44th Annual Wassenberg Art Center Photography Exhibit

I submitted 10 photos to the 44th Annual Wassenberg Art Center Photography Exhibit in Van Wert, Ohio a few weeks ago. A total of 221 photos were entered and 85 were selected for the exhibit. Five of my 10 photos made it in and 2 actually placed. This year there were 6 categories, and they were:

  • FOREST ARBOR — Go green…or orange, red, or yellow. Get out into the forest and use your imagination with angles eg: ground level, close up, or a shot through tall trees.
  • TURMOIL — Images of personal or global controversy, representations of misinformation, social and environmental issues and/or photos dealing with race, color, gender, religion. Photojournalism type images and/or related still lifes.
  • ANIMAL ODDITIES — Domestic or wild animals, unusual in and of themselves, in unusual situations, doing odd things or adapting to change.
  • SOCIAL GATHERING — Gatherings with loved ones, friends or a public event showing emotional facial expressions.
  • ARCHITECTURE LOOKING UP — Interior or exterior architecture with the camera lens tilted upward.
  • ISOLATION — Must depict a sense of isolation, whether that means loneliness, or geographical location. May also illustrate how we are isolated from global issues.

Here are my photos. Please credit me if you use them. I did not travel as much as I normally do, so I needed to dig into the archives for some of these photos.

Lake Life, First Prize in Animal Oddities

I took this photo during my My Birthday Weekend at Paupackan lake in 2020.

Mezze, Second Place in Social Gathering

This photo was taken after a late lunch at Suraya in September 2020.

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