Peter Ferris (1636)

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This is a compilation of information from printed and individual sources. I have made no attempt to verify the information received from individual sources. All sources are listed at the end of the chapter. Jim

(2)PETER (378W-XX) – son of Jeffrey

born July 5, 1636 Stamford CT {or September 28, 1636, Watertown MA} and died September 28, 1706 Greenwich. He was made a freeman in 1662 and settled in Stamford CT; chosen as a "selectman" or "townsman" for Stamford in 1667 and served for 7 years; married 1st July 5/15, 1654 probably at Stamford, Elizabeth [daughter of John and Sarah (unk maiden name) Reynolds] born c1634 Watertown MA and died 1705 Stamford. Peter was one of ten men who were the landowners and leaders of Stamford, issued patents in Stamford, May 26, 1685. He was one of the jurors in the trial of Mercy Disbrough (Elizabeth Clason) for witchcraft. He married 2d July 23/25, 1705 Ruth Weed, widow of Daniel Weed (1640-1697). After Peter’s death, Ruth married, in 1707/8 John Clapp. Born to Peter and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Ferris were:


(2.1) JOSEPH FERRIS (378W-TF) born August 20, 1657 Greenwich (Stamford) CT and died April 7, 1733 Stamford CT (will dated March 31, 1726, proved May 4, 1736); age 75y 7m 18d; buried there; he was chosen as a "selectman" for Stamford 1701 and served 7 years; married December 12, 1686 in Stamford, Mary Hoyt/Hait born December 22, 1665 Stamford and died there 1740 (May 15, 1739?) [dau of Joshua and Mary (Bell) Hoit/Hoyt]. Born to them were:

(2.1.1) JOSEPH FERRIS, JR., born March 21(31?), 1688 Stamford CT and died April 1756; married 1st January 30, 1718 (LDS says June 18, 1718) in Stamford, Mercy Buxton [dau of Clement & Judith (Prence) (Pirenth) Buxton] [sister of Samuel (5.2.2)] born November 5, 1692 Stamford CT and died there May 24, 1718; married 2d February 18, 1720 Deborah Crissy [dau of John & Abigail (Knapp) Crissey] born February 14,1697/98 Stamford and died there May 31, 1748. Born to Joseph and Deborah were:

( DEBORAH FERRIS born May 2 (30?), 1722 Stamford; married December 31, 1741 as his 2d wife, Epenetus Webb born July 16, 1713 Stamford and died 1760 [son of Joseph and Mary (Hoit/Hoyt) Webb] {His first wife was Elizabeth Lockwood {daughter of Joseph}, who died August 15, 1740. Epenetus is related to Margery Webb who married Joseph Lockwood (4.6). Born to Deborah and Epenetus were:

( PRUDENCE WEBB born May 21, 1743 and died October 20, 1743

( JOSEPH WEBB born (April) August 15, 1744 Stamford and died October 28, 1776 (November 21, 1776 in the Rev. War; served as a Lieutenant); lived in Stamford CT and married July 28, 1767 Mary Husted ( Born to them were:

( NANCY WEBB (Mary Webb) born November 24, 1767 Stamford

( DEBORAH WEBB born June 30, 1769 Stamford and died there May 11, 1835; buried West Stamford Cemetery.

( POLLY WEBB born December 20, 1770 Stamford

( JOSEPH WEBB born November 21, 1771 (May 21, 1776) Stamford; lived in Stamford CT and married July 29, 1798 Elizabeth Smith born c1777. Born to them was:

( WILLIAM ERASTUS WEBB born October 21, 1799 Stamford and died there 1822

( ABIGAIL WEBB born October 2, 1772 Stamford and died there February 17, 1855; married March 20, 1808 as his 2d wife, Samuel Buxton (; Samuel’s first marriage was to Abigail Davenport and they had 4 kids. See him for offspring

( JOSIAH WEBB born October 13, 1746 and died October 20, 1749

( JEREMIAH WEBB born November 19, 1748 Stamford and died November 22, 1830 Andes, Delaware, NY. He was a Private 1781 in Captain Reuben Scofield’s Company, 9th Regiment, Connecticut Militia; married 1777 in Stamford, Deborah LeJeune (1750-1830) (Andes NY). Born to them were:

( PETER WEBB born March 15, 1778

( LEVI WEBB born February 23, 1781

( ZIMRI WEBB born May 10, 1783 Fairfield CT and died May 15, 1872 Mercer PA; married 1807 Ann Monroe [dau of John William & Anna (Batterson) Monroe]; and born to them were (birth sequence unk):

( MARIA A WEBB born May 19, 1813 CT and died October 9, 1866 Mt Pleasant IA; married September 12, 1833 Hugh Fulton [son of David & Martha (Alexander) Fulton – both born in Scotland] born June 6, 1807 Ontario Co NY and died October 10, 1883 Fairfield IA; moved with his father to OH 1824 and then to IA 1854; and born to them were:

( MARTHA FULTON born February 18, 1834 OH and died May 10, 1905

( CHARLES MONROE FULTON (Photo) born August 26, 1836 Richland Co OH and died February 28, 1916; moved to IA 1854; married Ann Eliza Humiston [dau of Charles Peck & Lucy (Bronson) Humiston] born April 1, 1837 Wallington CT and died February 10, 1910 Columbus Junction IA; she moved to IA 1846 with her mother; and born to them were:

( CHESTER ERWIN FULTON, M.D. born April 10, 1861 Louisa Co IA and died May 22, 1945 Springfield MO; graduated from medical school at Iowa City 1888; moved to KS 1888, then to Springfield 1893; married October 8, 1891 in Columbus Junction IA Annie A Abbott and born to them was:

( ROY A FULTON born December 6, 1893

( LUCY ANNELIA FULTON born July 1, 1863 and died December 3, 1864

( EDWARD HUGH FULTON born November 7, 1865; married name unk and born to them were (birth sequence unk):


( CHARLES M FULTON born February 13, 1906 and died February 21, 1914


( FANNIE FERN FULTON (Photo) born October 28, 1867 Columbus Junction IA and died March 2, 1903 Granite, Oklahoma Territory; married June 8, 1887 in Hilsboro KS as his 1st wife, Benjamin Franklin Van Dyke [son of Lazarus Henry & Emily Camilla (Kinnick) Van Dyke] (Photo) born August 6, 1862 White Pigeon IA and died June 22, 1943 Mangum OK; lawyer – see; and born to them were:

( ETHEL CLAIRE VAN DYKE (Photos) born June 3, 1888 Hilsboro KS and died October 3, 1974 Dallas TX; married December 25, 1910 in Greer Co OK, Ray Hollis Arnett [son of William & Mary Josephine (Kempster) Arnett] born November 15, 1887 IL and died October 3, 1979; lawyer/judge; and born to them were:

( DOROTHY ARNETT (Photo) born May 12, 1912 and died February 4, 1994; married October 31, 1932 Eugene Ray McInness born July 20, 1913 and died August 10, 1996; and born to them were:



( WILLIAM VAN DYKE ARNETT (Photos) born September 11, 1913 Lone Wolf OK and died October 22, 2005 Redwood City CA; electronic engineer; married February 7, 1937 Alexandra Capps [dau of Guy Hubert & Alice Hannah (Flett) Capps] born July 18, 1912 Braymer MO; and born to them was:

( WILLIAM ALEXANDER ARNETT – Bill is the provider of this information and the wonderful photographs – thanks Bill!

( LENORE ARNETT born November 15, 1918; civil servant; married July 4, 1940 James Young born March 10, 1915; and born to them was:


( MARJORIE ARNETT born September 8, 1923; married 1st March 1941 Bill Anderson and they had offspring; married 2d May 12, 1946 Billy Wayne Houck and they had offspring

( DOROTHY LOIS VAN DYKE (Photos) born September 6, 1893 Columbus Junction IA and died July 23, 1990 Aurora MO; Ph.D, botanist; author; married June 13, 1919 Harold Henderson Leake [son of John] born December 27, 1891 Racine MO and died February 13, 1978 MO; a civilian instructor at the USN Training School at Oklahoma A&M (1943-45) where he remained on the faculty after the war; then chosen to head the radio services department (1945-51); a classical piano player; also had a fine arts degree from the U of OK; his personal papers are archived at OK State U Library.

Springfield-Greene County Library – Bittersweet – Volume VII, No. 4, Summer 1980

"I’m Making Every Effort to Preserve" DOROTHY LEAKE’S LOVE FOR THE OZARKS


"I think I’m fortunate to have my retirement here. I like to do lots of things outdoors," said the spry eighty-six years young doctor of freshwater biology, Dorothy V. Leake. Dr. Leake, being very interested in conserving and preserving the flora and fauna of the Ozarks, has been interested in many projects since her retirement in 1959. Probably most important to her is her efforts to slow down some of the detrimental ecological changes she sees occurring all over the Ozarks. "One of the changes going on I’m actively involved in is preserving the wildlife which would all be gone from here–the fish all gone from the stream and the animals would be gone. All the things that grow here would be killed. I have ‘coons and ‘possums come up to the back door and eat whatever I put out for them at night. People don’t pay very much attention to the environment as much as they talk about it. They don’t really try to preserve it." Dr. Leake lives on a wooded acreage devoted to conservation. Since their retirement, she and her husband have established a freshwater biology station with their chief goal being to research the wildlife while it is still there and preserve as much as possible all aspects of Crane Creek and its adjacent areas. Since her husband’s death in 1978, she has continued this work alone. "I haven’t time to get lonely,” she said, "I’m busy all the time. Of course, I’m lonely for my husband. He was a great companion. We did everything together." Crane Creek, a tributary of the James River, runs through her property, giving her a natural laboratory right beside her house where she can do her research. "The creek rises at the railroad at the corner of our place. Years ago they made an embankment for the railroad by shooting off the face of the bluff. The spring which had come out at the base of the bluff managed to penetrate the embankment and is still the head of Crane Creek. "Streams like this one are all diminishing in size. They’re becoming polluted and not as useful as they once were. So, I had the idea of doing research here. I have done all the biological research that has been done here and published some papers, but there is a lot of work that could still be done. With so many members of the animal and plant kingdoms, it is an inexhaustible study which I think ought to be recorded before the stream deteriorates as it’s bound to do in this day and age. "Above and beyond that I enjoy living here very much. I have never lived anywhere I liked as much as I like the Ozarks. I think it’s a special section of the country that’s ideal."


I was born in Columbus Junction, Iowa, in 1893. That’s a town close to the Mississippi River in a wooded area where there were lots of these pretty spring flowers everyone loves so much. I got my first experience with nature there. At the turn of the century, when I was seven years old, my father, who was a lawyer, moved his family from the hills, streams and woods of southeastern Iowa to the prairies and granite mountains of the southwest corner of Oklahoma. The country was quite different there. We lived in a town called Granite. It was called this because it was at the end of the Wichita range which is just piles of red granite rising right up out of the prairie with no foothills at all. Of course, there was a lot of vegetation all over between the rocks, but the rocks were the most prominent things about the mountains. We lived halfway up one of the mountains which was only about 800 feet high. There was a spring on a level place at the middle of the mountain, and we had two houses we lived in. In one house we had the living room and bedrooms, and in the other house we had a kitchen, dining room and storeroom. They must have been a hundred feet apart, so we had to run from one place to the other. Since there were pretty little clear streams that ran down the mountains, it was a great place to study nature. The game hadn’t been shot out of the country as it has now. There were lots of different kinds of western type animals like lizards and snakes that lived on the mountains. Lots of rabbits, too. When I went to college in Springfield at Drury College, in 1910, the country in the Ozarks was so much like the country in Iowa I had liked a great deal that I really felt at home here, more so than in arid Oklahoma. I liked the climate and wildlife so much better. I had a chance to study biology in school, developed in that line still more and took my bachelor’s degree and the year after that my master’s degree. That was 1914 and 1915. Then after a period of teaching years, a college romance resulted in marriage in 1919 to Harold Henderson Leake, a teacher of piano and voice. Our first seven years of married life were spent on this place where I now live. When our daughter was born, my father came up from western Oklahoma to see his new grandchild, and he was so taken with the water and the trees and all the wildlife, he decided he’d just get out and buy a place while he was up here. He was a lawyer, and he wanted to move his other son-in-law up here to start a practice. My husband and I knew about this place and had been here and sat on that ledge of rock down there at the corner and wished that we could live in a place like this. We directed him to this place, and he fell in love with it, too, and bought it. Then he couldn’t persuade his other son-in-law to come up here at all because he liked the prairies better. So he asked us if we would come down here to live, which we did. Our daughter, Marcelotte, and son, Benjamin, were born here where the family enjoyed the country life. We supplemented the music teaching income with general farming–we had a garden, pigs, chickens and cows. This was our first experience with farming, either one of us. We just fell right into it, loved it, but we couldn’t make a living at it. The children had a Shetland pony, although she was definitely not a producer of anything but amusement. I taught my daughter by the Calvert school method so much used at that time by foreign missionary parents. When she was ready for the third grade, we moved to Aurora and I conducted a kindergarten with my five year old son as one of the "kinders." Next year came the chance to teach in the newly organized Junior College at Monett. Mr. Leake was head of the music department and I head of the science department. There was a time in the late 20’s when they organized junior colleges in this area. This school has since closed. They didn’t keep it up more than fifteen years, I think. Henderson Leake was involved in several vocations, including teaching music, broadcasting and preaching. After five years of this pleasant work we were offered attractive positions in Oklahoma. Mr. Leake became director of Educational Radio at the university of Oklahoma at Norman, and later at Oklahoma State University at Stillwater. I taught botany at both these schools. I was fifty years old when I took my doctorate degree at the University of

Oklahoma in ’44, taking my degree at the same time my son took his bachelor’s degree. They weren’t so particular then about how old you were, but I believe you had to do more work then than you do now. After acquiring the doctoral degree, I became head of the biology department of Southeastern State university at Durant. We built this house in ’51. The house on the hill my grandchildren live in is the house that was on the place when we moved here. We lived in it seven years. My husband was for many years the director of Educational Radio at the University of Oklahoma and at Stillwater State University. He was at both those schools, as I was. His radio name was Henderson Leake because Henderson sounded better than Harold in broadcasting. He had a commercial program with KWTO [Springfield, Missouri] for almost three years. They called it "Between the Windows." He wrote his broadcast between the windows in the living room here. He did this for Producers’ Creamery. It was a program of general events, historical matters, weather and nature things. He described, for instance, what he saw out the window. He could see what was going on in the creek and something goes on every day that’s interesting. The kingfishers were flying up and down the creek or the muskrats were swimming around. When retirement time came, my versatile husband became a priest of the Episcopal Church, working mostly in the churches of northern Arkansas. We had four trips abroad. The first was to Canterbury, England, where we attended a summer session of theology lectures at St. Augustine’s College. The

second was to attend the performances of Wagner’s Four Ring Operas at Bayreuth, after which we toured Europe in a VW camper bus– especially visiting the cathedrals of England. The third trip was to spend fall and winter in the Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen (and the modern John Fowles) country of Dorset. The fourth trip was when my husband exchanged pulpits with an Anglican priest for three summer months. Mr. Sims of Haxey, Lincolnshire, England, came to my husband’s church in Idabel, Oklahoma, while my husband had charge of St. Nicholas’ church at Haxey. All these years since we left the farm for teaching positions, the homing instinct has brought us back as often as possible. In 1951 we built our retirement home and prepared to carry on our conservation and research activities here. The place is a natural for such work. It is an old grist mill site on the headwaters of Crane Creek. The Wissman Mill was not in use when we had come here in the 20’s but was still standing until the 1940’s. Crane Creek is very rich in all kinds of plant and animal life, so rich that it would take years to study it completely. It’s one of the few streams left in the Ozarks that is not badly polluted. There are so many streams being polluted by town sewage and dump places that plants and animals cannot live in them. We have offered the use of the station to the schools of the area interested in doing biological research here. The professors are younger than I am and they can get out and do the field work better than I can now. So I’m going to kind of turn it over to them. I’m expecting them to do some work. My own research has

been on the ecology, physiology and taxonomy of algae. We call our acres on the creek The Freshwater Biology Station. It is also a wildlife refuge, teeming with all sorts of flora and fauna. There are plants of great variety and beauty. Some of the animals are ground hogs, muskrats, chipmunks, many kinds of mice, skunks, ‘coons, squirrels and beavers. More than a hundred species of birds have been recorded at the station. Many kinds of fish live in the stream, trout, bass, perch and pickerel, and there are other aquatic vertebrates and innumerable invertebrates. Our aim is to preserve the station in as natural a state as possible, and to protect it from the destructive impact of so-called civilization. We want it to be useful to researchers and helpful to groups like the girl scouts and the biology classes in the schools of the surrounding towns. What my ambition is with respect to my research is to have a record of this kind of clear creek, which is getting rare in Missouri. Because I feel it is impossible for things not to change, as change is a rule of life, my work will be to make some record of what it was like, a history of it, as it goes ahead with these changes that are inevitable. Another motive I have is to make the place as useful as possible to people, not just to sit here and live as a selfish individual, but to share it with people and have them learn about it and enjoy it, too.

Born to them were:

( MARCELOTTE LEAKE born March 22, 1920; married Edward Lovendale Roskelly born January 20, 1923; and Herman Roeder and they had 5 kids

( JOHN BENJAMIN LEAKE born February 10, 1923; married 1st Dora Ruth Etter born December 13, 1926 and they had 2 kids; married 2d Susan {maiden name unk} and they had 2 kids; married 3d Bonnie {maiden name unk}

( ALMA BLANCH FULTON born August 1, 1871 IA; married a Mr Allbaugh and born to them were:

( GLENN E ALLBAUGH born January 21, 1891 and was KIA WWI


( HARRY WILBUR FULTON born October 17, 1873 and died January 10, 1877

( EVA MAY FULTON born November 9, 1879 IA; married Martin Shaw; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR LISLE SHAW born February 9, 1906 and died October 6, 1908

( WESLEY M SHAW born November 20, 1910

( JEREMIAH FULTON born March 12, 1838 OH and died August 14, 1856

( SARAH FULTON born November 19, 1840 OH and died December 22, 1877

( ANNELIA FULTON born June 22, 1842 and died November 18, 1842

( JAMES H FULTON born January 7, 1844 and died July 16, 1845

( HORACE HUNTINGTON FULTON born January 1, 1846 OH

( ANN MARIA FULTON born October 22, 1847 OH and died April 13, 1870




( ANNELIA WEBB (c1815-)


( EPENETUS WEBB born December 5, 1785

( JEREMIAH WEBB born March 27, 1787

( DEBORAH WEBB born April 17, 1790

( SIMEON WEBB born February 15, 1794

( JOSIAH WEBB born November 10, 1796

( ELIZABETH WEBB (Photo) born November 7, 1798 Stamford NY and died December 21, 1886 Mercer Co PA; married 1824 Thomas Dickson (Photo) [son of William & Helen (Breckenridge) Dickson] born October 19, 1797 Edinburgh, Scotland and died December 14, 1860 Mercer Co PA; both buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA (tombstone photos). Thomas came to this country in 1818. After he married Elizabeth, about the first thing he did was buy a house and a few acres of land. The fact that the house was log did not matter, the five oldest children were born there. The thing of interest is he bought a home, and in September 1834 he lost it all because of a tannery venture. He gathered up all he had and made the trek to Mecca OH where he at once bought a home only to sell it in 1837 when he moved to Wethersfield (Niles). Here again a home was purchased and later after a year spent on the Gill Farm, the old farm was bought and the family moved on it in 1839, final payment and deed given in 1842. Born to them were:

( DEBORAH JANE DICKSON (Photos) born January 26, 1826 Andes NY and died January 12, 1901 Clarksville PA; her teachers’s license was issued by the Board of School Directors of Pymatuning District, Mercer Co, 1843; she taught her first school at age of 16 and taught until she married February 24, 1848 in Clarksville PA, Samuel Porter Stewart [son of Thomas & Ester (Porter) Stewart] born April 24, 1824 Hubbard, Trumbull, OH and died March 8, 1902 Clarksville PA; both buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA; and born to them were:

( CHARLES SUMNER STEWART (Photos) born September 3, 1856 Stewart Farm, Pymatuning Township and died October 18, 1928 Sharpsville PA. His schooling was obtained in the district school, the select school at Transfer, and the Jamestown Academy. He began teaching at the age of 18 and taught 8 terms in Green Township and two in Pymatuning, and five in Hickory. Charles closed his term as a teacher in 1879; bid goodby to all and away to Kansas to make his fortune and live his life in the West; but the lure of the homeland was too great and running short of money he wrote his brother, William for money to take him back home, and he never spoke of going elsewhere as long as he lived. After the death of his father, he purchased the interest of the heirs of the estate. He was also identified with the Pymmatuning Fire Insurance Company and sold farm machinery as a sideline. He married February 15, 1888 Melinda Louise Rust (headstone has Malinda) [dau of William B & Rebecca Ann (Butterfield) Rust] born July 29, 1865 Hickoy Township and died at her home in Sharpsville September 25, 1957; both buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark, Mercer, PA. Born to them were:

( FRANCIS W. STEWART, SR., (Photo) born August 2, 1895 Pymatuning Township, Mercer, PA and died May 19, 1967. He was owner of Park Motor Company (Ford dealership) Sharpsville PA; WWI Veteran entered service September 20, 1917, PFC, HQS Troop, 80th Division; married October 6, 1920 Catherine Rachel Anderson [dau of William Warner & Margaret Jane (Pauley) Anderson] born June 14, 1894 Sharpsville PA and died April 24, 1989 Hermitage PA; both buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery. She was a member of the Sharpsville Presbyterian Church and Auxiliary to American Legion Post 162 and Sharpsville Chapter 237 Order of Eastern Star. Born to them were:

( MARGARET LOUISE STEWART born June 5, 1922 Sharpsville PA and died the next day; buried Sharpsville Riverside Cemetery

( FRANCIS W. STEWART, JR., (Sonny) (Photos) born July 10, 1923 Sharpsville PA and died there January 12, 1988; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery (tombstone photo); WWII Vet serving in the 3023d Quartermaster Bakery Company in Germany; married 1st November 22, 1963 Ruthan Patricia Seidel (James B & Viola Ruth (Fair) Seidel] July 2, 1940 Mercer PA; married 2d Dolores Glover; married 3d Dolores Klingensmith. Born to him and Ruthan was:

( KIMBERLY STEWART, R.N., (Photo) married Jeffery William Macklin – Kimberly has graciously provided information and numerous photos – thanks Kimberly!

Born to Francis and his 2d wife, Dolores, was:


( STANLEY A STEWART (Photo) born April 29, 1925 and died February 9, 1995 Hermitage PA; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery (tombstone photo); married Virginia Vorheese; and born to them were:




( GINGER STEWART (Photo) married 1st Dennis Trowbridge; 2d Christopher Stewart; and born to her and Dennis were:



( JUDD STEWART born November 1, 1966 and died November 2001; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA


( CATHERINE JANE STEWART born June 2, 1934; married Edward Michalyk and born to them was:


( JUSTINE STEWART (Photo) born March 26, 1937 Sharpsville PA; married Louis Combine; and born to them were:

( GUY COMBINE born March 22, 1956 and died February 4, 2005 Mercer Co PA





( SAMUEL ORAN STEWART (Photos) born January 3, 1889 and died 1968; WWI Veteran went overseas in May 1918; served with the 2d Cassion Company, 305th Ammunition Train (80th Division); married Prudence McCaughtry who died December 1944; and born to them was:


( CHARLES SUMNER STEWART Jr (Photos) born May 11, 1893 and died April 15, 1985; married Ruth Shannon born June 14, 1892 and died April 15, 1985. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM SHANNON STEWART born August 23, 1916 and died April 1950; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA – tombstone has death year as 1951 (Photo)

( CHARLES SUMNER STEWART III born February 20, 1918

( ROBERT MILLER STEWART (Photo) born October 18, 1922

( WILLIAM BURTON STEWART (Photos) born June 14, 1901 and died 1986; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery; married (Electa) Electamay Beckdol (1901-1990); and they adopted Martha Joan

( ANNA DEBORAH STEWART (Photo) born June 19, 1903; married William Shannon; and born to them was:

( WILLIAM SHANNON died June 11, 2003 Mercer Co PA

( THOMAS DICKSON STEWART (Dick) (Photos) born February 20, 1849 Hickory Township, Mercer Co PA and died August 22, 1910; graduated from Westminister College at New Wilmington with Class of 1873, A.B., and the Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny PA graduated with the Class of 1876; his first charge (Presbyterian) was at Cooperstown, Venango, PA where he remained for several years; also preached at one or two other places while there; left there and took charge of the Unity Church near Greenfield, Mercer, PA where he remained several years and while there built a fine church building; then to Murdocksville, Washington, PA where he was pastor of two churches; married May 21, 1879 Elizabeth Anna Stewart [dau of John C – no kin] born 1852 and died November 15, 1937; both buried Clarkville Citizens Cemetery, Clark, Mercer, PA; and born to them were:

( MARY EMMA STEWART (Photo) born September 3, 1880 Cooperstown PA and died April 14, 1962; graduated from Slippery Rock State Normal School and after teaching 2y, studied stenography and held a position in Sharon PA until she married December 28, 1904 Orin Campbell, M.D.; they resided Ford City PA where Orin engaged in the practice of medicine; spent their winters in Fort Lauderdale beginning in 1937 and finally gave up their northern home in 1949; and born to them was:

( ELIZABETH CAMPBELL married Robert Orr Angle and born to them were:

( MARIAN JEANNE ANGLE born November 24, 1926; married Robert Mitchell Elliott; and born to them was:


( ROBERT OREN ANGLE born October 26, 1931; interred Harvard College fall of 1949 as a Midshipman, USNR

( RICHARD STEWART ANGLE born July 20, 1944 Fort Lauderdale FL

( BESSIE LENA STEWART born June 15, 1882 Cooperstown PA and died April 19, 1900 while a student at Westminster College; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA with her parents.

( LINUS EUGENE STEWART (Photos) born September 17, 1884 Bethel PA and died January 17, 1949; graduated from Westminister College, 1905; taught one term of school, secured a position with a foundry company near Monongehela City where he was connected with the plant as one of the officials; married September 15, 1909 Lois Wightman [dau of William & Lois (Collingwood) Wightman II] born July 29, 1883 and died December 18, 1971; both buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA; they moved to a farm in Mercer Co PA c1925; and born to them were:

( MARY STEWART born September 9, 1912 Monongahela PA and died September 13, 2002 West Salem Township PA; buried Mercer Citizens Cemetery, Mercer PA; Mercer High School 1929; Slippery Rock Teachers College 1933; teacher at rural schools in Et Lackawannock Township, a 4th grade teacher at Mercer Elementary school and taught math, writing, English, art and reading at Mercer Jr High school and history and problems of democracy at Mercer High School; Youngstown State U & Syracuse U Chatauqua Program 1959; librarian Mercer Area Junior-Senior High School (1953-78); 1978 library volunteer, Regional Correctional Institute; married June 18, 1942 J Howard Glenn (-1986)

( LOIS ELIZABETH STEWART (1911-1994) (Photo)


( THOMAS WIGHTMAN STEWART (Photos) born February 5, 1917 Belle, Vernon, PA and died July 25, 1998 Lombard IL; USMC Vet and while stationed at Camp LeJuene NC, he met a liberian on the base; and married her August 19, 1944 in Lexington KY, Wilma Catherine Jones born November 9, 1916 Richmond KY and died April 4, 1998 Lombard IL; both buried Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster KY (Photo); and born to them were:

( THOMAS WIGHTMAN STEWART Jr married Deborah Hill and born to them were:



( GRANDISON ANN STEWART (Photos) married Richard Allen Taylor – they met at Miami U, Oxford OH; and born to them were:




( JAMES DICKSON STEWART (Photo) born April 12, 1889 Bethel PA and died November 1961; took a partial college course, then studied engineering and was in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad, then affiliated with different steel companies; married 1st May 29, 1913 Jessie Entler; 2d c1930 Hildar Christensen; and born to him and Jessie were:



Born to James and his 2d wife, Hildar,was:

( NANCY JOANNE STEWART born October 23, 1931

( WILLIAM NEVIN STEWART born June 2, 1851 Hickory Township, Mercer Co PA and died there April 3, 1919; attended Wilmington College 3 months in he falloff 1869, teaching that and the two succeeding winters, and in the fall going to Transfer High School; in the spring of 1872 he went to Brazil, Indiana as a bookkeeper for a coal company and from there in the spring of 1874 to Denver and Boulder, Colorado; returned home to marry his sweetheart; married November 24, 1875 Mary Margaret Stewart [dau of John C – no kin] born April 5, 1854 and died February 28, 1934 Mercer Co; both buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA (tombstone photo); after their marriage the young couple went to Brazil IN where he had a position as Superintendent of Mines for Ormsby Coal Co and they stay here until 1881 when the returned to PA and he secured employed with Ormsby and Spearman as bookkeeper in their mines in the eastern part of Mercer Co; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM DICKSON STEWART born October 26, 1876 Brazil IN and died February 21, 1932; buried Clark Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA; had poor health and never married

( MARY CLAIRE STEWART born November 29, 1878 Brazil IN and died there December 18, 1880; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA

( SAMUEL CHARLES STEWART born February 8, 1881 Clarksville PA and died April 21, 1933; Private in Company C, 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Spanish-American War, Tampa FL; Sergeant in the Ohio National Guard after the Spanish-American War; married December 26, 1907 Margaret Redding who died July 30, 1935; and born to them were:

( CHARLES KENNETH STEWART born June 29, 1909 PA and died May 27, 1932 of a gunshot wound.

( RUTH ESTELLE STEWART born December 2, 1912

( JEAN STEWART (Baby girl) born December 5, 1914 and died December 22, 1914

( DEBORA JANE STEWART born August 29, 1916

( THOMAS FLOYD STEWART born March 1920 and died December 17, 1920

( MARGARET ESTELLE STEWART born September 25, 1883 Jackson Center PA and died December 6, 1947 PA; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA; she graduated from Cleveland High School and nearly completed a course in the Cleveland Normal School when her health failed; 1930 was stenographer, coal mine in Mercer Co; later in the office of the Sharon Coal & Limestone Co where she was until her retirement

( ELIZABETH EDNA STEWART (Photo) born October 15, 1886 Hazzard PA and died July 20, 1965; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA; graduated from the Cleveland High School, taught a few years, was in the office of her father for a while and then was on the faculty of the Mercer Schools until her retirement in 1949

( ALICE IRENE STEWART (Photos) born April 10, 1889 Hazzard PA and died 1942; graduated from Slippery Rock State Normal School, taught in the fall of 1910; married January 26, 1911 Floyd Rodgers and born to them were:

( ELANORE RODGERS born August 3, 1915

( MARGARET EDITH RODGERS (twin) born September 25, 1917

( ELIZABETH RODGERS (twin) born September 25, 1917

( GABRIELLA RODGERS born January 5, 1923


( JUDSON STEWART RODGERS born March 2, 1929

( JAMES KENNETH STEWART born November 10, 1893 Cleveland OH and died September 23, 1916; buried Clark Citizens Cemetey, Clark PA (headstone photo); he graduated from Grove City High School 1913; attended Carnegie Tech College in Pittsburgh and taken ill when a student

( ESTHER ELIZABETH STEWART (Libbie) born February 10, 1854 on the Stewart farm in Hickory Township, Mercer Co PA and died September 28, 1913 Clarksville PA; buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA; married October 16, 1878 Hiram Thompson born January 1, 1854 and died February 7, 1942; farmer, carpenter and joiner; Esther attended a few terms at Jamestown Acedemy and Westminster College and spent several years teaching in Hickory township; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL THOMPSON (Photos) born February 1, 1884 and died 1962; married Louise Hawthorne (1884-1951) and born to them were:




( HELEN THOMPSON (Photo) born December 25, 1887 and died July 4, 1945 in an auto and train collision, Orangeville OH; married George Fogle (-1926); and born to them was:


( MARY ELANORE STEWART born June 27, 1860 Pymatuning Township, Transfer, Mercer Co PA and died June 8, 1943 Sharpsville PA; married June 23, 1881 Alfred R Thompson (1857-1937), brother of her sister’s husband; they lived on the Thompson farm in Pymatuning Township where Alfred farmed; she spent one year in Cleveland where she studied music in addition to the grammer schoolwork; was organist of the Clarksville Church for years; both buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA; and born to them was:

( HOWARD DICKSON THOMPSON (Photo) born October 3, 1883 Pymatuning Township and died July 4, 1945 Orangeville OH in the same auto – train collision that killed his cousin Helen above; married Laura Reeves (-1967)

( JAMES LINUS STEWART born July 30, 1862 and died 1928; when he was about 21y of age he went West with his cousin David to Duluth to grow up with that rapidly developing section of the country – work was scarce, more men than work, so he came home; married Lillian Jacobs (1869-1943); and born to them were:

( ARTHUR RAYMOND STEWART (Photos) born November 7, 1891 Mercer Co PA and died September 1963 Greenville PA; WWI Veteran Army Medical Department; principal, teacher in Greeneville; married Nola Stright [dau of Leonard M & Cora (Palm) Stright] born April 23, 1894 Sheakleyville PA and died November 1978 Boone NC; both buried Shenango Cemetery, Greenville; and born to them were:

( JAMES LEONARD STEWART born January 6, 1926 and died January 26, 1926 Greenville PA; buried Clark Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA

( JANET STEWART born October 2, 1927 Greenville PA; married Wilfred G Mears born 1923 and died November 3, 1983 Winston-Salem NC; buried Boone NC; and born to them were:

( ALAN STEWART MEARS born October 8, 1953 and died August 15, 1978

( MARNA BETH MEARS married Joseph Napoleon

( ELLIS JAMES STEWART (1895-1983) (Photos) was a teacher prior to WWI; WWI Vet; farmer post-WWI in Transfer PA; married Alice Deevers (1895-1966); and born to them were:

( JAMES ROLAND STEWART born 1928 Kittanning, Armstrong, PA

( ELLIS DEEVERS STEWART (Bub) born December 4, 1930 Kittanning, Armstrong, PA; married Irene Somers (1930-); and born to them were:

( SHERYLE STEWART marired Richard Bleier; and born to them were:



( REBECCA STEWART married Douglas Matricano; and born to them was:


( TRACY STEWART married Anthony Forrester

( MARY D STEWART (1898-1981) buried Clarksville Citizens Cemetery, Clark PA

( THOMAS DICKSON STEWART (Photo) born February 14, 1913 Pymatuning Township, Transfer, Mercer, PA and died June 6, 2003 Greenville PA; graduated Theil College, Greenville PA 1935; married Mary Ella Rodecker

( SAMUEL ARTHUR STEWART (Photos) born October 15, 1868 and died 1951; graduate of Grove City College 1890; graduated Western Theological Seminary 1894; Presbyterian; Pastor of Plain Grove 1894, then LaPorte IN 1903, then Rochester IN 1910; chief probabtion officer LaPort Co 1929-36; married June 23, 1897 Nancy Glenn (-1951); and born to them was:

( SAMUEL GLENN STEWART born March 26, 1898 Plain Grove, Manse; married Esther Wood and born to them were:

( DAVID WOOD STEWART married Mary Irwin; and born to them were:



( NANCY STEWART marired J R Pobst; and born to them were:




( ELINOR DICKSON (1st born) born 1825 NY

( WILLIAM W DICKSON born October 18, 1927 NY and died January 12, 1867 PA

( DAVID DICKSON born October 5, 1829 Andes NY and died October 4, 1862 PA

( ELIZABETH WEBB DICKSON born August 30, 1831 NY and died September 16, 1913



( JOSIAH WEBB born January 29, 1750/51 Stamford CT and died 1842 Gustavus OH; married Rhoda Page born November 3, 1796 CT and died 1859 Green OH; and born to them were:

( PHEBE MARIA WEBB born March 10, 1824 Gustavus OH and died 1908 Riverside CA; married Decatur Stephenson born June 12, 1819 Phelps NY and died 1881 Sedgewick KS; and born to them were:

( DELOS STEPHENSON born May 3, 1842

( HOMER STEPHENSON born March 27, 1844 Kinsman OH and died 1925 Riverside CA; married Dora Andeline Morgan born August 27, 1857 OH and died 1952 Riverside; and born to them were:

( STELLA STEPHENSON born March 6, 1877

( ORLA STEPHENSON born February 8, 1879

( DECATUR EDWARD STEPHENSON born February 7, 1881

( LAURA STEPHENSON born April 20, 1883

( BRUCE STEPHENSON born June 25, 1885

( MORGAN STEPHENSON born November 1, 1887

( RONALD STEPHENSON born June 1, 1890

( LILLIAN STEPHENSON born July 23, 1892



( ADALAIDE STEPHENSON born March 5, 1846

( DECATUR STEPHENSON JR born October 5, 1850 Wichita KS and died 1966 Riverside CA; married Pearl Bessie Andrews born March 1, 1882 Kent IA and died 1952 Riverside CA; and they had 8 kids

( LAURA WEBB born January 1825

( HARRIET WEBB born January 1829

( SHERMAN WEBB born March 30, 1830

( PETER WEBB born May 23, 1754

( MOSES WEBB born February 18, 1756 Fairfield Co CT and died January 2, 1850 CT; lived in Stamford CT. In the Rev. War he was a Private in Captain Samuel Hoyt’s Company, Colonel Philip B. Bradley’s Regiment, February 6, 1777-1780 and also served in the War of 1812. He married 1st 1780 (November 22, 1781 in Stamford), Polly Street of Norwalk CT (1756-1821); and married 2d April 12, 1825 Mrs. Abigail Jarvis of Norwalk CT (1774-). Born to Moses and Polly were:

( SALLY WEBB (1782-1846) married 1806 William Craw of Norwalk CT.

( EPENETUS FERRIS WEBB born June 21, 1784 VT and died September 14, 1871 PA; lived in Norwalk CT and Ridgebury PA; married 1st November 25, 1803 Sally Brown; 2d November 30, 1823 Rhoda Disbrow [dau of Elias & Susanna (Green) Disbrow]; 3d the widow Sally Ingalls; and 4th the widow Elva Head. Born to him and Sally were:

( ANSON WEBB born March 26, 1804 New Haven CT and died September 5, 1864; buried Hanlon Hill Cemetery, Bradford Co PA; a farmer; married April 12, 1827 Elvira Burnham born January 16, 1804 NY and died March 8, 1889; buried Hanlon Hill Cemetery, Bradford Co PA. Born to them were:

( RUTH MARIAH WEBB born January 10, 1828 PA and died August 12, 1912; buried Bentley Creek Cemetery, Bradford Co PA; married April 20, 1847 George W. Peterson born June 27, 1825 NY and died August 19, 1903; buried Bentley Creek Cemetery. He was a farmer. Born to them were:

( CHARLOTTE D. PETERSON born August 17, 1849 Bradford Co PA and died May 4, 1928 Easton, Northampton, PA; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira NY; married June 9, 1877 Robert P. Theetge [son of Oliver B.] born 1852 NY and died April 27, 1925 Elmira, Chemung, NY; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. Born to them were:

( BERTHA C. THEETGE born February 1, 1878 and died 1917; buried Tioga Point Cemetery; married Walter A. Canfield (1872-1953) [son of Levi & Arbell]; buried Tioga Point Cemetery. Born to them were:

( JESSIE SUE CANFIELD born before 1898 and died after 1961; married Carl Beardsley and they had 2 kids.

( BLANCHE CANFIELD married 1st William Freeman and they had 3 kids; married 2d John Canfield and they had 2 kids.

( FRANCIS CANFIELD born April 22, 1899 and died June 1, 1961; married Lola May Murdoch born May 1899 and died December 19, 1982; and they had 4 kids

( EVERETT B. CANFIELD (1901-1942) buried Tioga Point Cemetery

( RUTH LENA THEETGE born December 24, 1879 and died November 15, 1967 Elmira NY; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. She was a member of the PA Avenue Methodist Church and the Auxiliary #49 Sons of Union Veterans. She married John Tritsch and born to them was:


( GRACE L. THEETGE born July 22, 1884 and died May 1974 Chemung NY; buried Ashland Cemetery, Ashland NY; married Jesse L. Hammond [son of Gordon & Angenette] born 1882 and died 1950 Chemung; buried Ashland Cemetery – he was a motorman on a trolley car 1920. Born to them were 4 kids, one of which was:

( FRANK J. HAMMOND born 1924 and died November 13, 1997; buried Hector Union Cemetery; married a Miss Carpenter

( CHARLOTTE M. THEETGE Lottie born May 27, 1888 PA and died April 15, 1975 Elmira NY; buried Woodlawn Cemetery; married Charles Terwilliger and born to them were 4 kids.

( ELSIE M. THEETGE born September 3, 1891 Lowman NY and died December 13, 1970 Horseheads, Chemung, NY; buried Maple Grove, Horseheads; married 1st Charles Freeman; 2d after 1910 George P. Rawleigh (1877-)

( IDA E. PETERSON born August 25, 1856 and died October 5, 1882; buried Bentley Creek Cemetery, Bradford Co PA; married January 1, 1877 Truman O. Lindsley (1848-). Born to them were:



( SALLY JOSEPHINE PETERSON born September 18, 1859 Ridgebury Township, Bradford Co PA and died after 1910; married January 5, 1877 in Ridgebury Township, Truman H. Randall [son of William Henry & Cynthia Jane (Gleason) Randall] born August 17, 1856 NY and died January 19, 1936 Cameron, Steuben, NY. He was a carpenter and farmer. Born to them were:

( GEORGE HENRY RANDALL (Photos) born February 3, 1878 Wilawana, Athens Township, Bradford, PA and died June 27, 1945 in the National Military Home, Los Angeles CA; buried Veteran’s Administration Cemetery, Los Angeles; married 1st April 24, 1899 in Elmira NY, Sarah M. Walker – divorced 1913; married 2d May 15, 1913 in Cleveland OH, Della Eliza Benson [dau of Charles & Cecelia Rebecca (Goldsmith) Benson] born February 4, 1880 Kelloggsville OH and died July 7, 1858 Cleveland OH; buried Knollwood Cemetery, Mayfield Heights OH – separated 1929; married 3d April 7, 1931 Aberdeen SD, Violet Ruth Anderson born October 27, 1908 Casselton ND and died September 30, 1990 Corona CA. Born to him and Sarah were 2 kids, one of which was:


Born to George and his 2d wife, Della, were:

( FLORENCE CECELIA RANDALL born February 27, 1914 Cleveland OH and died March 11, 1986 Clearwater FL; buried Ridge Hill Memorial Park, Lorain OH; married July 12, 1935 Westfield NY, Kenneth Ernest Schilling born July 9, 1913 St. Paul MN and died December 24, 1997 Elyria OH; buried Ridge Hill Memorial Park, Lorain OH. He was an English teacher. Born to them were 4 kids.

( HELEN LOUISE RANDALL born November 17, 1918 Cleveland OH and died December 11, 1991 Clearwater FL; buried there; married 1st Lewis Neil Abbey – divorced 1944; married 2d Reuben Bonda. Born to her and Lewis were 2 kids, one of which was:

( HARLEY NEAL ABBEY Bud born November 14, 1940 East Cleveland OH and died October 191, 1990 Clearwater FL; buried there.

Born to George and his 3d wife, Violet, were 3 kids, one of which was:

( PATRICIA RUTH RANDALL born May 1, 1936 Britton, Marshall, SD and died October 2002 Yucaipa, San Bernardino, CA; married 1st Mr. Clayton and they had 3 kids; married 2d Mr. Silvers.

( GOLDIE H. RANDALL born December 4, 1879 and died March 22, 1882; buried Dutchtown Cemetery, Wellsburg, Chemung, NY

( ROYAL R. RANDALL born April 19, 1885 Wilawana PA and died September 23, 1972 Burlington, Bradford, PA; buried Bradford Co Memorial Park. He spent the last 12 years of his life in the Bradford County Home where he died.

( RUTH J. RANDALL born October 19, 1888 PA and died March 22, 1936; married Mr. Wonderly

( GEORGE ANSON PETERSON born June 4, 1864 Ridgebury Township, Bradford, PA and died after 1900; married March 24, 1887 Jessie Dildine and they had 4 kids, two of which were:

( MILDRED PETERSON born June 21, 1904 and died July 1, 1904

( GEORGE ARTHUR PETERSON born July 26, 1905 and died September 17, 1908

( SALLY AMANDY WEBB born February 27, 1830 PA and died May 10, 1861; buried Hanlon Hill Cemetery, Bradford Co PA

( DEBORAH ANN WEBB born July 11, 1832 PA and died January 27, 1900; married November 20, 1852 George Carr died March 7, 1900. Born to them were:

( ALMA A. CLARK born August 22, 1853 and died August 22, 1931

( CHARLIE F. CARR born February 4, 1860 and died October 10, 1890

( JOHN A. CARR born October 3, 1866 and died May 17, 1934; married October 25, 1886 May Green died May 16, 1929. Born to them were:

( STEPHEN A. CARR born August 7, 1887

( CASSIE CARR born October 5, 1888

( CHARLIE L. CARR born August 28, 1890

( WILLIAM CARR born November 17, 1891

( MATTIE L. CARR born March 28, 1893


( ARACHEL F. WEBB born July 17, 1835 PA and died there November 3, 1835

( JOHN L. WEBB born April 5, 1839 PA and died February 23, 1911 Elmira Heights NY; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elirma; married September 23, 1860 Harriet Ann Wilbur who died August 3, 1910. She was a tailoress. Born to them were:

( ELVIRA M. WEBB born December 25, 1870; married December 31, 1889 Charlie L. Lockwood died December 9, 1924. Born to them were 2 kids, one of which was:

( JOHN WILBUR LOCKWOOD born and died August 29, 1905

( EDITH L. WEBB born June 20, 1872; married February 12, 1899 Joseph Morris; and born to them were 4 kids, 2 of which were:


( CHARLIE JAMES MORRIS born March 20, 1905

( CLARA E. WEBB born May 25, 1875; married January 13, 1894 George L. Smith died December 23, 1913. Born to them were:




( SIMEON ANSON WEBB born October 30, 1876; married July 15, 1905 Margaret M. Moffet; and born to them were 3 kids, one of which was:

( GENAVIEVE WEBB born October 10, 1911 and died August 28, 1912

( GEORGE F. WEBB born September 18, 1841 PA and died February 14, 1914 Elmira NY; buried Woodlawn Cemetery; a farmer and a railroad shop foreman; married December 24, 1860 Hettie E. Wilbur [dau of Simeon & Maria] born c1837 and died 1919; buried Woodlawn Cemetery. She was a tailor and restauranteur. Born to them were:

( SARAH LIBBIE WEBB born December 26, 1862 and died September 8, 1930; married October 25, 1882 John W. Neish who died February 17, 1898; a railway brakeman; and born to them was:

( GEORGE HENRY NEISH born October 28, 1883 and died March 29, 1884

( HENRY ANSON WEBB born March 27, 1864 and died March 25, 1927; a restauranteur; married June 21, 1885 Minnie E. Johnson who died May 3, 1936. Born to them were:




( DAVID HOWELL WEBB born June 6, 1843 PA and died c1852; buried Hanlon Hill Cemetery, Bradford County PA

( BENJAMIN ADEN WEBB born April 17, 1851 PA and died June 4, 1907; married 1st August 25, 1872 Mary M. Harlo; 2d Christie A. Conn

( POLLY WEBB born July 7, 1806

( ABIGAIL OSBORN WEBB born September 27, 1808

( AMANDA FERRIS WEBB born October 22, 1810; married James Amesbury Tyndall of Norwalk CT

( DEBORAH WEBB born November 3, 1817; married William Tice McDowell

( SALLY MARIA WEBB born December 27, 1819; married 1845 Noah Disbrow

( ESTHER WEBB (Esther Matilda Webb) born October 20, 1824 and died 1887; married Noah Disbrow

( DEBORAH WEBB born 1787 and died in infancy

( GREENLEAF STREET WEBB born May 2, 1789 and died January 23, 1886; lived and died New Brunswick NJ; buried there Willow Grove Cemetery; pastor of the church at Stamford CT 1816-21 and pastor in New Brunswick for 50 years; married 1st May 23, 1813 Hannah Quereau; and 2d 1831 Marie McLoughlin. Born to Greenleaf and Hannah were:

( WILLIAM STOUGHTON WEBB born January 16, 1814

( MOSES FERRIS WEBB born September 9, 1815 Stamford CT and died January 9, 1900 New Brunswick NJ; buried there Willow Grove Cemetery; resided one time in Brooklyn NY; married April 30, 1840 in New Brunswick, Sarah Emily Rachel Baudoine/Baudouine [dau of Abraham & Rachel (Noble) Baudouine] born January 14, 1820 NYC and died February 21, 1907 Plainfield NJ; buried Cheesman Cemetery, New Brunswick; and born to them were:

( EMMA AUGUSTA WEBB born July 7, 1841 New Brunswick NJ and died there August 13, 1861; buried there Willow Grove Cemetery

( ABRAM BAUDOUINE WEBB born 1842 New Brunswick

( HENRY G WEBB born 1845 New Brunswick

( CHARLES ALFRED WEBB born 1847 New Brunswick

( EDWARD FERRIS WEBB born 1850 New Brunswick

( RUSSELL FERRIS WEBB born 1855 Brooklyn NY

( GEORGE E WEBB born 1860 Brooklyn and died San Angelo TX

( ELIZA MARIEDA WEBB born February 15, 1817 and died 1873; married Rev. Daniel F. Twiss; from NJ in 1851, he is listed in the The Missionary Magazine published by the American Baptist Missionary Union, as was his father-in-law.

( HARRIET JANE WEBB born August 13, 1818 and died November 19, 1883; married George H. Gillman of Baltimore MD

( HENRY LELAND WEBB born January 1, 1820 and died January 11, 1885; lived in Plainfield NJ; married 1st November 10, 1841 Anna C. Hull; 2d Susie Louise Davenport. It is not stated which of the wives was mother of his children. Born to them were:

( CHARLES HULL WEBB (probably son of Anna)






( JULIA FITZ RANDOLPH WEBB born May 16, 1822

( JOSEPH WEBB born September 17, 1823 and died February 18, 1824

( CORNELIA MOORE WEBB born September 22, 1826 and died September 1, 1893

( JULIA WEBB born July 8, 1828 and died August 23, 1825

Born to Greenleaf and his second wife, Marie, was:

( CHARLES MALCOLM WEBB born June 12, 1832 and died May 21, 1888

( RUTH WEBB born June 20, 1791 and died September 28, 1878 Fairfield Co CT; married as his 3d wife, Matthew White Starr [son of Matthew & Elizabeth (White) Starr] born January 16, 1785 Danbury CT and died March 26, 1872 Bethel CT; both buried Center Cemetery, Bethel CT; and born to them were:

( MARY AURELIA STARR born 1834 Danbury, Fairfield, CT

( HARRY A STARR born c1835 Danbury CT

( JOHN LELAND WEBB born February 25, 1794 (NY) Fairfield Co CT and died October 17, 1846 Towanda, Bradford Co PA; reared and educated in Fairfield Co; moved to Bradford Co PA to begin his active business career and engaged in contracting and building; was one of the contractors of the North Branch Canal in North Pennsylvania; lived in Ridgebury PA and is also stated to have lived in Willsbury NY; a soldier in the War of 1812 as a Private in Captain Elijah Reed’s Company, 34th Regiment, commanded by Colonel Nehemiah Lockwood, September 8-13, 1813; a politician (county commissioner, sheriff); married September 23, 1819 Annis Hammond [dau of Dudley of Goshen NY] born March 30, 1799 Chemung Co NY and died September 7, 1871. “At his residence in Smithfield, on the evening of the 17th inst., after illness of but a few hours, John Leland Webb, Esq., aged 52y 7m 22d. The loss of Mr Webb will be severly felt by the citizens of this county, as he long held a high place in the estimation of the public. He emigrated to this county from one of the Eastern States in early life, with nothing but an untiring energy, an uncompromising integrity, and a sound discriminating judgement, to aid him in starting on the journey of life. By industry he succeeded in acquiring a competency of worldly goods, and by his integrity and kindly disposition he won the esteem and confidence of all who knew him. Mr. Webb has been called upon, by the suffrages of his fellow-citizens, to fulfill various county offices, in all of which he gave entire satisfaction to his constituents. In the fall of 1845, and again on the 13th of the present month – but four days before his death – he was elected to a seat in our State Legislature.” Born to them were:

( JAMES H. WEBB born December 4, 1820 Chemung Co NY; lived in Towanda PA; married September 23, 1845 Sally M. Chamberlain and born to them were:

( GEORGE HOWARD WEBB born October 15, 1849; lived in Philadelphia PA; married February 17, 1872 Edith M. Phelps and born to them were:

( LAURA ELIZABETH WEBB born December 22, 1872; married November 15, 1892 Glen A. Warren

( JOHN LELAND WEBB born May 7, 1878

( HENRY PHELPS WEBB born May 7, 1880

( GEORGE HOWARD WEBB born June 6, 1882

( MARY LOUISE WEBB born May 21, 1885

( CHARLES GREENLEAF WEBB born November 13, 1852; lived in Stafford KS; married August 19, 1874 Rebecca J. Watkins, of Athens PA. Born to them were:

( JAMES AMASA HAMPTON WEBB born December 6, 1877

( PAUL ELMORE WEBB born May 22, 1879

( EDWIN RUTHVANE WEBB born October 14, 1856; lived in Stafford KS; married October 14, 1879 Frances E. Reynolds born July 2, 1861. Born to them were:

( SALLY MARION WEBB born November 2, 1881

( CHARLES LAWRENCE WEBB born January 17, 1884

( JAMES HARRISON WEBB born January 12, 1889

( WILLIAM HENRY WEBB born Februry 5, 1863; of Wilkes-Barre PA; married August 7, 1889 Mary Alice Chestnut born April 27, 1866.

( POLLY STREET WEBB born August 15/25, 1822 NY and died (January 5, 1883) September 6, 1883 Smithfield, Bradford, PA; married October 17, 1841 Virgil S. Vincent [son of Addi M & Lavina M (Somers) Vincent] born July 12, 1811 NY and died April 5, 1891; both buried Milan Village, Ulster Township, Bradford Co PA; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM S VINCENT born July 24, 1842 and died December 25, 1882 from complications of his Civil War wound; enlisted May 15, 1861 at Harrisburg PA in Company F, 34th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment; wounded at the Battle of Charles City June 1863, treated at General Hospital at Columbia College in Washington, D.C. until discharged June 14, 1864; bank clerk and insurance agent; married December 9, 1869 at Towanda PA, Eliza M Watts (-1909); after his death, Eliza applied for a widow’s pension; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH W VINCENT born April 8, 1871

( ELLA VINCENT born February 14, 1873

( JAMES LEROY VINCENT born April 1844 NY and died December 19, 1900 Denver CO; buried there Fairmont Cemetery; enlisted August 16, 1862 at Smithfield PA in Company K, 141st Pennsylvanis Infantry Regiment; wounded (gunshot to left shoulder/thigh) at Deep Bottom VA August 16, 1864 and discharged June 10, 1865; received a $1.00 monthly pension!; married 1st January 3, 1878 in East Smithfield PA Alice Emerett Hall; 2d c1869 Laura J Califf born 1849 PA – marriage sequence may be reversed; at the time of his death, he was a school janitor

( VICTOR PIOLET VINCENT born April 1846; 1900 was resident of Bradford Co PA; a town commissioner, carpenter and builder; married Nancy C {maiden name unk} born July 1846 PA and born to them was:

( JAMES L VINCENT born March 1889

( WILLIAM CRAN WEBB born April 21, 1824 and died April 19, 1898; lived in Topeka KS; was Quartermaster, 37th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers and Colonel, 57th Regiment – Civil War. He was appointed Judge of the U.S. Circuit Court in Kansas in 1870 and his brother was elected in the same year. William was Reporter for the Circuit Court, 1871-78. He married 1st March 9, 1845 Emily E. Abbot born July 21, 1829 and died March 14, 1852; married 2d March 29, 1855 Mary Malvina Witter born August 27, 1832 and died October 26, 1855; married 3d March 19, 1856 Emma Elizabeth Witter (sister?) of Wautoma WI born February 17, 1835 and died December 4, 1874; and married 4th April 4, 1888 Sarah Ditts Griffith who died April 19, 1898. Born to William and Emily were:

( LELAND JUSTIN WEBB born August 5, 1846 and died February 21, 1893; lived in Topeka KS. In the Civil War he was Musician, Company H., 16th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and also Company I 13th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; Private, Company E., 1st Illinois Light Artillery. He was Mayor of Columbus KS, 1871; elected Representative for the 88th District, 1876; and Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Veterans, U.S. Army, 1890-91. He married August 13, 1870 Helen M. Herman born February 12, 1850. Born to them were:

( MABEL POLLY WEBB born May 17, 1872 and died June 13, 1896; married October 19, 1892 Harry J. Wells, of Topeka

( HERMAN LINUS WEBB born September 27, 1874 and died November 6, 1878

( SARAH ANNIS WEBB born July 10, 1848; married January 4, 1876 Richard Ludlow Walker, of Wichita KS born June 30, 1843

( LINUS SIMONS WEBB born September 5, 1850

Born to William and his third wife, Emma, were:

( LOVELL HASTINGS WEBB born February 18, 1857 and died February 22, 1911; lived in Winfield KS and was District Attorney of Cowley Co KS; married June 10, 1884 Florence Annette Beeny [day of Edwin] born February 19, 1858. Born to them were:

( ARTHUR FOLLETT WEBB born October 21, 1886

( ANNETTE WEBB born August 11, 1888

( ROBERT LOVELL WEBB born April 25, 1890

( ESTHER WEBB born May 13, 1892 and died October 3, 1893

( MARY WITTER WEBB born May 2, 1859; married March 4, 1884 George Ludlow Walker of Baxter Springs KS

( LEWIS ELMORE WEBB born October 13, 1862 and died October 27, 1864

( HENRY GREENLEAF WEBB (Photo) born January 24, 1826; reared to manhood in PA; studied law under the direction of Judge John C Knox and in September 1848 was admitted to the bar at Wellsboro PA; 1849 he was located at Princeton WI where he was engaged in the practice of his profession until 1868 which is the year he moved to Mound City, Linn, KS; 1870 he relocated to Oswego KS and in the fall of the same year was chosen judge of his judicial district (11th) and officiated as such until 1873, when he resigned and formed a partnership with W. B. Glass which lasted for 9y; subsequently associated with L. C. True for 15m, after which he moved to Cherokee Co KS where he resided until January 1889 when he located in Parsons. He formed a partnership with C. L. Caldwell which continued until 1893 and later became a partner of J. N. Iden. He married 1st May 20, 1849 Susan Jane Abbott who died September 3, 1864; married 2d April 13, 1866 Amanda Jane Gower. He was elected to the state legislature of Wisconsin 1860; Wisconsin Senate 1864 and 1866; Kansas Legislature 1876; and born to Henry and Susan were:

( ALICE ANN WEBB born May 8, 1850 and died February 28, 1854

( EMMA EVA WEBB born April 1, 1853; married 1870 Christopher C Wenzel, of Kansas City

( JOHN LELAND WEBB born May 19, 1828 and died July 4, 1830

( JOHN BURT WEBB (John Bast Webb) born October 10, 1830 and died February 27, 1834

( CHARLES MORTON WEBB born December 30, 1833 and died August 1911; lived in Grand Rapids WI; Captain, 12th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry (Civil War), and Judge of the Circuit Court of Wisconsin, 1883-94; married January 2, 1857 Prudence J. Pierce. Born to them were:

( POLLY ELMIRA WEBB born May 16, 1858; married 1881 John A. Gaynor

( JENNIE GERTRUDE WEBB born September 8, 1861; married October 8, 1890 Theodore T. Taylor

( CLARA M. WEBB born October 3, 1870

( POLLY WEBB born 1797 and died in infancy

( DAVID WEBB born January 29, 1758 Stamford and died March 23, 1828 Johnston, Trumbull, OH; removed to the Western Reserve in Ohio. In the Rev. War he was a commissary, 1776; Corporal, 1779; Sergeant in Captain Bett’s Company, Colonel Charles Webb’s Regiment of the 2d Connecticut Line, 1777-1781; married February 13, 1790 (December 4, 1783) Sarah Davenport [dau of Deodate & Lydia (Reed) Davenport] born February 13, 1760 New Canaan CT and died October 6, 1852. Born to them were:

( NATHAN WEBB born November 1, 1784 Stamford and died after 1833 OH

( LYMAN WEBB born c1786 Stamford; married c1811 Miss Bascom (c1790-)

( AMZI WEBB born c1788 Stamford

( SALLY WEBB born September 6, 1790 Stamford and died February 4, 1878 (in OH?); married December 27, 1808 Lewis Bushnell

( DEBBY WEBB born c1792 Stamford

( THOMAS S. WEBB – not listed in all sources

( PENELOPE ELIZABETH WEBB (Betty) (Photos) born c1802 NC – not listed in all sources – see note beginning of chapter; married December 19, 1825 in Switzerland Co IN, Isom Foster [son of James & Griselda (Handley) Foster] born May 17, 1802 Hamilton Co OH; and born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( JOHN HANDLEY FOSTER born March 23, 1832 Butler Co OH and died February 10, 1905 Laverne, Humboldt, IA; married June 8, 1854 in Jackson Co IN, Nancy Elizabeth Bedel who died January 14, 1872 Cole Co IL; and born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( ELIZABETH JANE FOSTER born September 13, 1857 Terra Haute IN; married January 8, 1878 in Okaw, Coles, IL (or August 1, 1878) William Henry Willie born July 27, 1849 Frankfort KY and died in Duxburg VT; and born to them were:

( JOHN HENRY WILLIE born May 28, 1879 Cook Co IL and died May 29, 1953; married April 8, 1910 in Stanley ND, Margaret Ann Marren [dau of Thomas & Ann (Dunleavy) Marren] born September 2, 1871 Castle Rock, County Sligo, Ireland and died April 25, 1939 Minneapolis MN; buried there St Mary’s Cemetery; and born to them were:


( VIOLET MARIE WILLIE born June 10, 1912; married Al Bush

( FLORENCE MARGARET WILLIE born August 14, 1913; married a Mr Christie and they had 5 kids

( JOHN JOSEPH WILLIE born August 6, 1915 Big Muddy, Paisley Brook, Sask, Canada and died May 19, 1976 Lodi CA; married June 23, 1938 in Watertown SD, Viola May Griffin born May 31, 1918 Olivia MN and died September 18, 1998 Sacramento CA; and they had 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( ARLENE ANN WILLIE born July 4, 1939 Minneapolis MN and died April 9, 1955 CA, automobile accident

( CHARLES LEO WILLIE born December 7, 1916 Buffalo Gap, Sask, Canada and died December 5, 1981 Minneapolis MN; buried Fort Snelling National Cemetery MN; WWII USN Vet; married May 27, 1939 Eileen Helen Griffin born 1921 Olivia MN and died April 9, 1987 Minneapolis MN; buried with Charles; and they had 2 kids

( FRANCIS EDWARD WILLIE (Frank Edward Willie) born October 26, 1917 Buffalo Gap, Sask and died February 9, 1964 Minneapolis MN; buried Fort Snelling National Cemetery MN; US Army Vet; owner/operator Twin City Sewer; married May 27, 1937 in Milbank SD, Margaret Gertrude Blomberg [dau of John Jonas & Anna Marie (Haroldson) Blomberg] born June 19, 1912 Minneapolis MN and died July 6, 1993 Minneapolis; buried with Frances; and they had 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( DENNIS ELI WILLIE born January 27, 1942 Minneapolis MN and died October 24, 1989 San Jose CA; buried Fort Snelling National Cemetery MN; USAF Vietnam Vet; married a Miss Williams and they had 4 kids.

( JAMES CARL WILLIE born July 14, 1882 IA and died July 16, 1952 San Pedro CA; buried Pacific Coast Cemetery; married Agnus B {maiden name unk}

( CHESTER FRANKLIN WILLIE born November 8, 1883

( LAWRENCE ALBERT WILLIE born November 19, 1884 and died August 1, 1953 Red Wing MN; married April 29, 1916 in Montrail Co ND, Paula Caroline Mickelson Olson born June 29, 1888 Tinglestad, Norway and died January 17, 1984 Red Wing MN; and they had 6 kids, 5 of which were:


( LLOYD EVERETT WILLIE married Philis Irene Lydia Herder and they had 2 kids

( ALMON FRANKLIN WILLIE married Viola Lucile Kuehn and they had 7 kids


( BERNICE ELIZABETH WILLIE died March 22, 2002 Red Wing MN; buried there; married Heiko Henry Boven and they had 4 kids



( JAMES ALLISON FOSTER born July 11, 1855 Jackson Co IN and died January 13, 1931 Paullina IA; married 1st March 2, 1876 in Mattoon IL Sarah Ellen Bourne born July 12, 1860 Mattoon and died September 3, 1947 Waterloo IA – apparently divorced; married 2d c1909 Hubertine Schiffler

( GEORGE FOSTER born January 6, 1860 Jackson Co IN

( MARTHA FOSTER born c1861 IN

( MARY ELZORA FOSTER born February 3, 1865 Seymour IN and died March 12, 1933 LuVerne IA; married June 27, 1886 Adam Edward Zweifel born February 28, 1859 New Glarus WI and died January 23, 1923 LuVerne

( SAMUEL N FOSTER born June 16, 1867 IN

( CHARLES E FOSTER born September 28, 1869 IL

( GRISELDA JANE FOSTER (Grissilla) born September 12, 1826 Switzerland Co IN and died August 9, 1868 Jennings Co IN; married November 23, 1846 in Jennings Co, Isaac Taulman born c1823 OH; and born to them were;









( MARY ANN FOSTER born October 19, 1829 Butler Co OH and died January 20, 1919 Iola, Allen, KS; married January 18, 1847 in Jennings Co IN, John Washington Steele born c1825 Booneville KY and died January 24, 1875 Coles Co IL; farmer 1850-70; and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH JANE STEELE born October 9, 1847 Jennings Co IN and died July 7, 1881 Nevada MO; married January 4, 1870 in Coles Co IL, Richard Fowler and born to them were:



( WILLIAM TAYLOR STEELE born April 7, 1850 Jennings Co IN and died December 11, 1924 Iola KS; married February 15, 1877 in Corning AR, Cynthia A Cook born July 8, 1857 Tipton, Marion, IN and died August 10, 1927 Iola KS; and born to them were:

( MARY E STEELE born November 13, 1877 AR and died January 4, 1883 Nevada, Vernon, MO; buried there Deepwood Cemetery

( FRANCIS PRATT STEELE born March 29, 1891 Nevada MO and died March 6, 1972 Girard KS; married June 30, 1914 in Collinsville OK, Rosalie Bentley born December 4, 1891 Fayette MO and died November 2, 1987 Girard KS

( SAMUEL PRATT STEELE born March 19, 1853 Jackson Co IN

( OPHELIA STEELE born September 26, 1857 Jackson Co IN and died c1884 Nevada MO; married Hi Lawrence

( PHEBA ANN STEELE born July 21, 1860 IN and died c1882; married c1880 Pete White; and born to them was:


( MARY ETTA STEELE born March 25, 1863 IN and died November 29, 1914 Howard KS; married David Boice

( FRANCES NEWTON STEELE born March 8, 1868 Moiltrie, Jackson, IN and died May 16, 1930 Gas City, Allen, KS; buried Iola KS; married March 26, 1890 in Nevada MO, Susanna Single [dau of George & Eva Ann (Osman) Single] born April 27, 1870 Silver Spring Township, Cumberland, PA and died November 2, 1945 Gas City; and they had 10 kids, 7 of which were:

( BEATRICE LETITIA STEELE born March 18, 1891 Nevada, Vernon, MO and died June 21, 1930 Chanute, Neosho, KS; buried Iola KS; married February 14, 1910 in Nevada MO, Charles Henry Kidd [son of Perry Commodore & Jane Delphine (Fowler) Kidd] born December 12, 1889 Nevada MO and died February 25, 1927 Henryetta, Okmulgee, OK; buried Highland Cemetery, Iola KS; and born to them were 7 kids, 5 of which were:

( MADALEIN ALMA KIDD born January 24, 1911 Gas City, Allen, KS and died June 21, 1988 Kansas City MO; married June 5, 1928 in Erie, Neosho, KS William Francis Robison [son of George Winfield & Susie May (Henley) Robison] born June 28, 1901 Fontana, Linn, KS and died December 21, 1974 Campbell CA; both buried Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose CA; divorced prior to 1949 and William remarried; and Madalein and Bill had 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( BILLIE FRANCIS ROBISON born August 16, 1930 Enumclaw, King, WA and died May 26, 1977 Grass Valley, North San Juan, CA; buried Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose CA; USN Vet

( CHARLES EDMUND KIDD born March 23, 1913 Gas City KS and died September 5, 1981 Burden KS; fireman in Iola KS; married 1st March 15, 1930 in Iola, Emma Lucile Nicholas born May 6, 1913 Iola and died March 15, 1994 Chanute KS – must have divorced; married 2d a Miss Steele; and born to him and Emma were 5 kids, 2 of which were:

( SALLY ANN KIDD born May 18, 1934 Iola KS and died October 19, 2001; married a Mr Sherrill

( CHARLES L KIDD born October 1936 Iola KS and died there November 1936

( GERALD STEELE KIDD born March 13, 1916 Gas City KS and died August 14, 1953 Japan in a plane crash; buried Little Rock AR; Korean War Vet?; married 1942 in Little Rock, Edith King born December 23, 1916 and died November 5, 1989; and they had 2 kids

( MARGARET ALICE KIDD born September 27, 1918 Carlyle KS and died January 25, 1998 Kennewick WA; married a Mr Murkowski and they had 2 kids

( ROBERT HAROLD KIDD born October 14, 1924 Gas City KS and died December 6, 1990 Thousand Oaks CA; married twice and had offspring from both marriages

( WILLIAM D STEELE born November 6, 1893 Nevada MO

( MARY ELLEN STEELE born January 25, 1896 Nevada MO; married Housen Frazier and they had a child

( SUSANNA ALICE STEELE born April 16, 1899 Nevada MO and died May 1, 1992 Iola KS; married June 29, 1919 in Gas City KS, Walter Morgan Davis born June 28, 1898 and died December 23, 1981 Iola; and they had a child

( FRANK RAYMOND STEELE born July 27, 1901 Nevada MO and died March 1974 Santa Barbara CA; married a Miss Corey and they had a child


( LOUIS LEE STEELE born June 19, 1913 Gas City KS and died August 1986 Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA; married name unk and they had a child

( MARGARET LETITIA STEELE born February 14, 1869 Jackson Co IN; married 1st June 22, 1883 in Nevada MO, Biff Lawrence; married 2d May 15, 1894 Aaron Bascomb; and born to her and Biff were:




( ELIZABETH PENELOPE FOSTER born December 23, 1834 Butler Co OH and died March 31, 1914 Jackson Co IN; married February 6, 1856 in Jackson Co IN, Edwin R Coryell born February 1, 1828 Steuben Co NY and died September 4, 1904 Uniontown IN; and born to them were:

( CHARLES CORYELL born April 10, 1857 Jennings Co IN and died there August 11, 1858

( HECTOR CORYELL born c1859 Jennings Co IN and died October 11, 1934 Louisville KY; married 3 times

( MARY JANE CORYELL born March 29, 1861 Jennings Co IN and died there July 29, 1934; married September 10, 1879 in Jackson Co IN, John Quincy Foster born September 17, 1855 Jennings Co IN and died January 4, 1946 Greenfield, Hancock, IN



( GILBERT A CORYELL born c1866 Jackson Co IN and died there April 7, 1946

( JOSHUA LEWIS FOSTER born March 26, 1837 Deputy IN and died November 27, 1893 Jackson Co IN; married 1st November 1, 1858 in Jackson Co, Jane Bedel born c1834 Jackson Co and died there February 14, 1898 – apparently divorced; married 2d July 19, 1866 in Jackson Co, Elizabeth Olive Olmstead born c1837 Jackson Co and died there November 27, 1893; and born to him and Jane were:

( FRANK MARION FOSTER born c1859 Jackson Co IN

( ELIZABETH S FOSTER born c1861 Jackson Co IN; married July 31, 1879 in Bartholomew Co IN, William C Powell

( WILLIAM EDGAR FOSTER born August 31, 1863 Jackson Co IN and died July 20, 1943 Crothersville IN; married November 12, 1884 in Jackson Co IN, Elizabeth Jane Carpenter born June 25, 1869 Vernon Township, Jackson, IN and died April 19, 1926 Crothersville

Born to Joshua and his 2d wife, Elizabeth, were:

( MARY LOUELLA FOSTER (Photo) born February 13, 1870 Mattoon, Cole, IL and died April 24, 1947 Renssalear, Jasper, IN; married May 6, 1887 in Jackson Co IN, John Milton Kain born March 18, 1857 Madison, Jefferson, IN and died December 29, 1918 Sheldon, Iroquois, IL

( CLARA A FOSTER born c1871 Jackson Co IN

( ELECTRA ANNIE FOSTER born December 5, 1872 and died November 27, 1893 Jackson Co IN; married December 5, 1889 in Jackson Co, Clinton B Jordon born Jackson Co and died there November 27, 1893 – they both died the same day?

( CORA MAY FOSTER born c1876 Jackson Co IN and died there November 27, 1893 – same day as her sister and brother-in-law?

( EASOM JAMES FOSTER born March 26, 1842 Deputy IN

( ISAAC NEWTON FOSTER born January 12, 1845 Deputy IN and died December 20, 1927 Shelby Co IN; married February 17, 1870 in Columbus IN, Euzetta M Deputy born March 20, 1857 Deputy IN and died June 9, 1905 Columbus IN; and born to them were:

( CARNEY W FOSTER born January 8, 1871 Bartholomew Co IN and died March 21, 1961 Columbus IN; married February 5, 1896 in Bartholomew Co, Effie Isabelle Betts born November 16, 1877 and died November 26, 1949 Columbus IN; and born to them were:


( EARL EDWARD FOSTER born August 17, 1901

( CARL W FOSTER born March 27, 1903 Bartholomew Co IN and died November 14, 1965 Kokomo, Howard, IN; married December 24, 1925 Mary Frances Duncan [dau of Harvey B & Bertha Ann (Chaplin) Duncan] born June 21, 1907 Summittville IN and died January 21, 1964 Kokomo; and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( CARL W FOSTER JR born 1927 Bartholomew Co IN

( BURL CLEMENS FOSTER born March 18, 1905

( MARSHALL NEWTON FOSTER born November 24, 1907

( WILLIAM HOMER FOSTER born December 13, 1910

( DOROTHY MAE FOSTER born April 11, 1913

( ROBERT EUGENE FOSTER born June 24, 1915

( HARRY HANDLEY FOSTER born October 18, 1876 Petersville IN and died November 9, 1927 Columbus IN; married Monta A Miller

( ESTELLA C FOSTER born c1878 Bartholomew Co IN; married September 28, 1902 in Bartholomew Co IN, Jesse Hunter born June 6, 1875 Bartholomew Co

( MARY FERRIS born September 29, 1723

( HANNAH FERRIS born 1725 Stamford CT and died February 18, 1746; was the first wife of Messenger Palmer born 1718 and died January 28, 1792 (there is disagreement about Messenger being Hannah’s husband) ; Messenger’s 2d wife was Sybil Wood who died April 13, 1754; he married, thirdly, October 27, 1755 to Mrs. Esther Palmer. Born to Hannah and Messenger were:

( SETH PALMER born 1741 and died January 26, 1831 (Jim ‑ there was a Lieutenant Seth Palmer in Captain George Peck’s Company during the Revolution ‑ I am not positive, but feel this is the same one); married December 4, 1766 Deborah Peck (; and born to them was:

( HANNAH PALMER born September 20/22, 1770 (1771?) Stamford and died there May 12, 1881; buried at St. Andrew’s Cemetery (Woodland Cemetery), Stamford CT; married March 20, 1786 in Stamford, Isaac Quintard ( See him for offspring.

( HANNAH FERRIS PALMER born October 14, 1743 Greenwich and died March 30, 1830; married 1st Peter Lockwood and 2d September 23, 1777 Stephen Palmer born August 19, 1747 Greenwich and died May 4, 1814 Bedford NY; marriage sequence may be reversed; and born to her and Stephen were:

( THEODOCIA PALMER born March 25, 1778 and died January 26, 1829; married Amos Canfield and born to them was:

( ELIZA CANFIELD born January 9, 1800 married James H Trowbridge

( SETH PALMER born December 25, 1779 Greenwich married Hannah Disco born 1778 and died November 5, 1829 NYC; and born to them were:



( JOHN PALMER born May 19, 1803 Bedford, Westchester, NY and died December 20, 1857, Williamburgh, Brookyn, NY; married April 23, 1829 in NYC, Catharine Compton born July 27, 1805 Middletown NJ and died April 15, 1884 Brooklyn, NY; and born to them were:


( ANNETTE PALMER born November 1, 1836

( HENRIETTA COOK PALMER born September 15, 1842

( CATHARINE PALMER (Kate) (1844-)

( LEWIS MORRIS PALMER born December 25, 1849 NYC and died Orange NJ; married June 1876 in Brooklyn NY, Emily Boyne and born to them were:

( EMILY PALMER born April 1877

( MABLE PALMER born May 1879 and died December 6, 1928; unmarried

( STEPHEN PALMER born October 30, 1808 Bedford, Westchester, NY and died September 8, 1861 NYC; married 1st November 3, 1830 Alice Conklin born June 15, 1811 and died February 3, 1855; married 2d February 21, 1858 Harriet Kenworthy; and born to him and Alice were:

( ISAAC C PALMER born April 15, 1831

( HANNAH ELIZABETH PALMER born February 16, 1833

( CHARLES V PALMER born August 21, 1836

( JOHN L PALMER born September 9, 1842

( SARAH FRANCES PALMER born June 16, 1810 Bedford, Westchester, NY and died January 17, 1857 Middletown NJ; marired 1st James Seeley; married 2d October 7, 1835 Charles Morris born September 26, 1811 Port Monmouth NJ and died April 17, 1845 Middletown NJ; and born to them were:

( CAROLINE MORRIS (1836-1863) married Reynolds Taylor

( GEORGE MORRIS born September 7, 1838 and died July 30, 1850

( SARAH ANN MORRIS born March 12, 1843 and died November 21, 1888; married Lew Marigold

( CHARLES HENRY PALMER born November 19, 1814

( ANNETTE PALMER born April 23, 1819 Bedford, Westchester, NY and died December 11, 1857; married July 17, 1841 in Columbus GA, Hiram Young born June 16, 1814 Alna, Lincoln, ME and died March 23, 1855; and born to them were:

( HIRAM PALMER YOUNG born March 19, 1840 Columbus GA and died August 13, 1840 Bangor ME – difficult to believe this family moved between GA and ME in 1840-41 – from GA to ME and back to GA based on birth places of the kids

( ELIZABETH HODGES YOUNG born November 17, 1841 Columbus GA and died January 1928 Bangor ME; married September 10, 1863 Bangor ME, Henry McLaughlin

( FRANK AUGUSTUS YOUNG born September 25, 1845 Albany NY and died October 18, 1848

( FRANK AUGUSTUS YOUNG born October 16, 1849 and died February 8, 1892 E Boston MA

( LEWIS PALMER born January 1, 1782

( SAMUEL PALMER born January 8, 1787

( SALLY PALMER born January 6, 1793

( ESTHER PALMER born in 1745 and married in August 1779 Peter Sackett [son of Dr. Joseph & Hannah (Alsop) Sackett] born in 1757. Peter born and spent his boyhood days at Newtown on Long Island. In the same town dwelt Esther Palmer dau of Mr. Charles Palmer, a prominent and highly respected citizen. (Conflict!) Peter Sackett and Esther Palmer were playmates, schoolmates and lovers. The relation existing between the other members of the two families was that of mutual respect and cordial friendship. Peter Sackett was four years older than Esther (Conflict!), and to all appearance a bright and prosperous future awaited them. But the War of Revolution came. The Palmers remained loyal to King George. The Sacketts espoused the Patroit cause and all was changed. Peter Sackett joined one of the first Continental companies organized on the banks of the Hudson and was soon marching in General Montgomery’s command, which was dispatched to strike a timely blow at the British forces in Canada. He was scarcely out of his teens when he entered the service of his country as a private soldier. When he returned at the end of the campaign he was the Sergeant Major of his regiment. During his absence his father and the remaining members of his family had been forced to leave Long Island and had gone to Paramus NJ. Newton had meantime been captured and was being held by the British. In November 1776, the New York troops were re-organized and Lieutenant Colonel Henry B. Livingston was commissioned Colonel and Sergeant Major Peter Sackett, Adjutant of the 4th Regiment of the Continental Line. Peter left the service in 1779 and he and Esther were married. They sailed on a wedding tour to Europe and remained there until the war was over. On returning to New York after peace was declared, they resided at one time in NYC and at another near Greenwich CT. Born to Esther and Peter were:




( JAMES JOSEPH SACKETT died August 8, 1830. He married Ann Black who died in 1849. Born to them was:

( JAMES JOSEPH SACKETT (Captain) born October 22, 1812 and died March 6, 1846. He was interested in local military affairs. In NYC, he was a member of National Greys, and after removing to Bridgeport, became Captain of a company attached to the 4th Regiment of Connecticut Militia. He was buried with military honors. He married December 26, 1836 Harriet Capes [dau of William & Sally (Brooks) Capes] (1812-1888). Harriet remarried after James’ death. Born to James and Harriet were:



( MARY WETMORE SACKETT died unmarried in February 1871

( HARRIETT T. ARABELLA SACKETT married November 14, 1872 William Henry Orchard [son of John & Martha (Lowman) Orchard]; 1907 they resided in the Bell mansion at Noroton CT; and born to them were:



( HANNAH ALSOP SACKETT married a Mr. Shute and born to them was:

( ESTHER PALMER SHUTE married Dr. Montgomery Bailey and born to them were:





Born to Messenger and Sybil were (for information):

( JEREMIAH PALMER born October 17, 1750/1 Greenwich CT and died there September 25, 1825; buried in Tomac Avenue Cemetery, Old Greenwich. He was a Private in Captain George Peck’s Company, Col. John Mead’s Regiment from August 13 to September 8, 1776 and from November 1, 1776 to January 23, 1777. He married MARY FERRIS ( and born to them were:

( JAMES FERRIS PALMER born March 3, 1780 Greenwich and died April 14, 1842 Stamford. [Will dated April 14, 1842 and probate May 14, 1842]; married 1st April 17, 1811 Catherine Davenport born February 24, 1783 and died August 13, 1812, a month after giving birth to her son, and buried in the North Stamford Cemetery; married 2d December 15, 1822 in Darien CT, Sally B. Scofield born October 28, 1786 Stamford and died there April 3, 1863 and buried at the same cemetery. Born to James and Catherine was:

( JAMES PALMER born July 18, 1812

Born to James and his second wife, Sally were:

( ELIZA WARREN PALMER born October 7, 1823 Stamford and died there April 4, 1891 age 67y; buried Westover Cemetery, Stamford; married May 4, 1846 Samuel Roberts Jr [son of Samuel & Anne] born 1823 Wales and died April 3, 1890 Stamford; buried Westover Cemetery. Born to them were:

( HELEN M. ROBERTS born 1847 Stamford and died there February 29, 1892 age 42y; unmarried; buried Westover Cemetery

( SAMUEL J. ROBERTS born January 1850 Stamford and died there May 1867; buried Westover Cemetery

( CHARLES SCOFIELD PALMER born July 31, 1825 Stamford CT and died there March 31, 1904 age 76y (?); buried Westover Cemetery; married July 17, 1858 in Stamford, Mary Elizabeth Ferris (*) [dau of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Finney) Ferris] born November 19, 1835 (Stamford) Greenwich and died June 20, 1909 Stamford age 72y; buried Westover Cemetery. Born to them were:

( FRANK WILLIS PALMER born September 16, 1859 Stamford CT; married October 28, 1891 Cordelia M. Whitehead

( CARRIE MAY PALMER born December 16, 1861 Stamford CT and died May 10, 1937; buried Westover Cemetery, Stamford; unmarried

( WILBUR RAY PALMER born December 10, 1863 Stamford CT and died there May 11, 1910; buried Westover Cemetery; married October 10 (13), 1886 in Stamford, (Catherine) Katherine Page Bennett born August 9, 1864 NYC (NJ) and died April 12, 1929 Stamford; buried Westover Cemetery; and born to them were:

( LILLIAN PALMER born August 1889 Stamford CT

( HELEN PALMER born December 1895 Stamford CT

( HERBERT M. PALMER born December 16, 1865 Stamford CT and died July 1, 1935; b uried Westover Cemetery, Stamford; unmarried

( HARRY L. PALMER born June 3, 1867 Stamford CT and died 1944; married October 3, 1894 Lena E. Fenwick (1874-1939); both buried Westover Cemetery, Stamford

( HELEN W. PALMER born October 22, 1870 Stamford CT and died 1963; married May 8, 1898 Robert T. Woodbury (1866-1948); both buried Westover Cemetery, Stamford

( ELLIS FAY PALMER born September 2, 1875 Stamford CT and died December 16, 1945; buried Westover Cemetery, Stamford

( ROY LEGRAND PALMER born July 30, 1873 Stamford CT and died there May 31, 1874 age 11m; buried Westover Cemetery

( ALICE FAY PALMER born September 2, 1875 Stamford CT

( DARIUS GERSHOM PALMER born January 5, 1831 (1830 in Stamford) and died January 14, 1918 Stamford; unmarried; buried Westover Cemetery.

( BATHEL PALMER (Bethel) born 1782 and died at German Flats, Herkimer Co NY 1862; married 1st at Stamford, January 30, 1803 (Polly) Mary Webb born July 14, 1783 Stamford and died 1826-47; and 2d at Lebanon NH, August 8, 1847 Susan Dutton (c1790-)

( MARY FERRIS PALMER born April 3, 1783 and died November 18, 1853; married January 31, 1802 in Stamford, as his 2d wife (or 1st), Isaac Keeler [son of Thomas & Anna (Squires) Keeler] born November 15, 1775; and moved to Albany NY; and born to them were:

( JEREMIAH PALMER KEELER born October 29, 1803

( WALTER THOMAS KEELER born May 5, 1808 Albany NY and died April 21, 1864 Stamford CT; married July 28, 1836 in Stamford, Priscilla H Ford born June 30, 1811 Greenwich and died there October 21, 1878; and born to them were:

( JEREMIAH HILDRETH KEELER born April 28, 1837 Stamford CT; carman 1875; expressman 1900; married September 30, 1867 in Greenwich, Ellen Amelia Bailey born January 1842 CT; and born to them were:

( GEORGE HILDRETH KEELER born December 17, 1875 Stamford; 1900 post office clerk; married 1898 Anna James [dau of Henry & Honor (Paul) James] born May 1877 CT; and born to them was:

( GERTRUDE KEELER born November 9, 1900 Stamford CT

( W HULET KEELER born 1865 CT

( TRUMAN HART KEELER born January 10, 1840 Stamford CT and died there September 4, 1854

( ELIZABETH ANN KEELER born February 7, 1843 Stamford CT; married April 28, 1875 in Stamford, A Roswell Ferris (is this born 1840 Greenwich CT

( FRANCIS FORD KEELER born May 18, 1845 Stamford CT; married October 8, 1870 Jennette Hague

( LUCY MARIA KEELER born December 13, 1847 Stamford CT; married December 26, 1872 Benjamin D Potter [son of Zuriel & Roby] born 1842 Johnston, Providence, RI; and born to them was:

( ERNEST A POTTER born 1875 RI

( HARRIET CORDELIA KEELER born February 20, 1850 Stamford CT and died there February 8, 1896; married November 29, 1872 John Horan (c1846-)

( JANE CATHARINE TWIST KEELER born April 1, 1853 Stamford CT; married April 28, 1887 in Stamford, John Edson Adams born 1851 Norwalk CT


( MARY ELIZABETH KEELER born 1832 NY – quite a time span – her mother would have been 49? – she was a tailor in 1860; married May 12, 1853 in Stamford, Charles E Morrell born 1833 NY; he was a carpenter 1860-62; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL H MORRELL born July 14, 1854 Brooklyn NY and died October 19, 1906 Stamford; buried there Woodland Cemetery; married April 23, 1883 in Stamford, Annie E Mead born 1858 Stamford

( JULIA E MORRELL (1857-) married c1881 Eliakim Jessup (1855-); farmer 1883; and born to them was:

( CRAWFORD JESSUP born June 10, 1883 Stamford

( MARY E MORRELL born 1859 Stamford; married July 31, 1879 in Stamford, Daniel W Ritch [son of Daniel W & Betsey (Ferris) Ritch] born 1850 Greenwich; engineer 1882-85; machinist 1880; and born to them were:

( EDWIN RITCH born May 12, 1880 Stamford

( LILLIAN S RITCH born August 11, 1882 Stamford

( ALICE MAY RITCH born October 3, 1885 Stamford

( CHARLES E MORRELL born July 20, 1862 Stamford; laborer in 1884; married January 24, 1883 in Stamford, Mary E Taupper born 1865 Darien CT; and born to them were:

( CHARLES EDWIN MORRELL born December 9, 1884 Stamford CT

( DAISY MAY MORRELL born April 28, 1889 Pound Ridge NY

( GEORGE PALMER (1787-1805)

( WALTER PALMER born 1790 Stamford and died there in August 1849; married November 26, 1815 Mary Scofield

( SALLY PALMER died November 23, 1837 age 52y 9m 9d; buried Westover Cemetery, Stamford; married April 11, 1830 (as his 3d wife) Daniel Lockwood Jr [son of Daniel & Mary (Bellamy) Lockwood born January 21, 1769 Stamford and died 1857

( JOHN WOOD PALMER born April 11, 1753 Greenwich and died there October 4, 1795; buried with his wife at the Tomac Road Cemetery, Greenwich; married June 6, 1776 HANNAH FERRIS ( John Wood was a Sergeant in Captain George Peck’s Company, Col. John Mead’s Regiment from August 13 to September 17, 1776. He was a clerk in the same Company from November 1, 1776 to January 23, 1777. He owned land with his brother, Jeremiah, in Greenwich, Stamford, and in Putnam and Dutchess Counties, NY. Born to John and Hannah were:

( MESSENGER PALMER born April 11, 1777 Greenwich CT and died there May 20, 1832; married March 21, 1799 (or March 27, 1797) at Greenwich, Abigail Smith (; both buried Old Cemetery, Sound Beach

( OLIVER PALMER born May 3, 1779/81 Greenwich CT and died there April 19, 1849; married Deborah Sarles (or Searles) (1786-1853); both buried 1st Congregational Cemetery, Sound Beach CT; and born to them was (may be more):

( HANNAH PALMER (1817-1896) married William E. Low (1816-1841) and born to them was (may be more):

( SARIA C. LOW (1840-) married 1861 George C. Cadmus (1836-1902); and born to them was (may be more):

( HANNAH L. CADMUS born New York City; DAR# is 77030

( SYBIL WOOD PALMER born April 18, 1781 Greenwich and died August 8, 1838 (1853?); married c1802 Joseph Ferris, Jr. (; see him for offspring

( ASA PALMER born March 7, 1785 Greenwich; married Hannah Cutter and removed to Canada

( RALPH PALMER born September 12, 1787 Greenwich and died August 1, 1834 Aurora, Erie, NY; married Rosabella (maiden name unk)

( FERRIS PALMER born August 25, 1789 Greenwich and died unmarried 1813

( HETTIE PALMER born November 9, 1792 Greenwich; married 1812 White Webb [son of Elisha & Sybil (Lockwood) Webb] born c1788 Stamford

The following 4 children are listed for future reference:

( JOHN FERRIS married Ruth Brown; Chaplain Ferris lists John as a possible additional child.

( JOSEPH FERRIS Chaplain Ferris lists Joseph as a possible additional child.

( NATHAN FERRIS Chaplain Ferris lists Nathan as a possible additional child.

( PETER FERRIS Chaplain Ferris lists Peter as a possible additional child.

(2.1.2) MARY FERRIS (9LWG-NP) born December 12 (20), 1690 Stamford CT and died after May 1736; married c1709 Jonathan Weed [son of Jonas & Bethia (Holly) Weed – Bethia was dau of John Holly] born April 15, 1684 Stamford and died there December 19, 1728. Born to Mary and Jonathan were (not in birth sequence):

( JABEZ WEED born before 1711 Stamford; married February 9, 1737/8 Mary Bates

( JONATHAN WEED, JR., (NM7X-XD) born October 27, 1714 (1711?) Stamford; married January 7/8, 1735/6 in Stamford, Mercy (Mary) Drew [dau of Rev. John & Elizabeth (Green) Drew] born January 5, 1714/15. Born to them were:

( GILBERT WEED born August 1, 1740 Stamford and died c1818; a French and Indian War veteran; married March 1, 1764 at Stamford Abigail Hoyt (#2905) born January 16, 1745 Stamford; both living in “old Poundridge” 1773

( JONATHAN WEED III born January 9, 1738/39 Stamford; a Revolutionary War veteran; died in New York State

( ELIZABETH WEED born May 16, 1736 Stamford and died January 31, 1840 (1815? which seems more realistic); married February 7, 1760 at Stamford, Gideon Hait (#2901) ( who was baptized March 20, 1736/7 and died July 26, 1801 Greenfield, Saratoga, NY; a Revolutionary War veteran. They resided in “old Poundridge” in 1773 and up to the time of the revolution; afterward removed to Greenfield, Saratoga, NY and were buried there. See him for offspring.

( HANNAH WEED born August 19, 1742 Stamford

( ABIGAIL WEED born September 16, 1744 Stamford; married May 7, 1767 Sylvanus Knapp ( – see him for offspring.

( MERCY WEED born October 9, 1750 Stamford and died August 4, 1826; married 1st December 4, 1767 Jesse Reed; 2d April 14, 1773 Gilbert Benedict (1745-) [son of Nathaniel & Hannah (Keller) Benedict]; and born to her and Gilbert was:

( ENOCH BENEDICT born 1774 and died September 10, 1827; married Mary Veeder born 1778 and died January 7, 1837; and born to them were (not in birth sequence):

( ZERAH BENEDICT born April 8, 1809 and died before 1893 in Jessup IA; married January 17, 1834 Matilda Cowles [dau of Timothy & Anna (Wilbur) Cowles] born June 9, 1817 Unadailla NY and died Jessup IA; and born to them were:

( MARY ANN BENEDICT born December 22, 1834 and died September 1855

( REUBEN WEED BENEDICT born November 15, 1836

( SUSAN BENEDICT born April 20, 1840 and died August 17, 1854

( JOHN WESLEY BENEDICT born August 20, 1842

( LIVONIA BENEDICT born April 1846 and was living in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, IA 1900; married as his 2d wife, Nathaniel Selleck Barger [son of Elias Crawford & Catherine (Selleck) Barger] born 1835 NY and died in St Joseph MO; he was an inventor, originator of the wheel ball-bearings, deep tilling disk plows and the like; dealer in agricultural machinery 1880; and born to them were:

( ERNEST BENEDICT BARGER born February 9, 1873 Hampton, Franklin, IA and died June 13, 1956 Miami FL; salesman, retail clothing 1930; married 1901 Rose Aileen Brown [dau of John M & Sarah M] born April 9, 1876 in Oneonta, Otsego, NY and died February 13, 1948 Miami FL; and born to them were:

( SYDNEY BENEDICT BARGER born September 28, 1902 IA and died April 30, 1970; 1930 resided Clearwater FL; letter carrier; married 1922 Mildred Sumner (1901-); and born to them were:


( MYRON L BARGER (1927-)

( ERNEST CYRIL BARGER born May 28, 1905 Plainfield, Bremer, IA and died May 16, 1991 Asheville, Buncombe, NC; married 1st March 17, 1926 in Clearwater FL Gertrude Eugenia Wooster [dau of William Hamilton & Mable Salina (Burchard) Wooster] – offspring; 2d June 5, 1954 in Asheville, Francis Washburn born September 18, 1908 Andrews, Cherokee, NC and died June 18, 1989 Asheville

( RALPH BARGER born January 26, 1907 and died March 5, 1910

( ROSE PEARL BARGER (1913-) married 1st Mr Vaughn; 2d Howard Lemmons

( ALLAN KENNETH BARGER (1915-) married Pauline Scarlott; offspring

( LESLIE LYNN BARGER born October 4, 1918 and died February 1991; married 1st Mary {mnu} – offspring; 2d Doris Crosby

( EDITH M BARGER born January 1875 Hampton, Franklin, IA

( MAUD L BARGER born April 1877 Hampton, Franklin, IA

( ALICE B BARGER born November 1882 Hampton, Franklin, IA and in 1930 was residing in Milford IA; married 1909 Ernest G Woods (1881-); and born to them were:


( GENE D WOODS (1911-)

( MARION E WOODS (1915-) married James Jones; offspring

( CARROLL M WOODS (1922-) married Don Phelps; offspring

( ELLA EUDORA BENEDICT born December 1850

( SUSAN BENEDICT born September 14, 1817 NY and died September 8, 1893; married Amos Van Marter [son of Isaac & Margaret (Gray) Van Marter] born March 7, 1813 Harpersfield, Delaware, NY and died September 23, 1897 Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA; both buried there Blooming Valley Cemetery; and born to them were:

( REUBAN VAN MARTER born June 7, 1842 NY and died October 26, 1889; married June 1870 Eunice Perry [dau of Samuel & Parna (Crossett) Perry] born 1841 and died November 1, 1915 Edinboro, Erie, PA; both buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA; and born to them were:

( CLINTON VAN MARTER born April 1873 and died July 29, 1878; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA

( VERNEZE VAN MARTER born c1877 PA; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA

( ISAAC N VAN MARTER born May 20, 1844 and died September 5, 1909 Woodcock Township, Crawford Co PA; married Elizabeth Ann Bunting [dau of Levi & Nancy Ann (Range) Bunting] born September 1845 Woodcock Township, Crawford Co and died there 1914; both buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA; and born to them were:

( ANNA VAN MARTER born c1866 PA

( ALFRED VAN MARTER born June 1869 PA; married 1st Unk; 2d Fannie G {mnu} born April 1871 PA; and born to him and his unk 1st wife were:

( ARTHUR VAN MARTER born January 1893 PA

( LILY L VAN MARTER born c1896 PA

( DAZELLE D VAN MARTER born February 14, 1897 PA and died December 1983; married Laura I {mnu} born c1901 PA; and born to them were:




Born to Alfred and his 2d wife, Fannie, were:



( SUSAN R VAN MARTER born c1871 PA

( ADDIE MAY VAN MARTER born c1875 PA; married L E Rushlander born c1869 PA; and born to them were:




( EDNA L VAN MARTER born July 1883 PA and died February 20, 1957; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA

( CHARLES L VAN MARTER born December 16, 1845 PA and died June 12, 1910; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA

( RHODA ANN VAN MARTER born March 24, 1848 PA and died December 15, 1926 Cuyahoga Falls OH; married September 1869 Byron L Hawkins [son of Merrill L & Mary B (Wiley) Hawkins] born April 20, 1847 PA and died September 26, 1916; both buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA; he served as a Private with Co E, 98th Pennsylvania Infantry April-June 1865; and born to them were:

( CHARLES L HAWKINS, M.D., born September 1870 PA and died January 14, 1939 Kern General Hospital, Bakersfield CA; buried Taft CA; married Mary A Flanders born January 1868 MD; and born to them was:

( LEWIS HAWKINS born 1902 and died November 12, 1936 Taft CA

( ARAD JUSTIN HAWKINS born April 5, 1872 Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA and died March 25, 1930 Warren Co PA; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA; married Nora {mnu} born June 1877 OH; and born to them was:

( LAWRENCE BYRON HAWKINS born February 11, 1898 OH and died October 1977

( MAUDE E HAWKINS born April 1874 and died December 24, 1915; married c1893 Cress Chipman [son of Amos & Arminta] born March 1865 and died January 25, 1927; both buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA; and born to them were:

( CHARLES HOWARD CHIPMAN born November 16, 1894 Blooming Valley PA and died June 1970; married c1923 Blanche Shaffer (c1904-); and born to them were:

( GERALD C CHIPMAN born January 4, 1927 and in 2007 was living in a nursing home in Erie PA


( LUCILLE AGNES CHIPMAN born October 17, 1925 and in 2007 resided East Springfield, Erie, PA; married John G Klimek born March 16, 1916 and died September 17, 1993


( MARIAN MARGARET CHIPMAN born October 28, 1902 Syracuse NY and died November 20, 1983 Meadville, Crawford, PA; buried there Roselawn Cemetery; married 1st November 2, 1918 in Meadville, John Olosky born September 18, 1897; 2d January 10, 1924 in Sharon PA Marvin Jack Stewart [son of Wallace E & Ida Leona (Stallsmith) Stewart] born October 29, 1904 PA and died March 6, 1971 New Braunfels, Comal, TX; buried there Guadalupe Memoral Park – divorced; and born to her and John were:

( CHARLES A OLOSKY born March 18, 1919 Meadville, Crawford, PA and died March 19, 1998 Euclid OH; buried Knollwood Cemetery, Mayfield Heights OH; WWII Vet; married April 21, 1943 in Dallas TX, Kathryn Ann Lysowski [dau of John & Mary (Krzys) Lysowski] born November 6, 1917 Meadville PA; offspring

( JOHN W OLOSKY born November 13, 1920 Meadville PA and died December 12, 1993 Wellsville, Allegany, NY; married Marian Calvin; offspring

Born to Marian and her 2d husband Marvin were 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( HELEN MARIE STEWART born November 24, 1925 Meadville PA; married in Westfield, Chautauqua, NY Hugh G Cree [son of Samuel & Ella] born July 14, 1912 and died June 7, 1991; buried Roselawn Cemetery, Meadville; offspring

( THOMAS GLENN CHIPMAN born March 30, 1905 Saegertown PA and died September 28, 1966 Veterans Hospital, Buffalo NY; buried Roselawn Cemetery, Meadville PA; WWII Vet; married Margaret S Brooker born 1911 and died January 26, 1939 Spencer Hospital, Meadville PA; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA; 2d Wilma P Custead [dau of George S & Hattie] born c1901 PA and died 1992

( JULIA A CHIPMAN born April 6, 1915 and died March 1975; married Stanley Houdashelt

( LEVERNE HAWKINS born February 28, 1876; married Nellie {mnu}

( MARY MAY HAWKINS born May 1879 Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA and died 1957 Taft CA; married Charles Alton Stockwell [son of Leonard & Martha] born c1875 PA; and born to them were:





( LELA STOCKWELL born c1917 PA

( ERNEST GARFIELD HAWKINS born April 19, 1881 Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA and died December 24, 1937 Taft CA; married Gertrude Riordan born July 2, 1884 Meadville, Crawford, PA and died March 12, 1970 Erie Co PA; Henrietta S {mnu}

( GEORGE W HAWKINS born 1883 Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA and died October 20, 1906 Edinboro, Erie, PA

( HAYES E HAWKINS born October 22, 1885 Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA and died May 12, 1950 Taft CA; married Faye Coker (1903-1991)

( HARRISON M HAWKINS born December 1887 Blooming Valley PA and died 1939 NM; married 1st Rita Berna Fletcher born February 5, 1898 CA and died January 1984 Long Beach CA; 2 other wives names unk, marriage sequence is not clear; Rev Rita was founding minister of the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science; and born to him and Rita were:

( CHIEF FLETCHER HAWKINS born September 11, 1921 CA and died July 1972

( (Rev) DAWN VIRGINIA HAWKINS (1923-) married a Mr Kelton

( (Dr) RHODANNE HAWKINS (1926-) married a Mr Foy

( SUSAN A HAWKINS born November 17, 1890 Blooming Valley PA and died December 6, 1967 Taft CA; married 1912 Albert John Swanton born April 23, 1876 WI and died June 15, 1966; and born to them were:

( RUTH M SWANTON born c1916 SD

( HARRISON SWANTON born May 17, 1918 SD and died February 1976

( AUTUMN JEAN SWANTON born September 18, 1923 IA and died May 26, 1993 San Bernardino CA

( ARAD J VAN MARTER born November 19, 1849 and died December 7, 1850; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery, Crawford Co PA

( MARY F VAN MARTER born November 18, 1851

( ROSA L VAN MARTER born April 25, 1854 and died September 24, 1858; buried Blooming Valley Cemetery

( EMMA A VAN MARTER born September 23, 1856 and died April 15, 1909; married March 21, 1889 in Edinboro PA Elwin P Perry [son of Gilbert O & Ann Rhinda (Curtis) Perry] born November 4, 1854 Edinboro, Erie, PA and died December 27, 1928; and born to them were:

( GILBERT AMOS REUBEN PERRY born May 18, 1896 and died March 1985; married Lila Faiy Doutt; and born to them were:

( PAUL WILLARD PERRY married Margaret Marjorie Prihoda; offspring


( DON HORATIO PERRY died February 19, 1960

( IDA AMADELLA VAN MARTER (Della) born August 9, 1858 and died November 23, 1905 IA; married August 4, 1879 Arthur Henry Davison [son of Wesley & Cynthia Amelia (Thompson) Davison] born March 6, 1857 Crawford Co PA and died December 1, 1928 Des Moines IA; he was a teacher, relator, legislator, administrative assistant to five governors and compiler of History and Genealogy-Davison-Davisson-Davidson Families; and born to them were:










( ELECTA BENEDICT (Mercy) born March 7, 1802 NY

( LEVI BENEDICT born December 15, 1806


( HANNAH WEED married May 25, 1763 Nathaniel Benedict.

( JOSIAH WEED (9LWG-7G) born October 14, 1716 Stamford CT and died there July 19, 1775; married 1st Eunice {maiden name unk}who died January 19, 1740; married 2d April 15, 1742 Abigail Bouton born 1723 Hartford CT and died November 19, 1810 New Canaan CT. [the sequence of these two marriages are in question.] Born to Josiah and Abigail was:

( SARAH WEED born 1754 Stamford CT and died March 17, 1845 Ashville, Chautauqua, NY; married Samuel Benedict born July 29, 1753 Danbury CT and died June 28, 1845 Chautauqua NY. Born to them was:

( SARA (SALLY) BENEDICT born October 27, 1795 Victory Township, Cayuga Co NY; married Homer Lockwood born 1790 Victory Township; and born to them was:

( SAMUEL DUSTIN LOCKWOOD born 1818 Victory Township, Cayuga Co NY and died after 1870 Jackson MN; married Mary Snider born 1828 Ontario and died after 1870 Jackson MN. Born to them were:




( SAMANTHA JANE LOCKWOOD born 1847 Camden East, Addington Co Ontario and died 1940 Hubbel, Nuckols, NE; married Joseph Ebenezer Benjamin born June 17, 1837 Simcoe Falls, Addington, Ontario and died August 5, 1897 Hubbel NE. Born to them were:




( IDA JANE BENJAMIN born 1870 Kankakee IL

( MABEL MAE BENJAMIN born May 15, 1878 Jackson MN and died August 5, 1961 Fort Dodge IL/IA; married John Elmer Alexander born May 19, 1871 Christian IL and died January 5, 1949 Edgar, Nucko, NE. Born to them were:


( MILDRED LENORE ALEXANDER born September 13, 1903 KS and died 1985 Fort Dodge IA

( MABEL VELAIR ALEXANDER born April 15, 1904 NE and died February 8, 1995 Glendale CA


( FRANK MAYNARD ALEXANDER born May 26, 1911 Nuckolls NE and died 1975 Winterhaven FL

( L. BRUCE ALEXANDER married Barbara Elizabeth Ray and born to them were:

( SUZANNE KAY ALEXANDER married twice: 1st Anthony John Fisher; 2d Douglas Roy Cunningham

( SCOTT RAY ALEXANDER married Catherine Quarre.

( JOHN HENRY BENJAMIN born November 14, 1881

( SILAS W. LOCKWOOD born 1852 Camden East, Addington, Ontario

( GEORGE LOCKWOOD born 1854 Camden East, Addington, Ontario

( SARAH LOCKWOOD born 1856 Camden East, Addington, Ontario

( ALICE LOCKWOOD born 1860 Camden East, Addington, Ontario


( GEORGE BENEDICT LOCKWOOD born 1818 Victory Township, Cayuga, NY

( SAMANTHA LOCKWOOD born 1821 Victory Township, Cayuga, NY

( HOMER NICHOLS LOCKWOOD born 1833 Victory Township, Cayuga, NY and died after 1899 NY

( SILAS WEED born July 11, 1719 Stamford; unmarried

( MARY WEED born March 23, 1721/22 Stamford; married Nathan Taylor of Danbury CT

( JAMES WEED born 1723 Stamford; married 1st December 4, 1746 Rebecca Ambler who died October 4, 1747 (in childbirth?); and 2d June 8, 1749 Rachel Buxton; Rachel may be the dau of Moses & Mary (Miller) Buxton, born March 7, 1726/27 in Stamford

( JONAS WEED born October 4, 1727 Stamford and died date unk; buried at Lake Kenosha Cemetery.

(2.1.3) NATHAN FERRIS (K4DW-HD) born October 22, 1694 Stamford CT; married wife unk; and born to them were:

( NATHAN FERRIS ­­(K4DW-KQ) born (1720?) 1734 and died June 24, 1808 Watertown or Westbury CT; married November 14, 1760 Abigail Husted (1738-1823) ( Nathan served in the expedition toward Crown Point in 1756 in Captain David Waterbury’s Company, 4th Regiment in which expedition his brother, Joseph, probably died. He was probably also the Nathan Ferris commissioned First Lieutenant, in the 7th Regiment Connecticut Line under Col. Heman Swift, January 1, 1777, although this record has been claimed by a Nathan Ferris of the Zachariah line. If so, he was cashiered October 25, 1777 for misconduct on March to Germantown October 4, 1777, the charge being drunk and incapable of doing his duty when the Army engaged the enemy on the 4th inst; reenlisted after December 8, 1777 and served under Captain Elizur Warner. Nathan joined the First Congregational Church, Stamford January 22, 1758. Born to Nathan and Abigail were:

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born January 6, 1762 Stamford CT; married December 17, 1798 Jacob Beach

( THEODOSIA FERRIS born according to AGBI 1760 CT (has to be wrong!); baptized October 16, 1763 at the Stamford 1st Congregational Church and died December 17, 1834 Litchfield Co CT age 72y; buried Northfield Cemetery, Northfield (headstone photo); married Joel Merriam [son of Joel & Abigail] or [son of Thomas & Ann (Moss) Merriam according to Waterbury Vital Records] born February 10, 1759 Waterbury CT and died March 22, 1850 (1807), Plymouth CT; buried Northfield Cemetery, Northfield CT (obviously if he died in 1807 the last 6 kids below can’t be his!). Born to them were (the information on their kids raises questions – both Theodosia and Joel would have been of an advanced age for the last 3-4 kids to be born to them – further research is required):

( LEVI MERRIAM – not listed in the Kellogg Genealogy – born June 27, 1787 Watertown CT; buried Northfield Cemetery, Northfield, Litchfield, CT (headstone photo)

( ANSEL MERRIAM born December 24, 1811 and died June 13, 1831 Gambier OH, while a student at Kenyon College

( BETSEY MERRIAM born October 1, 1813 and died February 20, 1895 Arkon OH; married May 13, 1834 George Buckingham, of Akron OH, born October 2, 1807 and died June 28, 1861 Akron; and they had 3 kids

( DAVID KELLOGG MERRIAM born November 14, 1815 Plymouth CT and died June 22, 1876; married September 1, 1840 in Thomastown CT, Julia Ann Dutton [dau of Daniel Punderson & Nancy (Matthews) Dutton] born March 11, 1816 Watertown CT and died January 22, 1876 Thomastown CT; they lived on the old homestead and had 8 kids

( JULIA ANN MERRIAM born April 10, 1819 and died November 15, 1821

( FREDERICK K. MERRIAM born April 10, 1823 and died February 7, 1845; buried Northfield Cemetery, Northfield, Litchfield, CT (headstone photo)

( LYDIA NASH MERRIAM born June 30, 1825 Plymouth CT; married October 5, 1854 Mansfield Sumner, of Akron, born December 31, 1821 Jamaica VT; and born to them were:

( FREDERICK MERRIAM SUMNER (twin) born September 15, 1855

( FLORA LOUISA SUMNER (twin) born September 15, 1855

( NETTIE KELLOGG SUMNER born July 25, 1865 and died September 5, 1869

( DAVID FERRIS birth date unknown, but baptized August 25, 1765 at the Stamford 1st Congregational Church; married May 24, 1793 Esther Ask

( DEBORAH FERRIS (twin) birth date unknown, but baptized August 26, 1767 at the Stamford 1st Congregational Church. Deborah died young, before 1773, when her parents named another daughter Deborah.

( NATHAN FERRIS (twin) birth date unknown, but was baptized August 26, 1767 at the Stamford 1st Congregational Church

( DEBORAH FERRIS born c1773 and died November 17, 1851 Watertown CT

( ABIGAIL FERRIS born 1774 and died June 16, 1794, suddenly in an epileptic fit

( RHENA or IRENA FERRIS born 1777 and died February 21, 1798

( JOSEPH FERRIS (K4DW-LW) born c1722 and died December 18, 1756 New Filford, possibly meant to be either New Milford or New Fairfield, on his return from the expedition toward Crown Point

( PETER FERRIS (K4DX-GC) born 1724 (circa 1738?) and died December 18, 1756. “He is probably the Peter Ferris who died in New Filford, December 18, 1756 on his way returning from the expedition to Crown Point.” He married Ann Lucretia Avery (K4DX-HJ). Peter and his wife joined Stamford First Congregational Church, April 7, 1754. Born to them were:

( RANSFORD AVERY FERRIS [also found spelled Rainsford] born 1752; baptized 7 April 1754 at Stamford, CT and died there January 2, 1824 (circa 1821); married May 25, 1772 Elizabeth “Lizzie” June [dau of Simeon & Azuba (Bishop) June] born April 11, 1753 (in Stamford) and died after 1824. It has been said that Elizabeth is a direct descendant of Henry II, King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Ransford served in Captain Silvanus Brown’s Company. He also was a Private in Captain Jesse Bell’s Company of Coast Guard. He was in the Battle of Bunker Hill and carried a ball in his arm through life. Upon the death of his father (1756), he chose Charles Knapp Jr., as his guardian. Note: there is some confusion and double-enter on this “twig” and in the (5) James line – be aware!; Born to them were:

( SIMEON FERRIS Sr born August 25, 1773 Stamford CT and died in September 1821 Sussex County NJ; married October 14, 1792 Nancy Simmons who died in January 1842. Born to them were:

( AZUBA FERRIS born September 16, 1793

( ISAAC FERRIS born April 20, 1795 Stamford CT and died 1858 WI; buried North Johnstown Cemetery, Milton, Rock, WI (Photo); married Eliza Peck and born to them were:





( WILLIAM PECK FERRIS born April 20, 1819 Greenwich CT and died March 3, 1878 WI; buried North Johnstown Cemetery, Milton, Rock WI (monument photo); lived in Greenwich 1819-38; Johnstown WI 1839-60; Milton WI 1860-78; member of the Baptist Church in Johnstown and the First Congregational Church in Milton; came to Rock Co WI c1839; was not rich and worked different jobs along the way from CT; worked on the Erie Canal for money and walked part of the way; split rails for neighbors to raise money to buy land; took 3 years but he was able to buy 160 acres of government land for $1.25/acre. He met Betsy Ann Janes whose family had come from NY and settled in the same area in Rock Co; they were both very religious, ‘family alter was established by daily reading of the Bible and prayers in the home’; church every Sunday, even if it meant riding to church in a lumber wagon; sold the farm in Johnstown 1860, 120 acres for a smaller farm of 100 acres in Milton WI so that his children could get to Milton College more easily. He was a strong believer in education and was a member of the Milton School Board. He married 1st, April 13, 1842/41 in Milton WI, Betsey Ann Janes [dau of Hiram & Hannah (Andrus) Janes] born July 15, 1825 (1823 according to cemetery records) Woolcott, Wayne, NY and died February 17, 1864 Milton WI; buried North Johnstown Cemetery; married 2d Celia {maiden name unk} (1835-); and born to William and Betsey were:

( AUGUSTA JANE FERRIS born August 15, 1844 Milton WI and died January 3, 1872 Cortland IL?, apparently from childbirth; buried North Johnstown Cemetery, Johnston WI; married in Dekalb Center IL, Noyes Sutton Belknap [son of Philander & Charlotte (Knowlton) Belknap] born August 6, 1838 Courtland NY and died May 8, 1889 Netawaka KS; and born to them were:

( GILES FERRIS BELKNAP born May 29, 1863 Mt. Zion WI and died February 1940 Milwaukee WI; buried Oak Park Cemetery, Oak Park, Cook, IL; married May 10, 1887 in West Hallock IL, Lurilla Grant Spicer [dau of William & Olive (Gilman) Spicer] born March 26, 1867 West Hallock IL and died July 22, 1940 Pewaukee Lake, Waukesah, WI. Giles was President and Chairman of the Board of the family run CPMC until it closed after WWII. In 2004, it is now called CREPACO and owned by an English company Invensys APV, still making dairy processing equipment. From Betty Ferris Nolting –2004: ‘They (Giles and Lu) owned a beautiful home on Pewaukee Lake WI. We had many large family reunions there with lots of singing with Uncle Paul Ferris leading and my grandmother, Carrie Hakes Ferris, playing the piano. Cousin Giles had a beautiful Magnavox and I would sit and listen to Rochmanninoff play “Polka for W.D.” and Mendelssohn’s “Spinning Song”. We children spent hours swimming, diving off the dock and fishing. What happy memories!’ Born to them were:

( MARIE AUGUSTA BELKNAP born March 31, 1889 West Hallock, Peoria, IL and died May 16, 1974 Sarasota FL; married July 26, 1916 in Waukeska WI, Henry A. Dreffein born March 13, 1889 Chicago IL and died February 1972 FL; a very successful inventor. Born to them were:

( MARY LOU DREFFEIN born July 2, 1917 and died before 2004; married Bob Anderson who died before 2004; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM BELKNAP ANDERSON born July 13, 1942; married Kathy {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( JAMES GREMLY ANDERSON born September 2, 1944; married Jane {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( KARON MARIE ANDERSON born August 15, 1946; married a Mr. Kelly and born to them were:




( WILLIAM BELKNAP DREFFEIN (Bill) born March 15, 1919 and died September 1981; married Dorothy “Deln” Bacon born 1922 and died July 21, 2007 Williams Bay WI; resided alternatively in Lake Geneva IL during the summer and Sarasota FL during Winter; Lake Geneva Regional News, Lake Geneva WI: “Dorothy B “Deln” Dreffin, 85, of Sarasota FL and Lake Geneva died Saturday, July 21, 2007 at the Williams Bay Care Center. Dreffin was born January 1, 1922 in Glen Ellyn IL, the daughter of the late John and Maude Bowen Bacon. She attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids IA. On June 16, 1946, in Glen Ellyn, she was united in marriage to William “Bill” Dreffin. He preceded her in death on September 15, 1981. She was a member of Chapel on the Hill in Lake Geneva, and St. Armand’s Luthern Church in Sarasota. She was a member of the PEO of Lake Geneva and served on the board of directors of the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park CO for 25 years. Deln is survived by six children, David Dreffin, Ringwood IL, Diane (Thomas) McElheny, Sarasota FL, Peter (Tina) Dreffin, St Thomas, V. I., Patricia (Lee) Balentine, Phoenix, Nancy (Craig) Carlson, Myrtle Beach SC, and John (Linda) Dreffin, Woodstock IL; 11 grandchildren, and two sisters, Ruth Fariss, Dekalb IL and Marge (Al) Harp, Prescott AZ. She was preceded in death by a sister, Helen Linder. Memorial services will be held Saturday, August 11, 2007 at the Chapel on the Hill, Lake Geneva. The Dreffin family has requested memorials in Deln’s name to: the YMCA of the Rockies, Attn: Assistant to the President, 2515 Tunnel Road, Estes Park CO 80511. The Haause-Derrick-Lockwood Funeral Home in Lake Geneva assisted the family with arrangements”; and born to them were (note name change to Dreffin):

( DAVE DREFFIN married Kate {maiden name unk}; 2006 resides Woodstock IL; and born to them were:


( EMILY DREFFIN died February 1991 in an automobile accident in Ill.

( DANIEL DREFFIN married 2006 Kaaren {mnu} – yes 2 ‘a’

( DIANE DREFFIN “Dee” married Tom McElheny; resided Sarasota FL; and born to them were:





( PETER GILES DREFFIN married Tina Carlson (sister of Craig below); they decided to rear their family aboard a sailboat (now 42’ catamaran) and cruise the world; see; and born to them were:



( PATRICIA ANN DREFFIN “Paddy” married Lee Balentine; 2006 resides Phoenix AZ area; and born to them was:


( NANCY DREFFIN married Craig Carlson (brother of Tina above); 2006 resides Madison WI; and born to them were:



( JOHN DREFFIN married August 27, 1983 Linda {mnu}; no offspring; 2006 resides alternatively in Lake Geneva WI and Woodstock IL

( CHARLOTTE ELISE DREFFEIN born March 14, 1921 and died January 1991

( BARBARA JANET DREFFEIN born August 8, 1922; married a Mr. Swanke and born to them were:

( JANET MARIE SWANKE born June 23, 1948; married Jim Hustler and born to them were:



( JO SWANKE married Mike Lange and born to them were:



( JERI SWANKE married a Mr. Beveridge and born to them were:



( JIL SWANKE married Richard Godesiaboios

( STEVE SWANKE married Barb {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( ROGER SPICER DREFFEIN born March 21, 1924; married Pat and born to them were:

( DESI DREFFIN married Tom Pappas and born to them were:



( SCOTT DREFFIN married Lori {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( HELEN OLIVE BELKNAP born January 13, 1891 Cook Co IL and died August 1, 1986 – graduate of Oberlin College. Helen Belknap was a family icon/character; lived a good deal of her later years on Pewaukee Lake; brilliant in her youth, rumored to have been a spy in the Middle East during WWI. She became wonderfully eccentric in her old age, Auntie Ann Ferris having to check her purse for silverware before leaving a restaurant or family gathering. Helen spoke of sitting around with Agatha Christie sharing stories – no confirmation, anything possible.

( CHARLOTTE LOUISE BELKNAP born October 12, 1894 and died July 19, 1980; married May 30, 1921 in Winnetka, Cook, IL, Paul R. Reynolds born January 5, 1891 Winnetka and died October 4, 1974; both buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Hill, Cumberland, TN.

From Milton Ferris Reunion text written by Charles W. Ferris 1934

"It was thought best for lack of time in this historical sketch not to go farther into detail of more than the first and second generation. Although much might be written of the third and fourth generation, now much in evidence, I am making one exception because of outstanding achievement by one of the great grand-children, Charlotte Belknap Reynolds, daughter of Giles and Lula Belknap, who has for many years been a missionary in China, and the letter from which I quote becomes a part of this sketch as follows: "Charlotte and Paul Reynolds went out under the American Board in 1921 to Fenchow (Pronounced fun-jo) China. They will soon be closing their second term and are to return for a third term. Charlotte has helped in very many ways in the mission work, has taught Domestic Science and written a textbook on that subject in Chinese. She manages the music program for church and schools, and has a school in her own home for her own children and some of the children of the other missionaries. Dr. Paul Reynolds is Assistant to the Chinese Principal of the Ming I School (a large school for Chinese boys and girls of High School age), all Chinese schools, now by law having native Principals. ‘ "Paul is also Director of a large Civic Center work which last year celebrated its tenth anniversary, and at that time was taken over by the national Y.M.C.A. He was elected head of the Religious Educational Work of all north China. Charlotte and Paul have three children. They plan to come home in 1935 for their second furlough."

Born to them were:

( ROBERT REYNOLDS married Jo who died before 2004 and born to them were:


( ROBERT REYNOLDS JR married Beverly {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( KATHERINE REYNOLDS born to her was:


( HELEN REYNOLDS born June 6, 1924 and died June 1930 Fenchow, China

( PAUL REYNOLDS died before 2004

( BARBARA REYNOLDS married a Mr. Stoloff who died before 2004 and born to them were:



( MARGARET KNOWLTON BELKNAP born October 19, 1897 Cook Co IL and died August 1983 Berea KY; married John Milton Allen [son of William Ervin & Catherine Alice (Benner) Allen] born July 23, 1896 Byron Township, Kent MI and died November 1937.

Margaret Belknap Allen, in her early years, moved into the world of music in a natural creative way. Previous to any professional training, at the age of five, she was improvising on the piano, intuitively expressing four part harmony, and rounding out the tonal meanderings with a certain amount of phrase form. Fortunately her first teacher, the then noted Mrs. Crosby Adams of Chicago, was a pioneer in the imaginative and creative approach to music training. This, of course, nurtured the child’s inherent urge, so that soon after her lessons began she startled her father (sitting next to her in church) by singing the harmonic structure of the hymns rather than the words. “Quiet now” he would whisper. Later, at the age of ten, she organized a club in Oak Park, where she lived, teaching her interested peers to improvise. Oberlin College and the University of Wisconsin left their strengthening stamp upon her: but she was always haunted by the wonderment of “why music moved as it did?” “what was the inner necessity that made the rules of music effective?” The casual answers never seemed to satisfy her. While she was teaching Interpretive Dance and Drama in Evanston, she met Martha Russell and became acquainted with the Creative Motion principle with its necessity of involving the whole self in order to experience the needs of the music. At last dance, drama, rhythm, melody and harmony all moved together in a wholeness of expression. After marrying John Milton Allen they moved to Scarsdale, New York. Here she taught in her private studio for sixteen years, inspiring the students to hear inside that which the music actually wanted them to hear on the outside. The response and the results justified the approach. Following the death of her husband, and after her daughter and son had left home for their further education, she chose to transplant herself to a college campus where the student’s background was different from those of Westchester, Berea College invited her to teach in the Music Department where she has taught for twenty five years, interrupted only in order to get her Master’s degree at Stanford University. She eventually became professor of Humanities and Piano, but it was always the Creative Motion principle that guided her teaching. As a little Scarsdale boy once said to her: “I hope you never die” she realized that those who truly experience Creative Motion gain something “which makes all of the difference” not only to their music, but to their selfhood. Margaret donated a Holtkamp Organ to the Berea College’s music department. Born to them were:

( KATHERINE ALLEN born June 19, 1924; married Bill Taylor died August 1973 and born to them were:

( ALISON TAYLOR married Jim Cunningham


( JOHN MILTON ALLEN born October 30, 1926 and died before October 2003; married Elizabeth Peale (Photo) [dau of Norman Vincent & Ruth Peale] born July 22, 1942 Olean NY.


Pawling, New York

Elizabeth Peale Allen is a member of the Board of Trustees of Guideposts, A Church Corporation. She is C.E.O. of Positive Communications, Inc. And she is chairman of the board of the Positive Thinking Foundation. Mrs. Allen has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Trinity-Pawling School for 20 years and currently is Vice President of the Board and chairman of the major gifts committee for a recent capital campaign. In September 1985, Mrs. Allen was made a Director of Pawling Savings Bank and Progressive Bank, Inc., and in January 1994 she was elected Chairman of the Board of Pawling Savings Bank.

Mrs. Allen serves on the Board of Trustees of the Akin Hall Association of Pawling, is a member of the Quaker Hill Burial Ground Association and a Trustee of Christ Church on Quaker Hill. She is married to John Milton Allen, formerly a vice-president of Reader’s Digest, and is the mother of three children. Mrs. Allen born in Olean, New York, on July 22, 1942, a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale. She was raised in New York City, where she attended Friends Seminary and later was graduated from Mt. Holyoke College. Mr. and Mrs. Allen moved to Pawling in 1965 and have been active in civic and school affairs. Mrs. Allen’s late father was instrumental in the founding of Northwood University, giving special advice and support to Co-founder Arthur E. Turner in the earliest years. Her mother, Ruth Peale, was named a Distinguished Woman in 1981 making this second generation award particularly heartwarming to the University’s friends. Update: October 17, 2003 – Elizabeth named Chairman of the Board of Guideposts, replacing her mother Ruth Stafford Peale.

Born to them were:

( JENNIFER ALLEN married 1983 Jules Feiffer born January 26, 1929 Bronx NY – divorced before 2003 (they attended a play together Halley was in, Vineyard Haven MA July 2003). Jennifer is a writer and standup comic. Jules was a syndicated cartoonist and political satirist in the 1970-90s – see; brought a daughter, Kate, from a previous marriage. Born to them were:

( HALLEY FEIFFER (1985-) (Photo) actress of stage and TV; author; Young Playwrights Festival winner; Law and Order actress – plenty of info on the Internet

( JULIE FEIFFER (1995-) adopted

( CINDY ALLEN married Larry Bostiam and born to them were:







( PAUL WILLIAM BELKNAP born October 9, 1899 and died October 19, 1899 Oak Park IL

( GILES FERRIS BELKNAP born and died September 4, 1908 Oak Park IL

( ELSWORTH BELKNAP born July 8, 1902 Elyria Co OH and died February 1977 Valhalla, Westchester, NY; Elsworth was adopted c1911 Children’s Home Elyria; married Deone Woods and born to themwere:

( ALLEN ROGER BELKNAP born November 25, 1941

( DAVID WOODS BELKNAP born December 9, 1945 and died March 20, 2003 Ft Myers FL

( CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA BELKNAP born June 11, 1865 Ohio Grove IL and died August 31, 1898 Oak Park IL; married September 19, 1885 in Oak Park, George Rankin (-1901); and born to them was:

( JOHN BELKNAP RANKIN born October 25, 1896 and died July 24, 1925

( HIRAM LEWIS BELKNAP born August 13, 1869 Cortland IL and died September 29, 1929 Waukesha WI; married 1st Jennie Dunn (1867-1947); married 2d Imogine Angeline Clarke Dunn; both Hiram and Jennie buried Milton Cemetery, Milton, Rock, WI; and born to him and Jennie was:

( ELSTON BELKNAP (Dr.) born July 6, 1896 and died August 1974 Milwaukee WI; married 1st Helen {maiden name unk}; married 2d Alma {maiden name unk}; is this the same Dr. Elston Belknap who was Associate Professor of Medicine at Marquette U, Milwaukee WI, involved in industrial medicine?; and born to Elston and Helen were:

( ELSTON BELKNAP (Dr.) born 1924 and died July 1, 2003 OH; married Doris K. {maiden name unk) (1925-); resided Madison and Shorewood Hills WI; and born to them were:



( ANN BELKNAP married ? a Mr. Anderson and born to them was:

( KRISTEN ANDERSON married Dn Macleod and born to them was:

( IAN MACLEOD born June 1988 Salina Beach CA

( BENJAMIN BELKNAP married Kathy {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( JENNIE BELKNAP born January 3, 1872 Cortland IL and died there February 27, 1872

( ISAAC LEWIS FERRIS born January 2, 1846 Milton WI and died there February 11, 1856; buried North Johnstown Cemetery, Milton, Rock, WI (headstone photo)

( HIRAM JAMES FERRIS born April 20, 1847 Milton (Johnstown Township?) WI and died October 7, 1912 Elkhart IN; married Harriet Sanborn [dau of Levi & Sarah W.] born 1843 VT. Hiram was one of the three original founders of the Creamery Package Company, precursor of the Creamery Package Manufacturing Co (see the Internet); held several executive positions in CPMC over the years – Secretary, then Vice President, 1903-08, after which he served as President until 1910; 1880 census has them living at Stillman Valley, Ogle, IL; and born to them were:


( WALTER FERRIS – minister, writer, and headmaster


( SARAH L. FERRIS (1876-) was a headmistress at a New England School

( ANNIE L. FERRIS (1879-)

( ELLEN CORDELIA FERRIS born April 20, 1849 Wolcott, Wayne, NY and died 1938 Oak Park, Cook, IL; married January 31, 1868 George Walker [son of Timothy & Prudence (Stanley) Walker] born 1846 and died 1930 Chicago IL; Ellen was considered the Matriarch of her generation of the Ferris family; “you went to her to solve problems”; she and George stood up in their places in the choir of the church one Sunday and proceeded to the front of the church and the minister performed the marriage ceremony much to the surprise of all, they then returned to their places in the choir! Milton was a telegraph operator in St. Paul MN and later yardmaster for the railroad in Madison WI; they moved to Oak Park IL 1893 where he joined the Creamery Package Manufacturing Company and was Secretary-Treasurer for a number of years; Civil War Vet serving from May 12, 1864 to September 16, 1864, Private with Company C, 40th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Both buried Milton Cemetery, Milton, Rock, WI; and born to them was:

( GEORGE ALBERT WALKER born 1869 St. Paul MN and died 1930 Waukeska WI; married 1900 in Oak Park IL, Pearl Walter born 1871 Cleveland OH and died 1941 Chicago IL – both buried Milton Cemetery, Milton WI. George and Giles Ferris Belknap started the Aeroshade Company in 1912, a successful basswood blind company in Lake Mills; the company later moved to Waukeska WI where it still exists today ( Frank Loyd Wright commissioned the Aeroshade Co to design and build some customized woven basswood materials but was years in paying his bill. Born to them were:

( ALBERT LIVINGSTON WALKER born July 14, 1901 Oak Park IL and died September 27, 1997 Waukesha WI; married 1st 1924 in Janesville WI, Ruth Marian Bennett [dau of Lee & Abby Florence Bennett] born June 6, 1899 Valparaiso IN and died October 9, 1971 Kenosha WI; married 2d 1940 Elizabeth Elfers; married 3d 1949 Hartland WI, Louise O’Brien Motz born 1908 Hartland WI and died 1987 Milwaukee WI; Albert and Louise are buried Wisconsin Memorial Park, Brookfield, Waukesha, WI; Ruth buried Graceland, Valparaiso, Porter, IN. Born to Albert and Ruth were:

( ALBERT GEORGE WALKER born February 4, 1926 Janesville WI; married December 27, 1948 in Wauwatosa WI, Corinne Mitzi Bailey [dau of Leslie & Della (Schmidt) Bailey] born November 11, 1925 Milwaukee WI; and born to them were:

( LYNN CATHERINE WALKER born March 11, 1952 Columbus OH; married July 14, 1971 Milwaukee WI, Dale Allan Oldenburg [son of Allan & Lorrain (Uecker) Oldenburg] (1948-) and born to them were:

( KRISTEN OLDENBURG born November 6, 1974 Brookfield WI

( JEFFERY OLDENBURG born November 28, 1978 Brookfield WI

( ANDREW OLDENBURG born August 31, 1981 Brookfield WI

( ANN SUSAN WALKER born May 7, 1954; married 1st 1976 in Brookfield WI, David Koplin born Milwaukee WI – divorced 1981; married 2d 1987 in Lisbon WI, Glenn Jaeschke born September 1948; and born to Ann and David were:

( MICHAEL KOPLIN born February 7, 1977 Milwaukee WI; married 2000 in Green Bay WI, Stekphanie Shrake

( RANDALL KOPLIN born November 9, 1979 Milwaukee WI

( STEPHEN ALBERT WALKER born April 25, 1958 Oconomowoc WI; married 1979 in Milwaukee WI, Karen Penn born Milwaukee

( WILLIAM HENRY WALKER born April 15, 1929 Chicago IL and died March 12, 2000 Ft Myers; buried Rochester NY; married 1951 in Columbus OH, Phyllis B. Miller born 1932 Columbus; and born to them were:

( RANDALL WALKER married 1971 Jan {maiden name unk} and born to them were:



( DANIEL WALKER married 1988 in Rochester NY, Linda {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( JUDITH WALKER married Brian Hewitt and born to them were:



( LEE BENNET WALKER born July 2, 1935 Waukesha WI and died December 13, 1988 Sarasota FL; ashes scattered at sea, Gulf of Mexico, off Sarasota.

Born to Albert and his 3d wife, Louise, was:

( WILLIAM F. MOTZ born 1932 Waukesha WI and died 2000 Hershey PA; married 1955 in Manitowoc WI, Marjorie Krainik born 1932 Manitowoc and born to them were:

( SCOTT MOTZ (1958-) married Karen {maiden name unk}


( HELEN WALKER born 1904 Oak Park IL and died 1992 Cleveland OH; married 1929 in Oak Park IL, Paul B. Jordan (-1985); both buried Lakeside OH; and born to them were:

( FRANCIS JORDAN born 1932; married 1954 in Cleveland Heights OH, Christie {maiden name unk}

( VIRGINIA JORDAN born 1934 Cleveland OH; married 1956 in Cleveland Heights OH, Charles Burchard

( ROBERT JORDAN born 1944 Cleveland OH

( STANLEY FERRIS WALKER born 1906 Oak Park IL and died 1971 Waukesha WI; married May 30, 1935 in Columbia City IN, Lucy Geraldine Goodwin born June 3, 1906 Cleveland OH and died February 1976 Waukeska WI; both buried Milton Cemetery, Milton WI

( GEORGE WALTER WALKER born 1908 Oak Park IL and died 1931; buried Milton Cemetery, Milton WI

( MARY E. FERRIS born July 3, 1853 Milton WI and died May 24, 1913 Long Beach CA; (she is on the family stone at North Johnstown Cemetery, Milton WI); married 1876 in Milton, Charles M. Gates born February 19, 1855 Clinton Junction WI and died June 22, 1915. Mary was educated at Milton College where she met Charles. Charles is known as the President and one of three founder of the Creamery Package, and later Creamery Packing Manufacturing Company – the leading dairy equipment manufacturer and supplier in the US, based primarily in the Midwest but with offices from the west coast to the east coast and England as well. Charles was educated at Milton College, BA 1876, MA 1879. It was several years after they were married that Mary’s extensive number of brothers and sisters and brother-in-laws were integral in the formation of the company and its continuation until after WWII. Charles originally taught school in Wyoming, Minnesota; Waupaca and Berlin WI; operated a lumber yard at Clinton Junction WI; he was going into the egg-packing business with his brother-in-law, William Lewis Ferris, when Charles came up with the brain storm of establishing the butter tub manufacturing business in 1883. The Creamery Package Manufacturing Co emerged from that start in 1887.

( WILLIAM LEWIS FERRIS (Will) born September 5, 1856 Johnstown, Rock, WI and died March 14, 1910 Portland, Jay, IN; married June 30, 1885 in Hornellsville NY, Carrie Minerva Hakes [dau of Harlo & Mary (Chandler) Hakes] born August 23, 1859 Hornellsville/Hornell, Steuben, NY and died September 22, 1947 Lakewood OH; both buried Green Park Cemetery, Portland IN. William was a good writer of poetry and letter. He had a smooth way with words; especially with his girlfriends and wife Carrie. He met Carrie when he was a student at Milton College and she was a music instructor there, he was taking vocal lessons from her. When he was lonely he wrote beautiful letters to Carrie before and after they were married. He was an excellent singer, loved to recite Shakespeare even in later years when, much to the embarrassment of his children, would come to school and give recitations. He loved to play baseball, he caught with no glove and as a result injuried his fingertips and had to stop earlier than he wished to, so he switched to pitching. Later, he bought the town team of Portland their uniforms on the condition that they not play baseball on Sundays. Will had a thriving egg-packing business in Milton WI. During that time, fresh eggs were not readily available during the harsh Midwestern winters. ‘Ferris bought eggs from the farmers when eggs were plentiful and cheap, pickled them in brine to be marketed in the fall and winter, when supply and demand conditions were reversed.’ The egg business was to be expanded by a branch in the Peoria IL area by his brother-in-law Charles M. Gates. Enroute to select a site, Gates met up with Mr. Matt Corcoran and Gates had the brainstorm for the beginnings of the Creamery Package Manufacturing Company (CPMC). On January 12, 1883, an Illinois charter was granted to Charles M. Gates, William L. Ferris, Hiram J. Ferris, and Edward Kimball for the Creamer Package Company and that place of business was White Rock IL. Will is credited with naming the company. The object was ‘The manufacturer and sale of butter tubs, cheese boxes, and cooperage.’ One of the original founders of the CPMC, he was Secretary and Superintendent of the Rock Falls IL plant by 1884. The company sold wholesale supplies to creameries and stores, things like testing equipment and dairy cooperage supplies. Will later headed up the Portland IN branch, 1891 until he retired early in 1910. Butter tubs were manufactured for several years even after his early death in 1910 (Cerebral Hemorrhage). Some of his sons worked at that plant part time as well. The business remained in the hands of various family members until after WWII. The plant still exists today (2004) in Portland on the corner of Ash Street and the railroad. It is now an O Cedar broom manufacturing plant. William seemed to have caught the bug of the early automobile. He had a personal connection with Elwood Haynes of the Haynes Automobile fame in Portland and Kokomo IN. Photos exist that show him in a 1904 Haynes car and he was driving James Whitcomb Riley, the Indiana poet. There is another photo that shows him in front of his Arch Street home with a 1907 Haynes touring car. He would remove the windshields from the cars – ‘because, I don’t want to pay all that money and not feel the wind!’ The home on Arch Street has been refurbished and the current occupant has graciously provided a copy – see photo – thanks to Mike Szakaly; Carrie was an accomplished soloist and pianist. She trained as a concert soloist under William Hall Sherwood at the New England Conservatory of Music. She would later play both the piano and organ for family, community and church functions. Carrie taught vocal music at Fairbough MN Girls School; and Milton College. Before and after William died, she taught piano in Portland IN. Born to them were:

( HARLO HAKES FERRIS (Rev) born April 9, 1886 Whitewater WI and died May 1, 1983 Wild Rose, Waushara, WI; married 1st June 18, 1919 in Bombay, India Reubey Statira Ferris (; married 2d 1960 in Iowa, Carrie Tate Lieffering born 1886 Portland IN and died 1969 WI. When Harlo and Reubey returned to the US having gotten married without officially meeting Reubey’s parents, they traveled to see Reubey’s mother – Reubey. Upon seeing her new son-in-law for the very first time, she greeted him with the warm welcome of ‘Wipe your feet’ – a foretelling greeting of the times to come. Harlo worked in the Kokomo IN Haynes auto plant, a wood-working factory, YMCA overseas as a mission director for the British troops during and after WWI, Congregational minister. He lived in various parts of the US and overseas: Whitewater WI, Milton WI; Portland IN, Malta MT (owned a motorcycle there to go from parish to parish); Lake Geneva WI; California (Pomona) and Ohio (Oberlin) for college work; Bombay and Kashmir Province, India; Church parishes in WI – Walworth, Rio, Hartford, Baraboo, Boscobel, Hancock, Wild Rose, Sauk City and Rockford MI. Both Harlo and Reubey buried Hancock Cemetery, Hancock, Waushara, WI (Photo)

"Harlo Hakes Ferris – December 18, 1969"

Here begins something the end of which time only will tell – the story of my life – the remembered past, that which has been glued to my memory and which I think had value or at least durability. Carefully reviewed it might be tiresome long; prudently pruned someone might patiently peruse the effort. Here goes!

To set the picture in time ancestry should enter quietly from the right or left wings – Here come a solemn figure even now…Listen.

The Mother’s side of the picture is called HAKES – Hakes were mainly of English stock (with a Hakes genealogical book I will add more in time. The name HAKES, evidently refers to the hake fish so presumably in the earliest days there was some connection of people with fishes. These people evidently settled early in New England, originally farmers; in my mother’s day many of them were lawyers and judges – I have run across them in Montana and Wisconsin, altho the name is not very common.

FERRIS – is evidently an English name altho that name may be a corruption of some other. If I find out later, I will add a not to this effect. It would seem that the people first bearing that name had something to do with iron- perhaps they were iron workers of some sort.

The Ferris from which this humble subject came arrived in Wisconsin, Milton to be exact about 150 years ago – early history of this will be added later- William Peck Ferris, the patriarch came to Milton by way of Chicago and Milwaukee by canal and wagon. There he married …. Janes, related to the founders of Janesville. This family had….. children, Molly, Ellen, Bessie, Will, Charles, Charlotte, Hiram and ….. As they grew up and married they gravitated into salesmen, clergymen, professors, doctors, missionaries, but mainly business mangers – no farmers.

William Peck Ferris was much interested in education – a member of Milton School Board and I understand the man who planted the trees on the school yard. His eight children all went to Milton College, a Seventh Day Baptist College, then as now an excellent institution.

William Lewis Ferris on of these sons was my father, living on to 1909, when he died in Portland, Indiana – My mother was Carrie Minerva Hakes, who came to Milton College as a supply [?] music instructor. She was a talented, vivacious out going, young lady with a large retinue of admiring young men, whom she did not rebuff. Eventually she settled on this Will Ferris and they were married at the Congregational church in Milton Wisconsin.

My father and his cousin Bert Walker set themselves in business in an egg packing concern right in Milton. Along about that same time other brothers and brother-in-laws were gravitating towards the business and manufacturing world and in time organized the Creamery Package Manufacturing Co. which became a huge company, a leader in this line of manufacturing. Aside from a few years on a farm, my father was connected with this firm as plant manager and superintendent all of his life.

However, after his marriage he bought a farm near Whitewater and lived there for several years. I born there on April 9, 1886 and lived there for several years, I do not know how many. I remember absolutely nothing about life there altho I know that my mother, brought up in small city swirls[?] and social contacts was far from at ease in the rugged life of an early Wisconsin farm.

In about my fourth, fifth year, I do know that I was sent back to be with my Hakes grandparents in Hornellsville, NY. From there on my memories came into being and I had many delightful times [there] on Elm Street. In 1968, seventy two year I returned, and ?strange? to [say?] identified the old red brick house immediately.

My grandfather, Judge Harlo Hakes, after whom I was named was an important man in the community and his home was a social center. I remember the faces of many people, my aunt Evelyn Brown, my cousins the Dennis Family, who grew up to be very distinguished people [grandchildren of Judge Harlo Hakes’ sister Minerva Hakes Bennet, her daughter Florence’s]. I remember the kindergarten in a first [?] home and the 1st grade in the public school. I remember walking trips with my grandfather into the hills. I remember a fire close to our house and many and many small incidents. I still can see them clearly.

My father at about that time was superintendent of small manufacturing plants of CPMfgCo at Mason City Iowa and Morrison Illinois and strange to say I can remember not a single incident from either town. In 1892 we moved to Portland Indiana and there I lived until 1903 and my family for 6 years more. [1910] In Portland we lived in four different houses, each time moving up the social scale until we finished with one of the nicest homes in the city of 6,000 people. We were of the Presbyterian faith then altho my father was originally Congregationalist and my mother an Episcopalian.

My father was 6 ft in height, a strong, powerful man, who played first base and pitched without a glove. He loved the game and went so far as to give the town team its uniforms on condition that they would not play ball on Sunday. He had a delightful tenor voice and sang duets with my mother who had been, in her city days, a soloist of note in Boston.

Neither parent joined the Presbyterian church [located just down the street at the end of the next block] but we four children, Harlo, Paul, Harry and Margaret, took part in all of the church activities.

My father was superintendent of the CPMfgCo plant in Portland, which made butter tubs, about 1000 a day. There were 75-100 men at work with the various machines. The tubs were shipped by railroad to various butter and lard producers in the midwest.

On Holidays and vacations we three boys, after we were 10 years of age worked in the factory. Paul usually in the warehouse, I at one of the various machines. Harry driving a horse or a truck. Our father showed no favoritism and we were treated just as the other men were. In fact I remember being called upon to work in the center section with 8 small furnaces when the weather was terrific and no man would work there. I fired a boiler for a week in burning Indiana heat when men wilted under the heat. I remember well, I’m sorry to say a foreman of mine who took great delight in telling me the most vile stories imaginable, some of which remain in the back of my brain to this time.

We kept a cow, sometimes two, a horse, and a flock of white leghorn chickens. Paul went to the pasture for the cow, Harry milked her and I peddled milk at five cents the quart. Our horse was usually an ex-race horse and only our father drove him.

In the church we were among those who did things. Mother at the organ, father directing the choir, and I for quite a while back of the curtain pumping the organ. We put on an Old Folks Concert at one time, and I with Carrie Tate, sang a Duett "Dost thou love me Sister Ruth" I detested the whole performance. Fifty eight years later I married her, my second wife.

Our mother gave piano lessons and we were hush! hush! when lessons were being given.

Ours was a great house for sociability and my mother was an admirable creature at party planning. A feature of each social occasion was Peas Porridge Host with music played.[?] She had invited people of all ages and social strata and maintained that this many times was the cause of its success.

Ringling Circus came to our Town yearly and the tents were just a short ways from our house. We boys were there from the beginning to the end and then we walked around where there bleachers had been and picked up change from slippery pants pockets. [Coincidentally, later ,he and his family lived in Baraboo Wisconsin, home to Ringling Bros.]

We had the second automobile in town – a 1907 white Haynes-Apperson with red leather and top. [see attached photo and add] Stories about that car could fill several pages. It was the law that when a man in a horse drawn rig held up his hand the automobile had to stop and then we boys in town, went up to lead the horse past. Tires were a major factor and a puncture every 10 miles was not uncommon. Before the car was delivered I spent a month at the factory in Kokomo Indiana helping putting cars together. I can’t see that this was really of much value.

School years I will go over quickly for there is little of memorable delights there. We walked about 1/2 a mile to school and then back after dinner. My father was a Shakespearean admirer and I was always secretly ashamed when he gave readings from this dramatist before the High School students.

There were no football teams, nor basket nor baseball teams then altho there was a track team that did well. The runners in their so called underwear bothered some of the women folk, as I remember.

Graduation was just like it was an still is and we finished with delight.

My particular friends were of all sorts. Ralph Raferty Rainy was a sort of a ruffian who was a great book reader. Later he finished life as a hobo. Don Hall was our neighbor, shrewd, likeable. Married a pretty girl and became manager of a local factory. Milo Jordan, a quiet red head return to the farm and was still living in 1968. In 1968, Carrie, my second wife also of my class of 1903 returning to a class reunion found about a quarter of the graduates still living.

Like many boys I was quite bashful in the presence of girls and made no pretext of having one specially for my own possession but there are a few names that linger on- Emma Emerson lived a block from us. I kissed her once In a game of Post Office. Cecil Close was dark skinned and we wrote many notes to each other. Maude Spade was much too short but I liked her a bit. In 1969 she lived in Washington, DC. Others were on the outside.

After we boys had worked for much of the summer we usually went to Bay View Michigan where we had a few weeks of lakeside vacation. Strange to say perhaps fifty years later I found out that my future wife Reubey Ferris must have been summering near at about the same time as we.

My mother was a delightful creature, vivacious, out going, and a good mother and wife. She possessed a sort of sense of superiority over our common neighbors and with many friends yet had no very close friends. After my father’s death in 1910 she lived at various times in Oberlin Ohio, Waukesha Wisconsin, and Lakewood Ohio where she died at the home of my sister [Margaret Ferris Fletcher.]

Now comes a section of time from 1903 to 1906 – College years. Supposed to be years of great delight and I failed then to get great thrills and now looking back have no great stirrings of joyousness, altho individual events still bring happy memories.

In the fall of 1903 with my brother Paul, I went to Oberlin College in Ohio. I as a Freshman and he as a preparatory student in the academy [this is why we don’t see Paul in the Portland year book where his Sr. class should be. MEFLG] We went there because of the fact that a relative on the Hakes side, Professor Coles [?] had once been on the faculty there. Interestingly enough, over the years other relatives of ours followed suit. Until there must have been as many as 20 or 25 of us, Ferris, Kimball, Walker, Anderson, and Belknaps they were but all with Ferris blood if not always name.

There at Oberlin College I spent 3 school years without any special ambition expect to get a degree and graduate. College years were 5 in all instead of the customary four because I took work in music which gave me no credit but perhaps with more delight and inner profit than certain per scribed courses.

I might add here that I spent but three years at Oberlin College and finished with two years later in Pommona College. In Oberlin we, Paul and I, lived with a delightful widow and ate at a boarding house, where college girls lived and ate as well. Most of our social life gravitated about this boarding house where besides just plain eating were parties and social events, flirtations and courting. I had also my lady love there, named Inez Shakes. Both of us were untrained in courtships ways and made little or no progress in this delightful art.

Class work was prescribed and elective; some of which I enjoyed and some was sheer boredom; one Trigonometry I flunked but under a different professor found that it was indeed easy. My favorite courses was one on Shakespeare and another on Italian History made memorable by the fact that the professors were both capable and enthusiastic.

School social events in those days were not much different I suspect, then those of present days. Dances and proms and parties; skating parties in the winter and out of door picnics in the short warm spell that school life offered. Social life not being prescribed but freely of choice perhaps had as much bearing on our future life and conduct as much that serious minded educators considered essential. The fact that there were no automobiles or practically none in those days changes the picture greatly.

Athletically I did nothing more that two course of physical training, altho I did play tennis often. I had a part in our play Ralph Roiste Dorsty [?] a play from about Shakespearean times a very minor part. I being the not so bright son (perhaps fitting my personality) there was one [?]side more than another of College life that attracted and interested me most I suppose that it was in music in its various forms. Oberlin has always had a great love for music both in its conservatory and its college life as well. I missed few musical attractions, student recitals, oratorios, orchestra concerts, everything in which was music – Always I stayed to the end of the organ recessional and took great delight in Dr. Andrews organ improvisations. For myself over the years I have tried my hands with piano, cello, bass viol. french horn, singing and now (1970) with the little recorder – In none have I accomplished much but have had much pleasure in each as they have arrived.

Many people of future prominence were in Oberlin during my years there. I might mention in passing that HH Kung [?] later to become the treasurer of China. Percy Ebbot, president of the largest bank in New York City; Anna Louise Strong, leader of American Communists and later living in China. Amos and Thorton Wilder, writer and theologians, …later on the cabinet of Woodrow Wilson, Martin Davey, later governor of Ohio.

[This is the end of Harlo H. Ferris’ recollections in this particular document. Other anecdotes are recorded elsewhere. MEFLG 2004]


Harlo and Carrie were high school friends in Portland, Indiana. They actually sang together at the high school. They met up again many years after Grandma Reubey had passed away, as well as Carrie’s husband, at a school reunion. They were married in 1960 in Iowa and lived in Michigan where Grandpa had a ministry at Rockford, for a number of years. After he retired for good, Grandpa and Carrie lived at the PL with very primitive conditions (no indoor plumbing or running drinking water). Both of them loved the birds there and both wrote lots of poetry together. Carrie had children with her husband previously, names not recalled at this time.

Born to them were:

( HARLO HAKES FERRIS, JR., born June 24, 1920 Bombay, India; Northland College, BA; U. of Wisconsin-Madison, MA; Chemist for Carnation Co.; married June 19, 1951 Ann Marie Favorite (teacher and writer) born June 9, 1927 Huntingdon IN; and born to them were:

( DAVID WALLACE FERRIS born March 26, 1953 Watertown WI; attended U. of Wisconsin-White Water; Class 1975?; CAD engineer

( EDWARD HAKES FERRIS born January 15, 1958 Milwaukee WI; real estate developer; married December 31, 1991 Christine Balge Lorenz born July 18, 1949

( JOHN TOMLINSON FERRIS (Photos) born May 15, 1922 Chicago Heights, Cook, IL and died January 16, 2007 WI; Northland College, BA; U. of Houston, MA; WWII Veteran – Phillippines, Air Force Radar; photographer; physicist and mathematician; physicist for Bauch and Lombin fiber optics; Stone and Webster cost engineer; married August 21, 1950, (Betty) Elizabeth Ann Johnson born August 31, 1924 Chicago IL and died June 2, 2006; Northland College, BA; Lesley College, MA; Director of Krebs School Foundation for children with Learning Disabilities; both buried Hancock Cemetery, Hancock, Waushara, WI in the same plot as his parents

FERRIS, ELIZABETH “Betty” ANN (Nee Johnson) Of Cedarburg, WI and formerly Lexington, MA. Born to Eternal Life June 2, 2006, age 81 yrs. Beloved wife of John Tomlinson Ferris for fifty-five years. Loving mother of Mary Elizabeth Litton (Lawrence) Gray of Boston, MA, and John Bailey (Natalie Nelson) Ferris of Cedarburg, WI. Dear sister of David Bailey (Rita Gingles) Johnson of Ozark, MO. Beloved Grandmother of James Robert Litton III and Valorie Palmer, Indianapolis; Erin Elizabeth and Kathleen Ann Ferris, Cedarburg. Further survived by brothers and sisters-in law, Harlo H. (Ann Favorite) Ferris, and Mary S. Ferris (Robert) Gilbert, several nieces, nephews and those who became part of her extended family in both heart and deed. Betty was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Ashland, WI. She graduated from Northland College in 1947, an d later received her MA from Lesley College (Cambridge, MA). Mrs. Ferris was a talented English and Reading teacher of grade school through college-aged students. She was a skilled educator of exceptional children in Wisconsin, New York, and Massachusetts schools. Mrs. Ferris retired as Director of the Krebs School Foundation (now the Cotting School in Lexington MA) in 1985. Betty was active in many community activities: Garden Club, PTA , League of Women Voters and a devoted, grace-filled church member in the congregations she belonged to over the years in Houston TX., Pittsford NY., Lexington MA. and most recently Grafton, WI. She was the second woman to become an elder of the Pittsford Presbyterian Church, NY, she also served as deacon of the Hancock United Church of Christ in Lexington, MA. Her greatest enjoyment; however, came in spending time with her family and creating and sharing memorable moments. Her friends and family now grieve her passing but find happiness knowing her suffering is over and she is in the joy of God’s presence. Visitation will be Monday, June 12, 2006 4-6PM at the Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 1621 2nd Ave., Grafton, WI. The Funeral service will immediately follow at the church. Interment Hancock Cemetery, Hancock WI. In lieu of flowers, memorials in Betty’s name may be sent to Northland College, 1411 Ellis Avenue, Ashland, Wisconsin 54806 (


Ferris, John Tomlinson

Of Cedarburg, WI and formerly Lexington, MA. Born to Eternal Life January 16, 2007, age 84 years. Beloved husband of the late (06/02/06) Elizabeth “Betty” (Johnson) Ferris for fifty-four years. Loving father of Mary (Ferris) Litton and Larry Gray of Boston, MA and John Bailey and Natalie (Nelson) Ferris of Cedarburg, WI. Beloved Grandfather of James Robert and Valorie (Palmer) Litton, III of Indianapolis, IN; Erin Elizabeth Ferris and Kathleen Ann Ferris of Cedarburg, WI. Dear brother to Harlo Hakes and Ann (Favorite) Ferris, Jr. and Mary Statira (Ferris) and Robert Judson Gilbert and brother-in-law David Bailey and Rita (Gingles) Johnson. Zany, thoughtful uncle to many nieces and nephews and a loyal friend to those who became part of his extended family in both heart and deed. John was born in Chicago Heights, IL and raised in several towns in southern WI including Baraboo, Walworth and Reedsburg. He graduated from Hartford H.S., Hartford WI, in 1940; received B.A. from Northland College, Ashland WI, in 1947 and later received his M.S. in 1951 from the University of Houston, Houston , TX. Volunteering for military service in WWII interrupted his college studies. He served as a Sergeant in ground radar repair for the Army Air Corps in the South Pacific from 1943-1945. Mr. Ferris’ work career started as a professor of photography at the Univers ity of Houston, serving as chairman of the department for 8 years. This was followed by ten years at Bausch & Lomb Co., Rochester, NY as head of electro-optical and fiberoptic research department where six patents were granted. He was then a cost-engineer for Stone & Webster Co. Boston, MA. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ferris were ‘raised as Wisconsinites’ so after retiring from Stone & Webster, they returned to Wisconsin. John was active in many community activities including Rotary and many Church related services. He served as an ordained Elder in the Presbyterian Church in Houston and continued serving in that role in Pittsford, NY. He was elected Deacon at the Hancock United Church of Christ, Lexington, MA as well as serving on various committees such as finance and directing weekly live television broadcasts. Though retired, he remained an active church member with the Grafton, WI Pilgrim U.C.C. congregation until his death. His greatest enjoyment; however, over the last 60 years, was to spend time at his lake property on the Wisconsin River with fa mily and friends. His family and friends now morn his passing but know that his deep, strong faith will bring him to the joy of God’s presence. Visitation will be Saturday, January 20th, 2006 at 5:00 PM at the Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 1621 2nd Ave., Grafton, WI. The funeral service will follow at 7:00 PM at the church. Interment on Sunday at 2:00 PM at the Hancock Cemetery, Hancock, WI. In lieu of flowers, memorials in John’s name may be sent to Northland College, 1411 Ellis Avenue, Ashland WI 54806 ( or to the Pilgrim United Church of Christ.


January 20, 2007, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Grafton WI – Eulogy by James Litton to his Grandpa, James T. Ferris

My Grandfather might have been many things to many people. Father, brother, husband, friend, engineer, soldier, mentor, photographer, artist, boxer, investor, deacon, and inventor. He was the model family man and citizen. But, as a young person growing up, I would have had a hard time describing him as any of these things. To me (pause), he was the dreamer, the “doer” and above all else, the story teller. PBS, Sesame Street, and Mr. Rogers had nothing on my Grandfather’s ability to capture my attention as an adolescent. He and I logged in countless hours at each of his many workshops, usually talking more than working. He spoke with a slow grace, matched only by the likes of James Earl Jones. Watching my facial expressions change with each twist and turn of his tales, he lit a match under my imagination every lazy afternoon we spent together.

My Grandfather the dreamer loved the idea of flying. At the breakfast table in Lexington, he would listen to my early morning rants about transformers, monsters and baseball. I would ask, “What do you dream about Grandpa?” With ease, he would say, “flying… Soaring with the birds. My arms spread out and I danced on the treetops.” This went on for several years. I would have nightmares and he would recount his latest dream of flying. Finally, one day I decided to ask, “if you like flying so much, how come you always drive to the PL every year?” He and Grandma laughed and I joined in. I didn’t know why it was funny; I just thought it would have been faster.

I should clarify one point regarding my Grandfather’s dreaming. His dreams of flying were confined to sleeping and napping. While, during the day, we were all free to observe his dreams come to life. My wife often wonders where I get my tendency to come up with some lovable, yet hair brained schemes. Well, I have to attribute this one to you Grandpa. This is the man who planned to create a poison ivy killing machine so that we could all be rid of that three leaved devil. He had an old lawnmower that looked more like a Mid-evil torture device rather than something used for lawn-care. He and I sat over plans for months until we decided to cut the machine up with a hacksaw and mailed it to the PL. We agreed that we would need to spend at least a summer perfecting the “P.I. Dragon.” I don’t think it ever got out of the box once it arrived in Wisconsin, but the dream certainly stayed alive. This was not the first nor the last time my Grandfather and I would let our imaginations get the better of us. There was the time our neighbors put their broken down swimming pool ladder in the trash. To some this might have been just another piece of junk. To Grandpa and I, this was just the excuse we needed to spend countless hours with our favorite hardware man and Time Life home repair books. You should have seen the look on my Grandmother’s and Mother’s faces. It was the proverbial, “Here we go again!” Models of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, we allowed one another’s logic to leap frog reality. “Hey look at that!” he exclaimed as we turned the corner. “Yeah!” I exclaimed, not yet knowing what we would do with it. “Well, you can’t have a pool without a ladder!” Truer words could not have been said to my nine year old ears. And within half an hour we were in the backyard, planning, scheming, and giggling with joy as we gazed at our newest project. At dinner, Grandpa told Grandma and Mom our plans to use fine cuts of redwood and cedar to fix the plastic and metal pool ladder. Mom choked a little on her “Wendy stew,” trying to hold down her laughter as much as possible. Grandma, staring into what was going to be our latest summer debacle, said, “I’d rather you just build a wooden space ship and get it all over with.” I am sure with all these adventures into the impossible my Grandfather’s goal was never to add to his list of numerous patents or to relive his days at Bausch and Lomb. He wanted to foster the life of another dreamer. He wanted to see someone else touch the stars and lives of others, an art he redefined everyday.

John Tomlinson Ferris “the Doer” was not the accomplished professional this title might seemingly describe. He was most certainly accomplished in every professional task he undertook, but “the Doer” was one who paid attention to little things. As a child I watched with great impatience as my Grandfather fixed a wooden airplane my Uncle made when he was eight; he returned every single shopping cart he ever used to the front of the store; he catalogued his LP record collection numerically, alphabetically and then ‘Bettically’ (i.e. from most to least important as it related to his love for Grandma… In my heart of hearts I think this was done just to get her to dance when no one else was around.) I did not understand why he took such care with every task. Just as some people watch their checkbooks like hawks, my Grandfather guaranteed that every action he took moved the world towards a better place. Karma is a heavy thing for an adolescent to understand. I was truly lucky to know someone living and loving as if the Golden Rule was something more than just an old playground standard. My most favorite example of this type of behavior was when I was a teenager, living with Grandpa and Grandma in Lexington. I was downstairs, studying for my High School Freshman year final exams, when I heard several voices. One was Grandpa, the other two I had never heard before. I looked out the window… no cars. The voices were younger… hmmm… there was no way my friends had come over. I suddenly got worried. I yelled up the stairs, “you ok up there?!” “Sure thing James,” My Grandfather’s voice exclaimed. “I’m just listening to these Gentlemen’s theory about how Jesus took a little Vacation in North America.” It hit me like a ton of bricks. Grandpa invited two of the local traveling Mormons, on their mission, to come in for tea and conversation. He had no intention of converting, but had no reason turn them away either. Not only was he up for religious conversation, he wanted to extend his hand in friendship to those individuals more accustomed to having doors slammed in their face by the majority of yuppies in the old New England town. I am not sure I would do the same thing if presented with this situation in the future, but I do believe there is something to be learned from his undying kindness and curiosity.

Grandpa the storyteller was most certainly the main event. His top ten hits were known as:

The time Great Grandpa beat up a drunk for cursing Jesus in a barber shop

The Butler farm and all its endless supply of watermelons

The bombing of his bunker in Moriti

The Mighty proposal on Gibraltar Rock

The ins and outs of Radar school and how Private Ferris learned to love Basic training and army cheese

The triumph of Son John in leading creating the Lexington High School wrestling team

The mighty kick of the cat heard round the world AKA Grandma’s first trip to the PL in her early morning slumber, kick the family cat out of the tent.

The “army boxing champ” known as Submarine

Eating Pancakes on the war ship and cheering the appearance of the Golden Gate bridge

And last but not least, my favorite

The ever victorious malleable tales of Cowboy James

Cowboy James was the protagonist in every moral lesson. They usually started with Cattle wrestling, a phrase I tool all too literally until he explained that it was stealing cows. Then they moved into more serious territory. My Grandfather had just gotten out of hospital, recovering from knee replacement, and would ride his stationary bike. I would be next to him on the rocking horse my uncle John handcrafted for me as Christmas present. He had his horse and I had mine. Later in life I learned that he was telling me about his own life. The time Cowboy James and his best friend ran into trouble with an axe in the woods of the PL; that was my Grandfather and Uncle Harlo were chopping wood as young boys and Granpa’s finger was in the way. The time Cowboy James had a wagon fall on his arm; he was explaining what happened when an engine motor fell on his hand in the south pacific. When Cowboy James moved to Houston and sent for his bride to be; this was Grandpa telling me the “ins and outs” of how to convince a woman to plan a wedding and marry you within one month’s time. (I think I missed the message here, maybe he was trying to get me to utilize the fine institution of Las Vegas, I am not sure) Grandpa the storyteller never needed special effects, loud noises, or explicit content to capture the listener. Rather, his fables were filled with enough exciting reality to interest both the patient listener and excitable youngster alike.

To conclude her heart felt eulogy of my Grandmother, my mother exclaimed, “we are not mad at you Momma, we love you and will keep loving you forever.” To my Grandfather I say, “You got the story of life right, Grandpa. Your’s is a tale we will never stop telling.”


and born to them were:

( MARY ELIZABETH FERRIS (Photo) born March 6, 1952 Houston TX; Ripon College, BA, Biology Teacher; Dartmouth College, MA, corporate computer training manager; married 1st May 18, 1974 Ripon WI, James Robert Litton, Jr. (Jim) born March 4, 1952 Chicago IL; Ripon College WI, BA; Dartmouth College NH, PhD Biology; Professor and Publisher; divorced 1984 South Bend IN; married 2d June 7, 2002 in Lexington MA, Lawrence Andrew Gray born March 9, 1957 Quincy MA; Mary is the provider of this updated info/photos on this family – both in the (2) and (3) Ferris lines – thanks Mary; and born to Mary and James was:

( JAMES ROBERT LITTON III (James) (Jim Bob) born November 9, 1981 South Bend IN; graduate Lexington High School, Lexington MA 2000; Wabash College IN 2004, A.B., Cum Laude; married November 15, 2006 Valerie Palmer

( JOHN BAILEY FERRIS born October 1, 1954 Houston TX; Ripon College WI, BA; U. of Wisconsin-Madison WI; MA, MA, water resource engineer; married February 17, 1979 in Clintonville WI, Natalie Ann Nelson born November 24, 1956 WI; U. of Wisconsin Oshkosh – middle school math-science teacher; and born to them were:

( ERIN ELIZABETH FERRIS born August 3, 1985 Jacksonville FL; Marquette U

( KATHLEEN ANN FERRIS (Katie) born May 31, 1989; high school softball and powder-puff football player; high school band member

( MARY STATIRA FERRIS born May 1, 1929 Baraboo WI; Wooster College OH; artist; art teacher; married April 20, 1953 in Hancock WI, Robert Judson Gilbert [son of Dudley & Freda (Abbot) Gilbert] born January 15, 1931 Hancock WI; B.S., MA; high school biology teacher; and born to them were:

( STEPHEN ROBERT GILBERT born February 18, 1954 Berlin WI; high school history teacher; married November 26, 1976 Melanie Ann Sorlie born June 10, 1956 – banking, loan officer – and born to them was:

( ALYSSA RUTH GILBERT born February 5, 1992 Madison WI

( SUSAN STATIRA GILBERT (Susie) born June 13, 1956 Berlin WI; Geologist; married March 19, 1983 Jeffrey Robert Gardner (Jeff) born January 2, 1956 Sharon PA – Geologist and salesman; and born to them were:

( MITCHELL ROBERT GARDNER (Mitch) born January 22, 1986 Casper WY

( PHILLIP MARSHALL GARDNER born October 28, 1989 Casper WY

( MARGARET RUTH GILBERT (Margie) born October 3, 1957 Wild Rose WI; Spanish teacher; married May 20, 1978 in Wild Rose, Gerhardt Forrest Getzin (Gary) born October 7, 1950 Wisconsin Rapids WI – public defense lawyer; and born to them were:

( DAVID DOUGLAS GETZIN born May 20, 1980 Wausau WI; theater production

( ANNE ELIZABETH GETZIN born October 4, 1982 Wausau WI; Oberlin College

( LAURA CARRIE GILBERT born June 16, 1965 Wild Rose WI; married August 26, 1989 David Laurence Stertz born August 7, 1968; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL WILLIAM HENRY STERTZ born December 1993 Berlin WI

( ANDREW LAURENCE ROBERT STERTZ born November 1995 Berlin WI

( ANNA NELMA STATIRA STERTZ born August 1997 Berlin WI

( SARAH MARY GILBERT born August 28, 1970 Wild Rose WI; Interpretive Historian for Wisconsin Historical Society; married October 14, 1995 in Wild Rose, Joseph Hoffman, tree surgeon – divorced 2004 WI

( WILLIAM PAUL FERRIS born November 19, 1887 Whitewater WI and died October 28, 1974 Waukesha WI; married November 22, 1916 Florence Hadfield [dau of Isaac & Martha (Collins) Hadfield] born January 15, 1893 and died 1981; both buried Prairie Home Cemetery, Waukesha WI. William attended Oberlin College and was a salesman and entrepreneur. Born to them were:

( COLLINS HAKES FERRIS (Photo) born December 20, 1919 and died March 31, 2000 WI; cremated with ashes scattered on the Pacific Ocean; married 1st 1944, Bonnie Bach [dau of Edward & Francis (Hadcock) Bach]; born April 23, 1920; married 2d May 3, 1994 in Green Lake WI, Jane Latrope. Collins name comes from his mother’s grandparents family name.

10/16/1999- Inducted into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of America (WAHF)-

Collins H. Ferris – A Waukesha, Wisconsin Native, Collins Ferris completed pilot training in 1940, entered the Army Air Corps at the start of World War II, and piloted A-26 aircraft in 32 combat missions over Europe. [He was on George Patton’s staff.] He received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with five Oak leaves and the French Croix de Guerre. After World War II, Ferris completed law school in Madison, Wisconsin and practiced law until he returned to active duty with the Air Force during the Korean conflict. After Korea, General Ferris became the first Chief of Staff of the Wisconsin Air National Guard. In the eighteen years of his tenure, the Air Guard progressed from a young, inexperienced unit flying P-51s to a mature military force flying KC-97 tankers and F-102 fighter jets. He retired [from the military] in 1970 after 30 years of military service. For his work as the first Chief of Staff, Collins Ferris can justifiably be called the "father" of the Wisconsin Air National Guard."

Born to him and Bonnie were:

( CRAIG FENTON FERRIS born May 3, 1947; married Mary Goebel

From a professional jornal profile 1982 Van Schaack &Company, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1982

…"Born and raised in Madison Wisconsin, Craig’s college training added to his credibility and competence as a full-time professional Realtor with Van Schaack. He is a graduate of CSU with a degree in industrial construction management and business finance; owner of ‘Craig Ferris Homes’…Craig is not only dedicated to his profession, but also to his family, his church and his community. Both he and his wife Mary are Bible study leaders and Craig has served as a teacher and cleark of the vestry in St. Lukes Episcopal Church. Mary, a Colorado native and a CSU graduate in horticulture, owns her own firm of MKF Landscape Design. In 1979 she was chosen Colorado’s Young Mother of the Year, and the Ferris’ three towheaded daughters are proof of how deserving she is of that honor. BreAnne, Shelby and Corgey attend St. Joseph’s School and enjoy swimming and gymnastics.

Born to them were:





( CARY BELLE FERRIS born January 4, 1949; married August 21, 1974 Geoffrey Sheldon and born to them were:


( WINSLOW SHELDON born September 15, 1978



( MARTHA LOU FERRIS born January 9, 1952; married Heinz Lenke and born to them were:





( HERBERT PAUL FERRIS born September 16, 1929 York PA and died July 24, 2002 Waukeska WI; buried there Prairie Home Cemetery; married August 3, 1994 in Thailand, Yupin Inlom born in Thailand

( HARRY LEWIS FERRIS born January 5, 1891 Morrison IL and died November 11, 1965 Winter Park FL; married Florence Kissel born March 7, 1890 and died December 28, 1970; both buried Green Park Cemetery, Portland IN. Florence was a widely published author of a series of elementary English text books used in the 1950-70s. Born to them was:

( BETTY MARGARET FERRIS born February 11, 1919; married 1945 Fred Logan Nolting born July 2, 1917. Fred is a retired Episcopal minister who celebrated his 85th birthday July 2002; Albion College, 1943. Betty is a piano teacher and proponent of the Arts and Music in many organizations in Altanta GA; Georgia Teacher of the Year; President of Georgia Music Teachers Association, 1978-80. Born to them were:

( BARBARA LEIGH NOLTING born September 1, 1947 Galveston Co TX; married 1st Wayne Randall; married 2d Shirl Jennings – divorced 1982

( WILLIAM ERIC NOLTING born July 27, 1950; Albion College, 1972; married Donna Parmelee (PhD) who was involved in the Michigan Bosniaca Bibliography project via U. of Michigan – see InterNet. Bill is the Director of International Opportunities at the U. of Michigan International Center; national chair of NAFSA’s Section on U. S. Students Abroad, the world’s largest professional association in the field of education abroad.

( JAMES BAYARD NOLTING born July 26, 1952

( LAWRENCE FREDERICK NOLTING born April 12, 1955; married Barbara Fulton

( JOHN STEWART NOLTING born September 19, 1956; married Alison Krug and born to them were:

( ERIC NOLTING born June 9, 1989

( ALAN NOLTING born April 7, 1991

( MARGARET EVELYN FERRIS born September 5, 1899 Portland IN; married August 7, 1923, C. Norman Fletcher born April 7, 1897 Wakeman OH. Margaret graduated from Oberlin College OH and was a kindergarten teacher in OH; Norm also graduated from Oberlin – he was a pharmacist in OH. The ‘C’ stood for Clarence which he hated and by the time he was 5y, he dropped it for C. Norman. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM EMERSON FLETCHER (Dr.) born October 23, 1924; married June 21, 1949 Evelyn R. Cotton born June 12, 1924; and born to them were:

( JAMES EMERSON FLETCHER born September 8, 1950; married August 18, 1972 Jan Tayral born August 4, 1950; and born to them was:

( MEGAN ANN FLETCHER born November 6, 1979

( JOANNE FLETCHER born April 21, 1953

( LAWRENCE EARL FLETCHER born October 7, 1958

( NORMAN FERRIS FLETCHER born April 18, 1927 and died December 2002; married March 22, 1957 Lorraine Erickson born August 4, 1927; and born to them were:

( STEVEN JOHN FLETCHER born January 22, 1951; married October 13, 1979, Peggy Selig born March 3, 1953; adoption 1957 by Bud Fletcher

( PAMELA SUE FLETCHER born March 14, 1959; married July 13, 2002 James B. Lucey born January 14, 1954

( CHARLES WRIGHT FERRIS born July 3, 1858 Milton WI (Johnstown NY) and died St. Louis MO; married Kate H. Smith born NYC – 1 of 3 wives; Charles lived in Cuba for a number of years with his son Willard.

Milton WI, August 19, 1934 – ‘To be members and friends of The Milton Congregational Church, together with relatives of the Ferris family gathered: The pleasant duty of acting as historian on this memorable occasion has been assigned to me, and because it has to do with the early history of own dear father and mother, William P. and Betsy Janes Ferris, it is a very real pleasure indeed. And by reason of the fact that it has to do also with my early boyhood days spent in Rock County, I am not interested in it than would be the case otherwise. In about the year 1830, 100 years ago, there came a very study young man from the state of Connecticut by the name of William P. Ferris, to settle as an early pioneer in Johnstown, Rock County, WI. Early history has it that he was a man of small means and worked his way on the Erie Canal and otherwise, and by walking part way he reached his destination, with the determination to make a home for himself in the Middle West. Government land was then selling for $1.25 an acre. But without money, he could not hope to acquire it even _at that small price. And so he set about to earn his own living splitting rails and by doing other work of various sorts he got ahead enough in the three years that followed, to buy a farm of perhaps 160 acres — thus getting his start in the world. By that time there was in the same neighborhood of Rock County a family by the name of Janes from the state of New York. And this young man soon found himself a wife, a member of this family in the person of Betsey Ann Janes, a beautiful young woman it was said. And thus the family of :Mr. and Mrs. William P. Ferris was started in the year 1842; Connecticut and New York joining hands. From that time on children were born to this union until they totaled nine. One died in early life, leaving these eight to grow up to mature years: Augusta, Hiram, Ellen, Mary, William, Charles, Charlotte, and Bessie. My father and mother were religious people and the family altar was early established with the reading of the Bible each day and prayer in the home. Church was attended faithfully each Sunday.. All this early training had its effect on each and everyone of the children as would naturally be the case, even though sometimes we rode to church in a lumber wagon. During these years a wonderful friendship existed among the various Janes families that had been established in that neighborhood also, not only because of relationship by marriage, but because of the fine Christian character of these wonderful people (My mother’s brothers).

During the years that these young people of both the Ferris and Janes families were growing up in this Johnstown neighborhood, there developed among other qualities considerable musical ability. Among these cousins, conspicuous musically was my sister Augusta. As a soprano singer she had no equal in .that section. And being father and mother’s first born, she was their pride and joy and gave them great pleasure and satisfaction in the music of her beautiful voice. One cousin in particular, Oscar Janes, was something of her equal as a bass singer. Others might be mentioned. In these early days good music was much more scarce than in the days in which we are now living. These young people were often heard in church and schoolhouse, and in neighborhood entertainments called "Old Folks Concerts" in and about what was then known as Johnstown Center. Young in life, Augusta married to Noyes. S. Belknap of Illinois, became the mother of three fine children, Giles, Lewis and Charlotte Belknap.. Sad to relate, she passed away in 1872, aged 29 years. Chiefly because of better educational advantages afforded by Milton College for his children, my father sold the farm in Johnstown in about the year 1860 and bought one of about 100 acres one mile east of Milton and moved his family into what was known as the Walker neighborhood. Being only one mile_way from Milton College and it very convenient for various members of the family to seek an education in this very reputable place of learning. My father also became very much interested in the graded school in Milton, and was for some time a member of the school board, taking a lively interest in the matter of erecting the new school, which still stands in the park in the center of town. He also took a hand in setting out the beautiful trees that now adorn this self same park, all of which seems very familiar to me as I come back to Milton after many long years of absence. Let me say in passing, that my parents were members of the Baptist church in Johnstown before coming to Milton. Much might be said about the real pleasure we as a family of young children, boys and girls together, experienced while growing up on the farm here in Milton. When old enough, we were taught to work, for there was plenty to be done the year ’round. Naturally as boys we liked to play pretty well, too, and usually found time for that also. There was the stock to be taken care of – cows to be milked, horses fed, pigs, sheep, and chickens also, and oh what fun it was to gather the eggs several times a day — all of which comes back to me forcibly now. And then — there were planting of the crops in the Spring, harvesting time in Summer – and gathering-in the grain in the Fall. Apples for cider, pumpkins, squash, and other vegetables to be put in the cellar for winter use. What fun it all was! As for the boys, they never liked to get up early in the morning. However, father did like to, at about five o’clock, and there was no peace for the rest of us after that, even to the putting on of "Dingbats" as he called them — honest to good ness spankings if the boys were not up on time, ready for the day’s work. Then there were the good things to eat, especially when company came — grandchildren often in the later years, I well remember. And, so much else I cannot take time to mention. Life on the Farm I’ve never been weaned from it yet. And how I liked to ride horseback and all that. After the death of our dear mother in the year 1864, father married again in due time. This stepmother, bringing one son with her, made a most wonderful mother and helpmate in the Ferris family, for there were still children of tender years to be taken care of, together with cares of a household to oversee. . Too much credit cannot be given her for the faithfulness shown in those years, especially in times of illness when father had severe attacks of inflammatory rheumatism. Amidst of these years to which I have referred, my older sister, Ellen was married to George Walker of the Timothy Walker family. This wedding was certainly unusual, for on Sunday evening, January 31st, these two young people, sitting. in the choir, left their seats and the marriage ceremony was performed then and there by the minister of the church, much to the amazement of the people of the congregation, who had been taken so much by surprise. This was of novel origin and less trouble than some weddings. This happy couple was privileged to live together for 62 years before George Walker passed away four years ago, a very useful and happy life indeed, and unusual in length of years. One son born to this union, George Albert Walker. The marriage of these young people established more firmly than before a most wonderful and friendly feeling and high regard between the Ferris and Walker families (our nearest neighbors) several in number. So well acquainted were we with the Walkers that when speaking of them as neighbors and friends it was always "Uncle Willian", "Uncle Alfred", "Uncle Timothy", "Uncle Moses", and "Uncle Aaron". My brother Hiram found himself a wife in Milton also, in the person of Miss Hattie Sanborn, a woman of rare ability as a teacher, and afterwards a fine minister’s wife and mother of their five children, Semour, Sarah, Annie, Walter, and Charles Ferris. This brother Hirman passed away in 1912. My sister Mary married Mr. C. M. Gates whose family at one time lived in Milton but had formerly lived in Berlin, Wis., a very successful teacher in the schools there. This sister Mary passed away in 1913. I can think of another brother in the midst of this reminiscence. William by name or Will for short, who almost married a Milton girl, but being of a fickle nature it was hard for him to choose between three fair young ladies he had on the string at once. So it finally fell to one of rare musical ability from New York state,. Miss Carrie M. Hakes, at one time a teacher of music in Milton College, who is present with us today, Mrs. W. L. Ferris now living in Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, with her daughter Margaret [Fletcher]. My brother passed away in 1910 much to our sorrow. In this family there were four children, three fine stalwart sons and one daughter, Harlo, Paul, Harry, and Margaret Ferris, all of whom are attending this reunion today. Margaret and her two boys came all the way from Cleveland to be present here today. Our father passed away in about the year 1879 and the stepmother I referred to outlived him quite a number of years, marrying the third time a Mr. Cook of Whitewater where they lived very happily together several years thereafter. The farm home having been broken up in 1880, those who were left and unmarried went to Saint Paul, Minnesota to live with Mr. and Mrs. George Walker. And Aunt Ellen, as she is familiarly called, has, been like a mother to many of us ever since. I myself found a wife in the next four years in the person of Miss Kate H. Smith, the mother of our two children, Willard and Florence Ferris, both of whom might have been here today but for the fact that they are now on vacation trip touring the New England states together. I have yet to record the marriage of the two youngest of our family, Charlotte and Bessie, the first of whom, Charlotte, became the Wife of Mr. Arthur C. Anderson in St. Paul, a successful and prosperous banker end businessman in that city, and parents of two boys, Frank and William Anderson, the latter having the name of his grandfather before him, whom we honor here today,

Sad to relate, these two boys were left orphans early in life after the death of both mother and father a few years apart, and as might be expected, their Aunt Ellen came to their rescue and mothered them for quite some time, Charlotte having passed away in 1888, aged 26. Letters have been received expressing regret that the Andersons could not be present here today because of previous engagements made earlier in the season, for which we are sorry indeed. Last but not least, also youngest and smallest in stature of our family, our sister Bessie, took unto herself a husband in the person of Mr. E. F. Kimball, formerly of Berlin, this state, and became the mother of four fine children, Richard, Robert, Charlotte, and Ferris Kimball. This dear sister was left a widow early in life, her home being in Kansas City, Kansas. She has served wonderfully well as both father and mother to these four children all of these years, and has come all the way from Kansas City to be present here today. It was thought best for lack of time in this historical sketch not to go farther into detail of more than the first and second generation. Although much might be written of the third and fourth generation, now much in evidence, I am making one exception because of outstanding achievement by one of the great grand-children, Charlotte Belknap Reynolds, daughter of Giles and Lula Belknap, who has for many years been a missionary in China, and the letter from which I quote becomes a part of this sketch as follows: "Charlotte and Paul Reynolds went out under the American Board in 1921 to Fenchow (Pronounced fun-jo) China. They will soon be closing their second term and are to return for a third term. Charlotte has helped in very many ways in the mission work, has taught Domestic Science and written a textbook on that subject in Chinese. She manages the music program for church and schools, and has a school in her own home for her own children and some of the children of the other missionaries. Dr. Paul Reynolds is assistant to the Chinese Principal of the Ming I School (a large school for Chinese boys and girls of High School age), all Chinese schools, now by law having native Principals. "Paul is also Director of a large Civic Center work which last year celebrated its tenth anniversary, and at that time was taken over by the national Y.M.C.A. He was elected head of the Religious Educational Work of all north China." Charlotte and Paul have three children. They plan to come home in 1935 for their second furlough. The success of this service and family reunion being held here today is due in great measure to the untiring efforts of the three stalwart sons of my brother’s family whom I have already referred to, Harlo, Paul, and Harry Ferris, all residents of our fair state of Wisconsin. I think I am safe in saying that no family in the state can duplicate these three for size and number of feet in height or weight avoirdupois, and I am going to ask the to step forward on the platform while we give them a vote of thanks. And so ends the sketch prepared by your historian for this wonderful occasion, which I hope, has been of some benefit to those who have listened. .

Charles W. Ferris Historian

Born to them were:

( FLORENCE FERRIS married Bob Hutchinson and born to them was:


( WILLIAM FERRIS was a graduate of Oberlin College; banker in California and Cuba for a number of years

( CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH FERRIS born June 9, 1862 Milton WI and died October 9, 1888 St. Paul MN; married Arthur Converse Anderson [son of Francis Whitmore & Mary Ann (Wyman) Anderson] born December 2, 1859 Bethel VT; he was cashier of the St. Paul National Bank and after his father’s death, succeeded him as President of the bank; and born to them were:

( FRANCES FERRIS ANDERSON (Frank) born December 9, 1886 St Paul MN

( WILLIAM ROCKWELL ANDERSON born September 25, 1888 and died 1964; married Geneste Marie Muller; and born to them were:

( CHARLOTTE GENESTE ANDERSON married married 1st Mr Bjorklund; 2d Mr Petrikin; and born to her and Mr Bjorklund were:



( EMILY ANNE BJORKLUND married a Mr Demmin

( LUCY ALICE BJORKLUND married a Mr Harper – she has provided this corrected, updated info – thanks Lu!

( WILLIAM ROCKWELL ANDERSON Jr (-1997) married Mary {mnu}

( BESSIE ANN FERRIS (Betsey Ann) born February 5, 1864 Milton WI and died Kansas City KS; married January 15, 1889 Edward Richard Kimball [son of Frederick William & Mary Warren (Shepard) Kimball] born November 24, 1864 Berlin WI; and born to them were:

( RICHARD FERRIS KIMBALL born June 15, 1891

( ROBERT EDWIN KIMBALL born September 8, 1893; married Margaretta Jones who died December 16, 1982 Waukesha WI. Margaret spent many years of her life as a faithful elementary school teacher in Waukesha and the Kettle Moraine area. After Bob’s retirement, he and Margaret fulfilled a lifelong dream of building and operating a sheep farm on the edge of New Berlin, Waukesha. They had great times together – both were hard workers but enjoyed each day – a tremendous sense of humor. Born to them was:


( CHARLOTTE MATHER KIMBALL born May 14, 1894 Kansas City and died May 9, 1985 Portland OR; married November 25, 1922 in Kansas City, Roy Oliver Sowles born October 6, 1894 and died November 8, 1974 Portland OR and born to them were:

( WILLIAM FERRIS SOWLES born December 23, 1925 Boseman MT and died November 29, 1991 Silverton, Marion, OR


( FERRIS KIMBALL born May 28, 1901 and died October 1981 Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS

( WALTER A. FERRIS born 1823 NY; married Elizabeth {maiden name unk} born 1823 Canada; he may have had another wife, Cordelia L. Spring; and born to them was:


( JANE M. FERRIS (1836-) (twin) married Mr. Eckert – she was living with William Peck Ferris and Betsey in Johnstown WI according to 1860 census, along with 6 kids in the household.

( MARY AUGUSTA FERRIS (twin) born 1836 NY and died May 13, 1897 WI; married October 21, 1854 in Rock Co WI, William Wallace Patchen born September 8, 1832 Troy Township, Geauga Co OH and died 1913 Long Beach CA; both buried Maple Hill Cemetery, Rock Co WI; William graduated from Oberlin College OH, 1855; he was a teacher and farmer; and born to them were:

( CLARA AUGUSTA PATCHEN born August 6, 1861 Magnolia, Rock, WI and died November 3, 1940 Los Angeles Co CA; teacher in public schools of Rock Co WI; married Henry Davis; and born to them was:


( CHARLES SUMNER PATCHEN born December 30, 1862 Magnolia, Rock, WI; married January 14, 1886 Myra Beebe and born to them were:

( ELLEN BLANCHE PATCHIN born November 7, 1886 Rock Co WI

( ETHEL MAY PATCHIN born April 28, 1888 Truman, Martin, MN

( NETTIE E. PATCHEN (twin) born June 9, 1864 Magnolia, Rock, WI; married Charles Freeburg and born to them were:






( NELLIE A. PATCHEN (twin) born June 9, 1864 Magnolia, Rock, WI and died January 16, 1929; buried Pleasant View Cemetery, Dacoma, Woods, OK

( JENNIE S. PATCHEN born September 21, 1868 Magnolia, Rock, WI and died August 5, 1897 Martin Co MN; married September 27, 1885 William E. Beebe who died May 12, 1897; and born to them were:

( MYRA JENNIE BEEBE born February 8, 1888; married Curtis Marston; resided Yerington, Lyon, NV

( DAVID STUART BEEBE born May 10, 1892; married Caroline McKay born May 3, 1894

( DAVID H. PATCHEN born December 8, 1871; married Louella Selleck

( ELLEN M. FERRIS born 1840 CT and died 1864 WI; buried North Johnstown Cemetery, Johnstown WI; married Mr. Squirer

( POLLY (MARY) FERRIS born 1798 (February 25, 1797) Stamford CT; married Smith Lockwood [son of Jonathan & Hannah (Smith) Lockwood] born May 10, 1789 Stamford CT

( ABBIE FERRIS born March 30, 1800 Stamford CT and died 1893 Lovelton PA; married in Sussex Co NJ Isaac Ward. She may have married second, James R. Clayson.

( CLARINDA FERRIS born 1807 maybe Catskill NY and died Lovelton PA; married William Douglass

( SIMEON FERRIS, JR. (II) born August 12, 1809 Stamford CT and died March 7, 1875 Mehoopany PA; married at Wantage, Sussex, NJ, Hila Ann June; both buried Union Hill Cemetery, Mehoopany PA; they moved to Mehoopany PA, 1836; and born to them were 12 kids, 1 of which was:

( APOLLIS FERRIS born June 14, 1828 NJ and died 1910; a stone mason by trade and built a lot of bridges in the Mehoopany area; married 1st May 31, 1850 Miriah Robinson who died June 18, 1887 and born to this union were at least 6 kids; married 2d June 18, 1892 Elmina Sheffler – he was 64y and she was 23y and born to this union was 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( FRANK APOLLIS FERRIS (the eldest) born February 20, 1892 Lovelton PA and died October 13, 1984; married 1st Agnes Sands – divorced; married 2d September 31, 1935 Edna Caroline Sickler born May 31, 1918 and died November 11, 2000; both buried Northflat Cemetery, Laceyville, Wyoming, PA; and born to Frank and Agnes was:

( HOWARD FRANKLIN FERRIS born December 18, 1921 and died 1943 New Guinea

Born to Frank and his 2d wife, Edna, were 10 kids, 1 of which was:

( FRANCES FERRIS married Mike Reeves – Frances is the provider of this corrected and updated information – thanks much, Frances!!!

( MARTHA FERRIS born 1811 maybe Catskill NY; married 1835 at Deckertown NJ William J. Adams

( ELECTRA FERRIS born 1813 Maryall PA and died Camptown PA; married Edwin Lewis.

( JOHN CALVIN FERRIS born September, 11, 1817 Stamford CT and died May 20, 1902; buried Sunnyside Cemetery, Tunkannick PA; married at Forkston PA, Polly June born 1815 and died November 23, 1894; buried at Sunnyside Cemetery. John was mustered into the Army with Company A., 107th Pennsylvania Volunteers on January 24, 1862 and mustered out June 14, 1862 with chronic periostitus; he was 5′ 9 1/4" tall, fair complexion and had blue eyes and grey hair [he was 44 years old when he entered the Army]. Born to them was:

( SIMEON FERRIS (Photo) born December 1840 Wyoming Co PA and died 1917; was mustered into the Army November 8, 1861 at Harrisburg PA and discharged November 8, 1864; served with Company H., 52d Regiment Pennsylvania which took part in the following engagements: Williamsburg (5/5/62); Fair Oaks (5/31-6/1/62); Gaines Mills (6/2/62); White Oaks Swamp (6/30/63); Malvern Hill (7/1/62); Chickamauga (9/19/63); Charleston; Fort Wagner; Fort Gregg; Fort Johnson; Charleston Harbor; and Fort Sumter. Simeon was 5′ 8 2" tall, light complexion with blue eyes and brown hair; married Harriett Woodruff (1838-1927)and born to them were:

( DELBERT FERRIS married lady unk but born to them was:


( MILTON FERRIS married lady unk but born to them were [Purely speculation: Scranton PA Times, April 25, 1927 – Milton Ferris 59, Niagara Falls NY, formerly of North Scranton, died Saturday according to a telegram received by local friends. When a resident here, Mr. Ferris was in charge of the John Wolff Livery. Leaves his wife; a daughter, Mrs. Charles Moore; two sons, Howard of Niagara Falls and Floyd A. of Scranton; three sisters and two brothers. Funeral services and burial will be in Niagara Falls.]:






( ELECTRA FERRIS married a Mr. Mosher and born to them were:




( ANNA FERRIS married a Mr. Harvey and born to them were:



( INA FERRIS never married.

( BURTON GRANT FERRIS born February 13, 1873 Camptown PA and died May 20, 1962 Endicott NY; married 1892 Estella Dora Green. Burton worked many years in the Endicott Johnson Shoe Company. Born to them were:

( CLAUDE FERRIS born September 13, 1895 and died May 1985 Endicott NY; graduated from Syracuse University and spent many years with IBM; married Inez Radigan and born to them were:


( ROGER FERRIS of Chicago IL

( RALPH EDWARD FERRIS born July 13, 1897 Fleetville PA and died May 2, 1962 Endicott NY; enlisted in the Army June 1917; served in France but did not see action however he was gassed by the German [sounds like ‘action’ to me] and discharged August 1919. He spent time in the hospital for TB in the 1920s. He received a government disability pension for many years. He worked many years for Endicott Johnson Shoe Company. He married October 2, 1920 in Dresden NY Bessie E. Wheeler born November 23, 1903 Devalls Bluff AK and died July 19, 1974 Endicott NY. Born to them were:

( BEATRICE FERRIS born September 5, 1921 and died February 12, 1997; married twice: 1st Mr. Mitrus; 2d November 4, 1948 Menneth G Snapp. Born to Beatrice and Mr. Mitrus was:

( ILONA MITRUS born May 11, 1943; married 1st May 29, 1965 Harold Robbins – divorced; and 2d January 12, 1979 Joseph Brown; and born to Ilona and Harold was:

( DIANNA LYN MICHELE ROBBINS born January 27, 1968; married 1st Bruce McCartha – divorced; 2d April 1, 1992, Richard J. Logo; and born to Dianna and Bruce was:

( BRANDON MCCARTHA born December 25, 1989

Born to Dianna and her second husband, Richard, were:

( GIDEON LONGO born June 7, 1992

( LIAM LONGO born March 9, 1995

( PATRICK LONGO born November 20, 1997

( ABBEA LONGO born December 27, 1998

Born to Beatrice and her second husband, Menneth Snapp, were:

( WAYNE SNAPP born July 13, 1950 Endicott NY; married January 2, 1972 Linda Messersmith and born to them were:

( WILLIAM SNAPP born December 2, 1972

( BONNIE SNAPP born March 5, 1976

( BRUCE SNAPP born September 26, 1951 Endicott NY; married August 5, 1978 on the family farm, in a corn field, Newark Valley NY, Sue Steele born January 11, 1956

( EDITH LOUISE FERRIS born May 17, 1923; a WWII Veteran having served in the WAVES; married 1st September 3, 1950 Edward Haggerty; and 2d Mr. Thornton. Born to them were:

( DENISE HAGGERTY born May 31, 1952; married Mr. Broughton.

( MARY HAGGERTY (twin) born March 28, 1954

( MARLENE HAGGERTY (twin) born March 28, 1954; married August 27, 1969 Daniel Michael Vymislicky Sr., born July 5, 1951 Johnson City NY; and born to them were:

( DANIEL MICHAEL VYMISLICKY born December 20, 1969; is unmarried but has a daughter:

( LINSEY ROSE VYMISLICKY born September 10, 1989

( JOSEPH EDWARD VYMISLICKY born September 7, 1971; married September 21, 1991 Christina Marie Harrison and born to them were:

( PAIGE MARIE VYMISLICKY born June 14, 1993

( JOSEPH EDWARD VYMISLICKY born January 7, 1997

( THOMAS FRANCIS VYMISLICKY born March 1, 1975; married July 22, 1995 Dorrie Pawleshyn and born to them was:


( WILLIAM HAGGERTY born March 2, 1956

( RALPH EDWARD FERRIS, JR., born October 2, 1924 Endicott NY and died there May 7, 1966; served in WWII as a Military Policeman; he landed at Normandy on D-Day + 1 with a sawed-off shotgun to guard prisoners of war, but there were no POWs, so he had to fight. He got rid of the shotgun in a hurry and got a rifle. Ralph married 1948 at Endicott, Etta (Doll) Bahar and born to them were:

( SARAH FERRIS born September 23, 1950 Endicott NY; and born to her were:

( SHANNON FERRIS born July 6, 1972

( MATTHEW FERRIS born August 19, 1976

Sarah later married Thomas Naylor.

( ROBERT FERRIS born February 3, 1953 Endicott NY; married March 12, 1977 Mary Andel born January 28, 1952; and they adopted:

( CHRISTOPHER FERRIS born August 18, 1981

( RALPH FERRIS born December 27, 1956 Endicott NY

( DONALD WILLIAM FERRIS born December 28, 1925 Endicott NY and died December 12, 1965 Syracuse NY; WWII Veteran seeing action in the Pacific and Aleutian Islands; married 1st 1944 at San Diego CA Shirley Murray – divorced; married 2d Marie Mayer. After Donald and Shirley’s divorce, Shirley’s new husband adopted the kids, and there is no information available on them. Born to Donald and Shirley were:


( MACK FERRIS (1946-)

( LINDA FERRIS (1948-)

( CAROL FERRIS (1949-)

( KENNETH FERRIS (Photos) born June 7, 1927 Endicott NY; WWII Navy Veteran. Ken worked in the retail business for J. J. Newberry Company for a number of years and was also an insurance agent with Met Life. He married September 10, 1955 at the Central Methodist Church, Endicott NY Mary Lou Churchill [dau of Raymond & Jane] born July 3, 1933 Middlebury Center PA. Mary Lou was also employed by Met Life when they met. After 6 years in the insurance business, Ken returned to retailing and over the years worked in NY, NJ, and OH, retiring as General Manager from S. E. Nichols Company of Watertown NY, 1988. [Jim – Ken and Mary have provided this information on their twig of the tree – thanks folks.] They winter in Port Charlotte FL. Born to them were:

( NAN E. FERRIS born March 31, 1956 Endicott NY; after graduation from high school, Nan served 3 years in the Army; after attending college in Watertown NY, she moved to Pompano Beach FL where she lives and works.

( TODD W. FERRIS born May 2, 1959 Endicott NY; a trim carpenter and cabinet maker in the Watertown/Syracuse NY area; married May 9, 1987 in London, Ontario, Lynne G. Craven, born in Canada . Born to them were:

( MAXWELL FERRIS born September 14, 1992

( MILES FERRIS born January 13, 1994

( JANE C. FERRIS born November 2, 1962 Ashtabula OH; attended State University of NY, Potsdam before she married September 10, 1983 at Boca Raton FL John J. Inghem. They reside in Boca Raton. Born to them was:

( HAYDEN FERRIS INGHEM born March 20, 1997 Boca Raton FL

( IAN FERRIS INGHEM born October 5, 2000

( DONALD H. FERRIS born January 1, 1966 Ashtabula OH; graduated from Oswego State College, NY and works for an engineering firm in Syracuse NY doing electrical computer aided drafting; married September 7, 1991 at Syracuse, Diann Darmody born December 4, 1964. They reside in Syracuse. Born to them was:

( NOLAN FERRIS born July 16, 1996

( LAUREN ELIZABETH FERRIS born June 18, 1999

( EVELYN M. FERRIS born April 8, 1929; married April 5, 1948 at Endicott NY Belvin Maynard Schmidt born September 12, 1922 and died May 31, 1980 Endicott. Born to them were:

( RAYMOND E. SCHMIDT born February 14, 1949 Endicott NY; married June 8, 1974 in Endicott, Joelyn Randesi born November 20, 1951 and born to them was:

( ERIKA RAE SCHMIDT born December 20, 1976 Johnson City NY

( PHILIP E. SCHMIDT born January 27, 1953 Detroit MI; married June 29, 1973 at Endicott, Mary Anna Lane born July 25, 1955 and born to them were:

( STACY LYNN SCHMIDT born October 20, 1975 Johnson City NY; married July 17, 1996 Joseph Mastrogiacomo

( ERIN MICHELLE SCHMIDT born November 30, 1979 Johnson City NY

( RUSSELL SCHMIDT born August 2, 1956 Detroit MI; married November 1, 1975 Sheryl Inghram born July 25, 1959 Endicott NY – divorced; and born to them was:

( JAMI MARIE SCHMIDT born April 21, 1976 Endicott NY

( MARY ANN FERRIS died WI; married in CT Rufus Lounsbury

( LUCRETIA ANN FERRIS born December 28, 1774 Stamford CT and died there February 21/24, 1826; married 1794 Nathaniel Clason [son of Samuel & Hannah (Briggs) Clason] born December 11, 1766 Stamford and died there, June 18, 1831; known as ‘Boy Patriot’ in the American Revolution. Both Lucretia and Nathaniel were buried in the back part of a small cemetery off the west side of the Hunting Ridge Road, Stam­ford. Born to them were:

( ELIZABETH S. CLASON born 1795 Stamford and died there March 25, 1847; buried there Hunting Ridge Cemetery #1; married 1816 in Stamford, John Dann ( – see him for offspring

( WALTER CLASON (WALTER SMITH CLASON) (WALTER SMITH CLAWSON) born July 1797 in Stamford and died December 3, 1873 (December 10, 1875 Stamford); married 1820 Han­nah Walters (1799-1872) [dau of Aaron & Zilpah]; both buried Long Ridge Union Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them were (and probably more):

( JAMES HARVEY CLASON born February 1824 NY (1823 Catskill NY) and died after 1900; married 1848 in Stamford, Betsey Dann (; and born to them were:

( MARY F CLASON born October 24/25, 1849 CT and died 1880 Norwalk CT; married 1st Herbert W Beecher (1840-); 2d Unk Dean born 1852 North Stamford; and 3d c1870 John M Dean born 1845 NY and died 1880; and born to her and John were:

( MAUD DEAN born 1875 WI and died 1880

( DAISY DEAN born April 19, 1875 Sun Prairie WI and died August 15, 1914 NYC; married Winston Harris Sanford born February 16, 1852 Woodbridge CT and died June 20, 1915 Harrisburg PA; and born to them were:

( NATALIE SANFORD (1894-) married James Corbett born October 25, 1892 NJ and died December 1976; and born to them were:

( JAMES CORBETT born November 24, 1918 and died June 4, 1990; married Irene {mnu} born June 17, 1922 and died March 1987; offspring



( WINSTON HARRIS SANFORD born July 27, 1899 NYC and died January 16, 1969 Scotch Plains NJ; married June 12, 1923 Nyack NY, Edna May Klein born January 11, 1903 and died July 17, 1994; and born to them were:

( RUTH EDNA SANFORD born October 4, 1924

( WINIFRED MARTHA SANFORD born July 27, 1927; married April 12, 1951 Harmon Hartvigsen born September 30, 1926 and died May 18, 1996

( PAULINA CLASON (twin) born August 9, 1851 and died November 28, 1870 Beaver Damn, Dodge, WI

( JENNY CLAWSON (rtwin) born August 9, 1851 and died November 28, 1870 WI

( GEORGE W CLASON born February 16, 1855 Stamford CT and died there July 19, 1895

( PHOEBE JANE CLASON/CLAWSON (1815-1902) (born February 23, 1819 Stamford and died there June 19, 1902) married Albert C Willson born January 20, 1815 Bedford Co NY and died 1884; both buried Long Ridge Union Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them were (and probably more):

( ALBERT AUGUSTUS WILLSON (1841-) married Hester LaPeer; and born to them was:

( JEANNE LA PEER WILLSON (1866-) married John/Charles Weeks; and born to them was:

( HESTER LA PEER WEEKS (1887-1989) (born March 1888 and died April 1990 Stamford – 102y old?) married 1911 Lewis U McFarland (1867-1947) (born 1863 OH and died 1947 Stamford CT); and born to them were:

( LAWRENCE ROGER MCFARLAND born 1912 and died October 10, 1958; married 1947 Patricia Joyce Donnelly born March 6, 1920 and died January 31, 2004; and born to them was:

( LAWRENCE JOHN MCFARLAND (1953-) and provider of this updated info – see Lawrence!


( AUBREY MCFARLAND (1914-2002)




( CHARLES A WILSON married Mary Catherine Shaw; and born to them were:


( ALBERT CLARK WILLSON born November 1, 1873 Brooklyn, Kings, NY and died October 25, 1944 Stamford CT; married Sue {mnu}; and born to them were:



( RAINSFORD (RANSFORD?) CLASON born in 1799; drowned in Lake Ontario.

( DEBORAH CLASON born February 28, 1803 Stamford (New Durham, Green, NY and died October 5, 1895 New London, Huron, OH); married November 13, 1824 in Stamford CT, William C Stevens [son of Ezra & Abigail (Weed) Stevens] born June 27, 1796 Stamford CT and died February 24, 1875 New London OH; both buried Grove Street Cemetery, New London OH; and born to them were:

( ELIZA STEVENS born July 15, 1825 Stamford, Fairfield, CT and died December 26, 1890 Salem, Allegan, MI; married January 7, 1844 in New London OH, Reuben Coates [son of Josiah & Diantha (Harmon) Coates] born 1823 NY and died 1861 Irving, Barry, MI; and born to them were:

( WALTER COATES born January 18, 1845 Rochester, Lorain, OH and died March 20, 1936 Hastings, Barry, MI; buried there Pleasant Hill Cemetery; married June 19, 1869 in Hastings, Rhoda Ellen Dale born 1849 OH

( JANE COATES born May 1846 Rochester, Lorain, OH; married Alexander Bryans born December 20, 1846 Canada and died March 6, 1897 Otsego, Allegan, MI; buried there Mountain Home Cemetery

( JOHN F COATES born October 12, 1848 Rochester OH and died June 11, 1918 Hastings, Barry, MI; married 1870 Delia Orella Burr [dau of Benjamin & Clarissa (Magoon) Burr] born July 26, 1849 OH and died October 5, 1928; both buried IOOF Cemetery, Middleville, Barry, MI

( CHARLES ORVILLE COATES born March 18, 1851 Rochester OH and died June 5, 1925 Grand Rapids, Kent, MI; married December 12, 1873 in Hastings MI, Mary Ann Hall [dau of Arad J & Hannah P (Lake) Hall] born December 29, 1855 West Unity, Williams, OH and died January 23, 1933 Grand Rapids; both buried Comstock Cemetery, Kalamazoo Co MI; and born to them were:

( ARAD COATES (1875-1876)

( FREDRICK ORVILLE COATES born December 3, 1876 Delta, Fulton, OH and died January 13, 1938 Kalamazoo MI; buried Comstock Cemetery, Kalamazoo Co MI; married December 26, 1899 in Bowling Green OH, Helen Mary Holtgrieve [dau of Frank H & Louise (Lonard) Holtgrieve] born August 30, 1878 Springfield, Clark, OH and died October 25, 1951 Kalamazoo; buried there Olivet Cemetery

( LEEBERT EBER COATES born January 14, 1879 Middleville, Barry, MI and died September 11, 1956 Comstock, Kalamazoo, MI; buried Ever-Rest Cemetery, Kalamazoo MI; married 1st July 15, 1909 in Allegan, Allegan, MI Emma Basilius [dau of Henry & Anna (Helwig) Basilus] born 1887 Chicago IL; 2d September 30, 1909 in Kalamazoo MI, Kathryn Zeh [dau of William H & Kathryn (Moser) Zeh] born October 4, 1879 Elmore, Ottawa, OH and died March 19, 1966; buried with Leebert– if dates are correct, pretty short 1st marriage

( HANNAH COATES born March 1881 OH and died October 8, 1904

( NELLIE MAE COATES born April 14, 1883 Toledo, Lucas, OH and died September 8, 1950 Allegan, Allegan, MI; buried with William; married 1st July 25, 1906 in Hastings MI, William Eugene Pickard [son of George Washington & Mariah Juliaetta (Sensiba) Pickard] born July 4, 1860 Kalamazoo Co MI and died September 4, 1918 Yankee Springs, Barry, MI; buried there Yankee Springs Cemetery; 2d June 22, 1920 in Hastings MI, Dennis M Parks [son of Cyrus & Nancy (Houselauder) Parks] born July 24, 1892 Jackson MI and died 1963 MI; 3d February 18, 1930 in Watervliet MI, Jesse E Goodrode [son of William & Sophia (Morey) Goodrode] born November 11, 1859 England and died August 31, 1940 South Haven MI; and born to her and William were:

( ORVILLE EUGENE PICKARD born December 5,1908 Yankee Springs, Barry, MI and died March 3, 1964 Middleville, Barry, MI; married June 30, 1928 in Muskegon, Kent, MI Mary Isabell Converse [dau of George Willard & Jennie M (Mugridge) Converse] born December 25, 1910 Middleville MI and died May 15, 1954 Grand Rapids MI; both buried Yankee Springs Cemetery, Yankee Springs MI; and born to them 9 kids, 3 of which were:

( BETTY R PICKARD born June 26, 1929 Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI and died 2 days later

( CECILE MARIE PICKARD born September 26, 1930 Yankee Springs MI and died May 1, 1997 Hastings MI; married June 16, 1949 in Hastings, John Russell Kermeen [son of Shirley Sherk & Osa Dale (Warner) Kermeen] born October 14, 1925 Hastings and died January 10, 1999 Middleville MI; both buried there Parmalee Cemetery; offspring

( WILLIAM GEORGE PICKARD born November 17, 1933 Yankee Springs MI and died May 8, 2000 Grand Rapids MI; buried Irving Cemetery, Hastings MI; married Miss Falconer; offspring

( IDA MAE PICKARD born October 19, 1911 Yankee Springs MI and died July 28, 2001 Hastings, Barry, MI; married October 5, 1929 in Grand Rapids MI, John Normal Poll [son of John & Bellie (Bolthouse) Poll] born October 20, 1907 Grand Rapids and died March 15, 1966 Hastings; both buried Lakeside Cemetery, Caledonia, Kent, MI

( STANLEY WOODROW PICKARD born September 15, 1916 Yankee Springs MI and died April 1944

( ALTA LETA COATES born August 14, 1883 Delta, Fulton, OH and died November 8, 1908 Orangeville, Barry, MI; married February 23, 1902 in Bowling Green OH, Luther E Reighley [son of J G & Samentia (Bellodle) Reighley] born August 12, 1879 IN

( OTIS ARAD COATES born July 25, 1889 Delta OH; married Mabel {mnu}

( CHARLES TRITCH COATES born August 14, 1893 Findlay, Hancock, OH; married 1st September 9, 1912 in Hastings MI, Hilda Helen Bennett [dau of William D & Mary E (Schranm) Bennett] born January 23, 1895 Hastings – divorced; they remarried June 24, 1922 in Kalamazoo MI

( EDWARD COATES born March 11, 1897 Toledo OH; married January 20, 1920 in Marshall, Calhoun, MI Margaret E Brown [dau of Frank & Ruth (Okerman) Brown] born 1896 MI

( MARY FAYE COATES born January 20, 1901 Toledo OH and died December 24, 1981 Cedar Springs, Kent, MI; buried there Elmwood Cemetery; married 1st September 20, 1917 in Kalamazoo MI, John Lowe [son of John & Mary (Soarborough) Lowe] born September 14, 1896 Snover, Sanilac, MI and died August 1966 Sandusky MI; 2d January 8, 1955 in Grand Rapids MI, Elmer Benedict [son of Elmer & Bertha (Palmatier) Benedict] born February 25, 1913 Kankakee IL and died 196 Phoenix AZ

( IRVIN COATES born 1853 Rochester OH and died 1875; married December 25, 1874 in Kalamo, Eaton, MI Josephine Stevens [dau of Lewis & Susan Ann (Young) Stevens] born May 24, 1857 Bellevue MI and died December 31, 1932 Battle Creek MI

( ESTHER ESTELLE COATES born July 4, 1858 Irving, Barry, MI and died October 7, 1906 Kalamazoo MI; married May 3, 1875 in Kalamo MI, Henry Eugene Barney [son of John & Jane (McKinney) Barney] born September 19, 1851 Dorr, Allegan, MI and died October 31, 1924 Allegan MI; both buried Mt Home Cemetery, Otsego MI

( MARY STEVENS born September 17, 1829 Stamford CT and died October 17, 1849 Rochester OH; married October 3, 1847 in Rochester, John Bonney [son of Harvey & Elizabeth (Lyon) Bonney] born 1821 NY

( EDWARD C STEVENS born July 5, 1833 Stamford CT and died February 15, 1896 Bellevue, Eaton, MI; buried there Riverside Cemetery; married 1st December 8, 1850 in Rochester OH, Caroline Bonney (sister of John above) born 1828 NY and died September 17, 1905 New London OH; buried there Grove St Cemetery; 2d April 15, 1878 in Bellevue, Maria Bailey [dau of Manning & Jane (Butler) Bailey] born November 8, 1842 Bellevue and died there March 14, 1914; buried with Ed

( SARAH STEVENS born October 30, 1836 Caroline, Tompkins, NY and died September 10, 1906 New London OH; married October 30, 1853 in New London OH, Lafayette H Bonney [brother of John and Caroline above) born July 7, 1830 Penfield, Monroe, NY and died November 9, 1911 New London OH; both buried there Grove Street Cemetey

( ELLEN LUCRETIA STEVENS born April 28, 1839 Middlebush, Knox, OH and died November 14, 1924 New London, Huron, OH; married December 31, 1856 in New London, Henry Hazard [son of James & Lovina] born April 1, 1836 Adams, Jefferson, NY nad died July 3, 1870 Bedford, Cuyahoga, OH; both buried Grove Street Cemetery, New London

( ESTHER JANE STEVENS born August 18, 1844 New London, Huron, OH and died there July 6, 1930; buried there Grove Street Cemetery; married April 26, 1865 in New London, Enroch Dexter Newkirk [son of Enoch B & Mary (Roorback) Newkirk] born June 30, 1837 New London and died there April 4, 1904

( ABIGAIL CLASON born May 3, 1805 and died November 24, 1830; married December 31, 1822 as his 1st of 3 wives, Lewis Pennoyer born July 29, 1803; and born to them were:

( NANCY FRANCES PENNOYER born March 3, 1826

( WILLIAM HARVEY PENNOYER born November 24, 1830

( SAMUEL BRIGGS CLASON born September 16, 1807 Stamford CT and died September 6, 1850 Fitchville, Huron, OH; married September 10, 1828 Luanna Stevens; and born to them were:

( WALTER CLASON born October 14, 1832 and died August 1850

( ASA NATHANIEL CLASON born May 27, 1834 and died in Inman, Holt, NE; married 1855 Wealthy Melissa McKindley

( LEVI B CLASON born September 10, 1836 and died December 24, 1863 (Civil War?)

( MARIA V CLASON born February 22, 1839; married October 12, 1859 Darius Huntington

( SALLY K CLASON (1808-1832) married James Boughton (December 26, 1824 in Stamford, as his 1s wife, Joseph Bouton born 1807 Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY and died April 9, 1862 Stamford CT); and born to them were:



( LUCRETIA JANE CLASON born 1812 North Stamford CT and died September 1904 Whitewater WI; married March 26, 1827 in Pound Ridge NY, George Dann ( – see him for offspring

( VALERIE CLASON born October 23, 1814 Stamford and died there June 9, 1843; buried there West Stamford Cemetery; married 1833 Charles Slater [son of John & Polly (Sniffen) Slater] born August 12, 1813 Portchester NY and died May 5, 1898 Stamford; buried there High Ridge Cemetery; at age 9y, Charles was bound to James Griffin for an 8-year apprenticeship at the shoemakers trade; on removal to CT, he settled in the Cove, at Stamford and entered the employ of Stamford Manufacturing Co where he remained for 17 years. In 1854 he took up residence on the Dann Homestead in North Stamford where he carried on farming and commenced manufacturing barrels, employing 20 men. In 1861 he engaged in the mercantile business which he conducted until 1872 – after Valerie’s death, Charles married Elizabeth Maria Dann ( – see her for their offspring. Born to Valerie and Charles were:

( MARY EMILY SLATER born March 28, 1835 Stamford and died there June 23, 1861; buried there High Ridge Cemetery; married c1852 Seth S. Dann ( – see him for offspring

( LUCRETIA A. SLATER born January 19, 1837 Portchester NY and died March 25, 1880 Stamford; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery; married c1853 James H. Parker [son of William J. & Rheuama (June) Parker] born August 10, 1834 NYC and died February 11, 1898 Stamford; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery; cooper 1859-63; after Lucretia’s death, James married and had another child, at age 52y; and born to Lucretia and James were:

( CHARLES W. PARKER born 1854 Stamford; 1882 book agent; 1877-85 jeweler – watchmaker; married November 7, 1876 in Stamford, Mary Jane Edgar born 1855 Brooklyn NY; and born to them were:

( EDGAR LANSING PARKER born July 12, 1877 Stamford CT and died there December 25, 1883; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery

( HARRY MEAD PARKER born December 28, 1882 Stamford

( EDWARD RUTLEDGE PARKER born July 4, 1885 Stamford and died there 1888; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery

( HENRY WALLACE PARKER born June 30, 1859 Stamford and died March 28, 1938 Bridgeport CT; buried Long Ridge Cemetery, Stamford; Stamford Fire Chief 1903-20; married 1st c1878 Jennie Morrell born May 1857 and died March 19, 1909 Stamford; buried Long Ridge Cemetery; married 2d c1920 Mary Strollo (1896-). Born to him and Jennie was:

( LESTER W. PARKER born February 3, 1892

Born to Henry and his 2d wife, Mary, was (Henry would have been 65y old?):

( DORIS PARKER (1925-)

( SAMUEL A. PARKER (1861-1926) married c1884 Ella G. Morgan born 1863 Stamford

( MARY EMMA PARKER born February 27, 1863 Stamford and died there January 25, 1951; married December 24, 1882 in Stamford, Elbert Jerome Crabbe [son of John Edward & Sarah B. (Slater) Crabb] born November 2, 1858 Stamford; farmer 1883; and born to them were:

( CARRIE BELL CRABBE born November 27, 1883 Stamford

( HAROLD JEROME CRABBE born October 20, 1895 Stamford

( JAMES M. PARKER born 1872 Stamford

( CARRIE BELL PARKER born January 12, 1874 Stamford and died there March 28, 1880; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery

( CHARLES SLATER born 1842 Stamford

( CORDELIA CLASON born in 1818

( DEBORAH FERRIS born March 7, 1777 Stamford and died 1826; married Jeremiah Knapp [Jim – speculation – this may be Jeremiah (]

( ABIGAIL FERRIS born April 14, 1779 (in Stamford CT) and died February 20, 1852 Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI; married December 24,1799 at Stamford, James Clason born March 27, 1777 Stamford and died August 28, 1848 Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI; both buried there East Beaver Dam Cemetery; James, brother of Nathaniel above, was the 5th of 8 children born to Samuel and Hannah (Briggs) Clason. They moved from Stamford to Orange Co NY and then to Clason Prairie WI, near Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI; and born to Abigail and James were:

( JOSEPH CLASON born April 22, 1802 Stamford CT and died March 31, 1880 Bazaine, Ness, KS; married 1st c1826 in Scottsville, Monroe, NY Ann Layton born c1806 Scottsville and died 1840; married 2d c1840/44 in Scottsville, Rebbeca Kenyon born 1817 and died July 1888 Burr Oak, Jewell, KS; buried there Burr Cemetery; and born to him and Ann were:

( ANDREW L. CLASON born 1828 Scottsville, Monroe, NY and died April 13, 1900 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI; buried there; emigrated to Wisconsin with his parents, settling in Waukesha; 1843 moved from there and took up a farm on what is known as Clason Prairie, Beaver Dam; he worked hard and accumulated a fine property; married 1st January 1, 1855 Maria Brookins born 1830 and died December 31, 1896 Beaver Dam; married 2d July 1898 Lillian Cady; and born to him and Maria were:

( LINNY M CLASON born September 11, 1855 Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI and died August 18, 1935 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI; married October 3, 1877 Harry M Brown born October 27, 1856 and died November 3, 1935 Beaver Dam WI; and born to them were:

( MACY BROWN born 1884 Kempeske SD and died January 22, 1937 Milwaukee WI; married twice; no offspring

( STELLA BROWN born December 30, 1892 Kempeske SD; married February 9, 1918 Carl Foss born January 22, 1881 Soldiers Grove, Crawford, WI and died there November 3, 1955; and born to them were:

( JUANITA MAY FOSS born May 18, 1919 Soldiers Grove, Crawford, WI; married March 26, 1943 Lyle Thomas Johnson born January 26, 1917; and they had 3 kids

( HELEN BROWN FOSS born March 8, 1922 Soldiers Grove, Crawford, WI; married November 23, 1944 Norman Chellevold born May 11, 1916; and they had a child

( NELLIE MARGARET BROWN born September 19, 1894 Kempeske SD; married December 24, 1918 Guy Pendall Bannister (Paul) born February 9, 1891 and died December 12, 1971 San Bernardino Co CA; resided Santa Ana CA; and born to them was:

( ROBERT BANNISTER born April 13, 1925; ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church; pastored in Capistrano CA; married June 25, 1949 Martha Jane Brockett born August 16, 1926; and they had 3 kids

( FRANKLIN CLASON married name unk and born to them were:

( RALPH CLASON born September 21, 1883 and died March 7, 1973 Orange, Orange, CA; resided Newport Beach CA; married Edith {maiden name unk}

( ELLA CLASON married a Mr Cornett; resided San Carlos CA; had 3 kids

( MABEL CLASON married Herman Johnson; resided San Francisco CA; and born to them was:


( FANNY CLASON (Fannie) born 1829 and died April 17, 1854; buried Beaver Dam Cemetery, Beaver Dam WI; married June 6, 1846 in Dodge Co WI, Oliver Pettibone; and born to them were:

( ANN PETTIBONE born June 9, 1847 Dodge Co WI and died there October 23, 1853; buried there Beaver Dam Cemetery

( MONROE PETTIBONE born January 28, 1850 Dodge Co WI

( OELA PETTIBONE born March 31, 1853 Dodge Co WI

( ABIGAIL CLASON born January 29, 1829 (January 29, 1837); married October 16, 1856 John Freeman; resided in Kansas; and born to them were:

( CHARLES HENRY FREEMAN born October 19, 1857 and died March 12, 1882

( WILLIAM ALBERT FREEMAN born December 11, 1859

( FRANKLIN EUGENE FREEMAN born August 24, 1862

( FREDDY ANDREW FREEMAN born March 1, 1864

( MARY ELIZABETH FREEMAN born January 30, 1867

( WALTER JOSEPH FREEMAN born April 22, 1869

( JOHN ROBERT FREEMAN born February 25, 1873

( JAMES MILTON FREEMAN born June 22, 1875

( ADDIE MABEL FREEMAN born May 24, 1879

( WILLIAM LAYTON CLASON born March 30, 1830 (March 30, 1835 Scottsville NY) and died September 3, 1915 Clayton, Crawford, WI; resided Surgar Grove, Vernon, WI; married January 1, 1858 in Milwaukee WI, Sarah Elizabeth Byers [dau of Robert & Rebecca (Madison) Byers] born July 9, 1840 Uppingham Co NY and died July 4, 1933 Clayton WI; buried North Clayton Cemetery near Soldiers Grove, Crawford Co; and born to them were:

( RUTH JENEATTE CLASON born September 30, 1860 WI and died July 19, 1862 Dodge Co WI; buried there Beaver Dam Cemetery

( LOUISA JANE CLASON born June 13, 1862 Vernon Co WI; married 1st January 1, 1880 in Clayton WI, Martin Shaner Pugh [son of Alexander Preston & Elizababeth (Day) Pugh] born October 15, 1858 Kickapoo, Vernon, WI and died July 5, 1921 Johnson Township, Carter, MO (as per death certificate); married 2d George Thompson; and born to her and Martin were:

( HERMAN LESTER PUGH born December 27, 1880 Sugar Grove, Vernon, WI

( IDA MYRTLE PUGH born November 3, 1882 Sugar Grove, Vernon, WI; married Art Hilgardner; and born to them were:



( ARDELLE PUGH born August 10, 1889 Vernon Co WI – informant on her father’s death certificate – resided Grandin MO in 1921

( CARRIE BELL CLASON born April 29, 1864 Vernon Co WI and died 1917; married February 6, 1881 in WI, John Townsend (1857-1922); and born to them were:

( NAOMI BELL TOWNSEND born January 27, 1882 Vernon Co WI and died August 6, 1907; married 1898 Harvey E Rayner [son of Zerah Ezra & Rebecca Lavina Vestal (Parker) Rayner]; and born to them were:

( LULA RAYNER born July 1899; married Stephen Lowry

( HATTIE RAYNER born September 1901; married Benjamin Riley

( NELLIE RAYNER married Stewart Udell and they had a child

( ELVIRA TOWNSEND born September 14, 1885; married Frank Endicott

( MINNIE TOWNSEND born April 27, 1887; married Charles McMillin; and born to them were:




( MARY TOWNSEND born September 6, 1889 WI and died there August 28, 1907; buried North Clayton Cemetery near Soldiers Grove, Crawford Co WI

( WILLIAM TOWNSEND born 1894 WI and died 1938

( JOHN L TOWNSEND born September 25, 1896 Sauk Co WI; married March 7, 1920 in WI, Fannie Jane Wines [dau of John E & Fannie E (Nicholson) Wines] born December 13, 1896; they resided Soldiers Grove WI

( ANDREW JEFFERSON TOWNSEND born February 1899 and died May 1922

( MERTON L TOWNSEND born June 19, 1901 WI; married Nona Joppa and born to them were 3 kids, 2 of which were:



( EARL TOWNSEND born December 24, 1903 WI

( JOSEPH BRYAN TOWNSEND born October 22, 1905; married Icelene Montgomery and they had 2 kids

( MICHAEL TOWNSEND born March 1910 WI and died there 1913

( ROBERT GEORGE CLASON (Robert George William Clason) (Robert Francis Clason) born June 30, 1866; married apparently 1st Alberta Jones; 2d Minnie Helen Fisher; they resided at Black Earth WI; and born to him and Minnie were:


( ELSIE JANE CLASON born October 1898 Crawford Co WI; married January 28, 1915 in Richland Co WI, Charlie Daughenbaugh [son of Absolom & Louisa (Hess) Daughenbaugh] who died April 4, 1967; and born to them 4 kids, 3 of which were:

( ELI DAUGHENBAUGH born February 23, 1916

( VERLYN DAUGHENBAUGH born September 10, 1918

( EVELYN DAUGHENBAUGH born June 13, 1923

( HAZEL CLASON born June 23, 1903 Richland Co WI; married Elmer Thingvold born October 19, 1901; and they had 8 kids, 5 of which were:


( ALTHEA THINGVOLD married George Lewis and they had a child




( FLOYD ORVILLE CLASON born August 22, 1905 Richland Co WI; married 1st Opal Ferguson and they had a child; married 2d Ruth Goodwin and they had a child

( VIRGIL LLOYD CLASON born November 8, 1907 Bloom City, Richland, WI; married September 6, 1942 Dorothy Arlene Huset [dau of Otto & Ellen (Orcutt) Huset] born January 23, 1923 Black Earth, Dane, WI; and they had 4 kids

( MABEL ANN CLASON born July 2, 1869 IA and died September 25, 1934; married 1st August 7, 1887 in WI, George Willison born 1865 and died May 7, 1889; married 2d John McKee; 3d Mart Dean; and born to her and George was:

( SARAH ADDIE WILLISON born February 23, 1889; married Ernest Taylor; and born to them were:



( CHARLES ALBERT CLASON born July 25, 1871 and died July 25, 1872

( MORTON DEWAIN CLASON born July 25, 1872 Beaver Dam WI and died August 20, 1928; married Ida J Osborn born August 5, 1872 Richland Co WI and died May 17, 1955; both buried Darian, Walworth, WI; and born to them were:

( LENA ESTHER CLASON born September 27, 1896 WI and died June 13, 1961 Beloit, Rock, WI; buried Darian WI; resided Beloit WI; married June 30, 1915 in Wonewoc, Juneau, WI Joseph O Rabuck born March 18, 1896; and they had 7 kids, 6 of which were:

( EVELYN LUCILLE RABUCK born November 7, 1916 Delavan, Walworth, WI; married February 27, 1936 in Rockford, Winnebago, IL Kenneth Sterling Morgan [son of Mile & Matie (Gould) Morgan] born September 27, 1912; and they had 3 kids

( ALBERT FRANCIS RABUCK born September 22, 1918 Delavan, Walworth, WI; married 1st Ida Sparks; married 2d January 16, 1946 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL Shireley June Gundry [dau of James & Louise Marie (Newman) Gundry] born January 9, 1928 Freeport and they had 4 kids

( EDITH M RABUCK born August 17, 1920 Richland Co WI; married September 6, 1940 in Darian WI, Theodore Peters born September 12, 1917 Cottonwood Co MN; and they had a child

( GAYLORD ARTHUR RABUCK born May 11, 1922 Darian, Walworth, WI and died January 18, 1982; married June Dell Swartout [dau of John Glen & Vivian Carolyn (Lovejoy) Swartout] born June 19, 1928 in Beloit WI; and they had 6 kids, 1 of which was:

( JUNE VIVIAN RABUCK born June 8, 1945 Elkhorn, Walworth, WI and died December 5, 1945

( JOSEPH E RABUCK born July 31, 1927 Darian, Walworth, WI

( HOWARD DALE RABUCK born and died March 3, 1937 Darian, Walworth, WI

( ALBERT MARTIN CLASON born April 8, 1898 Sylvan, Richland, WI and died April 26, 1981 Darian WI; buried there; resided Allen Grove WI; married 1st October 19, 1918 Garnet E Stokes [dau of John M & Tessa (Wakeman) Stokes] born March 17, 1898 and died July 15, 1962 WI; buried Darian; married 2d June 17, 1966 Laura E Posey; and he and Garnet had 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( AVIS M CLASON born June 3, 1919 Delavan WI; married 1st Donald R Holt; 2d October 29, 1949 in Harvard, McHenry, IL Byron C Booth [son of Joseph N & Flora Amelia (Ranney) Booth] born March 29, 1896 Little Wolf, Waupaca, WI and died November 8, 1987 Sarasota FL; buried Manasota Memorial Park, Brandenton FL

( MILDRED ELAINE CLASON born May 21, 1923 Darian WI; married 1st Gerald Mosher; 2d September 7, 1945 in Emerald Grove, Rock, WI James Edwin Harvey [dau of William & Laura (Martin) Harvey] born September 7, 1919 Janesville, Rock, WI and they had 2 kids



( ALBERT LAYTON CLASON born October 2, 1876

( HERMAN CHESTER CLASON (Chester) born October 7, 1878 North Clayton Township, Crawford Co WI and died May 14, 1954 Crawford Co WI; farmer; an elder in the Sugar Grove Chruch of Christ for many years; married July 10, 1898 in WI, Flora Olive Rayner [dau of Zerah Ezra & Rebecca Lavina Vestal (Parker) Rayner] born November 14, 1880 Neosho, Dodge, WI and died July 26, 1956 Soldiers Grove, Crawford, WI; buried Neosho WI; and born to them were:

( CLARENCE LESTER CLASON born May 2, 1899 WI and died October 8, 1984 Sioux City, Woodbury, IA; an ordained minister for the The Disciples of Christ for 33y holding pastorates in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois until poor health forced him to retire; married 1st July 12, 1925 Maude Captiola Weitmier born October 31, 1901; 2d September 14, 1947 in Hamilton IL, Myrtle G Morris; and born to he and Maude had 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( GERALD DEAN CLASON born and died February 15, 1928 Readtown, Vernon, WI

( DONALD LEE CLASON born October 1, 1929 Camden Point, Platte, MO and died February 27, 1979; buried National Cemetery, Fort Snelling MN; USAF Korean War Veteran; married a Miss Edmondsen

( MILTON CLASON born May 9, 1901 and died February 23, 1984 Boaz, Richland, WI; married October 10, 1925 in Aken, Richland, WI Madeline Bailey [dau of Elam & Mary Etta (Sheffield) Bailey] born July 9, 1909; and they had 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( MERIEL IRENE CLASON born December 9, 1926 WI and died January 9, 1929 Soldiers Grove, Crawford, WI

( DORA ADDIE CLASON born March 30, 1903; married August 9, 1924 Ray Bailey [brother of Madeline above] born June 30, 1904 and died January 11, 1981 Richland Center, Richland, WI; and they had 3 kids, 2 of which were:

( OLIVE GENIEVE BAILEY born May 11, 1925; married February 14, 1948 Kenneth Sailing and they had 3 kids

( CHARLES WALTER BAILEY born August 14, 1927; married February 14, 1953 Virginia Fleming (Jennie) and they had 3 kids

( CARL DENNIS CLASON born October 7, 1905 and died February 11, 1982 Eastman, Crawford, WI; married October 7, 1931 Wilda Bacon and they had a child

( HERMAN ARTHUR CLASON born September 10, 1908

( ROLLO LATON CLASON born October 23, 1909 and died December 8, 1987; married January 21, 1930 in Wauzeka, Crawford, WI Charlotte Marie Ward [dau of Harley Harvey & Lulu Sofornia (Lenzendorf) Ward] born July 22, 1913 Boscobel, Grant, WI and died January 12, 1988; and they had 3 kids

( LOUIS WOOD CLASON born July 10, 1912 WI; married January 10, 1934 in Sugar Grove WI, Mildred Pearl Buroker [dau of Melvin & Orpha (Marshall) Buroker] born June 12, 1915 WI; and theyhad 4 kids

( OTTO HERBERT CLASON born June 25, 1914 and died March 3, 1985 Soldiers Grove WI; married November 14, 1957 in Soldiers Grove, Mildred Sharp and they had 3 kids

( ELNORA REBECCA CLASON born September 14, 1919 Crawford Co WI; married 1st January 10, 1938 Carroll Briggs [son of Clem & Alta (Martin) Briggs] born December 6, 1912; 2d Mr Canfield; and she and Carroll had 3 kids

( ORVAL MILTON CLASON born May 4, 1883 and died December 12, 1908; buried Crawford Co WI; never married

( JAMES CLASON (1833-1852)


Born to Joseph and his 2d wife, Rebbeca, were:

( ANN MARIA CLASON (Ann Marie) born July 13, 1845 Dodge Co WI and died September 26, 1884 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI; buried there; married November 17, 1864 in Dodge Co, Richard Chatfield; and born to them were:

( DORA MAY CHATFIELD born January 28, 1866; married James Thompson; resided southern Iowa

( ROSE BELL CHATFIELD born August 28, 1867; married William Blain; resided KS

( GEORGE HENRY CHATFIELD born June 26, 1873

( CORA REBECCA CHATFIELD born September 18, 1875

( EDWARD JOSEPH CHATFIELD born January 22, 1878


( HENRY P. CLASON born December 20, 1847 and died November 4, 1890 Burr Oak, Jewell, KS where they resided; married September 11, 1877 Mary/Sarah Leah Ropine; and born to them were:

( MARGARET REBECCA CLASON born May 30, 1878 and died January 5, 1884

( ARTHUR BENJAMIN CLASON born November 16, 1879 Ness City, Ness, KS and died August 22, 1955 Burlington, Coffey, KS; married (Nellie) Cora Ellen Banks; and born to them were:

( MARGARET JOHNETTE CLASON born September 1, 1907 Burr Oak, Jewell, KS; married George Rosine; and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( FERN AILEEN ROSINE born September 5, 1926 Lebo, Coffey, KS; married in Wheatland WY Albert S Childers; and they had 2 kids

( ELSIE PEARL CLASON born March 14, 1910 Wellington, Sumner, KS; married in Gridley, Coffey, KS Harry W Shrimplin

( ARLIE BENTON CLASON born February 24, 1914 Wellington, Sumner, KS and died March 1983 New Strawn, Coffey, KS; married Parthenia Louise Ragsdale and they had 3 kids

( ELVA ANN CLASON born December 10, 1916 Perth, Sumner, KS; married Raymond Arthur Reichardt and they had 3 kids

( JENNIE MAY CLASON born January 1, 1883 and died March 7, 1883

( JESSIE PEARL CLASON born May 11, 1886

( SARAH EDITH CLASON born October 7, 1849; DAR # 128393; resided Rolf, Pocahontas, IA; married December 25, 1869 in Clinton Township, Pocahontas Co IA, George Wesley Heald; and born to them were:

( OLIVE AURILLA HEALD born July 24, 1871

( EMMA FLORENCE HEALD born May 9, 1874

( ANNIE HEALD born December 3, 1876 and died December 19, 1876

( JOHN WESLEY HEALD born September 28, 1878 Bradgate, Humbolt, IA and died May 19, 1949 Garfield Township, Pocahontas Co IA; married March 25, 1903 in Pochontas Co IA, Edith Sarah Turley and died March 26, 1942 Garfield Township; and born to them were:

( WALTER WESLEY HEALD born June 13, 1904 Garfield Township, Pocahontas Co IA; married March 28, 1932 in Ames, Story, IA Juanita Clever; and they had 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( ROBERT WESLEY HEALD born September 1, 1935 Rolf IA and died there August 2, 1936

( MILDRED EDITH HEALD born November 8, 1911 Garfield Township, Pocahontas Co IA; married 1st August 17, 1935 in Rolf IA, Eugene Hicks; 2d June 19, 1948 in Ames IA, Raymond C McHone; and she and Eugene had 2 kids

( GEORGE NORMAN HEALD born July 23, 1917 Rolf, Pocahontas, IA; married October 10, 1941 in Klemme, Hancock, IA Nellie Ann Stromer and they had 2 kids

( MARIAN VIOLA HEALD born March 31, 1923 Rolf IA

( LUANNA JANET HEALD born December 22, 1882

( AVERY CLASON born 1849 Dodge Co WI – twin? and died there 1868; buried Beaver

Dam Cemetery, Beaver Dam WI

( JOSEPH R. CLASON born August 1/2, 1852 Bazine, Ness, KS and died September 6, 1882; buried Kansas City KS; resided Andale, Sedgwick, KS; married January 1, 1882 in Bazine, Mary A R Buchnell/Bushnell born July 12, 1868 Grafton IL and died October 19, 1923 Kansas City; and born to them were:

( MARY LOUISA CLASON born September 3, 1883 and died December 946; buried Bartlesville OK

( JOSEPH ALVA CLASON born June 8, 1887 and died December 24, 1976; buried Kansas City MO

( BESSIE MYRTLE CLASON born September 4, 1889 and died February 24, 1957; buried Kansas City KS

( IDA ELEANOR CLASON born December 12, 1893 Kansas City KS and died November 17, 1982 Kansas City MO; buried there Mt Moriah Cemetery; married December 4, 1912 in Kansas City, George Francis Meyer [son of Charles Frederick & Mary (Hahn) Meyer] born December 31, 1890 Kansas City KS and died September 25, 1971 Kansas City MO; and born to them was:

( BETTILOU CLASON MEYER born April 14, 1920 Kansas City MO; married August 25, 1941 in Kansas City MO, Howard Lewis Bayne [son of Howard Lewis & Helen (McPherrin) Bayne] born December 1, 1917 Kansas City MO and died September 19, 1997 Summit NJ; offspring

( FRANK LOWMAN CLASON born August 3, 1896 and died February 4, 1962; buried Texas

( MARY ANGELINE CLASON born June 14, 1854 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI and died January 17, 1927 Barnum, Carlton, MN; married March 30, 1872 Carl John Carlson [son of John & Johanna Carlson] born March 16, 1840 Stockholm, Sweden and died October 29, 1920 Barum MN; both buried there; and born to them were:

( CARL JOSEPH CARLSON born October 5, 1874 Dakota City, Humbolt, IA and died January 31, 1948 Barnum, Carlton, MN; buried there; married 1898 in Woodbine, Harrison, IA Armantha Martin [dau of Robert Allen & Fedelia (Porter) Martin] born June 13, 1869 Burlingame, Meigs, OH and died July 24, 1916 Greenwood, Jackson, MO; buried there; and born to them were:

( ADAH ZETELLA CARLSON born August 12, 1904 Kansas City KS; married June 6, 1953 in Minneapolis MN, Harold Fray Bullen

( OPAL ISABEL CARLSON born April 7, 1906 North Platte, Lincoln, NE

( FLORENCE REBECCA CARLSON born July 25, 1876 Gilmore, Pocahontas, IA and died June 25, 1952 Dickens, Clay, IA; married February 14, 1904 in Gillett Grove, Clay, IA Willis Orien Eckley [son of John L & Mary E (DuBois) Eckley] born December 19, 1877 Douglas Township, Clay Co IA and died June 9, 1947 Dickens; and born to them were:

( HAZEL ESTHER ECKLEY born November 25, 1904 Dickens, Clay, IA; married March 30, 1927 in Spencer, Clay, IA Lloyd Charles Michael

( HARVEY JOHN ECKLEY born June 25, 1906 Clay Co IA and died October 20, 1976 Spencer, Clay, IA; buried there; married February 12, 1930 in Spencer, Dorothy Mabel Johnson

( GERALD FRED ECKLEY born April 18, 1912 Clay Co IA and died September 22, 1973; married in Ruthven IA, Ethel May Smith

( MAMIE ECKLEY born November 4, 1917 Clay Co IA

( EMMA JOHANNA CARLSON born May 30, 1878 Gilmore IA and died January 12, 1937 Seattle WA; buried there Washelli Cemetery; married December 28, 1897 in Pocahontas Co IA, Oliver Jacob Saxby [son of William Riley & Mary Cornelia (Klingman) Saxby] born June 21, 1874 Huntsville, Randolph, MO and died June 1953 Cherokee, Cherokee, IA; and born to them were:

( GLEN C SAXBY born May 22, 1900 Gilmore, Pocahontas, IA and died October 15, 1979 Olympia, Thurston, WA; married November 5, 1921 in Mt Vernon WA, Charlotte M Brokens and born to them were:



( GLADYS MAE SAXBY born November 10, 1902 Webb, Clay, IA and died May 26, 1970 Robinsdale, Hennepin, MN; buried Sheldon, O’Brien, IA; married April 1, 1918 in Webb, Clay, IA Verl Leslie Martin

( MARDEN JOHN CARLSON born April 2, 1880 Gilmore IA and died April 20, 1946 Rochester, Olmstead, MN; buried Miami FL; married Daisy Merton who died June 12, 1972 Miami FL; and born to them were:

( ESLEY WORDEN CARLSON born March 14, 1907 Jamestown, Stutsman, ND; married August 13, 1947 in Billings MT, Marguerite Foster

( GAYLORD CARLSON born 1909 Jamestown ND and died there 1910

( RUSSELL MERTON CARLSON born January 4, 1912 Jamestown ND and died at Lake Placid FL

( MINNIE MAY CARLSON born January 23, 1882 Gilmore IA and died March 24, 1905 Webb, Clay, IA

( JAMES ARTHUR CARLSON (or Arthur James) born February 7, 1884 Gilmore IA and died May 24, 1965 Three Forks, Gallatin, MT; buried Deer Lodge, Powell Co MT: married September 25, 1908 in ND, Maude Mae Keller [dau of William & Mary Jane] born December 5, 1888 IA and died November 1949 Deer Lodge; buried there; and born to them were:

( ADELAIDE MAY CARLSON born April 20, 1910 White Earth, Mountrail, ND; married February 21, 1931 in Bozeman MT, Richard Arthur Jones

( WILLIAM CARL CARLSON born September 25, 1914 Deer Lodge, Powell, MT; married September 25, 1933 in Seattle WA, Jean Margaret Stevens

( GLADYS MARIE CARLSON born May 13, 1917 Deer Lodge MT; married September 1935 in Three Forks MT, Ray Bergren

( MARY JANE CARLSON born June 10, 1919 Three Forks, Gallatin, MT; married September 29, 1937 in Three Forks, William David Crowley

( GERALDINE HAZEL CARLSON born April 11, 1921 Three Forks MT; married December 25, 1945 in Deer Lodge, Edward F Schneider

( KATHLEEN LOUISE CARLSON born November 19, 1924 Three Forks MT; married June 2, 1944 in Bozeman, Ralph Edwin Wilcox

( JAMES ALBERT CARLSON born May 18, 1930 Three Forks MT and died September 24, 1980 SLC UT; married a Miss Beal

( WILLIAM ALBERT CARLSON (twin) born November 12, 1885 Gilmore IA and died October 14, 1963 Phoenix AZ; buried there; married May 5, 1923 in Deer Lodge, Bertha May Harvey [dau of John J & Anna (Stratton) Harvey] born August 5, 1884 Armstrong, Wyandotte, KS and died August 8, 1949 Three Forks; and born to them were:

( HARVEY CLIFFORD CARLSON born August 29, 1924 Three Forks MT; married a Miss Fossum

( WILMA MAE CARLSON born July 31, 1926 Three Forks MT; married May 30, 1946 in Lamoni IA, Bazil Thomas Higginbotham (1925-)

( WILFRED BERT CARLSON (or Wilford) (twin) born November 12, 1885 Gilmore IA and died there March 18, 1887; buried there

( BERTHA BELLE CARLSON born June 30, 1888 Clinton Township, Pocahontas Co IA and died December 15, 1927 Barnum, Carlton, MN; married December 23, 1906 Fred Garfield Eckley [brother to Willis above} born March 3, 1880 and died 1974

( MARY VIOLA CARLSON born November 17, 1890 Havelock, Pocahontas, IA and died February 15, 1960 Tacoma WA; married May 4, 1912 in Anacortes WA, Jesse Bryant Snyder born September 5, 1884 KS and died July 17, 1937 Tacoma WA; buried there; and born to them were:

( ARLENE SNYDER born September 19, 1913 Anacortes, Skagit, WA and died March 8, 1959 Seattle WA; buried there; married Malcom Yager

( GLADYS OPAL SNYDER born October 8, 1915 Anacortes WA; married 1943 in Baltimore MD, William Reed Emslee

( MILDRED SNYDER born November 8, 1916

( NANCY CARLSON born and died c1892 Havelock IA

( LOUISA JANETTE CARLSON (Lula/Lula) born April 12, 1894 Havelock IA and died January 25, 1959 Red Bank, Monmouth, NJ; buried Minneapolis MN; married January 1, 1915 Anton H Dathe born June 1889 Wahpeton, Richland, ND and died July 20, 1948 MN; and born to them were:

( LLOYD CARL DATHE born January 11, 1916 Barnum, Carlton, MN and died February 1, 1982 NJ; married 1940 Bernice Swenson

( DONALD ANTON DATHE born September 11, 1923 Barnum MN; married December 19, 1951 Duluth MN, Gwen Sumpton Davis

( GORDON EUGENE DATHE born April 9, 1925 Barnum MN; married December 10, 1955 in Racine MN, Mary Joan Boucsein

( HARVEY J. CLASON born February 7, 1856; resided Amerdale KS; married 1st January 28, 1879 Angela Baldwin; 2d March 13, 1899 Elizabeth Ferguson; 3d October 21, 1902 Lottie Mattox; and born to him and Angela were:

( DAISY CLASON born December 19, 1879 Kansas City KS and died October 27, 1962 Cassopolis, Cass, MI; married Wallace Bloomer who died January 27, 1932 Cassopolis; both buried there; and born to them were:

( CLAUDE BLOOMER born October 13, 1896 MI and died March 5, 1961

( HARVEY JAMES BLOOMER born September 26, 1897 Marcellus, Cass, MI and died April 20, 1966 South Bend IN; married April 27, 1926 in Michigan City IN, Clarice Arneal Green; and they had 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( WANDA MAE BLOOMER born August 16, 1929; married May 17, 1947 Lewis Whitaker; and they had 4 kids



( GEORGE WILLIAM CLASON (Willie) born February 2, 1881

( HARRY CLASON born November 8, 1882

( JAMES CLASON born November 1, 1883 Rolf IA and died August 6, 1947 Kansas City KS; married June 17, 1907 in Linwood KS, Martha A Barnett; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR JAMES CLASON born March 23, 1908 Kansas City KS and died there December 1986; married June 10, 1924 Alice Christgen; and born to them was:

( BETTY LEE CLASON born October 2, 1925; married 1954 Jim Sarver and they had a child

( WILLIAM HENRY EVERETT CLASON born November 15, 1909 Kansas City KS and died April 1967; resided San Mateo CA; married January 25, 1929 in Kansas City, Irene Ruth Brown born November 15, 1908 Joplin MO; and they had 2 kids

( HERSHEL VERNON CLASON born February 25, 1912 Kansas City KS; married June 5, 1938 in KS, Mabel Reddick

( VELMA LUCETTA CLASON born November 9, 1919 Kansas City KS; married February 4, 1944 in Kansas City, Edward H Cassidy and they had a child

( ALICE DAISY CLASON born August 27, 1923 Kansas City KS; married September 4, 1942 in Kansas City, Clifford LeRoy McCool and they had 2 kids

( CHARLES BEE CLASON (twin) born April 8, 1926 Kansas City KS and died 1926

( ROBERT LEE CLASON (twin) born April 8, 1926 Kansas City KS and died 1926

( BERTIE H CLASON born August 10, 1885

Born to Harvey and his 3d wife, Lottie, was:

( ERNEST GLEN CLASON born September 19, 1903 and died June 17, 1906

( EMMA V. CLASON born May 7, 1858; resided Jamestown, Cloud, KS; married 1876 Charles Baldwin; and born to them were:

( CARRIE E BALDWIN born January 11, 1877

( FRANK C BALDWIN born June 20, 1878

( JENNIE E BALDWIN born February 5, 1880

( MINNIE M BALDWIN born January 17, 1883

( WESLEY B BALDWIN born August 1, 1885

( LINCOLN A. CLASON born September 22, 1860 and died 1880

( EDDIE W. CLASON born December 31, 1862; a deaf mute

( LUCINDA N. CLASON born July 23, 1865; married May 9, 1889 in Jewell City KS, S. D. Lucas

( JOHN CLASON (c1867-)


( JAMES FERRIS CLASON born April 2, 1804 Orange Co NY (Stamford CT) and died November 6, 1851 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI; married December 6, 1826 in Steuben NY, Louisa May Robinson [dau of Abel & Eunice (Woodward) Robinson] born December 6, 1809 Rupert, Bennington, VT (Pollet, Rutland, VT) and died August 31, 1894 Oronoc, Olmsted, MN; both buried Old Beaver Dam Cemetery, Clason Prairie WI (Beaver Dam City Cemetery, Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI); and born to them were:

( JAMES FERRIS CLASON born March 28, 1828 Hornellsville, Steuben, NY and died October 7, 1874; buried Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Olmsted Co MN (Photo)

( ABEL ROBINSON CLASON born December 5, 1829 Steuben Co NY and died there December 15, 1829

( ELWIN B CLASON born June 16, 1831 (March 28, 1831) Hornellsville, Steuben, NY and died November 16, 1905; married 1859 in Rochester, Olmsted, MN Mary L McQueen born November 20, 1837 and died September 17, 1912; both buried Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Olmsted Co MN; and born to them were:

( ALBERT W CLASON born September 9, 1860 and died September 1915 Rochester, Olmsted, MN; married 1st October 31, 1882 in Olmsted Co MN Alice Koutz born 1861 and died November 14, 1899 Olmsted Co MN; 2d December 6, 1900 in MN, Emma Eleanor Sprague born 1861 and died October 2, 1945; all buried Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Olmsted Co MN (Photo); and born to him and Alice were:

( AVA E CLASON born October 26, 1883

( MYRTLE M CLASON born May 21, 1887 and died March 4, 1957

( LURA D CLASON born December 24, 1888

( FRANK FERRIS CLASON born March 24, 1891 and died February 1959 Portland OR

( FRANKIE E CLASON born February 8, 1862 and died August 19, 1881; buried Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Olmsted Co MN

( ARTHUR E CLASON born September 26, 1863 Rochester, Olmsted, MN and died January 28, 1865; buried Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Olmsted Co MN

( HARRY HENRY CLASON born February 4, 1833 Steuben NY and died January 19, 1917 Norman, Cleveland, OK; married January 1, 1856 in Beaver Dam WI Julia Catherine Swarthout born January 27, 1837 Bath, Steuben, NY and died September 28/29, 1913 Bridgeport, Caddo, OK; both buried Graceland Cemetery, Bridgeport, Caddo, OK; and born to them were:

( HORACE GREELEY CLASON born November 22, 1857 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died January 27, 1923 Custer, Custer, SD; married January 1, 1880 in Freeborn, Alice M Fay born November 23, 1860 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died June 4, 1946 Hot Springs AR; both buried Fairburn, Custer, SD; and born to them were:

( ELISHA BERTRAM CLASON born November 1, 1880 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died August 1968 Curtis, Frontier, NE

( KATHERINE C CLASON born June 27, 1882 Albert Lea, Freeborn, MN

( JOHN HALIFAX CLASON born May 2, 1883/84 Precept, Furnas, NE and died November 26, 1957 Polson, Lake, MT; buried Ronan, Lake, MT

( OLIVE DAISEY CLASON born April 19, 1886 Precept, Furnas, NE

( WILLIAM CLASON born January 16, 1889 Precept, Furnas, NE and died January 1965

( RAYMOND JAMES CLASON born February 16, 1891 Otis, Custer, SD and died May 1971 Elkhorn, Marion, OR

( EARL J CLASON born March 5, 1893 SD and died August 20, 1958

( HAROLD L CLASON born April 17, 1899 SD and died February 11, 1974 El Cajon, San Diego, CA

( CASSIUS LINCOLN CLASON born March 13, 1860 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died August 10, 1931 Calumet, Canadian, OK; buried Precept, Furnas, NE; married November 19, 1884 in Denison, Crawford, IA Edith Loretta Morris born January 15, 1866 Vail, Crawford, IA and died June 5, 1953 Calumet, Canadian, OK; and born to them were:

( MAUDIE CLASON born October 10, 1885 Vail, Crawford, IA and died August 1886

( JULIA KATHERINE CLASON born March 18, 1887 Vail, Crawford, IA

( PERRY CLASON born April 17, 1889 Vail, Crawford, IA and died June 20, 1956 OK; buried Calumet, Canadian, OK

( OREN CECILE CLASON born May 24, 1891 Vail, Crawford, IA and died February 11, 1950 La Junta, Otero, CA


( CLARENCE MEARL CLASON born September 14, 1894 Archer City, Archer, TX and died September 22, 1974 El Reno, Canadian, OK; buried Calumet, Canadian, OK

( BRYAN CLASON born August 7, 1896 Archer City, Archer, TX and died March 1969 Stratford, Sherman, TX

( HENRY CLAY CLASON born June 14, 1899 Archer City, Archer, TX and died October 20, 1971 Meiners Oaks, Ventura, CA; buried Ventura, Ventura, CA

( HALLIE GENEVA CLASON born February 9, 1905 Calumet, Canadian, OK and died there December 1992

( JAY SWARTHOUT CLASON born October 1, 1862 Rochester, Olmsted, MN and died October 11, 1937 Beaver City, Furnas, NE; buried Precept, Furnas, NE; listed in the Furnas Co Business and Farmers list for 1890-01; married 1st December 21, 1884 in Furnas, Ida B Davison born c1865 and died October 30, 1888 Furnas NE; 2d January 1, 1890 in Furnas, Blanche Alveretta Davison; 3d September 1904 in Furnas, Jennie Davison – all sisters?; and born to him and Ida were:

( FRANCIS A CLASON born January 22, 1886 Furnas Co NE

( CARRIE MAY CLASON born May 18, 1887

( EDITH GRACE CLASON born October 6, 1888 NE and died March 27, 1889 Furnas Co NE

( ISAAC FERRIS CLASON born March 12, 1865 MN and died October 20, 1934 Phillipsburg, Phillips, KS; buried Precept, Furnas, NE; married 1905 in OK, Lillie Franklin

( DWIGHT EBEN CLASON born January 27, 1869 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died April 15, 1936 Grand Island, Hall, NE; buried Spalding, Greeley, NE; married September 26, 1889 in Precept NE, Chastina Farrand born 1873 MI and died August 24, 1964; and born to them were:

( MADELINE CLASON born February 23, 1891 Precept, Furnas, NE

( ORVALL CLASON born and died 1892 Precept NE and died August 6, 1954 NE

( ELGIN DWIGHT CLASON born May 28, 1893 Precept, Furnas, NE and died August 6, 1954 NE; buried Grand Island, Hall, NE

( RUFUS CLASON born March 28, 1895 Precept NE and died March 1, 1945 Lincoln NE; buried Lincoln, Lancaster, NE

( GEORGE A CLASON born August 28, 1897 Precept NE and died October 1, 1963 Clinton, Henry, MO

( MERL ROSCOE CLASON (Merle) born May 6, 1899 Precept NE and died December 31, 1963 Los Angeles CA; buried there at the National Cemetery; 1930 in Nebraska working as a carpenter for the railroad; married 1st Grace R Barnard born December 16, 1903 in NE; married 2d Ruth Bean; and born to him and Grace were:

( NEALA JOY CLASON born November 11, 1924 Ord, Valley, NE; married November 10, 1946 Leland H Rich [son of Murray & Dora] born October 4, 1923 NE and died January 19, 1988 Seattle WA; and born to them was:

( PAMELA GAYE RICH married Michale Warren Sherwood [son of Warren H & Frances Ann (Zinn) Sherwood] born February 17, 1949 Washington, D.C. and died January 4, 1977 Portland OR; and they had 2 kids

( DONALD MERL CLASON born August 30, 1926 Cedar Rapids, Boone, NE

( LORRAINE BETTY CLASON born December 8, 1928 NE

( ROY CLASON (Royal) born September 6, 1901 Taylor, Loup, NE

( GLADYS GENEVA CLASON born November 13, 1904 Taylor, Loup, NE and died August 15, 1922 NE

( IOSCO DELYLE CLASON born June 6, 1909 Taylor NE and died June 15, 1941

( IRMA AURELIA CLASON (twin) born June 7, 1910 Taylor NE

( INEZ CLASON (twin) born and died June 7, 1910 Taylor NE

( CHESTER CLASON born and died 1913 NE

( HARRY A CLASON born October 17, 1872 Freeborn Co MN and died October 23, 1894 Precept, Furnas, NE; buried there; married c1893 Effie Buchanan who died December 28, 1894 Precept; and born to them was:

( GLYDAS CLASON born June 16, 1894 and died 1954 Walla Walla WA

( LEWIS ERVIN CLASON born July 8, 1875 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died May 10, 1955 McCook, Red Willow, NE; married August 25, 1897 in Long Island KS, Nellie Violet Smith born June 24, 1876 Tama Co IA and died February 19, 1959 Grants Pass, Josephine, OR; both buried Long Island, Phillips, KS; and born to them were:





( LEWIS JAY CLASON born July 12, 1908 Long Island, Phillips, KS and died November 7, 1982 San Lorenzo, Alameda, CA

( HORACE ERVIN CLASON born March 8, 1911 Long Island, Phillips, KS and died July 1981 Auburn, King, WA



( RUFUS ALFORD CLASON (Rufus Alfred) born March 25, 1878 Precept, Furnas, NE and died April 1, 1960 Arlington, Riverside, CA; married April 26, 1896 in Beaver City NE, Annie Evalina Locke born December 2, 1877 IA and died February 7, 1956; both buried Corona, Riverside, CA; and born to them were:

( HARRY WILLIAM CLASON born March 5, 1897 Almena, Norton, KS and died May 16, 1971 Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, CA

( MARION HORTON CLASON born January 25, 1899 Almena, Norton, KS and died December 5, 1976 San Juan Capistrono, Orange, CA

( LESTER D CLASON born June 22, 1901 Taylor, Loup, NE and died there January 5, 1903

( ORVILLE OTIS CLASON born August 23, 1903 Taylor, Loup, NE and died January 18, 1963 Riverside, Riverside, CA

( JULIA ADELINE CLASON born January 27, 1905 Geary, Canadian, OK and died before August 1994


( DOROTHY IRENE CLASON born July 23, 1913 and died November 5, 1934 Clayton, Union, NM

( HORACE HENRY CLASON born October 7, 1915 Clayton, Union, NM and died April 2, 1979 Homeland, Riverside, CA


( JESSE ARTHUR CLASON born November 19, 1884 Precept, Furnas, NE and died January 14, 1939 Hot Springs, Fall River, AR; buried there; married 1st 1903 Harriett Belva Patterson born January 12, 1884 Rippey, Greene, IA and died August 31, 1974 Spokane WA; buried Colome, Tripp, SD; 2d 1910 in Custer SD, Frances Catherine Cowalski; and born to him and Harriett were:

( ERVIN CARROL CLASON born December 6, 1904 Bridgeport, Caddo, OK and died November 26, 1979 Milwaukie, Clackamas, OR; buried Portland OR

( JESSE NEAL CLASON born February 18, 1906 Taylor, Loup, NE and died August 4, 1974 Spokane WA; buried there

( FRANCES HENRY CLASON born March 22, 1908 and died July 20, 1925; buried Colome, Tripp, SD

( JENNIE CLASON born June 7, 1888 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI; married November 24, 1908 in OK, Bernard Eischen who died August 1958; and born to them was:




( WILLIAM T CLASON born September 27, 1834 Hornellsville, Steuben, NY and died March 28, 1865 Cedar Grove, Olmsted, MN; buried Cascade, Olmsted, MN

( MARY ELIZABETH CLASON born August 4, 1837 Hornellsville, Steuben, NY and died March 23, 1924 Oronoco, Olmsted, MN; married June 1855 in Dodge Co MN, Nathan North Williamson born March 31, 1830 Booneville, Oneida, NY and died December 30, 1909 Oronoco, Olmsted, MN; and born to them were:

( EMMA LOUISE WILLIAMSON born April 18, 1856 MN and died October 16, 1925; married December 26, 1875 Henry Martin Moulton born October 1854; and born to them were:

( ORVILLE MOULTON (1877-1906)

( MYRTLE MOULTON (1886-1907)

( ALBERT NATHAN WILLIAMSON born September 24, 1858 and died March 1936; married December 25, 1881 Celinda Waterman (-1887); and born to them were:

( EDITH MAY WILLIAMSON born March 1883 and died before 1965

( PEARL GRACE WILLIAMSON born February 16, 1885 and died June 6, 1929

( LULU GRACE WILLIAMSON born August 10, 1887

( ELLIS MILAN WILLIAMSON born November 18, 1860 and died April 29, 1935; married c1885 Florence Nightingale Wetmur born December 26, 1861 and died May 9, 1942; and born to them were:

( WILBUR WORTH WILLIAMSON born June 24, 1886 Pierre, Hughes, SD

( GEORGE FRANCIS WILLIAMSON born January 24, 1890




( EDWIN JAMES WILLIAMSON born January 23, 1863 and died September 27, 1952; married April 23, 1905 Minnie Herrick Miller born September 16, 1870 and died January 18, 1937; and born to them was:


( GEORGE NOBLE WILLIAMSON born December 20, 1865 Olmsted Co MN and died September 27, 1923; married April 15, 1896 Annie May Mackenzie born August 3, 185 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN;

GEORGE N. WILLIAMSON has been successfully engaged in the practice of law in the city of Aberdeen, Brown county, for the past twelve years, and is one of the representative members of the bar of the state. He is a native of the state of Minnesota, having been born in Rochester, Olmsted county, on the 20th of December, 1865, and being a

son of Nathan N. and Mary Williamson, the former of whom was born in the state of New York and the latter in New England, while they were numbered among the pioneers of Minnesota, the father having been for many years engaged in the contracting business at Rochester. The subject received his early educational discipline in the public schools of

Oronoco and Rochester, Minnesota, and then entered the law department of the University of Minnesota. He was admitted to the bar of his native state in 1889 and the same year to that of the new commonwealth of South Dakota, since he located in Aberdeen in 1892 and here initiated the active work of his profession, in which he has been most successful, being an able trial lawyer and a duly conservative counselor, he is a close student of his profession and gives careful preparation to every cause which he presents before court or jury. In politics he is an independent Republican and while he takes an active interest in public affairs and in the success of the party cause, he has never been ambitious for political office. He has attained the thirty-second degree in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry, and is also identified with the Knights of Pythias. On the 15th of April, 1896, Mr. Williamson was married to Miss May M. Mackenzie, who was born in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, on the 3d of August, 1875, being a daughter of Alexander C. and Annie Mackenzie. Of this union have been born three children, Alan N., Marjorie and Helen.

and born to them were:





( DAISY EFFIE WILLIAMSON born March 16, 1872 Oronoco, Olmsted, MN; married 1st December 31, 1892 Corydon B Farrand born July 15, 1868 and died January 1909; 2d Eugene Deveer; 3d June 28, 1933 John Seth Richmond

( JOHN ERVINE WILLIAMSON born February 25, 1875 and died June 21, 1954; married Anna Thomas

( WINFRED CHARLES WILLIAMSON born July 1, 1877 and died March 1, 1956; married Nellie Oliver (Williamson); and born to them were:









( RAYMOND FERRIS WILLIAMSON born June 24, 1883 Oronoco, Olmsted, MN and died c1958 Aberdeen, Brown, SD; buried Rochester, Olmsted, MN; married May 25, 1909 May E Madden born May 2, 1881; and born to them were:




( ISAAC W. CLASON born June 25, 1839 Hornellsville NY and died January 18, 1865 Cedar Grove, Olmsted, MN; buried Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Olmsted Co, MN (Photo); Civil War Vet with Company B, 2d Minnesota Infantry Regiment; discharged as a Corporal; Isaac kept a diary through part of the Civil War and that diary is at and much more info on this family can be found at the Beaver Dam Community Library

( RUFUS LOUNSBURY CLASON (Rufus Longsberry) born April 8, 1842 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI and died there April 27, 1918; Civil War Vet with 1st Regiment Wisconsin Cavalry; discharged as Private; married September 25, 1866 Harriet Bush born July 2, 1845 and died February 25, 1922; and born to them were:

( MAY ELNORA CLASON born May 6, 1875 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI and died January 22, 1879 WI

( EDGAR LAFAYETTE CLASON born November 25, 1876 Beaver Dam WI and died there September 21, 1940; married December 14, 1897 in Dodge Co WI, Mary Marthaler

( ETHEL ELIZABETH CLASON born February 4, 1880 Beaver Dam WI and died January 7, 1888 St Augustine, St Johns, FL; buried Beaver Dam WI – death date right?

( BETSEY AMELIA CLASON born December 23, 1844 Waterville, LeSueur, MN and died October 10, 1927 Portland OR; married September 13, 1860 in Lowell, Dodge, WI Chancey Rounds born July 17, 1836 Columbia, Herkimer, NY and died February 9, 1922 Portland OR; both buried there; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM FERRIS ROUNDS born c1861 and died 1889 Winona, Winona, MN

( JESSE W ROUNDS born December 5, 1873 Waterville, LeSueur, MN; married January 16, 1895 in Waterville, Nettie Leo

( MILAN E CLASON (Miland E. C. Clason) born December 1, 1846 Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI and died there June 21, 1852; buried Beaver Dam City Cemetery WI

( ELLEN LOUISE CLASON born March 16, 1848 Argo, Lincoln, MN and died October 13, 1937 Chatfield, Fillmore, MN; married December 16, 1868 in Rushford, Fillmore, MN Mathew H Ferguson born August 6, 1840 Providence RI and died December 14, 1913; and born to them were:

( HELEN LOUISE FERGUSON born September 6, 1871 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died June 29, 1921; married 1st January 1, 1890 in Freeborn, Riley Henry; 2d August 20, 1901 in MN, Harry L Atchison

( BLANCHE L FERGUSON born October 16, 1885 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN; married March 20, 1909 Julius T Westrum

( ADELBERT WILLIAM FERGUSON born August 24, 1889 Freeborn, Freeborn, MN and died there August 10, 1890

( GEORGE DANIEL A CLASON born March 21, 1850 Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI and died there June 25, 1852; buried Beaver Dam City Cemetery WI

( BENJAMIN CLASON born January 5, 1806 Stamford CT (Orange Co NY) and died October 30, 1874 Clason Prairie (Beaver Dam) WI; buried East Beaver Dam Cemetery, Clason Prairie WI; married c1826 (January 1, 1829) in Steuben Co NY, Cornelia Maria Acker born c1806 (December 4, 1811 Scotuck NY) Rensselaer Co NY and died February 3, 1887 Clason Prairie (Waukeska Co) WI; she is buried Beaver Dam City Cemetery; and born to them were:

( ABRAHAM CLASON born September 16, 1829 Steuben Co NY; married 1st November 2, 1850 Ann Eliza Bass (-1864); 2d November 17, 1864 Olive Brigham; they resided Rochester MN; and born to him and Ann were:

( FRANKLIN E CLASON born November 7, 1851 and died 1930; bachelor

( STEPHEN E CLASON born January 13, 1854 and died 1924 Hastings MN; bachelor resided in Huxley NE

( HARRIET A CLASON born April 16, 1856 and died May 23, 1949; married April 16, 1878 William Rueber; and born to them were:

( ARTHUR RUEBER born August 9, 1883; married name unk and they had John

( FRANK RUEBER born October 12, 1885; his last known address was Douglas MN; married July 21, 1909 Ella M Salley; and born to them were:

( ROGER RUEBER born July 13, 1911; married 1st 1934 Marie Morrow – offspring; married 2d 1944 Vera Drews – offspring

( RUTH MAE RUEBER born May 11, 1913; married March 14, 1935 Robert Larsen; offspring

( VYRIL RUEBER born May 29, 1915; married August 29, 1935 Luella Gliem

( HARRIET RUEBER born August 6, 1917; married June 10, 1941 Thomas Millering; offspring

( HELEN MARIE RUEBER born November 5, 1920; married October 19, 1947 Charles Morries; offspring

( HORACE O RUEBER born July 5, 1888; married Mary McCarty; and born to them were:


( KATHRYN DANA RUEBER born October 13, 1919 Malta MT and died September 7, 2005 Marquette Co WI; married February 22, 1946 in Sycamore IL, Philip Burton Whitford [son of Manley Clarence & Ethel Marie (Cadman) Whitford] born January 9, 1920 Argyle MN and died June 20, 1991 Montello WI; offspring

( SUSAN E CLASON born June 15, 1857 and died December 1857

Born to Abraham and his 2d wife, Olive, were:

( ESTELLA E. CLASON born April 15, 1867 and died January 20, 1931; married March 2, 1887 Charles Stevens and born to them were:

( ELMER STEVENS born January 20, 1888; married Charlotte Moulton (1887-1938)

( HELEN STEVENS born September 13, 1892 and died June 24, 1902

( CELIA ALBERTA CLASON born November 30, 1871 MN; married May 28, 1890 in MN, John F. Koelsch born 1870 Douglas, Olmsted, MN and died there January 8, 1937; and born to them were:

( RUTH HAZEL KOELSCH born December 10, 1892 MN and died October 26, 1897

( MERTEN KOELSCH born February 3, 1895 MN; married October 10, 1919 Jennie Newell and born to them were:

( KENNETH KOELSCH born February 26, 1925 MN; married January 26, 1944 in MN, Florence Brennan and they had 6 kids

( RUSSELL KOELSCH born February 10, 1926 MN; married September 11, 1948 Delores Ostrum and they had 3 kids

( DORIS KOELSCH born July 16, 1927 MN; married September 1, 1946 Harold Meyers and they had 3 kids

( LEONA MARY KOELSCH born April 26, 1899 MN and died October 26, 1951; married 1917 Frank Jones and they had 6 kids, 3 of which were:

( DONALD F. JONES born July 28, 1919 and died April 23, 1924

( ELIZABETH MARIE JONES born November 1, 1923; married 1st March 13, 1943 Orrin Seeverts and they had 2 kids; married 2d Sherman Kopperud and they had 1 child

( MARJORIE ALBERTA JONES born January 1, 1927; married August 26, 1943 Glen Franke August and they had 1 child

( MILO CLARENCE KOELSCH born February 17, 1902 Douglas, Olmsted, MN; married October 8, 1924 Alice B. Klann and born to them was:

( DOROTHY MAE KOELSCH born December 26, 1929; married June 24, 1948 Milton R. Cady and they had 1 child

( OLIVE MABEL KOELSCH born May 10, 1906; married October 29, 1930 Ebbie Witter and they had 4 kids

( MERLE L. KOELSCH (1911-1931)

( MARCIA ELMA CLASON (Alma) born January 20, 1882 and died 1910; married Conrad Koelsch; and born to them was:


( CLARENCE ELMER CLASON born August 23, 1885 and died December 18, 1885

( ISAAC CLASON born September 25/26, 1831 – lived in Osage TX or IA – married November 28, 1855 Melissa Hewitt and born to them were:

( CORA E. CLASON born August 3, 1857; married 1886 Lawrence Barton

( ROSA L. CLASON born July 27, 1858; married Isaac Stanwood Bisbee and born to them were:

( ROY F. BISBEE born December 26, 1881

( MALERIA BISBEE born November 3, 1885

( ORPHA M. CLASON born July 9, 1863; married 1886 Edward Sanford

( JOHN JACOB CLASON born June 16, 1834 Florida, Orange, NY (Purley Creek, Steuben, NY) and died October 8, 1922 Chicago IL; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Beaver Dam WI; married March 22, 1856 in Oak Grove WI, (Permelia) Pamela Anna Johnson born July 19, 1840 (1837) Lake Geneva WI and died (1879) January 13, 1881 Nashua WI (Osage IA); buried there; and born to them were:

( EFFIE HELENA CLASON (Evalina LaVerne Clason) born 1857 IA

( JENNY LEE CLASON born March 4, 1858 Jacksonville Township, Chickasaw Co IA and died January 27,, 1908 Nashua, Chickasaw, IA; buried there Oakhill Cemetery; married November 27, 1876 in Charles City IA, Thomas Jefferson Briscoe [son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Farmer) Briscoe] born May 31, 1846 Monroe Co IN and died September 3, 1908 Roseburg, Douglas, OR; buried there Roseburg Mililtary Cemetery; Civil War Vet; and born to them were:

( GRACE BRISCO born February 27, 1880 Floyd Co IA and died June 13, 1944 Detroit MI; buried there Roseland Cemetery

( CLARA DAISY BRISCO born March 3, 1884 Nashua IA and died March 27, 1982 Long Beach CA; she stopped going to school after the 8th grade to stay home and take care of her sick mother; she was hanging laundry out to dry when her future husband William saw her from his train; he was a train engineer; he thought she was very pretty, with blue eyes and blond hair; married October 19, 1900 in Osage IA, William Ara Smith [son of William Wayne & Ida Emma (Hosier) Smith] born January 28, 1874 Dubuque IA and died October 10, 1943 Des Moines, Polk, IA; both buried Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo IA; William was a Veteran who enlisted June 24, 1898 in Company A, 49th Iowa Infantry and mustered out May 13, 1899 Savannah GA; served in Cuba from December 21, 1898 to April 1899; retired Illinois Central Railroad engineer; and born to them were:

( HENRY SMITH born June 1901 Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA and died there the next month

( GENEVIEVE CLARA SMITH born January 17, 1903 Waterloo IA and died there December 15, 1975

( WILLIAM CARLIE SMITH born September 3, 1904 Waterloo IA and died there July 21, 1994

( MAY SMITH born May 24, 1905 Waterloo IA and died September 5, 1992 Van Buren, Carter, MO; buried there Van Buren City Cemetery; never married; worked for Pacific Bell Telephone Co for over 45y

( IDA EMA SMITH born February 12, 1908 Waterloo IA and died December 15, 1999 Oelwein, Fayette, IA; buried there Woodlawn Cemetery; graduated from East High School, Waterloo 1926; married November 6, 1927 at Waterloo, Regis A Harrington (-1959); and born to them were:

( JOANN HARRINGTON married Wayne Masters – resided Santa Teresa NM

( CLAIRE HARRINGTON married Anna Mary {mnu} – resided Oelwein IA

( REGIS HARRINGTON married Charlotte {mnu} – resided Augusta GA

( ANDREW HARRINGTON preceded his mother in death

( HARRY RAYMOND SMITH born March 15, 1911 Waterloo IA and was murdered September 7, 1984 Compton CA; buried Hampton IA

( HOWARD ARA SMITH born August 3, 1914 Waterloo IA and died murdered at his home in Waterloo, November 12, 1997; retired railroad worker

( ILA JEANNE SMITH married March 17, 1946 in Long Beach CA, Edward John Shepherd born Oelwein, Fayette, IA and died July 11, 1977 Concord, Contra Costa, CA; buried Oakview Memorial Park, Antioch CA; drafted out of high school and later earned his GED; WWII Army Vet in the Pacific Theatre, was a baker with the 27th General Hospital; separated from the Army 1946; attended San Luis Obispo on the GI Bill; left college and worked in various bakeries in Calif; worked 26y for Fibreboard Paper Products, Antioch; president of the Paper Makers Union 1951; and born to them were:

( CAROL JEANNE SHEPHERD married John Patrick Kirkpatrick [son of James Parker & Bonnie Faye (Johnston) Kirkpatrick] – Carol has provided updated info – thanks, Carol!; and born to them was:



( CLYDE BRISCO born March 3, 1884 Nashau IA and died March 4, 1959

( ORA ALICE BRISCO born September 23, 1889 Nashua IA and died August 13, 1953 Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA; married February 2, 1906 in Clinton IA, Melvin Frank Jones born January 7, 1886 Alexander IA and died April 16, 1961 Waterloo IA; both buried Oakhill Cemetery, Nashua IA; and born to them were:

( LEONA GENEVIEVE JONES born November 28, 1906 and died July 9, 1921

( VERA JONES born August 1, 1909 Alexander IA and died August 6, 1986; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua IA

( FRANK A JONES born September 28, 1911 Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA and died March 29, 1965 Chicoma WA

( VERNON JONES born August 4, 1914 Waterloo IA and died April 19, 1932 Waverly IA; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashau IA

( BENJAMIN HARRISON BRISCO born July 9, 1890 Nashua IA and died April 12, 1969 Long Beach CA; married November 30, 1911 Lois Elsie Dewitt [dau of Henry & Melissa] born April 15, 1888 IA and died November 21, 1972 Long Beach CA; and born to them were:

( RALPH BRISCO born January 15, 1914 and died August 11, 1982 Anaheim CA

( GLADYS VINETT BRISCO born January 21, 1916 and died 1984 Apple Valley CA; married twice names unk

( ROBERT BENJAMIN BRISCO born December 26, 1917 and died May 16, 1994 Long Beach CA

( ELIZABETH FERN BRISCO (Bessie) born August 6, 1894 Nashua IA and died November 29, 1916 Waterloo IA of typhoid fever; buried next to her mother at Oakhill Cemetery, Nashua; school teacher




( MYRTLE CLASON born c1870 IA

( WILLIAM BENJAMIN CLASON born April 24, 1875 Nashua, Chickasaw, IA

( ORPHA ANN CLASON born April 25, 1841 Beaver Dam WI; married October 9, 1859 G. Adolphus Paddock and born to them was:

( JAY B. PADDOCK born August 5, 1865 and died 1930

( DEWITT CLASON (c1845-) Beaver Dam WI

( HARRIET J CLASON (1847-1850) buried Beaver Dam City Cemetery, Beaver City WI

( CHARLES NELSON CLASON born February 6, 1849 Beaver Dam WI and died there 1930; moved to Saskatoon, Canada, but apparently moved back to WI; married 1st December 14, 1871 Lucille Nellie Aldrich born April 3, 1852 and died March 27, 1876 Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI; married 2d February 5, 1880 Nancy M. Adams [dau of John C & L C] born October 15, 1857 Beaver Dam WI and died there April 2, 1891; and born to him and Lucille was:

( JESSIE MAY CLASON born September 21, 1872 Beaver Dam WI; married June 10, 1896 in Clason Prairie WI, Louis Nottingham born Beaver Dam; and born to them were:

( SON NOTTINGHAM born 1897 Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI

( EVA NOTTINGHAM born October 1905 Clason Prairie WI

( VIOLA NOTTINGHAM (c1907-) married a Mr. Nolin and they had Ethel


Born to Charles and his 2d wife, Nancy, was:

( ZOE MAREDE CLASON born September 14, 1883 and died in 1927; married Frank Owen and born to them were:

( ORVILLE OWEN born February 22, 1901; married name unk, but they had a daughter born c1924 Canada

( HOWARD EARL OWEN born c1908 Canada

( LOVINA OWEN born c1910 Canada

( JENETTE H. CLASON (c1851-) Beaver Dam WI; married John Hathaway and born to them were:



( WILLIAM HATHAWAY born 1875 West Union, Fayette, IA

( SUMNER NORMAN CLASON born December 13, 1856 Beaver Dam WI and died July 21, 1914; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Beaver Dam; married December 26, 1875 in Beaver Dam, Anna Laura Phelps born in Beaver Dam; and born to them were:

( HARRY NORTON JAMES CLASON born January 1, 1878 Beaver Dam WI and died there May 19, 1878; buried East Beaver Dam Cemetery

( ARTHUR JAMES CLASON born October 13, 1879 Beaver Dam WI and died October 6, 1900 Milwaukee WI; buried Hartford, Washington, WI; married August 21, 1900 in Hartford WI, Marian Lecount born c1881 Hartford

( ALEXANDER CLASON (Alexander P. Clason) born September 26, 1808 Stamford CT (Goshen, Orange, NY) and died March 20/21, 1872 Milwaukee WI; buried East Beaver Dam Cemetery, Clason Prairie WI; married 1827/29 Laura Margaret Acker born 1805 Clauvit NY and died January 14, 1890 Milwaukee WI; buried Beaver Dam Cemetery (sister to Cornelia above?); and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH CLASON born November 7, 1830 Purdy Creek, Steuben, NY; married February 4, 1850 in Clason Prairie WI, George W. Smith born September 24, 1827 Troy NY; and born to them were:

( MARY ADELINE SMITH born April 6, 1851 Clason Prairie WI and died April 29, 1930; married February 28, 1884 Charles Frederick Harning born April 20, 1862 Bremerhaven, Germany and died April 26, 1938; and born to them were:

( ORIEL BEATRICE HARNING born March 7, 1887 Menomonie Falls WI; married June 29, 1914 Louis Leissring born March 12, 1877; and born to them were:

( EDITH IRENE LEISSRING born March 6, 1915 Butler, Menomonie, WI

( ARLENE ELIZABETH LEISSRING born February 15, 1919 Butler WI; married October 11, 1941 Lawrence Cayton born July 6, 1918 and they had 3 kids

( JANICE ARLENE LEISSRING born July 16, 1921 Butler WI; married October 11, 1941 Harold Cayton (brother?) and they had 1 child

( CAROLA ISABELLA HARNING born September 25, 1888 Menomonie Falls WI

( EDITH LILLIAN HARNING born September 24, 1891 Menomonie Falls WI

( CHARLES WESTLEY SMITH born October 1, 1855 and died October 5, 1925; married November 29, 1888 Anna Siegman and born to them were:

( CLARENCE SMITH born November 5, 1889

( ARTHUR SMITH born April 23, 1891

( CORA SMITH born September 11, 1893; married John Schmitt and they had 3 kids

( ALVIN SMITH born May 29, 1897; married June 27, 1925 Agnes Belot and they had 1 child

( CATHERINE CLASON (Katherine) born in Clason Prairie, Dodge, WI and died March 2, 1890 Algona IA; married October 14, 1849 Merrit Hodgman and born to them were:



( GEORGE HODGMAN married name unk and born to them were:


( GEORGE HODGMAN married name unk; offspring




( LAURA CLASON (c1832-) married Fayette Baer and born to them were:




( MARY CLASON born 1838 and died September 11, 1915 WI; married Isaac Baer (brother?) – any tie into the Isaac Baer Inc of Lake Park MN, a poultry hatchery?; and born to them were:

( ALBERT BAER born November 17, 1860 MI and died October 20, 1931 Menomonie Falls (Menomonee) WI; buried there Union Cemetery married 1st 1893 Jennie Greengo [dau of James Charles & Ann W (Baker) Greengo] born February 22, 1869 and died July 15, 1908; 2d 1911 Lydie Fye; and born to him and Jennie were:

( JAMES BAER married Vera Kruse and born to them was:


( DENZIL BAER married Tillie Fouquette and born to them were:

( BEVERLEY BAER born Menomonie Falls WI


( WILSON BAER married Eunice Brown and born to them were:



( FLORENCE BAER born February 14, 1862; married George Schaub (c1861-) and born to them was:


( FRANK BAER (1865-1926) resided Ellenwood KS; married Sarah Price

( CLARA BAER born July 1866 and died November 20, 1950 Milwaukee WI; married in WI, George Blott and born to them was:

( GWENDOLYN BLOTT marred in WI, Charles King born in Mukwonago WI, and born to them were:



( CLARENCE BAER born July 1866 and died May 5, 1929 WI; married in Sussex WI, Elsie Frost born in Sussex; and born to them were:



( MAE BAER born in 1874 and died September 28, 1936 CA; married Frank Morrell and born to them was:

( FRANCES MORRELL married Samuel Davis and born to them was:

( CHARLES BAER born December 13, 1878 and died 1950 Milwaukee WI; married 1st Eva Applewood; 2d Gertrude Brown

( JOHN WASHINGTON CLASON born July 5, 1839 Orange Co NY and died February 6, 1922; listed in the Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex (WI) Residents, 1900-1910 is a John W Clason, age 69, traveling salesman of farm implements; married 1st March 14, 1860 in WI, Anna Reed (1840-1893); 2d June 1895 in WI, Bertha Koepsell/Lohmann; and born to him Bertha were (John was 60+?):

( WILLIAM ALEXANDER CLASON born May 18, 1896 Manitowoc WI and died October 8, 1936 WI; married Caroline Mueller born February 12, 1898 Sheboygan WI and died June 1973 Burlington WI; and born to them were 5 kids, 4 of which were:

( RUTH EVELYN CLASON born October 1, 1920 Troy Center, Walworth, WI; married presumably 1st Lester Whitmore and 2d Roy Shelbe; 2 children

( HAZEL BERNICE CLASON born January 26, 1923 Troy Center, Walworth, WI; married Herbert Sheard and they had 2 kids

( ELMER GERALD CLASON born February 6, 1926 Honey Creek, Walworth, WI; married a Miss Essman and they had 2 kids

( FERN ALICE CLASON born April 26, 1928 Honey Creek, Walworth, WI; married April 28, 1956 James Montague – they lived in Santa Monica CA – and they had 1 child

( HARVEY CLASON born March 21, 1899 Wauwatosa WI

( MICHAEL B. CLASON born September 26, 1841 Waukeska WI

( ADALINE CLASON born in June 1843 Dodge Co WI

( ISAAC LEWIS CLASON born January 5, 1811 Goshen, Orange, NY and died March 26, 1878 Fairbault, Rice, MN; married in April 1838 (May 26, 1839), Emeline E Burdick (c1817-)

( HENRY PRIBBLE CLASON (Henry Prebble Clason) born July 19, 1813 Goshen, Orange, NY and died July 15, 1845 Beaver Dam WI; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Dodge Co WI; married October 1835/6, Harriet Litty/Lilly (c1815-) and born to them was:

( CHARLES L. CLASON (c1837-)

( MARY ELIZABETH CLASON born March 9 (19), 1815, Goshen, Orange, NY (Stamford CT) and died July 12, 1891 Spring Valley Township, Dickey ND (Ellendale ND); married September 1833 in Hartsville NY, Orville Charles Hart (Orville Child Hart) [son of Reuben & Sarah (Powell) Hart] May 30, 1811 Stillwater, Saratoga, NY and died August 3, 1896 Spring Valley Township, Dickey ND; resided Hartsville NY, Sandusky OH, and Beaver Dam WI, Cherry Grove MN, Lake Lillian MN, the Hart Gulch in Dakota Territory, and lastly at Ellendale ND; and born to them were:

( GEORGE WASHINGTON HART born August 31, 1835 Hartsville, Steuben, NY and died 1905 Noble Township, Wabash IN; married Ella Martha Wheeler [dau of Isaac & Martha (Norcross) Wheeler] born September 23, 1846 Frankfort ME. He moved to Ordway SD 1881 and ran a blacksmith shop there; and born to them were:

( NEWTON WHEELER HART born August 28, 1869 Frankfort ME

( MARY WHEELER HART born December 9, 1872 Frankfort ME

( FRANK WHEELER HART born March 20, 1876 Frankfort ME

( JAMES WHEELER HART born July 10, 1879 Frankfort ME

( LUETTE HART born November 9, 1882

( ISAAC FERRIS HART born April 22, 1836 Sandusky OH and died November 28, 1913 State of Washington; married May 20, 1866 in Mantorville, Dodge, MN Jane Miller [dau of Abraham & Miami (Price) Miller] born 1847 Bradford PA. They lived in Ellendale ND and Jane was an inmate in the North Dakota Asylum for the insane. Born to them were:

( MARY HART born 1867 MN

( ABRAHAM ORVILLE HART born 1869 Lac Qui Parie County MN

( EMMA HART born 1872 MN


( IDA BELLE HART born December 14, 1876 Appleton, Swift, MN and died September 24, 1971 Miles City, Custer, MT; married June 24, 1893 as his 2d wife, George Frederick McKenzie born March 3, 1855 King, Nerepis, N.B., Canada and died July 25, 1930 Miles City; and born to them were:

( ELLA MAY MCKENZIE born May 13, 1896 Powderville, Custer, MT and died September 13, 1954 Imperial Co CA; married July 16, 1924 in MT, James Henry Graeber [son of William Albert & Anna Eliza (Kennedy) Graeber] born April 18, 1900 Belgrade, Gallatin, MT and died March 28, 1972 Los Alamito, Orange, CA; and born to them were;

( JOYCE BEVERLY GRAEBER born August 8, 1925 MT and died November 20, 2002; married c1944 Elvis Buford Thompson born January 24, 1919 and died October 25, 1986 Kennewick, Benton, WA; both buried Willamette National Cemetery, Portland OR; WWII USMC Vet, Sergeant; offspring

( GEORGE ALBERT GRAEBER born 1926 MT and died 1975 Spokane WA; WWII Vet; USAAF; married c1947 Betty Lou Briggs (1927-); and they had 4 kids, 1 of which was:

( MICHAEL JAMES GRAEBER born May 16, 1950 Los Angeles Co CA and died March 24, 2001

( JAMES RICHARD GRAEBER born September 14, 1928 Miles City, Custer, MT; married August 23, 1959 in Las Vegas NV, as her 2d husband, Nellie Mae Van Patten born May 27, 1921 Grafton NE; offspring – 2006 resided Los Alamitos, Orange, CA

( WILLIAM FREDRICK GRAEBER born August 5, 1931 and died May 4, 1997 Boise, Ada, ID; married Miss Kitto; offspring

( NANCY IDA GRAEBER born September 10, 1933 MT and died March 11, 1952 Riverside Co CA

( MALCOLM MCKENZIE GRABER born May 31, 1935 MT and died February 5, 1960 Los Angeles Co CA; married Miss Rendon; offspring

( AGNES FERDON MCKENZIE born October 3, 1897 Powderville, Custer, MT and died February 1, 1982 Carlsbad, San Diego, CA; buried San Jacinto Valley Cemetery; married July 16, 1923 in Miles City MT, as his 2d wife, Harold H Hewitt [son of Ray M & Allie M (Van Patten) Hewitt] born November 23, 1896 Detroit MI and died December 31, 1969 San Jacinto, Riverside, CA; buried with Agnes; and born to them were:

( VIRGINIA JEAN HEWITT born July 15, 1924 Kalamazoo MI; married Donald Watterson

( HAROLD THEODORE HEWITT (Ted) born May 22, 1926 Miles City MT and died February 8, 1995 Suches GA; played football and basketball at Florida State U 1948-50; he was 5’10, 170 lbs; his hometown is listed as Detroit MI

( WILLIAM ROGER HEWITT born January 16, 1928 Mishawaka, St. Joseph, IN

( LELA BELL MCKENZIE (Leila Belle) born July 16, 1901 Powderville, Custer, MT and died May 6, 1949 Billings, Yellowston, MT; married June 10, 1927 Gilbert Verner Kennedy (1895-1979)

( ALYCE JANE MCKENZIE born November 17, 1903 Miles City, Custer, MT and died January 27, 1982 Magna, Salt Lake, UT; cremated; married May 29, 1925 in Hastings MI, Gurdon Ralph Starkweather [son of Gurdon Smith & Carrie Ellen (Pennell) Starkweather] born November 25, 1901 Detroit MI and died February 11, 1994 Mesa AZ; buried White Chapel Cemetery, Troy MI – divorced 1967; and born to them were:

( ROBERT MCKENZIE STARKWEATHER born October 3, 1926 Kalamazoo MI

( ZOE CAROLINE STARKWEATHER born February 21, 1928 Kalamazoo MI; married December 17, 1949 in Grandview WA, Donald Dwayne Hall born February 11, 1926 Steptoe WA; offspring

( NETTIE JANE HART born 1877 and died in Miles City MT; married Plinney Richardson


( JOSEPH HART (1883-1930)

( RUFUS HART born 1841 Sandusky OH

( WILLIAM HART born 1843 Sandusky OH

( LUCY HART born 1844 Sandusky OH

( JAMES RUTHERFORD HART (Photo) born May 30, 1845 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI and died April 28, 1928 Ellendale ND; enlisted in the Civil War August 22, 1862 at the age of 17. He enlisted for service in Red Wing MN and mustered in to Fort Snelling MN. He was assigned to Company D, 10th Minnesota Infantry until 1865. He was in the Sibley Expedition stationed at Fort Snelling and mustered out August 19, 1865. He married July 11, 1867 widow Anna (Remmington) Kribbs born January 20, 1844 Beaver Dam and died August 25, 1927 Ellendale ND. She bought 2 daughters with her from her previous marriage. They settled in the Dakota Territory where they spent the winter of 1882 in what was known as Hart Gulch with his father who homesteaded there in 1882 – they separated in 1891. Born to them were:

( ETTA ELLA HART born April 28, 1869 Mantorville MN; married Harrison Miller and born to them were:

( ADA MILLER married Tom Lee and born to them were:



( ELIZABETH ANN MILLER married Leslie Carpenter born May 1896 and they had 1 child

( KATHERINE FULLER HART born April 8, 1873 Cedar Mills, Meeker, MN and died January 26, 1943; married December 10, 1894 in Hart Gulch, Dickey Co ND, Frank Joseph Weber born February 20, 1870 Booneville MO. Born to them were:

( MARY ELIZABETH WEBER born May 9, 1896 and died May 23, 1977; married July 6, 1925 Peter Gunder Kronberg born April 5, 1893 and died May 9, 1978. They had 3 kids

( RUTH ADELHEID WEBER born April 23, 1898 and died October 31, 1982; married June 29, 1928 James Arthur Solien born March 11, 1890 and died January 30, 1981. They had 1 child.

( PHYLLIS KATHERINE WEBER born April 13, 1911 and died September 26, 1995; married February 20, 1931 Lloyd Kermit George born September 9, 1904 and died July 29, 1962

( WINNEFRED LOU HART born May 5, 1875 Cedar Mills MN and died April 6, 1945; married 1894 Charles William McGary born January 20, 1870. Born to them were:

( ARCHIBALD MCGARY (1908-) married Edna Dean Best and they had 2 kids.

( CARLYLE MCGARY (1909-1909)

( MAUD EVANGELINE HART born November 7, 1877 Cedar Mills MN and died June 26, 1950; married 1st December 24, 1895 Ira Clark; 2d September 18, 1901 Bruce Scott born December 27, 1869

( HAROLD WILLIAM HART born November 28, 1880 Cedar Mills MN; married April 28, 1909 Leah Evangeline Gammon born June 14, 1878 and died October 4, 1947. Born to them were:

( EDWARD GAMMON HART born February 2, 1910 and died January 12, 1975; married June 20, 1934 Emma Lee Riddle born October 12, 1912 and died June 27, 1997. Born to them were 6 kids.

( ROGER BRUCE HART born January 26, 1916 and died February 2, 1991; married 1st Miss Donahue and they had one child; married 2d Miss Hilzer.

( ABNER JAMES HART born September 14, 1883 Kassen MN and died December 25, 1967 Ellendale, Brown, ND; buried Sunset Memorial Gardens, Aberdeen SD. Farmed at Dickey County ND and McPherson County SD; married August 9, 1905 in LaMoure ND, Molly Marie Haberman [dau of Joseph & Rosa Marie (Kaschper) Haberman] born September 16, 1888 Alpha SD and died January 31, 1971 Ellendale ND. At her death, Molly had 64 grandchildren and 126 great-grandchildren. Born to them were 13 kids, 8 of which were:

( MAUDE EVANGELINE HART born January 24, 1906 Forbes, Dickey, ND and died June 27, 1977 Aberdeen, Brown, SD; buried Sunset Memorial Gardens, Aberdeen SD; married May 28, 1923 in Aberdeen, Marion John Holsworth [son of John & Gertrude Geraldine (McKay) Holsworth] born January 26, 1902 Willow Lake, Clark, SD and died December 24, 1971 Aberdeen SD; buried Sunset Memorial Gardens. Marion went to Brookings SD College then went to Forbes in 1919 where he taught school until 1923. He was a farmer and involved with road maintenance. Born to them were:

( DOROTHY EVANGELINE HOLSWORTH born August 19, 1923; married May 1, 1940 Warren Davis born March 14, 1913; and born to them were:

( CLIFFORD WARREN DAVIS born December 4, 1940; married January 27, 1962 Carrie Henderson; and born to them were:

( ANTOINETTE DEE DAVIS born June 22, 1962; married May 9, 1981 Victor Chapman born July 14, 1956; and born to them were:

( CRAIG MICHEAL CHAPMAN born November 24, 1982

( KYLE VICTOR CHAPMAN born June 20, 1985

( BETH ANN CHAPMAN born November 19, 1987

( ROSZINA KIM DAVIS born April 15, 1964

( LILLY MAY DAVIS born September 11, 1965

( DELORES ALAYA DAVIS born December 16, 1941; married September 1, 1962 Clarence Lenards born January 24, 1941; and born to them were:

( BRENDA DEE LENARDS born March 21, 1964; married October 8, 1998 Paul Miller; and born to them were:

( AUSTIN JAMES MILLER born August 28, 1998

( AARON STEVEN MILLER born September 26, 1999

( TAMMY SUE LENARDS born August 24, 1965; married April 20, 1991 James Raymond Petrik born April 7, 1962 – divorced 1998; and born to them was:

( KAYLA DEE PETRIK born June 23, 1984

( LANCE STEVEN LENARDS born February 10, 1969; married March 23, 1991 Cheryl Maness born June 28, 1968; and born to them were:

( REBECCA ANN LENARDS born September 22, 1994

( BETHANY LEE LENARDS born August 20, 1996

( RUTH GRACE LENARDS born June 19, 1998

( ORRIN MARION DAVIS born January 25, 1943; married February 22, 1964 Charlotte Ruth Hittle born February 2, 1946; and born to them were:

( MARK WAYNE DAVIS born April 2, 1965; married September 16, 1995 Elisha Ann Hamm born October 19, 1970; and born to them were:

( JONATHAN NATHANIEL DAVIS born October 17, 1996

( SETH ZECHARIAH DAVIS born December 31, 1997

( PAUL ISAAC DAVIS born May 28, 2001

( LONA JEAN DAVIS born September 11, 1967; married 1st September 27, 1986 Drake L Bradsher born November 2, 1964 – divorced 1990; 2d December 20, 1991 Kenneth Wayne Edwards born March 10, 1961 – divorced 1996; 3d February 14, 1997 Davis Sumner Jones born October 6, 1962 – offspring

( GERALD NEALE DAVIS born March 4, 1944; married June 19, 1964 Pamela Faye Sims born December 3, 1945; and born to them were:

( CONSTANCE MARIE DAVIS born March 2, 1965; married September 22, 1984 Kevin John Haigth born December 5, 1963

( TRUDY LYNN DAVIS born March 21, 1967; married October 22, 1988 Robert Paul Wied born March 3, 1966; and born to them were:

( JUSTIN WIED born December 4, 1989

( SANDI JEAN WIED born September 24, 1991

( NICOLE LYNN WIED born March 30, 1993

( CASEY ROBERT WIED born December 16, 1994

( KIMBERLY LYNN DAVIS born May 7, 1968; married June 8, 1991 John Timothy Swanson born May 8, 1970; and born to them were:

( TIMOTHY JOHN ARNOLD SWANSON born September 22, 1992

( MATTHEW NEALE SWANSON born May 17, 1994

( BENJAMIN WARREN SWANSON born July 19, 1998

( REBECCA KAY SWANSON born October 14, 1999

( TINA LOUISE DAVIS born December 13, 1969; married August 25, 1990 Kevin Charles Peterson born February 23, 1970; and born to them were:

( LEVI KEVIN PETERSON born February 22, 1992

( ASHLEY MARIE PETERSON born March 2, 1994


( DAVID WARREN DAVIS born March 28, 1971; married November 24, 1998 Rachel Marie Koditek born February 29, 1980; and born to them were:

( JULIA FAYE DAVIS born May 27, 1999

( ELIZABETH ROSE DAVIS born March 19, 2001

( EUGENE JUNIOR DAVIS born April 5, 1945; married May 18, 1963 Mary Marlene Mercer born January 14, 1946; and born to them were:

( EUGENE RALPH DAVIS born October 15, 1963; married October 12, 1985 Michelle Angela Creighton born August 19, 1966; and born to them were:

( FAWNICE MICHELLE DAVIS born February 18, 1986

( HEATHER MARIE DAVIS born May 27, 1989

( BRIAN KENT DAVIS born October 28, 1964; married May 3, 1986 Kathleen Marie Creighton born October 29, 1962; and born to them were:

( CRYSTAL KATHLEEN DAVIS born November 19, 1986


( NATHANIEL KENT DAVIS born September 16, 1990

( KARLA JO DAVIS born May 5, 1967; married 1st April 28, 1984 Brian Scott Schewe born January 8, 1965 – divorced 1989; 2d June 1996 William Dukowitz; and born to her and Brian were:

( ANGELENA LYN SCHEWE born October 19, 1984

( JUSTIN SCOTT SCHEWE born April 22, 1986

( RENEE LINETTE DAVIS born November 23, 1971; married May 15, 1991 Tony Martain Rekbein born November 20, 1970 – divorced 2000; and born to them were:

( CODY ANTHONY REHBEIN born December 25, 1992

( HUNTER BLAINE REHBEIN born July 18, 1995

( TERRY FLOYD DAVIS born May 24, 1946; married March 17, 1967 Annette Jean Christy born June 15, 1949 – divorced 1987; and born to them were:

( THERESA LYNN DAVIS born September 1, 1967; married 1st May 16, 1987 Jonas Jon Sandquist born June 19, 1966 – divorced; 2d August 1, 1992 Jay Shannon Scott born December 29, 1968; and born to her and Jay were:

( JESI MATTHEW SCOTT born May 13, 1994

( NOAH ALEXANDER SCOTT born April 26, 1996

( MELINDA SUE DAVIS born July 21, 1968; married 1st August 22, 1987 Keith Kelly Holzschuh born March 26, 1966 – divoced 1992; 2d August 19, 2000 Bradley Scott Kincaid born July 4, 1971

( CHAD GRANVILLE DAVIS born February 7, 1972; married February 10, 1995 Lori Jean Aundstrom born July 11, 1970; and born to them were:

( DUSTIN ALLEN DAVIS born February 22, 1996

( SYDNEY RAE DAVIS born September 2, 1998

( ROBERT WARREN DAVIS born January 3, 1948; married October 30, 1971 Mary Amanda Flemming born October 31, 1947; and born to them were:

( CHRISTIE LYNN DAVIS born January 9, 1975; married August 21, 1999 Kevin Dean Sickels; and born to them was:


( THEODORE WARREN DAVIS born July 12, 1976

( DARLENE KAY DAVIS born January 31, 1949; married 1st June 30, 1967 Gerald Dean Trobee born December 4, 1945 – divorced 1983; 2d June 15, 1985 Richard Lee Brewer born January 31, 1947; and born to her and Gerald were:

( JEREMY LEE TROBEE born September 19, 1969

( ADAM RAY TROBEE born December 13, 1971; married July 18, 1992 Judy Lynn Szarkowski born December 4, 1971 – divorced 1996


( ROY ALLEN DAVIS born November 15, 1950; married 1st January 31, 1970 Sheila Ann Pashby born January 21, 1950 – divorced 1990; 2d October 6, 1990 Anita Grinsteinner; and born to him and Sheila were:

( STACY ELLEN DAVIS born January 3, 1971; married July 31, 1993 Chad John Jungers born October 21, 1967; and born to them was:


( STEPHANIE LEE DAVIS born March 21, 1973; married June 24, 1995 William Davis Bushway; and born to them were:




( NATHAN TODD DAVIS born August 20, 1978

( JUNIOR JAMES HOLSWORTH born March 4, 1925 and died October 13, 1985; married September 26, 1946 Irene Ruth Shimmin born March 16, 1929; and born to them were:

( CAROL ANN HOLSWORTH born January 27, 1947 and died January 31, 1947

( JAMES LEROY HOLSWORTH born February 14, 1948; married March 23, 1967 Donna Mae Miller born April 27, 1949; and born to them were:

( JAMES LYNN HOLSWORTH born August 20, 1967; married 1st October 8, 1989 Kimberly Kay Opp born December 21, 1967 – divorced; 2d October 26, 2001 Lisa Marie Alishouse; and born to him and Kimberly were:



( JACQUELINE NICHOLE HOLSWORTH born April 5, 1970; married January 1, 1994 Patrick Aaron Jones born May 16, 1969; and born to them were:




( JODI MICHELE HOLSWORTH born May 11, 1971; married 1st December 22, 1990 Michael Andrew Norvell born October 20, 1969 – divorced; 2d May 30, 1992 Bret Arthur Tausan born April 22, 1970; and born to her and Michael was:


Born to Jodi and her 2d husband, Bret, were:



( ELAINE IRENE HOLSWORTH born August 2, 1949; married May 29, 1969 Jerryce Gene Hook born March 5, 1947; and born to them were:

( HOLLEE ANN HOOK born December 7, 1969

( LAYNE EVERETT HOOK born April 9, 1971; married October 8, 2005 Julia Ann Dobson born May 2, 1971

( JERRY WILLIAM HOLSWORTH born July 19, 1951; married 1st December 15, 1975 Sharon Charleton born Mrach 1, 1948 – divorced; 2d February 14, 1980 Deborah Kay James; and born to him and Sharon was:

( JUSTIN WILLIAM HOLSWORTH born August 7, 1977; married September 2, 2006 Michelle Nelsen

( JUDY MARILYN HOLSWORTH born December 15, 1952; married June 28, 1975 Jack Leroy Smith born June 22, 1951; and born to them were:

( ANDREA MARIE SMITH born October 11, 1977; married September 15, 2001 Charles Wellington Taggart; and born to them was:


( ERICA LEE SMITH born April 12, 1979

( JAMES EDWARD SMITH born July 18, 1984

( NANCY FAYE HOLSWORTH born June 12, 1954; married May 26, 1979 James Russell Birkeland born May 19, 1954; and born to them were:

( LUKE JAMES BIRKELAND born December 13, 1979

( SHANDA RAYE BIRKELAND (twin) born December 25, 1980

( SARA FAYE BIRKELAND (twin) born December 25, 1980

( RODNEY DEAN HOLSWORTH born March 16, 1956; married May 26, 1984 Linda Belle Fugle born June 20, 1955; and born to them were:



( DEBRA KAY HOLSWORTH born January 21, 1958; married 1st September 4, 1981 Mark Bruce Johnson born August 21, 1955 – divorced 1991; 2d July 1, 1994 Patrick Joseph Bilbrey born August 31, 1949

( MICHAEL DUANE HOLSWORTH born September 10, 1959; married June 2, 1984 Connie Jean Barnason born December 15, 1963; and born to them were:

( MEGAN DAWN HOLSWORTH born December 2, 1984

( JESICA KATIE HOLSWORTH born October 12, 1989

( IRENE EDITH HOLSWORTH born June 11, 1926; married March 10, 1943 Max Richards born February 20, 1915 and died April 14, 1968; and born to them were:

( MARVIN MAX RICHARDS born September 30, 1943 and died January 26, 1944

( JOHNNIE MELVIN RICHARDS born April 28, 1945; married 1st April 7, 1971 Sharon Hansen born March 12, 1954 – divorced 1981; 2d September 1984 Nan Cary born June 23, 1958 – divorced; 3d March 22, 1996 Janet Kay ford born March 8, 1945 and died February 17, 2004; and born to him and Sharon were:

( TIFFANY LEE RICHARDS born December 20, 1975

( MAX JASON RICHARDS born November 29, 1978 and died February 3, 1987

Born to Johnnie and his 2d wife, Nan, were:

( JERROD RICHARDS (twin) born and died January 25, 1985

( ZACHARY JAMES RICHARDS (twin) born January 25, 1985

( LLOYD LYNN RICHARDS born March 14, 1947; married 1st April 24, 1968 Linda Shewee born April 5, 1948 – divorced 1992; 2d September 6, 1992 Mahna Davis born October 7, 1948; and born to him and Linda were:

( LORI LYNN RICHARDS born May 1, 1969

( LONNIE LEE RICHARDS born March 4, 1974

( LINDA LOUISE RICHARDS born February 24, 1951; married 1st 1969 Jim Brown – divorced 1979; 2d December 21, 1979 Jimmy Allen LeBrun born May 10, 1958

( KATHY MAY RICHARDS born January 10, 1953; married 1st 1971 David Pickering – divorced; 2d 1985 Denny Galle – divorced 1986; and born to her and Denny was:


( MARILYN KAY RICHARDS born July 15, 1956; married 1st April 21, 1973 Dave Sillik born April 23, 1956 – divorced 1979; 2d February 27, 1982 Jeffrey Soseman born October 13, 1954 – divorced; 3d April 25, 1998 Jack Sprouse born August 26, 1950; and born to her and Dave was:

( BRINDA ANNE SILLIK born September 25, 1973

( CASSIE LYN MARIE SILLIK born March 20, 1978; married April 14, 2001 Kristopher Ray Kybn; and born to them were:



( DONALD MARION HOLSWORTH born September 7, 1927; married Bessie Rioux born April 1,1923 and died January 28, 1997; and born to them were;

( VONDA LEE HOLSWORTH born February 19, 1954; married 1st February 12, 1971 Dennis Cole – divorced; 2d February 14, 1978 Robert Henry Belt born August 24, 1954; and born to her and Dennis were:

( JACQUE LEE COLE born June 4, 1971; married June 25, 1994 Dean Pennel; and born to them were:



( TRAVIS EUGENE COLE born November 13, 1972; married August 13, 1994 Kellie Lynn Shorb born October 2, 1973; and born to them were:





( LONNIE GENE HOLSWORTH born May 7, 1957 and died August 15, 1993; married December 30, 1978 Debra L Christensen born May 2, 1957; and born to them were:

( MINDY MARIE HOLSWORTH born July 8, 1979

( ARLO GENE HOLSWORTH born September 17, 1981; married February 2, 2001 Kari Jane Williamson; and born to them was:

( KYLE ARLO HOLSWORTH born December 11, 2001

( SHALYN KAY HOLSWORTH born May 23, 1989

( DUANE DELBERT HOLSWORTH born January 23, 1959; married Yvonne B A Bradley born November 23, 1958; and born to them were:

( FRANCES SHANTEL HOLSWORTH born March 9, 1980; married June 12, 1999 Daniel John Winkler born May 10, 1979

( FYLICIA YVONNE A B HOLSWORTH born September 30, 1986

( FIONA JOAN A B HOLSWORTH born November 23, 1990

( FILONA JEAN A B HOLSWORTH born May 10, 1994

( ENOLA KAY HOLSWORTH born August 16, 1962; married July 2, 1983 Keith Lesperance born June 19, 1959

( ALFRED ABNER HOLSWORTH born June 10, 1929 and died February 19, 1991; married 1st November 26, 1950 Evelyn Shimmin born June 8, 1930 and died September 23, 1983; 2d January 29, 1985 Colleen Dixon born December 8, 1927; and born to him and Eve were:

( CHARLES MARION HOLSWORTH born March 26, 1952; married June 9, 1972 Bonita Bisek born April 14, 1952; and born to them were:

( HEIDI LEAH HOLSWORTH born March 28, 1977

( CHRISTOPHER HOLSWORTH born July 19, 1981

( ALFRED ABNER HOLSWORTH born and died April 19, 1953

( PAMELA MARIE HOLSWORTH born April 23, 1955; married August 3, 1974 Robert Wentz born October 7, 1954; and born to them were:

( LUCAS RYAN WENTZ (twin) born September 28, 1984

( ZACHARY BONIFACE WENTZ (twin) born September 28, 1984

( MOLLY MAY HOLSWORTH born January 22, 1931 and died February 1, 1998; married September 3, 1947 Lester Levi Holmes born November 5, 1922 and died July 24, 1990; and born to them were:

( JOHN LEVI HOLMES born March 22, 1948 and died January 31, 2001

( SANDRA MAE HOLMES born November 11, 1950; married January 31, 1975 Bruce Post born October 6, 1947 – divorced 1982

( MARY EVE HOLMES born December 8, 1952; married May 18, 1974 David Fleming born January 16, 1955; and born to them were:

( CATHY MAE FLEMING born February 17, 1975; married January 15, 2000 Nathan T Morris born June 15, 1972

( CORY DAVID FLEMING born April 30, 1979; married September 6, 2003 Tiffany M Carpenter born December 28, 1983

( ROY LESTER HOLMES born July 30, 1955; married 1st February 3, 1979 Jean Rick born June 30, 1957; 2d July 10, 1981 Connie Smith born May 21, 1955 – divorced; 3d June 25, 1992 Laurie Felt born December 14, 1952

( TODD LEE HOLMES born and died July 21, 1965

( GILBERT JOHN HOLSWORTH born August 14, 1933; married September 26, 1956 Darlene Yvonne Pahl born July 21, 1937; and born to them were:

( DANNY JO HOLSWORTH born October 17, 1957; married January 28, 1977 Betty Jo Duncan born August 21, 1959 – divorced; and born to them were:

( AMY SUE HOLSWORTH born May 14, 1977

( AMBER MARIE HOLSWORTH born April 29, 1983

( CINDY LOU HOLSWORTH born June 3, 1959; married 1st April 13, 1979 Ronald Roy Belt born July 30, 1960 – divorced; 2d September 29, 1984 Randy Netotea born January 14, 1957; and born to her and Ronald were:

( TIFFANY ANN BELT born April 1, 1979; married January 11, 1999 Rodney Dean Weller born November 25, 1977; and born to them were:



( WILLIAM RAY BELT born May 14, 1982

( GILBERT MARION BELT born February 25, 1985

( DELBERT LLOYD HOLSWORTH born April 8, 1937 and died September 3, 2004; married November 9, 1962 Darla Rasmussen born July 26, 1941; and born to them were:

( SHAYNE DELBERT HOLSWORTH born December 1, 1963; married August 2, 1986 Letitia {mnu} born July 12, 1963; and born to them were:



( TROY DELBERT HOLSWORTH born July 25, 1967; married January 15, 1993 Judy Ann Lent born January 5, 1965; and born to them were:

( RACHAEL MARIE HOLSWORTH born September 28, 1993

( REBECCA ANN HOLSWORTH born July 9, 1997

( SARAH FAYE HOLSWORTH born April 2, 1940; married April 3, 1960 Virgil Howard DeWald born November 30, 1937; and born to them were:

( PERRY LEE DEWALD born December 1, 1963; married July 7, 1990 Debra Ann Dobberstein born November 14, 1963; and born to them were:




( KEVIN LEO DEWALD born November 17, 1967

( DUANE EUGENE HOLSWORTH born September 24, 1943 and died November 29, 2001; married March 5, 1965 Gloria Ann Golden born December 26, 1946; and born to them were:

( JUNIOR GERALD HOLSWORTH born and died March 4, 1971

( SHELLEY ANN HOLSWORTH born June 7, 1973

( PEGGY JUNE HOLSWORTH born January 21, 1946; married 1st March 30, 1964 Lawrence Edward Casey born August 18, 1940 and died July 5, 1989; 2d October 22, 1991 Mathias Schock born November 28, 1926; and born to her and Lawrence were:

( KIM EDWARD CASEY born August 1, 1964; married August 10, 1992 Cindy Moser born August 5, 1970 and died May 14, 2003; and born to them were:



( ALICE LOUISE CASEY born October 28, 1969 and died July 19, 1995; married March 1, 1991 Darrell Gene Schrum born January 23, 1960; and born to them were:



( FLORENCE GERALDINE HART born April 19, 1907 and died August 7, 2004; married October 20, 1926 Lawrence Jacob Austin born April 3, 1904 and died February 5, 1989; and born to them were:

( LESLIE LAWRENCE AUSTIN born May 28, 1927 and died January 2, 2005; married April 3, 1950 Louise Marie Kotowsky born April 25, 1930 and died April 29, 2000 – divorced; and born to them were:

( JOYCE DIANE AUSTIN born December 17, 1950; married April 20, 1968 1st Rick Lynn Walter born December 12, 1945 – divorced; 2d February 14, 1988 Bill Dwayne Chitwood born February 4, 1952; and born to her and Rick were:

( CHRISTY LYNN WALTER born July 26, 1972; married August 30, 1997 Kirk Bonsell

( DIANA JILL WALTER born August 14, 1975

( JUDITH ANN AUSTIN born January 19, 1952; married October 18, 1975 Dennis Bonar born March 25, 1948 – divorced; and born to them were:

( CHRISTOPHER KANE BONAR born February 11, 1972

( BRENDA KAY BONAR born May 2, 1973; married September 6, 2004 Joseph Pyle

( JOSIE JOLENE BONAR born January 20, 1976; married March 27, 2004 Andrew Jones

( JOAN LESLIE AUSTIN bor October 11, 1953; married 1st August 7, 1971 John Bouchard – divorced; 2d October 17, 2000 Mark Branger; and born to her and John were:

( SHAWN MICHAEL BOUCHARD born September 15, 1975 and died April 2001

( RYAN DAVID BOUCHARD born April 9, 1978; married March 16, 2002 Mindy Joe Schofield born September 23, 1978; and born to them were:



( BRAD JAMES BOUCHARD born November 22, 1983

( JAN MARIE AUSTIN born December 12, 1954; married 1st October 20, 1980 John Patrick Cooney II born November 29, 1943 – divorced; 2d September 20, 2003 Rodney James Potts born November 15, 1953; and born to her and John were:

( JULIE ANN CONNEY born March 30, 1976; married June 17, 1995 John Lee Woodard born May 1, 1971; and born to them were:





( JILL MARIE COONEY born June 5, 1981

( JOHN PATRICK COONEY III born May 5, 1984

( DAVID LESLIE AUSTIN born December 8, 1956 and died October 24, 1989

( ROBERT JAMES AUSTIN born August 9, 1929 and died November 19, 2005; married September 2, 1955 Betty Jane Morse born September 22, 1933; and born to them were:

( LINDA JANE AUSTIN born December 13, 1956; married January 12, 1979 Donnie Joe Nelson born April 21, 1956; and born to them were:

( HEATHER ARLENE NELSON born July 29, 1979

( MATTHEW JOSEPH NELSON born December 30, 1981; married June 19, 2004 Michele Lynn Sickle born December 17, 1982; and born to them was:


( JAMES DANIEL NELSON born June 27, 1984

( JAMES KIETH AUSTIN born July 2, 1958; married September 1, 1979 Tammy Marie Melau born December 14, 1959; and born to them were:

( APRIL MARIE AUSTIN born June 16, 1980

( JESSICA LEIGH AUSTIN born November 8, 1989

( STACY ANN AUSTIN born and died September 29, 1990

( JAMES KIETH AUSTIN II born Julty 21, 1993

( THERESA COLLEEN AUSTIN born November 3, 1959; married October 28, 1978 Robert Elmer Nelson born June 21, 1958; and born to them were:

( SHAWNA ANNETTE NELSON born January 24, 1979; married June 26, 1998 Jesse Victor Gee born October 29, 1974; and born to them were:



( ROBERT KIETH NELSON born September 3, 1980; married July 3, 2004 Heather Mae Frey born August 19, 1983; and born to them were:



( JUANITA NICOLE NELSON (twin) born April 10, 1982; married September 7, 2002 Lynn William Louden born August 20, 1979; and born to them was:


( MONICA COLLEEN NELSON (twin) born April 10, 1982

( DENISE GERLDINE AUSTIN born April 8, 1961; married June 19, 1982 Clinton Lester Ingram born September 23, 1952; and born to them were:

( JOSHUA ROBERT AUSTIN born October 0, 1978

( SUALAN MAE INGRAM born February 15, 1983

( MELODY JANE INGRAM (twin) born June 21, 1985

( MISTY DAWN INGRAM (twin) born June 21, 1985 and died November 9, 1985

( PAIGE GERLDINE INGRAM born July 24, 1991

( JUANITA CAROL AUSTIN born November 8, 1962; married June 8, 1979 Michael John Reser born October 8, 1961; and born to them were:

( TIFFANY JANE RESER born December 8, 1979; married April 24, 2004 Darren Robert Kuck born August 6, 1979; and born to them were:




( KRISTINA MARIHA RESER born March 5, 1983

( MICHAEL CODY RESER born March 31, 1985

( REBECCA ARLENE RESER born October 18, 1987

( HANNAH CAROL RESER born February 9, 1995

( VERONICA MARY AUSTIN born January 12, 1933; married 1st October 28, 1949 Alvin James Rowe born May 26, 1929 and died September 9, 1996 – divorced 1973; 2d May 28, 1973 Charles Christopher born January 26, 1930 – divorced 1989; and born to her and Al were:

( SUSAN JUNE ROWE born April 23, 1950; married 1st December 2, 1969 David Bohmer born December 26, 1942 – divorced 1986; 2d August 10, 1996 Kim Herbert Conklin ( CAROL JEAN ROWE born November 8, 1951; married April 10, 1970 Duane Oliver Hagen born June 1, 1945; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL DUANE HAGEN born July 30, 1970; married July 4, 1996 Shari Lynn Richardson born December 19, 1965; and born to them were:



( JENNIFER DODIE HAGEN born December 16, 1975; married May 19, 2001 Michael Scott Davis born September 27, 1976

( KELCI DAWN HAGEN born March 9, 1982; married May 19, 2001 Robert Steven Burroughs born September 2, 1983 – divorced 2004; and born to them was:


( ALVIN JAMES ROWE JR born February 2, 1953; married October 14, 1972 Peggy Royleen RaBidue born July 22, 1956

( MARY JAYNE ROWE born May 28, 1954; married September 27, 1975 Lon David Levitt born November 9, 1950; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL BRENT LEVITT born August 9, 1976; married July 23, 2000 April Ann Spaulding – divorced 2002

( NICOLE SHANNON LEVITT born May 20, 1978; married July 10, 2004 Chad Michael Recer born June 27, 1980; and born to them was:


( PATRICK LEVI LEVITT born February 13, 1981

( SAMUEL JAY ROWE born March 23, 1956; married May 1, 1975 Phyllis Ann Kile born August 25, 1956; and born to them were:

( RYAN JAY ROWE born April 11, 1975; married June 28, 2003 Kara Lynn Rosman born October 20, 1978

( DANIELLE RAE ROWE born June 5, 1978; married July 21, 2001 Brian Rodgers born August 30, 1974

( VERONICA JOANNE ROWE born April 25, 1957; common law marriage to John DeVera – legal divorce; married Michael George Bury; and born to her and John were:

( JOHN LAWRENCE DEVERA JR born December 3, 1977; married Danielle Dumage; and born to them were:



( JAMES SEVERINO DEVERA born March 8, 1980

( GERALDINE IRENE AUSTIN born May 13, 1934; married October 15, 1953 Sanford Merle Bingen born August 20, 1929; and born to them were:

( GENEVA MARIE BINGEN born July 24, 1954; married December 28, 1971 Carl John Westergren Jr born September 3, 1950; and born to them were:

( AMELIA RAE WESTERGREN born September 24, 1972; married 1st June 17, 1995 Kent F Nelsen born November 14, 1965 – divorced 2003; 2d August 7, 2006 Curtis Dale McDonnell born March 29, 1965; and born to her and Kent were:




( CARL JOHN BENHARD WESTERGREN III born September 5, 1974; married August 3, 2002 Lana Sue McClanahan born January 2, 1980; and born to them was:


( CALLY JOE WESTERGREN born November 27, 1975; married August 23, 1997 Cody Lynn Shippy born May 11, 1977; and born to them were:




( DESIREEE LU BINGEN born and died August 24, 1956

( SHANE JOEL BINGEN born April 8, 1958; married June 12, 1976 Shirley Darlene Dice born July 16, 1957; and born to them were:

( MARTY JOEL BINGEN born December 14, 1976

( TRISHA DAWN BINGEN born August 16, 1979; married September 25, 1999 Cory Lee Assman born April 14, 1974

( PAYLA ANN BINGEN born June 29, 1963; married March 21, 1986 James Merle Toyne born March 25, 1960; and born to them were:



( LOREN MYRON AUSTIN born March 31, 1938 and died June 6, 2006; married June 14, 1957 Elsie Mae Kern born February 8, 1940 – divorced; and born to them were:

( DEVIN ABNER AUSTIN born February 9, 1958; married April 3, 1999 Myrna Grady

( BONNIE LARENE AUSTIN born February 13, 1959

( DESIREE ANN AUSTIN born October 10, 1961; married August 3, 1985 Timothy Patrick Grady – divorced; and born to them was:


( LORA LEE AUSTIN born March 18, 1972

( AARON SIGRUD AUSTIN born August 20, 1975

( TINA MARIE AUSTIN born February 5, 1977

( JUSTIN LOREN AUSTIN born April 8, 197

( DANIELLE ROSE AUSTIN born August 5, 1980

( CHARLOTTE JUNE AUSTIN born June 1, 1940 and died November 1, 1986; married August 9, 1956 Larry G Schlosser born October 15, 1935; and born to them were:

( CURTISS LEE SCHLOSSER born August 30, 1957; married June 2, 1979 Sandra F Betts born April 9, 1958; and born to them were:




( TRULA FAYE SCHLOSSER born February 23, 1959; married January 21, 1978 Dennis W Goll born September 22, 1954; and born to them were:

( NOLA JUNE GOLL born October 18, 1978

( CHASE WADE GOLL born October 13, 1980

( LACEY ARLENE GOLL born September 7, 1983; married August 30, 2003 Gregory Dean Gustin born April 29, 1982; and born to them was:


( KIM NADINE SCHLOSSER born April 15, 1960; married August 11, 1979 Rodney P Hoban born April 2, 1959; and born to them were:

( RODNEY PATRICK HOBAN born April 2, 1982; married January 28, 2006 Jacee Lee Reinhardt born September 14, 1984; and born to them was:


( KELLY JOSEPH HOBAN born July 4, 1983

( ADAM ALBERT HOBAN born June 28, 1987

( KELLY JOSEPH SCHLOSSER born and died April 24, 1967

( TWILA KAY SCHLOSSER born December 26, 1968; married August 6, 1988 James Raymond Peters born July 18, 1967; and born to them were:




( MELVIN CURTIS AUSTIN born August 6, 1942; married 1st October 13, 1962 Mary Jean Steffani born March 2, 1945 – divorced; 2d November 2, 1972 Shelia Rose Clements born July 26, 1972 and died June 5, 1997; 3d May 30, 1987 Gail Catherine Austin born May 8, 1951 – divorced 1996; and born to him and Mary were (I hope I have this right – rather confusing):

( MELVIN ALLEN AUSTIN born March 3, 1963

( ROBERT WADE AUSTIN born January 25, 1964

Born to Melvin, and apparently, his 2d wife, Shelia, were:

( LISA JUNE AUSTIN born May 5, 1970; married 1st December 14, 1989 Patrick Stephen Hubbs born April 24, 1989 – divorced 1992; 2d August 12, 2002 Steven John Hjelmstad born May 20, 1959; and born to her and Patrick were:



( WADE CECIL AUSTIN born June 20, 1971; married July 20, 1996 Barbara Sue Murphy born August 6, 1971; and born to them was:


( CLINTON GERARD AUSTIN born December 11, 1971

( ARLON ABNER AUSTIN born May 23, 1945; married 1st March 22, 1962 Jacquelene A Morris born October 27, 1946 – divorced; 2d September 7, 1967 Barbara J Stenslie born June 19, 1945 – divorced; 3d November 22, 1971 Victoria Elizabeth Boysun born November 10, 1948 and died May 13, 2005; and born to him and Jacq were:

( ARLON ABNER AUSTIN JR born November 5, 1962

( VERNON JAMES AUSTIN born February 2, 1964

( JOHN LAWRENCE AUSTIN born April 18, 1967

Born to Arlon and his 2d wife, Barbara, was:

( SHIVONNE WENETTE AUSTIN born November 1, 1967

Born to Arlon and his 3d wife, Victoria, were:

( DEBRA DAWN AUSTIN born May 1, 1974

( TAMMY RAE AUSTIN born February 13, 1977

( SARAH LYNN AUSTIN born February 16, 1980

( ROSE ANN AUSTIN b orn November 3, 1948 born November 3, 1948; married 1st May 28, 1966 Eldon R Gjerde born May 13, 1944 – divorced; 2d November 18, 1984 Albert M Uribe born April 28, 1946; and born to her and Eldon were:

( SHANNON MILLARD GJERDE born June 8, 1967; married May 27, 1989 Kelly Rae Henderson born September 4, 1965; and born to them were:



( BRANDON LEE GJERDE born May 18, 1970 and died November 12, 1995; married August 1, 1992 Nancy Alice Jackson born October 31, 1970

( MELISSA SHAWNTAY GJERDE born June 16, 1978; married August 15, 1998 Shaun Earl Bennett born February 13, 1979; and born to them were:



( JESSIE WINFRED HART born November 4, 1908 Forbes, Dickey, ND and died November 30, 2002 Aberdeen SD; married February 27, 1928 in Aberdeen, Henry Vernon Atkinson (Rusty) born June 18, 1898 Helena MT and died January 6, 1965 Aberdeen SD; both buried Sunset Memorial Gardens; and born to them were:

( VERNON EDWARD ATKINSON born October 30, 1929 and died May 9, 1996; married December 20, 1958 Loretta L Nelson born January 27, 1939: and born to them were:

( WAYNE VERNON ATKINSON born November 11, 1959; married July 25, 1990 Judy Groves born September 12, 1951

( MARVIN DEAN ATKINSON born March 27, 1962; married April 13, 1991 Jackie Schusted; and born to them was:


( EDWARD HENRY ATKINSON born February 18, 1966

( TODD ABNER ATKINSON born September 1, 1967; married September 23, 1983 Risa L Baldwin born November 28, 1966; and born to them were:

( JENNIFER ANN ATKINSON born April 9, 1984


( JIMMY LEE ATKINSON born January 7, 1974; married Kaur Atkinson born May 29, 1967; and born to them were:



( RICKY JESSE ATKINSON born August 27, 1978

( GENAVEVE IRENE ATKINSON born November 28, 1931 and died July 19, 2003; married September 5, 1952 Carl Gilbert Kolb born February 8, 1932; and born to them were:

( DALE GILBERT KOLB born March 27, 1955; married September 7, 1974 Gloria J Goben born August 7, 1955 – divorced 1989; and born to them were:

( KRISTIE LEE KOLB born March 28, 1975; married February 14, 1993 Ed R Holmes; and born to them were:



( DEREK JAMES KOLB born November 30, 1978

( TOMMY LEE KOLB born May 3, 1960

( DENNIS CARL KOLB born October 9, 1966; married May 16, 1991 Lisa Gordon born June 9, 1968; and born to them was:


( ABNER WILLIAM ATKINSON born November 14, 1933 and died May 8, 1978; married December 1, 1957 Arlene I Edleman born December 30, 1938; and born to them were:

( RODNEY WAYNE ATKINSON born December 12, 1957

( JULIE ANN ATKINSON born October 10, 1962; married August 23, 1986 Lenny Stallings born December 14, 1953

( GENEVIEVE IDA HART born March 5, 1910 Forbes, Dickey, ND and died February 26, 1971; married February 12, 1930 in Aberdeen SD, Arthur Nicholas Moore [son of Arthur C. & Nellie Mabel (McLain) Moore] born August 21, 1909 Leola SD and died September 21, 1977; and born to them were:

( CLARENCE ARTHUR MOORE born August 1, 1931; married September 16, 1950 Betty Mae Derry born June 12, 1930; and born to them were:

( JUNE ANN MOORE born March 24, 1951 and died October 22, 1965

( CLARE ALLAN MOORE born November 7, 1954; married 1st March 16, 1974 Connie Firkins born March 16, 1956 – divorced; 2d December 31, 1986 Cindy Smail born April 6, 1960; and born to him and Connie were:

( CHRISTINA MARIE MOORE born March 23, 1978

( MICHAEL ALLEN MOORE born December 14, 1979

( KAREN KAY MOORE born July 11, 1958; married 1st April 25, 1981 James Patrick Moulton born November 13, 1944 – divorced; 2d January 1, 2001 Mark Allen Edward

( BRYAN BRADLEY MOORE born September 13, 1964; married Aril 22, 1995 Patty Ann Coons born September 25, 1966 – divorced

( CLEO MCBRIDE MOORE born December 10, 1935; married July 28, 1963 Ruby LaVonna Mayer bon August 1, 1941; and born to them were:

( SCOTT ALLEN MOORE born March 13, 1964 and died April 18, 1987

( JASON JAY MOORE born April 23, 1965

( STEPHANIE ANN MOORE born July 13, 1966; married November 17, 1990 Patrick Shane Scoles born February 5, 1957

( TINA MOORE born and died July 31, 1977

( KYLE JON MOORE born October 30, 1979; married August 24, 2002 Nicole Gruman born January 25, 1981; and born to them was:


( RACHEL SUE MOORE born February 28, 1982; married July 28, 2007 Travis Lee Krein born April 3, 1981

( MARGARET MARIE MOORE born September 30, 1938 and died February 4, 2006; married June 20, 1956 Lawrence Allen Barton born September 16, 1936; and born to them were:

( CYNTHIA MARIE BARTON born June 6, 1958; married August 26, 1978 Richard Michael Hinds born June 30, 1957; and born to them were:

( DERRICK MICHAEL HINDS b orn November 13, 1980; married July 31, 2004 Lori Beth Peterson born April 4, 1980

( TYLER RICHARD HINDS born November 15, 1982

( BRANDON GARRICK HINDS born September 11, 1986

( MICHAEL ALLEN BARTON born and died February 9, 1962

( DERRICK ARTHUR BARTON born and died September 16, 1963

( JAMES ABNER HART born December 11, 1911 Forbes, Dickey, ND and died December 9, 1984. His last known residence was St. Helens OR; married October 5, 1931 in Aberdeen SD, Mildred Irene Austin [dau of Robert & Bertha] born March 28, 1913 Clark Co SD and died April 16, 1994; and born to them were:

( GARY JAMES HART born November 29, 1932; married September 19, 1956 Delores Reinhart born January 18, 1939; and born to them was:


( DELORES MARION HART born December 29, 1933 and died August 5, 1934

( JEANEAN LORRAINE HART born August 25, 1935; married April 10, 1955 Irvine Warwick born August 16, 1932

( EVELYN ESTHER HART born April 30, 1914 Forbes, Dickey, ND and died November 11, 1998; married November 13, 1929 Carl Leo Rogers born February 16, 1908 and died April 14, 1974; and born to them were:

( LEO EVERETT ROGERS born May 5, 1930; married October 10, 1955 Lorentina Laverna Weisz born May 4, 1938; and born to them was:

( BRENDA ANN ROGERS born September 17, 1956; married July 26, 1980 Steven Bohlig born June 23, 1955; and born to them were:



( CARL LEO ROGERS JR born December 30, 1932 and died May 6, 2003; married January 2, 1954 Evelyn Betty Stengel born February 8, 1935; and born to them were:

( SHERRY LEE ROGERS born November 4, 1954; married August 30, 1975 John Alvin Federle born July 6, 1955; and born to them were:

( CHRISTOPHER JOHN FEDERLE born October 8, 1977; married October 21, 2000 Amy Marie Young born August 29, 1979; and born to them were:



( KATHERINE ROSE FEDERLE born February 14, 1979

( AMY JOE FEDERLE born August 24, 1980

( JOSEPH SCOTT FEDERLE born October 12, 1984

( DOUGLAS SCOTT ROGERS born September 8, 1956; married January 21, 1984 Lori Sue Cox born September 21, 1957; and born to them were:



( LARRY JEROME ROGERS born September 9, 1938; married November 29, 1958 Larella Dosch born February 27, 1939 and died July 16, 2000 – divorced 1980; and born to them were:

( MARK LYNN ROGERS born May 30, 1959; married April 17, 1979 Suncha Choe born June 1, 1959 – divoced 1984; and born to them were:

( TROY SUN ROGERS born October 26, 1979

( LUCILLIE ROGERS born October 23, 1980

( MICHELLE ROGERS born September 17, 1983

( KEVIN LEE ROGERS born May 30, 1960; married July 19, 1989 Shelly Dennison – divorced 1990

( TERRI ANN ROGERS born August 27, 1961 and died April 21, 1962

( LORI ANN ROGERS born August 17, 1962; married 1st November 29, 1982 Craig Snyder born April 29, 1956 – divorced; 2d April 27, 1990 Donald Ferguson born March 22, 1959; and born to her and Craig was:

( CLAYTON PATRICK SNYDER born December 12 1982

Born to Lori and her 2d husband, Donald, was:


( THOMAS ANTHONY ROGERS born October 3, 1963; married August 12, 1992 Andrea Dunahugh born July 7, 1967

( SCOTT ALLEN ROGERS born April 21, 1965; married February 14, 1991 Wanda Mason born November 24, 1965; and born to them was:


( TIMOTHY JOEL ROGERS born August 20, 1971

( JEROLD JAMES ROGERS born March 3, 1948 and died March 16, 1999

( EDITH ROSE HART born March 29, 1916; married June 30, 1934 Charles Milton Atkinson born April 1, 1901 and died November 3, 1969; and born to them were:

( JOSEPH WARREN ATKINSON born October 21, 1934; married June 30, 1956 Darlene Ann Barton born October 17, 1938; and born to them were:

( STEVEN JOE ATKINSON born April 19, 1961; married July 11, 1981 Janet Fay Meidinger born August 31, 1961; and born to them were:



( JOLENE ANN ATKINSON born February 26, 1964; married September 25, 1982 Donald Eugene Bonn born November 2, 1962; and born to them were:




( JOY JOSEPHINE ATKINSON born December 10, 1939 and died December 12, 2005; married July 29, 1960 Russell Gerald Swanson born March 22, 1935

( MINNIE KAY ATKINSON born March 23, 1942; married May 16, 1964 DeWayne E Berreth born January 10, 1940 – divorced

( CHARLES WILLIAM ATKINSON born July 28, 1946; married September 19, 1970 Donna Afra Roufs born September 12, 1952; and born to them was:

( CRAIG CHARLES ATKINSON born October 27, 1971; married Lourdes Socorro Lara born June 27, 1968

( JOSEPH KRIBS HART born October 20, 1918 Carl Township, McPherson, SD and died April 26, 1991 Sturgis, Meade, SD; buried there Plot E59, Black Hills National Cemetery (Photo); WWII USMC Private; 1950 the family moved to Lead SD where Joe was employed for several years with the Homestake Gold Mine; married November 16, 1937 Helena Heinrich [dau of Julius & Pauline (Wolff) Heinrich] born September 19, 1918; and born to them were:

( SYLVIA HELEN HART born June 20, 1938; married 1st June 26, 1955 William L Nichols born April 26, 1934 – divorced; 2d September 20, 1968 William Clauser born March 1, 1934; and born to her and William were:

( MICHAEL ARTHUR NICHOLS born March 29, 1956; married June 15, 1984 Marsha L Eddy born September 4, 1962; and born to them were:



( JEROME EDWARD NICHOLS born December 15, 1958; married 1st June 26, 1981 Ann M Trucano born June 28, 1960 – divorced; 2d January 8, 2004 Donna Marie Berry born May 13, 1955; and born to him and Ann were:



( LAVERN JOSEPH HART born August 9, 1939 and died November 9, 1983; married June 6, 1958 Katherine L Bulat born June 21, 1938; and born to them were:

( WAYNE LAVERN HART born November 30, 1958; married June 4, 1983 Cynthia R Parish born January 4, 1962; and born to them were:




( MALINDA MARY HART born January 25, 1966

( CYNTHIA KAY HART born November 30, 1968; married July 12, 2003 Steven Pabst born October 1, 1965

( TINA CORENE HART born September 25, 1973; married December 7, 2002 Dean D Herrboldt born August 23, 1970; and born to them were:



( JAMES ABNER HART born March 12, 1941 and died March 26, 2000; married November 27, 1959 Janice Pheiffer born January 2, 1942 – divorced; and born to them were:

( TERRY JAMES HART born June 2, 1960; married August 3, 1985 Paula Kay Cadwell born January 29, 1964; and born to them were:



( AILEEN LOUELLA HART born June 30, 1942; married May 22, 1959 Edgar Don Burr born May 20, 1936; and born to them were:

( WADE EUGENE BURR born February 12, 1960; married June 10, 1981 Cheryl L Tusha born April 9, 1963; and born to them were:



( WILLIAM EDGAR BURR born April 27, 1963; married August 21, 1987 Susan Marie Thrall born September 2, 1967; and born to them were:



( DAVID LEE BURR born June 16, 1964; married 1st August 30, 1985 Shannon Sue Laughlin born March 12, 1966 – divorced; 2d March 29, 1997 Jacqueline Denise Sanders; and born to him and Shannon were:



( DANNY LYNN BURR born May 28, 1965; married July 4, 2005 Renee Trewin

( DONNA MAE HART born August 29, 1943 and died June 12, 1960

( JOSEPH CURTIS HART born August 2, 1948; married September 11, 1982 Francelia R Ruleaux born September 29, 1964 – divorced; and born to them were:



( LEROY RONALD HART born April 2, 1950; married September 20, 1986 Kathy Kelar born December 16, 1952

( JOAN FAYE HART born April 19, 1951 and died June 12, 1984; married December 11, 1971 Michael Hanzlik born September 14, 1950; and born to them were:



( WADE EUGENE HART born May 3, 1952; married September 1, 1972 Nancy J Myers born June 23, 1952; and born to them were:

( GRIFFIN WADE HART born March 30, 1976 and died August 14, 2000

( SARAH LOUISE HART born February 10, 1978

( APRIL ANNE HART born April 27, 1980; married June 27, 2003 Thomas Hagen born December 12, 1966; and born to them were:



( HARDING WARREN HART born August 14, 1920 and died July 1, 2002; married November 7, 1942 Edna Emma Heinrich born October 6, 1921 and died February 14, 1989; and born to them were:

( KAREN LEE HART born November 19, 1944; married September 27, 1964 James Lynn Tveit born May 27, 1944

( KENT DENNIS HART born October 30, 1948; married December 26, 1969 Margaret Guedesse born April 10, 1952; and born to them was:

( MICHELE HART born July 21, 1970; married July 6, 1991 Thomas S Gray born April 22, 1968; and born to them were:



( GAIL ANGELA HART born June 22, 1950; married November 17, 1968 Jerry Klipfel born September 17, 1946; and born to them were:

( GERALDINE DAWN KLIPFEL born March 9, 1971; married June 5, 1993 Larry Gene Stubbe born July 7, 1972; and born to them were:




( BERT WILLIAM KLIPFEL born January 17, 1973

( DOULGAS RAY KLIPFEL born March 19, 1976; married August 23, 1997 Marianne Elisabet Marttila born February 23, 1977; and born to them were:



( NEALE MCBRIDE HART born October 26, 1922; married April 11, 1965 June Lorraine Nicholson born June 17, 1926 and died June 19, 2003 – divorced 1991

( LESLIE CALVIN HART born February 15, 1925 and died February 20, 2003; married April 24, 1945 Ella Heinrich born September 27, 1926; and born to them were:

( CHERYL NAN HART born December 14, 1948; married 1st October 8, 1970 Dave Krantz born April 31, 1947 – divorced; 2d June 13, 1981 Charles Edward McCain; and born to her and Dave were:

( CHAD DAVID KRANTZ born October 3, 1971

( ERIC LEE KRANTZ born December 25, 1972

( BONNIE KIT HART born December 20, 1950 born December 20, 1950 and died November 11, 1999; married Mark Healy – divorced; and born to them was:

( CHRISTIE ANN HEALY born April 8, 1977; married January 15, 1999 Don Wiser; and born to them was:


( TERRY LEE HART born July 18, 1954; married October 8, 1977 Sue Christman born January 7, 1957; and born to them were:



( TAMMY JO HART born February 3, 1961; married February 14, 1988 Phil Reif born February 5, 1963; and born to them was:


( EVERETT EUGENE HART born January 4, 1927 and died January 22, 1988; married March 31, 1951 Margaret Loretta Howard born September 6, 1930 and died November 12, 2002; and born to them were:

( EUGENE EVERETT HART born October 5, 1951; married 1st April 30, 1971 Kayleen Marie Heil born July 14, 1951 – divorced 1982; 2d July 10, 1987 Gloria Hoff born July 9, 1951 – divorced 1993; 3d September 4, 1994 Debra Kay Finstad born September 26, 1951 – divorced 2000; 4th July 11, 2004 Lynda Darlene Burks born July 16, 1953; and born to him and Kayleen were:

( SHELLEY RAE HART born November 16, 1971; married July 22, 1994 Robert Walter Scherbenske born January 4, 1965; and born to them were:



( CHAD EVERETT HART born February 17, 1973; married May 25, 2003 Michelle Annette Rumschek born November 28, 1974 – divorced

( DENNIS LEE HART born December 30, 1953; married April 7, 1972 Patricia Karen Ottenbacher born October 30, 1953 – divorced; and born to them was:

( MURDOCK ALLEN born August 1, 1972

( DONALD DEAN HART born August 26, 1957; married 1st June 29, 1979 Annette Stodel born July 3, 1959 – divorced 1983; 2d May 28, 1983 Cheryl Ann Livingston May 10, 1961; and born to him and Annette was:

( MANDY MARIE HART born and died August 4, 1982

Born to Donald and his 2d wife, Cheryl, were:



( DEBRA KAY HART born May 29, 1960; married June 9, 1977 Welsey James Otterstetter born November 8, 1956 – divorced; and born to them were:



( GAYLENE MARIE HART born June 3, 1962; married October 19, 1990 Bian A Mielke born September 9, 1961; and born to them were:


( ASHLEY MARIE MIELKE born June 1995 – deceased

( APRIL LORETTA MIELKE born September 1996 – deceased

( TIMOTHY JOSEPH HART born September 9, 1964; married 1st June 29, 1986 Susan Diane Bender born March 12, 1968 – divorced 1997; 2d April 9, 1998 Jeanette Ruth Thober born April 5, 1952 – divorced; and born to him and Susan was:


( CHARLES BRUCE HART born April 3, 1929; married December 26, 1947 Ruth Elinor Derry born February 28, 1929 and died May 28, 2004; and born to them were:

( BARBARA ANN HART born March 14, 1948; born June 18, 1966 Laverne Gene Kopetsky born February 26, 1944; and born to them were:

( GENE ALLEN KOPETSKY born September 9, 1968; married March 8, 1996 Claressa Big Eagle born January 24, 1972 – divorced 1997; and born to them was:


( CHARLES JOSEPH KOPETSKY born October 19, 1972; married January 22, 1994 Joan Karon Maunu born January 24, 1975; and born to them were:





( BRUCE ALAN HART born October 21, 1949; married February 23, 1973 Linda West born October 8, 1952

( LINDA MAE HART born October 9, 1952; married 1st September 16, 1972 Herbert Swatfager born May 5, 1953 – divorced; 2d December 26, 2000 Chuck Phelps born April 25, 1952; and born to her and Herbert were:

( BRADLEY GENE SWATFAGER born May 16, 1974; married September 22, 2001 Angela Sue Lund born November 10, 1974

( JENNIFER RENEE SWATFAGER born December 31, 1976; married October 14, 2000 Michael Blossom born July 27, 1973

( WANDA MARIE HART born January 20, 1954 and died July 23, 1989; married 1st August 12, 1951 James Franz born August 12, 1951 – divorced; 2d March 1, 1986 Dennis Vik; and born to her and James were:

( SCOTT DOUGLAS FRANZ born March 5, 1973; married June 22, 1994 Cheryl Ann Gage born June 28, 1975 – divorced 2002; and born to them were:




( LORI ANN FRANZ born January 2, 1975 and died July 14, 1975

( CHARLENE RAE HART born April 22, 1958; married 1st May 18, 1977 Robert William Stone born January 15, 1957 – divorced; 2d August 11, 1996 Michael Paul Bonano born February 23, 1958; and born to her and Robert were:

( ROBERT WILLIAM STONE II born December 12, 1980; married February 14, 2003 Collen Slaughter born November 8, 1983

( MARK ANTHONY STONE born December 2, 1984

( KERRY LYNN HART born May 3, 1962; married September 24, 1983 Mara Jane Albrecht born July 31, 1964; and born to them were:

( JUSTIN SCOTT HART born December 17, 1987

( TRAVIS LEE HART born July 14, 1989

( JAMIE LYNNE HART born July 13, 1990

( BRADLEY SCOTT HART bon November 30, 1963; married August 2, 1986 Shawn Gourneau born September 10, 1964; and born to them were:



( CHARLES HARRISON HART born November 15, 1886 Alpha SD and died May 25, 1959; never married

( DOROTHY ELIZABETH HART born September 13, 1889 Alpha SD and died October 6, 1924; married January 6, 1907 Frank McGary born January 18, 1885

( CHARLES ELWIN HART born January 1850 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI

( WILLIAM NILES HART born 1854 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI

( LUCY STEARNS HART born May 1857 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI

( GEORGE WICKHAM CLASON born February 24, 1817 Goshen, Orange, NY and died April 1, 1900 Ukiah, Mendocino, CA; buried there Russian River Cemetery; married January 1, 1839 at Almond, Alleghany Co NY, Naomi Seward [dau of Enos & Lydia (Stevens) Seward] born March 6, 1815 Almond NY and died February 15, 1900 Ukiah CA; buried there; and born to them were:

( PHILIP SCHUYLER CLASON born February 14, 1840 NY; Civil War Vet KIA; buried Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville KY

( CYRUS SEWARD CLASON born January 27, 1842 NY and died February 24, 1924 Denver CO; lived in Lincoln NE; married June 24, 1868 in Pike Co MO, Mabel Elizabeth Stillman and born to them were:

( HORACE STILLMAN CLASON born September 28, 1870 and died August 3, 1951 Napa Co CA; buried Uriak CA; never married – supposedly Horace and his brother Samuel, were the founders of the Clason Map Company of Denver

( GEORGE SAMUEL CLASON born November 7, 1874 Louisiana, Pike, MO and died April 7, 1957 Napa Co CA; attended the U. of Nebraska; served in the US Army during the Spanish-American War; author of a series of pamphlets on thrift and financial success, using parables set in ancient Babylon to make each of his points; most famous of which was the book “Richest Man in Babylon”, which is one of the most read books on how to become rich; published first road atlas of the US and Canada; founded the Clason Map Company in Denver; last few years of his life were spent in Napa CA; married 1st Ida Ann Venable; 2d Anna V. Burt; and born to him and presumably Anna were:



( SARAH CLASON (Sarah C Clason) (Photo) born February 7, 1844 Beaver Dam WI and died October 13, 1920 (February 25, 1932) Yankton, Yankton, SD; married October 10, 1878 in Beaver Dam WI, Anton Veling [son of Joseph & Many Ann (Dietz) Veling] born November 25, 1845 Germany and died February 24, 1932 Yankton SD; and born to them were:

( LERNA D. VELING born December 11, 1879 Yankton SD – never married – wrote a Clason Family history book, Clason Relationships – DAR, Mayflower Descendants, the National Society of Magna Carta, and others


( ROLLO STEVENS CLASON born March 1, 1847 Beaver Dam WI and died March 17, 1928 Spokane WA; married October 22, 1869 Ada Sylvester born c1847 Hampden ME; and born to them were:

( DELLA CLASON born February 1, 1872 Oakland CA and died February 25, 1921 Elizabeth NJ; buried there; married May 6, 1895 in Spokane WA, Jacob Thomas Sperling born June 30, 1862 New Brunswick NJ and died in October 1922 Elizabeth NJ; and born to them were:

( RACHAEL GRANT SPERLING born January 28, 1896 Elizabeth, Union, NJ; married Clayton E. Shaffer

( ELSIE VAN DYKE SPERLING born October 23, 1900 Elizabeth, Union, NJ and died November 21, 1949; married J. Wesley Bulmer and born to them were:

( ELSIE ELIZABETH BULMER born March 18, 1924; married March 9, 1947 Graham Hall; they had 2 kids and were living in Australia

( JOAN DISBROW BULMER born August 12, 1925; married July 29, 1950 Robert Cobb Taylor

NISKAYUNA Robert Cobb Taylor Sr. of Millington Road, Niskayuna, passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early morning hours of Friday, September 23, 2005 at his home. He was 83 years old. Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., the son of Brigadier General William A. Taylor and Helen Fadden Taylor. He attended Poly Preparatory Country Day School in Brooklyn. Mr. Taylor enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942 and served in the European Theater during World War II as a first lieutenant in the 653rd Squadron of the 25th bomb group as a navigator, flying 51 missions in B-17 and Dehaviland Mosquito aircraft. After the war, Bob graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J. He worked for the General Electric Company as a professional engineer for 35 years. He retired from Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in 1986. After retirement, Bob realized his dream of traveling through the USA in his motor home. Robert is survived by his beloved wife of 55 years, Joan; two sons, Robert C. Taylor Jr. of Niskayuna and William A. Taylor and his wife Janet of Bolton, Mass.; three daughters, Patricia E. Taylor of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Joanne M. Taylor of Bolton Landing, N.Y. and Aimee A. Miller of Ballston Spa, N.Y. He is also survived by six grandchildren, Joanna R. Singh of Ware, Mass., Stephanie C. Taylor and Nathan R. Taylor of Bolton, Mass., Catherine (Katy) L. Miller, Rebecca L. Miller and Douglas T. Miller of Ballston Spa, N.Y.; and a great-grandson, Matthew L. Singh of Ware, Mass. Predeceased by his loving son, James Michael Taylor who passed away on August 10, 2005. Relatives and friends are invited to attend a Mass of Christian Burial on Tuesday morning at 9:00 at St. Helen's Church. It is requested no calling hours. Burial with full military honors following the Mass in the Gerald BH Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery, Schuylerville, N.Y. Contributions may be made in Bob's memory to the James Taylor Memorial Fund, 1014 Millington Rd., Niskayuna, NY 12309 or to St. Helen's Church, 1803 Union St., Niskayuna, NY 12309. Arrangements are by the Jones Funeral Home, Schenectady, N.Y. Published in the Albany Times Union from 9/24/2005 - 9/26/2005. Albany NY

( JAMES WESLEY BULMER born April 24, 1927; married a Miss McLean and they had 1 child

( MARY ELLA SPERLING born June 14, 1903 Elizabeth, Union, NJ and died 1981 Winsted CT; married January 20, 1934 Howard Banks Wakeman [son of George Irving Wakeman] born 1901 Thompsonville, Sullivan, NY and died 1981; and born to them were (See Note at beginning of chapter):



( STEVENS CLASON SPERLING born October 5, 1910 Elizabeth, Union, NJ and died 1986; USN Vet WWII, Lieutenant JG; married April 5, 1939 Maplewood NJ, Elizabeth Julia Sommer born March 9, 1913 Newark NJ; and they had 2 kids- lived in Plainfield NJ

( JOHN SYLVESTER SPERLING born January 24, 1914 Elizabeth, Union, NJ and died 1984; married 1st June 24, 1939 Doris Marsh; 2d Margaret {maiden name unk}; and born to him and Doris were 3 kids

( GEORGE W. CLASON born November 17, 1876 Ukiah CA and died October 1, 1930 Spokane WA; buried there; married October 22, 1904 in Spokane, Louise Scheel and born to them were:

( VIOLA CLASON born August 22, 1906; married Lewis Gaskell and had 4 kids

( LESLIE ROLLO CLASON born January 31, 1909 and died March 4, 1974 San Francisco CA; buried there in Fairmont Memorial Park; married Maxine L. {maiden name unk} – adopted son

( ELSIE C. CLASON born December 22, 1880 Ukiah CA and died 1955 Spokane WA; married May 6, 1907 in Spokane, George F. Presten born August 11, 1880 Climax, Kalamazoo, MI; and born to them were:

( CLASON LEROY PRESTEN born April 15, 1908 Spokane WA; married in Spokane, Hazel Augusta Piete born June 14, 1916 and they had 2 kids

( NEAL GEORGE PRESTON born March 3, 1911 Spokane WA and died June 10, 1958 Portland OR; Neal spelled his name Preston, while other in family spelled it Presten; married November 1940 in Wenatchee WA, Ione Keenly born December 6, 1918 and they had 2 kids

( MARK ELROY PRESTEN born September 25, 1917 Spokane WA – lived in Spokane – married October 18, 1941 in Hamilton MT, Helen Fisher – adopted her son from previous marriage

( ALBERT CLASON born March 13, 1850 Beaver Dam WI

( LEAH S. CLASON born May 6, 1852 Beaver Dam WI

( ELLA DIANA CLASON born January 7, 1856 Beaver Dam WI and died April 8, 1938 Portland OR; married in June 1890 in Ukiah CA, Charles Henry Stout born c1860 and died 1908 Ukiah; owned a mine called The Boy Edgar; and born to them were:

( EDGAR VANCE STOUT born November 18, 1892 Ukiah CA and died April 15, 1972; married in Portland OR, Florence Melba Bennett born November 18, 1899 – they lived in Portland OR, and born to them was:

( LORAINE JOYCE STOUT born April 18, 1921; married Gus Anthony Greco born February 16, 1918 and they had 3 kids

( LELEND MILES STOUT (1894-c1913)

( EDNA STOUT died in infancy between 1890-99

( LYDIA CLASON born April 27, 1859

( MICHAEL BOOMHAUER CLASON born May 24, 1818 Goshen, Orange NY and died at Beaver Dam WI (died March 24, 1893 Lonoke AR); buried Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee WI; married 1st April 14, 1843 in Clason Prairie, Dodge Co WI, Sarah A. Phelps [dau of Benjamin & Laura] born September 10, 1825 Constableville, Lewis, NY and died January 6, 1897 Milwaukee WI; buried Forest Home Cemetery; married 2d December 28, 1885 Mary E. Mower (c1822-); lived at Beaver Dam WI; and born to him and Sarah were:

( ADELBERT B. CLASON born October 1, 1844 Dodge Co WI; lived in Bradley WI; married October 25, 1864 Emily Hawkins (1845-); and born to them was:

( MAUDE CLASON born 1866 Dodge Co WI

( ADAH CLASON born in March 1848 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI; married 1870 William Babcock (c1846-); and born to them were:

( SELAH BABCOCK born Dodge Co WI

( WILLIAM BABCOCK born 1878 Dodge Co WI

( SON BABCOCK (1885-)

( ELLA F. CLASON born in August 1855 Dodge Co WI

( JAMES BUCHANAN CLASON born April 17, 1857 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI and died August 25, 1939 Waukesha, Waukesha, WI; resided in Chicago; married December 25, 1879 in Dodge Co WI, Ida Lepelle Perry [dau of William Vorhees & Hannah Marie (McConnell) Perry] born January 1, 1860 Beaver Dam WI and died June 13, 1906 Mountainaire, Torrance, NM; and born to them were:

( ALICE V. L. CLASON born May 25, 1881 Chicago IL

( PERRY BERNARD CLASON born January 27, 1883 Chicago IL

( BERTHA EVALINE CLASON born July 15, 1885 Chicago IL and died in November 1972 CA; married c1915 in WI, LeRoy Herbert Ardern and born to them were:

( JESSE CHIQUITA ARDERN born San Diego CA; married 1939 in Rhinelander, Oneida, WI, Ariel Dwight Damon and born to them were 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( LEROY FRANCIS DAMON born c1944 Superior, Douglas, WI

( MARGARET BERTA ARDERN born San Diego CA; married 1st Edward M. Carroll; 2d 1972 Kenneth White; and born to her and Edward were 2 kids

( ROY REX ARDERN born Spring Brook, Washburg, WA

( ETHEL GERTRUDE CLASON born September 22, 1888 Chicago IL; married 1913 Henry Horn and born to them were:

( DOROTHY HORN born October 1, 1914; married 1st 1939 Frederick Price; 2d 1947 William Bergman; and born to her and Frederick was a child

( DOLORES HORN born December 29, 1916

( JESSE A. CLASON born September 1, 1890 Chicago IL

( EDNA CLASON born May 9, 1891 Dodge Co WI

( RUTH PERRY CLASON born September 4, 1892 Chicago IL and died October 27, 1963 Seattle WA; buried Woodland Memorial Park, Bremerton WA; married October 29, 1909 in Pine Bluff AR, Earl Sidmoth Bale born May 22, 1889 Plattsmouth, Cass, NE; and born to them were:

( CARLEY JAMES BALE born August 6, 1911 Pine Bluff, Jefferson, AR

( MARVIN PERRY BALE born January 8, 1913 Pine Bluff AR

( IDA SARAH BALE born October 2, 1914 Pine Bluff AR and died in Bremerton WA; buried there in Miller-Woodlawn Memorial Park; married September 11, 1931 in Little Rock AR, James Warren Nalley [son of Joseph S. & Elizabeth (Willis) Nalley] born March 9, 1911 Benton, Saline Co, AR and died 1976 Bremerton WA; and they had 11 kids, 2 of which were:

( JEWELL FAYE NALLEY born September 21, 1932 Little Rock AR and died in May 1977 Bremerton WA; buried there in Miller-Woodland Memorial Park; married 1st Roy Vaughn; 2d Mr. Blacklatch and they had 1 child; 3d August 19, 1947 in Bremerton, George B. Lester and they had 2 kids; 4th John F. Simmons; and 5th Mr. Fatham

( RONALD LEE NALLEY born and died August 5, 1948 Bremerton, Kitsap, WA

( EDWARD EARL BALE born August 20, 1917 Pine Bluff AR

( JESSE A. CLASON born October 15, 1860 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI

( MINNIE CLASON born 1863 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI

Born to Michael and his 2d wife, Mary, was (Michael would have been 69 when the child born and Mary would have been c65 ?? – pardon my skepticism):

( SON CLASON (1887-)

( ELIZABETH FERRIS (Betsy) born November 1, 1781 Stamford; married Michael Boomhauer

( MARY FERRIS date of birth unk (1785?), but baptized March 31, 1785 at the Stamford Congregational Church

( RANSFORD AVERY FERRIS JR born September 15, 1786 Stamford; baptised February 11, 1787; and died July 4, 1853; married c1811 Lydia Lockwood ( They were both buried in Woodland Cemetery, Stamford. Ransford was a farmer. He and his wife joined the Congregational (Presbyterian) Church in Goshen NY November 5, 1816 and were dismissed (?) April 28, 1817. Born to them were [note the difference in age between the two daughters]:

( PRUDENCE EMILY FERRIS born June 1, 1812 Norwalk CT; married c1833 Jesse W. Reed [Ebenezer & Elizabeth (Seely) Reed] born March 2, 1811 Norwalk CT and died March 26, 1884 Stamford; buried Woodlawn Cemetery. Jesse was a hat maufacturer between 1850-60. Born to them were:

( JESSE AVERY REED born July 21, 1834 Stamford (New Canaan CT) and died there February 20, 1890; buried Woodland Cemetery. He married August 7, 1860 Martha A. Holly born August 7, 1839 CT and died August 6, 1916 Stamford; buried Woodland Cemetery. Born to them were:

( MARY ELIZABETH REED (Minnie) born March 25, 1861 Stamford and died there June 21, 1895 unmarried; buried Woodland Cemetery.

( FREDERICK REED born 1866 Stamford

( WILLIAM C. REED born 1870 Stamford

( JOHN E. REED born December 21, 1849 Stamford and died there the next day; buried North Street Cemetery.

( STEPHEN A. REED born February 27, 1851 Stamford and died there the next day; buried North Street Cemetery.

( LYDIA ELIZABETH FERRIS born May 7, 1833 Stamford and died there November 13, 1867; buried Woodland Cemetery; married May 19, 1858 in Stamford, George E. Scofield ( – see him for offspring

( APPOLLOS FERRIS (Elvin?) (Apollos) born January 22, 1789 Stamford

( JOSEPH FERRIS born August 1, 1796 Stamford CT and died there March 7, 1872; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery – his headstone reads that he died March 7, 1872 at age 76 years 7months 6 days, which makes his birthdate August 1, 1795, instead of previously reported 1796; married August 16/23, 1820 Sallie Lockwood ( who died January 18, 1860 at age 62y; her headstone has her name as Sally; she is buried in a tiny, neglected cemetery on Riverbank Road at the intersection of Farms Road. [This updated information is from a visit to the cemeteries by Bill Slagle, 1997. Thanks, Bill!] They resided at Long Ridge CT. Born to them were:

( SARAH ELIZABETH FERRIS born October 4, 1823 and died December 25, 1903 Stamford CT; married 1st as his second wife January 19, 1848 in Stamford, Samuel Hoyt Reynolds [son of Timothy & Hannah (Hoyt) Reynolds] born June 20, 1811 Stamford and died there February 25, 1887. Born to Sarah and Samuel were:

( NANCY E. REYNOLDS born December 8, 1848 Stamford and died there February 15, 1849; buried Long Ridge Cemetery, Stamford

( CHARLES EDWARD REYNOLDS born April 16, 1850 Stamford; married November 27, 1873 Maria L. Blauvelt born April 13, 1848 and died June 30, 1929; and born to them were:

( EDWINA ELIZABETH REYNOLDS born January 27, 1875 and died September 10, 1882

( CHARLES FRANKLIN REYNOLDS born April 24, 1877; married August 9, 1899 Elizabeth Bridge

( ADELLA LOUISE REYNOLDS (1883-) married 1917 George A. Kuhner

( ALVIN S. REYNOLDS born January 1, 1855 Stamford and died there May 2, 1943; 1900 carpenter; married 1914 Margaret W {mnu} born June 4, 1896 CT and died June 18, 1930 Stamford; both buried there Long Ridge Cemetery; and born to them were:

( MILDRED REYNOLDS born 1912 Stamford

( ALICE M REYNOLDS born June 1918 Stamford

( CELIA E. REYNOLDS born April 23, 1856 Stamford and died there August 5, 1856; buried Long Ridge Cemetery

( WESLEY B. REYNOLDS born in January 1860 Stamford and died there March 11, 1861; buried Long Ridge Cemetery

( SAMUEL E. REYNOLDS born August 1, 1862 Stamford and died there August 20, 1862; buried Long Ridge Cemetery

( HARVEY LOCKWOOD FERRIS born February 24, 1827 and died May 24, 1885; married Frances C. Finch born December 17, 1829 and died March 17, 1889. Born to them was:

( ELIZABETH FERRIS born 1858/9 and died April 17, 1864

( JOHN HENRY FERRIS born March 5, 1836 Stamford CT and died there December 31, 1899; married Phebe Waters (Phoebe Hester Waters) born February 26, 1838 CT and died January 14, 1912. In 1860, John was a cooper. Both buried at the Long Ridge Cemetery, Stamford CT. Born to John and Phebe were:

( RANSFORD FERRIS born October 15, 1861 Stamford CT

( STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS FERRIS born June 26, 1863 Stamford CT and died there March 19, 1876; buried there in Long Ridge Cemetery

( SARAH FERRIS (c1865-) married Frank Simmons

( AVERY FERRIS (c1867-)

( ARTHUR FERRIS (c1869-)

( EDITH LILLIAN FERRIS born June 30, 1876 and died June 16, 1896 Stamford CT; buried there in Long Ridge Cemetery

( EDWARD AUGUSTUS FERRIS born c1840 and died September 14, 1918; married Sarah Lyon (1848-1922)


( ELIAS FERRIS – not listed in most sources – no other info available

( ISAAC FERRIS – not listed in most sources – no other info available

( DEBORAH FERRIS born July 17/19, 1763; baptized January 6, 1764 at the Stamford 1st Congregational Church. Deborah was judged incompetent by the court on September 4, 1837. She married January 5, 1780 at Stamford (Greenwich), Stephen Holly Jr.,{his name is recorded as Stephen Hobby in a marriage register}[son of Stephen & Lois (Todd) Holly] born January 12, 1763, Stamford and died there March 23, 1833. He was a Revolutionary War Vet (File #W21354), who entered the War as a substitute for his brother, Silas, serving March – September, 1779 in the Coast Guard Artillery under Colonel John Mead; in the fall of 1779, he Stephen was drafted to guard in Stamford for two months under Captain Reuben Scofield; in January, 1780 he enlisted in the State Troops, called Rangers, under Captain Isaac Howe and Lieutenant John Mead for two months; on June 7, 1781 he was taken prisoner and confined to the Sugar House at New York City for three months, when he was exchanged. They lived in Greenwich, but moved to Stamford, 1788, residing at Hunting Ridge. Born to them were:

( SILAS HOLLY born November 16, 1781 Stamford and died there March 4, 1861; buried there Scofield Cemetery #3; 1850 farmer; 1860-61 cooper; married March 28, 1813 at Long Ridge-Stamford, Rhoda Sherwood born April 1794 Stamford; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL AUGUSTUS HOLLY born August 22, 1812 (born before his parents were married?) (or 1815 which makes more sense) and died August 22, 1897 Stamford; buried there Scofield Cemetery #3; 1850 shoemaker; married 1st Phebe Seely born January 1, 1817 and died August 24, 1850 Stamford; 2d May 8, 1853 in Stamford, (Amelia) Elizabeth Ingersoll (1814-1890) (; and born to him and Phebe were:

( LOIS AMELIA HOLLY born October 19/29, 1838 Stamford and died there May 30, 1914; married March 17, 1855 in Stamford, Henry Ellsworth Scofield [son of Lewis & Sarah Ann (Palmer) Scofield] born March 4, 1832/40 Stamford and died January 19, 1892 (January 17, 1906); both buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford; 1880 engineer; and born to them was:

( MARY E SCOFIELD born 1856 Stamford

( JOHN MORTON HOLLY (John Marten Holly) born May 31, 1840 Stamford and died January 19, 1892; married Ella Abitha Waterbury and born to them was:

( WILLIAM PERCY HOLLY born June 23, 1879 and died February 1957; married Mary Frances Close born December 11, 1879 and died January 1968

( JANE ANN HOLLY born 1844 Stamford

( MARY ALETHEA HOLLY born 1846 Stamford and died there 1901

( STEPHEN C HOLLY born 1848 Stamford

Born to Samuel and his 2d wife, Elizabeth, was:

( FRANK CORWIN HOLLY born August 22, 1859 Stamford and died there October 1, 1897; married Ellen Josephine Studwell [dau of Edgar & Cornelia M (Smith) Studwell] born March 7, 1859 Stamford and died there December 10, 1952; both buried there Long Ridge Cemetery; and born to them was:

( ELLA JOSEPHINE HOLLY born March 2, 1888 and died April 24, 1965 Stamford; buried there Long Ridge Cemetery; unmarried


( LYDIA LOUISE HOLLY born 1822 Stamford; married December 31, 1834 in Stamford, Thomas Givens (1818-)

( SARAH “Sally” HOLLY born May 4, 1784 Stamford and died August 31, 1854 Stanwich-Stamford CT; married February 5, 1804 at Stanwich, William Scofield [son of Billy & Elizabeth (Ayers) Scofield] born c1774/75 at Pound Ridge, Westchester Co., NY (Stamford CT) and died June 29, 1842 Stanwich-Stamford CT. William was a Congregationalist, a veteran of the War of 1812 [he is listed as William, Jr., served in Company 3, commanded by Peter Smith, lieutenant, Colonel Samuel Dean’s regiment, September 8-12, 1813; they spent four days on Shippan Point after the company was called out on the appearance of a hostile fleet – they received 20 cents per day.] and by occupation, a farmer and a cooper. Born to them were:

( ELIZA MARIA SCOFIELD born September 1815 (October 29, 1810) Stanwich-Stamford CT and died March 18, 1868 Stamford; both she and her husband were buried in the Holly Family Plot, Sarles Farm, Hunting Ridge- Stamford (Woodland Cemetery); married November 9, 1832 at Stanwich, William Walmsley Youngs [son of William & Elizabeth Elwood (Walmsley) Youngs] born March 3, 1809 Stamford and died there May 31, 1874; and born to them were:

( MARY E YOUNGS born 1836 Stamford CT; married c1857 Theodore Daleroy (1835-); and born to them was:

( IDA F DALEROY (1858-)

( SARAH J YOUNGS born 1840 Stamford

( ANN E YOUNGS born 1846 Stamford

( CHARLES EDWIN YOUNGS born September 3, 1847 Stamford and died there January 15, 1848

( CHARLES WILLIAM SCOFIELD born July 25, 1816 Stamford and died there December 14, 1881; died intestate; both he and his wife were buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford. Charles was a Methodist Episcopal and a builder (mason) by occupation. He married November 30, 1842 at Stanwich-Stamford, Cordelia Ingersoll ( Born to them were:

( WILLIAM SCOFIELD born March 23, 1844 Stamford and died there May 29, 1921; buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford CT; married, lady’s name unk; no offspring

( ADA AUGUSTA SCOFIELD born c1846 Stamford; married August 20, 1887 at Stamford, as his 2d wife, George William Dean born c1832 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY.

( GERTRUDE SCOFIELD born 1848 Stamford and probably died in Topeka KS; married a Mr. Leighton and they purportedly had 6 children, including twins

( SARAH ELIZABETH SCOFIELD born March 4, 1850 Stamford and died there, March 5, 1922; married October 4, 1870 at Stamford, Richard Henry Gillespie (son of John & Mary (Cunningham) Gillespie) born August 13, 1848 County Louth, Ireland and died September 7, 1911 at Denver CO. Both were buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford. They were Presbyterian. Richard was involved in the printing and newspaper publishing business (Advocate) and a Republican in politics. Born to them were:

( RICHARD HENRY GILLESPIE, JR., born August 13, 1877 at Stamford and died there January 15, 1941; buried with his wife at Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford; he graduated from Stamford High School 1895; first associated with the Advocate job printing department, then opened the firm’s New York office in 1900 and remained in charge of it for 11y; the firm being incorporated as Gillespie Brothers, Inc., in 1905, he was made secretary, and upon the death of his father in 1911, because treasurer and general manager of The Stamford Advocate; he added the duties of editor-in-chief in 1923 when his uncle E. T. W. Gillespie died; he was vice president and director of the Fidelity Title and Trust Co and director of the Stamford Savings Bank; a former member of the Chamber of Commerce, he was a member of the organization’s board of directors for many years; also a director of the YWCA, the Morris Plan Bank, the Stamford Boys’ Club, the Stamford Gun Club, the Stamford Hospital, and the Ferguson Library, among involvement in other organizations; they followed the Presbyterian faith and the Republican party; married October 12, 1908 at Stamford, Sarah Ann Barrett Pounds, a singer, born August 18, 1880 Patterson NJ and died March 15, 1948 Stamford. Born to them were:

( RICHARD HENRY GILLESPIE III born December 11, 1909 Stamford and died there January 23, 1911; buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford.

( RICHARD HENRY GILLESPIE, JR., born January 23, 1912, Stamford and died September 30, 1996, Ponus Ridge CT; buried at Lakeview Cemetery. Richard was a 1937 graduate of Trinity College, Hartford and received his Masters of Business Administration from Harvard, 1939. He served in the Army during WWII; assigned to the Philippine Islands and was a Lieutenant Colonel when he retired. Richard was the circulation editor and a former principal owner of The Stamford Advocate. He was a director of the Branford Electric Railway and a past master of Harmony Lodge No. 67, A.F. and A.M., New Canaan and was a former president of the Kiwanis Club in Stamford as well as in New Canann. He was a past president of the New England Association of Circulation Managers and of the Woodland Cemetery Association in Stamford and he belonged to the Stamford Yacht Club, the Railway and Historical Society and the New Canaan Congregational Church. [Jim – An interesting note: Richard was a member of the wedding party of William Addington Slagle, Jr., and Harriet Francis Ferris; they did not know they were distantly related.] He married January 23, 1912 at Petersburg VA Ruth Gladys Underhill born February 20, 1918 Ridgefield CT and died before her husband. Born to them were:

( R. DAVID GILLESPIE of Fairfield CT

( LEE GILLESPIE of New Canaan CT

( DAVID POUNDS GILLESPIE born November 2, 1916 Stamford and died there May 23, 1918; buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford

( JEAN GILLESPIE born August 21, 1923 Stamford; living 1996 Stamford; married February 5, 1949 at Stamford, William Belsito born August 3, 1920; no children

( ELIZABETH BARRETT GILLESPIE born March 11, 1920 Stamford; living 1996 New York City; married May 24, 1941 at Darien-Stamford, William Sperry Beinecke (Photo) [son of Frederick] born May 22, 1914 New York City. Through Mem’ry’s Haze: A Personal Memoir by William Sperry Beinecke and Geoffrey M Kabaservice; the book tells the story of the century through his life; from the Plaza Hotel, built by his immigrant grandfather, to the boardroom of the Sperry and Hutchinson Company, the organization behind the famous S&H Green Stamps; from student days at boarding school and Yale and Columbia Law School to his role in creating Yale’s business school; from hard times in the Depression and wartime service to prosperity as CEO of one the nation’s largest corporations. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale 1936 and graduated from Columbia Law School 1940; served as a Lieutenant Commander, USN, WWII; after the war, he was a lawyer in NYC and co-founded the firm of Casey, Beinecke & Chase; became general counsel, president, chairman and CEO of The Sperry and Hutchinson Co, the nation’s largest trading stamp company retiring in 1980; the company is still operating (2006) as S&H Solutions; the ‘Net has tons of info on Beinecke, i.e., Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale, the Beinecke Scholarship Program which was founded in 1971 by the Board of Directors of the S&H Co to honor the Beinecke brothers; the Beinecke Foundation; and born to them were:

( RICK BEINECKE – is the same guy, Chairman of the Board for Catalina Marketing Corp?

( SARAH BEINECKE – married a Mr Ricardson; she is a director and officer of The Sperry Fund; member of board of trustees for Save the Bay (Narragansett Bay)

( JOHN BEINECKE – director and vice president of The Sperry Fund?

( FRANCES BEINECKE – is this the Francis who is the president of the Natural Resources Council in 2006; she was executive director 1998-2005 and has been with this organization for more than 30y; bachelors degree from Yale and a master’s from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; co-chairs the Leadership Council of the School of Forestry, serves on the advisory board of Yale’s Institute of Biospheric Studies and is a member of the steering committee of the Energy Future Coalition; also serves on the boards of the World Resources Institute and New York Leaque of Conservation Voters – same lady? Photo on ‘Net

( WILLIAM FREDERICK GILLESPIE born November 19, 1878 Stamford and died there March 17, 1952; Secretary & Treasurer of the Stamford Rubber Supply Co; married 1st November 24, 1908 at New York City, Mabel Grace Miner born March 15, 1880 New York City and died June 23, 1943 Stamford; married 2d December 30, 1946 probably at Stamford, widow Jetta Rowena (Bailey) Hall born April 28, 1889 East Masonville NY. William and Mabel are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford

( EDNA GILLESPIE born August 4, 1880 Stamford and died there June 16, 1969; buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford; never married

( JEFFREY BROCK GILLESPIE born March 23, 1883 Stamford and died there September 6, 1886; buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford.

( SCHYLER WOOD GILLESPIE (Schuyler) born September 26, 1884 Stamford and died there January 3, 1942; married December 2, 1931 at New Haven CT Grace Elizabeth Crowe born there October 4, 1906

( ELSIE RUTH GILLESPIE born 1887 Stamford and died there November 16, 1961; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford; unmarried

( VALINE MARGUERITE GILLESPIE (Valina) born January 14, 1890 Stamford and died November 15, 1973 New Canaan CT; married September 12, 1929 at Stony Brook NY Eugene Carson Blake (Photos) born November 7, 1906 St. Louis MO and died July 31, 1985 Stamford; American Protestant Church leader in the 1950s and 60s; educated at Princeton U and the U of Edinburgh; 1928-29 he taught at the Forman Christian College in Lahore; 1935-51 he was minister of Presbyterian churches in America; 1951-58 he was stated clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, and of the United Presbyterian Church until 1966; second general secretary of the World Council of Churches;

( KINGSLEY ALEXANDER GILLESPIE born August 15, 1895 Stamford and died April 1984

( JANE ELIZA SCOFIELD born November 27, 1851 Stamford and died there October 16, 1924; married November 24, 1874 at Stamford, Elijah Vanderwerken [son of George Scott & Mary Ann (Heemstreet) Vanderwerken] born October 29, 1845 Greenbush, Rensselaer, NY and died October 16, 1942 Stamford; both buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford; Elijah attended the Academy at Mechanicville NY; clerked for his uncle, Thomas P Crook, at his wholesale provision establishment at Albany; he became a member of L. P. Crouse & Co of Hudson NY; moved to Stamford 1871 and was employed with Andrew Clar, jeweler; he then traveled for 9y with the Yale and Towne Lock Co; 1885 founded his own jewelry business at 45 Atlantic St in Stamford; claimed he voted Republican since Abe Lincoln; retired 1915 and took up bee-raising; served as president of the Connecticut Apiary Association; deacon of the Stamford Presbyterian Church; and born to them were:

( LILLIAN MAUD VANDERWERKEN born September 29, 1875 Stamford and died there December 31, 1940; buried Lakeview Cemetery, New Canaan; school teacher and assistant principal

( GEORGE SCOFIELD VANDERWERKEN born March 23, 1877 Stamford and died March 26, 1933; married June 30, 1908 Grace Dean [dau of George W]

( CHARLES W. VANDERWERKEN born October 19, 1878 Stamford and died August 21, 1886

( HELEN LOUISE VANDERWERKEN born April 30, 1880 Stamford and died (May) April 27, 1957; registered nurse – helped her sister raise white mice

( ETHEL VANDERWERKEN born October 19, 1884 Stamford and died there September 4, 1886

( GERTRUDE AMELIA VANDERWERKEN born January 22, 1886 Stamford; married June 30, 1913 Ralph Judson Farnham [son of Henry & Marcia (Skinner) Farnham] born September 17, 1887 and died October 30, 1947; and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( GILBERT HENRY FARNHAM born March 19, 1913 Lynbrook, L. I., NY and died March 24, 1914

( MARION VANDERWERKEN born August 2, 1887 Stamford

( IRENE VANDERWERKEN born January 7, 1889 Stamford; registered nurse; raised white mice for 12y; married August 20, 1923 Ambrose Paul Vezina – divorced 1932 – maybe be tired of the white mice?

( GILBERT HENRY VANDERWERKEN born May 9, 1890 Stamford and died in October 1977; married apparently 1st September 1, 1915 Irene Winifred Marcus – divorced 1921; married apparently 2d a Miss Burke and they had 5 kids

( WALTER VANDERWERKEN born January 21, 1892 Stamford and died there February 28, 1961

( CHARLES SCOFIELD (I) born December 27, 1853 Stamford and died young

( MARY ELLA SCOFIELD (Nellie) born November 3, 1856 Stamford and died there, December 15, 1931 (1934); buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford; unmarried.

( KATE SCOFIELD born March 16, 1857 Stamford and died there January 20, 1891; married December 28, 1882 at Stamford, as his 1st wife, Frank Wilson Nichols [son of Zachariah B. & Margaret M. (Wilson) Nichols] born March 8, 1855 Stamford and died there October 10, 1915; both buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Stamford. Frank had been a teacher for 25 of his 60 years when he died; born in Stamford, he spent the greater part of his life there where he taught in the public schools; for 20y he was principal of the Henry Street and Cove Schools; a musician of ability and served as organist in local churches for many years; he took an interest in the Stamford Choral Society and helped in its organization; and born to them were:

( HAROLD ROBERT NICHOLS (Harold Samuel Roberts Nichols) born November 6, 1883 Stamford; married 1908 Jennie S {mnu} born 1880 CT

( BENJAMIN WILSON NICHOLS born October 21, 1885 Stamford

( CHARLES W. SCOFIELD, Jr., born February 22, 1860 Stamford and died, date unknown, probably at Hartford CT; married c1885, Cadilia {maiden name unk} but born to them were:



( FRANKLIN SCOFIELD born July 14, 1864 Stamford and died there February 22, 1943; married June 11, 1890 at Stamford, Georgianna Hoyt ( and born to them was an only child:

( MIRIAM SCOFIELD born January 9, 1911 Stamford; unmarried in 1946 and a Nurse in New York City

( GEORGE SCOFIELD born c1862 and died in infancy

( HARRY SCOFIELD born c1866 and died in infancy

( CARRIE SCOFIELD died in infancy

( PHOEBE (PHEBE) HOLLY born January 5, 1788 Stamford and died May 8, 1857 Hunting Ridge-Stamford; married at Stanwich, as his 2d wife, in or after 1816/17, Hezron Scofield [son of William (Billy) & Elizabeth (Ayres) Scofield] [brother-in-law was brother] born February 27, 1786 Stamford and died February 5, 1866 Hunting Ridge (Stamford) age 80y 11m 9d; buried Scofield Cemetery #3, Stamford. Hezron was affiliated with the Stanwich Congregational Church and buried in the Holly Family Cemetery, Hunting Ridge – Stamford CT. His first wife was Mary Webb and they had a daughter, Julia A. Born to Phebe and Hezron were:

( HENRY E. SCOFIELD born May 1818 Stamford and died there November 27, 1878; 1850 he was a cooper, a carpenter; married c1842 Lydia Ann Provost born January 30, 1823 Stamford; and born to them were:

( EMILY A. SCOFIELD born July 1844 Stamford

( HENRIETTA A. SCOFIELD born 1847 Stamford

( FRANK SCOFIELD born May 22, 1856 Stamford

( WILLIAM E. SCOFIELD born March 3, 1858 Stamford

( ARTHUR M. SCOFIELD born 1862 Stamford

( HULDAH J SCOFIELD born October 28, 1820 and died December 17, 1898; married John W. Lockwood ( ; both buried Lockwood Cemetery #5, Stamford see him for offspring

( ANN SCOFIELD (c1822-)

( HARRIET E. SCOFIELD born June 30, 1830 Stamford and died there October 29, 1884; buried there Northfield Cemetery; married as his 2d wife, January 8, 1855 in Stamford, Robert Scofield (

( CLARISSA ‘Clary’ HOLLY born October 27, 1790 Stamford and died there November 25, 1858; married at Stanwich, Philander Smith [son of Dr. Isaac & Abigail (Waring) Smith] [Dr. Smith was a Rev. War Veteran, #W3537] born December 4, 1788 Stamford and died September 13, 1841 Stanwich. Born to them was (probably others):

( JAMES WILLIAM SMITH (Photograph) born July 8, 1810 Stamford CT and died November 30, 1887 Koloa, Kauai; buried there at the family cemetery; married April 18, 1842 at Greenwich CT, Mellicent Knapp ( (Photograph). James was educated at Stamford and at the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons; received his M.D., 1834; practiced for five years in New York City before joining the Mission; ordained to the ministry, July 1854, at Koloa, Kauai. Dr. and Mrs. Smith were members of the Tenth Company which sailed from Boston MA, May 2, 1842 on the brig Sarah Abigail, which arrived at Honolulu, September 21, 1842, a voyage of 143 days. They were stationed at Koloa, November 1842, where he labored the rest of his life. As the only physician on the island, his medical labors were arduous and he was subject to frequent and sudden calls to rapid rides to Hanalei 40 miles in one direction and Waimea, 12 miles in the other. He was released from the A.B.C.F.M., 1851. In 1880, he made a brief visit to the U.S. Melicent established the Koloa Boarding School for Girls in 1861/2 and maintained it for 10 years. Born to them were:

( EMMA CLARISSA SMITH born November 10, 1834 (1843) Koloa, Kauai, HI and died 1920 (Emma Lottie Smith) unmarried; initially Emma and her sister Charlotte, helped their mother teach at the boarding school that Melicent opened in 1862 for girls from 5 to 12 years

( CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH SMITH born April 28, 1845 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii and died June 3, 1896, Honolulu HI; married January 10, 1872 in Honolulu, Alfred Stedman Hartwell [son of Stedman & Rebecca (Perry) Hartwell] born June 11, 1836 (1835) West Dedham MA and died August 30, 1912 Honolulu, HI. Alfred graduated from Harvard, 1858, and the same year was appointed tutor in Washington University, St. Louis MO. The Hartwells of America Newsletter refers to an Alfred Stedman Hartwell who served originally from Missouri and later from Massachusetts, ending his distinguishing military career as an officer of color regiment – apparently same guy. In the spring of 1861, he enlisted in the 3d Regiment, Home Guards. He later returned east and entered Harvard Law School. In 1862, he enlisted as a Private in the Massachusetts Volunteers rising to the rank of brev. Brig. General. After arriving in Hawaii, he practiced law and served 3 terms as Attorney General. In 1868, he was appointed First Assistant Justice of the Superior Court of the Hawaiian Islands. He was an Associate Justice from 1904-07 and Chief Justice, 1907-11; owned a large number of shares in the Hawaiian Sugar Company, the distribution of which became the subject of Supreme Court of Hawaii Case – see ‘Net. Born to them were:

( MABEL REBECCA HARTWELL born April 5, 1873 Honolulu HI and died there April 4, 1934; married 1897 Alfred Townsend

( EDITH MELLICENT HARTWELL born May 25, 1874 Honolulu HI and died 1964; married October 12, 1895 in Honolulu, Alfred Wellington Carter (A.W.) [son of Samuel & Harriet (Layman) Carter] born April 22, 1867 and died 1949; need to read Loyal to the Land, The Legendary Parker Ranch 750-1950 by Dr. Billy Bergin to learn about this interesting man. Born to them were 4 kids, 3 of which were:

( ALFRED HARTWELL CARTER (Photo) “Hartwell” born December 1, 1896 Honolulu HI; completed his primary school at the Valley School in Nu’uanu and graduated from Punahou School in 1915; raised on O’ahu by his mother, Hartwell’s upbringing had strong Honolulu influences, but by age 12, he could frequently be found on the Parker Ranch alongside his father or ranch hands during school vacations. In 1915, he left home for Harvard where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in 1919. Hartwell succeeded his father as the Parker Ranch Manager in 1937 – see Loyal to the Land, The Legendary Parker Ranch 750-1950 by Dr. Billy Bergin.

( EDITH MELLICENT CARTER “Edie” born February 17, 1898; married H Ernest Podmore

( DOROTHY LAYMAN CARTER born September 29, 1899 and died January 22, 1901; buried Oahu Cemetery


( MADELINE PERRY HARTWELL born May 26, 1875 Honolulu HI and died 1941/61; married 1899 Albert Francis Judd II – descendant of the Judd family who came to Hawaii to spread Christianity but stayed on as adviser to the Hawaiian Kingdom and trusted confidant of the royal family; and in generation became landed gentry. In 1908, Albert joined the board of trusttes of Kamchameha Schools, which at that time also governed Bishop Museum. In the 1920s, he began placing items from the personal papers of his father and grandfather in the museum, but maintained control over who could access them. Born to them were:

( ALBERT FRANCIS JUDD III died March 2006 age 96y – with his death, the Judd Papers in the Bishop Museum passed to the museum and what they reveal may change Hawaiian history.


( CHARLOTTE LEE HARTWELL born October 22, 1876 Honolulu HI and died September 3, 1909 S. Natick MA, in childbirth; married Charles Henry Chater; and born to them was:

( CHARLES HARTWELL CHATER born August 30, 1909

( JULIETTE HARTWELL “Lottie Lee” born July 27, 1879 Honolulu HI and died October 14, 1918 New York NY; flu epidemic of 1918; married May 18, 1912 in Honolulu, Olaf Lauritz Sorensen [son of Thomas Mads & Karen Sophie (Larsen) Sorensen who were both born in Denmark – Mads arrived in Honolulu at age 29 in 1856 – he was a ship builder and among his customers was the King of the Hawaiian Islands] born December 12, 1871, Honolulu HI and died there, 1951/3 (1931). Born to them was:

( CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH SORENSEN born March 11, 1915 Honolulu HI; married 1st 1935 John Norman Schenck born October 11, 1911 NY and died 1943 Honolulu; married 2d 1944 in Honolulu, David Paul Johnson born May 18, 1915 OK and died April 23, 1993 New Braunfels TX. Paul was a Navy Veteran and he adopted Patricia and Barbara. Born to Charlotte and John were:

( PATRICIA DOROTHY SCHENCK (JOHNSON) born January 4, 1937 Honolulu; married November 21, 1956 at Nowata OK, Jerry Dow Edinger born March 16, 1936 Lenapah, Nowata, OK [Pat is the provider of the information for this twig of the Tree – thanks Pat for sharing this information with us!] Jerry is an Army veteran, who served 21 years, with tours in Germany, Kansas, Virginia, Texas, Vietnam and attended the University of Tennessee for his Master’s Degree in Transportation. After his retirement from the Army, Jerry went back to school and got a law degree from the U. of Houston. He worked in the trust department of a bank, 1983-95. They reside in Austin TX. Born to them were:

( DAVID DOW EDINGER born October 18, 1957 Norman OK; married May 27, 1977 in San Antonio TX, Catherine Boyd born May 25, 1957 – divorced 1989. David works in the airplane refurbishment industry. Born to them was:

( WILLIAM J. EDINGER born November 15, 1985 San Antonio TX.

( JOHN WALTER EDINGER, Ph.D. born May 26, 1959 Norman OK; U of Texas B.A., 1981; U of Texas MA in Philosophy 1985; U of Texas Doctor of Philosophy 1987; married January 8, 1983 in Austin TX, Susan Kee born October 19, 1960 OK. Walter teaches medical ethics to doctors at the Medical College of Ohio; Associate Professor of Medicine Humanities; and born to them were:

( KARLTON DOW EDINGER born February 28, 1993 Toledo OH

( JULIA FAY EDINGER born March 30, 1995 Toledo OH

( SHARON LEA EDINGER born December 25, 1960 Honolulu HI; married June 22, 1996 in Austin TX, Duane K. Schlosser born July 11, 1954 NY; Sharon works in the computer industry.

( BARBARA JULIETTE SCHENCK (JOHNSON) born 1938 Honolulu HI; married 1st 1960 in Nowata OK, Robert Scheffler (1939-); married 2d August 10, 1979 in NY Douglas Coughlin born March 28, 1933 Ausable Forks NY. Born to Barbara and Robert were:

( JULIE ANN SCHEFFLER born August 10, 1963 Richman KY; married September 16, 1995 in NY Donald Hotaling born December 1961 NY; and born to Julie were:

( CHRISTOPHER SCHEFFLER born December 2, 1992 Hudson NY

( ELIZABETH HOTALING born July 16, 1994 Albany NY

( ROBERT G. SCHEFFLER born October 5, 1964 Pittsfield MA; married Karen Brucker born July 9, 1963 NY; and born to them were:

( KATHLEEN R. SCHEFFLER born December 31, 1988 Schenectady NY

( KLYE ROBERT SCHEFFLER born September 11, 1990 Schenectady NY

( KELLEY MARIE SCHEFFLER born March 21, 1994 Hudson NY

( CHARLES ATHERTON HARTWELL born November 5 (27), 1880 Honolulu HI and died 1969; Harvard Class of 1903; married 1st January 21, 1908 in Honolulu, Cordelia Judd Carter [dau of Henry Alpheus Pierce & Syibil Augusta (Judd) Carter] born May 18, 1876 Honolulu and died February 21, 1921; 2d Harriet Grace Hatch. Born to Charles and Cordelia were:

( MARTHA HARTWELL born October 12, 1908; married 1st November 4, 1931 in NY, Paul Wysard and 2d Elmer Emil Schert; and born to Martha and Paul were 3 kids, 1 of which was:

( PAUL LAWRENCE WYSARD born July 24, 1936; one of the original board of directors of the Koloa Scholarship Fund as a representative of the Hartwell Family

( ALFRED STEDMAN HARTWELL II (Bill), M.D., (Photo) born May 24, 1910 Newton Lower Falls MA and died October 29, 1982; attended the Punahou School for several years and was a member of the class of 1929; returned to the mainland to finish his schooling at Wesminster; B.A from Harvard 1934 and in 1938 graduated cum laude from Harvard Medical School; interned at Hartford Hospital in Hartford CT; served as resident in medicine at Pratt Diagnostic Hospital, Boston and was cardiac assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital; married 1st in 1935, Nancy Ann Herrick – divorced 1954; married 2d Helena P. Dawley (Helena Ponti). Dr. Hartwell went to Hawaii in 1941 to serve as medical resident at Queen’s Hospital and was appointed Medical Director in 1942; resigned that position in 1943 to enter private practice with the Straub Clinic and was associated with that group until his retirement in 1977; first Board Certified cardiologist in Hawaii in 1947; founder of Hawaii Heart Association (President 1965-66); and born to him and Nancy were:

( MARY HARTWELL married William Truesdell

( CORDELIA HARTWELL married Charles Puttkammer – is this the same Charles that had an international consulting business, closed it down and open an inn at Millrace Pond, Hope, New Jersey?

( ALFRED STEDMAN HARTWELL III – is this the same Alfred Stedman Hartwell III, of San Francisco, that married January 21, 1994 Carolyn Michelle Young, of San Francisco?

( JULIE HARTWELL married William Riker

Born to Charles and his second wife, Harriet, were:

( ALICIA HARTWELL (1923-) married Lyttleton Brockenbrough Ensey; “Cdr. "Broke" Ensey [CDR Lyttleton B. Ensey, USN] became skipper in April 1953 after shore duty assignment.  After a brief shaky start, Skipper Ensey was the "best" ship-handler I’ve known.” – same guy? 

( CHARLOTTE LEE HARTWELL (1924-1991) married 1946 David Harrington Bagley [son of David Worth & Mary Louise (Harrington) Bagley, Admiral] born December 7, 1920 The Hague, Netherlands and died April 7, 1992 at his home in Vienna VA; US Naval Academy Class of 1944 which graduated June 1943; distinguished Naval career retiring in 1977 as Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe; he was an enthusiastic amateur genealogist after retiring from the Navy; both buried Arlington National Cemetery; Charlotte was a cum laude graduate of Dominican College in San Rafael CA and had published poetry in publications such as Redbook magazine; and born to them were:

( MARIE LOUISE BAGLEY married a Mr. Luddy


( PETER H BAGLEY, Dr (Photo) – same guy? – George Washington U School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.; residency and fellowship at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego; Clinical Associate Professor at U Mass – Adult Pulmonary Medicine in Worcester MA


( LAURA BAGLEY married a Mr. Ridderhof

( CHARLES ATHERTON HARTWELL, Jr., (1929-) Class of Harvard 1952 – listed as deceased – same guy?; married Margaret Phillips Burgwin and born to them were:


( CHARLES ATHERTON HARTWELL III (1963-) married Carolyn Michelle Young

( BERNICE HARTWELL born August 15, 1882 Honolulu HI

( ALICE DOROTHY HARTWELL born July 27, 1884; married June 3, 1914 in Honolulu, Ferdinand Frederick Hedemann (Photo) [son of Christian J & Meta (Nissen) Hedemann – Danish Consul for Hawaii] born November 2, 1879 Hana, Maui and died July 26, 1927 Honolulu; received his early education at Punahou School and Oahu College; 1899 he entered Harvard from which he graduated 1903; medical degree granted by Columbia U 1907; following his graduation he went abroad for two years of study at the U of Vienna where he specialized in children’s diseases; returning to Honolulu in 1909, he began his medical practice; during WWI, he joined the USN and served as a physician at Mare Island CA becoming a Lieutenant; a visiting physician at Queen’s and Children’s Hospitals; and born to them were:

( FERDINAND FREDERICK HEDEMANN JR – Ferdinand F. Hedemann of Kaneohe, retired past president of Hawaiian Hauling and Oahu Transport Companies, died Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1996 in Kaneohe. Nedermann, 78, was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Irene; sons George Christian and Edward Langdon; daughter Rebecca Lynn; sister Juliette Howard; and three grandchildren.

( JULIETTE HEDEMANN married Lewis W Howard Jr

( MARY ARABELLA SMITH born November 27, 1846 Koloa, Hauai, HI and died age 2y

( WILLIAM OWEN SMITH (W.O.) (Photograph) born August 4, 1848 Koloa, Kauai, HI and died April 13, 1929 at his Nu’uanu home. As soon as William was old enough, he accompanied his father on his emergency rides all over the island. The young boy learned to speak fluent Hawaiian and developed a commitment to quiet, unheroic charity that would largely pass unnoticed, but which would be the guardian of his conscience all his life. His early education was the Rev. Daniel Dole’s school at Koloa. His parents later sent him to Punahou, which he left to work on a sugar plantation, laboring the fields in summer and the boiling house in the winter. After three years, he was easily persuaded to continue his education and went off to the Massachusetts Agricultural College at Amherst. Upon his return to Hawaii in 1870, he served as Sheriff of Kauai for two years. While working in a similar capacity on Maui, he became acquainted with Judge Alfred S. Hartwell, who guided him into a career in law, and who became his brother-in-law. W.O. was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the Kingdom, 1875. He was deputy attorney general of the Kingdom for nearly seven years, and later, attorney general of both the Provisional Government and the Republic. He also served as President of the Board of Health. He was elected to the Hawaiian Legislature, serving intermittently for 20 years and through four governments: the Kingdom, the Provisional Government, the Republic, and the Territory. He was president of the Territorial Senate during his last two years in office. Smith was on nearly every important board of directors in his day, serving as president of the Guardian Trust Company, President of the Bishop Trust Company, an incorporator of Haleakala Ranch, and trustee of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association, the Bishop Estate, Alexander Young Estate, Lunalilo Estate and, of course, the Queen Ililuokalani Trust and Childrens Hospital. He was director of many corporations, including the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company and Alexander & Baldwin Ltd. He carried his propensity for being in the thick of things into the private arena and was president of the board of trustees of KawaiaHao Church, a charter member of Central Union Church, a member of Koloa Church and chairman of the finance committee of the Hawaiian Board of American Missionaries. He was also the founder of the Christian Endeavor Society, a charitable group. Socially, he was a member of the Pacific, University and Oahu County clubs. He married Mary Abbey ‘Minnie’ Hobron, a ‘Maui girl’, daughter of a Haliimaile sugar planter. For a while, Smith practiced law with Lorrin Thurston and then set up his own legal practice in 1888, during the reign of King Kalakaua. He hung out his shingle at 66 Fort Street. As his practice grew and he took in partners, he moved to the Judd Building. The firm he founded a century ago continues today (1988) as Case & Lynch. Smith’s name appears on the Committee of Safety that instigated the Hawaiian Revolution, but it was W.O., that Queen Liliuokalani called for when she decided to leave her estate for the benefit of orphaned and destitute children. He was employed to establish her trust and he defended her sanity when the Queen’s disgruntled relatives sought to break her will; they tried to claim she was incompetent. Smith won the case. As Smith states it, “One of the gratifying experiences of my life was that after the trying period which led up to the overthrow of the monarchy and the withdrawal of Queen Liliuokalini, the queen sent for me to prepare a will and deed of trust and appointed me one of her trustees.” According to family tradition, Smith planted the banyan sapling at Lahaina, Maui,(1873) which today has grown to enormous proportions and is a favorite tourist stop on Maui. Born to them were:

( CLARENCE HOBRON SMITH born February 24, 1877 Honolulu HI; married Margharita Browning

( ETHEL FRANCES SMITH born November 17, 1879 Honolulu HI; married Harry Alexander Baldwin.(brothers?) and they had 3 kids

( PAULINE MILICENT SMITH born June 7, 1883 Honolulu HI and died there August 2, 1884

( ANNA KATHERINE SMITH born May 28, 1888 Honolulu HI; married Samuel Alexander Baldwin (brothers?) and they had 5 kids


( JARED KNAPP SMITH, M.D., (Photo) born December 23, 1849 Koloa, Hauai, HI and died 1897; followed his father into medicine; graduated from College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, 1876 and served in a hospital in Brooklyn; 1897 returned to the islands and was the government physician at Koloa and had the duty to determine who had leprosy (which meant exile); elected president of the Kauai Telephone Co, 1884; on September 27, 1897, while writing a letter to his future bride (Margaret Brewster), he answered a knock at the door and was shot in the heart, dying instantly, by a man who was trying to prevent Jared from signing an order sending away a young girl suspected of having leprosy, to the Leper Colony on the island of Molokai. [Jim – interesting – in my travels conducting site investigations of former military sites that were used as bombing targets, I have been to this Leper Colony – this island during WWII had a bombing target on it and practice bombs, with live charges, are still there, today – 1997.]

( MARY ELIZA SMITH born March 17, 1851 Koloa, Kauai, HI and died at age 1y

( ALFRED HOLLY SMITH (Fred) born February 11, 1853 Koloa, Kauai, HI and died May 27, 1928 Honolulu HI; buried Smith-Waterhouse Cemetery, Koloa; married April 25, 1888 in Brooklyn NY, Edith Whitaker [dau of Willliam] born September 21, 1859 Cincinnati OH and died November 2, 1940 Honolulu; buried there. He was Governor of the Lunalilo Home. Born to them were:

( RAYMOND WHITAKER SMITH born October 9, 1889 Los Angeles CA and died December 22, 1974 Honolulu HI; buried there; married September 12, 1909 in Kealakekua, Hawaii, HI Mary Evangiline Paris [dau of John Davis & Hannah Kalikolamaikapaliokaukini (Johnson) Paris] born June 14, 1881 Kaawaloa, Hawaii, HI and died June 26, 1959 Honolulu; buried there Nuuanu Cemetery; and born to them were:

( RAYMOND PARIS SMITH born April 3, 1910 Honaunau, Hawaii, HI and died March 6, 1983 Honolulu

( ALFRED WHITAKER SMITH born January 16, 1912 Honaunau, Hawaii, HI and died December 26, 1996 Kaawaloa, Hawaii, HI; buried San Diego CA Greenwood Memorial Park; a flight delivery pilot for Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, interned in Santo Thomas and Los Banos internment camps by the Japanese in the Philippine Islands from January 1942 to February 1945 when he was rescued by the 11th Airborne and Philippine Guerrillas; married May 10, 1941 in Las Vegas NV, Edith Anna Ottinger [dau of Wilhelm & Matilda Jane (McDonald) Ottinger] born December 10, 1911 Jamestown, Stutsman, ND and died November 5, 1986 La Mesa, San Diego, CA; Edith was visiting her husband’s family in Honolulu December 7, 1941; she worked as an Army librarian at Schofield Barracks and then at Ryan Aeronautical in San Diego during WWII; and born to them was:

( CAROLINE MAE SMITH married a Mr Szalkowski and born to them was:


( MARGARET HUDSON SMITH born February 27, 1914 Honolulu, Oahu, HI and died there January 21, 1984; buried there Oahu Cemetery


( ALEXANDER ROBINSON SMITH born September 24, 1920 Honolulu HI and died September 30, 1973 Kona, Hawaii, HI; married 1st Nancy Caroline Thompson; 2d Nancy {maiden name unk}; and born to him and Nancy were 4 kids

( ALICE WINONA SMITH born March 27, 1892 Grove Farm Plantation, Lihue, Kauai, HI and died December 25, 1956

( MILICENT PHILENA SMITH born November 6, 1854 Koloa, Kauai, HI and died 1943; married William Waterhouse, who was a doctor and was to later take over his father-in-law’s practice. Born to them was:

( ALFRED HERBERT WATERHOUSE, M.D., (Photo) born August 12, 1877 Cedar Rapids IA and died December 24, 1948; preliminary education received at the Princeton Preparation School; Princeton 1902, A.B., Rush Medical College, M.D., 1906; interned at Silver Cross Hospital, Joliet IL from June 1906-June 1907; July-August 1907 went to the Navajo Reservation AZ; then to Koloa HI where he became resident physician for the Koloa Sugar Co and government physician for the district; made their residence in the old Smith homestead at Koloa and maintained the old adobe house in which his mother has been born; made many calls on horseback; established the first medical laboratory on Kauai; in 1910 he saw the Koloa Plantation Hospital built; retired in 1933 as the plantation physician and devoted his time to private practice; post graduate work at Mayo Clinic 1926; eventually carried on his grandfather’s medical practice; appointed Commissioner of Public Instruction from Kauai 1934 and served in this capacity until 1945; at the same time served as a trustee of the Samuel Mahelona Hospital at Kappa; during WWII, he was secretary of the Medical Advisory Board of the Selective Service Draft Committee; married July 4, 1907 at Irwindale CA, Mabel Z Palmer; and born to them were:




( ANNA JULIETTE SMITH born October 16, 1857 Koloa, Kauai, HI and died 1900; married Joseph K. Farley. Anna and her brother, Jared, founded and conducted Malumalu School for Hawaiian children.

( HULDAH HOLLY born c1793; married December 14, 1815 at Stanwich, Robert R. Barlow

( SABRINA HOLLY born August 8, 1796 (?) Stamford (baptized October 18, 1796) and died May 28, 1857 Hunting Ridge-Stamford age 60y 9m 20d; married at Stanwich, Levi Sherwood

( DAVID FERRIS (K4DW-N8) born circa (1726?)1740; married Phebe {maiden name unk}; according to Chaplain Ferris, David went to sea in 1774 after residing in Stanwich and there is no further record of him. He cannot have been lost at sea in 1774, because his two sons were born after that date; maybe he meant 1784? Born to David and his wife were:

( JACOB FERRIS born c1780 Stanwich CT and died date unk in Vermont; married January 3, 1802 Elizabeth Jordan.[dau of William and Mercy (Palmer) Jordan] born c1794 Greenwich and died after 1822 VT. They moved from Stanwich to Chester, Warren Co, NY where they resided in 1818, thence to Vermont where they died. Born to them were:


( SARAH or SALLY FERRIS born c1805 Stanwich CT and died after 1860 New York City; married September 10, 1826 Joshua Ferris Palmer (; see him for offspring.

( DAVID FERRIS JR., born c1781 Stanwich; married c1804 Mercy Jordan [dau of William & Mercy (Palmer) Jordan] born c1783 Greenwich and died after 1822 Chester, Warren, NY – sister to Elizabeth, Jacob’s wife. Born to them were:

( MERCY C. FERRIS (c1823-)

( DAVID M. FERRIS (c1825-)

( JOSEPH C. FERRIS (c1827-)

( JOHN FERRIS – John is not mentioned is several references, but he is listed in the will of Joseph, his brother.

(2.1.4) SAMUEL FERRIS (KM52-KL) born September 5, 1696 Stamford CT; death date is unk; married February 26, 1729 Experience Crissy born c1710. Samuel and Experience were members of the Stamford 1st Congregational Church December 31, 1746. It is purported they withdrew from this church in February 1769 to join the Baptist Church and Samuel became a Baptist preacher. They moved to North Castle, Westchester Co, NY. Born to them were:

( SAMUEL FERRIS (KM52-97) born October 17, 1730 Stamford CT and died c1810; a Minuteman at Stamford in the American Revolution; had two sons who marched on one of the Canadian Expeditions, from which no tidings ever came back. With the remaining children, he moved to Blakely, Lackawanna County, PA, after 1794. The name of his wife is unk but born to them were (not in birth sequence) [LDS has Samuel marrying twice: Mrs. Ruth Weed born c1657 and Mary FERRIS born c1668]:

( JONATHAN FERRIS born 1754 Greenwich CT and died July 7, 1834/36 Providence, Saratoga, NY; married (possibly) Elizabeth Mead born January 3, 1755 and died July 16, 1833. Jonathan served the Revolutionary War enlisting 1776 at Bedford NY in a Company of Rangers under Captain Michael Townsend and served four months as a guard at White Plains, Westchester Co NY; reenlisted 1777 for three months in Captain Richard Sackett’s Company, Colonel Ludington’s Regiment, General Putnam’s Army; he served also in 1778-79 in Westchester Co Militia, about two months of which was under Captain Moses St. John. He resided at Bedford NY during the War and thence moved to Providence NY. In 1791, he was a member of the “Baptist Church of Christ” in Providence. [This Jonathan is listed in Chaplain Ferris’ work as the Mead Fragment, since he was unable to tie Jonathan into the Jeffrey family. A Ms. Shelia McLaughlin has entered this Jonathan and his wife Elizabeth Mead as belonging to Peter > Joseph > Samuel > Samuel II, so I have made the transfer from a fragment to their place here based on that and for no other reason – a word to the wise.][Have also been told that there is a possibility the spelling for Jonathan could be Farris]. Born to him and his wife were:

( FREDERICK C. FERRIS born August 5, 1784 Providence NY and died November 7, 1856 Royalton, Niagara or Orleans Co NY; married October 1, 1809 Hannah Haviland born August 5, 1788. They apparently moved to Hillsdale MI and then returned to New York. Born to them were:

( JOSEPH D. FERRIS born March 1, 1810 NY and died March 15, 1872 Hillsdale MI

( LYDIA C. FERRIS born November 22, 1811 NY and died Hillsdale MI; married September 29, 1833 Vandorus Smith of Royalton NY

( CHARLES H. FERRIS born October 28, 1813 NY and died July 12, 1815 Hillsdale MI

( JOHN W. FERRIS born October 6, 1815 Providence NY and died September 3, 1885 Hillsdale MI; married Susan Moore; resided in Rome, Lawrence, MI. Born to them was:

( ORIN W. FERRIS born 1851 MI and died January 19, 1922; married June 6, 1877 Charlotte A. Hoffman; had a department store in Hillsdale. Born to them were:

( CLARA S. FERRIS born January 11, 1881 and died October 8, 1886 Hillsdale MI

( MARY FERRIS born April 15, 1888 MI

( BELLE E. FERRIS (1890-)

( SARAH M. FERRIS born November 15, 1818 NY; married Ira Williams of Watervliet MI

( ELIZABETH C. FERRIS born April 10, 1821 NY; married Nasmyth Gleghorn of Hartland NY

( FREDERICK C. FERRIS, JR., born January 1, 1824 and died February 19, 1824

( DORCAS M. FERRIS born March 19, 1826; married Isaac Cole (1823-1893). Born to them:

( ELLA V. COLE (1853-1889) – not sure this is the same Ella – married April 19, 1897 Elias Horst [son of Arnoldus & Adele (Allston) Horst] born March 27, 1869 and they had a kid

( JAY A. COLE (1857-1857)

( POLLY B. FERRIS born August 17, 1828 and died September 3, 1889; married August 8, 1848 Isaac Perry Cole [son of Parker & Esther (Atwood) Cole] born November 27, 1824 Fosterville, Cayuga, NY – interesting that sisters’ husbands had same name – wonder if this is an error and maybe same guy

( JONATHAN FERRIS born 1785 Barre, Orleans, NY and died July 10, 1860 Albion, Orleans Co; married Mary/Polly (Pauline) Briggs born December 2, 1789 and died September 28, 1861. Their tombstones are in Gregory Cemetery, Albion NY. Born to them was:

( CHARLES E. FERRIS born July 11, 1809 and died January 30, 1868 Orleans Co NY; married July 20, 1829 Mary E. Moore (Morse?) born January 18, 1812 Winchester NH and died March 11, 1887 Shelby NY [dau of Nathaniel & Acha (Pierce) Morse]. Medina Tribune, March 16, 1887; Mrs. Mary Morse Ferris died at her home, a mile south of Knowlesville Station, on Friday, March 11, age 75y; Mrs Ferris came into the town of Shelby with her parents 63y ago, and had lived on the farm where she died for over 50y; she was married to Charles Ferris in 1829, and united with the old Barre Christian Church the same year, where she retained her membership until the time of her death; her husband had been iead 19y; she was a good woman, a faithful, consistent Christian; both buried Gregory Cemetery, Albion, Orleans, NY; Mary Morse Ferris (1811-1887); and born to them were:

( EMILY MELISSA FERRIS born July 8, 1830 Barre, Orleans, NY and died 1910; married about May 3, 1848 in Barre, William Cleveland Lyman [son of William & Lucia Kinney (Cleveland) Lyman] of Onarga IL, born August 19, 1828 Bryon, Genesee, NY and died May 8, 1891 Minden NE. Emily born in Genesee County NY and died in Seattle WA. Emily was an Eastern-born “finishing school girl” and not use to the rigorous life of a sturdy pioneer – yet that is what she got when she eloped with William Lyman. The family was frequently on the move, residing longest in Onarga IL, before they went to Nebraska and eventually to Seattle. Despite the many hardships of the life, Emily was adamant that her children would be educated. A charming story tells how Emily would let the dishes pile up in the kitchen and allow her bread dough to run over the pan while she read or listened to her children’s lessons. That William could be equally impractical is evidenced by another preserved anecdote: while living in Nebraska, he went to town to buy the children winter shoes – and returned with dainty little dancing shoes for the girls, who, of course, were delighted with their father’s choices – at least until they had to walk long distances in the Nebraska winter. [there is a conflict here – between Chaplain Ferris and the descendants of Emily & William – the descendants have Elizabeth Meade, b. 1760/70, marrying Joseph Ferris, b 1760/70, rather than Jonathan Ferris.] There is a William C Lyman who founded Lyman Transportation and Logistics, Inc in Elmhurst IL – wonder if he a descendant of this couple?; and born to them were:

( FREDERIC WILLIAM LYMAN born December 23, 1849 NY and died March 30, 1876

( IDA LUCIA LYMAN born April 29, 1852 Shelby NY and died October 15, 1856 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY

( MARY EMILY LYMAN born June 4, 1853 NY and died November 19, 1937

( HENRY CLEVELAND LYMAN born March 31, 1856 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY and died there August 31, 1858

( FANNIE JANE LYMAN born October 15, 1858 MI and died July 21, 1895

( DWIGHT WILSON LYMAN born September 12, 1860 MI and died February 1, 1930; a bookkeeper; married c1885 Mary E. {maiden name unk} born August 1867. Born to them were:

( VERA M. LYMAN born September 1887 NE

( EDWIN L. LYMAN born September 1889 NE

( MARY LYMAN born October 1893 NE

( DWIGHT W. LYMAN born February 1897 WY

( HAROLD E. LYMAN born 1899 WA

( ALICE ALICIA LYMAN born January 7, 1863 Iroquois Co IL and died April 8, 1941 Seattle WA; married December 24, 1882 in May NE, Jesse Ovid Bion Stuart [son of Almon & Elizabeth (Jaquith) Stuart] born November 23, 1858 Mishawaka, St. Joseph, IN and died January 9, 1939 Seattle; and born to them were:

( FANNY LYMAN STUART born August 13, 1898 Seattle WA and died there December 13, 1992; buried there Mt Pleasant Cemetery; married Stuart Irving Peek (1896-); and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( SHIRLEY PATRICIA PEEK born June 6, 1921 The Dalles, Wasco, OR and died October 16, 1999 Seattle WA; married Robert Edward McCurdy born September 28, 1919 and died December 1985 Seattle; offspring

( LOLA JANE STUART (Lola Jessamin Stuart) born November 29, 1883 Hastings, Adams, NE and died March 16, 1951 Seattle WA; buried there Pleasant Cemetery; due to a birth defect, she was unable to walk without crutches

( PHILIP ALMON STUART born December 30, 1887 Hastings NE and died in Seattle WA. He was a WWI Veteran. He married Elsie Jane {maiden name unk}

( ELIZABETH VIOLET STUART born October 9, 1896 Seattle WA and died December 4, 1984 Santa Clara CA; married 1st September 12, 1916 in Seattle, Albert LeRoy Simmonds and born to them was one child – divorced 1919; married 2d October 11, 1919 John Patrick Cronin died November 11, 1923 Seattle; married 3d August 28, 1923 in Seattle, Harry Avery Burdick [son of James & Mary (Finley) Burdick] born August 2, 1894 Plainville CT and died August 16, 1982 San Jose CA (Oakland CA) and 2 kids were born to them. Harry was a church organist, a ballon pilot in WWI; a Military Policeman in WWII. Born to Elizabeth and John were:

( STEWART CRONIN born 1919 Seattle WA – birth date in question

( JOHN LYMAN CRONIN (John Patrick Cronin) (Jack) born January 20/21, 1921 Seattle WA and died October 10, 1943 (October 9, 1942), KIA, North Sea during Marienburg Raid; a pilot; according to the ‘Net this raid was October 9, 1943; married Miss Butterbaugh.

( CHARLES EDWIN LYMAN born May 12, 1865 and died April 1, 1887

( JOHN PAUL LYMAN born February 24, 1867 Onarga, Iroquois, IL and died March 22, 1930 Seattle WA; married October 20, 1897 in Van Asselt WA, India Nola Rhodes [dau of Thomas & Clara (Reynolds) Rhodes] born April 4, 18787 Brighton, Washington IA and died 1945 Seattle; buried there Evergreen-Washeli Cemetery; and born to them were:

( CLARA EMILY LYMAN born July 24, 1898 Van Asselt, Duwamish Precinct, Kings Co WA and died August August 29, 1975 Salem, Marion, OR; married August 14, 1915 in Seattle, Richard Gilbert Gallant [son of George & Ada (Porter) Gallant] b orn June 2, 1891 Kittanning, Armstrong, PA and died July 1967 Salem OR; both buried Clinton Cemetery, Whidney Island WA; and born to them were:

( JOHN HOWARD GALLANT born May 3, 1918 Seattle WA and died there February 16, 1984; buried Clinton Cemetery, Whidney Island WA; married a Miss Vickers [dau of Virgil & Gertrude (Lawry) Vickers] and they had 4 kids

( RICHARD GILBERT GALLANT JR born February 24, 1925 Seattle WA and died December 17, 1993 Salem OR

( ALICE L LYMAN born March 17, 1900 Van Asselt WA

( FRANK FERRIS LYMAN born April 10, 1868 Onarga, Iroquois, IL and died about November 21, 1909 Seattle, King, WA; buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Seattle.

( LUCIA LENORA LYMAN born January 20, 1871 Onarga, Iroquois, IL and died December 20, 1955 Tacoma, Pierce, WA; buried Mt. View Cemetery, Tacoma; married August 2, 1891 in Seattle, Calloway Stuart Robison [son of Eli & Mary Lisa (Weiland) Robison] born March 4, 1863 OH and died July 3, 1939 Fragaria, Kitsap, WA. Born to them were:

( MARY EDWINA ROBISON born August 31, 1892 Seattle WA; married November 30, 1912 in Seattle, Marion Edgar Williams [son of George & Martha (Henderson) Williams] born March 4, 1886 Vinita, Craig, OK and died January 21, 1968 Seattle WA; buried there Washelli Cemetery; and born to them were 2 kids, one of which was:

( CALLOWAY DONALD WILLIAMS born February 26, 1914 Seattle WA and died there April 14, 1993; married Miss McAllister; Miss Willock – offspring; Miss McGilton; 1964 Edna Frances Petric Cunningham; 1985 Catherine Chelos

( FANNY DEAN ROBISON born January 5, 1895 Seattle WA and died there 1966; married August 2, 1919 in Seattle, Sergeant La Forrest Efaw born Kincaid KS and died March 17, 1950 Seattle; both buried there Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery

( WILLIE ARTHUR LYMAN born July 9, 1872 Onarga, Iroquios, IL and died there August 21, 1872

( JAMES EUGENE LYMAN born September 28, 1873 Onarga IL and died October 28, 1904 Seattle WA; married in Seattle, Wilma Flannery [dau of W W & Alice (Burcham) Flannery] born June 11, 1881 NE; and born to them was:

( EFFIE ELIZABETH LYMAN born September 27, 1902 Seattle WA and died January 11, 1993 Kirkland WA; married June 14, 1928 in Seattle, Edward Marshall Brobst [son of William & Victoria (Grunwell) Brobst] born April 23, 1907 Prescott, Walla Walla, WA and died November 22, 1991 Bellingham WA; and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( BETSY ALISON BROBST born July 17, 1944 Seattle WA and died July 9, 1983 Sedro-Wooley, Skagit Co WA in a motorcycle accident; married Mr Bunker

( ALFRED B. FERRIS (1831-) married Martha Bennett


( HORATIO W. FERRIS of Ridgeway NY

( ALVIN LUCIUS FERRIS born c1841 and died 1916 age 75 Barre NY; married Mary Belinda Ferris and born them were:






( WILLIE FERRIS died young.



( JOSHUA FERRIS born June 14, 1790 Barre, Orleans, NY and died October 24, 1868 Albion, Orleans, NY; buried Gregory Cemetery; married 1st Miriam {maiden name unk} born March 8, 1788 and died December 14, 1851; buried Gregory Cemetery; married 2d Frances Hubble. Born to him and his second wife [no offspring from first wife] were:

( ALBERT H. FERRIS (1853-)







( DORCAS FERRIS born 1793 and died October 1, 1832 Ridgeway, Orleans, NY; married as his first wife, August 15, 1814 Rev Jotham Morse [son of Davis & Miriam (Marsh) Morse] born June 14, 1793 Providence, Saratoga, NY and died September 18, 1878 Orleans Co NY. From the Pioneer History of Orleans County NY Biographies, Part II: I born in Providence, Saratoga County, NY, June 14th, 1793. I was married to Dorcas Ferris August 15th, 1814. I hired a man to move me to Ridgeway, agreeing to pay him forty dollars for it. Our outfit consisted of a good team of horses and wagon, as there was no snow then. My family consisted of my mother, my wife and two children. After we had been two or three days on the road, a ‘thaw’ came that compelled us to stop a week. The earth then became frozen and we went to Palmyra, when one horse gave out. I bought another horse for forty-five dollars, paid my watch, a fur hat, and a pair of boots, for thirty-two dollars, and gave my note for thirteen dollars, and with my three horse team went on to Rochester, when then consisted only of a few log buildings, one of which was a tavern where we stopped. On examining here I found our only bed had been stolen. I afterwards found it pawned at Palmyra by the thief and had to pay two dollars and a half to get it again. We came by the Ridge road to West Gaines, where we found an empty shanty and moved into it. I went to Batavia through Shelby and procured an article of a piece of land west of Eagle Harbor, and returned in one day as far as Millville. It snowed hard all day, and I think I did a good day’s work, traveling so far through the woods on foot. I acknowledge my steps were some hurried by seeing tracks of wolves in the snow, and seeing evidence of a bloody encounter they had had. I bought a three year old heifer and paid for her chopping three acres of timber, and fitting it for logging, going three miles to the place where I did my work. In time of haying and harvest I walked to Palmyra and worked there three weeks to buy pord and wheat for my family. The next fall I moved into a log house I had built, and felt at home. The next year I had a little trial such as was common to pioneer settlers in those days. It was before harvest. My cow has lost her bell, and had been gone in the woods eight days. We were destitute of provisions, except a small piece of bread, some sugar, and some vinegar. I went to the nearest place where flour was sold and could get none. On my return we gave the last morsel of bread to our children. I picked some potato tops, which my wife boiled and we ate, dressing them with vinegar. Our empty stomachs would not retain this diet. We speedily vomited them up and retired supperless to bed. Early next morning I arose and went to my neighbors a mile away, and they divided their small store of flour with me. I carried it home and my wife speedily salted some water, and made some pudding, which we ate with maple sugar, and this seemed to me to be truly the best meal of victuals I ever ate, I felt, even in this straight, the words of Solomon to be true: “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and contention therewith.” Another incident. Myself and immediate neighbors were destitute for flour. I had money, which I had taken in exchange of land, so a neighbor took me with his team and wagon to Hanford’s Landing, at the mouth of Genesee River, to purchase flour. I bought six barrels of flour and one barrel of salt and took out my money to pay for it. Mr. Hanford, the man of whom I had made my, divided the money I handed him into piles of about thirty-six dollars in each pile, after doing which I was astonished to hear him accuse me, in an angry tone, of being a dealer in counterfeit money, and to learn that he had condemned about one-half of what I had paid him. He ordered a man in his employ to go immediately to Rochester and procure a precept for my arrest. I felt alarmed, and that I was in trouble. I knew not what to do, but God, who is ever watchful over those things who put their trust in Him, was with me. While things were growing more threatening, a gentleman whom I had never seen but once before came up, and after learning the facts, strongly condemned Mr. Hanford’s course. The money was again examined, and only about nineteen dollars found bad. This was replaced by current funds, and we were then allowed to return to our homes in peace. This supply carried the settlement through until harvest, and by the blessing of Heaven and our own industry, and economy, we had been saved from such destitution until the present time. I have seen the wilderness disappear, and beauty and civilization spring up in its place around me. I have, in common with mankind, drank at the cup of affliction, perhaps more deeply than many others. I have been called to mourn over the graves of two loved companions and four children, form a family of fourteen. I now reside with my third wife, in West Shelby, and preach every Sunday at the Christian Church in Barre NY, where I have labored in the ministry, more or less, for fifty years – May 1868. He was ordained a minister in the Christian Church in 1824 and served faithfully 64 years. He became entirely blind, and was otherwise greatly inflicted for some time before his death. Born to them were:

( CYNTHIA MORSE born July 20, 1814

( DAVIS MORSE born November 2, 1815

( MARY E. MORSE (Polly) born September 5/8, 1817 Orleans Co NY and died Whitley Co IN; married 1st Mr. Foster who died; married 2d, as his 2d of 3 wives, September 9, 1877 in Whitly Co IN, Moses Trader Gradeless [son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (Waugh) Grayless aka Gradeless] born September 4, 1820 Fayette Co IN and died December 5, 1920 Whitley Co IN; they had at least one son.

( JONATHAN MORSE born February 2, 1819

( NANCY MORSE born January 4, 1821

( SANFORD MORSE born July 15, 1822

( CHARLES T MORSE born February 15, 1824 and died c1830s Albion, Orleans, NY; buried Gregory Cemetery

( WILLIAM C. MORSE born September 10, 1825 Orleans Co NY; received a fair common-school education in his youth; and after his mother’s death lived with Ira Millard of Madison Co NY, until 22 years old, and then worked as a farmer for about 2 years. In 1848, he returned to Orleans Co, where he was married, January 1, 1850 to Catherine Williams [dau of Benjamin F. & Dorothea (Freemire) Williams], a native of the county, and born September 6, 1830. William moved to Union Township, Whitley Co IN, where he bought 40 acres of wild land, and built a house, which he traded in 1857 for a farm of 80 acres, in the same township, where he has since resided. They were members of the Christian Church and in politics he was a Republican. Born to them were:

( EDA A. MORSE married Ira Sayler


( WARREN F MORSE born June 10, 1827 West Shelby, Orleans, NY and died there June 27, 1898; married May 25, 1845 Harriet Hubbard [dau of James & Anna (Greenwood) Hubbard] born October 25, 1825 England and died March 11, 1910 West Shelby; both buried West Shelby Cemetery, Medina NY (Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby); Harriet came to this country with her parents as a young girl; and born to them were;

( ELIZA MORSE born February 15, 1846 and died June 30, 1871; married January 7, 1864 Henry Adams

( JOTHAM A MORSE born July 12, 1848 West Shelby, Orleans, NY and died February 6, 1916 Medina NY; lived in Medina and worked in the iron foundry as an inspector; helped build the Erie Canal; married December 25, 1867 Louise Flanders [dau of Samuel & Sarah (Piett) Flanders] born August 15, 1854 Medina NY and died there March 3, 1906; both buried there West Shelby Cemetery (Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby); and born to them were:

( FRED MORSE (1867-)

( SARAH MORSE born October 16, 1868 and died June 14, 1875; buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby NY

( ROY MORSE born November 25, 1877 and died May 30, 1947

( DOLLY F MORSE born February 19, 1879 and died July 1, 1885; buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby NY

( ALLEN W MORSE born February 2, 1881 and died July 11, 1885; buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby NY

( HARRY J MORSE born October 8, 1889 Medina NY and died February 10, 1941 Buffalo NY; went to high school in Lockport NY; worked for Peter A Frasse Steel Company for 25y; worked at the Hall Fire Brick Co and eventually took it over; married October 29, 1912 in Buffalo, Mabel Weigand born March 10, 1892 Buffalo and died there June 13, 1957; both buried West Shelby Cemetery, Medina NY (Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby); worked civil service in the schools, City Hall, Memorial Auditorium, and Police HQS; had a 5-acre farm in Jeddo NY that was used as a summer home for about 15y; had a grocery store in Buffalo for 2y; and born to them were:

( MARION LOUISE MORSE born March 19, 1916 Buffalo NY and died June 12, 1994 Fairport NY; married May 6, 1939 in Buffalo, Elmer Floyd Seavey [son of Floyd Wilfred & Josephine (Sutter) Seavey] born January 15, 1917 Dexter ME and died November 7, 1975 Corning NY; and they had a child

( CONSTANCE MAY MORSE born May 23, 1922 Buffalo NY; married 1st May 5, 1945 in Buffalo, John Joseph Jerman born January 11, 1916 Buffalo and died April 7, 1961 Kenmore NY; and they had 3 kids; 2d October 12, 1987 at Scottsdale AZ, Kenneth Leroy Schwartzott born July 14, 1924 Buffalo and died July 25, 1991 Laughlin NV

( WARREN JOTHAM MORSE born March 5, 1924 Buffalo NY; married a Miss Hayes and they had 4 kids

( HARRY PECK MORSE born June 3, 1925 Buffalo NY and died there August 14, 1999; married November 4, 1950 in Buffalo, Mary Kathleen Gardner born April 12, 1926 Buffalo and they had 3 kids

( MARIA MORSE born December 25, 1850 and died November 10, 1920; married November 7, 1871 Daniel Kohler; she never had any kids so she adopted Roy, one of her brother’s kids and he took the Kohler name

( ORREN J MORSE born April 9, 1861 and died December 20, 1914; married November 6, 1883 Eudora B Garter (1858-1935); both buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby NY; and born to them were:

( LORRAINE MORSE (-1988) married a Mr Roberts – she was the holder of the Warren Morse Family Bible

( ARTHUR K MORSE born October 28, 1893 and died March 6, 1932 Alburqueque NM; married Frieda E Moore born June 15, 1892 and died November 21, 1986 Medina NY; both buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Shelby NY

( JOHN MORSE born June 22, 1829

( LYDIA MORSE born November 16, 1830

( HANNAH FERRIS died Orleans Co NY.

( JOHN M. FERRIS born September 15, 1797 Barre, Orleans, NY and died November 11, 1870 Albion, Orleans, NY; tombstone in Gregory Cemetery, Albion; married Anna {maiden name unk} born April 3, 1804 and died August 22, 1871; buried with John; and born to them were:

( ELIZA FERRIS (1824-)

( JULIA A. FERRIS (1825-1896) married Franklin Hopkins (1824-1893)

( CALVIN B. FERRIS (1828-)

( CLARK FERRIS (1830-)


( MARY L. FERRIS (1839-)

( MARIAH FERRIS born 1840 (Maria born January 12, 1842 and died October 14, 1865; buried Gregory Cemetery, Albion NY)

( JOHN D. FERRIS (1843-) married Julia M. Bostwick [dau of Dr Almond B & Lucy] born August 18, 1846 and died December 8, 1880; buried Kenyonville Cemetery, Carlton, Orleans, NY


( ARTEMUS C. FERRIS (1847-) – Medina Dailey Journal, November 14, 1929 – Mrs Electa Ferris who has made her home with Mrs Alice Smith of Knowlesville for the past two years passed away this morning at the Albion Memorial Hospital where she was taken Wednesday afternoon for treatment. Mrs Ferris has been poorly for several weeks but no alarm was felt for her until recently, and her sudden going will come as a shock to her many friends. She was a member of the Knowlesville W.C.T.U., and the Grange, and took a part in all affairs of the Presbyterian Church. She was the widow of the late A. (Artemus) C. Ferris of West Albion and had always resided in that vicinity. Electa Porter Ferris (1865-1929); buried Union Cemetery, Orleans Co NY – not sure this is the correct placement – she would have been almost 20y young than A.C.

( CORA FERRIS (1851-)



( ELVIRA FERRIS married Peter Thatcher (-1870)


( PHEBE FERRIS (Phoebe, apparently first born – November 12, 1821 and died October 7, 1872; buried Gregory Cemetery, Albion, Orleans, NY) married Charles H. Thorp born 1821 and died April 15, 1872; buried Gregory Cemetery

( EZEKIAL MEAD FERRIS (Ezekiel Mead Ferris) (Photo) born May 24, 1805 Providence NY and died June 11, 1891 Fort Wayne IN; married 1st March 29, 1825 Felicia (Felitia) (Phelicia) Duel born January 27, 1805 [or January 27, 1809, Providence NY] and died July 7, 1869, Fort Wayne IN; married 2d June 26, 1870 Anna Surlett who died November 24, 1891. Ezekial was a farmer; joined Baptist Church of Christ in Providence NY by baptism, 1834; moved to Fort Wayne, Allen County IN c1840. Ezekial is listed as Pioneer of Allen County IN. Born to him and Felicia {Philetia} were:

( PHILO DORSEY FERRIS born November 20, 1825 Providence NY and died July 17, 1885 Hudson, Black Hawk, IA; married 1st October 12, 1847 Thankful (Hattie) M. Stevens (1808-1887) divorced and married 2 more times, names unk. In May 1850, Philo, Thankful and son, Jay, moved with his in-laws from Orleans County NY to Dane County WI, where his brother-in-law, Jesse Stevens had previously settled. By May 1876, he was separated from his wife and family and had moved to Cedar Falls IA, where he brother Orville resided. While there he remarried, twice. On one occasion he took his pistol, saying “will go out to the grove and shoot quail or prairie chicken” and later he was found shot dead, no one ever knowing of how it happened. Born to him and Thankful were:

( JAY WESLEY FERRIS born August 23, 1848 Barre NY and died December 28, 1929 St. Paul MN; married February 10, 1872 Rhoda Driesback born June 3, 1852 Uniontown NJ. Jay moved with his parents from Orleans County NY to Dane County WI, thence in 1876 by covered wagon, moved to Redwood Falls MN. Born to him and Rhoda were:

( ROSELLA MAY FERRIS born May 22, 1876 Verona WI and died 1971 Redwood Falls MN; married June 15, 1898 in Redwood Falls, Frank G. Hubbard born August 25, 1875 (1874) Uniontown NJ and died 1939; and born to them was:

( GRACE HUBBARD born June 21, 1903 and died July 15, 1969; married George A. Beecher and born to them was:


( GRACE ADELE FERRIS born October 13/15, 1880 Verona WI and died June 30, 1972 Santa Clara Co CA; married September 6, 1905 Arleigh Jerome Simpson born November 19, 1872 Oxford Mills MI (MN); and born to them were:



Rear Admiral Maurice E. Simpson, USN (Retired) passed away on February 16, 2004, near his home in Del Mar, Calif. Born in Minnesota, in 1909, he completed his dental studies at the University of Minnesota in 1936, followed by a year’s internship with the U.S. Public Health Service in the Marine Hospital at Norfolk, Virginia. In 1937, Simpson was appointed lieutenant junior grade in the U.S. Navy, reporting to the Naval Medical Center in Washington, D.C., for indoctrination before accepting his first duty assignment at the U.S. Naval Training Center in San Diego, Calif. One year later he was transferred to the U.S. Marine Base, San Diego. Simpson was aboard the stores-issue ship USS Antares when the ship entered Pearl Harbor at 8 a.m. on December 7, 1941. The ship was strafed and bombed by Japanese pilots. Simpson was a dental officer on board the USS Washington starting in 1944 and saw combat action during seven major battles in the Pacific Ocean including the Marianas Operation, the capture and occupation of the Philippine Islands, the South China Sweep, the support and occupation of Iwo Jima and the operations at Ryukyu Islands. Following the hostilities with Japan, Simpson served three years as chief of dental service in the U.S. Naval Hospital, Quantico, Virginia. In 1949, Simpson was a dental officer at the port facilities in Tsingtao, China, with additional duty aboard the USS Repose. He was forced to leave Tsingtao along with other military personnel when Nationalist Chinese troops abandoned the city to the Communists. One month later, Simpson, who was then a commander, assumed duties aboard the USS El Dorado. For the next five months, the ship steamed off the China coast and was one of the last two U.S. Naval vessels to leave the cities of Shanghai and Amoy before the Communists took over. From July 1949 to June 1951, Simpson served at Fleet Activities and at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. During that time, hostilities broke out in Korea, and because the Naval Hospital was closest, it was overwhelmed with war wounded. Simpson was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal for his skill and leadership in the treatment of the wounded in the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka. Simpson had a variety of assignments following his duty in Japan, including Illinois, Washington, D.C., California and Virginia. He headed the dental department at the Naval Station in Rota, Spain, from 1960 to 1963, and from 1963 to 1965 he served as dental officer of the San Francisco Naval Shipyard. Simpson was promoted to rear admiral on July 1, 1964. Simpson returned to San Diego in July 1965 as director of the dental activities and dental reserve program for the 11th Naval District until 1967. Simpson served as fleet dental officer and assistant chief of staff of dentistry for the commander in chief of the Atlantic Fleet until his retirement in 1971. Simpson was awarded nine separate medals with seven combat stars for the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign. In addition to the Legion of Merit, Navy Commendation Medal and the Navy Unit Commendation, he was entitled to wear the American Defense Service Medal with fleet clasp, the American Campaign Medal with Asia clasp, the China Service Medal, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal and the Philippine Liberation Ribbon. Simpson served as a commissioned U.S. Navy officer for over 33 years. After retirement, Simpson returned to San Diego, where he enjoyed golf with friends and even made two holes-in-one. He also enjoyed travel with his wife, Ruby, who died in 1994. He leaves a sister, Betty and her husband, Ray Vargas of Modesto, Calif.; and two sons, George, a retired Navy Captain in Washington, D.C., and Bill, a retired Veteran Services Officer and his wife, Mary K. in Aptos, Calif. He also leaves three granddaughters, Debby Simpson of Encinitas, Jennifer Simpson of Del Mar and Katie Simpson of Portland, Oregon. Memorial services will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, February 20, at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Chapel, 1600 Henderson Avenue, San Diego. Burial services, with military honors, will be held at Arlington National Cemetery at 2 p.m. on Friday, March 5.
( WILLIAM VINCENT SIMPSON born January 12, 1911 MN and died there February 1973

( BETTY LOU SIMPSON married Ray Vargas

( EUGENE S. FERRIS (Eugene Stevens Ferris) born July 17, 1852 Verona, Dane County WI and died March 2, 1925 Milwaukee WI; married October 14, 1876 in Verona, Mary Catherine Meyers (Myers) born July 2, 1858 Verona WI and died June 11, 1917 Madison WI. Born to them were:

( BESSIE ELLEN FERRIS born April 9, 1883 Madison WI and died April 16, 1932 North Platte NE; married December 18, 1907 in Madison, William Austin Vroman Jr, [son of William Austin & Clara Sophia (Stevens) Vroman] born January 30, 1876 North Platte NE and died there April 14, 1964; both buried Gothenburg NE; and born to them were:

( JOHN WILLIAM VROMAN married Mary Marie Elizabeth Koshak

( CHARLES FERRIS VROMAN born August 4, 1914 Gothenberg NE and died March 16, 1947 Jacksonville FL

( MARY CATHERINE VROMAN married Lawrence Newton and they had 2 kids

( ALBERT EUGENE FERRIS born May 7, 1885 Madison WI and died January 26, 1967 Verona WI; married February 2, 1906 in Chicago IL, Mary Isabel Butler born January 20, 1888 Waukesha WI and died June 6, 1966 Verona WI. He was a resident of Madison & Mazomanie WI; died in a nursing home in Verona; buried Forest Hill Cemetery – employed by the Milwaukee Railroad and member of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. Born them were:

( DONALD EUGENE FERRIS born January 5, 1907 and died January 19, 1907

( RAYMOND EUGENE FERRIS born July 12, 1908 Madison WI and died February 6, 1983 New Glarus WI; married September 2, 1922 (1933) in Janesville WI, Fern Evelyn Hoesely born May 29, 1909 New Glarus WI and died there 1985; and born to them were 4 kids, including:

( KAY ANN FERRIS born and died April 25, 1940 Madison WI

( BETTY RAE FERRIS born July 25, 1944 and died July 27, 1944 Madison WI

( WILLIAM HAROLD FERRIS born September 26, 1909 Madison WI and died December 18, 2001; married December 21, 1935 at Madison, Margaret Perkin; Janesville Gazette, Janesville WI, December 20, 2001: “William Harold Ferris Sr, age 92, died peacefully at Oakwood Village, Tuesday, Dec 18, 2001. He was born on Sept. 26, 1909 in Madison, the son of Albert Eugene Ferris and Mary Isabel (Butler) Ferris. Bill married Margaret Arline Parkin on Dec. 21, 1935. Bill graduated from Longfellow School, Central High School, and the University of Wisconsin School of Electrical Engineering, in Madison. He worked for Madison Gas and Electric, and Kennedy Dairy prior to joining Wisconsin Power and Light Company in 1937. He retired as senior vice president in 1974, after more than 37 years with the utility company. He served in the US Navy during World War II as a radar maintenance office on the USS Chenango. (See Net for pictures and info on the Chenango.) He was a registered professional engineer and was active in various civic, community, and industry activities including the Golden K Kiwanis. He was a charter member of Heritage Congregational Church. Bill was active in amateur athletics at Central High School, Kennedy Dairy, and the UW-Madison. He was an avid golfer, and was a member of the Nakoma Golf Club for over 35 years. Survivors include 4 daughters: Gwen (Jerry) Splinter of Adams-Friendship, Susan (Jerry) Carter of Madison, Sally (Glenn) Kisch of New Hampshire, and Mary (Ron) Ruble of Oregon WI; a son, Tom Ferris (LeAnne PPuntney) of Madison, a brother, Robert Gregory (Jerrie) Ferris of Virginia; 10 grandchildren: Jerry (Jackie) Splinter Jr of Milton, Debra (J.R.) brimmer of Sun Prairie, Pam (Jeff) Johnson of North Freedom, Kristin Carter (Dan) Eschrich, Rick (Kelli) Carter, both of Illinois, Krista Kisch of Texas, Michael Kisch of California, Bob Ferris of Madison, Mike Ferris (Lynda Czar) of New Berlin, and Tricia Ferris of Madison; 14 great-grandchildren; 2 daughters-in-law, Connie Ferris (John) Bailey and Aileen Ferris, both of Madison; a special friend, Beatrice David of Madison; a cousin John (Jinny) Butler of Madison; and nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife, Margaret; a son, William H Ferris Jr (former Dane County Sheriff); his parents; and 2 brothers, Raymond (Fern) Ferris and Stanley (Jane) Ferris. The family wants to thank a special friend, Jack Zwettier; Lisa Boehlke and the other caregivers at Hospice; the physicians at UW Health and the caregivers at Oakwood for all of their help to Bill and his family during his illness. Please join the family at Heritage Congregational Church, 3102 Prairie Road, Madison, at 11 a.m. Friday, Dec 21, 2001 in a service of celebration. Following the service, there will be a gathering of family and friends at the church. A lunch will be served. Burial will be in the Protestant Cemetery, Mazomanie, following lunch. In lieu of other expressions of sympathy, the family requests memorials in Bill’s name to Heritage Congregational Church, HospiceCare, or the Oakwood Foundation”; and born to them were:

( GWEN MARY FERRIS married Jerry Splinter

( WILLIAM HAROLD FERRIS, JR., born January 20, 1940 Madison WI and died there July 26, 1981; Dane County Sheriff; married in 1969, Miss Schrack

( SUSAN PERKIN FERRIS married Jerry Carter

( SALLY MARGARET FERRIS married Glenn Kisch

( MARY KATHERINE FERRIS married Mr. Wickens – apparently divorced; married Ron Ruble

( THOMAS JOHN FERRIS married LeAnne Puntney

( STANLEY JOSEPH FERRIS born June 25, 1913 Madison WI and died there December 24, 1992; married February 12, 1944 at Milwaukee, Jane Rose Buckles born April 24, 1918 Milwaukee WI; 1967 resided in Madison WI. Is this the same Stanley J Ferris who was head of Marschall’s Italian Products Section, Madison? Born to them were:

( VIRGINIA FERRIS born August 19, 1945; married Allen Metz

( DONALD MANNING FERRIS born November 16, 1947

( JAMES STANLEY FERRIS born June 12, 1953

( MELISSA FERRIS born May 31, 1963

( ROBERT GREGORY FERRIS born April 24, 1921 Madison WI and died July 27, 2005 Fredericksburg VA; historian – editor; served with various government agencies in D.C. including National Park Service where he headed the widely acclaimed National Historical Landmark Book Series, Office of Manned Space Flight (NASA), Air Force, Department of Commerce, and the Civil Aeronautics Administration; held degress from U of Wisconsin (BA); and the U of Michigan (MA); after retirement, lived in Chapel Hill and Durham NC and Fredericksburg; a WWII Veteran who participated in the Normandy, North France, and German campaigns; married November 26, 1958 Washington, DC, (Jerri) Juanita M. Brown; and born to them were:

( ROBERT EUGENE FERRIS (is this Robert Eugene Ferris born May 7, 1955 Arlington VA; former major league baseball player) married June 20, 1977 Karen Jane Hancock; and born to them was:


( LISA FERRIS married Peter Otis; and born to them was:


( VICKI FERRIS married a Mr Spiro; and born to them were:



( EMMA SADIE FERRIS born January 19, 1888 Madison WI and died January 5, 1924 Milwaukee WI; married May 5, 1913 at Milwaukee, Browning Horton Reigle born September 5, 1883 and died April 9, 1954 Milwaukee WI; and born to them were:

( DOROTHY BESS REIGLE born June 19, 1914 Madison WI and died April 16, 1980 Framingham MA

( VIRGINIA IRENE REIGLE died July 1, 2006; married March 18, 1939 in Milwaukee WI, William James Dumke born November 13, 1915 and died April 17, 1999 Louisville, Jefferson, KY; and born to them were:

( HALLIE VIRGINIA DUMKE born January 23, 1941 Milwaukee WI and died December 19, 1990 Lynn House, Alexandria VA; married April 9, 1966 Leon Gleaves and born to them was:

( KEITH BROWNING GLEAVES born July 8, 1973 Knoxville TN

( JAMES ANDREW DUMKE born September 19, 1943 Milwaukee WI; married Evelyn Marie Karpowicz and born to them were:

( JAMES DUMKE born November 14, 1972 Boston MA

( BRIAN DUMKE born October 22, 1975 Louisville KY

( JULIE DUMKE born July 10, 1979 Louisville KY

( GAYLE DIANE DUMKE born February 18, 1945 Milwaukee WI; married August 1, 1964 Michael E Uhls; and born to them were:

( KEVIN MICHAEL UHLS born October 24, 1965 Louisville KY ( KIMBERLY MICHELLE UHLS born August 12, 1967 Louisville KY – provider of this updated information – thanks Kim!

( JAMES ROBERT UHLS born July 8, 1970 Louisville KY

( EMILY M. FERRIS born November 3, 1855; married December 6, 1881 Abel Stanton born January 17, 1826

( GEORGE FERRIS born August 3, 1861 and died August 22, 1875

( JOHN DUELL FERRIS (Photo) born December 2, 1826 Providence (Saratoga County) NY and died October 9, 1904 Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA; buried there Block M, Lot 27, Elmwood Cemetery (Photo); married February 27, 1851 at Henderson, Knox, IL Louisa A. Jackson born March 6, 1834 Erie Co PA and died December 22, 1914 Los Angeles Co CA; buried there in Rosedale Cemetery. John left his family’s home in Indiana 1848 and located in Knox Co IL in August of that year. John was a wagon-maker for 4 years in the village of Henderson, Knox, IL – moved to Black Hawk Co September, 1852 – believed to be the first settler in Black Hawk Township – there was no habitation west of him – he built a 14×14′ log cabin and lived the first winter in it without a floor. He owned a farm of 192 acres outside of Waterloo; he was formerly an old-line Whig, and then became a Republican. He held the offices of Township Trustee for four years, Road Supervisor for two years and School Director for two years. He and Louisa were members of the United Brethren Church. Born to them were:

( CYNTHIA L. FERRIS (Syntha) born November 5, 1851 Knox Co IL and died there December 25, 1851

( ALGERNON NORMAN FERRIS “Alonzo” (Photo) born January 25, 1853 Black Hawk County IA {second white child born in Black Hawk Township} and died November 1925 Los Angeles Co CA; married May 5, 1878, (Sarah) Sallie A. Leonard (1858-). He was a dentist in Parkersburg IA (in Waterloo for 40 years). Born to them were:

( OTHO LEONARD FERRIS born April 27, 1881 Parkersburg IA; received his early education in the grammar and high schools of Waterloo IA, graduating in 1898; graduated from Cornell College at Mt Vernon IA June 1902 with the degree of Ph.B and from the George Washington U in Washington DC May 1905 with the degree of LL.B; moved to Oregon July 1905; admitted to the Oregon Bar November 6, 1905; was with the Trust Department of the Title Guarantee & Trust Co of Portland from August 1905 to April 1907 at which time he became a member of the firm of Lee & Ferris, attorneys; secretary of the Columbia Trust Co; Mason, Commercial Club of Portland, the Irvington Tennis Club and YMCA; listed in Who’s Who on Pacific Coast, 1913; married June 14, 1905 Washington DC, Edna Kimball (

( MABEL A. FERRIS born April 18, 1884 Parkersburg IA

( FORREST CLINTON FERRIS (Photo) born December 5, 1854 Hudson, Black Hawk, IA and died November 21, 1941 McPherson KS; married December 24, 1879 in Hudson IA Mary Florence Aurner (Millie) born March 26, 1859 DeKalb Co IL and died June 28, 1952 McPherson KS. He was a farmer – born to them were:

( HUGH CLINTON FERRIS born March 20, 1881 Conway KS and died October 21, 1972 Wichita KS; a pharmacist; married September 4, 1906 Viola Julie Gillette

( ARBA CLAYTON FERRIS born October 9, 1883 Conway KS and died August 24, 1966 McPherson KS; farmer; electrical engineer; married June 2, 1909 Blanche Wallis Groome born 1887 KS; and born to them were:


( MYRTLE MAXINE FERRIS born c1914 KS; married Lorie Locke who was of Arlington KS; and born to them was:

( LOREEN ARBA LOCKE, of Topeka KS, married Jim McMillan

( ROBERT FERRIS born c1915 KS (Robert C born November 24, 1914)

( LUCILE FERRIS (c1920-)

( ORLANDO JAMES FERRIS born September 2, 1885 Conway KS and died June 30, 1963, Portland OR; dentist; married June 7 (July 2), 1909 in Vancouver B.C., his cousin, Rose Zell McCartney (; and born to them was:

( HELENE FERRIS born c1914 OR – resided Portland OR – married Omar Bittner and they had 1 child

( MYRTLE INEZ FERRIS born August 13, 1887 Conway KS and died January 12, 1940 Liaochow, China; missionary; married June 1, 1910 at Conway, Samuel Andrew Pollock born April 22, 1883 and died August 17, 1910

( RALPH JOHN FERRIS born April 4, 1890 Conway KS and died December 18, 1918; married July 28, 1912 at Conway, Mae Rebecca Wilson

( CARYL RAY FERRIS (Carl Ray Ferris) born March 9, 1907 (1897) Conway KS and died May 3, 1975 Kansas City MO; married June 25, 1924 in McPherson KS, Lucille Miller. He was a physician in Kansas City MO.

( JOHN HIRAM FERRIS (Photos) born October 16, 1856 Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA and died February 6, 1933 Long Beach CA as result of a car accident with Pacific Electric Train; resided Meyer Co SD 1880; graduate of Western College; married September 4, 1884 in Black Hawk Co IA, Leonora Elizabeth Wellman [dau of Luke Bowen & Angelina Elizabeth (Jones) Wellman] born March 4, 1865 (or March 1, 1866) Waterloo IA and died March 17, 1940 Long Beach CA. Both interred in the Angeles Abby Mausoleum, Compton CA. He clerked for W. W. Forry, pioneer Waterloo IA druggist and them he was a druggist in Carthage and Mitchell SD; went by the name “Hiram”. Leonora was a teacher. Born to them were:

( MAUDE JEAN FERRIS (Photos) born June 24, 1885 Carthage SD (the first girl child born in Carthage) and died September 28, 1948 Long Beach CA; married June 18, 1908 in Mitchell SD, as his 1st wife, Laurice Samuel Vickers [son of Samuel M. & Grace (Ebbott) Vickers] born August 14, 1883 on a farm in Rosedale Township, Hanson Co, SD and died May 18, 1989 Long Beach. Both buried Sunnyside Memorial Park in Long Beach CA. He was a banker, appraiser and realtor. Born to them were:

( WAUNETA ELIZABETH VICKERS (Photo) born 1910 and died July 7, 1937 in childbirth at Long Beach CA where she resided; married August 27, 1935 at Long Beach CA, Philip Edward Graham [son of Edward T.] born December 18, 1912 Cascade MT and died June 26, 1990 Long Beach CA. He graduated from Polytechnic High School in Long Beach. Born to them was:

( PHILIP EDWARD GRAHAM born July 7, 1937 Long Beach CA and died there July 9, 1937; buried in casket with his mother.

( LEONORA GRACE VICKERS (Photo) born July 15, 1913 Mitchell, Davison, SD; graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach and the Long Beach Junior College; married 1st October 8, 1932 in Oregon, Paul Bartlett Rowley born March 18, 1911 Mitchell SD and died July 31, 1993 Santa Maria CA – divorced 1943; married 2d August 11, 1949 in Long Beach CA Charles Brooks Wilson. Born to her and Paul were:

( THOMAS MARSHALL ROWLEY born November 10, 1933 Huntington Park CA; married November 10, 1955 in Japan, Mitsuko Yamamoto [dau of Kikuo & Mitsue Midori (Higuchi) Yamamoto] born January 19, 1934 Japan; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL BRUCE ROWLEY born December 20, 1960 Los Angeles CA; married December 20, 2000 in Las Vegas, Cynthia Smythe; and born to them was:

( MICHAEL THOMAS ROWLEY born December 25, 2000 Long Beach CA

( JEANNE SUE ROWLEY born April 24, 1963 Los Angeles CA; married January 16, 1988 in Long Beach CA, Edwin Gopez Dungca born August 18, 1964 Manila, Phillipines. Born to them were:

( JENNIFER MARIE DUNGCA born August 8, 1988 Long Beach CA

( KAYLI ANN DUNGCA born December 25, 1991 Long Beach CA

( AIMEE COLLEEN ROWLEY (Photo) born August 24, 1965 Los Angeles CA; married September 19, 1992 Frank James Capello born January 20, 1964. Born to them were:

( KATHRYN RENEE CAPELLO born January 3, 1996

( KRISTINA MIDORI CAPELLO born April 25, 1998

( MARK BARTLETT ROWLEY born July 11, 1937 Maywood-Bell CA; married 1st July 6, 1957 in Tacoma WA, Madelyn Ellen Blankenship born November 15, 1938 in Yakima WA; married 2d Kathryn Pruter; married 3d in OR, name unk. Born to Mark and Madelyn were;

( LINDA SHARICE ROWLEY born July 8, 1958 Los Angeles Co CA; married David Mark Nabor and born to them was:

( SHONDRA LYNN NABOR born January 17, 1993 Los Angeles Co CA

( CYNTHIA COLLEN ROWLEY “Cindy” born April 17, 1960 Long Beach CA; married 1st September 16, 1978 Richard Schweitzer – divorced 1988; married 2d March 7, 1989 Michael Lance. Born to Cynthia and Richard was:

( BRIAN RICHARD SCHWEITZER born April 21, 1979 Long Beach CA Born to him and name unk, was:


( WAUNETA AUGUST FERRIS (Photos) “Juanita” born August 29, 1887 Carthage SD and died January 23, 1981 Norwalk CA; married June 21, 1914 in Northfield MN, 1914 Mark Mizener, M.D. [son of David Albert & Zillah Jane (Waughtal) Mizener] born September 27, 1887 Mitchell SD and died February 13, 1962 Los Angeles CA. Both buried Sunnyside Memorial Park in Long Beach CA. Wauneta received a Diploma in Elocution in 1903; a Diploma in English in 1906; and a Diplma in Oratory in 1908. Mark received his Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in 1909; appointed to staff of Metropolitan Hospital in New York City; WWI Veteran in the Medical Corps serving in France, discharged as a Captain February 25, 1919. He was a Mason. From the Towner County ND Hansboro News: “September 24, 1915 NEAR DEATH IN AUTO ACCIDENT Bowman Citizen – Dr. and Mrs. Mark Mizener of Bowman, narrowly escaped death or serious injury when their Ford runabout, which the doctor was driving, hit a large rock, obscured by weeds in the center of a seldom traveled road, while driving north of town Friday. The Doctor and Mrs. Mizener were out on a professional call and were traveling on a cross trail about eight miles north of town, near the Claud Brooks’ place. They were traveling at about 25miles an hour when they hit the rock which stood squarely in the center of the trail but which was obscured from view by the tall grass and weeds. Mrs. Mizener was thrown out of the car, turning a complete somersault before hitting the ground. The doctor was thrown across the steering wheel, landing with his nose across the top of the windshield. Jingo, the doctor’s fox terrier, was thrown a distance of several yards. Mrs. Mizener was bruised and severely shaken up but fortunately no bones were broken. The doctor will carry a remembrance of the accident for some time to come in the form of a badly scratched and bruised nose. Jingo, it might be added, escaped without a scratch. The car did not escape so fortunately as did its occupants. The force of the collision may be judged when it is learned that the rock weighed several hundred pounds and was imbedded from eight to ten inches in the ground. The car struck with such force that the rock was moved from its position although it was imbedded firmly enough to stop the car within three feet. As far as the working parts of the car are concerned it was practically a total wreck, everything from the radiator to the rear axle being broken or twisted. "Doc" will buy a new car and is glad that it was only the Ford, which was severely injured.” Born to them were:

( DAVID FERRIS MIZENER born December 22, 1917 Des Moines IA and died December 27, 1918 Minneapolis MN; buried Graceland Cemetery, Mitchell SD

( JOHN FERRIS MIZENER (Photo) (adopted) born April 2, 1921 in IA and died September 29, 1988 Downey CA

( PATRICIA MIZENER (Photos) (adopted) born September 22, 1923 Sioux City IA and died September 28, 1997 Downey CA; married September 20, 1942 at Nogales AZ, John Robert Miller [son of Robert Theodore & Edith Mildred (Hubbard) Miller] born May 27, 1921 in St. Paul MN. She graduated from the Brown School for Girls of Glendora CA in 1942. John graduated from Downey High School, Downey CA 1940; Long Beach Junior College. He is a WWII veteran having served in the Army Air Corps as a C-47 pilot (Captain) and flew in the South Pacific, spending a good deal of time in Australia, Guam and the Phillippines. He received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Air Medal with several Oak Leaf Clusters. He was an aerospace engineer. Born to them were:

( MARK ROBERT MILLER (Photos) born October 31, 1943 Hollywood CA “My mother was adopted and, therefore, not biologically a Ferris descendant. However, we’ve always felt very much a part of that lineage. My Grandmother, Wauneta August Ferris, was extremely close to me. I consider myself a Ferris descendant.” (Jim – that is good enough for me!) Mark graduated from Earl Warren, Sr. High School in Downey CA in 1961; received his A.A., 1969; B.A., 1970; M.A., 1972; and PhD, 1974. He was a Physical Anthropoligist, 1968-75; Fortran and Basic Programmer, 1975-83; Information Systems Manager, 1984-89; Oracle Database Administrator, 1989-2001. (Jim – now I see how he has such a great homepage!) He is an Air Force Veteran having served from 1964-68 in assignments consisting of 10 months at Syracuse U, in Russian language school; Kelley AFB being trained as a Voice Intercept Processing Specialist and then as a Code and Cypher Analyst; and then finally almost 2 years at Iraklion, Crete, Greece. Mark is a Mason. He married first August 15, 1965 Andrea Lee Ross; married second September 3, 1984 at Cerritos CA, Aurora Moreno [dau of Felizardo & Maria Raquel (Herrera) Acosta] born November 4, 1956 at Douglas AZ. Aurora received her A.A., 1982; B.S., 1985; and M.B.A, 1996. Mark has provided this updated information on this “twig” and all the fantastic photographs – thanks Mark! They reside in Chino Hills CA. Born to Mark and Aurora was:

( IAN JACOB MILLER born March 8, 1989 Downey CA

( CHRISTY ANN MILLER (Photo) born January 13, 1961 Lynwood CA; received Bachelor of Speech Communication, 1984; Masters of Business Administration; married September 30, 1995 at Downey CA, Timothy Edward Schmidt.

( FRANK E. FERRIS (Photo) born December 5, 1859 (1860) Black Hawk Co IA and died c1925; married 1st September 15, 1890 Salem OR Abbie H. Wadsworth; 2d Mina Wilhelmina Bluhm (1876-1960). He was a dentist in Portland OR. Born to him and Abbie was:


Born to Frank and his 2d wife, Mina, were:

( FRANK GREY FERRIS born August 5, 1905; married May 29, 1939 in OR, Katherine Barr and they had 2 kids – he was a machinist and worked in an auto factory


( DONALD E. FERRIS born c1908 OR

( JACK B. FERRIS born c1905 OR

( MARY P. FERRIS born March 28, 1864 Black Hawk Co IA and died March 26, 1894 of typhoid fever at Worthington MN; buried Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo IA; married January 1, 1884 in Black Hawk Co IA, Lorenzo Lemon McCartney. Born to them was:

( ROSE ZELL MCCARTNEY (Photo) born c1887 IA; married Orlando James Ferris ( Rose was orphaned at an early age and raised by her Ferris grandparents (John Duel Ferris) – see Orlando for offspring

( HATTIE L. FERRIS (Photo) born April 16, 1866 Black Hawk Co IA and died 1937; married May 22, 1895 or May 5, 1896 Grant Bruner.

( ROSE VIRGINIA FERRIS (Photo) born January 23, 1871 Black Hawk Co IA and died c1952/53; married June 1, 1893 or June 3, 1894 Ed J. Brown; and Charles Cash.

( ELIZABETH MEAD FERRIS born January 11, 1830 Providence NY and died January 23, 1888 Fort Wayne IN; married February 3, 1848 James Madison Cartwright born October 23, 1818 Rockbridge Co VA and died August 8, 1900 Fort Wayne IN. James is listed as a Pioneer of Allen County IN. Born to them were:

( WALTON CARTWRIGHT (James W.) born c1858 IN



( FELICIA CARTWRIGHT born 1854 IN and was still alive 1920 Fort Wayne IN; married John L Joker born 1853 OH; and born to them were:

( FRANK H JOKER born 1895 IN; married as her 2d husband, Eva M Redding born October 4, 1894 IN and died August 1975 Fort Wayne; buried Prairie Grove Cemetery, Allen Co IN

( EDNA F JOKE born 1892 IN

( ADELINE L. CARTWRIGHT (1855-1911) married Samuel David Graham (1852-1937).


( ANNA CARTWRIGHT (Anna B.) born c1860 IN

( IDA MAE CARTWRIGHT (1862-1932) married Thomas E. Craig (1862-1932)


( ALTHEA L. CARTWRIGHT born October 15, 1864 Fort Wayne, Allen, IN and died there July 29, 1948; married March 24, 1887 in Fort Wayne, George Lewis Pfeiffer [son of Charles & Abigail Sulton (Williams) Pfeiffer] born September 18, 1853 Fort Wayne and died there February 12, 1944; both buried Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne (Photo); and born to them were:

( ELMER GEORGE PFEIFFER born November 4, 1887 Fort Wayne IN and died June 9, 1964 Newport RI; buried Fort Wayne IN

( HOWARD W PFEIFFER born June 1889 Fort Wayne IN; married Rose Josephine Mason

( CHARLES M PFEIFFER born August 17, 1892 Fort Wayne IN

( FRANKLIN EARL PFEIFFER (c1894-) married Emma Wampas (c1894-)

( RAYMOND E PFEIFFER born June 1896 Fort Wayne IN

( RAY PFEIFFER (c1897-) married Ethel Kraus (c1901-)

( ROSS E PFEIFFER (c1898-) married Juanita Minnick (c1910-)

( RUSSELL E PFEIFFER born August 1898 Fort Wayne IN

( JESSICA PFEIFFER bornc 1900 Fort Wayne

( ALTHEA MAE PFEIFFER born May 11, 1902; married 1927 William Albert Zuercher [son of Daniel & Rosina (Augsburger) Zuercher] born January 27, 1900 and died October 7, 1949; farmer; and born to them was:

( PAUL ALBERT ZUERCHER born July 20, 1929 Fort Wayne IN and died there May 1980; industrial engineer; married Virginia Ruffin Parrish [dau of Archibald & Mary Alice (Hubbard) Parrish] born October 19, 1928 and died May 1978 Fort Wayne; accounting supervisor; offspring

( JAMES WARREN PFEIFFER born c1904 Fort Wayne and died there September 2, 1986; buried Harlan Cemetery; married 1933 Ethel Clossen (1908-1980)


( CHARLES CARTWRIGHT (Charles E.) born c1870 IN


( CYNTHIA MATILDA FERRIS born November 23, 1831 Providence, Saratoga, NY and died May 3, 1891 Fort Wayne IN; married November 22, 1855, Cyrus W. Allen (1817-1898); he was a carpenter and builder in Ft Wayne; and born to them were:

( WILLIAM C. ALLEN born c1857 IN

( JENNY ALLEN born c1859 Fort Wayne, Allen, IN

( FRANK ALLEN born c1862 Fort Wayne, Allen, IN

( GEORGE I. ALLEN born c1864 Fort Wayne IN

( ALBERT ALLEN born c1867 Fort Wayne IN

( ETHAN ALLEN born c1872 Fort Wayne IN

( MARY JANE FERRIS born August 21, 1833 Providence NY and died there March 19, 1835.

( JONATHAN FERRIS born June 25, 1835 Providence NY and died there October 29, 1835.

( ANNA LOVINA FERRIS (Anna Lavina) (tombstone photos) born January 8, 1839 Barre, Orleans, NY and died March 23, 1914 Washington DC; married September 26, 1865 at Fort Wayne IN, Ivory G. Kimball (Photo) [son of Wilbraham & Ann (Hatch) Kimball Jr] born May 5, 1843 Wells, York, ME and died May 15, 1916; buried Section 3, Arlington National Cemetery; Ivory received a common school education in the common schools at Fort Wayne, taught there for a time; Private in Company E, 55th Indiana Volunteers; in August 1863, he secured an appointment as a clerk in the Internal Revenue Bureau at Washington and while there was promoted to the head of a division; studied law at the Columbian U Law School and was admitted to the Bar in 1867; 1868 resigned his position at the Bureau and entered the practice of his profession; 1891 he was offered and accepted the position of Judge of the Police Court for the District of Columbia and was appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate; reappointed to this position in January 1898; involved with the G.A.R. and was instrumental in the design and building of the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery; he lobbied Congress long and hard for the funds; [see for info on the Kimball family; and born to them were:

( ELLA CLARA KIMBALL born June 24, 1866 IN and died 1934; married July 5, 1892 William A Tyler and born to them were:

( ARTHUR KIMBALL TYLER born June 10, 1893

( TRACY FERRIS TYLER born July 16, 1895

( MABEL TYLER born May 18, 1897

( WILBURA KIMBALL (Wilbra) born April 6, 1868 Washington, D.C. and died March 5, 1888

( MARY GILBERT KIMBALL born March 26, 1870; graduated frolm Amherst College 1893; graduated from the Law Department U 1896; admitted to Bar 1896 – she is not listed in the 1880 census with this family

( ALICE MAY KIMBALL born July 7, 1872 Washington, D.C.

( ARTHUR HERBERT KIMBALL born March 13, 1875 Washington, D.C. and died August 24, 1924; graduated Amherst College 1897; prominent ophthalmologist; married September 14, 1905 Helena Moriah Kimball (Photo) [dau of George Edward & Alice Tower (Howland) Kimball] born June 25, 1878 and died June 1975; and born to them were:

( RUTH HOWLAND KIMBALL married 1st, Larry Larson, a pilot in Alaska; married 2d, name unk, another pilot in Alaska and they had Betsy; born to her and Larry were:



( ARTHUR ALDEN KIMBALL (photos) born 1908 Washington DC and died 1996; entered government service in 1928 when he went to work for the Commerce Department; over the next several years he worked for the National Recovery Administration and the Social Security Board; at the start of WWII, he joined the Army and became a budget officer in the War Department; later served as Chief of Administration for the U.S. prosecution team at the Nazi war crimes trials in Nurnberg (was a Colonel on Justice Jackson’s staff); after the War, he worked in the State Department and helped George Marshall establish the Economic Cooperative Administration for administering the Marshall Plan; later served as head of the International Information Administration (IIA), a branch of the State Department; when the IIA became a separate agency, the US Information Agency, in 1953, President Eisenhower allowed Kimball to serve as acting director until the first full-time director, Mr. Stribert, could take office. Kimball then joined the White House staff as staff director of the President’s Advisory Committee on Government Organization. In November 1960, President Eisenhower appointed Kimball to the National Labor Relations Board; Senate did not confirm the appointment and he left government service after Kennedy became President. He practiced law in D.C. for 5 years, and then returned to government service in 1966 and worked for the Social Security Administration and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare; 1972-74 Director of International Training at the Agency for International Development; December 1974 retired and moved to Florida where he became alumni officer at the Florida Institute of Technology; his papers were deposited in the Dwight D Eisenhower Library by his widow, Betty, in November 1997.

( HELENA MELVIN KIMBALL was a civil service worker

( WARREN KIMBALL married Eva {maiden name unk}; resided in MA

( BERTHA LOUISE KIMBALL born January 20, 1878

( EDNA GERTRUDE KIMBALL born September 9, 1879; married Otho Leonard Ferris (

( WALTER FERRIS KIMBALL born November 20, 1883 (1873)

( ORVILLE BELMONT FERRIS born February 12, 1841 Barre NY and died November 24, 1905 Cedars Falls (Cedar Rapids) IA; married 1st 1866 Ella Adelelia Griswold (1841-1883 (?); 2d January 1884 Ellen N. Mitchell born September 1867 [Ella is listed with Orville in the 1880 census – apparently the 1st wife] (Ellen is listed as wife of Orville in the 1900 census, apparently 2d wife). Orville enlisted December 10, 1863 for three years at Fort Wayne IN in the 11th Battery, Indiana Volunteers Artillery. His enlistment papers have his occupation as farmer. Born to them were:

( HOMER B. FERRIS born 1869 IA – Army Veteran – Bavacoa, Cuba

( CURTIS P. FERRIS born 1873 IA – Army Veteran – Fort Thomas KY

( ORVILLE ROLLINS FERRIS (1882-) married Phebe Ellen Mitchell

Born to Orville and his 2d wife, Ellen, were:

( MOSES EDGAR FERRIS born September 1884

( HAROLD MITCHELL FERRIS born October 1892 and died 1927

( LOVETUS ALGERNON FERRIS born August 8, 1842 Berre NY and died June 11, 1864 Chattanooga TN; unmarried; enlisted December 10, 1863 at Fort Wayne IN for three years in the 11th Battery, Indiana Volunteer Artillery. His enlistment papers have his occupation as carpenter. The 11th Independent Battery Light Artillery was the Garrison Artillery, Chattanooga, Department the Cumberland and Siege Artillery, Army of the Cumberland to October 1864. The Battery lost 6 enlisted killed and 1 officer and 18 enlisted by disease.

( CHARLES EDDY FERRIS born October 19, 1846 Washington Township, Allen Co IN and died August 18, 1925 Lincoln, Lancaster, NE; married November 11, 1868 Waterloo IA Mary Susanna Baldwin born May 29, 1850 Springboro, Crawford, PA and died March 8, 1920 Lincoln NE. Charles enlisted March 22, 1864 at Wayne Township, Allen Co IN for three years in the 11th Battery, Indiana Volunteer Artillery. His enlistment papers have his occupation as farmer. According to the 1880 Census, he was a farmer in Black Hawk IA. They moved 1908 to Lincoln NE. Born to them were:

( ANNA LOVINA FERRIS born January 15, 1870 Waterloo IA and died December 29, 1939 Seattle WA; buried Wyka Cemetery; married October 24, 1888 in Hamilton Co NE, Frank Perley Corrick [son of Andrew Jackson & Margaret Ann (Bruce) Corrick] born July 17, 1866 Moulton IA and died April 4, 1931 Lincoln NE; buried Wyka Cemetery, Lincoln. Frank was Chief Clerk, Nebraska House of Representatives 1921-31; also owner – editor of The Tribune, Cozad NE. Born to them were:

( LENORE CORRICK born January 16, 1893 Dawson NE and died January 30, 1973; married October 6, 1920 Harry Herbert Smith

( GLADYS CORRICK born February 20, 1895 Cozad, Dawson, NE and died 1976; married Carl Adolph Olson

( BRUCE CORRICK born March 9, 18987 Cozad, Dawson, NE and died September 17, 1917

( FRANK E. CORRICK born March 8, 1904 and died October 1981; married Gladys Latrum



( ELVIN EDWARD FERRIS born May 20, 1871 and died 1932; married Eleanor Laye (-1946); resided in Hoboken NJ and taught school in New York City. Born to them was:

( ELVIN EDWARD FERRIS, JR. Born to him and his unk wife was:

( ROBERT JUDSON FERRIS born April 25, 1934

( ARTHUR JAMES FERRIS born August 4, 1874 Waterloo, Blackhawk, IA and died March 20, 1960 Ord, Valley, NE; married 1st July 21, 1903 Minnie May Tubbs born October 8, 1878 Olesburg, Pottawatomie, KS and died April 7, 1915 Colorado Springs CO; 2d April 25, 1917 Ord NE, Nellie Loraine Clark born September 17, 1893 Stockham NE and died 1981; a farmer. Born to him and Minnie were:

( OTHO WILFORD FERRIS born December 13, 1909 Maxwell NE; married June 8, 1946 Chicago Elsie Olic born March 28, 1915 Chicago; Otho was a farmer and a WWII Navy Vet. Born to them were:

( JOHN ARTHUR FERRIS born February 26, 1947 Sterling CO; married August 10, 1968 DeKalb Co IL Elaine Sue Lester born July 1, 1948 Dixon IL

( JAMES ROBERT FERRIS born September 18, 1948 Sycamore IL

( DAVID PAUL FERRIS born November 1949; married September 4, 1976 San Diego CA Sandra Smede born March 29, 1951 Wyandotte MI

( DANIEL LOWELL FERRIS born April 17, 1951 Oak Park IL

( KRISTI ANN FERRIS born July 1, 1952 Sycamore IL; married November 1971 DeKalb Co IL John Paul Hudson born December 12, 1951 Sycamore IL

( TIMOTHY FERRIS born July 26, 1956 Chicago IL; married June 11, 1977 DeKalb Co IL Karen Sue Dyer born December 6, 1958 DeKalb IL

( PETER OTHO FERRIS born February 19, 1959 Berwyn IL

( WILLIS KENT FERRIS born March 30, 1912 Grant Township, Hamilton, NE; married November 19, 1939 Aurora NE Edith May Helleberg born May 2, 1912 Ord NE. Born to them were:

( ROBERT KEITH FERRIS born June 22, 1941 Ord NE; married 1st January 1964 Marsha {maiden name unk}; 2d February 2, 1968 Linda Plummer

( MARVIN KENT FERRIS born September 4, 1942 Ord NE; unmarried

Born to Arthur and his second wife, Nellie, were:

( MELVERN LORES FERRIS (Melvern Louis) born January 19, 1919 Ord, Valley, NE and died there July 4, 1970; married August 15, 1946 Ord NE Mildred Louise Rajewich born February 21, 1927 Gregory SD. Born to them were:

( MARGARET LOUISE FERRIS born October 4, 1947 Ord, Valley, NE; married 1st November 20, 1966 Milford NE Michael Patrick McQuirk; 2d February 5, 1977 Lincoln NE James Lowell Scott

( MARILYN LEANN FERRIS born October 31, 1950 Broken Bow, Custer, NE; married February 7, 1971 Milford NE Keith Baker.

( MAXINE LINDA FERRIS born May 30, 1953 Broken Bow NE; married September 9, 1972 Edward Vanek, Jr., born December 27, 1951 Wahoo, Sanders, NE


( MARK LEE FERRIS born September 2, 1964 Friend, Saline, NE

( MILTON LEROY FERRIS born January 6, 1968 Friend, Saline, NE

( DOROTHY LORAINE FERRIS born November 30, 1921 Ord NE; married January 6, 1945 Whittier CA Allen Dale Axthelm born December 26, 1922 North Loup NE

( CALVIN MAYNARD FERRIS born March 10, 1924 Ord, Valley, NE; married March 26, 1945 Newton IA Nona Blanche Karreman born August 2, 1924 Newton IA. Calvin provided updated info on this “twig” – thanks Calvin! Born to them were:

( SHIRLEY KAY FERRIS born February 18, 1947 Ames IA; married December 16, 1967 Jefferson IA, John Donald Thornton born January 1, 1946 San Antonio TX

( KAREN JEAN FERRIS born February 22, 1950 Newton IA; married January 23, 1971 John Eveland born April 19, 1948 Oskaloosa IA

( BETH ANN FERRIS born January 10, 1956 Jefferson IA; married December 20, 1975 Richard Dale Evans born April 22, 1956 Ames IA

( ORWIN (ORRIN) MELVIN FERRIS born November 10, 1878 Waterloo IA and died 1938 Lincoln NE

( IDA MAY FERRIS born January 4, 1880 and died September 28, 1932 Lincoln NE

( FLORRIE IRENE FERRIS born November 17, 1882 Stockham NE and died May 24, 1960 Lincoln NE; married February 28, 1911 Walter F. Wilkins (1884-1946)

( PEARL PHILETIA FERRIS born February 22, 1887 Stockham NE and died March 13, 1965 Seattle WA; married April 20, 1919 Robert Frank McConnell born September 24, 1887 Aurora NE and died August 10, 1914 (1978?) Julesburg CO. Born to them was:

( ROBERTA FRANCES MCCONNELL “Fran” married Charles Samuel Allen and born to them was:

( JANET ALLEN married Robert Mullen

( MYRTLE FERRIS born March 21, 1892 Stockham NE and died 1985; married May 21, 1919 Louis Joseph Beequet (Becquet) born April 30, 1895 (1898?) Colorado Springs CO and died July 30, 1972 Lincoln NE.

( MELVIN EZEKIAL FERRIS born April 11, 1848 Washington Township, Allen Co IN and died April 12, 1918 McPherson County KS; married Lovinia Fairchild (1851-1938).

( UNKNOWN SON #2 (c1756-)

( SAMUEL FERRIS JR., born October 12, 1782 Stamford CT and died June 26, 1860 Blakely Township, Wilkes Barre, Lackawanna, PA; married July 30, 1805 Mary Kelley (Kelly) born October 1, 1788 Wilkes Barre PA and died August 21, 1857 Blakely Township; both buried at the Union Cemetery, Blakely Township, Lackawanna Co; and born to them were:

( ISAAC FERRIS born December 6, 1806 and died 1862 WI; married Elizabeth Storey and they settled in Wisconsin

( FANNIE FERRIS born July 4, 1808 PA and died June 2, 1896; married David Enos

( SYLVANUS FERRIS (Sylvinis – is the spelling that has been handled down from generation to generation) born May 19, 1813 Luzerne Co PA and died February 11, 1877 Kewanee IL; married 1st 1842 Francis Norton (Fanny) [dau of John & Sarah (Noble)] born 1823 Brawby, England, arriving in the US 1840 and died February 1853; and 2d 1855 Ruth Holbrook born August 8, 1824 VT and died 1865. Sylvanus moved 1838 to Wethersfield, Henry, IL. Obituary, The Kewanee Independent, February 21, 1877: “Died at the residence of Mr. L. Sheldon, in Kewanee on Sunday, the 11th, Mr. Sylvanus Ferris, age 63 years. Mr. Ferris born in Luzerene County PA, May 19th, 1813 where he resided until the spring of 1838, when he came to Illinois, and settled in Wethersfield. In 1842 he was married to Fanny Norton, with whom he lived about eleven years until she died in February, 1853. About two years subsequently he was married to Mrs. Ruth Holbroook, with whom he lived until her death, which occurred in 1865, since which time he has remained, unmarried. He was an amiable, kindhearted man, a good citizen and highly esteemed by his neighbors. In business he displayed a large amount of energy and perseverance, was public spirited and was largely interested in the business enterprises of the early settlement of Wethersfield. He rented the old Wethersfield Colony Steam Flour and Saw Mill, which he managed for a number of years, and to him belongs the credit of opening the first ‘coal bank’ in that part of the state. He will long be remembered by all the early settles of this vicinity as one of the most valued and use members of this society – to whom appeals for assistance were never made in vain.” [note – death date in obit is wrong.]Born to Sylvanus and Francis were:

( EDWIN FERRIS (AFN:35ZN-FF) born August 8, 1842 Bradford, Henry, (Stark Co) IL and died June 13, 1916 Plumas Co CA [LDS says he died at Last Chance, Lassen County CA]. Edwin lived in a cabin and raised cattle in the Plumas National Forest. Legend has it that Edwin had chased sheep out of the meadows before they ruined the grass for his cattle and he died of a heart attack on his way back to the cabin. He was found lying in the creek. Edwin acquired his education in the public schools and academy in his native state. In 1864 he crossed the Plains, accompanied by a large train; and in making the trip from Omaha to Verdi it took three months. He settled in Plumas and Lassen Counties, CA, where he had large holdings. He owned sixteen hundred acres in Plumas County and seven hundred eight acres in Lassen County. He was largely identified in the stock and dairy business in both counties. In 1900, he moved to Reno NV and purchased the Frey ranch, consisting of two hundred and eighty acres, almost adjoining Reno. Edwin served the people of Washoe County as County Commissioner for six years, and at the general election in the fall of 1912 he was further honored, to fill the same office for a four year term. He was instrumental in the building of the Courthouse in Reno. His picture hangs in the lobby. He was also a member of the School Board. Fraternally he was a member of the B.P.O.E. and the Odd Fellows. He married, February 24, 1864, in Henry County IL, Lucretia Leonard (Photo) born December 11, 1847, Henry County IL and died February 2, 1925, Reno NV. Both are buried at the Mountain View Cemetery, Reno NV (Photo). Born to them were:

( GEORGE L. FERRIS (AFN:35ZN-K4) born January 4, 1868 Chilcoot, Plumas, CA and died September 20, 1949 Reno NV. [Jim – speculation here, but I feel this George is the George Ferris written about in The Story of Rochester, Pershing County, Nevada by Hugh A. Shamberger, published by the Carson City, Nevada Historical Press, 1973. As part of the Rochester Mining District organized in 1912, there were six town sites plotted and recorded during the mining of the Rochester Canyon area. One of those town sites was named East Rochester and that townsite was owned by George Ferris.] He married, December 4, 1901 Mary Gertrude Raker (AFN:C3KQ-9W) born 1881 Lassen Co CA and died November 7, 1963 Reno NV. Born to them were:

( EDITH PAULINE FERRIS born November 19, 1903; married Bruce Duchane.

( MERLE FERRIS born October 30, 1909; married May 30, 1929 Robert Vulgamore

( EVA LOUISE FERRIS (AFN:35ZN-L9) (Photo) born April (12?)22, 1869 Chilcoot, Plumas, CA and died September 29, 1958 Susanville, Lassen, CA; married 1st October 30, 1891(1892), Oscar Hill Doyle (AFN:C3KQ-B3) [son of John William & Caroline Hill (Thompson) Doyle] born September 5, 1862 Long Valley, Lassen, CA and died July 24, 1937 Doyle, Lassen, CA. They must have divorced because Oscar did not died until 1937. Eva married 2d March 16, 1897 Fred B. Robinson born March 15, 1866 Nevada and died June 23, 1952 Susanville CA. Born to Eva and Oscar was:

( JESSIE LUELLA DOYLE (Photo) born November 2, 1892 Doyle, Lassen, CA and died December 2, 1967 Susanville, Lassen, CA; married 1st July 16, 1911 Levi Leonard Armstrong [son of William Brooks & Celesta Blair (Leonard) Armstrong] born April 18, 1883 Atkinson, Henry, IL and died December 31, 1947 Portola, Pluma, CA; married 2d Harold George Childs. Born to Jessie and Levi were:

( MYRTLE MARIE ARMSTRONG born May 14, 1912 Doyle CA and died in infancy

( HARRY BOOKER ARMSTRONG born May 10, 1918 Reno NV and died September 1937

( JESSIE MILDRED ARMSTRONG (Photo) born February 18, 1920 Doyle CA; married 1st Estelle H. Boyette and they divorced; married 2d Wallace Bosenko

( VIOLA JUNE ARMSTRONG born June 5, 1922 Doyle CA; married June 6, 1938 in Reno NV, John Henry Wood [son of William Truman & Laura Maria (Gramps) Wood] born July 25, 1911 Pulga CA and died April 26, 1959 Doyle CA. Born to them were:

( VIOLA MAY WOOD born January 3, 1939 Oroville CA; married June 11, 1955 in Doyle CA, Leslie Paul Smith born May 16, 1932 Luther OK and died June 4, 2001 Reno NV. Born to them were:

( JOHN PAUL SMITH born December 31, 1955 Susanville CA

( MARK LEE SMITH born December 16, 1958 Susanville CA

( MELISSA JUNE SMITH born February 27, 1960 Susanville CA

( ROSALIE MAE SMITH born November 30, 1961 Susanville CA

( DAVID EUGENE WOOD born November 12, 1940 Oroville CA; married January 16, 1960 in Reno NV, Molly Elizabeth Doan born March 9, 1939 Casper WY; and born to them were:

( KAREN RENEE WOOD born January 10, 1963

( CLAUDIA DAWN WOOD born October 3, 1970

( ROSE MARIE WOOD born April 23, 1942 Susanville CA; married July 2, 1961 Earl Lamon; divorced; married 2d December 31, 1975 in Hendersonville NV, Robert George Roberts born March 19, 1941 Hollywood CA. Born to Rose and Robert were:

( IDA MARIE ROBERTS born November 12, 1975

( ROBERT GEORGE ROBERTS born December 7, 1981

( MARTHA JUNE ROBERTS born May 14, 1985

( ROSE ELLEN ROBERTS born December 4, 1987

( BEVERLY JEAN WOOD born June 1, 1943 Susanville CA; married June 28, 1962 William Millard Houdyshell born June 9, 1915 Kirby WVA and died Portola CA. Born to them were:

( WILLIAM JOHN HOUDYSHELL born March 3, 1963

( JANE ELLEN HOUDYSHELL born April 13, 1973

( GLORIA JUNE WOOD born October 20, 1944 Susanville CA; married October 20, 1962 James Harper Day born February 5, 1938 Oroville CA. Born to them were:

( KATHLEEN FAYETTE DAY born July 19, 1965

( LAURA MARIE DAY born April 15, 1971

( JOHN SIDNEY WOOD born December 14, 1945 Herlong CA; married July 29, 1966 in Reno NV, Linda Joyce Summers born May 30, 1947 Selma CA. Born to them were:

( KIMBERLY ANN WOOD born May 8, 1972

( JOHN KELLEY WOOD born March 8, 1974

( SHARON LEA WOOD born March 19, 1947 Portola CA; married February 12, 1966 in Doyle CA, Donald Ray McAllister [son of Charles & Mary (Sims) McAllister] born November 30, 1947 Sacramento CA. Born to them were:

( CYNTHIA LEE MCALLISTER born September 18, 1966 Susanville CA; married 1st in Reno NV, Robert Lee Forest born April 15, 1967; married 2d June 15, 1996 in Reno, Edward Dennis Best born October 24, 1969. Born to her and Robert were:

( KRISTINA CHANTELLE FOREST born January 13, 1988 Germany and died there April 29, 1988

( STEVEN TYLER FOREST BEST born April 7, 1989


( BROOKE LYANNE FOREST BEST born October 13, 1992

( REBECCA ANN MCALLISTER born April 19, 1968 Susanville CA; married second Dennis Coughlin and married third, September 6, 1999 in Reno NV, Scott Reynolds born July 7, 1967 in Porterville CA. Born to her and Dennis was:

( JESSICA COUGHLIN born September 2, 1989 Reno NV

Born to Rebecca and her second husband, Scott, were:

( TARA REYNOLDS born October 27, 1997 Reno NV

( KELSEY REYNOLDS born October 4, 2000 Reno NV

( SAMANTHA JUNE MCALLISTER born October 9, 1971 Portola CA; married 1st November 12, 1987 in Reno NV, James Paul Morgan born January 30, 1968 Susanville CA; married 2d February 14, 2000 in Reno, Michael Darin Lindsey who brought 3 children to the marriage. Born to her and James were:

( ELIZABETH ASHLEY MORGAN born August 4, 1987

( KATIE ANN MORGAN born January 30, 1990

( DAWN RENEE MCALLISTER born August 8, 1975 Susanville CA; married in Bonners Ferry ID, Robert Waltering and born to them was:

( DAKOTA WALTERING born August 4, 1998 Sand Point ID

( RAYMOND LEONARD WOOD born April 29, 1948 Susanville CA; married May 29, 1968 Diana Gail Dean born November 8, 1948 Susanville; and born to them were:

( DANIEL RAY WOOD born February 8, 1976

( APRIL ANN WOOD born December 5, 1979

Born to Eva and her second husband, Fred B. Robinson were:

( ELMER ORVIS ROBINSON born June 27, 1899 and died 1941; married Helen Gertrude Maxfield

( EDWIN ROBINSON (1901-1901)

( CLYDE FERRIS ROBINSON born October 20, 1902; married Caroline M. Maxfield

( SAMUEL LEONARD ROBINSON born September 13, 1904; married Katherine Lane Maxfield

( GEORGE LEWIS ROBINSON born February 2, 1906/7 and died 1929

( RALPH LAWRENCE ROBINSON born September 26, 1908; married Mary Elizabeth Maxfield. (Jim – I wonder if all of these Maxfield ladies were sisters?)

( ORVIS SAMUEL FERRIS born March 26, 1871 Summit, Plumas, CA and died January 23, 1940 Lassen Co CA; married March 26, 1902 Emma Florence Anson of Oregon. Born to them were:

( MARY LUCRETIA FERRIS born May 27, 1903; married December 4, 1924 Jack Oatman and born to them were:








( GEORGE FERRIS born in September 1905 and died August 1910

( NELLIE FLORENCE FERRIS born June 15, 1906; married December 6, 1928 Don Frour and born to them were:



( EDWIN SAMUEL FERRIS born February 9, 1910

( EMMA LUELLA FERRIS born January 27, 1912; married July 17, 1930 Tom Plumb and born to them were:

( JOYCE MAE PLUMB born Mary 15, 1932

( BEATRICE ANN PLUMB born September 23, 1935

( THOMAS EDWIN PLUMB born August 20, 1939

( GLEN WILLIAM FERRIS born March 9, 1914 and died November 1/4, 1932 Lassen Co CA

( DANIAL WILSON FERRIS born April 9, 1919

( ORVIS ANSON FERRIS born March 7, 1923; married, May 10, 1947 Marguerite Grant and born to them were:

( LUCRETIA F. FERRIS born October 22, 1949

( EDWIN HOWARD FERRIS born August 11, 1951 and died July 26, 2005; married April 23, 1983 Barbara J. Todd born June 29, 1954; and born to them were:

( MICHELLE M. FERRIS born September 5, 1977

( EDWIN W. FERRIS born August 14, 1979

( DANIEL O. FERRIS born December 12, 1984 – provider of this updated info.

( TIMOTHY D. FERRIS born July 28, 1993

( ORVIS T. FERRIS born April 24, 1953

( STEVEN G. FERRIS born September 13, 1957

( LAURA BERNICE FERRIS born May 15, 1926; married June 26, 1946 John Stoy and born to them were:

( LORETTA B. STOY born August 31, 1946

( GARY D. STOY born November 23, 1949

( DOULGAS C. STOY born December 9, 1956

( JOHN TRENT STOY born August 18, 1965

( LOUELLA (LULA) FERRIS born September 12, 1873 Summit, Plumas, CA and died 1916; married Albert L. Robinson (1869-1940) of Lassen Co CA and born to them was:

( RAYMOND ROBINSON born July 18, 1893; married May 29, 1911 Mabel Munson of Reno

( JULIA A. FERRIS born February 5, 1844 IL [Jim-speculation – a Julia A. Ferris married July 4, 1861 in Stark County IL Walter D. Lyle [son of William E. & Atlanta (Darling) Lyle] born March 14, 1837 VT.] Born to them was:

( JOLIA (JULIA) FRANCES LYLE died September 3, 1862 at 2m 9d; buried Wethersfield Cemetery, Kewanee IL

( RICHARD FERRIS born c1847 IL; married Mary E. Young born 1847 Ohio; a coal miner; and born to Richard and Mary were:

( WILLIAM D. FERRIS born c1867 Henry Co IL

( BERT FERRIS born c1871 Henry Co IL

( GEORGE FERRIS born c1874 Henry Co IL

( FRANCES FERRIS born c1879 Henry Co IL

( GEORGE M. FERRIS born October 15, 1850 Wethersfield, Henry, IL and died July 13, 1893 Stark Co IL. Family history says that George jumped over a fence and injured his toe, which had to be amputated, then the foot, then the leg and thus he died at an early age; married March 26, 1877 in Stark Co IL Arthusa Stephens (Orethusa) [dau of Elijah & Susan (Sanford) Stephens] born June 12, 1852 near Peoria IL and died February 7, 1910; both buried Lot C-1, Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL. From the Stark County Republican, 7/20/1893: “George M. Ferris, who has been sick so long and suffered so much, is at last at rest from earthly care and pain. George was a good neighbor, an honest, industrious citizen, kind in his family and social relations. An accident of several years ago resulted in the loss of a foot two years ago, this seemingly enfeebled him so he was unable to withstand disease, and though he performed the duties of tax collector a year ago it could be plainly seen that he was not long for this world. The writer saw him a few weeks ago, and he seemed as bright, hopeful, and jocular as ever, but consumption is ever deceiving and invidious. The deceased leaves a wife and five children, besides numerous brothers and sisters and other relatives who mourn his death, and with whom the Republican sincerely sympathizes.” Born to them were [not listed below is an infant son born May 30, 1888 and died June 1, 1888]:

( ALBERT S. (Stephens?)FERRIS born November 2, 1877 IL and died August 6, 1940; married February 14, 1900 in IL Mabel A. Whisker [dau of Daniel Richard, Jr. & Isabel P. (Brock) Whisker] born January 17, 1882 Bradford IL and died February 14, 1956 Osceola IA. Born to them were:

( GEORGE FERRIS born May 29, 1903 and died September 9, 1959; married April 22, 1930 Della Mae Smith born March 1903

( MAUDE ARTHUSA FERRIS born March 9, 1905; married May 25, 1923 Thirton B. Miller born February 20, 1899; and born to them were:

( MAXINE MILLER born March 17, 1925; married 1st October 25, 1946 Vanis Gritten born January 4, 1922; married 2d c1955 William G. Keene born December 9, 1913; and married 3d July 1, 1977 Lloyd W. Thompson born February 18, 1923. Born to Maxine and Vanis were:

( JOEL VANIS GRITTEN born April 1, 1950; married October 22, 1977 Jill Beth Duve born February 23, 1955

( MARTHA EILEEN GRITTEN born January 17, 1952; married June 28, 1975 William Repp born March 7, 1951; and born to them were:

( CHRISTOPHER CHARLES REPP born February 12, 1977

( ANNA MARIE REPP born March 18, 1979

Born to Maxine and her second husband, William, was:

( WILLIAM G. KEENE, JR., born May 26, 1957; married January 13, 1979 Alecia Louise Bush born May 6, 1957 Cleveland OH

( KATHRYN MILLER born January 14, 1929; married August 19, 1941 Warren Bauman born May 6, 1915. Born to them were:

( RONNIE BAUMAN born June 15, 1942; married August 24, 1963 Nancy Garnes born April 8, 1945; and born to them were:

( PEANNA BAUMAN born June 23, 1964

( ROBIN BAUMAN born June 4, 1967

( DENNIS BAUMAN born November 19, 1944; married September 30, 1966 Susan Severtson born January 20, 1946; and born to them were:

( JUSTIN BAUMAN born October 17, 1975

( CANDICE BAUMAN born October 27, 1977

( MALATIE KAY BAUMAN born December 24, 1945; married December 1, 1963 Ron Tirerood born February 12, 1942; and born to them were:

( LISA TIREROOD born July 31, 1964

( TODD TIREROOD born December 15, 1967

( MABEL ANN MILLER born January 9, 1929; married December 12, 1948 Delbert Schomaker; and born to them were:

( MICHAEL DUANE SCHOMAKER born June 15, 1949; married October 18, 1969 Margaret Hubbard born October 16, 1949; and born to them were:

( LORI ANN SCHOMAKER born April 12, 1972

( MICHAEL PET SCHOMAKER born June 8, 1977

( BRUCE ALAN SCHOMAKER born August 7, 1952; married December 17, 1971 Sherry Boone born June 21, 1951; and born to them were:

( BRIAN JAY SCHOMAKER born July 6, 1977

( MATTHEW ALLEN SCHOMAKER born April 27, 1979

( JAN MARIE SCHOMAKER born July 14, 1954; married June 27, 1970 Kenton Woodard born January 27, 1950; and born to them were:

( JAMES ALEXANDER WOODARD born December 1, 1970

( VANESSA KAY WOODARD born October 4, 1974

( PETER BRYON SCHOMAKER born October 24, 1957; married September 18, 1976 Sherri Van Voost born June 6, 1959; and born to them were:

( JAMES COREY SCHOMAKER born April 6, 1977

( JOSEPH PETER SCHOMAKER born February 10, 1979

( ALBERTA MILLER born January 14, 1931; married 1st January 1950 Burdette Montensen (-c1951); married 2d October 1953 William Friend born November 16, 1928 and died October 3, 1966; and married 3d c1967 Clarence Childress. Born to Alberta and Burdette was:

( DELMAR WAYNE MONTENSEN FRIEND born September 22, 1951; married May 24, 1977 Debbie Schugg born January 30, 1955

Born to Alberta and her second husband, William, was:

( LARRY FRIEND born January 31, 1955

Born to Alberta and her third husband, Clarence, were:

( LYNETTE CHILDRESS (twin) born July 19, 1969

( JEANETTE CHILDRESS (twin) born July 19, 1969

( JANICE MILLER born May 10, 1935; married May 25, 1969 Arlan Kohlevis

( THIRTON B. MILLER, JR., born September 4, 1940; married September 9, 1960 Judith Allison Kirkland born September 14, 1942

( JULIA FERRIS born August 4, 1907; married January 31, 1929 Ralph Ronald Mannon born August 14, 1905 and died April 15, 1981 Bradford IL

( BESSIE FERRIS born September 30, 1909; married George Littlejohn born February 7, 1910 and died June 26, 1966

( AGNES VIOLA FERRIS born November 4, 1911 and died July 3, 1978; married Walter Adolohuis Harris born October 19, 1892 and died June 11, 1956. Born to them were:

( LLOYD ALBERT HARRIS born March 31, 1923 [if this date is correct, his mother would have been 11 years old when he born]; married November 10, 1950 Violet Mae Smith born July 4, 1927. Born to them were:

( ROXANNE LEA HARRIS born July 31, 1955; married September 1, 1973 Jeffrey Braden born February 19, 1955; and born to them were:

( JEREMY MICHAEL BRADEN born February 24, 1974

( AMY DAWN BRADEN born June 1, 1978

( RONALD ALLEN HARRIS born August 15, 1957

( STEVEN JEAN HARRIS born December 10, 1959; married December 5, 1977 Delina Lea Stewart born January 6, 1961

( WAYNE ALBERT HARRIS born June 10, 1961

( SHIRLEY ARLENE HARRIS born September 1, 1924; married August 9, 1947 Elmer Rupert Greenslad born October 4, 1922; and born to them was:

( CONNIE LEA GREENSLAD born January 3, 1948; married October 4, 1969 Edward Howard Andrews born August 25, 1946

( WALTER DALE HARRIS born June 10, 1926; married December 24, 1950 Margaret Melvin Phillys born March 9, 1925

( THELMA JEAN HARRIS born January 2, 1928; married 1st January 5, 1946 Alvin Lavern Strokman born May 27, 1916; married 2d May 6, 1969 James Buchaven Smith born September 15, 1912. Born to Thelma and Alvin was:

( SHARON ANN STROKMAN born January 25, 1947; married January 30, 1965 Gerald Dean Nissen born July 13, 1943; and born to them was:

( MICHELE LYN NISSEN born July 1, 1966

( MARY FERRIS born August 1, 1915; married April 10, 1948 Clifford Olsen born March 12, 1913

( FRED ELIJAH FERRIS (Photos) born February 2, 1879 Stark Co IL and died there February 8, 1960. About 1900, Fred purchased a farm on section 29, Osceola Township, consisting of a tract of land of one hundred and sixty-five acres devoted to general farming. The farm was the visible evidence of his life of well directed energy and thrift for he was a self made man, who started in business life with nothing. Diligence and determination, however, have overcome the obstacles and difficulties in his path, and he worked his way steadily upward. Fred’s father, George, died when Fred was a lad of but fourteen years. Fred was educated in the common schools and was reared upon the old home farm. Early undertaking the task of plowing and cultivating the land and producing the crops, there soon came to him knowledge of the value of industry and perseverance, and he used these qualities to enable him to gain a financial start. Fred married March 15, 1906 in Stark Co IL, Agnes E. Scott [dau of Robert & Mary Margaret (Trumbull) Scott] born March 5, 1883 Osceola Township, Stark Co IL and died March 12, 1974 Kewanee, Stark, IL. Mrs. Ferris belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Ferris gave his political indorsement to the Democratic Party and its principles, and, while he did not seek nor desire political office, he served for seven years as school director, doing all in his power to further the interests of public education in his neighborhood. Both buried Lot C-2, Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL. Born to Fred and Agnes were:

( GLENN SCOTT FERRIS born February 8, 1907 and died October 22, 1965; buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL

( MARY (MARIE) ARTHUSA FERRIS (Photo) born November 3, 1909; married 1st June 20, 1931, Merle Eperson Cunningham born June 26, 1912 and died August 23, 1969; married 2d September 11, 1976 Basil Gilbert born February 6, 1909 and died December 18, 1988. Born to Marie and Merle were:

( SHIRLEY MARIE CUNNINGHAM born August 29, 1935; married Wilbur Edward Wilson born December 11, 1928; and born to them were:

( DOUGLAS EDWARD WILSON born Februray 1, 1962; married Erin Kelly

( DENISE MARIE WILSON born February 19, 1964; married John David Giles. Born to them was:

( BRITTANY MARIE GILES born November 6, 1990

( DANIEL MERLE WILSON born December 31, 1966; married Kerin M. Burns

( SHELBY MERLE CUNNINGHAM born February 26, 1937; married Joan Katherine Kraft. Born to them were:

( MICHAEL ANTHONY CUNNINGHAM born October 14, 1960; married Jill Ann Harned and born to them were:

( RYAN MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM born August 5, 1983

( COLE ANTHONY CUNNINGHAM born December 30, 1985

( JOLENE ANN CUNNINGHAM born February 20, 1962; married Merlin Kent Gronewold and born to them were:

( ASHTON MATTHEW GRONEWOLD born December 24, 1985

( BROOK ERINE GRONEWOLD born July 15, 1987

( JANENE MARIE CUNNINGHAM born April 22, 1964; married John Thomas Dye and born to them were:

( JACOB CHARLIE DYE born September 10, 1990

( LAUREN MARIE DYE born September 24, 1992

( BETH ANN CUNNINGHAM born May 20, 1966; married Jeffrey Speckhart and born to them were:

( TAYLOR SHELBY SPECKHART born November 8, 1992


( SHARON KAY CUNNINGHAM (Photo) born May 30, 1940; married Patrick Morrissey and born to them were:

( KENNETH PATRICK MORRISSEY born Ocotber 12, 1963; married Julia Seidwell and born to them were:

( CYDNEY ELLEN MORRISSEY born September 25, 1990

( HANNAH MARIE MORRISSEY born November 30, 1993

( KELLY MAY MORRISSEY born May 4, 1965

( SUE ELLEN CUNNINGHAM born December 27, 1941; married Ronald Ray Gilbert and born to them were:

( FREDERICK RAY GILBERT born October 22, 1960; married Gail Gavin and born to them were:

( STACEY BRIDSON GILBERT born March 3, 1976

( ADAM BASIL GILBERT born May 30, 1986

( RAYLENE SUE GILBERT born November 30, 1962; married 1st Steven Hazett; married 2d Terry McFarden; married 3d Patrick Horrie; married 4th Bradley Restler. Born to Raylene and Terry was:

( PAIGE CHRISTINE MCFARDEN born August 29, 1990

( STANLEY DEAN CUNNINGHAM born April 6, 1948; married Pamela Arlene Bergthold and born to them were:

( STANLEY DEAN CUNNINGHAM born September 12, 1973

( AMY ARLENE CUNNINGHAM born September 23, 1976; married Shawn Marksity and born to them were:

( MICHAEL LEE MARKSITY born January 3, 1996

( TIMOTHY DEAN MARKSITY born April 10, 1998

( FLOYD JOHN FERRIS born October 3, 1911 and died January 24, 1961; buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL

( LESLIE ALBERT FERRIS born December 6, 1912 and died November 6, 1981; buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL; married August 16, 1937 Hazel Osborn born November 17, 1919 and died May 7, 1999; buried with Leslie. Born to them were:

( HELEN JOY FERRIS born January 23, 1938 and died January 20, 1988; married Robert Den Colwell born February 4, 1935 and died August 16, 1972. Born to them were:

( LARRY DEAN COLWELL born July 1, 1965; married 1st Wendy Mallery Lucus; married 2d Darla Huber. Born to Larry and Wendy was:

( RYAN BO JEFFREY COLWELL born September 22, 1987

Born to Larry and his second wife, Darla, was:

( LARRY DEAN COLWELL, JR., born May 4, 1992

( GERALD LESLIE FERRIS born October 15, 1939; married Judith Lee Crouse born January 24, 1944 and born to them were:

( JAMIE LYNN FERRIS born December 14, 1962; and born to her were:

( DANE LELSIE FERRIS born December 15, 1986

( CHASE MICHAEL SALL born June 17, 1990

( JULIE SUE FERRIS born November 25, 1965; married Ralph Jacob Marsh and born to them were:

( SKYLER JACOB MARSH born July 21, 1987

( KARLY LYNN MARSH born September 14, 1988

( JORDAN MAE MARSH born June 26, 1991

( JODY L. FERRIS born and died November 19, 1967

( JAMES LESLIE FERRIS born March 22, 1971

( JEFFREY GLENN FERRIS born June 7, 1973

( GLORIA JEAN FERRIS born June 18, 1941; married 1st Thomas Edward Fulton born February 8, 1942; married 2d Willliam Gentry. Born to Gloria and Thomas was:

( THOMAS WAYNE FULTON born January 10, 1966; married Shari Cole born March 10, 1965

Born to Gloria and her second husband, William, was:

( WILLIAM SHAWN GENTRY born July 25, 1973 and born to him was:

( WILLIAM SETH GENTRY born February 10, 1998

( DONALD KEITH FERRIS born September 1, 1943; married Janet Louise Hegwood born August 23, 1943 and born to them were:

( TERESA MARIE FERRIS born February 1, 1965; married 1st Curtis Dean Gorey; married 2d Rodney Rummerfield. Born to Teresa and Curtis was:


Born to Teresa and her second husband, Rodney, were:


( TERRY ALLEN RUMMERFIELD born November 15, 1999

( TRACI LYNN FERRIS born September 23, 1966; married 1st Michael Jeffrey Grimm; married 2d Rodney E. Hollis. Born to Traci and Michael were:

( HEATHER LYN GRIMM born July 22, 1986

( JOSHUA KEITH GRIMM born March 18, 1988

Born to Traci and her second husband, Rodney, were:

( MATHEW ROBERT HOLLIS born November 10, 1992

( JESSICA MARIE HOLLIS born September 15, 1994

( DONALD KEITH FERRIS born January 6, 1968; married Mary McNeil and born to them were:

( MARY JERI MARIE FERRIS born October 10, 1995


( ROSS EDWIN FERRIS born January 26, 1915 and died January 23, 1982; married August 16, 1937 Mary Edna Mannon born June 18, 1919; both buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL. Born to them were:

( MARSHALL CURTISS FERRIS born and died March (6) 7, 1938; buried in same cemetery plot as parents

( LYNN EUGENE FERRIS born February 17, 1939; married Margaret Elizabeth Kelly born November 6, 1943 and born to them were:

( KELLY ANN FERRIS born October 26, 1970; married Rick Robinson born September 9, 1959 and born to them was:

( JEWBELE MARIE ROBINSON born August 1, 1997

( BRENDA LYNN FERRIS born May 1, 1972; married Darren Glenn Holmberg born September 11, 1971 and born to them were:

( NATHAN GLENN HOLMBERG born June 27, 1995

( JOSTIN LYNN HOLMBERG born February 23, 1998

( KEVIN LYNN FERRIS born April 1, 1976

( GLENDA JO FERRIS born January 31, 1981

( LINDA MAY FERRIS born May 1, 1940; married Ronald Wayne Tank born February 4, 1940 and born to them were:

( RONALD WAYNE TANK, JR., born March 17, 1963; married Teresa Marie Lain born December 16, 1963

( MICHAEL ROSS TANK born June 19, 1966

( BETTY ANN FERRIS born September 21, 1941; married Jamie Herman Tank born May 31, 1940 and born to them were:

( DAVID JAMES TANK born September 5, 1972

( CRAIG STEVEN TANK born March 15, 1974 and died December 28, 1979

( BARBARA JEAN FERRIS born November 4, 1942; married Jerry Gene Klein born January 21, 1942 and born to them were:

( ELIZABETH EDNA KLEIN born June 4, 1971; married Ralyn Deon Hepner born December 13, 1966

( TIMOTHY GENE KLEIN born October 22, 1975

( MARY LOU ELLEN FERRIS born December 28, 1944; married 1st Donald Parker born July 11, 1933; and 2d Terry Lee Patterson born January 26, 1943; and born to Mary and Terry (?) were:

( RANDY JOSEPH PATTERSON born September 30, 1967 and died September 3, 1985

( TERESA LYNNE PATTERSON born October 14, 1969; married Kirk Allen Ince born June 20, 1969 and born to them were:

( ASHYLN TAYLOR INCE born July 1, 1993

( GUNNER BRYANT INCE born April 3, 1996

( JAXON SCOTT INCE born February 24, 1999

( KENNETH ROSS FERRIS born February 25, 1946; married Judy Slover born October 29, 1959 and born to them was:

( KENNETH LYNN FERRIS born January 8, 1992

( MARGARET RUTH FERRIS (Peggy) born December 27, 1952; married Robert Russell Coombs born March 4, 1950 and born to them was:

( JENNIFER RENEE COOMBS born January 11, 1973

( DARLENE VIOLA FERRIS born July 11, 1916; married December 24, 1938 Bernard Dwain Scott born September 3, 1915 and died December 15, 1967; and born to them were:

( LEONARD DEWAYNE SCOTT born October 3, 1939; married 1st Mary Ann Wanchet; married 2d Sheryl Lee Morrison born February 25, 1947. Born to Leonard and Mary was:

( ADAM VICTOR SCOTT born June 22, 1967; married Doris Landry and born to them were:

( TERRI LYNN SCOTT born December 3, 1991

( BRADLEY ALLEN SCOTT born may 10, 1993

Born to Leonard and his second wife, Sheryl, were:

( DAVID SHANE SCOTT born May 14, 1977

( LUKE SPENCER SCOTT born June 17, 1981

( LELAND DEAN SCOTT born February 15, 1941; married Lola Sosa and born to them was:

( CRYSTAL LEE SCOTT born June 15, 1964; married Tracy Smith and born to them was:


( STEPHEN FRED SCOTT born March 1, 1942 and died June 30, 1971

( RONALD JAMES SCOTT born October 26, 1943; married 1st Theresea Kodyra born May 23, 1943; and 2d Louise Ann Sellers born February 20, 1956; and born to Ronald and Theresa were:

( RONALD JAMES SCOTT born August 9, 1963; married Patty Labadis

( RANDELL JOSEPH SCOTT born January 18, 1966

( RODNEY JEROME SCOTT born August 8, 1968

( RHONDA JEAN SCOTT born September 20, 1969

( CHERYL MARGARET SCOTT born July 23, 1945; married George Ray Roper born December 9, 1942; and born to them were:

( TONY RAY ROPER born May 11, 1963; married Julie Ann Copeland and born to them was:

( MARK ANTHONY ROPER born April 15, 1990

( TAMMY JO ROPER born May 16, 1967; married Eric William Cuyler and born to them were:

( ERICA RAE CUYLER born November 8, 1968

( JESSE RAY CUYLER born January 6, 1992

( CHARLENE MAY SCOTT born March 8, 1947; married Donald Clark Mugrage and born to them were:

( RICK ALLEN MUGRAGE born November 29, 1964; married Julie Herr and born to them was:

( COLTON LEE MUGRAGE born August 20, 1998

( SHERRY ANN MUGRAGE born August 27, 1962; married Michael Leon Lindsey born April 22, 1966; and born to them was:

( FELICIA ANN LINDSEY born November 20, 1990

( STEVEN LEE MUGRAGE born November 14, 1968 and died October 10, 1970

( JERRY RAYMOND SCOTT born January 29, 1949; married Glenna Jo Morrison born July 27, 1952 and born to them were:

( SHELLI JO SCOTT born October 17, 1972; married Manual Juarez born April 11, 1969 and born to them were:

( ALESIA AUDREY JUAREZ born August 2, 1990

( CRUZ MANUAL JUAREZ born December 2, 1995

( WYAET JAY SCOTT born August 4, 1975

( BERNARD THOMAS SCOTT born February 25, 1950; married Jeanne Mae Sellers and born to them were:

( SAMANTHA DEAN SCOTT born December 7, 1991

( ZACHARY THOMAS SCOTT born June 28, 1994

( DENNIS LEE SCOTT born October 17, 1951; married Melanie Jane Laub born October 5, 1951 and born to them were:

( CLINTON JAMES SCOTT born April 13, 1975 and died November 25, 1976

( DEENA SCOTT born March 20, 1979

( DAVID ALLEN SCOTT born January 15, 1953 and died April 18, 1971

( FRED MARLIN FERRIS born January 15, 1919 and died May 14, 1979; buried at Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL; married February 14, 1946 Beatrice Pomeroy born August 14, 1921 and died October 10, 1986; buried with Fred. Born to them were:

( SANDRA ADELE FERRIS born November 25, 1946; married 1st December 6, 1964 Ricard Lynne Webber born December 6, 1943; married 2d July 7, 1979 Robert Charles Clark born April 3, 1943. Born to Sandra and Richard were:

( SANDRA LYNNE WEBBER born December 25, 1965; married June 11, 1988 Paul Knobloch born November 16, 1965; and born to them were:

( ZACHARY PAUL KNOBLOCH born April 5, 1991

( CHELSEA LYNNE KNOBLOCH born December 16, 1995

( SHELBY MARIE KNOBLOCH born August 10, 1997

( LOGAN DONALD KNOBLOCH born April 19, 1999

( WENDY SUE WEBBER born December 30, 1967; married June 10, ****, Timothy Mark Wagner

( RICHARD FREDRIC WEBBER born December 13, 1973; and born to Richard and an unnamed woman was:

( EVAN PATRICK WEBBER born March 5, 1994

Richard married, May 29, 1999, Amber Christine Wyant born October 24, 1979. Born to them was:


( BEATRICE L. FERRIS born July 9, 1948; married June 12, 1966 Charles David Rachel born August 31, 1946; and born to them were:

( MICHELLE DENESE RACHEL born March 8, 1972; married June 1, 1991 Scott Joseph Draminski born December 31, 1971; and born to them was:


( MARLAND DAVID RACHEL born August 29, 1973

( MATTHEW DARIN RACHEL born October 13, 1976; married June 19, 1999 Brooks Renee Phillips born August 6, 1975. Born to them was:

( TYLER DAVID RACHEL born March 7, 1992

( MARLO DIANA RACHEL born April 14, 1981

( JULIA LUCILLE FERRIS (Photo) born February 17, 1921; married 1st July 14, 1939 Wendell Drawyer; married 2d July 3, 1948 Marshall Dean Loper born March 25, 1914 and died December 29, 1973; and born to Julia and Wendell was:

( LARRY LEE DRAWYER born December 29, 1939; married Maureen Ann McMullen born August 30, 1949 and born to them were:

( TERESA LYNN DRAWYER born January 23, 1968; married Mark Wayne Johnson born May 16, 1966 and born to them were:

( NATHAN WAYNE JOHNSON born May 2, 1994

( CODY SCOTT JOHNSON born March 24, 1996

( KIMBERLY DAWN DRAWYER born March 31, 1971; married Damon Lee Carr born March 11, 1969 and born to them was:

( CALEB MARSHALL CARR born September 15, 1997

( GARY GENE DRAWYER born May 15, 1941 and died the next day

Born to Julia and her second husband, Marshall, were:

( AGNES ANN LOPER born June 13, 1949; married Gregory Lee Hatcher born March 15, 1952 and born to them were:

( AMY ELIZABETH HATCHER born March 28, 1979

( SARA ANN HATCHER born March 6, 1981

( ABBY DEANN HATCHER born January 5, 1988

( LOTTIE LOUISE LOPER born March 28, 1952; married 1st Jim Fitch; and married 2d Jerry Dean Robinson born October 9, 1944. Born to Lottie and Jim were:

( REBECCA LYNN FITCH born January 28, 1978

( KATY JO FITCH born September 13, 1981

( KEITH WILLIAM FERRIS born January 25, 1923 and died April 2, 1992; American Legion marker, WWII; buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL; married March 25, 1950 at Lacon IL, Emily June Whitehead born March 19, 1915 and died January 14, 1997; buried with Keith. She was also married to Jame Enos – don’t know which marriage came first.

( GUY THOMAS FERRIS born October 10, 1926 and died December 2, 1942; buried at Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL

( ROZILLA AMANDA FERRIS (Photos) born January 1, 1882 Stark Co IL and died October 23, 1959 Kewanee, Stark, IL; married May 16, 1900 LeRoy Milo Lyle [son of Norris Don & Henrietta N. (Brees) Lyle] born August 17, 1876 and died October 3, 1937; both buried Lot C-49 Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL. Born to them were:

( EDNA DARLING LYLE (Photo) born November 21, 1900 and died June 9, 1967; buried Osceola Cemetery, Stark Co IL; married 1st Dan Snyder; 2d Tom Singleton (1885-1955). Born to Edna and Dan were:

( MAXINE EVA SNYDER born July 10, 1921; married 1st Earl Nelson; 2d Maynard Becker; and born to Maxine and Earl was:

( GARY DALE NELSON born October 17, 1947; married December 10, 1977 at Orange CA, Carole Susan Nokes

Born to Edna and her second husband, Tom, were:


( CLYDE SINGLETON (female) married 1st Laverne (Spike) Cordrey; 2d Russell Galloway. Born to Clyde and Russell were:









( FRED H. SINGLETON born March 18, 1932 Bradford IL and died November 7, 1993 Annawan IL; buried Oscelo Grove Cemetery, Bradford IL.



( JAMES SINGLETON born August 30, 1937; married Carol {maiden name unk} and born to them were:

( TONYA SINGLETON married September 25, 1993 at Kewanee IL Brien Vincent {son of Ronald & Catherine)





( MAXWELL KEITH LYLE born July 10, 1905 Clay Co IA and died March 4, 1980 Kewanee, Henry, IL; buried there Evergreen Memorial Gardens (Photo); married December 14, 1927 at Toulon IL Edith Barlow born August 11, 1905. Born to them were:

( MAXWELL KEITH LYLE born February 22, 1928 and died August 5, 1983 Holliston MA; in the insurance business; married Lillian Costa and born to them was:

( LILLIAN KAY LYLE married Brian Stewart and born to them was:


( MARILYN KAY LYLE (Photo) born July 28, 1937; married Leo Seckman – divorced. Born to them were:

( DEBRA LYNN SECKMAN born January 9, 1959; married Timothy Shane and born to them were:

( NATALIE MARIE SHANE born March 3, 1985

( NICHOLAS STEPHEN SHANE born January 18, 1988

( NATHAN DANIEL SHANE born April 15, 1994

( DONALD KEITH SECKMAN born May 8, 1961; married Sharon Ditcheos and born to them were:

( CASSIDY ELIZABETH SECKMAN born February 2, 1993

( MADILYN ALEXANDRIA SECKMAN born February 11, 1996

( LOIS JEAN LYLE born May 6, 1941; married James Townsend – divorced; married Gene Jones and John Jones. Born to them Lois and James was:

( CONNIE LYNN (TOWNSEND) JONES born November 5, 1960

Born to Lois and Gene Jones were:




( GLADYS LUCILLE LYLE (Photo) born August 23, 1907 Modena IL and died April 26, 1999 Clarksville TN; buried Floral Hill Cemetery, Neponset IL; married August 2, 1934 at Rock Island IL, Ellis Dillon Blake, U.S. Army Colonel (son of Matthew & Sarah (Dillon) Blake) born January 29, 1912 Neponset IL and died April 15, 2000 Clarksville TN; buried Floral Hill Cemetery. Born to them were:

( ROBERT ELLIS BLAKE (LTC USA Ret) born February 10, 1936; married Mary Caroline Mittermeyer born January 17, 1940 and born to them were:

( LISA KAY BLAKE born July 28, 1963

( JEANNETTE ROSE BLAKE born October 19, 1964; married Randy Reed born June 5, 1959 and born to them was:

( WALKER PRESTON REED born October 1999

( PHILIP LYLE BLAKE (Photo) (COL USA Ret) born March 28, 1938; married September 1962 Reda Glendon Wallace born July 25, 1942 and born to them were:

( SUSAN ELIZABETH BLAKE born October 2, 1964; married September 16, 1989 Lloyd Alan Kirschbaum born March 17, 1959; and born to them were:

( BLAKE ANDREW KIRSCHBAUM born October 3, 1993

( GRACE JILLIAN KIRSCHBAUM born October 21, 1997

( MATTHEW LYLE BLAKE born January 19, 1967; married August 20, 1994 Anna Maria Hidelgo and born to them was:

( MARIA ELENA BLAKE born September 19, 1997

( STEVEN LEE BLAKE (Photo) born August 20, 1944; Foreign Service Officer

( DOUGLAS BRIAN BLAKE (COL, USA) born December 28, 1949 Japan; married July 1, 1978 at Fort Lee VA, Linda Foley Pilson born August 6, 1949 Kenosha WI; and born to them was:


( JOHN HERSCHEL LYLE born September 20, 1909 Stark Co IL and died August 10, 1976 Kewanee, Henry, IL; buried Floral Hill Cemetery, Neponset, Bureau, IL; married January 1, 1948 Charlotte Lucille Gerard [dau of Joe H. & Lucy (Ford) Gerard] born April 13, 1917 Osceola IL and died September 5, 1979; buried Floral Hill. Born to them was:

( ROY LEE LYLE born October 25, 1948; married Patricia Ann Smith

( CHESTER FERRIS LYLE (Photographs) born May 30, 1914 Modena, Stark, IL and died January 12, 1995 Kewanee, Henry, IL; buried there at Pleasant View Cemetery; married October 12, 1941 in Wausau WI, Ellen Henrietta Rule [dau of James Edwin & Lillie May (Janes) Rule] born June 21, 1916 Rule Farm, Bureau Co IL and died June 3, 2000 Kewanee IL; buried Pleasant View Cemetery. Ellen attended the North Star school through eighth grade and graduated from Kewanee High School in 1934. She attended Kewanee Business College, graduating in 1936. She had been a member of the Kewanee Woman’s Club, North Star Club and served on the committee for the 1776-1976 American Revolution Bicentennial calendar. She was a life-long member of the First United Methodist Church in Kewanee. She enjoyed knitting, genealogy, meeting new people, and spending time with her friends and family. The Lyles resided in Kewanee until May 8, 1942, when Chester was drafted into the Army. In November 1942, Ellen joined Chester in California, while he was in army training, and they lived there until he was sent overseas in the Pacific Theatre. Ellen returned to Illinois and her family in 1944. After the war was over, Chester was discharged as a Master Motor Sergeant and was a recipient of the Bronze Battle Star. He arrived back home the day after Christmas, 1945. Chester worked as a mechanic for Couve’s Service Station, Brooks Motor Company, and Milnes Sales and Service in Kewanee. They bought a home in Kewanee in 1946 and a service station in 1948. Chester owned and operated Lyle’s Mobile Service Station and was well known for his superb mechanical abilities. After 42 years of marriage, Ellen and Chester were divorced in 1982. Born to them were:

( NANCY ANN LYLE (Photos) born May 19, 1947 Kewanee, Henry, IL; married September 7, 1968 Jerome Lee VanDeVelde [son of Harold Lyle & Lucy Agnes (Shurnis) VanDeVelde] born October 4, 1945 Kewanee IL – divorced 1990. Information and many wonderful photographs have been retrieved from Nancy’s homepage to update this “twig” – thanks Nancy! Born to them was:

( JEFFREY LEE VANDEVELDE (Photos) born October 20, 1984 Kewanee, Henry, IL; graduated from Wethersfield High School, Kewanee 2003

( SANDRA ELAINE LYLE (Photos) born December 31, 1954 Kewanee IL; married 1st April 7, 1979 in Kewanee, Gary Paul Hintz born September 18, 1954 Alaska – divorced 1988; married 2d July 11, 1992 Dennis Wayne Diericks. Born to Sandra and Paul were:

( BRADLEY LYLE HINTZ born February 16, 1982 Kewanee IL; graduated from Kewanee High School with the Class of 2000

( ASHLEY SAMANTHA HINTZ born July 4, 1986 Kewanee IL

( SUSAN FERRIS (Photo) married Jess Moffit (Moffitt) and born to them were:









( JOHN STEPHEN FERRIS (Photo) born September 22, 1883 [September, 20, 1884 as per his obit. Funeral Card says born September 20, 1883.] on a farm near Bradford IL and died March 8, 1962 Osakis MN; buried there at Lakeside Cemetery. Todd Co MN. His entire youth and early married life were spent on a farm in Illinois; married April 27, 1904 at Toulon IL, Mary Agnes Whisker [dau of Daniel Richard & Isabel P. (Brock) Whisker] [sister to Mabel above] born Februry 22, 1886 Bradford IL and died May 23, 1982 Osakis MN. This family moved to a farm southwest of Osakis where John farmed until 1950 when he retired and moved into Osakis. He was an active member of the Orange township board for over 30 years; also served many years on the Osakis Creamery board and the school board of District 11. Born to them were:

( ARTHUR FRED FERRIS (Photo) born December 29, 1904 and died September 10, 1982 Osakis MN; married in Osakis MN LaVina Kathryn Nelson born April 17, 1913. Born to them were:

( RICHARD LAVELLE FERRIS was born May 12, 1935 and died October 14, 1988; married Ilene Faye Holder born April 17, 1940. Born to them were:

( LISA ANN FERRIS born December 17, 1961; married Bryan Fuhr born September 4, 1964

( MARI JO FERRIS born February 23, 1964; married Douglas Holt. Born to them were:

( JENNIFER LEIGH HOLT born March 4, 1988

( BRADLEY RICHARD HOLT born April 11, 1990

( MELISSA JO HOLT born March 28, 1994

( JAN MARIE FERRIS born October 7, 1965

( ARDITH LAVONNE FERRIS born December 6, 1937; married Larence L. Peterson born July 13, 1931; and born to them were:

( DONWIN SCOTT PETERSON born August 18, 1958; married Donna May Carlson born May 13, 1960. Born to them were:

( JASON DOUGLAS PETERSON born October 12, 1980

( LAURA ANN PETERSON born October 24, 1982

( AMY LYNN PETERSON born July 24, 1984

( LUCY MAY PETERSON born October 18, 1996

( GREGORY TODD PETERSON born July 21, 1960; married Julie Marie Scholen born April 14, 1959; and born to them was:

( BLAKE DUSTIN PETERSON born January 5, 1981

( MICHAEL ROSS PETERSON born August 13, 1964; married Kimberly Renae Luening born July 17, 1959; and born to them was:

( ELLIE NICOLE PETERSON born December 6, 1993

( HARRY ALBERT FERRIS (Photo) born June 4, 1906 Osakis MN and died there August 17, 1960; married Alma Reichmann born March 1, 1905 and died October 12, 1986 Osakis MN. Born to them were:

( CLAYTON KENNETH FERRIS born May 26, 1929 Osakis MN and died there August 9, 1962; married December 9, 1950 Mary Lou Campbell born March 29, 1928 and died February 23, 1970. Born to them were:

( MARK FERRIS born November 20, 1951; married March 27, 1971 Karen Mikkelson; and born to them were:

( KENNETH FERRIS (twin) born June 15, 1971; married September 18, 1999 Shelly Irsfeld

( KARY FERRIS (twin) born June 15, 1971; married October 5, 1996 Don Jennessen

( MARCIA FERRIS born January 13, 1953; married September 13, 1975 Jim Krueger; and born to them were:

( MARISA KRUEGER born February 27, 1978

( CLAYTON JAMES KRUEGER born March 27, 1982

( ROBERT HARRY FERRIS born July 30, 1931; married September 1, 1952 Marlys Reddick born December 17, 1931; and born to them were:

( DAVID ROBERT FERRIS born June 17, 1953; married October 7, 1978 Cindy Smith born February 6, 1957; and born to them were:

( ANGELA LEE FERRIS born August 12, 1979

( JOHN DAVID FERRIS born February 12, 1982

( KELLY MARIE FERRIS born November 27, 1984

( BRUCE KENNETH FERRIS born February 25, 1956; married December 30, 1978 Connie Dorschner born August 18, 1955; and born to them were:

( BRIAN KENNETH FERRIS born April 9, 1982

( KEITH ALAN FERRIS born May 18, 1984

( KRISTIN MARIE FERRIS born May 5, 1986

( HARVEY MYRTLE FERRIS (Photograph) born August 26, 1908 Osceola IL and died May 11, 1988 Osakis MN; married July 11, 1927 in Osakis, Susie Blanche Chapman [dau of Harry Allen & Eleanor Marie (Bever) Chapman] born October 25, 1909 Osakis and died there May 11, 1988. Both were killed in a car accident. Born to them were:

( ELEANOR MARIE FERRIS born July 25, 1927 Osakis MN and died there February 19, 1995; married, in Osakis Raynard Anderson born August 1, 1925 and died 1981 Osakis. Born to them were:

( JEAN MARIE ANDERSON born April 26, 1950

( JUDITH LYNN ANDERSON born March 16, 1952

( BRAD JAMES ANDERSON born April 11, 1953

( BRIAN JOHN ANDERSON born October 14, 1959

( JAMES STEPHEN FERRIS (Photograph) born Februray 27, 1931 Osakis MN and died May 3, 1985; buried Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio TX (photo); Section 1, Site 367; SMSGT; married October 7, 1950 in Osakis Patricia June Rutten [dau of Joseph John & Gladys Viola (Eastman) Rutten] born January 8, 1930 Osakis. In Scott’s words: “Enlisted in the US Air Force during the Korean Conflict February 1951; went to Communications School at Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY; from there he was stationed at Scott AFB near St. Louis. In 1954 he was re‑assigned to Newfoundland, Canada. Notice the time frame; mom said that he was home long enough to make babies and then was gone on remote assignments. After his tour in Newfoundland he was assigned to Brooks AFB, San Antonio, Tx (Security Service). In 1959 he went to Japan and later followed. My mother (bless her heart) had 4 little boys (under the age of six) and was expecting another. We stayed in Japan until our return in 1962. His next assignment took us to northeastern Arkansas to Blytheville AFB. This was a SAC base with B52’s and KC‑135 tankers. We were there to witness the mass takeoffs of the entire base wing during the Cuban War Crisis. Impressive and scary. The next change of station came in 1964; back to San Antonio the family went, and he went to Libya, Africa. In 1966 he put in for San Antonio and was assigned to Lackland AFB (his only assignment outside of his career field). In late 1968 he received orders to go to Torrejon AFB, Madrid, Spain. He left, and we stayed until school was out in the summer of 1969. Again, my mother traveled with 6 kids from San Antonio to Madrid. Everyone enjoyed this tour; the Spanish were nice people and there was no drinking age laws that prohibited teenagers from getting into trouble!!!! You could always tell the new kids, they were the ones with the hangovers!!!! My older brother and I returned to the states in the summer of 1971; Greg to start college, and I to finish my last year of high school. The family came back in March of 1972 to San Antonio, Tx. where my dad retired and we finally settled in. He never talked about his work in the military, we were not allowed togo to his work site because of the classified equipment and documents. He was often away on TDY’s to Iran, Libya, Turkey and who knows where else. We later found out there was a lot of embassy work. My dad gained a passion for clocks in Spain, started his collection and after his retirement from the military, started his clock business. He worked at this until his death in 1985”. Born to them were:

( GREGORY STEPHEN FERRIS born February 28, 1953 San Antonio TX; married June 7, 1974 in San Antonio, Melinda Dykes [dau of Cecil James & Leatha Delphine (Johnson) Dykes] born March 6, 1953 Amhurst TX. Born to them was:

( JAMES KYLE FERRIS May 26, 1981

( JAMES SCOTT FERRIS (Photo) born March 12, 1954 San Antonia TX; married March 11, 1985 in San Antonio Linda Sue Johnson [dau of Dean Everret & Mary Ethel (Cassel) Johnson] born September 2, 1950. In Scott’s words: My service is much shorter: Enlisted in the US Air Force Aug. 1974, went through basic training at Lackland AFB (same squadron that my father supervised in 1966). Left Lackland AFB in October of 74 to go to tech school at Chanute, Il. I finished this school quickly and received orders to go to Nellis AFB Nevada and work avionics on the F‑111’s. This was a great assignment for a 20 year old (24 hour town so it did not matter what shift I worked). I quickly formed a friendship with a supervisor and his wife that loved the outdoors. We went climbing or caving every weekend. Got to know all the local areas and people that were interested in these sports, and took many extended trips to areas that were restricted to NSS members only. In the spring of 1976 the Air Force decided to move three wings. The aircraft from Nellis were to go the Mountain Home, ID.; Mountain Home’s aircraft were to deploy to Lakenheath England, and the english birds were to go to Nellis. This was the largest peace time movement of aircraft and personnel at the time. I was selected to go to England and arrived with the first group in April of 1977. What a mess; the base was old (WWII) vintage buildings that serviced the B‑17’s of the eighth Air Force during the war. They were not set‑up to handle 24 hour a day operations and did not have the experience or logistics in place to support us. We spent the entire first year on weekly alerts to prove to NATO that we could support their mission. Anyway, the base was lousy, the food was lousy, the barracks were lousy, but, the side trips into England, Wales, and Scotland were worth the trip. I spent every free moment I could get away from the base site seeing. I rotated out in July of 1978 and was discharged from McGuire AFB, New Jersey on terminal leave. Scott is the provider of this twig of the Tree thanks Scott. Born to them were:

( SUSAN ELAINE FERRIS born July 25, 1986 Plantation Hospital, Plantation FL and died there July 29, 1986

( HARVEY MICHAEL FERRIS born July 11, 1988 Plantation FL

( DOUGLAS MARK FERRIS born March 18, 1955 San Antonio TX; married August 28, 1986 Pueblo CO Karen Lynn Brammer [dau of Leonard John & Ruth Maude (Bell) Brammer] born July 4, 1958 Elgin IL

( DANIEL PATRICK FERRIS born January 21, 1957 San Antonio TX; married 1st February 18, 1977 in San Antonio Michelle Rosemarie Vetter [dau of Dennis Emil & Danielle Francois (Bailly) Vetter] born May 25, 1957 Chateauroux, France; married 2d November 8, 1997 in St. Augustine FL, Pamela {maiden name unk}. Born to Daniel and Michelle was:

( JESSICA DANIELLE FERRIS born June 28, 1979

( DESIREE LYNN FERRIS born June 3, 1959 Japan; married October 27, 1978 David Allen Hartman [son of Thomas David & Roberta (Rabitoy) Hartman] born May 2, 1954 MI. Born to them were:

( DEANNA MARIE HARTMAN born May 1, 1979 Escanaba MI

( JAMES TRAVIS HARTMAN born June 9, 1980 Escanaba MI

( CALEY LYNN HARTMAN born November 6, 1987 Escanaba MI

( MICHAEL DAVID HARTMAN born September 28, 1991 Escanaba MI

( ADAM ANDREW HARTMAN born August 7, 1993 Escanaba MI

( ALEXANDER DOUGLAS HARTMAN born February 18, 1999 Escanaba MI

( KIMBERLEE ANN FERRIS born June 2, 1963 Blytheville AR; married March 1, 1982 in San Antonio TX David Hernandez [son of Robert & Ernestina (Davis) Hernandez] born January 26, 1963 San Antonio. Born to them were:

( KRISTOPHER DAVID HERNADEZ born May 2, 1982 San Antonio TX

( KIRA ANGELIQUE HERNANDEZ (Photo) August 9, 1983 San Antonio TX

( STEPHEN JAMES HERNANDEZ born August 12, 1987 San Antonio TX

( GEORGE M. FERRIS born October 15, 1887 and died May 30, 1888; buried Lot C-1, Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL

( INFANT SON FERRIS born May 30, 1888 and died June 1, 1888; buried Lot C-1, Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL

Born to Sylvanus and Ruth were:

( ELLA FERRIS (1856-)

( ELIZA FERRIS (Eliza Leona Ferris) born May 8, 1858 Kewanee, Henry, IL and died February 18, 1916 Pendleton, Umatilla, OR; married April 20, 1881 in Platte Co NE, as his 2d wife, John Henry Resler [son of William & Louisa (Osenbaugh) Resler] born July 14, 1842 Wayne OH and died April 10, 1926 Pilot Rock, Umatilla, OR; both buried Pilot Rock Cemetery, Umatilla, OR (photo) ; and born to them were:

( CHARLES ROBERT RESLER born October 30, 1881 NE and died May 19, 1946 Pilot Rock, Umatilla, OR (stone photo)

( RAY RESLER born March 23, 1883 NE

( FRED RESLER born February 29, 1888 Genoa, Nance, NE and died May 23, 1963; married name unk; and born to them was:


( RUTH W. RESLER born September 7, 1899 probably NE and died December 15, 1983/93 Pilot Rock OR; married Samuel Virtue born 1904 and died 1980 Pendleton OR; buried Pilot Rock OR

( ROZILLA FERRIS (twin of George M) (out of sequence) born October 15, 1850 and died March 14, 1856, age 5y 3m 16d; buried Wethersfield Cemetery, Kewanee, Henry, IL.

( CHARLOTTE FERRIS born March 13, 1817 Blakely Township, Lackawanna Co PA and died July 5, 1879 Osceola Township, Stark Co IL; age 62y 3m 22d; married Isaac Wheeler Searl born March 6, 1813 PA and died October 2, 1882 Stark Co IL, age 69y 4m 9d; both buried in the Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL. They moved to Illinois between 1838 and 1843. Born to Charlotte and Isaac were:

( MARY ELIZABETH SEARL born May 11, 1838 PA and died September 26, 1903 IL; unmarried; buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL

( CORDELIA SEARL born March 29, 1840 IL and died February 17, 1917; married Napoleon B Enos born January 26, 1836 and died December 28, 1904; both buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL. There are several other Enos’ buried at Osceola Cemetery, but have no assurances they are offspring – only speculation – so will not place them at this time – based on the 1880 census of Osceola, Stark, IL, the following were born to them were:

( MAT ENOS (c1862-)

( MYRON ENOS (c1863-)

( MYRTON ENOS (c1869-)

( LOTTIE ENOS (c1871-)

( MAUDE ENOS (c1873-)

( DANIEL ENOS (c1875-) (Daniel N. Enos (1876-1938) buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL)

( FRANK ENOS (c1870-)

( RAY ENOS (c1878-)

( JULIA J. SEARL born 1841 and died December 2, 1846 age 5y 2d; buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL.

( WILLIAM W. SEARL born December 29, 1843 IL and died September 29, 1905 IL; married Cynthia J. Blood born March 11, 1847 and died March 13, 1899; both buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL. From Scott Ferris’ webpage: “William was a member of Company I., 139th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War, registering in Toulon IL. Adjutant’s Report: The One Hundred and Thirty-ninth Infantry was mustered into the United States services as a one hundred-day Regiment, at Peoria, on the 1st day of June, 1864, and on the 8th of June, it moved for St. Louis by steamboard, arriving there on the 10th; thence it moved to Columbus KY, where it remained about a week, when it was moved to Cairo as a garrison for that place. Here the Regiment remained until August with but little to disturb the monotony of camp life. About the 1st of August, a guerrilla party had captured some steamboats a short distance above Paducah, and took from them several hundred cattle and horses. General Payne, who was then commanding the Department of Northern Kentucky, ordered Colonel Davison to take 400 of his men and go and take from the rebel farmers living in the counties adjoining the Ohio River, where the capture was made, as many cattle and horses as had been taken from the boats. Some of the stock was recaptured, and enough others taken as directed to make good the loss. Two or three of the ringleaders of the guerrilla party were also captured. After the return of this expedition the Regiment remained at Cairo doing garrison duty until the 25th of September. It was then moved to Peoria to be mustered out of service. But the time had not come yet. General Price with a lare rebel force was marching towards St. Louis, and there were not enough troops to defend it that could be spared from other places. President Lincoln therefore sent a dispatch to Colonel Davison requesting him to take his Regiment and go at once to St. Louis. The President was aware that the Regiment had already served beyond the time for which it was enlisted. As soon as the circumstances were explained to the men they were ready to go. For this prompt response, the President wrote a letter to the men of the Regiment, expressing his thanks and commending them for their patriotism. Going by rail to St. Louis the Regiment marched out in the direction of Franklin to meet General Price. Several other Regiments joining in the march the rebel General soon decided it was to his advantage to move to the southern part of the State. The Union troops followed as fast as possible but failed to catch him. Having driven him to a remote part of the State the Regiment was again moved to Peoria, where it was mustered out of service on the 25th of October, 1984, having been in the service nearly five months”.

( GEORGE SEARL born c1845 IL; married Alice Jackson.

( HARRIET H. SEARL born January 14, 1849 IL and died August 2, 1911; married William P. Currier born November 20, 1839 and died December 21, 1919; both buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL.

( FRANCES J. SEARL born c1854 IL and died May 1936; married in Bradford IL John Frank Reed born c1852 and died February 21, 1939; both buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL; resided Bradford IL. There are several other Reeds buried at Osceola Cemetery – no assurances they are offspring – only speculation – so will not place them at this time.

( HERBERT A. SEARL born March 4, 1856 IL and died July 17, 1902; married Mary A. Welch born July 5, 1857 New York and died September 7, 1886 age 28y 3m 3d; both buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL.

( LEFFLER L. SEARL born December 3, 1858 and died September 29, 1931; married Edna E. Drawyer born March 14, 1873 and died March 31, 1900; both buried Grove Cemetery, Elmira Township, Stark Co IL

( THERON FERRIS born February 24, 1819 and died May 26, 1882; married 1845 Harriet Callender [dau of Samuel & Elizabeth (London) Callender] born January 11, 1823 Green Grove, Luzerne, PA and died September 9, 1895. Born to them was:

( FREMONT FERRIS resided Pastura NM

( JULIA ANN FERRIS born January 22, 1821 and died November 22, 1860; married December 23, 1844, as his 2d wife, Samuel Seiler (previously listed as Saylor) [son of Peter & Margaretha (Schumacher) Seiler] born July 17, 1799 and died April 13, 1859; buried Hollenback Cemetery, Willkes-Barre, Luzerne, PA (Photo). His first wife was Hannah Gardner and they had 6 kids. Born to Julia and Samuel were:

( HATTIE EMARETTA SEILER (Hattie Emoretta) born October 17, 1846 and died February 23, 1864

( ANNIS ELIZABETH SEILER (Annie Elizabeth) born March 28, 1848 and died April 13, 1855

( BENJAMIN ERNEST SEILER born February 16, 1850

( JAMES EDWIN SEILER born June 20, 1852 and died April 3, 1882; unmarried

( HARRIET FERRIS born April 11, 1823 and died February 9, 1901; married 1843 Rev. Samuel Newell (1821-1911) [Samuel Newell Callender born February 27, 1821 Clifford PA, son of Samuel & Elizaebth (London) Callender]

( EDWIN FERRIS born April 16, 1827 and died July 1, 1916 San Diego CA; buried Osceola Grove Cemetery, Stark Co IL; unmarried; listed in the 1880 census living in Stark Co IL

( SAMUEL PERCIVAL FERRIS born April 6, 1830 Blakely Township, Lackawanna Township, PA and died June 9, 1908 Wilsey, Morris, KS; (cemetery unk, there is a Wilsey Cemetery, Morris Co KS, but do not know if he was buried there) married November 17, 1854 Laduska Jane Brown born August 27, 1835 PA and died June 30, 1903 KS. Samuel served in the Civil War with Company A, 124th Illinois Infantry Regiment, registering in Kewanee IL. The 124th was a representative, self-raised Regiment, recruited from Henry, Kane, McDonough, Sangamon, Jersey, Adams, Wayne, Cook, Putnam, Pike, Mercer and Christian Counties. On August 27, 1862, the first company went into camp at Camp Butler, near Springfield – six days later, all companies were in camp. September 10th, all were mustered in the United States service for three years. It is written that the Regiment had been involved in 14 skirmishes, 10 battles and 2 sieges of 47 days and nights and 13 days and nights respectively, and so had been under fire eighty-two days and sixty nights. The Regiment was one of the most fortunate in the service. It always obeyed orders, taking and holding every position to which it was assigned unflinchingly. The Regiment was never repulsed, never retreated a step in the face of a foe and never lost a prisoner in action. Born to Samuel and Laduska were:

( EDMUND FERRIS born November 11, 1855 PA; married Lydia Wilson and born to them were:


( CORA FERRIS married 1879 Fred Nelson and born to them was:


( MARY J. FERRIS born 1859 IL and died September 20, 1860

( WHEELER DAYTON FERRIS born June 29, 1857 PA and died June 10, 1910 Scottville, Mason, MI; married October 8, 1880 Sarah Hester Knapp born March 24, 1863 Sullivan Co IN and died July 15, 1912; both buried Brookside Cemetery, Scottville. Born to them were:

( SAMUEL WILLIAM FERRIS born August 28, 1881 Wilsey KS and died November 16, 1949 hunting accident; married November 21, 1900 Irene I Boyer born October 30, 1881 IL and died 1961; both buried Brookside Cemetery, Scottville, Mason, MI; they moved to Mason Co MI 1909; and born to Samuel and Irene were:

( WHEELER L FERRIS boprn April 30, 1902 KS and died February 1964 MI; married June 27, 1923 Mildred Stewart born June 10, 1901 and died My 15, 1962 MI; and born to them were:

( LILLIAN FERRIS born June 1924 Fountain MI; married Elmer Courtland and born to them were:



( WHEELER L. FERRIS born 1925 Muskegon MI and died January 1985 Fountain MI; married 1945 Dorothy Eileen Granger born February 29, 1925 and died July 2, 1967; and born to them were:

( JERRY LEE FERRIS (Photo) born March 8, 1946 Manistee MI; married January 13, 1968 Juanita Hawk born March 27, 1946 Flint MI; and born to them were:

( RHONDA LYNN FERRIS born December 17, 1969 Flint MI; married in October 1991, Mark Vanwormer; and born to them were:

( CHELSAE CAROL VANWORMER born January 13, 1992


( RENEE EILEEN FERRIS born January 8, 1974 Flint MI; married July 9, 2004 Chad Davis; born to Renee was:

( EMILY JUSTINE HIPPENSTEEL born September 4, 1995 Flint MI

( LEROY G. FERRIS born and died July 1947

( JANET LYNN FERRIS (Photo) born December 4, 1948; married 1st in 1967, Michael Jones; married 2d August 22, 1998, William C. Wood. Born to Janet and Michael were:

( STACEY LEA JONES born August 30, 1969 Grand Rapids MI; married 1989 John Schreuder. Born to Stacey was:

( JOSHUA MICHAEL JONES born December 15, 1987

Born to Stacey and John were:

( JESSICA LYNN SCHREUDER born December 20, 1990

( JOSEPH DAVID SCHREUDER born November 5, 1992

( ERICA CAROLINE JONES born May 4, 1972 Grand Rapids MI; married 1995 Aaron Estep; and born to them was:

( AARON CARLOS ESTEP born November 7, 1994

( JEAN LORETTA FERRIS (Photo) born December 10, 1949 Ludington MI. Born to them was:

( BRIAN SCOTT THAYER born May 4, 1969 Grand Rapids MI; married October 7, 19??, Patricia Nash and born to them were;

( AUSTIN JARED born December 26, 1993

( BLAKE MITCHELL born April 12, 1996

( ROGER ALLEN FERRIS (Photo) born December 5, 1955; married 1st August 3, 1974 Nita Ellen Schulke; married 2d November 10, 2001 Linda Susan Briscoe; and born to Roger and Nita were:

( NAOMI LYNN FERRIS born October 27, 1977 Ludington MI; married February 3, 1999 in Key West FL, Matthew Harvey Keeling. Naomi has provided this updated information and the family photo – thanks Naomi!. Born to them was:

( JULIA LYNN KEELING born January 18, 2002 Falmouth MA

( ABIGAIL MARIE FERRIS born September 24, 1980 Ludington MI and born to her was:

( C. ISAAC JAMES FERRIS born August 3, 2002 Greenville MI

( DONALD R. FERRIS born in 1928 in Muskegon; married wife’s name unk but born to them were:






( ROBERT LEE FERRIS born 1933 Muskegon; married wife’s name unk but born to them were:






( SHIRLEY FERRIS born 1936 Scottville MI; married David Reese and born to them were:







( NEVA JEAN FERRIS born June 3, 1904 Custer Township MI and died March 7, 1988; married April 12, 1924 Rellis William Cormany born February 11, 1902 and died January 24, 1965. Born to them were:

( MARGUERITE RUTH CORMANY born January 1, 1925 Scottville MI; married November 18, 1945 Frank Earl Bailey born January 25, 1925 Riverton MI. Born to them were:

( SHERYL LYN BAILEY born February 26, 1950 Muskegon

( FRANK EARL BAILEY JR., born November 22, 1954 Muskegon

( RUSSELL FERRIS CORMANY “Bud” born September 5, 1930 Scottville MI; married April 1, 1955 Melissa Ann Smogoleski born March 4, 1934 and born to them were:

( RUSSELL FERRIS CORMANY JR., born July 20, 1955 Scottville MI; married May, 4, 1973 Jeri Sue Cory born July 28, 1954 and born to them were:


( MICHAEL CRAIG CORMANY born February 8, 1976

( MARC KEVIN CORMANY born March 7, 1957

( MICHELE JEAN CORMANY born January 17, 1959

( JEFFREY LEE CORMANY born August 25, 1960

( MELISSA LYNN CORMANY born November 14, 1964

( RELLIS WILLIAM CORMANY born January 17, 1969

( DANIELLEL MARIE CORMANY born September 24, 1970

( HAZEL LEONA FERRIS born May 16, 1906 CusterTownship MI and died July 25, 194 Mesa AZ; married January 1, 1923 Raymond Vincent Wahr born December 15, 1901 Manistee MI; and born to Hazel and Raymond were:

( DORIS IRENE WAHR born July 10, 1924 Scottville MI; married January 15, 1942 Virgil Emerson Van Sickle born December 17, 1918 Fountain MI and died November 30, 1954. Born to Doris and Virgil were:

( GARY EVAN VAN SICKLE born January 10, 1945 Ludington; married August 22, 1971 Linda Lou Musik born September 4, 1949 Mansfield OH. Gary and Linda adopted:

( SANDRA RENEA VAN SICKLE born January 15, 1970

( CRAIG EMERSON VAN SICKLE born December 15, 1947 Ludington; married December 15, 1967 Jana Le Brower born May 10, 1950 at Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Born to Craig and Jana were:

( LEE VAN SICKLE born January 9, 1969 Macon MO

( BILLI JO VAN SICKLE born January 23, 1976 Mesa AZ

( JAMI LE VAN SICKLE born April 28, 1978 Mesa AZ

( DONNA JEAN VAN SICKLE born March 26, 1949 Ludington

( JACK DELOS WAHR born July 7, 1927 Scottville MI; married August 30, 1952 Bernice Louise Brozzo born January 29, 1929 Ludington; and born to Jack and Bernice were:

( KRISTIE MARIE WAHR born December 10, 1953 Ludington

( TERRY LEE WAHR born July 6, 1956 Ludington

( BETH ANN WAHR born June 30, 1963 Ludington

( JEAN MARIE WAHR born July 7, 1927 Scottville MI; married 1946 Leo Rayburn Jr., born April 15, 1925 Grand Rapids MI. Born to Jean and Leo were:

( DENNIS ALLAN RAYBURN born April 19, 1946 Alma MI; married September 16, 1972 Janice Jolene Mills born November 20, 1947 Chadrow NE. Born to Dennis and Janice were:

( LONA LEE RAYBURN born May 21, 1967 (adopted).

( BRANDI LEE RAYBURN born August 5, 1975

( LEO GENE RAYBURN born January 6, 1947 Grand Rapids MI; married January 10, 1969 Linda Elaine Luschei born Silver City NM; and born to Leo and Linda were:

( BRIAN LANE RAYBURN born March 6, 1974 Davenport IA

( KERI LYNN RAYBURN born February 22, 1975 Gaspi, Quebec

( KEITH LAURENT RAYBURN born June 26, 1976 Cormstown, Quebec

( LINDA LOU RAYBURN born March 11, 1949 Grand Rapids MI; married June 4, 1966 John William Price born March 19, 1947 Safford AZ; and born to Linda and John were:

( TAMMI LOU PRICE born December 9, 1966 Mesa AZ

( SHERI LEE PRICE born July 27, 1969 Mesa AZ

( TIMOTHY WILLIAM PRICE born September 18, 1972 Davenport IA

( JODI KAY PRICE born March 17, 1974 Globe AZ

( JARED DANIEL PRICE born August 7, 1975 Globe AZ

( BRENDA SUE RAYBURN born March 14, 1952 Compton CA; married January 20, 1970 Frederick Albert Kinsky born March 7, 1947 Phoenix AZ; and born to Brenda and Fred were:

( SARA ANN KINSKY born July 31, 1976 San Diego CA

( CHRISTOPHER RYAN KINSKY born March 28, 1978 San Diego CA

( GLEN RICHARD FERRIS born April/August 8, 1908 and died December 19, 1992 MI; married Olive Luci Everson born May 4, 1919 and born to them were:

( JOAN KAY FERRIS born March 4, 1944 Muskegon; married Ted Daniels born April 24, 1942 Cooksville TN and born to them were:

( TERESA KAY DANIELS born January 26, 1965 Mason Co MI

( KELLY RAE DANIELS born November 20, 1966 Mason Co MI

( RONALD GLEN FERRIS born March 29, 1956 Mason Co MI; married Rose Theresa Alvesteffer born November 23, 1957 Oceana Co MI

( CLARENCE FERRIS born May 22, 1910 Custer Township MI; married December 14, 1929 Edith Bourgette born September 12, 1909 Ludington MI; and born to Clarence and Edith were:

( PATSY LOU FERRIS born April 17, 1931 Scottville MI; married April 17, 1951 Leland Cotnoir born October 1930 Escanaba – divorced; married 2d Robert Burris; and born to Patsy and Leland were:

( SANDRA LEE COTNOIR born January 1954 Grand Rapids MI

( DAVID ALLEN COTNOIR born February 1956 Grand Rapids MI

( DANNY LEE COTNOIR born July 3, 1959 Grand Rapids MI – Danny Lee Cotnoir, Rte 1, Paw Paw, age 14, passed away at Three Mile Lake Wednesday (25 Aug 1971) evening. Danny Lee was born July 3, 1957 in Grand Rapids and was a student in the Paw Paw School School System. He is survived by his mother and step-father, Mr and Mrs Robert Burris of Paw Paw; his father, Mr. Leland Cotnoir of Kalamazoo; a brother and sister, Sandra Lee and David Alan, at home; grandparents, Mr and Mrs. Clarence Ferris of Grand Rapids, Mr and Mrs Raymond Cotnoir of Scottsville, Mich. Committal services at Lakeview Cemetery, Ludington, Mason Co – Kalamazoo Gazette 27 Aug 1971

( TEDDY LEE FERRIS born July 3, 1934 Fountain; married 1957 Irene Rogers born September 1933 Rochester NY. Born to Teddy and Irene were:

( TINA MARIE FERRIS born 1960 Grand Rapids MI

( RONNIE FERRIS born 1963 Grand Rapids MI

( LEANNE FERRIS born 1970 Grand Rapids MI

( TERRY FERRIS born July 3, 1934 Fountain; married 1957 Helen Cole born January 1933 Ludington; and born to Terry and Helen were:

( TERRY LEE FERRIS, JR. born December 1958 Ludington

( PATTY KAY FERRIS born April 1962 San Bernardino CA

( RICHARD GLENN FERRIS born March 30, 1941 Scottville MI; married 1959 Lynne Overton born 1941 Ludington MI; and born to Richard and Lynne were:

( MARK FERRIS born Grand Rapids MI

( MICHAEL FERRIS born August 1963 Grand Rapids MI

( MARION RUSSELL FERRIS (Sam) born April 9, 1921 Scottville, Mason, MI and died there August 18, 1964; buried there Brookside Cemetery (Photo); Marion was a Captain in the U.S. Army during WWII and was wounded at the Remagen Bridge; married January 1, 1942 Eldonna Bosworth born March 5, 1922. Born to Marion and Eldonna were:

( SUSAN BETH FERRIS born August 9, 1944 Scottville MI; married October 5, 1963 Howard Allen Boyle born September 12, 1942 Muskegon; and born to Susan and Howard were:

( THOMAS BYRON BOYLE born September 23, 1965 Ludington MI

( SAMUEL ALLEN BOYLE born May 8, 1967 Ludington MI

( STACY ANN BOYLE born March 9, 1971 Traverse City MI

( BRIAN RUSSELL FERRIS born September 10, 1949 Ludington; married April 24, 1971 Pauline Ritola born August 28, 1949 Traverse City. Born to Brian and Pauline were:

( DANIELLE ANN FERRIS born July 12, 1977 Pontiac MI

( JACOB FERRIS born August 16, 1980

( JILL LOUISE FERRIS born May 29, 1951 Ludington; married July 18, 1970 Sidney Whitaker. Born to Jill and Sidney were:

( ERIC JAY WHITAKER born July 13, 1972 Heidelberg, Germany

( AIMEE LOUISE WHITAKER born February 16, 1975 Hart MI

( CARRIE SUE WHITAKER born May 11, 1979

( ALBERT E. FERRIS born April 6, 1884 and died August 1885

( MARY LODUSKA FERRIS born February 1, 1886 Wilsey KS and died April 9, 1969; married January 9, 1907 William Christian Burns born January 9, 1881 and died January 9, 1957. Born to Mary and William were:

( ZAIDA ELLA BURNS born April 15, 1908 Delavan KS; married August 15, 1941 Kenneth Culver born April 30, 1908 Garnett KS

( RAY WILLIAM BURNS born September 30, 1909 Delavan KS; married November 21, 1937 Mary Canzada Figley born July 19, 1908

( THEIL FERRIS BURNS born April 21, 1911 and died October 31, 1975 Sheridan WY; married August 8, 1941 Theola McCulloch Cripe

( LLOYD LESTER BURNS born June 28, 1913 Herrington KS; married May 1, 1935 Helen Elizabeth Cunningham born August 7, 1911 Delavan KS; and born to Lloyd and Helen were:

( MARIANNE ELAINE BURNS born August 27, 1936; married June 1, 1958 Merwin Donald Peterson born March 25, 1935 and died June 15, 1977; and born to Marianne and Merwin were:

( CINDY GAY PETERSON born March 1, 1959 Kansas City MO

( RANDY RAY PETERSON born May 13, 1962 Buffalo OK

( KARLA KAY PETERSON born June 10, 1969 Belleville KS

( DORRY DAWN PETERSON born November 11, 1972 Belleville KS

( WILLIAM DUANE BURNS born June 10, 1939; married June 11, 1961 Amy Dell Rowan born March 4, 1938; and born to William and Amy were:

( KRISTIE EARLENE BURNS born August 23, 1962 Wichita KS

( KELLY EILEEN BURNS born February 15, 1965 Wichita KS

( JANICE LORRAINE BURNS born August 23, 1940; married August 26, 1960 James LeRoy Dike born September 27, 1940; and born to Janice and James were;

( SCOTT WILLIAM DIKE born September 8, 1963 Tulsa OK

( LORI GRACE DIKE born October 31, 1968 Titusville FL

( PHYLLIS EILEEN BURNS born August 28, 1944; married August 26, 1960 Ronald Lee Hemphill born January 31, 1945 England; and born to Phyllis and Ronald was:

( LISA LYNETTE HEMPHILL born May 17, 1973

( ALFRED WHEELER FERRIS born May 14, 1888 Wilsey KS and died March 28, 1972; (Jim-He obviously removed to New York prior to 1918.) married December 22, 1917 Hazel Caroline Peterson born May 11, 1893 and died August 24, 1964. Born to Alfred and Hazel were:

( THELMA MAE FERRIS born June 20, 1918 Fabius NY; married July 29, 1961 Robert Francis Xavier Gianni born March 23, 1914 Dobbs F