, born in 1881, is a graduate of the Petersburg high school and has spent two years as a student in the State University of Illinois and is now teaching in Menard county. Harlington, born in 1884, is also a graduate of the Petersburg schools and was a student in the State University, where he pursued the study of law. He is now teaching school, but will continue his law studies in 1905. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wood hold membership in the Christian church and their children are also identified therewith. He gave his political support to the Republican party until 1896, in which year he voted for William Jennings Bryan, but he has again become connected with the Republican party and he is enabled to support his position by intelligent argument because he keeps well informed upon the questions and issues of the day. He began life as a poor boy, but his financial valuation is now creditable. His life has been one of activity and usefulness and has been characterized by the most unswerving integrity and honor in all his business transactions and in his varied relations with his fellow men."

"Horace A. Wood, for forty-six years a respected citizen of Petersburg, passed away at his home at 5:30 o’clock last Sunday morning, 12th instant, aged 71 years, 3 months and 12 days. He had been in declining health for several years and for about two years last past had been confined to his home. The funeral took place from the Christian church Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock and was largely attended. Rev. A. I. Zeller read a lesson from the Scriptures, Rev. W. M. Groves offered prayer and Rev. C. E. Smoot delivered the discourse. A quartette composed of Dr. Degge, Harold Smoot, Mrs. J. M. Smoot and Mrs. Harry Apken, Mrs. Harold Smoot accompanist, rendered "There’ll Be No Dark Valley," "Wonderful Peace," and "Lead Me Gently Home, Father." The interment was made in Oakland cemetery. The pallbearers were” L. A. Whipp, L. F. Watson, H. S. Houghton, J. M. Smoot, H. W. Nance and C. W. Shipley.

Horace A. Wood born June 30, 1842, in Cattaraugus county, N. Y. He was a student at Rushford academy, Rushford, N. Y., and afterwards took the course at Eastman’s business college at Poughkeepsie. He came to Illinois in 1867 as traveling salesman for a nursery company, reaching Petersburg on the 14th day of November of that year. On December 21, 1869, he was united in marriage with Miss Lizzie N. Miles, daughter of the late James Miles. Three children were born to them, Florence (wife of Dr. George Spears) and Beulah, both of Petersburg, and Harlington, of Springfield, Ill., all of whom, with the wife and mother, survive him.

Mr. Wood united with the Christian church in Petersburg during the tent meeting held by Elder D. R. Lucas in 1874. Upon the organization of the church he was made a deacon, which office he held until his death. He was one of Menard County’s best citizens. A man of commanding appearance, kindly disposition and courteous manner, he made many friends. In business he was honorable; in his home was a kind and loving husband and father; in his church he was a man of unwavering faith and ready for any work. In his death his family, the church and the community have sustained a great loss." Made fortune-selling hedges (for windbreaks) all over Illinois.

Born to them were:

( FLORENCE ANNA WOOD born April 13, 1874 Petersburg, Menard, IL and died January 10, 1943 Pekin IL; married January 1, 1902 Petersburg, George Walter Spears [son of George & Elizabeth] born May 1, 1869 Tallulah, Menard, IL and died December 19, 1942 Jacksonville IL; cemetery photos

"Mrs. Florence Wood Spears of this city died Sunday morning, January 10 at the age of 68, in a Pekin hospital where she had been a patient the last week. She first became ill several weeks ago while visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Gidcombe in Peoria and was unable to attend the funeral of her husband, Dr. George W. Spears who dies December 19. She born in Petersburg on April 13, 1874 the daughter of the late Horace A. and Lizzie Miles Wood. She was a sister of Judge Harlington Wood, Sangamon county judge and of Miss Beulah Wood. Mrs. Spears was active in the local Christian church and was superintendent of the Sunday school more than fifteen years.

Mrs. Spears is survived by her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Gidcombe and two grandchildren; one sister, Miss Beulah Wood of Petersburg, who is employed in the office of Arthur Leuder, state auditor of public accounts in Springfield, and her brother, Judge Wood.

Funeral services were held Tuesday at 3 p.m. at the Christian church in this city conducted by Rev. Mack A. Warren. Burial was in Oakland cemetery, the pallbearers being Miles Grey, Dale Peterson, James Miles Jr., Ralph Reding, G. Sam Watkins and Dr. Irving Newcomer."

"(1905) Dr. G. W. Spears, engaged in the practice of dentistry in Petersburg, born in Tallula, Menard county, May 1, 1869, a son of G. C. and Elizabeth Spears, the former born in Kentucky on the 18th of April, 1822, while the latter’s birth occurred in Menard county. In their family were nine children, of whom G. W. Spears is the seventh in order of birth.

Reared under the parental roof, Dr. Spears devoted the greater part of his boyhood to the acquirement of a good education in the public school of his native town, and when he had mastered the more specifically literary branches of knowledge he entered upon the mastery of the principles of dentistry, matriculating in the Chicago Dental College, where he completed the regular course and was graduated on the 1st of May, 1902. Immediately afterward he came to Petersburg. He did not have long to wait for patients and his business has grown continually, so that he now has a large and gratifying practice. He is familiar with the latest methods known to the science, has his office equipped with the latest improved dental appliances, and his skill in performing the mechanical work connected with the profession has secured him a very desirable patronage, which indicates that he has found favor with the public.

On the 1st of January 1902, Dr. Spears was united in marriage to Miss Florence Wood, of Petersburg, a daughter of H. A. Wood, one of the old settlers and prominent residents of Menard County. The Doctor and his wife are members of the Christian church, have many friends and occupy an enviable position in social circles here. Fraternally he is connected with the Knights of Pythias lodge, and in the line of his profession he is a member of the Alumni Association of the Chicago Dental College and also belongs to the Illinois State Dental Society. He is a Republican in politics, but cares nothing for public office."

"Dr. C. St. Clair Drake, managing officer at the Jacksonville State Hospital, has announced the appointment of Dr. George W. Spears of Petersburg as dentist at the Jacksonville State Hospital. Dr. Spears has been practicing dentistry in Petersburg and is well qualified for the local position. He is married and he and his wife and 15-year-old daughter will make their home here after the end of the school year. Dr. Spears succeeds Dr. Claude Durfree who recently resigned to engage in private practice in Clinton, Ill."

Born to them was:

( ANNA NEY SPEARS born April 14, 1914 Petersburg IL and died 2000; married May 1, 1934 at Springfield IL, Englebert A. Gidcombe [son of Lawrence & Bertha (Rockwell)] born June 20, 1908 Galatia, Saline, IL and died July 19, 1994 Los Angeles CA; September 2-3, 1918 Anna was a ‘butterfly’ in the Lincoln-Salem Pageant, Menard County’s celebration of the Centennial of Illinois, at the Village of New Salem. General Pershing, who attended the event, patted little Anna on her head. Anna graduated from Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville IL, 1932; attended Illinois College, Jacksonville, 1932-34. She was President of Green Valley IL Women’s Club, 1937-38, 40-41; President, League of Women Voters, local chapter, 1948-49; President of National Council of Churchwomen, Peoria chapter; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL (Photo)


"Green Valley, July 30. — E. A. Gidcombe, for seven years coach and mathematics teacher at Green Valley High School, has resigned his position it was announced yesterday. Mr. Gidcombe coached baseball and track at Green Valley while Principal Arthur Jones handled basketball.

Green Valley baseball and track teams hung up very impressive records during Mr. Gidcombe’s sojourn. The two teams have won five firsts and five seconds in Tazewell county circles. The baseball teams won 65 and lost nine conference and non-conference games in the period. Four of Mr. Gidcombe’s boys have qualified for the state track meet, and the track team last year won first place in the county meet.

Mr. Gidcombe himself was an athlete of note. He had two summers of professional baseball in the Three-Eye and Mid-Atlantic leagues, and won nine college letters in football, baseball and track. He was Little 19 all-conference tackle in football and shortstop in baseball and was captain of both sports at Millikin University, Decatur.

He holds an A.B. from Millikin and an M.S. in mathematics from the University of Iowa."

In 1929, graduated from Millikin University in Decatur, IL, with Bachelor of Arts degree. Obtained Masters Degree in Mathematics from the University of Iowa. Worked on a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Cincinnati. Was captain of the football team at Millikin. In 1971, was inducted into the Millikin University Athletic Hall of Fame. Worked at the Jacksonville State Hospital, Jacksonville , IL, as an attendant and a member of the hospital baseball team. This is where he met Anna Ney Spears, daughter of Dr. George W. Spears, the hospital dentist. Was a professional baseball player for a Pittsburgh Pirates Class A farm team. Interests: Sports and physical fitness, gardening (an avid gardener, beginning in 1935 with a large vegetable garden, and in later years, specialized in succulents and plants of the desert).

Military service: Served in the United States Marine Corps in a special capacity — as a member of the Corps’ football and baseball teams, which traveled to other military bases for exhibition games. Was stationed in San Diego, CA. He taught math and coached athletics (track, baseball, football) at Green Valley High School, Green Valley, IL. During WWII, worked at Letourneau Company, Peoria, IL, as a foreman in Quality Control. He taught math at Bradley University, Peoria, IL. Worked at General Electric, Cincinnati, as a supervisor in Quality Control. Employed as a civilian in Data Processing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Fairborn, OH. This was his introduction into a life-long career in the world of computers. In Data Processing, was among the first computer programmers in the U.S. Worked with the first large-scale computer, Univac I. He retired 1973, From Rockwell International Corp., Los Angeles, as the Supervisor of Scientific Computing. Cremated. Buried at sea, in the waters off the coast of Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA.

"Miss Anna Ney Spears, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Spears, and Mr[s]. Englebert Gidcombe were quietly married in Springfield Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o’clock at the home of Rev. Mr. Groves. The couple was accompanied by the bride’s parents. The unique part of this affair was the fact that the bride’s father and mother were married by this same minister thirty-two years ago.

Mrs. Gidcombe was formerly a student of Illinois College in the class of 1936. She is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Mr. Gidcombe is a graduate of Millikin College. He is now employed at the State Hospital."

Born to them were:

( JOHN SPEARS GIDCOMBE born February 15, 1936 Pekin IL; married May 19, 1973 at Los Angeles CA, Adeline Jane Merino (Elaine) born June 6, 1936 Hilo HI; John graduated from Fairborn High School, Fairborn OH 1954; attended Ohio State U., 1954-56; graduated from UCLA 1958, B.S., Business Admin, Marketing and Economics; MBA, 1965, USC, Marketing; employed as an assistant buyer for the May Company, Los Angeles CA, 1958-59; Served in the US Army Finance Corps, 1960-63, stationed in Korea and California; employed by Rockwell International as a computer programmer and systems analyst; and Hunt-Wesson, Inc., Fullerton CA in various data processing positions in systems computer programming and management, 1970-91, retiring as System Technology Manager. Elaine attended elementary schools in Naalehu and Hilo HI, graduating from Waiakea Kai Intermediate School, 1950, valedictorian; 1953 graduated from Hilo High School; 1953-55 attended the University of the Philippines, Quezon City PI, for 2 years, majoring in pre-med; graduated from the University of Hawaii 1958, B.A. Mathematics; 1958 -70 employed at Rockwell and Mattel Toys as a computer programmer; 1970-1997 employed at Hunt-Wesson in various computer programming and management positions. At her retirement in 1997, she was a Data Processing Technical Specialist; reside Long Beach CA. One of Elaine’s interests is genealogy and we have her to thank for providing this wonderful information on the Rachel Ferris – Jacob Smith ‘twig’ of the Tree thanks Elaine!

( JUDITH ANN GIDCOMBE born April 2, 1940 Pekin IL; married November 27, 1963 at Los Angeles CA, Norman Ellsworth Willis born October 7, 1937 Los Angeles; Judith graduated from Venice High School, Los Angeles; graduated from USC, Bachelors in Comparative Literature, and a Masters in Library Science; office manager for the labor department of a major law firm in LA; resided in Hawthorne CA; Norman graduated from Alhambra High School; received a Doctor of Pharmacy, USC 1965; followed his father into the field of pharmacy; held positions in nursing homes and hospitals, having served as Director of Pharmacy at hospitals

( BEULAH MILES WOOD born August 7, 1881 and died May 12, 1959 Petersburg IL; cemetery photo

"Announcement was made Wednesday evening by the County Board, of their appointment of Miss Beulah Wood, at present Principal of the High School, to serve out the unexpired term of Powell J. Grosboll, late County Superintendent of Schools.

Miss Wood has been identified with schoolwork in Petersburg for a number of years. She started teaching English in the local high school following her graduation from the University of Illinois, and for several years has been Principal of the school. She is capable, efficient and obliging, and knows schoolwork from the ground up.

Mrs. Belle Powers, who has served so efficiently for several years as Assistant Superintendent, will remain in the office in that capacity. The combination of Miss Wood and Mrs. Powers should prove to be an excellent one, and those in the county who are interested in the schools are glad that she received the appointment.

It is understood that there were seven applications for the place, and that Miss Wood received the preference of the Board is an indication that they are thoroughly convinced that she is the person for the place."

A Reminiscence of BEULAH MILES WOOD, written by her grandnephew, John Spears Gidcombe, and contributed by him to the Menard County Tourism Council. It will be used in the portrayal of Beulah Wood (and other notable Menard County people) for the Menard County Cemetery Walk, September 17, 2000:

"There are a lot of nice stories to tell about Aunt Beulah. Among them are:

She was a very good storyteller. Because she was so knowledgeable about local history and especially the early settlers and good citizens of Petersburg and surrounding communities, she was delighted to be asked to talk. Mom says that as a small girl some of her best recollections were of evening picnics, perhaps as many as 3 a week. These picnics involved hauling dinner up to the top of the hill at New Salem to be under the cool trees. Generally it was Mama Wood [Lizzie Miles Wood], Aunt Beulah, Granny [Florence Wood Spears], Georgey-daddy [George Walter Spears], Mom [Anna Ney Spears], and the Dr. Newcomers, and the Evans Watkins, or perhaps Uncle George [Spears], and one or more of the Peterson clan of girls with Ona, and if Mom could wangle it, her Gray cousins [Miles and Wood] (which is another story). Talk was sophisticated and ranged from politics to religion, but to Mom the most enchanting feature was when someone would ask Aunt Beulah to tell a story. I don’t know what those stories were and I can’t get them out of Mom, but I suspect they usual tales about the Miles journey up the river, tales of the Clary’s Grove boys, and the Lincoln romance were prominent, because she later told them to me in front of the fire in the house on Moss Ave. As far as Mom was concerned, fireflies and Aunt Beulah’s stories were equally wonderful.

She was an excellent teacher. Before her days as principal and Superintendent, she and another of the teachers were the organizers and directors of the high school plays. They were well received, and her leading men and women were pointed to with pride on the Saturday night (or was it Friday night) promenade around the square in Petersburg. Mom remembers being very proud of her Aunt’s involvement in the plays and the subsequent recognition when people stopped by their car parked in front of Finney’s to congratulate and praise. But even better than that were the playbooks that lived in the hall tree inside the front door of Mama Wood’s house. With Aunt Beulah’s encouragement, Mom spent hours reading and acting and daydreaming with those plays. Mom has told me that this is how she learned to speak in public to such good effect.

She went to Columbia University in New York City and got a Masters degree. Can you imagine her, and her friend and fellow teacher (I can’t recall at the moment her name) taking rooms within walking distance (perhaps an apartment or maybe student housing) and actually doing the degree work. Women were not universally emancipated in small town Illinois but she was.

She bought the first automobile among the Wood family. It was a nice roadster. She adored her brother [Harlington]. Guess who got to drive it when he needed it on weekends?

She was an accomplished photographer. The pictures that she took now make up the bulk of the family historical record of her time. The pictures were beautifully composed and they are as interesting to look at today as then. Mom tells me that this was just taken for granted by the whole family. Her pictures reveal an artistic side of her personality that was apparently not fully realized.

Finally, for tonight, she was a great eccentric. No, she didn’t like ice cream but she bought everyone popcorn at the vendor on the northwest corner of the square. No, she didn’t give many gifts but I’ll never forget the 6 Christmases in a row that I received a bath powder mitt from her. Yes, she was spoiled by her mother who made a special pan of hot biscuits for her every morning as long as her mother lived. Yes, she had rages and she held lifetime grudges. But there was a certain gleam in those watery blue and very crossed eyes of hers that caught my attention. I liked her. I keep a stash of candy in my dresser drawer too."

( CHARLES HARLINGTON WOOD born June 2, 1884 Petersburg IL and died April 18, 1974 Springfield IL; married April 20, 1918 in East Lawrence, Springfield IL, Myrtle Marie Green [dau of William & Mollie (Hill)] born November 15, 1896 Clinton IL and died August 9, 1984 Springfield IL (cemetery photo)

"(1908) Harlington Wood Recently Admitted To The Bar Comes Into His Duties With Exceptional Ability. Harlington Wood, who passed the state bar examination at Mount Vernon last week is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Wood of this city and is in every sense a Petersburg young man. Born in Petersburg he received his elementary education in the schools of this city and was graduated from the Harris high school and entered the University of Illinois for his collegiate and professional training in the fall of 1902. Last June he was graduated from the state university taking a degree from the law school and having completed considerable work in the college of literature and arts. During the interim between his graduation from the high school and the completion of his studies at Urbana, he was a teacher in the Menard county schools. His professional training was supplemented by a course of law reading under the late Hon. N. W. Branson and after the latter’s demise in the office of the former state’s attorney, Thomas P. Reep.

The recently admitted barrister is a young man of much more than ordinary cleverness and with attainments that peculiarly qualify him for the profession he has chosen. Straightforward, honorable, of a staunch moral fiber and with a collegiate and professional training that leaves nothing desired, The Observer bespeaks for his … success in the law. Mr. Wood has not definitely announced his plans but for this winter at least will practice in this city."

"Services for Judge Harlington Wood Sr. of Old Jacksonville Road, who was active in Republican politics and community affairs and judge of the Sangamon County Court from 1934 to 1950, will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at First Christian Church. Dr. Beryl S. Kinser and Rev. Nelson Scott will officiate and burial will be in Oakland Cemetery at Petersburg.

Judge Wood, 89, died at 1:55 a.m. Thursday at Memorial Medical Center.

Judge Wood, father of Federal Judge Harlington Jr., born on a farm at Petersburg, the son of Horace and Lizzie Miles Wood, and entered law practice in Springfield upon his graduation from the University of Illinois 1908.

He was international president of the Optimist Club from 1928 to 1929.

During the time he was judge, he developed such a humanitarian reputation that he was featured in the October 1948 McCall’s Magazine. "Harlington Wood was created to be a judge of men," Morris Markey wrote. "From the day he left the plow at his father’s farm and went off to law school, he was moving toward the place in life that was exactly right for him." The story dealt with Judge Wood’s successful rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

Judge Wood lost only one election, as an independent candidate for state’s attorney in 1916.

He was a 25-year member of the Illinois Youth Commission’s Board, retiring in 1965. Judge Wood was named a trustee of the Illinois Jurist Pension System in 1941 and also was vice president of the Juvenile Court Judges Association of Illinois.

Surviving are his wife, Marie G.; one son, Judge Harlington Wood Jr. of Springfield and one granddaughter."

Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg, IL. Epitaph: "Athlete, teacher, lawyer, leader, judge, husband, father, grandfather and a friend to many." Had a law partnership with Harlington Jr. in Springfield. Read for the law under Hon. N.W. Branson and the former state attorney, Thomas P. Reep. Bet. 1934 – 1950, served 16 years as judge of the Sangamon County Court.

Born to them was:

( HARLINGTON WOOD, JR., (dropped the Charles?) born April 17, 1920 Springfield IL; married 1st Rosemary Miller; married 2d August 10, 1974 in Morristown NJ, Cathryn Jane Reuwer born July 24, 1946 Portland ME; graduated from Springfield High School; a law partnership with his father in Springfield; US Army Veteran 1942-46, serving in Asia and Europe, discharged as a Major

"Harlington Wood, Jr., 73, is a 1948 graduate of the University of Illinois Law School. From 1948 to 1969, Judge Wood practiced law in Springfield. He was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois from 1958 to 1961. From 1969 to 1973, he held high-level positions at the Justice Department, including Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division. Judge Wood was appointed by President Nixon to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois in 1973. President Ford appointed Judge Wood to the Seventh Circuit in 1976. Judge Wood took senior status in 1992.

Overall reports suggest that Judge Wood is a good judge and a solid performer on the Seventh Circuit. He is considered to be thoughtful, careful, experienced, and fair."

"Capt. Harlington J. Wood, Jr., son of Judge and Mrs. Harlington Wood, was among witnesses who attended the signing of surrender documents by Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, commander of all Japanese forces. Capt. Wood, who serves as aide to Maj. Gen. Leavy, is watching the officer affixing the seal. Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright is seated second from the left. The historic scene occurred in Baguio, northern Luzon (Philippines)." "Was honored by several presidential appointments: (1) United States attorney, Southern District of Illinois (by President Eisenhower in 1958); (2) United States District Judge in the Southern District of Illinois (by President Nixon in 1973); (3) Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil Division at the Department of Justice (by President Nixon in 1972); (4) Judge of the 7th District United States Court of Appeals (by President Ford in 1976)." "Served the U.S. government as a negotiator and mediator in the peace demonstrations in Washington in 1971. He further distinguished himself as chief negotiator for the U.S. government at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in 1973."

"Judge Harlington Wood, Jr. of Petersburg, Senior Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals, will leave Friday for several weeks in Moscow where he will work with Russian judges. He is one of five federal judges from around the country selected by the State Department from over 200 volunteers to make the trip.

The group will learn about the Russian judicial situation as they try to adapt their legal structure to keep up with the other changes in that country. They may assist in drafting a new statute, give lectures on their judicial administration, and participate in seminars on issues of law and the role of the judiciary.

This will be Judge Wood’s sixth trip to Russia, where he has visited all areas of the country. When he was there before it was the Soviet Union. On one trip to Moscow he went into the Tomb in Red Square to take a look at Stalin and Lenin. As he was leaving the Tomb he saw the police moving into Red Square and dispersing the crowd. The tomb was closed that night, and Stalin was taken out and buried away from public view just outside the Kremlin wall. By chance, Judge Wood was one of the last people to see Stalin, and he reports that it looks like Lenin’s days on display are also numbered."

( GEORGE U. MILES born August 6, 1855 and died May 19, 1944; Obit: George U. Miles of this city died Friday morning at 1:35, May 19 at Rest Haven Home in Springfield at the age of 88 years. He became ill with pneumonia in February and was taken to the Memorial Hospital and a few weeks later was removed to Rest Haven Home for convalescence. Mr. Miles born in Petersburg in August 6, 1855, the son of James and Anna Smith Miles and was reared on the Miles homestead one mile north of the city. He attended the Barclay school, the local high school and for a period of time studied law in the office of the late Hon. T.W. McNeeley. He was prominent in local musical development and for more than thirty years was leader of numerous well-known professional orchestras and bands. He retired from that profession a few years ago. He was a member of the local order of Odd Fellows; never married; buried in Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg

( JAMES S. MILES born January 16, 1859 Menard Co IL and died there 1952; married March 1, 1882 in Petersburg, Menard, IL (Mary Ellen) Nellie Purkapile [dau of James & Catherine (Nance)] born December 25, 1860 and died 1948 Menard Co IL; both buried Farmers Point Cemetery, Petersburg IL (Photo)

"(1905) James S. Miles, a son of James and Anna Miles, who are residents of Petersburg and are mentioned elsewhere in this volume, was the fourth in a family of five children and born January 16, 1859, upon the farm where his father now resides. There he was reared. No event of special importance occurred to vary the routine of farm life for him in his youth. He pursued his education in the Barclay school and Petersburg high school, and when he had completed the course he engaged in teaching, first in country schools and afterward in Petersburg, being identified with its educational interests for a year.

At the end of that time Mr. Miles was married, March 1, 1882, to Miss Nellie Purkapile, a daughter of James Purkapile. Mrs. Miles came into possession of the farm on which they now reside and they still have the original deed to this land, signed by John Adams. Her grandfather, John Purkapile, obtained the land from the government and at his death his estate was divided among his children and a part of it was inherited by the father of Mrs. Miles and in turn came into her possession. The land just across the road was formerly the property of Judge Harrison, born upon the place. The name Purkapile is of German lineage and the family was Pennsylvania German people connected with the Keystone state in a very early period in its development. John Purkapile married Mary Ellen Boyer and died October 4, 1846, at the age of sixty-five years, four months and sixteen days. The grandmother of Mrs. Miles reached the very advanced age of ninety-three years.

Mrs. Miles acquired her education in the common schools at Walnut Ridge. By her marriage she became the mother of three children but the eldest died in infancy. James S., born June 5, 1888, is now attending school at Petersburg, being in the second year in the high school. Anna Catherine, the youngest born June 5, 1902.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Miles hold membership in the Christian church and he votes with the Republican Party. He carries on general farming, now owning over three hundred and thirty-two acres, and is also engaged in feeding and shipping cattle. He has been quite prosperous in his business affairs and most of his success has been attained through hard labor. His property is now valuable, giving evidence of his careful supervision in the many modern improvements he has placed upon it."

"(1943) James S. Miles, well known citizen of Menard county, and for many years a leader in Illinois state fair activities, has a recipe for both old age and happiness. ‘Get married early to a good, Christian girl, behave yourself and work hard,’ is his rule.

Miles, long a Republican enthusiast, and one time close friend of Gov. Len Small, was 89 years in January. Mrs. Miles died in February. Had she lived a month longer, they would have been married 66 years.

Miles, still in vigorous health, was in the city calling on friends. While here, he reminisced over events of a quarter of a century ago, and before. His grandfather was among those who met at Bloomington in 1854 to organize the Republican Party in Illinois. Both the grandfather and the father knew Abraham Lincoln, the grandfather having been one of the Emancipator’s close friends.

For several years, Miles was a member of the Illinois State Fair advisory board and for a time served as its president. During the Small administration, he helped direct every state fair held during the eight years."

Born to them were:

( JAMES SHELBY MILES Jr born June 5, 1888 IL and died 1977 Menard Co IL; married Virginia Williams (1918-1964); both buried Farmers Point Cemetery, Tallula, Menard, IL – photos

"(1974) James Miles went to the Illinois State Fair for the first time in 1900 and he hasn’t missed one since, with the exception of 1918 when he was serving with the U.S. Army.

Miles will be one of the early arrivals at the fair today and very likely he will be there every day of the 1974 exhibit. He’s a spry 86 and will cover the grounds on foot as he always has.

Setting records is not the purpose of his visits to the fair — he has been wrapped up in fair history as far back as he can remember.

His father, J. S. Miles, at one time president of the State Fair Board, is the man responsible for the fair being held in Springfield today. During Governor Len Small’s administration, there was talk of moving the fair to Peoria. J. S. Miles was convinced the fair belonged in Springfield and it was only after his personal plea to Gov. Small that the latter decided to keep the exhibit in the capital. He spent the next eight years working with the fair and didn’t receive one penny, his son says.

James Shelby Miles (he was named for Shelby M. Cullom, one-time governor of Illinois and later U.S. senator) has an impressive record of association with the fair. He first exhibited in 1909 and carried off a ribbon for a Berkshire boar. He went back in 1911 and received awards for junior champion boar and junior champion gilt.

Miles likes to reminisce about the "Golden Age of Fairs," when the Illinois exhibit was the big event of the year, attracting visitors from all over the state. The Fair, he says, was a family event in those days. People came with picnic baskets and spread a bounteous meal on the grass. They stayed from early morning until late at night. These were the days of simple pleasures and Miles wishes they could return. "It’s all different now," he adds.

During the heyday of fairs, Miles was superintendent of the Illinois State Fair swine department while Gov. Small was in office. He also served as superintendent of the national swine show held in Peoria in the ’20s. A farmer and livestock raiser in Menard County for many years, Miles was an exhibitor and judge not only in Illinois but also across the country from New York to California.

A souvenir of his exhibiting days is a framed certificate with blue ribbon for grand champion barrow, winner over all breeds, received at the International Live Stock Show in Chicago in 1921. The certificate shows pictures of Miss Mary Judy, Tallula, owner of the winning Berkshire, and Miles, the breeder and showman.

Menard county history is another subject he likes to talk about and his keen memory brings to life many important events of bygone days. It is no wonder he is steeped in the history of the county made famous by Lincoln’s connection with it. His grandfather, John Purkapile, came to Menard in 1822 and in 1824 he received a land grant signed by John Quincy Adams. His grandfather, James Purkapile cast his first vote in the county while Abraham Lincoln was clerk.

Miles remembers well when William Randolph Hearst bought the land where New Salem State Park is located and donated it to the Old Salem Chautauqua Association, with the idea that a state park be located there. Miles is the last surviving member of the 12-man committee named to establish that historical landmark. "While the legislature was in session," he recalls, "we invited them out to look over the property. Dave Shanahan was the speaker and I remember meeting some of them with my old car. The women gave them a big dinner in the old Harrison Opera House." On April 3, 1918 the legislature voted to take over the land for a state park, and the Old Salem Chautauqua Association with Mr. Hearst’s consent, deeded the 62 acres to the state for the restoration of New Salem village.

In recent years Miles has held several positions with the state. He was a guard in the treasurer’s office and recently at the Archives Building. From 1953 to 1960 he worked with Illinois Institutional Farms. He is particularly proud of this program which, he says, made the handicapped and prison inmates self-sufficient and provided an important type of rehabilitation."

Child of James is:

( JAMES STEPHEN MILES IV (Jimmy) born November 16, 1953; married Vera W {mnu}; “In Celebration of the Life of James Miles,” from the program of his memorial service, February 25, 2006. “James Stephen Miles, son of James Shelby Miles and Virginia Williams, passed away at his home in Chicago on February 21, 2006 around 5 p.m. He was president of union 394, The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (BLET). His family played some role of note in Illinois history, helping to organize Illinois state fairs and the construction and restoration of New Salem, the historic village of Abraham Lincoln’s young manhood. In fact, his father quaried and laid the first foundation stone of the New Salem Village. James Miles served in the rail industry for almost 30 eyars, starting as a switchman at the Chicago Northwestern Proviso yard and with the Belt Railway of Chicago, becoming a locmotive engineer a few years later. At the time of his death, he was active in advocating worker and public safety by organizing fellow union members and others to publicize the deleterious effects of the recently implemented remote control operations of locomotives, founding the National Committee Against Unmanned Locomotives. For 35 years, Jim was a political activist and scholar participating in anti-war, civil rights, and the feminist movement. In 1994, he presented in Moscow a paper on how Leon Trotsky as early as the 1930’s predicted and fought agaist the collapse of the Soviet Union and how the revolution could be restored to its original spirit and tasks. He launched RMT, a journal of political theory analysis. James Stephen Miles dedicated his life to justice, peace and human liberation. His wife and collaborator, Vera W Miles, survives him.” Thanks to Elaine Cidcombe for this! RMT = National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers

( ANNA CATHERINE MILES born June 5, 1902; married 1st John Ainsworth; 2d Vaughan Walker; and born to Anna and Vaughan was:

( VAUGHAN WALKER – 1999 Federal District Judge, San Francisco

( INFANT MILES died in infancy

( KATHERINE A. MILES born April 22, 1862 and died June 17, 1925; married November 5, 1894 in Menard Co IL, Arthur S. Gray [son of Sylvester & Harriet (Wood)] born June 29, 1860 and died August 30, 1910; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg IL (headstone photo)

"The particulars of the sad accident, whereby Mr. Arthur S. Gray of this city lost his life, are given in another column.

Mr. Gray born at Cuba, New York, 1860, being a descendant of one of the oldest and best families of New York State. He was married to Miss Kate Miles of this city, daughter of James Miles, Sr., in November 1894. The following January he moved to this place and has been a resident here ever since, enjoying the confidence and respect of this community to an unusual degree. He was the soul of honor, affable, cheerful, a splendid type of Christian manhood.

He leaves surviving him, his widow, two sons, Miles and Wood, aged 12 and 5 respectively, and three sisters back in New York State. To the sorrowing relatives, especially to his wife the community extends sympathy, and gladly would they bear a part of her sorrow if they could.

The funeral will occur this (Friday) afternoon at the Christian church at 2 o’clock, conducted by Eld. B. H. Sealock, pastor of the church, of which the deceased was an active member. Interment at Oakland cemetery."

"While Mr. A. S. Gray, dairyman, was on his way home from serving his customers, Tuesday evening, he met instant death on the crossing of the C., P. & St. L. railway on North Main street, by being run down by the southbound passenger, running nearly half hour late.

The crossing is a dangerous one on account of the buildings and brickyard, which obstruct the view and the sharp curves on either side. The train being late was running quite fast to make up the lost time. This is evidenced by the fact that the train was not stopped until it had run over one hundred yards after the impact.

The body of the unfortunate man, which was not mangled, the main injury being on the back of the head, was thrown only a few feet on the south side of the track, the horse which was also instantly killed was carried a little farther, and dropped on the north side, the milk wagon was wholly demolished.

Coroner’s Inquest. The inquest was held at Coroner H. E. Wilkins’ office Wednesday morning, resulting in the following verdict: "We find that A. S. Gray came to his death by accidentally being struck by passenger train No. 7, southbound, Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis railroad at 7:12 p.m., August 30, 1920, at junction road crossing in Petersburg, Ill." Signed by Thos. Scott, James Arnold, Fred Kyle, Jos. Arnold, H. S. Houghton, W. H. Shultz."

Born to them were:

( MILES GRAY born December 28, 1896 Petersburg IL and died January 3, 1989 Springfield IL; married 1932 Molly Furlich born May 26, 1908 and died May 7, 2003; both buried Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg (headstone photo)

"Miles Gray of Springfield died at 1:10 p.m. Tuesday, January 3 at Doctors Hospital at the age of 92 years.

He born December 28, 1896 in Petersburg, the son of the late Arthur and Kate Miles Gray. He was preceded in death by a brother, Wood Gray. He married the former Molly Furlich in 1932.

Mr. Gray was a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Law in 1921. He was an attorney in private practice for 58 years.

He was past national president of Tau Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, past president of the Sangamon County Bar Association, past president of the Civil War Roundtable and past president of the Springfield Exchange Club. He also was a member of the First Christian Church, Illinois Bar Association, and a 70-year member of St. Paul’s Lodge 500 AF&AM.

He is survived by his wife, Molly."

( WOOD GRAY born March 19, 1905 and died June 1977; married Dottie {maiden name unk}

"Dr. Wood Gray, professor of American history at George Washington University, Washington D.C., and a former resident of Petersburg, will teach a new course in World War II at the university next fall.

Dr. Gray, a graduate of the University of Illinois, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and was for three years a member of its faculty. He has been with Washington University since 1934.

He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Kappa and Pi Gamma Mu and is the author of "The Hidden Civil War: The Story of the Copperheads."

During the war, he served for three years as a major in the army air corps."

Author: "The Hidden Civil War, the Story of the Copperheads", Viking Press 1942

"Wood Gray, formerly of this city, was married Saturday morning, August 13, in Urbana, to Miss Dorothy Gray, of that city. The wedding took place at eleven o’clock, at the home of the bride’s parents at 808 Lincoln Avenue, Dr. Stephen Fisher, pastor of the University Place Christian church officiating. Members of the two families and a few intimate friends witnessed the ceremony.

Mr. Gray graduated from the local high school, and graduated with high honors from the University of Illinois last June. His bride is also a graduate of the University. Mr. Gray will spend the coming year teaching at the University, and will take his Master’s degree next spring.

( SAMUEL SHUNK SMITH born July 2, 1838 Chandlerville, Cass, IL; served with the 51st Illinois Infantry, Civil War, and was wounded in a knee by mini-ball; married 1st Susan Stucky born September 19, 1843 OH – they separated 1880 and divorced June 9, 1886; married 2d Amanda Sumpter; [Jim – interesting – Samuel had a grandchild before his last child born!] and born to Samuel and Susan were:

( JAMES A. SMITH born February 5, 1865


( SAMUEL SHUNK SMITH, JR., born January 30, 1869 Chandlerville IL and died March 24, 1947 Weatherford, Custer, OK; married Anna Palmer born November 30, 1877 Wilson KS and died October 3, 1959 Clinton OK; and born to them were:

( CLAUDE H. SMITH born March 19, 1897 and died in a flu epidemic October 16, 1918

( CLOVE S. SMITH born January 1, 1902 and died in a flu epidemic January 7, 1919



( MARY ELIZABETH SMITH born January 6, 1907 Lenora OK and died April 3, 1958 Weatherford, Custer, OK; married Cecil Charles Hart born September 19, 1904 Lone Wolf OK and died July 4, 1964 Alexandria LA; and born to them were:

( DARRAL DUANE HART born March 4, 1928 Weatherford OK; married October 19, 1946 Evelyn Marie Nowka born May 6, 1926 Hydro OK; and born to them were:

( MART LYNN HART born and died May 1948

( MARSHA MARIE HART born February 26, 1950 Clinton OK; married August 16, 1969 James Darryl Harvey born June 9, 1950 Plaquemine LA; 1977 they lived in La Place LA; and born to them were:

( ASHLEY MARIE HARVEY born December 9, 1970 Alexandria LA and died the next day

( LORI ELIZABETH HARVEY born March 16, 1973 Baton Rouge LA

( DARI ANN HART born December 12, 1951 Clinton OK; married July 5, 1975 Clifford Paul Smith

( M. DELORES HART married W. A. Carruth, Jr

( ADDIE SMITH married a Mr. Downs who died in WWII

( ROBERT E. LEE SMITH [possessed the mini-ball that wounded his g.father] married Sally {maiden name unk}and born to them were:




( ANNA MAY SMITH (1875-)


Born to Samuel and his second wife, Amanda were:

( STEPHEN A. SMITH born February 5, 1893

( JOHN A. SMITH born January 27, 1896

( LUCRETIA A. SMITH born August 16, 1900; [Jim – when she born her father was 62 years old!]

( SARAH SMITH born May 25, 1800 and died October 27, 1817

( EBENEZER FERRIS (6th born) probably died young

( DEBORAH FERRIS (7th born) born c1784/7; married 1st Asaph King born 1782 and died January 5, 1806 [son of Barzilla King, Sr.] and 2d in 1830 a Mr. Kendall; she was living in Ulysses NY 1830 as a widow. Born to Deborah and Asaph were:




( SYLVESTER KING born March 14, 1800 Covert NY and died 1882; married 1824 Sarah Cole (1807-1867) and born to them was:

( LOUISA KING born December 12, 1824 NY and died March 4, 1913; married John C. Porter born June 24, 1822 NY and died 1912. Born to them were:


( HARRIETT LOUISE PORTER born November 6, 1863 Senecca Township MI and died April 8, 1936 Columbus OH; married February 10, 1870 in Canadagua MI, Leroy William Rorick born September 24, 1847 Senecca Township MI and died March 9, 1917 Morenci MI. Born to them were:

( NELLIE RORICK born February 25, 1872 Seneca Township, Lenawee Co MI and died February 22, 1940 Columbus OH; married April 10, 1892 in Fulton Co OH, William David Murphy born June 1, 1870 Locust Grove OH and died May 12, 1946 Columbus OH; and born to them were:

( LEROY RORICK MURPHY born June 10, 1895 Fayette OH and died May 25, 1918 on board the USS Nokomis

( WILLIAM DAVID MURPHY born November 7, 1900 Locust Grove OH and died July 2, 1972 Zanesville OH; married October 7, 1925 in Columbus OH, Margaret Foster born April 23, 1899 Columbus and died November 1, 1984 Zanesville. Born to them were 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( MARGARET JANE MURPHY born July 18, 1929 Columbus OH and died December 27, 1983 Minneapolis MN; married John McConnell and they had 3 kids

( JOHN ANDREW MURPHY born February 15, 1905 Fayette OH and died December 3, 1985 Columbus OH; married January 27, 1929 in Smithfield OH, Mary Elizabeth Thomasson born January 12, 1906 Mt. Pleasant OH and died December 14, 1995 Columbus OH. Born to them were 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( JOHN ANDREW MURPHY born March 19, 1930 and died September 1, 1947 Columbus OH

( COSPER M. RORICK born December 31, 1874 Seneca Township, Lenawee, MI; married 1st November 30, 1897 in Morenci MI, Georgia L. Mace born December 19, 1876 Morenci and died there January 18, 1912; married 2d, April 13, 1914 in Morenci, Elsie M. Royce born January 21, 1885 Denson MI and died January 18, 1912. Born to him and Georgia were:


( WENDELL KIRK RORICK married Laila F. Green and they had 2 kids

( LEROY MAX RORICK married Margery Howland and they had 1 child

( GEORGE COSPER RORICK married, name unk, and they had 2 kids

Born to Cosper and his 2d wife, Elsie, were:



( HARRIET JEAN RORICK married Donald B. Kendall and they had 1 child

( SAMANTHA KING born August 15, 1791 and died March 21, 1817; married Lewis Porter born May 24, 1786 and died December 8, 1862 Covert, Seneca, NY; and born to them was (and may have been more):

( CYNTHIA PORTER born April 30, 1908 and died March 23, 1886 Seneca Co NY; married Daniel Hall who died October 11, 1850 Seneca Co NY; and born to them was (and may have been more):

( SAMANTHA PORTER HALL born October 20, 1830 and died September 5, 1888 at age 58y 11m 16d; married Abram Tunison [son of Philip B.] born c1828 and died September 24, 1898 at age 71; both buried Lakeview Cemetery, Interlaken, Seneca, NY; and born to them were:

( FRANKLIN HALL TUNISON born 1847 and died July 5, 1924; married c1870 Emma Sherwood [dau of Harrison J. M. & Gerzilla (Bradley)] born October 26, 1847 and died December 5, 1924; and born to them were:

( MATTIE F. TUNISON (1869-1943) married Clarence F. Snyder (1866-1947)

( SARAH A. TUNISON born c1852 and died before 1898; married Pratt Crissy, of East Steamburg NY; and born to them was:

( NELLIE CRISSY was living in Chicago 1933

( EDGAR E. TUNISON born February 28, 1856 and died June 25, 1890; married Flora Eldred born August 4, 1861 and died November 30, 1945; both buried Lakeview Cemetery, Interlaken, Seneca, NY; and born to them was:

( EDGAR ELDRED TUNISON born November 21, 1890 and died November 19, 1953; married Margaret G. {maiden name unk} who died March 29, 1954; no offspring

( LEWIS H. TUNISON born 1864 and died June 8, 1933; married January 1, 1899 in Searsburg NY, Georgie Anna Crisfield born January 1, 1869 and died 1948; and born to them were:

( J. WESLEY TUNISON born 1890 and died November 14, 1940; married December 18, 1912 Louie Mary Batty born 1888 and died November 1, 1972; both buried in Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg NY – no offspring

( FRANK ABRAM TUNISON born April 11, 1902 and died June 25, 1985; married 1st June 29, 1922 Gyda Mary Hymes born April 17, 1902 Newfield NY and died April 10, 1951; and 2d February 14, 1954 Anna Dawson Smith born 1904 and died January 13, 1981; Frank and Gyda are buried Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg NY; and born to Frank and Gyda were:

( LEWIS EDGAR TUNISON born June 14, 1923; inducted into the Army February 17, 1943 and promoted to Corporal April 10, 1943; attended radio repair school in the spring of 1944; landed in Scotland November 27, 1944 and saw duty in England and France before going to Heidelburg, Germany April 12, 1945; promoted to T-4 May 8, 1945; returned to the States at Hampton Roads VA July 13, 1945 and was discharged at Fort Dix NJ February 7, 1946; married April 16, 1944 in Trumansburg NY, Jean Shirley Wiggins born January 20, 1924; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL LEWIS TUNSION born June 20, 1946 Ithaca NY; married 1st November 8, 1968 in Trumansburg NY, Ruth Marie Eibach Parker [dau of Joseph & Edith (Brown) Eibach][her stepfather was a Parker] born August 23, 1950 (Ruth has remarried 3 times); second April 25, 1981 in Rochester NY, Karen Mary Sangmeister born May 29, 1954. Mike is the provider of this updated information on this “twig” – Thanks Mike! Born to Mike and Ruth were:

( MICHAEL ABRAM TUNISON born August 11, 1969 Rochester NY; Mike served in the Army from 1989-92; was in the Berlin Brigade, 6th/512th Infantry and was there when they tore down the Berlin Wall; married February 22, 1997, Jodi (Wood) Borchers who bought with her to the marriage a son, Cameron Scott Borchers. Born to Michael and Jodi was:

( CONNOR LEWIS TUNISON born June 30, 1997

( MATTHEW DAVID TUNISON (twin) born February 14, 1971 Rochester NY

( JENNIFER MARIE TUNISON (twin) born February 14, 1971 Rochester NY.

Born to Jennifer and Ignacio A. Torres were:

( JESSE MARIE TORRES born August 31, 1995

( ABBEY ELIZABETH TORRES born September 5, 1997

Born to Michael and his second wife, Karen, was:

( KYLE VINCENT TUNISON born April 15, 1983 Rochester NY

( SUSAN JEAN TUNISON born October 26, 1948; married 1st July 5, 1969 James Adam Bucci born November 9, 1949; second December 14, 1993 Charles Ingalls born April 19, 1942; and born to Susan and James was:

( NICKOLAS JAMES BUCCI born June 1, 1972; married June 21, 1997 Renee Casterline

( FRANKLYN HYMES TUNISON born November 11, 1925; inducted into the Army March 1, 1944; promoted to PFC September 18, 1944 and arrived in France January 20, 1945; was briefly in Luxembourg before seeing duty with Patton’s 3d Army in Germany; later saw brief duty in England, Scotland, Austria, and Switzerland; promoted to T-5 February 21, 1946 and was discharged May 17, 1946; married October 11, 1946 Elizabeth Husar born January 17, 1931; and born to them were:

( ARNOLD LEE TUNISON born October 21, 1947; married September 16, 1967 Anne Marie Crofton born September 14, 1946; and born to them was:

( DACEY TUNISON born May 16, 1968

( ROBIN LEE TUNISON born July 13, 1956; married May 14, 1978 Carol Ann Chesnick and born to them were:

( JAMIE LEE TUNISON born December 14, 1984

( JESSICA LEIGH TUNISON born August 5, 1986



( ISAAC FERRIS (AFN: 8RLL-SB) born 1735 Stanwich CT and died in July 11, 1819 at age 84, Columbia, Hamilton, OH; by tradition, he and his son, Ebenezer, served in the Revolutionary War, under Washington in the Battle of White Plains, but his name is not found on any payroll. He was purported to have been taken prisoner while defending his house against a British raid and was later exchanged as a prisoner of war. His taxes were waived twice, because of losses sustained in those raids; because of the destruction on his home and property, departed New York. Isaac, with his family, and nephew John Ferris and his family, left Stanwich in December 1788, and after stopping in New Jersey to visit relatives, they went by wagon as far as Pittsburg, and thence by flat-boat down the Ohio River, arriving at Fort Miami (Columbia, Hamilton County) OH, December 12, 1789. The party was under command of Captain Benjamin Stites. [Jim – as another source puts it: On September 20, 1789, with his family, and accompanied by two other families, they took their departure from Stanwich. As the little party of emigrants took their seats in wagons and moved down the road, they were surrounded by a crowd on every side ready to predict that they would fall a sacrifice to savage cruelty or be drowned in descending the Western rivers. But nothing could overcome the courage of the little company. Their route was along the road on the north side of Long Island Sound to New York City, thence through New Jersey and Pennsylvania and over the Allegheny Mountains to the Monongahel River; thence, by boats to Fort Miami; about three-fourths of a mile below the mouth of Little Miami, where they arrived December 12, 1789, having been two months and twenty days on the journey. AAfter making fast the boats, ascended the steep bank and cleared away the underbrush in the midst of a pawpaw thicket, when the women and children sat down. They next placed sentinels at a small distance from the thicket, and having first united in song of praise to Almighty God, upon their knees they offered thanks for the past, and prayer for future protection. Blockhouses were erected as promptly as possible, for the storage of goods, and the protection of the women and children, and thus began the settlement of Columbia, the nucleus of a great city. There were, at that time, some thirty of forty families living in the fort, without the restraints of civil law and destitute of almost all kinds of provisions except such as could be obtained from the woods, in which hovered the hostile savages. An apartment in the fort, about sixteen feet square, was assigned to the family, in which they resided for a time.] These Ferris’ were all charter members of the Columbia Baptist Church organized there in March 1790, the first Baptist church in the Northwest Territory, north and west from the Ohio River to the Pacific Ocean. Of the nine constituent members, three bore the name Ferris and Isaac was made deacon. For several years, these pioneers lived on wild game and crops planted on the flood plain of the Little Miami River. The forest to the north was a dangerous refuge for hostile Indians, a hazard that was not eliminated until General Anthony Wayne’s victory at the battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. Some years later, he moved to Duck Creek vicinity [northwest of Columbia] and purchased 200 acres from John Cleves Symmes. They sold land to a Joseph Clark, 1802. He died here and is buried beside his wife in the Duck Creek Baptist Church burying ground (Note: By 1900, the site had been abandoned, the church no longer existed and the cemetery was devasted. The church relocated and became the Hyde Park Baptist Church, without a cemetery on the grounds. The area were the original church and cemetery was located was cleared for commercial development; I-71 now courses through the grounds; several graves were moved to other unk locations. Isaac married c1765 Mary Sherwood (AFN: 8RLM-C7) born April 24, 1742/46, Greenwich and died 1825 Columbia OH [dau of Jabez and Hanna (Disbrow) Sherwood]. See Photograph of Isaac Ferris home. Born to them were:

( ISAAC FERRIS [one source has Isaac with a middle initial of ‘F’ and as Jr.] born c1768 Greenwich (Stanwich, Fairfield County CT) and died November 20, 1843; listed as having served in the Rev. War; 58th NSDAR Report; sold land to Archibald Holbrook 1804; married Elcy ‘Elsie’ Thornell, of Philadelphia, who died September 19, 1855; Isaac and Elcy were among the organizing members of the Mount Carmel Baptist Church of Sycamore Township in 1822; both were buried in the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery, on Kenwood Road, Sycamore Township, Hamilton Co OH; cemetery was renamed the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery 1991. After Isaac’s brother Ebenezer’s death, Ebenezer’s children, Polly, Nancy, and Isaac are purported to have chosen their Uncle Isaac as their guardian in 1806. Born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( ISAAC CLINTON FERRIS born c1819 (last born); married 1st Elizabeth J. Parmetur; married 2d November 19, 1861 at Winchester OH, Catherine Elizabeth Holliday; and born to Isaac and Elizabeth were:

( ANNA MARIA FERRIS married Benson Hill

( JOHN PARMETUR FERRIS married Myra Barnum – Civil War Vet?

( BELLE AUGUSTA FERRIS married Ralph Kramer


Born to Isaac and his second wife, Catherine, were:

( AMELIA (AURELIA) EDWARDS FERRIS died 1944 Washington; married Newcomb Cohen

( SAMUEL EDWARDS FERRIS married Lillie Mae Whyte; lived in Chicago IL

( JESSIE FLORENCE (FREMONT) FERRIS died 1942/43 Florida; married Townsend Lee Davis

( ISAAC CLINTON FERRIS, JR., married Fannie Lois Cagle

( PHILIP SHERIDAN FERRIS lived in Arkansas


( PAUL WEBB FERRIS born February 11, 1876 and died August 27, 1940 Cleveland OH; married Florence Marie Hughes born October 11, 1898 and died December 31, 1957 – divorced; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Fairlawn, Summit, OH, near Akron. Born to them were:

( JESSIE FLORENCE FERRIS born February 19, 1896 and died September 18, 1953; married: Frank Barre; John Turslow; and a Mr. Isaacs – no offspring

( EDWARD NEWCOMBE FERRIS born August 30, 1900 and died March 6, 1983; married 1st Dorothy {maiden name unk}; and also Alberta and Iva. Born to Edward and Dorothy were:

( DONALD EDWARD FERRIS born 1923 and was killed June 13, 1943 while serving with the Navy

( JACK JAY FERRIS born 1928 and died May 25, 1961

( KATHERINE LILLIAN FERRIS born July 16, 1903 and died December 14, 1998 peacefully in her sleep, Akron OH; married four times; the last time 25 years to Albert Lenz – no offspring

( ISAAC CLINTON FERRIS born September 16, 1905 Huntsville AL and died July 12, 1973; married 1925 Odetta Steele born January 28, 1899 Creston OH and died October 29, 1989; both buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Fairlawn OH near Akron. Born to them were:

( JANE LOUISE FERRIS born June 10, 1926 Akron OH; married 1st 1946 Walter Werner – divorced 1969; 2d October 15, 1976 Robert Hendry who died May 27, 1989; Jane has resided in Fort Wayne IN since 1946. Born to Jane and Walter were:

( NANCY WERNER born March 10, 1950; married 1983 Mervyn Faris; in 1993 they lived in Sarasota FL. Born to them was:

( BENJAMIN LEE FARIS born November 30, 1988

( JERRY ARTHUR WERNER (twin) born May 22, 1954 and lived 10 days

( LARRY WALTER WERNER (twin) born May 22, 1954 and lived 5 days

( PAUL WARREN FERRIS born July 28, 1927 Akron OH; married Rose {maiden name unk} – divorced after moving from Akron OH to CA. Rose remarried Ken Vaughn and he adopted both kids. Born to Paul and Rose were:

( PHILIP CLINTON FERRIS (VAUGHN) born December 1, 1951; married Debbie {maiden name unk} – divorced; 1993 resided in Lake Hughes CA. Born to them were:

( NICOLE VAUGHN born October 19, 1979

( RYAN CLINTON VAUGHN born May 16, 1983

( KAREN MARIE FERRIS (VAUGHN) born May 20, 1955; married 1st a Mr. Pace and 2d Eugene Neighbours; 1993 they resided in Lancaster CA. Born to Karen and Mr. Pace was:

( SUSAN REBECCA PACE born December 6, 1982

Born to Karen and her second husband, Eugene, was:

( STEPHEN NEIGHBOURS born February 20, 1990

( RICHARD CLINTON FERRIS born December 8, 1930; married Betty {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( MARK RICHARD FERRIS born March 7, 1952; married Karen Rothenbuhler and they reside in Anacortes WA – 1998. Karen is the provider of the information for this twig – thanks, Karen! Born to them were:

( JUSTINA FERRIS born December 24, 1981

( JESSE FERRIS born April 26, 1985

( SID DANIEL FERRIS born June 26, 1954; married Diana K. Smith – divorced; resides in Topanga Canyon CA – thanks to Diana for updated info! Born to them was:

( CHARLES MORGAN FERRIS born August 15, 1982

( LINDA FERRIS born December 18, 1957; married 1st Paul Carman; 2d Harry Hitchcock; 1993 reside in Columbia SC – no offspring


( ROBERT EARL FERRIS lived in Florida

( EBENEZER FERRIS born September 21, 1799 (3d born) Norwood OH and died November 12, 1887; married Eliza Neeves born in KY and died April 7, 1899 at age 69y 10m 15d; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; and born to them were:

( CLORINDA FERRIS (Clarinda) born April 22, 1831 Rossmoyne OH and died July 23, 1919; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery (Mt. Carmel Cemetery), Hamilton Co OH

( HENRY CLAY FERRIS born December 5, 1836 Rossmoyne OH and died March 6, 1920; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery (Mt. Carmel Cemetery), Hamilton Co OH (tombstone photo)

( EZRA FERRIS born May 6, 1808/9 (6th born) and died March 6, 1871; married Eliza J. {maiden name unk} born August 22, 1814 and died August 18, 1903; both buried at Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH; and born to them were (and probably others) [Beneficiaries of his will were: Eliza Ferris, James L. Ferris, Isaac Ferris, Angeline Ferris, and Matilda McC?]:

( MARY S. FERRIS born March 19, 1846 and died April 6, 1846; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( JOHN S. FERRIS born March 19, 1836 and died December 22, 1862; a Civil War Veteran who died in the service of his country; buried at the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery, Hamilton Co OH

( MARY FERRIS born July 12/13, 1794 (1st born) Cincinnati OH (NW Territory) and died there at Indian Hill, May 9, 1851/54; married John Stevens born September 3, 1796 Oxfordshire, England and died September 26, 1875 Indian Hill, Cincinnati; both were buried in the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery (Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery), Cincinnati; and born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( ISAAC CLINTON STEVENS born c1827/28 Indian Hill OH and died 1911; married 1st Amanda Kennedy [dau of David & Elizabeth] born June 23, 1840 and died April 29, 1864; buried Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Cemetery; married 2d October 16, 1866 Anna ‘Annie’ E. Printy [dau of Jesse J. & Mary Ann (Finch) Printy] born August 1843 and died November 29, 1922; Isaac received 65 acres of land from his father; and born to Isaac and Amanda were:

( CLARENCE ALLEN STEVENS (1860-1938), of Indian Hills OH, married September 1893 at the Ninth Street Baptist Church by Rev. Johnson Meyers, Carrie May Breitenbach (1866-1926); Clarence entered service with the O&M Railroad, later the B&O Railroad on January 8, 1886 as a train baggage man and retired as the train baggage master after 45+ years in February, 1932; serving his entire time with the St. Louis Division; and born to them were three children, one of which was:

( ALLEN CLINTON STEVENS born March 28, 1896 Cincinnati OH and died March 31, 1978 Englewood, Sarasota, FL; married Evelyn McCay born 1902 and died December 2, 1980 Venice FL; Allen had been a research superintendent at Cornell University; Evelyn had worked in children’s social services; with the Children’s Home of Cincinnati; the Hamilton County Welfare Department; and the Children’s Protective Agency. She was also a former supervisor of the Home for Handicapped Children, Ithaca NY. They lived in Hyde Park, then Clifton before retirement; moving to Florida 1970; and born to was:


( ESTELLE A. ‘Stell’ STEVENS (1862-1959) married a Mr. Simmons

Born to Isaac and his second wife, Annie, were:

( HARRY L. STEVENS born July 27, 1865 and died February 28, 1949; married Georgette Cornvell born and died in France; and born to them were:


( RANDALL HARRY STEVENS born April 27, 1905 and died March 10, 1970; married May 23, 1925 Mattie Pearl Lewis who died May 13, 1985; and born to them were:

( GLORIA LORENA STEVENS born April 27, 1926

( RANDALL LEWIS STEVENS born December 2, 1928 and died July 29, 1994

( CLYDE CLINTON STEVENS born August 23, 1875 Indian Hill OH and died February 10, 1945; married April 1, 1905 Nellie Mae Losh born May 27, 1876 and died December 15, 1950; Clyde was the much-loved rural mail carrier of Indian Hill; and born to them were:

( RICHARD LOSH STEVENS born December 6, 1906 Indian Hill OH; lived in the old Losh home on Drake & Varner Roads

( JOHN FERRIS STEVENS (Photo) born May 12, 1916 Indian Hills OH

( EZRA FERRIS STEVENS born May 30/31, 1830 Indian Hill OH and died there September 15, 1913; married April 8, 1852 Eunice Muchmore Hetzler born November 21, 1832 and died January 14, 1917 Indian Hill OH; Ezra received 65 acres of land from his father; and born to them were:

( JOHN BURTON (BERTON) STEVENS born June 8, 1854 and died February 23, 1855, Indian Hill OH

( WILLIAM EDWARD STEVENS (Photo) born December 10, 1855 Indian Hills OH and died March 5, 1926; married Rose Gury, of San Jose CA, who died c1940; and born to them were:

( CHARLES FREDERIC STEVENS born October 27, 1876; married Pauline Butler and born to them were:

( RICHARD WILLIAM STEVENS married Betty Seymour and born to was:


( MARY ELIZABETH STEVENS married Edward Carey – divorced

( LOUIS HERMAN STEVENS born September 10, 1878 and died August 16, 1934; married Sine Coch

( MYRTLE IDA STEVENS born June 26, 1880 and died May 10, 1943; married 1st Harry Adair; 2d Joseph Henry Drewes

( MARY EUNICE STEVENS born July 26, 1882; married William Henry Watson

( ENNIS STEVENS born August 20, 1884 and died May 6, 1889

( ANNA AMELIA STEVENS born August 20, 1886; married Spencer Carl Jones and born to them was:

( CARL EDWARD JONES born November 29, 1914; married Margaret Eleanor Lovel and born to them were:



( MARY ELIZABETH STEVENS born July 7, 1858 and died September 17, 1934 Indian Hill OH; unmarried

( MILO ENNIS STEVENS born April 14, 1860 Indian Hill OH and died October 23, 1957; married June 1, 1892 at Covington KY, Margaret May Edwards, of Blanchester OH, born June 30, 1871 and died February 4, 1960; Milo organized the Indian Hill Cornet Band; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR EDWARD STEVENS (Photo) born December 26, 1892 Indian Hill OH and died October 31, 1986; buried Armstrong Chapel Cemetery, Indian Hill, Hamilton, OH (Photo); married December 31, 1913 Gladys Fae Ellis born August 5, 1894 Ripley OH and died 1977; Arthur was a farmer, operating a large farm near Loveland OH; and born to them were:

( RUTH VIRGINIA STEVENS born September 29, 1914 Indian Hill OH; married July 9, 1939 Paul Lytle born August 1, 1911; and born to them were:

( JOHN STEVENS LYTLE born December 3, 1940 Cincinnati OH; married June 10, 1962 Sarah Ruffner born May 24, 1944; and born to them were:

( CYNTHIA LOUISE LYTLE born May 24, 1964

( STEPHANIE LOUISE LYTLE born June 28, 1965

( JENNIFER LOUISE LYTLE born February 25, 1971

( PAUL WILLIAM LYTLE born June 19, 1943 Cincinnati OH; married December 19, 1965 Bernice Estep born February 7, 1943; and born to them were:

( RUTH ELIZABETH LYTLE born September 10, 1971

( WILLIAM JUDD LYTLE (twin) born April 1, 1975

( WADE JOSEPH LYTLE (twin) born April 1, 1975

( VIOLA YEATON STEVENS (Photo) born March 27, 1918 Indian Hill OH; married December 1, 1945 Francis White Eustis [son of George B.] born May 12, 1912 Cincinnati and died August 2, 1996; buried Armstrong Chapel Cemetery; Viola was a member of the Society of Colonial Dames of America, Ohio #733, Connecticut # 1883; elected President of the State of Ohio Unit for 1982-85. Adopted by them were [for information only]:

( FRANCIS WHITE EUSTIS, JR. (Adopted) born November 3, 1954 Chicago

( MARTHA WILEY EUSTIS (Adopted) born August 12, 1957 Chicago

( HELEN MAE (MAY) STEVENS born March 26, 1921 Indian Hill OH and died October 29, 1988; buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford, Clermont, OH (photo); married February 1944 David Shumard Hill born January 5, 1922; adopted by them was [for information only]:

( NANCY LYNN HILL (adopted) born April 7, 1948 Cincinnati


( WALTER ENNIS STEVENS (Photo) born August 16, 1895 Indian Hill OH and died October 28, 1985 Heritage Manor, Minster OH; buried Laurel IOOF Cemetery, Madisonville, Hamilton, OH (photo); married October 14, 1926 Helen Elizabeth Jackson born August 6, 1904 and died March 9, 1963; Walter lived near part of the original Ezra Ferris farm, with his home on the southeast corner of Miami & Brill Road. This was also owned at one time by Isaac Ferris, Sr., being in Section 5, Township 4, Tract Range 2. Walter was the Indian Hill Village Clerk and past Treasurer of Indian Hill Exempted Village Schools and the Village of Indian Hill; retired 1964 as President of the Madison Building Association (later the Madison Savings Bank); WWI Army Vet served in France; and born to them were:

( SHIRLEY ANN STEVENS born November 6, 1929 Indian Hill OH and died November 7, 1976; buried Armstrong Chapel Cemetery; married June 30, 1951 William Franklin Hahnert II who died July 6, 1984; buried Louisville KY; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM FRANKLIN HAHNERT III born June 14, 1962 Annapolis MO; married September 1, 1984 Paula Rose Koehler

( SHARON ANN HAHNERT born October 20, 1965

( SALLY ENNIS STEVENS born October 16, 1937 Indian Hill OH; graduated from Cottey College, Nevada MO 1957; married Grant Kattau and born to them were:

( LANE ALAN KATTAU born February 21, 1962 Cincinnati

( LEE ENNIS KATTAU born April 23, 1965 Cincinnati

( CATHERINE ‘Kitty’ FRANCES STEVENS (adopted) born July 14, 1934

( MABEL MARGARET STEVENS born December 4, 1902; married 1st Emmanuel West born December 11, 1892 and died June 12, 1935; married 2d Roy Brown born August 8, 1879

( JOSEPH FRANKLIN (FRANCKLIN) STEVENS born November 3, 1862 and died April 3/5, 1863

( GEORGEANNA STEVENS (Georgianna) born December 29, 1863 Indian Hill OH and died December 23, 1939; married December 23, 1886 Elmer Ellsworth Conger born June 17, 1861 and died February 27, 1909; and born to them were:

( ARNOLD BURTON CONGER born November 28, 1889 and died August 14, 1922

( LEON ELBERT CONGER born April 24, 1891; married July 14, 1914 Alva Mae Carr [half-sister to T. V. Hedger, below] born April 14, 1896; and born to them were:

( ROBERT LARUE CONGER (Larry) born September 29, 1914 and died November 19, 1943; married June 10, 1943 Mildred Delores Dean born May 26, 1918

( IRENE FARREL CONGER born April 2, 1916; married April 3, 1936 Edward Alphonse Hurdle – they divorced 1941

( PEARL CONGER born March 7, 1896; married 1st April 13, 1914 Thaddeus Vernon Hedger born June 18, 1894 – they divorced 1939; married 2d March 12, 1940 Raymond Lacey Clark born April 23, 1895; and born to Pearl and T. V. were:

( BERTAM WESLEY HEDGER born November 9, 1914; married May 14, 1938 Edna Mae Lucky born September 22, 1917; and born to them were:

( STEPHEN WESLEY HEDGER born March 10, 1940

( WAYNE SHAWN HEDGER born July 30, 1946

( WYNONA CAROL HEDGER born February 15, 1917; married September 3, 1936 Robert Louis Luther and born to them were:

( MARTHA ANN LUTHER born June 24, 1937

( PATRICIA CAROL LUTHER born August 7, 1940

( RUBY FAY HEDGER born July 27, 1921; married January 16, 1940 Donald Earl Reese born February 21, 1918; and born to them was:

( RANDON WESLEY REESE born July 13, 1947

( MARILDA ELMA STEVENS born October 2, 1869 Indian Hill OH and died there December 1950; married May 27, 1886 Ennis Turpin Armstrong [g.grandson of Nathaniel] born December 30, 1861 and died November 13, 1930 Indian Hill OH; and born to them were:

( ETHEL ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG born February 18, 1887 and died January 30, 1890

( LILLIAN MYRTLE ARMSTRONG born April 9, 1889 and died November 4, 1949; married 1st February 5, 1906 Harry Henry Nutick born June 10, 1885 – they divorced 1937; married 2d April 4, 1944 August Martin Smith; and born to Lillian and Harry were:

( HARRY VALENTINE NUTICK born September 29, 1906 and died April 21, 1995; a charter member of the Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department; an employee of Heekin Can Company for 51y; married September 29, 1934 Rosella Elizabeth Levitz (Sally) born December 19, 1915; and born to them were:

( RONALD EDWARD NUTICK born January 29, 1937

( JOHN DAVID NUTICK born May 25, 1944

( MITCHELL HOWARD NUTICK born March 25, 1909 Terrace Park OH; married September 29, 1928 Emma Jane Bowker born September 19, 1909 Terrace Park; and born to them were:

( MARY ALICE NUTICK born April 11, 1930 Terrace Park OH; married August 30, 1947 John Henry Mahne, Sr., born April 17, 1927 Terrace Park OH; and born to them was:

( JOHN HENRY MAHNE, JR., born June 26, 1948

( MITCHELL EDWARD NUTICK born September 13, 1931 Terrace Park OH

( ROWENA MILDREN NUTICK born June 5, 1915; married March 12, 1935 Walter August Fenker born August 30, 1912; and born to them was:

( GWENDOLYN FENKER born March 10, 1937

( ROBERT EDWARD NUTICK born November 12, 1920; married November 15, 1940 Mary Lanelle Lykins born September 11, 1922; and born to them were:

( BARBARA JOY NUTICK born October 10, 1941

( BETTY JO NUTICK born June 10, 1944

( EDWARD JULIAN NUTICK born November 1, 1948

( DAVID SCOTT NUTICK born August 13, 1958

( ALMA LORRAINE NUTICK born April 10, 1923; married 1st January 10, 1943 James H. Neff – they divorced 1946; married 2d March 30, 1946 Ralph W. Long born July 10, 1922; and born to Alma and James was:

( MARY JEAN NEFF born March 6, 1943

( EVA MAY NUTICK born April 5, 1925; married November 21, 1940 Joseph Hulen Steele, Jr., born February 10, 1923; and born to them were:

( CONNIE RUTH STEELE born October 16, 1941

( JOSEPH HULEN STEELE III born August 17, 1944

( WALTER THOMAS STELLE born July 14, 1947

( WILLIAM RUSSEL STEELE born October 23, 1949

( RUSSELL WILLIAM NUTICK born July 27, 1927 and died March 19, 1945

( JULIA IRENE NUTICK born September 8, 1930; married September 16, 1948 Clarence Nicholas Seigla, Jr., born June 16, 1930; and born to them was:

( PHYLLIS ANN SEIGLA born November 10, 1949

( MARTHA HAZEL ARMSTRONG born June 1, 1891; married February 16, 1927 Albert Twenhofel born December 30, 1887

( EUNICE MARIE ARMSTRONG born November 7, 1894; married July 2, 1914 Marion Francis Williamson born April 25, 1889 and died September 6, 1928; and born to them were:

( FRANCIS MARION WILLIAMSON born August 9, 1915; married June 26, 1937 Louisa May Bronson born October 5, 1915; and born to them was:

( BARBARA LEE WILLIAMSON born August 23, 1938

( CHARLES ARMSTRONG WILLIAMSON born December 17, 1917; married December 29, 1942 Mamie Louise Wearman born January 14, 1925; and born to them was:

( PEGGY ANN WILLIAMSON born January 29, 1944 and died December 17, 1946

( DAVID LEE WILLIAMSON born April 19, 1946


( MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON born September 4, 1920

( HOWARD STANLEY WILLIAMSON born May 11, 1922; married December 19, 1942 Nellie May Ditchen born January 11, 1927; and born to them were:

( JAMES EDWARD WILLIAMSON born March 21, 1946

( JANICE MARIE WILLIAMSON born July 23, 1948

( VIRGIL EZRA ARMSTRONG born June 20, 1896 and died February 17, 1905

( CHARLES STANLEY ARMSTRONG born December 6, 1898 and died October 19, 1918

( MARY EDITH ALICE ARMSTRONG born March 10, 1902; married 1st July 1, 1922 Warren Wilbur Finch born April 19, 1900 and died March 22, 1933; married 2d April 15, 1940 Bernard Aloysius Meyer born May 30, 1900 and died February 9, 1949; and born to Mary and Warren was:

( VIRGINIA ELISE FINCH born July 11, 1923; married August 11, 1948 John Dexter Frazier and born to them were:

( JANE ANN FRAZIER born February 25, 1955


( AGNES LORRAINE ARMSTRONG born November 5, 1907; married 1st December 30, 1925 Harry Mullen born February 21, 1908 and died May 1939 – they divorced; married 2d March 1, 1948 William LeRoy McClanahan born May 27, 1906; and born to Agnes and Harry were:

( GENE HARRY MULLEN born April 29, 1927; married March 20, 1945 Ellen Carolyn Stein born June 2, 1927

( KENNETH TURPIN MULLEN born May 24, 1929; married May 9, 1950 Miss Bowling

( MARTHA HAZEL MULLEN born March 30, 1931

( KATHRYN LOUISE MULLEN born February 3, 1933

( LILLIE BELL STEVENS born December 18, 1873 and died December 15, 1878 Indian Hill OH

( ELCY E. STEVENS born c1825/26 Indian Hill or Madison OH and died February 28, 1900 Hamilton Co OH; married 1st February 11, 1857 Abram W. Cosbey born August 30, 1828 Hamilton Co OH and died there August 8, 1857; 2d as his second wife, January 27, 1864 James Nelson; Elcy received 66 acres of land in Sycamore Township from her father; and born to Elcy and James were:

( MARY OLIVE NELSON (1867-1923) unmarried

( JOHN BURTON NELSON (1870-1946) unmarried

( ANNA MARY STEVENS born July 19, 1833 Indian Hills OH and died there September 14, 1897; married October 6, 1853 George Hetzler born August 2, 1830 Indian Hills and died there August 28, 1897; both were buried at Laurel Cemetery, Madisonville (Cincinnati) OH; Anna received 70 acres of land from her father; and born to them were:

( MARY LUELLA HETZLER born June 18, 1854 Indian Hill OH and died January 13/15, 1927; married, as his 2d wife, September 14, 1876 Samuel Earhart Losh [son of Lot & Alasanna (Earhart) Losh] born July 28, 1839 Indian Hill and died April 27, 1905 [See footnote at end of this chapter on Earhart and Losh families.]; and born to them were:

( EDWARD WALTER LOSH born August 26, 1877 Indian Hill OH

( ALASANNA VIOLETTA LOSH born April 14, 1879 Indian Hill OH

( GEORGE LOT LOSH born October 16, 1882 Indian Hill OH; married 1st November 21, 1903 Nellie Crawford who died August 20, 1904 after childbirth; married 2d October 26, 1905 Prudence Frances Finch; and born to George and Nellie was:

( NELLIE CRAWFORD LOSH (Nina) born August 19, 1904; a schoolteacher and unmarried; wintered Tucson AZ

Born to George and his second wife, Prudence, was:

( NORMAN LESLIE LOSH born July 15, 1919 Indian Hill OH and died August 16, 1987; married Carol {maiden name unk} who died May 1990 in a car wreck in Peoria IL; resided Littleton CO

( SAMUEL WILLARD LOSH born May 27, 1886 Indian Hill OH

( NELLIE MABEL LOSH born June 18, 1890 Indian Hill OH

( VIOLETTA ELIZABETH HETZLER born September 22, 1856 Indian Hill OH and died September 7, 1904 Norwood OH; married 1897 as his 2d of 3 wives, Dr. Ephraim Nathaniel Shepard Bush (Ennis) [son of Andrew Jackson & Emeline (Masters) Bush] born April 8, 1855 and died January 21, 1933; no issue to this union. He had 4 children with his other 2 wives.

( ENNIS WALTER HETZLER born May 29, 1858 and died March 9, 1884 of typhoid fever; pastor of the Pendleton Methodist Episcopal Church, Cincinnati

( LILLIE AMANDA HETZLER born February 8, 1860 Indian Hill OH and died January 2, 1891 Vickery OH; married July 1878 (Frank) Francis Kennedy born October 30, 1853 and died September 14, 1928; a Methodist circuit rider; born to them were 2 children; after Lillie’s death, Frank married Ida Leatitia Bush

( THOMAS A. STEVENS born September 20, 1834 Indian Hills OH and died April 21, 1909 Hamilton Co OH; married December 23, 1855 Sarah Anna Whitehead [dau of Lot & a (Brown) Whitehead] born February 8, 1837 KY and died April 6, 1919; both buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH; Thomas received 66 acres of land from his father in Sycamore Township; and born to them were:

( CHARLES HERBERT STEVENS born July 18, 1858 Madeira OH and died November 19, 1924; married September 4, 1879 Anna Maria Bush born November 20, 1860 and died December 24, 1939; both buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH; Charles was a commission merchant and a farmer; and born to them were:

( CLIFFORD ELON STEVENS born October 16, 1880 Indian Hill OH and died February 18, 1945; married June 16, 1903 (Carrie) Carolyn B. Rawlings; Clifford was employed by the Aetna Insurance Company, working in the farm department and was either the Assistant Manager or Manager of that department, when he died; and born to them were:

( LORENA STEVENS born c1905 Plainville OH; married 1st October 1923/24 a Mr. Todd – they divorced; married 2d Frank {surname unk}; and married 3d Hank Schleinzer

( ELIZABETH STEVENS born Chicago IL; married 1st Oliver Gracey – divorced; married 2d Kendall Romack; and born to Elizabeth and Oliver was:


( NELLIE BLANCHE STEVENS born June 10, 1882 Indian Hill OH and died December 19, 1966; married 1st May 11, 1911 Joseph Lee Kain (1879-1936); 2d September 3, 1949 Witter Leeka; and born to Nellie and Joseph were:

( MERIDEN LEE KAIN born April 29, 1912 Reading OH and died January 7, 1979; Meriden was a truck driver for Complete Auto for 37 years, before retiring; married 1st Marcella Henderson – divorced; married 2d Jeanette Viola Young born July 30, 1916 Newtown OH; and born to Meriden and one of his wives was an unnamed male, who probably died at birth

( DELBERT KAIN born and died 1917 Reading OH

( ELDON MELVILLE STEVENS born November 13, 1888 Indian Hill OH and died January 4, 1961; married September 18, 1912 Beulah Ethel Finch [sister of Prudence (] born January 29, 1892 and died August 29, 1980 Sun City AZ; both buried Resthaven Park Cemetery, Glendale, Maricopa, AZ (photo); Eldon was employed by the Aetna Insurance Company, working in the Farm Department, and at the time of his retirement, was the Assistant Manager of the department; and born to them were:

( MYRON BUSH STEVENS, Sr., (Photo) born October 14, 1914 Chicago IL; attended Lyons Township High School in LaGrange IL and Armour Institute of Technology [later Illinois Institute of Technology] earning a B.S. degree in Fire Protection Engineering; registered as a Professional Engineer in Missouri; worked for the Missouri Inspection Bureau, was Assistant Branch Superintendent of the Kansas City Office when the name was changed to Insurance Services Office of Missouri and title to Branch Office Assistant Supervisor; retired after 43+ years of service. He was a member of the Missouri State Guard, 1942-47, with Company A., 1st Battalion, 3d Regiment; Second Lieutenant when unit was disbanded at the return of the 110th Engineers, National Guard. During a work leave of absence, spent seven months on the white collar shift of Vendo Company making radar equipment, earning Army Navy E; later worked nights and weekends, when possible, for the Physicians Exchange Ambulance Service; was a member of the Jr. Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City MO; and the Kansas City Safety Council. He spent fifteen years as an adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America serving as Cubmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Explorer Advisor, Assistant District Commissioner, and as Vice Chairman of the District in charge of cub scouting, etc. Myron is a member of the Sons of American Revolution, NSSAR # 120964; dual member of the Delaware Crossing Chapter; Kansas SAR; and a member of the Saguaro Chapter, Arizona SAR; member of the Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims, National #8789, Ohio #210; member of the First Families of Ohio, #1008. Myron is a member of Alpha Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi; a life member of Mo-Kan Chapter of the Fire Protection Engineering Society, a chapter organized principally by him. He is a life member of the Heart of America Pond of the Honorable Order of Blue Goose, International, an insurance industry fraternity; a member of the Gate of the Temple Lodge No. 422, A.F.& A.M. in Springfield MO. Member of the First Lutheran Church of Mission Hills KS and associate member of the Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church of Sun City AZ; member of the Scandinavian Clubs of Greater Kansas City and Sun City. Myron is the provider of a considerable amount of information on this twig of the Tree –thanks, Myron! Myron married June 12, 1937 Anna Caroline Andreen born February 7, 1918 and died May 15, 1995; buried Newcomer’s Floral Hills Cemetery, Kansas City MO; Caroline went to Parker High School in Chicago; worked for Carson, Pierre, Scott & Co., of Chicago, before her marriage. She worked for the Social Security Office in Kansas City for ten years before retiring. She worked in Cub Scouting for about 12 years as a Den Mother and Committee member, and in Camp Fire Girls as a Leader; and born to them were:

( ROBERT BUSH STEVENS (Photo) born April 5, 1938 St. Louis MO; married March 1, 1975 (Sherry) Sheryl Lee Cowhick born July 26, 1953 Topeka KS; Robert graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering; served with the Army in Korea as a Specialist Fourth Class, where he trained fire department personnel on an airbase and inspected buildings for fire and safety hazards; worked for the Kansas Inspection Bureau and Nebraska Inspection Bureau, with name changed to Insurance Services Office, evaluating municipal water supplies and fire departments; currently employed by Insurance Management Associates as a Loss Prevention Inspector {N.S.S.A.R #123590}. Sherry worked for the Kansas Inspection Bureau; and born to them were:

( ROBERT MATTHEW STEVENS born September 12, 1977 Omaha NE

( PATRICK WADE STEVENS born May 26, 1979 Omaha NE

( RACHEL BROOKE STEVENS born September 16, 1982 Omaha NE

( DOROTHY ANNE STEVENS (Photo) born May 29, 1940 St. Louis MO; married as his 2d wife November 23, 1974 James Ronald Hermans [son of Norbert & Margaret] born June 29, 1942 Green Bay WI; Dorothy is a graduate of the University of Missouri at Kansas City with a B. A., History; she worked for Harry Reese, a private investigator and lawyer, even working on stakeouts; she worked for the Missouri Inspection Bureau and is currently working for Industrial Risk Insurers (formerly Factory Insurance Association) as a Special Agent & Underwriter; she earned the C.P.C.U. designation 1985

( MYRON BUSH STEVENS, Jr. (Photo) born March 12, 1942 Springfield MO; married 1st April 21, 1962 Florence Marie Antrobus [dau of Robert & Edora] born December 14, 1942 Morrisville PA – divorced 1977; married 2d December 19, 1981 Patricia Anne (Gorman) Heinz born March 21, 1935 Heinz MO; Myron served in the US Coast Guard in the Atlantic Ocean on an Icebreaker; worked for the New Jersey Rating Bureau; for the US Post Office as an extra; and as an 18-wheel truck driver for long and short hauls; was a dispatcher for Kissick Truck Lines and now is back to driving; a member of the Delaware Crossing Chapter, Kansas and National Sons of the American Revolution, National # 123534; and born to Myron and Florence were:

( ROBERT JOSEPH STEVENS born November 8, 1963 Trenton NJ; married November 3, 1986 at Sellersvile PA, Diane Joyce Ford [dau of William & Dorothy Marie (Egloff) Ford] born June 20, 1964 Abbington PA; and born to them was:

( ANGELA DIANE STEVENS born June 29, 1987 Abbington PA

( KAREN LEE STEVENS born January 21, 1965 Trenton NJ; married 1st November 16, 1985 Barry John Comoglio [son of Norman & Joan (Kern) Comoglio] born July 18, 1963 PA; married 2d August 13, 1994 Theodore Kerry Beck [son of Lester Charles & Nancy Ann (Youngken) Beck] born January 23, 1965; Theodore brought two sons with him to this marriage; and born to Karen and Barry was:

( CHRISTOPHER JOHN COMOGLIO born January 24, 1987 Abbington PA

( DONNA MARIE STEVENS born August 17, 1967 Trenton NJ; married September 29, 1989 Robert Brian Rhodes born February 22, 1969 PA; and born to Donna was:

( JOSHUA ROBERT STEVENS born March 7, 1986

Born to Donna and Robert was:

( ROBERT BRIAN RHODES JR., born October 28, 1990 Clearwater FL

( MICHAEL ANDREW STEVENS born February 8, 1970 Trenton NJ

( CAROL SUE STEVENS (Photo) born November 24, 1948 Kansas City MO; earned her Certified Professional Insurance Women (CPIW) designation 1972; earned her Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designated 1981; and an Associate in Underwriting (AIU) designation 1983; began her insurance career with the Missouri Inspection Bureau; then moved to the Maryland Casualty Company in the property department, later becoming an underwriter in the casualty department where she advanced to All-lines underwriter, supervisor, area manager and production underwriter specialist. In 1995, the owner of Maryland, Zurich Insurance Company, closed the department where she and her brother worked. She was offered a position in St. Louis but declined, not wanting to move. In 1995, she began work for Alexander & Alexander as an account executive in the commercial business department. In 1983, Carol was admitted into the DAR through the Elizabeth Benton Chapter of Kansas City MO, National # 679138

( BETTY JO STEVENS (Photo) born December 9, 1949 Kansas City MO; married July 15, 1972 Merl Dale Coleman [son of Merl Olando & Bessie Fern (Lowery) Coleman] born June 17, 1944 Lebanon MO – they divorced and then remarried March 19, 1981; Betty Jo attended the Kansas City public grade and high school, spending her last year at the Missouri School for the Deaf; began her insurance career with Gilbert-Magill Insurance Agency, and is now employed by the AFCO Credit Corporation; Dale attended the Missouri School for the Deaf in Fulton MO where he learned to be a pressor; mechanically minded and currently works for the Jones Store in downtown Kansas City

( EDWARD BUSH STEVENS (Photo) born March 9, 1952 Kansas City MO; married September 5, 1981 at Belton MO, Margaret Jean (Smith) Siegman [dau of James H. & Jean (Stewart) Smith] born June 5, 1947 Grand Island NE; Edward attended Bethany College KS and the University of Missouri at Kansas City; served in the Army, 1971-74 as a Chaplain’s Assistant, Specialist Fifth Class, at Scofield Barracks HI; began his working career with Commerce Bank in Kansas City; went to work for the Maryland Casualty Company, 1978-94, serving in various positions, the last being Senior Production Underwriter; presently working for American States Insurance Company in Kansas City; Edward is a member of the SAR, National #123355; was a member of the Delaware Crossing Chapter, KSSSAR. Margaret is a nurse and currently employed by Kansas City Internal Medicine of Kansas City MO; and has two sons from a previous marriage

( CHRISTINE ANN STEVENS (Photo) born April 4, 1953 Kansas City MO; married July 15, 1978 as his 2d wife, Paul Michael Holloway [son of Jack P. & Marion] born August 29, 1951; Christine worked for New Hampshire Insurance Company, 1972-73; Gilbert-Magill Company, 1973-75; and Fiss-Clogston, 1975-77. She then worked for Border Bandido as cashier and manager, 1978-80. In 1980, she went to work for St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, presently as a liability claims representative; earned her CPCU designation; completed Program in General Insurance; is working towards Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding and towards Associate in Claims Designation; a member of the Insurance Association of suburban Kansas City and was Insurance Woman of the Year 1991; as a member of the G.K.C. Insurance Association, she was the winner of the Lace Speak-Off; as a member of the National Association of Insurance Women, she won the regional Lace Speak-Off and went on to the convention in Cincinnati OH and was first runner-up in the National Lace Speak-Off. She is working on her DAR membership papers. Paul is a craftsman employed by Morgan Distributors, a sash and door manufacturer. Christine had a son, who she named Michael Bush Stevens born January 30, 1972, by Patrick Henry Murphy – Michael was adopted by another family.

Born to them was:

( TODD AARON HOLLOWAY born July 2, 1981 Kansas City MO

( KENNETH ELDON STEVENS born January 21, 1920 Oak Park IL; graduated from Lyons Township High School, LaGrange IL; 1938 he attended a special work study engineering course at Amour Institute of Technology in Chicago; 1938-39 attended the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA, intending to study nuclear physics, but instead became interested in philosophy and religion; 1941 he spent 3 months at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu as a student and library helper, but the bombing of Pearl Harbor closed the school; 1943-45 he was a part-time student while working as a clerk-typist in the University of Hawaii; 1945-46 he was a dairy hand at Peen Dairy, Oskaloosa IA and a student at William Penn College until January 1947, when he earned his B.A.; 1961 he was a student at Stanislaus State College in Turlock CA, where he earned a Junior High School Teaching Certificate from the State of California; earned his General Elementary Credentials 1964; Standard Teaching Credentials with specialization in secondary teaching 1968; employment history is varied, most jobs were short term; teaching freed his summers so that he could operate ‘Teenage Adventures’, which involved taking teenagers on long camping trips into Mexico; married December 5, 1942 (Dottie) Dorothy Bowron Mitchell [dau of Ralph Flint & Louise Marie (Nutting) Mitchell] born May 27, 1920; graduated from Whittier College with a B.A.;1970 graduated from the Modesto Community College with a B. of Nursing, and soon thereafter was designated Nurse of the Year for all of California; employed at the Scenic General Hospital, Modesto CA; and born to them were:

( CHRISTINE CONARD STEVENS (Photo) born May 1, 1944 Honolulu HI; married February 3, 1968 Robert Milton Kradjian, M.D., [son of Newton] born March 16, 1931 Long Beach CA; Christine attended the Modesto city schools and was the Future Farmers of America Sweetheart and the March of Dimes Queen; attended the Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing in Oakland CA and continued nursing in Europe for five months before returning to San Francisco where she was in charge of coronary care at the Mt. Zion Hospital; was with PAS Publishing, a Daly City producer of health and safety materials, and was serving as a corporate secretary, member of the board of directors, and executive director in charge of new product development; has now formed her own company, CSK Management, which serves as agent for artists in the music and acting fields; Robert attended Long Beach schools; received his B.A. at UCLA 1956; served in the Army in Germany for two years; and in 1967 completed an eight-month tour with a Volunteer Surgical Service in Vietnam, Thailand, India, Columbia, and Brazil; a practicing surgeon in San Francisco Hospital and is a vice-president on the board of directors of PAS Publishing, Inc. He contributes booklets and serves as medical consultant for some of the booklets that are published. In 1994, he published a book, ‘Save Yourself from Breast Cancer’.

( JOHN PATRICK STEVENS born October 13, 1946 Oskaloosa IA; married June 11, 1977 Candace Sandow Wright born June 2, 1952 Lakewood OH; Patrick earned his B. S., Mechanical Engineering; site construction foreman for Cerro Gordo, a planned community, near Cottage Grove OR; employed as an engineer with a Portland firm engaged in industrial pollution control; Secor International, 1994; Candace is the principal of a large elementary school in Beaverton OR

( SUSAN ESTHER STEVENS born May 4, 1949 Lihue HI; married January 21, 1972 Armando Marin Flores born August 20, 1951 Modesto CA; Sue attended Stanislaus State College earning her Bachelor Degree in Science & Nursing, 1992; employed at DoctoR’S Hospital as Labor & Delivery RN; Ambulance and Helicopter Transport, 1994; Armando has a law firm; and born to them were:

( MONICA MARIN FLORES born April 13, 1977 Sacramento CA

( CHRISTOPHER MARIN FLORES born February 4, 1981 Modesto CA

( JULIAN MARIN FLORES born March 22, 1983 Modesto CA

( JOY MARIE STEVENS born July 13, 1952, Modesto CA; married June 17, 1972 Allan George Mercier born October 28, 1948 Watsonville CA; Allan has his own watch and jewelry shop called The General Time Co., in historical Folsom section of Folsom CA; Joy is in the bookkeeping business and is currently in charge of Roy’s financial affairs. The store area has been increased and includes room for Joy’s bookkeeping business, so the name of the store has been changed to Mercier and Co.; and born to them were:

( DAVID ALLAN MERCIER born March 12, 1975 Santa Barbara CA

( KRISTA MARIE MERCIER born October 22, 1977 Modesto CA

( ANDREA LEE MERCIER born July 26, 1980 Sacramento CA

( BENJAMIN GEORGE MERCIER born June 15, 1983 Sacramento CA

( JENNIE LEE STEVENS born January 7, 1955 Modesto CA; married May 27, 1978 James Arthur Garrison born October 3, 1952 Las Vegas NV; Jennie worked as a day shift nurse and now employed at Doctor’s Hospital in Labor & Delivery as RN and on ambulance and helicopter transport 1994; Jim worked as a pharmacist at the Catholic Hospital Pharmacy; then an Oncology pharmist at Memorial Hospital 1994; reside Modesto; and born to them were:

( MITCHELL LEE GARRISON born June 11, 1982 Fresno CA

( ERIC VERNON GARRISON born November 25, 1984 Fresno CA

( ROY MITCHELL STEVENS (Photo) born August 3, 1957 Modesto CA; married July 11, 1968 Lisa Anne Winberg [dau of James Milton & Mary Caroline (Rowe) Winberg] born October 3, 1960 Oceanside CA; Roy, a baritone and Lisa, a soprano, majored in music at San Jose State University, earning Bachelor of Music degrees. Lisa, using the name Annalisa Winberg, and Roy, were soloists at Christian Science churches, and have had lead roles in operas separately and together. They have both been in Europe competing in various events, and have had lead roles in operas in Italy, France, and Germany. Roy sang Nabucco and Verdi’s Regoletto in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, 1988; Lisa did a concert version of Tosca near Venice 1988; Roy in the role of Verdi’s Falstaff at Macao 1994; and born to them was:

( CAROLYN MARIE STEVENS born April 13, 1996 at Doctor’s Medical Center, Modesto CA, where her aunts work

( ROY EVERETT STEVENS born February 15, 1891 Indian Hill OH and died March 4, 1956; married January 1, 1913 Alma Elizabeth Stagge born May 17, 1889 and died October 10, 1989 – divorced 1939; married 2d December 3, 1939 Mrs. Orpha Minor Wilson (1902-1987); and born to Ray and Alma were:

( LORETTA THELMA STEVENS born February 6, 1914 Madisonville OH; married May 29, 1940 Robert Dale Evans born February 1914; and born to them were:

( STANLEY ROBERT EVANS born May 16, 1944 Dayton OH; married 1st June 19, 1970 Deanne Domascho – divorced; married 2d February 25, 1982 Leslie Reed born December 28, 1957 Cherry Point NC

( RITA MAE EVANS born July 30, 1949 Cincinnati OH; married September 20, 1970 Jerry Preston Leamon born September 9, 1950 Struters IL; and born to them were:

( MARLA ALLISON LEAMON born June 23, 1974 Cincinnati OH

( ANDREW PRESTON LEAMON born August 22, 1976 Cincinnati

( ELSIE MARIE STEVENS born November 28, 1916 Madisonville OH; married August 22, 1936 James Edward Ruehlman born September 20, 1915 Goshen OH; and born to them were:

( PHYLLIS ANN RUEHLMAN born December 7, 1939 Cincinnati; married September 10, 1960 James Dale Stewart born March 28, 1934 and died April 18, 1981; and born to them were [they also adopted Cynthia Marie]:

( DALE EDWARD STEWART born September 11, 1966 Hamilton Co OH

( CHARLES EDWARD RUEHLMAN born September 29, 1944 Cincinnati; married April 23, 1966 Theresa Caroline Gibbons born April 23, 1935 Gibbons KY; and born to them was:

( TODD ALLEN RUEHLMAN born May 21, 1968 Mariemont OH

( RICHARD BRENT RUEHLMAN born October 3, 1948 Mariemont OH

( CATHERINE SHARON RUEHLMAN born January 16, 1950 Mariemont OH; married September 15, 1973 Terry Engel Thompson born June 28, 1947 Columbus OH; and born to them was:

( BRADLEY JOSEPH THOMPSON born August 10, 1977 Cincinnati OH

( MARYLYNN ANN RUEHLMAN born February 2, 1953 Mariemont OH; married September 26, 1981 Robert Doran Breckmann born June 26, 1952 Fresno CA

( DOROTHY ‘Dottie’ JEANETTE STEVENS (Photo) born January 27, 1919 Cincinnati OH; married 1st September 21, 1940 Robert Wesley Paul born October 31, 1917 Cincinnati – they divorced; married 2d March 14, 1947 Marvin Dale Lowman born February 5, 1921 New Madison OH; Dorothy earned a PBX Receptionist rating at the Market Training Institute in Ohio and worked in nursing homes. Marvin earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering 1948, Ohio State U.; he served in the Army in the European Theater and in Korea; worked for Babcock-Wilcox, then for Goodyear Rubber spending two years in Indonesia running a rubber plantation; then from 1965-81, he worked for the Kirk-Blum Manufacturing Company; and born to Dorothy and Robert was:

( VIRGINIA LEE PAUL-LOWMAN born October 9, 1941 Cincinnati; married December 29, 1962 Harold Edward Boling born June 17, 1939 Friendship OH; and born to them were:

( CONSTANCE KAY BOLING (Photo) born January 27, 1967 Athens OH; married March 21, 1992 Joel Christopher Allard; 1996 moved to Houston TX

( EDWARD DALE BOLING (Photo) born June 18, 1971 Richmond VA; married November 5, 1994 Amy Patricia Wenzel [dau of Richard Joseph & Karen Margaret (Petrak) Wenzel] born May 1971; Ed graduated from Plano High School TX 1989; went to work at Texas Instruments, Inc., and attending Texas A&M majoring in electrical engineering; Amy is a restaurant manager in Plano

( CHARLES ROBERT STEVENS born September 18, 1921 Cincinnati OH and died January 18, 1953; married April 1946 Ruth Rickman – divorced 1948; and born to them was:

( RICKEY LEE STEVENS born January 1948

( MERLE MARIE STEVENS (twin) (Photo) born March 25, 1898 Indian Hill OH and died July 28, 1993 Autumn Hills Nursing Home, Sabina OH; buried Martinsville IOOF Cemetery, Martinsville, Clinton, OH; married 1st September 17, 1918 at Sabina OH, Rev. Homer Grant Curless born September 16, 1860 and died October 11, 1942; married 2d Harley R. Carnahan born 1871 and died April 7, 1957; married 3d December 6, 1958 James Everett Cast born September 17, 1876 and died February 1, 1967; Merle was a lifetime member and supporter of the Methodist Church. During her marriage to Rev. Curless, they served churches of Cleves, New Burlington, Sharon, Edenton, and Butlerville. She was a homemaker and worked several years as a sales clerk in Haines Department Store in Blanchester. She had lived in Martinsville since 1957. Born to Merle and Rev. Curless was:

( DOROTHY MARIE CURLESS (Photo) born September 6, 1920 Cleves OH and died May 13, 1996; married December 27, 1942 Richard Moon Cluxton born August 6, 1915 Martinsville OH and died July 18, 1989; she was a schoolteacher and he was a farmer; 1993 they resided in Martinsville; and born to them were:

( DAVID HOMER CLUXTON born October 11, 1943 Wilmington OH; married September 1, 1974 Anne Marie Gothler born October 16, 1943 Brooklyn NY

( PAUL CLAYTON CLUXTON born November 25, 1945 Xenia OH; married November 24, 1973 Susan Marie Whittaker born July 18, 1945 Hamilton Co OH; and born to them was:

( LAURA KATHRYN CLUXTON born October 2, 1979 Zionville IN

( PHILLIP RICHARD CLUXTON born May 31, 1953 Xenia OH; married December 23, 1972 Rebecca Haines born December 23, 1952 Haines OH; Phil built his own farmhouse northwest of Martinsville OH; studying electronics; and born to them were:

( MEGAN ELIZABETH CLUXTON born July 4, 1977 Wilmington OH

( PETER CAREY CLUXTON born January 20, 1981 Wilmington OH

( VERNE EMORY STEVENS (twin) (Photo) born March 25, 1898 Indian Hill OH and died January 17, 1989; buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford OH; a farmer, a school bus driver and worked for the US Post Office; WWII Navy Vet; married September 5, 1923 Ethel Mary Moellmann born February 9, 1901 and 1997 residing in a nursing home Milford OH; and born to them were:

( MARY LOUISE STEVENS, R.N., (Photo) born February 25, 1925 Indian Hill OH and died January 29, 1997 Milford OH; a RN retiring 1985; member of the Milford Methodist Church; married 1st October 11, 1947 Robert Earl Shirley, M.D., {USAF Colonel, Retired} born June 18, 1922 and died January 27, 1977 – divorced; married 2d April 11, 1973 George Wesley Kelley born April 11, 1919 and died June 1, 1992; and born to Mary and Robert were:

( DIANNE LOUISE SHIRLEY, R.N., M.L.S., born April 6, 1949 Cincinnati; married May 19, 1984 David Paul Woody born October 30, 1947 Santa Monica CA; Dianne is a RN and has a Masters of Library Science; David is an Astrophysicist; and born to them were:

( SCOTT ROBERT WOODY born December 14, 1984 Bishop CA

( ANDREW WILLIAM WOODY born June 8, 1986 Bishop CA

( STEVEN ROBERT SHIRLEY born August 12, 1952 Wiesbaden, Germany; married 1st July 21, 1971 Sharon Elaine Eddy born April 2, 1952 Hardin City KY; married 2d December 20, 1975 as her second husband, Brenda Gail (Kean) Ritter born September 21, 1944 Cincinnati; Steven is a Chef and Brenda is a waitress; Brenda brought with her to this marriage, two daughters; and born to Steven and Sharon was:

( MICHELLE SHIRLEY born March 13, 1972 Cincinnati OH

( STUART LEE SHIRLEY born November 12, 1953 Wiesbaden, Germany; married January 17, 1974 Pamela Marie Templeton born July 13, 1957 Fort Thomas KY; Stuart is a chemical engineer; Pamela’s father was one-half Blackfoot and one-half Dutch, her mother was full-blood Cherokee; and born to them were:

( JASON EARL SHIRLEY born July 30, 1974 Cincinnati OH

( JEREMY PERGRINE SHIRLEY born October 29, 1975 Cincinnati

( JESSICA MARIE SHIRLEY born July 16, 1983 Cincinnati

( JAMES ALLEN STEVENS born September 17, 1934 Indian Hill OH; married September 12, 1953 Martha Ponchot born January 25, 1935 Morrow OH; and born to them were:

( JAMES RICHARD STEVENS born July 19, 1954 Cincinnati; married August 9, 1975 Janice Elaine Decker born October 30, 1953 Muskegon MI

( RHONDA ANN STEVENS born November 13, 1956 Cincinnati; married August 5, 1978 Alvey Benjamin Smith born January 3, 1956 Owensboro KY; and born to them were:

( ALVEY BRANDON SMITH born March 29, 1983 Indianapolis IN

( RACHEL ALEXANDRA SMITH born September 17, 1988 Indianapolis

( JOHN EDWIN STEVENS born October 15, 1860, Madeira OH and died May 8, 1949; married October 15, 1883 Mary Jane DeMar born September 19, 1864 and died March 21, 1949; and born to them were:

( ESTELLA MARIE STEVENS born June 20, 1885; married August 14, 1901 Emmet Urton born February 20, 1879; and born to them were:

( ALICE CHRISTINE SHANE URTON born July 30, 1902; married August 21, 1926 Frank Rinehardt Beckman born August 14, 1897 and died 1940 – they divorced 1929; and born to them was:

( JAMES RINEHARDT BECKMAN born January 8, 1928

( ARTHUR LEE URTON born June 28, 1903 and died 1929

( VEDA MARIE URTON (1905-1908/09)

( JOHN EDWIN URTON born September 4, 1906;married May 11, 1924 Mabel Olive Trochelman born October 19, 1909; and born to them were:

( BETTY JANE URTON born February 14, 1928; married November 23, 1946 Frederick Albert Aloysius Huiet, Jr., born November 16, 1926; and born to them were:

( FREDERICK JOHN HUIET born July 19, 1947

( KATHLEEN ANN HUIET born September 21, 1949

( JOHN EMMET URTON born May 23, 1930

( JANET LUCILLE URTON born December 18, 1937

( GRACE GENNEDY URTON born January 20, 1908; married 1st Warren Davis and 2d Daniel Lytle; and born to Grace and Warren was:

( VIOLET GRACE DAVIS born February 13, 1928; married Forest Hiles and born to them was:


Born to Grace and her second husband, Daniel, were:

( ALICE MARIE LYTLE born October 1930; married about September 1948 Fred {surname unk} and born to them was a son, James (c1950-)

( MARY FRANCES LYTLE born December 24, 1933

( BILLIE JO LYTLE (c1945-)

( ESTHER LUCILLE URTON born January 29, 1910; married 1st June 23, 1927 Alfred Ward Headley born April 24, 1905 and died April 8, 1940; married 2d July 5, 1943 Frederick Davis Philhower born September 18, 1906; and born to Esther and Alfred were:

( DORA MAY HEADLEY born December 23, 1928; married March 23, 1946 Edwin Cledis Butcher born September 14, 1923; and born to them were:

( SANDRA LEE BUTCHER born June 4, 1948

( DARLENE RUSSELL BUTCHER born March 14, 1950

( ARTHUR WARD HEADLEY, JR., born May 20, 1930 and died March 12, 1934

( LOUIS WILLIAM HEADLEY born July 30, 1933

( LOUIS WILLIAM URTON, SR., born May 7, 1912 and died February 14, 1946; married May 9, 1934 Dorothy Miriam Eberhard born July 30, 1914; and born to them were:

( LOUIS WILLIAM URTON, JR., born April 24, 1935

( BARBARA ANN URTON born April 21, 1937

( MERLIN URTON born October 23/26, 1914; married 4 times: 1st Grace Richardson – divorced; 2d Mona Roberts – divorced; 3d Marjorie {maiden name unk} – divorced; and 4th Mrs. Rosella; and born to Merline and Grace were:

( TWINS URTON – both died soon after birth

Born to Merlin and his second wife, Mona, was:

( ROBERT LEE URTON born December 15, 1940

( VIOLA MARIE URTON born October 23/26, 1923; married 1st c1938 Joseph Seward – divorced 1938; married 2d Richard Spahr – divorced; married 3d Lloyd Anderson; and born to Viola and Joseph was:

( RONALD LEE SEWARD born March 20, 1939

Bornto Viola and her second husband, Richard, was:

( DONALD LEE SPAHR born June 1942

( CHARLES EDWIN STEVENS born September 1886 and died September 30, 1905

( EDNA RAE STEVENS born February 6, 1890; married February 12, 1914 Ernest Leslie Walker born June 10, 1888; and born to them were:

( LUELLA MARIE WALKER born December 11, 1914; married May 28, 1938 Charles Stanley Huber born November 18, 1915; and born to them was:

( CHARLES THOMAS HUBER born January 11, 1942

( LESLIE HORD WALKER lived for 6 months

( HERMAN TAYLOR WALKER born November 11, 1919; married November 11, 1939 Florence Evelyn Dillon born March 19, 1921; and born to them were:

( BARBARA ANN WALKER born September 5, 1940

( GEORGE LESLIE WALKER born January 26, 1942

( GAYLE DEE WALKER born October 4, 1943

( CHARLES HERMAN WALKER born September 30, 1944 and died March 1945

( MARGARET JEAN WALKER born November 11, 1946

( JAMES RAY WALKER born December 25, 1948

( BLANCHE DEE WALKER born October 7, 1921; married October 12, 1948 George Elmer Krebs born September 12, 1900

( ENDERSON LAVERNE WALKER born March 11, 1924

( RAYMOND DAVIS WALKER born May 2, 1926

( JOHN WASHINGTON WALKER born October 29, 1930

( CLYDE STEVENS born May 15, 1893; married 1st Mrs. Zella Fisher Williams; married 2d Mary Holton Marrs; and 3d 1974 Mary Blevins

( RUBY FERN STEVENS born June 28, 1897; married 1st February 27, 1914 Arthur Burns (1896-) – they divorced 1915; married 2d 1916 Grover Cleveland Sharp (c1889-) – they divorced 1925; and married 3d July 15, 1925 Harry Sparks (1902-1945); and born to Ruby and Arthur was:

( DOROTHY HELEN BURNS born April 20, 1915 and died February 29, 1936 [died same day his child born?]; married about July 1934 Leo Osborne; and born to them was:

( DOROTHY FERN OSBORNE born February 29, 1936 and died April 1936

( THOMAS WILLIAM STEVENS born November 1, 1900 and died in November 1983 Milford; married 1st June 1, 1934 Frances Yeager – they divorced 1938; married 2d January 4, 1939 Adelaide Catherine (McAvor) Kline born May 18, 1907; and born to Thomas and Adelaide was:

( THOMAS EDWIN STEVENS born September 11, 1939

( EARL STEVENS born September 22, 1902 and died December 30, 1904

( ELLA STEVENS born January 11, 1867 Madeira OH and died January 8, 1940; married Thomas Oliver Muchmore born December 16, 1870 and died November 12, 1947; and born to them were:

( RUTH ELIZABETH MUCHMORE born October 20, 1896 and died February 27, 1902

( MARJORIE MUCHMORE (adopted) married Robert Kennedy; had 2 children

( MARY F. STEVENS born 1877 Madeira OH; married Eugene Dennison

( OSCAR STEVENS born Madeira OH; married Lou {maiden name unk}

( MARILDA C. STEVENS (Lillie) born c1837/38 Indian Hills OH and died 1920; married 1866 Calvin N. Deem [son of Isaac & Nancy] born March 30, 1837/44 Parkersburg, Wood, WVA and died January 13, 1930; buried Laurel Cemetery in the soldiers plot for Civil War veterans; Calvin was a carpenter and Marshall of Madisonville OH; Marilda received 66 acres of land in Sycamore Township, from her father; and born to them were:

( CAPITOLA VIRGINIA DEEM (Cappie) born November 20, 1867 and died March 12, 1928; married John Darragh

( DAISY IZOLA DEEM (Iola) born September 17, 1870 Madisonville OH and died August 6, 1926; buried Laurel Cemetery, Madisonville; married July 31, 1902 at Cincinnati, Charles Edwin Edwards [son of Thomas Henry Hunt & Eva (Williams) Edwards] born April 15, 1875 Chicago IL and died November 10, 1943 San Antonio TX; buried there Mission Burial Park; and born to them were:

( EVA ATKINS EDWARDS born May 8, 1903 Winton Place, Hamilton, OH and died November 8, 1989; married January 31, 1924 Malcomb Mark Greene [son of Mark B. & Lula Bell (Walters) Greene] born November 5, 1903 Cincinnati and died February 8, 1992; and born to them were:

( PATRICIA LEE GREENE born March 20, 1925 Cincinnati OH; married June 3, 1944 Robert Wyman Bickmore born December 5, 1923 Cincinnati and died October 10, 1977; and born to them were:

( ROBERT WYMAN BICKMORE born December 10, 1945 Cincinnati and died August 13, 1984; married July 26, 1975 at the Presbyterian Church in Medeira OH, Pamela Sue Barton born August 23, 1952

( MARY KATHLEEN BICKMORE born September 9, 1948 Cincinnati; married April 21,1966 in West Virginia, Gary Thomas Trovillo born June 14, 1945 Morrow OH; and born to them were:

( KIMBERLY SUE TROVILLO born August 3, 1967 Wilmington OH

( KELLY ANN TROVILLO born February 15, 1970 Cincinnati OH

( NICOLE LYNN TROVILLO born March 15, 1975 Cincinnati OH

( BARBARA ANN BICKMORE born January 6, 1952 Cincinnati; married 1st January 6, 1968 at Lawrenceburg IN, Daniel Neal Urton born August 17, 1949 Cincinnati-they divorced; married 2d June 26, 1982 Timothy Raymond Tapke born September 15, 1951; and born to Barbara and Daniel were:

( CHRISTINA ANN URTON born July 2, 1968 Wilmington OH

( BRANDON NEAL URTON born October 10, 1974 Cincinnati OH

( DAVID JAMES BICKMORE born September 26, 1958; married December 11, 1981 at Batavia OH, Valorie Jean Dundes born November 3, 1961

( BARBARA JACQUELINE GREENE born May 5, 1927 Cincinnati OH and died November 16, 1981; married June 22, 1950/51 at Hyde Park OH, John Michael McDonough born August 28, 1924; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL THOMAS MCDONOUGH born June 16, 1952 Mariemont OH; married May 26, 1972 at Cincinnati, Sandra Louise Woebkenberg born January 21, 1952; and born to them were:

( JEFFRY MICHAEL MCDONOUGH born March 1, 1975 Mariemont OH

( KATHERINE MAUREEN MCDONOUGH born June 14, 1978 Mariemont

( KEVIN CHRISTOPHER MCDONOUGH born July 5, 1955 Mariemont OH; married September 13, 1980 at Columbus OH, Colletta Ann Berger born June 25, 1954 Columbus OH; and born to them was:

( MEGAN ALLISON MCDONOUGH born November 5, 1985 Cincinnati

( SHEILA ANNE GREENE born November 3, 1932 Madeira OH; married April 19, 1952 at Madeira, Arthur Walter Tuttle [son of James Walter] born May 12, 1919 New Haven CT; and born to them were:

( MARK GREGORY TUTTLE born November 11, 1952 Columbus OH; married July 22, 1978 at Barnstable MA, Celia Ann Harris born August 11, 1957 Moline IL; and born to them were:

( CHRISTOPHER LEIGH TUTTLE born April 4, 1981 Columbus OH

( DANIEL GREGORY TUTTLE born September 22, 1984 Columbus OH

( SUSAN DIANE TUTTLE born August 4, 1954, Columbus OH; married July 9, 1983 at Columbus OH, Lamont William Blalock born June 17, 1949

( NANCY ELIZABETH TUTTLE born February 4, 1957 Columbus OH; married 1st April 23, 1983 at Salt Lake City UT, Scott Marcum Hall born March 13, 1958 Salt Lake City – they divorced 1988; married 2d November 18, 1989 at Salt Lake City, as his 2d wife, Spencer Stander Hale [son of Wilford M. & Genine (Stander) Hale) born September 2, 1955 Logan UT; Spencer is a welder employed by Vulcraft/Nucor and a financial consultant for Beneficial Life Insurance Co. Spencer brought a son and a daughter to this marriage. Born to Nancy and Scott were:

( ALISSA MARIE HALL born January 31, 1984 Salt Lake City UT

( STEPHEN MARKHAM HALL born June 27, 1985 Salt Lake City UT

( NATHAN SCOTT HALL born October 26, 1986 Salt Lake City UT

Born to Nancy and her second husband, Spencer, were:

( BRIANNA YVONNE HALE born August 7, 1990 Ogden UT

( JEREMY HELAMAN HALE born July 3, 1993 Columbus OH

( JONATHAN GREENE HALE born November 28, 1996 Ogden UT

( STEVEN MICHAEL TUTTLE born August 20, 1959, Columbus OH; married September 21, 1985 at Columbus OH, Patricia Lynn Cramer

( DAVID TRACY TUTTLE born April 20, 1963 Columbus OH; married January 22, 1983 at Columbus OH, Gina Marie Bellisari born October 21, 1963 Columbus; and born to them were:

( KERRI ELIZABETH TUTTLE born August 4, 1983 Columbus OH

( SEAN ARTHUR TUTTLE born July 27, 1985 Columbus OH

( CLAUDINE KATHRYN EDWARDS born May 5, 1905 and died September 24, 1971; unmarried

( CLAUD WINWOOD DEEM born February 2, 1875; married March 10, 1903 Laura Frances Pratt

( HELENA ALBERTA DEEM born September 5, 1876 and died July 4, 1894

( IVAN R. DEEM born February 24, 1878 and died September, 1953; unmarried

( MARILDA FERRIS [may be the Matilda McC? in Ezra’s will]

( RACHEL FERRIS born March 5, 1805 and died August 4, 1855/58 Lockland OH; buried Sycamore Township Cemetery; married March 29, 1838 in Hamilton Co OH, Moses Wade [son of George & Esther (Little) Wade] born December 19, 1809 Butler Co OH and died December 1, 1893 Lockland, Hamilton, OH; and born to them were:




( ARTHUR ELLIOTT WADE born February 2, 1843 Lockland, Hamilton, OH and died October 29, 1916; educated at Farmers College, Cincinnati OH; Civil Wat Vet in the Union Army as a musician; Co I, 138th Ohio Infantry Regt; played the organ, piano, violin, cello, tuba, banjo, guitar, flute, and the fife among others; 1870 moved to Champaign Co IL; married April 2, 1871 in Champaign Co IL, Eliza Ann Monroe and born to them were:

( LYDIA CLEMENTINE WADE born September 22, 1875 and died January 3, 1915 Urbana IL; married January 1, 1895 Frank Willard and born to them were:

( AGNES LUELLA WILLARD born November 4, 1895; married September 22, 1917 Earl Thomas Werts and born to them were:



( DORA ALTA WILLARD born December 10, 1896; married December 8, 1917 Harold Austin Silver and born to them were:



( HAROLD BRYAN WILLARD born April 11, 1898; married June 21, 1919 Ofal Matilda Nogle and born to them were:







( ESTELLA MABEL WADE born March 5, 1877; married December 14, 1899 Theodore C Davis; 1924 living in Urbana IL; and born to them were:





( ISAAC NEWTON WADE born May 13, 1846 Lockland, Hamilton, OH and died July 25, 1926 Philadelphia PA; graduated from Hillsdale College, Hillsdale MI 1868 B.S.; A.M. 1877; taught school in MI near Schoolcraft and in OH until 1870 when he moved to IL; taught school in IL and was superintendent of schools at Sadorus, Rantoul, Toulon and Bement until 1881 when he became a salesman for American Book Co being its representative for 36y in IL, IN, OH, WI, MO, MN, NE, IA, CO, AR and TX; accidently discovered the only diamond mine in the US while traveling in AR for Book Co; retired to Champaign 1917; married August 21, 1870 in Douglas Co IL, Nannie Brian and born to them were:

( GEORGE LEONARD WADE (Photo) born May 22, 1872 Tuscola IL and died November 1923 Los Angeles CA; graduated Champaign High School; attended U of Illinois; mechanical genius from boyhood; at age 8y installed electric lights in Welshley’s shop, the first electric lights in Champaign; at age 15y was employed by Western Electric Co; he wired the City Hall in Cincinnati; he engaged in buying electric light plants that were out of repair, bringing them up to date and then sold them for a profit; he bought a Pullman car, employeed 18-20 comedians and started on the road giving entertainment; he then leased his Pullman to some land agents of Kansas City; other land agents saw the advantage of selling lands this way and wanted Pullmans also – he bought more, leased them out and soon had a very profit income; also in the oil business for a while; his greatest achievement was his racing car; 1921 entered 2 cars in the Indianapolis 500; he won many cups, 1st being October 22, 1923 when his “Wade Special” was driven to vicitory by Harlan Fengler in the 250-mile race at Kansas City; his unbounded enthusiasm led to his untimely death at Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day 1923; he was struck by a car driven by Harry Hartz and thrown against the side of speedway and died on the operating table at the track hospital; he owned a magnificent home in Kansas City and he left an estate in excess of $1M.

( THOMAS BRIAN WADE born August 15, 1875 Sadorus IL; attended Champaign High School and U of Illinois; received a DDS degree from the U of Pennsylvania; was on their faculty for 4-5 years after which he specialized in x-ray work; opened an office in the Medical Arts Building on the corner of Sixteenth and Chestnut Strees, Philadelphia; married March 30, 1899 Jennie Hunter Moore and they had 4 kids, 3 of which were:




( FRED ALONZO WADE born May 16, 1882; traveling salesman for a drug company; 1924 living in Peoria IL; married June 15, 1905 Louise M Taylor and born to them were:



( CATHERINE FERRIS “Katie” (1807-1884) married Thompson Mefford (1802-1845)

( SARAH J. FERRIS born January 25, 1812 and died November 11, 1873; married James Terwilliger who was a possible relative (?)

( EBENEZER FERRIS (AFN: 8RLM-FK) born c1771 White Plains NY and is supposed to have been killed by Indians, August 19, 1800 while he was out hunting near Lexington KY; purported to have served with his father (uncle?), under General Washington, at the Battle of White Plains; married at White Plains, Gitty/Getty/Giddy Edwards or Edmonds {LDS says she was Getty Ann Edmonds)(AFN: 8RLM-TM) and they arrived in Ohio in 1789. However, food was scare in Columbia and Getty was soon expecting a child and doing poorly, so they moved to the more settled community at Lexington and in 1796, bought a house there. [Ebenezer is on the Fayette County Tax List, 1790 through 1793 with the spelling as Ferris; in 1796 and 1797, the spelling if Farris. A subsequent suit in chancery against Isaac, Nancy and Polly and representatives of Ebenezer Farris in 1803, spelled as noted, Farris, but on another copy, the name is spelled Ferris; is this fun or what?] After Ebenezer’s death, Getty Ann is purported to have remarried, in order, William Davis, Mr. Conkling, Mr. Beasley and Mr. Griffith. She died 1836 Butler Co OH; and born to them were:

( MARY (POLLY) FERRIS born 1790 Lexington KY; after her father’s death, chose her Uncle Ezra as her guardian in 1806; married c1810 James Bartenstone Alexander Risk, M.D., L.L.D., born c1788 Lexington KY; and born to them was:

( EMMA RISK died in December 1926; married James Milton Meek, M.D. and born to them was (and probably others, considering the gaps in dates):

( JOHN RISK MEEK, M.D., born December 12, 1880 and died December 17, 1924; Falmouth Outlook, 26 Dec 1924: AUTOMOBILE COLLIDES WITH STREET CAR ON SUSPENSION BRIDGE; PHYSICAN IS KILLED Dr J. Risk Meek, 45 years old, chief surgeon at Booth Memorial Hospital Covington, KY and widely known physician of Cincinnati and Northern KY died 17 Dec 1924 at Booth Hosp as a result of a skull fracture suffered when his automobile hit a street car when in the center of the Suspension Bridge. Son of Dr. J. M. Meek and Emma Risk born December 9, 1879 in Falmouth; grandson of the late Dr. J. B. A. Risk, pioneer physican of this county, married Miss Louise Applegate dau of Judge Leslie T Applegate 14 Jun 1907. They had three children, the oldest child a daughter died in infancy. Surviving are widow, two sons, Leslie T Meek and John Risk Meek Jr, and mother, Mrs Emma Meek, now of Cinncinnati; burial Highland Cemetery, Covington; married Louise Menzies Applegate and born to them were:


( JOHN RISK MEEK, JR., M.D., born May 21, 1910; married Frances Dudly Dunlop and born to them were:

( ROBERT DUDLEY MEEK born March 22, 1942

( DAVID DUNLOP MEEK born September 27, 1943

( LESLIE APPLEGATE MEEK born July 31, 1913

( NANCY M. FERRIS born December 20, 1792/93 Lexington, Fayette, KY and died June 2, 1853 Jefferson County IN. After her father’s death, she chose her Uncle Ezra as her guardian in 1806; married c1812 in Hamilton Co OH Andrew Hammell born November 5, 1789 (1788) in PA and died March 9, 1853 Jefferson County IN; a farmer and they moved to Illinois/Indiana; both are buried at the Hammel Homestead, Dupont, Jefferson, IN. In 1865, the Agriculture Census for Smyrna Township, Jefferson Co IN, showed that Andrew had 130 acres of improved land and 150 acres of unimproved land; the value of the land was $3,000 and the value of the farm implements was $150; the livestock value was $350 consisting of 6 horses, 4 milk cows, 6 other cattle, 14 sheep and 15 swine; also had 200 bushels of wheat, 300 bushels of Indian corn, 250 bushels of oats, 25 pounds of wool, 15 bushels of Irish potatoes, 15 bushels of sweet potatoes, 100 pounds of butter, 10 tons of hay and $65 worth of slaughtered animals. Andrew’s Will written June 4, 1850, rec March 14, 1853 – my wife, Nancy M Hammel, the homestead; Jonathan B Ward and his wife, Mary, lot of ground and $300; my son, Isaac, $500; dau Harriet A Jones, $700; son William E, land; to William Bridge and Matilda his wife, one quarter section of land; to William Nay and Elizabeth his wife, also Elizabeth’s mother, son Ebenezer Ferris Hammel, some land. Nancy’s will written April 26, 1853, rec June 7, 1853 – my dau Mary Ann Ward, wife of Jonathan B Ward, $150; my dau Harriet A Jones, wife of Philip Jones, $150; my son, Isaac F Hammel, $300; dau Matilda Jane Bridge, wife of William Bridge, $150; William E Hammel, $200; dau Louisa E Nay, wife of Wm Nay, $150; son Ferris Hammel homestead. Born to them were:

( MARY ANN HAMMEL born c1812 Madisonville, Hamilton, OH and died September 4, 1873 Madison, Jefferson, IN; married January 1, 1829 in Madisonville OH, Jonathon Bigelow Ward [son of Daniel & Ruth (Bigelow) Ward] born in June 1808 Madisonville OH and died October 21, 1871 Madison, Jefferson, IN; both buried Fairmont Cemetery, Madison, Jefferson, IN (Photo); and born to them were:

( WILLIAM DEBURLING WARD born February 1, 1830 Madisonville, Hamilton, OH and died 1898; married 1st May 11, 1853 Sarah Jane Todd born May 21, 1833 and died August 8, 1877; married 2d Tamer Horton Harris (1833-1905); and born to William and Sarah Jane were:

( MARY KATHRYN WARD “Kate” (1854-) married William Young and born to them was:


( SARAH ALICE WARD (1856-) married Robert McHatton

( WILLIAM WALTER WARD I (1860-1931) married Fleta Hainer (1862-1923); and born to them were:

( FLETA STELLA WARD (1885-1964) married Clyde Weatherford and born to them were:




( MATILDAH BELLE WARD (1888-1970) married Anson H. Hickman and born to them was:


( VEVAY HOPE WARD (1891-1956) married Ray Duncan and born to them were:

( WENDELL DUNCAN (1914-) married Edna May Osbun who died 1994; and born to them were:


( MARSHA DUNCAN (1951-) married 1st a Mr. Kearns; 2d Carl Darchuk; and born to Marsha and Mr. Kearns were:




( CAROL DUNCAN (1955-) married 1st a Mr. Fike and 2d Rodney D. Leach, Sr; and born to Carol and Mr. Fike were:

( JEREMY FIKE (1976-)

( ZAKARY FIKE (1981-)

Born to Carol and her second husband, Rodney, were:


( RODNEY D. LEACH, JR., (1991-)

( HUGH DUNCAN (1916-) married Harriet {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( DAWN DUNCAN (1951-) married Bob Lewis (1950-) and born to them were:






( JANYCE HOPE DUNCAN (1957-) married name unk

( TWINS DUNCAN (names and DOB unk)

( WILLIAM WALTER WARD II (1893-1937) married Eunice Olga Oates (1892-1987) and born to them were:

( CORINNE OATES WARD (1916-) married William Albert Brown (Bert) and born to them were:

( WILLIAM WARD BROWN (1938-) married Elaine R. Behlke (1944-) and born to them were:



( RICHARD JAMES BROWN (Dick) (1939-) married 1st Florence {maiden name unk} and 2d Rachel {maiden name unk}; and born to Dick and Florence were:





Born to Dick and his second wife, Rachel, were:





( DOUGLAS LEE BROWN (1940-) married Marylou {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( GARY ALAN BROWN (1944-) married Bonnie {maiden name unk)

( KENNETH WAYNE BROWN (Buzz) (1945-) married Verna {maiden name unk} and born to them were:


( RITA BROWN (1977-)

( BARRY LYNN BROWN (Butch) (1948-) married Doris Lindsay (1943-) and born to them were:

( KAYRIE BROWN (1970-) married Earl William Bryant and born to them were:


( KAYLA BRYANT (1992-)

( KIM BROWN (1973-)

( DEANNA JO BROWN (twin) (1950-1989) married Gary Greseth

( LEANNA JEAN BROWN (twin) (1950-) married Brian Barrick (-1993); and b orn to them were:



( RUTH DAVIDA WARD (1918-) married Gerald Elliott (Fitz) Fitzgerald (1909-1984) and born to them were:

( DONNA RUTH FITZGERALD (1944-) married 1st Randall Anglund; 2d George Colliard; 3d Wayne Robinson; and 4th unk. Born to Donna and Randall were:



Born to Donna and her second husband, George, were:



Born to Donna and her third husband, Wayne, was:


( KATHRYN ANN FITZGERALD (1945-) married 1st Ken {surname unk}; and 2d Gary Martin; and born to Kathryn and Gary were:



( NANCY JEAN FITZGERALD (1949-) married Steve Cusky and born to them were:






( WILLIAM WALTER WARD III (1919-1979) married Gladys Kathryn ‘Kay’ Humphreys (1920-) and born to them were:

( SHARON KAY WARD (1942-1986) married 1st Gale Thomas ‘Dusty’ Pike; married 2d Louis Edward Lucia; married 3d Barry Allyn Casey; and born to Sharon and Louis were:




Born to Sharon and her third husband, Barry, were:



( MARLA ANN WARD (twin) (1944-) married 1st Jerry Collins; married 2d Ronald Allen Halverson; married 3d Donald Lawrence George; and born to Marla and Jerry was:


Born to Marla and her second husband, Ronald, was:


Born to Marla and her third husband, Donald, were:



( STEVEN GEORGE married Melissa {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( MARSHA ANN WARD (twin) (1944-) married 1st Melvyn Lloyd George (1945-1977); married 2d Allen Statzer; and born to Marsha and Melvyn were:

( MELODY LYNN GEORGE (1963-) married Mark Volen and born to them were:



( MELINDA SUE GEORGE (1964-) married Tim Schumacher and born to them were:



( ELLEN GAYLE WARD (1951-) married Gerald Ray Miller (1948-); and born to them was:



( ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE WARD “Betty Jo” (1926-) married 1st Russell Jenson (1923-1984); married 2d Herbert Sandefur (1920-1989); and married 3d J. Deloyd Stinson (1923-1983); and born to Elizabeth and Russell was:

( JUDY ANN JENSON (1950-) married Larry Driscoll (1951-); and born to them were:



Born to Elizabeth and Herbert were:


( TANYA LYNN SANDEFUR (1960-) married 1st Daniel Mitchell (1958-); married 2d Briwn Buttke (1962-); and born to Tanya and Daniel were:



Born to Tanya and her second husband, Briwn, was:


( EDWIN HAINER WARD (1896-1938) met Mona Clague (1902-1979). Born to Edwin and Mona was:

( EWAN WARD married Donna Fullerton

( JOSEPHINE DAY WARD (1898-1959) married Newell Reed (1891-1978) and born to them were:



( KATHRYN REED “Kitty” married a Mr. Bunn

( RUSSELL DAVIDSON WARD (1901-1956) married Viretta Mae Broughton (1904-1966) and born to them were:

( MARNA LOUISE WARD (1925-) married John David Baldwin, Jr., (1925-); and born to them were:

( DAVID ROGER BALDWIN (1949-) married 1st Edna Penny Vance; married 2d Marla Taylor; married 3d Alicia Peck; and born to David and Edna was:


Born to David and his second wife, Marla, was:


( LOUISE ANN BALDWIN (1951-) married Vernon Thomas Trowbridge and born to them were:



( MICHAEL SCOTT BALDWIN (1954-) married 1st Terry {maiden name unk}; and 2d Sally Jo Perkins

( JAMES PAUL BALDWIN (1959-1985)

( NANCY LEE BALDWIN (1961-) married Jimmy Ray Tassin (1949-) and born to them were:

( JIMMY RAY TASSIN, JR., (1984-)



( SHIRLEY JUNE WARD (1927-) married Donald Grant McLaughlin (1927-); and born to them were:

( KATHY JUNE MCLAUGHLIN (1949-) married James Lawrence Hatton (1946-); and born to them were:

( RACHEL C. HATTON (1970-)

( ANDREW J. HATTON (1973-)

( KENNETH GRANT MCLAUGHLIN (1951-) married Yachiyo Ohama (1952-); and born to them were:



( CURTIS ALAN MCLAUGHLIN (1956-) married Barbara J. Whitmore (1955-); and born to them were:




( RUSSELL D. WARD (1929-1987) married Barbara Estelle Mussulman (1934-); and born to them were:

( EDWIN RUSSELL WARD (1954-) married Maria Jo D’Avanzo (1957-); and born to them were:




( MARCIA GAY WARD (1957-) married 1st Terry Lee Hiatt (1954-); married 2d Daryl Wayne Winterbottom (1958-); and born to Marcia and Terry was:


Born to Marcia and her second husband, Daryl, was:


( DAVID WARD (1932-) married Julie Warrick and born to them were:

( VICKIE WARD (1952-) married William Harper

( VETTA MAE WARD (1937-) married 1st Gordon Bursell (1937-); married 2d Richard E. Turner; and born to Vetta and Gordon were:

( CHRISTINE LOUISE BURSELL (1960-) married Jeffery Lawrence Salzer (1955); and born to them were:



( MARTIN ALLEN BURSELL (1963-) married Diane Victoria Kent (1965-)

( CARON LOREE WARD (Cronkhite) adopted 1942; married Ronald Sythe

( EMILY CORINNE WARD (1903-1904)

( KATHRYN ALICE WARD (1905-1963) “Kitty” married Lonnie Hatfield and born to them were:

( SHARLENE HATFIELD married a Mr. Steinhoff and born to them were:




( DONALD HATFIELD (1928-1993) married Nancy Lieber (1928-); and born to them were:

( BRADLEY CHARLES HATFIELD (1954-) married Jody Rae Brown (1953-); and born to them were:



( REBECCA HATFIELD (1956-) married David Hale


( JILL LYNETTE HATFIELD (1967-) married Richard Clark Holman (1966-); and born to them were:


( MACKENZIE KATE HOLMAN (twin) (1992-)

( DAVID TODD WARD (1863-1896)

( HELEN MAY WARD (-1867)

( LULU BELLE WARD (1868-1896) married E. B. T. Spencer

( ZELLA BIRDA WARD (1871-1948) married Rev. Worth M. Tippy and born to them was:

( MARION TIPPY met Ray Walker and born to them was:


( WILLIS DEWITT WARD born September 2, 1831 Madisonville, Hamilton, OH and died May 12, 1891 Jefferson Co IN; married 1st Sarah E Moncrief (1833-1871); both buried Fairmount Cemetery, Madison, Jefferson, IN; and 2d Mary Lattimore; and born to Willis and Sarah were:

( EMMA WARD (1853-) married Ira Montgomery (1849-) and born to them were:

( EVA MONTGOMERY (1875-1893)




( JOHN E. WARD (1855-) married 1st Josie Walkup born March 21, 1858 and died 1883; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Madison, Jefferson, IN; and 2d unk name; and born to John and Josie were:



( EVERETT M WARD (1883-1883) buried Fairmount Cemetery, Madison IN

Born to John and his unk wifewere 4 unknown children and:


( CHARLES E. WARD (1862-) married Clara B. Irwin (1868-); and born to them were:


( RAYMOND L. WARD (1888-)



( RUTH MARIA WARD born October 5, 1833; married 1st James Swincher and married 2d Robert McCammon

( NANCY JANE WARD born September 9, 1835; married John Stapp

( CALVIN EDMONDS WARD born December 12, 1838 and died 1898; married 1st Nettie Lines and 2d Jenett Haus and 3d Marva Wood

( JONATHAN BIGELOW WARD, Jr. “Tip” born May 17, 1840; married 1st Sara E. Mavity (-1897); married 2d Mary E. Hamilton; and born to Jonathan and Sara were:


( WILLIAM JAMES WARD (1869-1962) married Myrtle Spraker and born to them were:




( STELLA L. WARD (1908-) married Charles Stroud and born to them were:










( MARY ANN WARD “Mollie” born 1841 (October 1842); married William Campbell and born to them was:


( LUTHER MARION WARD born September 1844 OH (1843-1850)

( JAMES ALDEN WARD born February 26, 1846; married Jennie Law

( JOSEPHINE ALICE WARD (Alice J) (c1848-); married Justice Harding

( ALLEN WARD (1849-)

( PERRY MCCLAIN WARD born May 12, 1850 and died 1890; married Lydia (Lyda) Bush

( HELEN MOOR WARD born February 24, 1853; married William St. Clair

( HARRIETT A. HAMMEL (born 1810 OH – if this is correct then her parents marriage date is incorrect) (1850 census has 35y so born c1815 – 1900 census has her 82y) married October 11, 1832 in Hamilton Co OH, Philip Jones born c1815-17 OH and died before 1900; buried Cave-Dixon (Cave Springs) Cemetery, Paris, Jennings, IN; 1850 a hatter; 1860 a mechanic; 1870 hotel keeper; and they resided in Montgomery Township, Jennings Co IN 1850; cemetery shows that Philip born April 1/Aug 1810 and died February 7/17, 1899; Harriet born January 6, 1818 and died January 10/13, 1903; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM JONES born c1835 OH

( SARAH JONES born c1838 OH

( MARTHA JONES born c1840 OH


( ANDREW JONES born c1845 OH and died May 6, 1923; Civil War Veteran with Company H, Indiana Volunteers; 1870 store clerk Jefferson Co IN; married Harriet Todd [dau of James] born September 2, 1850 IN and died February 23, 1923

( BENJAMIN JONES born c1847 OH

( JOHN A. JONES born c1849 IN

( MARTHA A. JONES born c1853 IN

( EDGAR JONES born c1856 IN – 1880 census says he was a trader in stock, Village of Paris, Jennings, IN

( RUTH JONES born c1858 IN

( HARRIET JONES born c1860 IN

( ISAAC FERRIS HAMMEL (Isaac F. Samuel Hammel) born c1819 OH and died c1881; married July 28, 1839 Jefferson Co IN, Getty Eliza Wells [dau of William & Nancy (Sears) Wells] born c1823 IN; 1865 Agriculture Census for Jefferson Co IN shows Isaac has 20 acres of improved land and 130 acres of unimproved land with a total value of $250; farm implements valued at $30; livestock valued at $150 consisted of 4 horses, 2 cows, 8 sheep and 5 swine; 39 bushels of wheat, 100 bushels of Indian corn, 20 pounds of wool, 4 bushels of sweet potatoes, 100 pounds of butter and $20 worth of slaughtered animals; and born to them were:

( MELISSA HAMMEL (Harriet W.) born c1844 IN

( NANCY HAMMEL born c1850 IN

( MARY HAMMEL born c1854 IN

( SAMUEL HAMMEL born c1854 IN (1900 census says he born February 1856); farm laborer; married 1879 Maggie {maiden name unk} born February 1856 (according to 1880 census, Samuel and Maggie were same age) (according to 1880 census both of Maggie’s parents were born in Prussia) (1900 census says they had 6 kids, 5 living); and born to them were:

( ELBYRETTA HAMMEL (Elva W. Hammel) born June 1879 Smyrna Township, Jefferson Co IN; (1880 census shows her 1/12 years old) servant 1900

( LUELLA HAMMEL born November 1881 IN; servant 1900

( RUTH M. HAMMEL born May 1885 IN; servant 1900

( ROBERT HAMMEL born October 1889 IN

( HOWARD HAMMEL born June 1896 (June 1892) IN

( WILLIAM HAMMEL born c1860 (June 1860) IN and died 1935; farmer; married 1888, (maybe his 2d marriage) (Ada) Addie H. {maiden name unk} born September 1871 IN and died 1929; both buried at Bethany Baptist Cemetery, Deputy, Jefferson, IN; and born to them were:

( DAISY M. HAMMEL born July 1888 IN; 1910 census Graham Township, Jefferson Co IN, shows her as a servant for Scott Robinson; also a John Hammel 11 months old; possibly her son

( JOHN W. HAMMEL born October 1889 IN (28y in 1920 census); 1910 resided Graham Township, Jefferson Co IN; married 1910 Pearl {maiden name unk} born c1889 IN (28y in 1920 census); and born to them were:

( HELEN HAMMEL born c1912 IN

( LOREN GLEN HAMMEL born November 2, 1914; married Lettie Sandlin and they had 4 kids

( FLOYD HAMMEL born c1918 IN; married Irene {maiden name unk} and they had 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( GARY ALLEN HAMMEL died July 16, 2001 Lakeland, Polk, FL; married Sharon {maiden name unk} and they had 3 kids

( LESTER HAMMEL born post-1920 census; married name unk and they had 2 kids

( FLORA A. HAMMEL born June 1892 IN

( CLARENCE E. HAMMEL born March 1894 IN

( EFFIE E. HAMMEL born September 1895 IN

( EARLE HAMMEL born October 1898 IN

( EDNA M. HAMMEL born c1903 IN

( ISAAC HAMMEL born c1907 IN

( ELIZA E. HAMMEL born c1909 IN

( BERTHA HAMMEL born c1911 IN

( JOHN HAMMEL (1864-)

( MARILDA JANE HAMMEL born March 13, 1820 Hamilton Co OH and died April 29, 1896, although 1886 is the year of death on her tombstone; married April 15, 1837 in Hamilton Co OH William E. Bridge [son of John Townsend & Mary (Harper) Bridge] born March 13, 1816 Reily Township, Butler Co OH and died September 1, 1893; a farmer and blacksmith; resided Smyrna Township, Jefferson Co IN 1850; both buried at Valley Cemetery, Graham Township, Jefferson, IN; and born to them were:

( UNKNOWN BRIDGE born before 1840 and died young?

( THOMAS BRIDGE born August 1842 Jefferson Co IN and died c1920/30; married November 28, 1863 in Jefferson Co Susanna Law [dau of Lewis] born February 1846 and died c1922?; both buried Valley Cemetery, Graham Township, Jefferson, IN; and born to them were (and 2 additional unknowns):

( JESSE B. BRIDGE born September 1882/85 and died 1921; buried Valley Cemetery, Jefferson Co IN

( JOHN BRIDGE born September 1875 KS; married c1896 Fannie {maiden name unk}; resided Lancaster Township, Jefferson Co IN 1900; and born to them were:

( GOLDA I. BRIDGE born November 1896

( FRANCIS E. BRIDGE born February 1898


( WILLIAM EDWIN BRIDGE born September 3, 1843 Jefferson Co IN and died October 28, 1905; buried Valley Cemetery, Graham Township, Jefferson, IN; married 1st September 5, 1869 in Jefferson Co, Eliza Howell [dau of James & Elizabeth (Corbin) Howell] born March 10, 1848 Jefferson Co and died July 9, 1872 – two and a half months after the birth of Alice; William married 2d September 14, 1873 Eliza J. Pegwood; and born to William and Eliza Howell were:

( JOSEPH MILTON BRIDGE born August 5, 1870 Scottsburg, Scott, IN and died September 23, 1955 Newman, Douglas, IL; married September 16, 1891 at Tuscola IL, Emma Mae Henderson [dau of Jasper] born December 25, 1873 Clark Co IL and died March 7, 1950 Newman IL; both buried there Newman Cemetery; and born to them were:

( SARAH ALICE BRIDGE born January 11, 1893; buried Hume IL; married February 10, 1921 Clifford Brown and born to them were:

( HELEN BROWN married December 9, 1945 Marion Shepherd

( MILDRED BROWN married July 31, 1948 Carl Bean; she was buried Villa Grove IL

( ETTA MAY BRIDGE born August 22, 1894 Newman IL and died March 1, 1976 Shelbyville IL; buried Newman Cemetery, Newman IL; married 1st March 29, 1916 Charles Campbell; and 2d February 8, 1938 Percy Walton

( WILLIAM BRYAN BRIDGE born August 8, 1896 and died October 28, 1899; buried Newman Cemetery, Newman IL

( GRACE ANNIE BRIDGE born August 26, 1900 and died March 13, 1901; buried Newman Cemetery, Newman IL

( EDWARD MARTIN BRIDGE born July 26, 1902 Newman IL and died April 12, 1971; buried Graceland Cemetery, Decatur IL; married December 24, 1921 Daisy Dobbs; and born to them were:

( FRAHLMAN EDWARD BRIDGE married, July 11, 1943 Eileen Henry and born to them were:

( DIANE MARY BRIDGE born November 15, 1945

( GAYLE EILEEN BRIDGE born October 11, 1948

( JILL ANITA BRIDGE born March 25, 1952

( MICHAEL BRIDGE (twin) born September 17, 1954

( PATRICK BRIDGE (twin) born September 17, 1954

( BETTY BRIDGE married a Mr. Beebe and born to them were:


( CINDY BEEBE married Michael Brown and they had two kids

( SCOTT BEEBE married Liz {maiden name unk} and they had two kids


( BOB BEEBE married lady unk and they had two kids

( MARY FERN BRIDGE born July 12, 1904 Newman IL; married 1st February 4, 1928 Arthur Harold Roper; and 2d December 25, 1952 Raymond Vance Cummings born September 26, 1901 and died February 10, 1975; buried Mausoleum, Kraft Graceland Cemetery, New Albany

( BELVA LUCILLE BRIDGE born April 30, 1907 Newman IL; married October 27, 1929 Ralph Buchen who died and was buried at Lakeland FL; and born to them were:

( MARVA JUNE BUCHEN married Jack Leake and born to them were:

( MARIE LEAKE married a Mr. Rebstock and born to them was:



( SANDRA JEAN BUCHEN married August 30, 1952 Bill Fairless and born to them were:





( RALPH GILBERT BUCHEN married Dixie {maiden name unk} and born to them were:





( EDGAR RAY BRIDGE born August 16, 1910 Newman IL and died April 17, 1964; buried Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Decatur, Macon, IL; married December 27, 1937 Frieda Frichtl and born to them were:

( NANCY KAREN BRIDGE born March 5, 1943

( MARK FREDERIC BRIDGE born December 31, 1945; married August 21, 1965 Margaret Louise Clard and born to them were:

( JOSEPH D. BRIDGE born February 23, 1955 Decatur IL

( CARRIE LYNN BRIDGE born March 22, 1967 Charleston IL

( SARA KATHERINE BRIDGE (twin) born July 30, 1978 Monticello IL

( REBECCA ANNE BRIDGE (twin) born July 30, 1978 Monticello IL

( ERIC JERROLD BRIDGE born September 16, 1948; married lady’s name unk, but born to them were:

( RACHEL MEGAN BRIDGE born February 7, 1970

( MORGAN WILLIAM BRIDGE born August 12, 1977

( FOREST BRIDGE born July 18, 1916, Newman IL and died July 18, 1916; buried Newman Cemetery, Newman IL

( SARAH ALICE BRIDGE born April 24, 1872 and died very young – burned to death

Born to William and Eliza Pegwood were:

( ROSA B. BRIDGE born c1875 IN

( CHARLES P. BRIDGE born February 13, 1878 and died December 3, 1910; buried at Valley Cemetery, Graham Township, Jefferson Co IN

( AMY BRIDGE born November 1889; married a Mr. Welch

( RAYMOND BRIDGE born March 1893 IN

( ANDREW BRIDGE born 1845/46 Jefferson Co IN

( NANCY J. BRIDGE born August 24, 1848 Jefferson Co IN and died July 18, 1908; married January 19, 1890, John S. Jennings born May 20, 1853 IN and died October 7, 1935; both buried Valley Cemetery, Graham Township, Jefferson, IN

( GEORGE W. BRIDGE born 1849 Jefferson Co IN

( ANNA B. BRIDGE born May 6, 1858 and died March 13, 1888; buried Valley Cemetery, Graham Township, Jefferson, IN

( ARMA A. BRIDGE born c1856 IN

( JOSEPH BRIDGE born (June 13, 1862) April 3, 1862 Jefferson Co IN and died November 30, 1928; married 1st August 7, 1880 in Jefferson Co, Isabelle Baxter [dau of John & Jemima Baxter]; married 2d June 2, 1889 Ora Anna Toole born January 1865 IN; both Joseph and Ora buried Pisgah Cemetery, Deputy, Jefferson, IN; and born to Joseph and Isabelle was:

( JESSE O. BRIDGE born December 1884 Rushville IN?

Born to Joseph and Ora were:

( SHELBY E. BRIDGE born c1892 and died February 1986; married Uhlan {maiden name unk} born 1898 KY and died August 11, 1986; and born to them were:

( JAMES EDWARD BRIDGE born November 18, 1919 Graham Township, Jefferson, IN and died before May 11, 1924

( ANNA MARGARET BRIDGE married a Mr. Barkley

( DONALD HERBERT BRIDGE born May 11, 1924 Deputy IN

( DELBERT BRIDGE born June 1894

( NANNIE J. BRIDGE born August 1897

( JOHN BRYAN BRIDGE born August 20, 1899 Deputy, Jefferson, IN and died before 1910

( LAURA M. BRIDGE (c1902-)

( HIRAM BODINE BRIDGE born September 6, 1852 IN and died June 15, 1925 Indianapolis IN; married 1st 1879 Sarah Alice Jane Wilson (1858-1907); married 2d Alice J. Hiram who died June 15, 1925; Hiram and Sarah buried Pisgah Cemetery, Deputy IN; and born to Hiram and Sarah were:

( LOUIS BODINE BRIDGE born January 29, 1880 Jefferson Co IN and died January 14, 1976 King’s Daughters Hospital, Madison IN; married 1st 1900 Nellie Ann Pheasant [dau of Jess & Alice Jane (Blake) Pheasant] born April 7, 1881 and died 1942; married 2d 1945 Minnie Hall who died at age 81y in 1975; Louis and Nellie buried Pisgah Cemetery, Deputy IN; and born to Louis and Nellie were:

( BERNICE GLEN BRIDGE born August 6, 1901 Deputy, Graham Township, Jefferson, IN; buried there Pisgah Cemetery; married September 18, 1919 at Madison IN, James Williamson Baxter [son of William McKinley & Lura (Montgomery) Baxter] born May 5, 1897 Jefferson Co IN and died October 5, 1971 Rutland IL; buried there; and born to them were:

( CLINTON KEITH BAXTER born December 8, 1920 Deputy IN and died June 15, 1987 Rutland, Marshall, IL; buried there Rutland Cemetery; married October 13, 1933 Darlene Hinshaw

( GERALD ELDON BAXTER born July 25, 1922 Minonk, Woodford, IL; married Betty J. Bates and born to them were:

( JENNIFER BAXTER born April 6, 1948; married Don Hamilton and born to them were:



( JILL ELLEN BAXTER born April 17, 1952; married Gary Hamilton and born to them were:



( GEOFFERY GERALD BAXTER born March 15, 1958

( JULIA ANN BAXTER born June 7, 1963; married Brad Olson

( NORMA JEWELL BAXTER born January 15, 1924 Minonk, Woodford, IL; married Gilbert Thies and born to them were:

( LORI KAY THIES married Jeff Bunn and born to them was:


( KIM ELAINE THIES married Pat Manning and born to them were:



( LURA NELLE BAXTER born August 30, 1925 Minonk, Woodford IL; married April 18, 1947 in Eureka, Woodford, IL Robert D. Shearl and born to them were:

( JAMES ROBERT SHEARL born September 28, 1948; married Brenda Amos and born to them were:



( RHONDA JO SHEARL born November 10, 1950; married 1st Ed Wingler and 2d Sonny Chappa; and born to Rhonda and Sonny was:


( RHINDA JANNE SHEARL born August 22, 1956; married Michael Fairless and born to them were:



( REGINA RENEE SHEARL born February 4, 1954; married July 18, 1992 Thomas Rutschke

( CAMILLA DIANE BAXTER born November 7, 1935 Marshall Co IL; married 1st Mike Zupansic; and 2d Neil Slown; and born to Camilla and Mike were:

( MICHELE ELAINE ZUPANSIC born June 6, 1955; married 1st Norman Brown; 2d Dan Wilber; and born to Michele and Norman were:



Born to Michele and her second husband, Dan, was:


( MICHAEL CLINTON ZUPANSIC born January 28, 1957; married Linda {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( JULIAN ERROL BAXTER born July 27, 1939 Dana, LaSalle, IL; married June 24, 1965 Doris Dunham and born to them were:

( CHRISTOPHER BAXTER born August 23, 1973

( STACY ANN BAXTER born January 13, 1975

( DEVON ANN ALMA BAXTER born June 13, 1979

( JAMES RICKARD BAXTER born July 18, 1943, Dana, LaSalle, IL; married 1st Diane Groene; and 2d Noreen Dicker; and born to James and Diane were:





Born to James and his second wife, Noreen, were:



( ERNEST DEAN BRIDGE born 1902/03 and died 1904

( LAWRENCE MERRILL BRIDGE born June 6, 1909; buried Pisgah Cemetery, Deputy IN; married Myrtle Wallace and born to them was:

( PATRICIA ELAINE BRIDGE born July 4, 1938; married Edward Pennington and born to them was:

( PAMELA PENNINGTON married Joe Payne and born to them were:




( NATHAN ALGERNON BRIDGE born March 10, 1914 Indianapolis, Marion, IN; buried Pisgah Cemetery, Deputy IN; married April 11, 1935 Alice Peacock [dau of Marion & Lily Florence (Reynolds) Peacock] born September 22, 1918; and born to them were:

( BEVERLY BRIDGE born March 6, 1938; married August 2, 1959 Richard Shivley and born to them were:

( JEFFREY ALLEN SHIVLEY born October 25, 1960

( RHONDA KAY SHIVLEY born February 3, 1967; married October 8, 1989 Tom Hemmelgarr

( MARION LOUIS BRIDGE born August 28, 1939; married 1st November 13, 1958 Nancy Mak; married 2d Mary Blalock; married 3d Patsy Holt; and born to Marion and Nancy were:

( BELINDA BRIDGE born November 13, 1958

( KAREN BRIDGE born June 7, 1960

( DAVID BRIDGE born December 5, 1961

Born to Marion and his second wife, Mary, were:

( PEGGY BRIDGE born July 17, 1965; married John McNeely and born to them were:

( SAMANTHA MCNEELY born December 24, 1989 and died January 7, 1990

( SARAH BETH MCNEELY born December 26, 1990

( JAMES BRIDGE born January 5, 1969

( JERRY BRIDGE born February 6, 1970

Born to Marion and his third wife, Patsy, were:

( BRENDA BRIDGE (twin) born December 23, 1983

( BRIAN BRIDGE (twin) born December 23, 1983

( JUDY BRIDGE born March 10, 1942; married Harold Seavers and born to them were:

( TODD SEAVERS born August 31, 1961

( TAMYRA SEAVERS born October 22, 1966

( NATHALIE ANN BRIDGE born April 3, 1944; married June 19, 1971 George Sanders and born to them were:

( NATHAN SANDERS born December 7, 1974

( ALLYSON SANDERS born August 19, 1979

( REBECCA LOUISE BRIDGE born April 9, 1948; married June 16, 1967 Carl Alsup and born to them were:

( CHRIS ALSUP born June 23, 1968

( ROBIN ALSUP born August 30, 1969; married Tony McClean

( CAMERSON ALSUP born May 30, 1972

( MARILYN JEAN BRIDGE born January 29, 1951; married O